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  • Landscapes: Bridge over the Yayabo River

    Bridge over the Yayabo River

    • Destination: Sancti Spiritus
    • Open: Daily
    • Address: Yayabo Bridge; Sancti Spiritus. Cuba
    • Telephone:
  • Description

    Sancti Spiritus is one of the oldest Cuban cities, located about 360 km from the capital of the island, was founded by the Spaniards in the Indian region of Magón at riverside of River Tuinucú on June 4th 1514. A few years later, the residents of the town were compelled to move it, so they chose as new settlement the banks of another river with native name: the Yayabo.

    Around this movement emerged legends, including that the displacement was due to a plague of big ants that killed the babies devouring their umbilicus, or that the colonists wanted to settle in the interior to shy away from the constant attacks by seas pirates. In fact the residents find a better location of the nascent population by various historians believe. And it was the General Attorney, Don Vicente Valerín filed a motion to build a bridge linking the banks of Yayabo. The bridge in the town of the Holy Spirit was launched on July 12th 1825, with 5 stately arches and a structure of brick, lime and sand. The absence of cement then gave rise to another picturesque version, stating that builders used cow's milk to make it compact, and that it was brought there in considerable quantities to wet mixture of lime and sand.

    With a unique style and meaning, Yayabo Bridge has a height greater than 9 meters long and is approximately 85 meters. The structure is in perfect condition and retains its charm of yesterday in the downtown that was born to life in the second decade of the 16th century.It was designed for the crossing of trucks and other modes of human and animal traction, and it has resisted the passage of high-tonnage vehicles and passing through it daily thousands of people and hundreds of automotive transport of cargo and passengers.

    In addition to its unique style, which enhances the colonial architecture of the place where it stands, the Yayabo Bridge is a symbol of the city of Sancti Spiritus, Cuba National Monument. It is not an inert piece, but rather active in the lives of Sancti Spiritus people, who for generations have it in their hearts like a beloved grandfather. 

    The legendary road building is alive in the memories and longing for those far away, eager for, from the thick of its unforgettable bridge rails, contemplating the calm waters of Yayabo.

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  • Bridge over the Yayabo River is located in Sancti Spiritus
  • Cuba Sancti Spiritus Cuba The settlement of Espiritu Santo-now Sancti Spiritus-is the birthplace of troubadours and one of the Cuban cities where it is easiest to enjoy Nature. It is in the center of the island, near Lake Zaza, important tobacco-growing areas and the mountains.

    Its symbol is the Yayabo Bridge, which spans the Yayabo River, on whose banks the old city sprawls. From the bridge, you can see lovely colonial mansions. The Parroquial Mayor (Main Parish) Church is the pride of the townspeople, for it is proof of the antiquity of the settlement-which became a city through royal decree in 1867. Strolling through the city streets, you will be enfolded in a sense of great peace.

    Birthplace of troubadours: Songs written in Sancti Spiritus speak of a traditional musical spirit, which is particularly evident in the House of Music and Troubadours' House Cuba Sancti Spiritus Cuba.