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Marea del Portillo Beach Beaches, Granma. Cuba

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  • Marea del Portillo. Granma Province. Cuba
  • Destination: Granma
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Marea del Portillo, well known because of its black sand, extends over 2 km. It lies 108 km. south of Manzanillo Airport, in Granma. Besides the peculiar coloring of the sand, it also owes its charm to its location within a bay sheltered by the Sierra Maestra mountains and bordered by coconut and palm trees.

Visitors can enjoy horse rides, walks along ecologic paths (leading to waterfalls such as the ones on Cilantro and Las Yaguas rivers), motorboat rides, visits to neighboring keys and sea sports.

The nearness of the beach to a coral reef and the sunken ships at Santiago de Cuba waters, makes diving a tempting activity for tourists. That’s why the Cuba Albacora Scuba Diving Center, operating on the very beach, has 17 diving spots offering immersions down to the coral reef (from 10 to 35 m. deep). In the area there is a varied presence of tropical fish, including red snapper, barracuda, morays, mollusks, trumpet fish and lobster.

An ample fauna is represented by enormous sponges of different species, colonies of black coral, gorgonias, soft corals, brain and fire coral among others.

Other interesting sites are the steep sloping of the seabed at Cayo Cruz and Cristóbal Colón ship: one of the battleships belonging to Spanish Admiral Cervera’s fleet, who lost a sea battle against the American fleet at Santiago de Cuba bay

Mapa de Marea del Portillo Beach

Marea del Portillo Beach is located in Granma

The territory limits to the north with the provinces of Las Tunas and Holguín; to the west with the Gulf of Guacanayabo; to the south with the Caribbean Sea, and to the east with Santiago de Cuba. It has more than 760 000 inhabitants in its 8 470 , Km2 of territorial extension.

There are two airports: Sierra Maestra, located in Manzanillo for international operations, and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, in Bayamo, for domestic flights. By road, the Central Highway links Granma with the other cities of the country. The Sierra Maestra majestic mountains, main mountainous group of Cuba, the intense blue colour of the Caribbean Sea and the fertile plains bathed by rivers coming from the high mountains present Granma as presenting a wide range of contrasts. "Desembarco del Granma" National Park is within the limits of this province, declared by UNESCO, as World Natural Site.

The province is known as the Birthplace of Cuban Nationality and preserves a rich historical and cultural heritage. It was in this city where the National Anthem of Cuba was sung for the first time. In this region is indispensable to visit Desembarco del Granma National Park, with its very interesting natural phenomena and areas of exceptional beauty. There are also other places to be visited, such as La Demajagua Park, where on October 10th, 1868, the Cuban struggles for independence began; Manzanillo, a coastal city wrapped in an atmosphere of pirates and corsairs' legends, and Bayamo, provincial capital and National Monument.

A stay at Marea del Portillo hotel, with a beach that draws attention for the dark colour of its sand, is ideal to discover the charms of Cayo Blanco, a place of suggestive sea bottoms; to enter the impressive system of marine terraces or to come closer to the natural and archaeological reservation El Guafe. Excursions to its mountainous system are one of the biggest attractiveness, for the visitor has the possibility to go into one of the more preserved, intimate, and better places of Cuban nature.




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Review about Beaches: Marea del Portillo Beach
Excellent Theresa

The beach in front of Marea is huge and very long..kind of a brownish tan colored sand. The ocean was fun to swim in..but not clear. If you walk down the beach to the left it starts to get pebbly/rocky. You can find Cuban families down there if you like to bring gifts for them. The fishing village is down that way, but we never went that far.

Very good Ors

Marea del Portillo Beach
If you stay at the farallon, the beach is about a 5 minute walk, but it is worth the walk.The path ways are clean, and the grounds are very lush. There were animals on the resort pathways, (goats, horses, pigs, cows) but aslong as you avoid there poo they dont bother you. The beach at the Farallon side isn't very nice. The sand is very dark and rigid. We allways walked to the other hotels beach, which had lighter, and softer sand.

Excellent Lucas

Marea del Portillo Beach
The beach is a dark grey sand beach. The beach was wonderful to walk on, however you should wear water shoes as the sand gets quite hot. The beach by the water's edge is definitely hard enough to jog on. I would say that the beach at the Marea del Portillo end is the best beach. It is wider and the sand is softer than at the Farallon end. There are much more beach lounges at the Marea end and quite a bit more good shade. Any part of the beach is within easy walking distance of either hotel

Excellent Belly

Good for Scuba Diving
The Marea del Portillo scuba-diving area is in the Caribbean Sea south of the Sierra Maestra Mountains in eastern Cuba. Its seabed features high hillocks separated by narrow channels, which form caves and tunnels-a favourite habitat of sponges, colonies of Black Coral (Antipathes salix), gorgonians and soft coral. Here, too, you will find important patrimonial treasures: ships from Spanish Admiral Cervera's fleet, including the Cristóbal Colón (Christopher Columbus), that were sunk at the end of the 19th century during the Spanish-Cuban-America War.

Very good Jhomla

dark-sand beach
is a dark-sand beach located on a spectacular cove, with mountains as a backdrop. A peaceful place with tremendous natural attractions, it is a part of the Sierra Maestra Natural Park. It has a profusion of coconut palm trees and is an excellent place for scuba diving, snorkling and other water sports. There are 17 scuba diving sites in the area. The seabed has tall hillocks sepersted by narrow valleys covered with beautiful invertebrate fossils, forming caves and tunnels where fish, crustaceans and molluks hide. Its treasures include two very well preserved ships of the Spanish fleet that where sunk by the US navy during the Battle of Santiago de Cuba in 1898.

Very good Louis

Marea del Portillo
Activities include scuba diving and snorkling at the coral reef, fishing, other water sports, going for all-day boat rides to nearby cays, hiking, exploring the nearby mountains by jeep or on horseback (as you climb, you can note changes in the lush tropical vegetaion and see towering peaks, valleys, rivers and virgin forests) and drives along the coastal highway (with scenes of great beauty). In addition, there is evening entertainment.

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