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  • Speleological and archaeological Nature Trail

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    This place is considered as one of the most important sites for Cuban archaeology. There is a group of subterranean galleries of a great speleological value. More than 500 petroglyphs have been found in these caves. Also, aboriginal constructions of channels for water supply have been found here. It is a rich area regarding flora and fauna since we find endangered species here and others which are not present in any other place of the country. The tour is carried out on foot from the Archaeological Museum. The visitors will enjoy a vista of the Majayara area from a natural vantage point at the same museum, from which they could see the terrace systems guarding all this archaeological treasure.

    • Destination: Baracoa
    • Hours: 4
    • Allow Kids:
    • From: Baracoa
    • Days: 1
    • Minimal Pax:
    • Kind of excursion: Nature
    • From: Pick up time:08:00:00
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