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Sirena Beach Beaches, Cayo Largo. Cuba

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  • Cayo Largo del Sur, Cuba
  • Destination: Cayo Largo
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Located on the west side of the key, Its 200 lineal meters of beach strip make it ideal for family joy and the practice of
nautical activities. Sirena Beach, is in the most western part in the region and one of the most beautiful beaches in all Cuba is considered. This is due to its great proximity with Paraíso beach, what offers it similar attributes.

Of almost 2 kilometers of fine sand and without any hotel in the middle, the same one is protected of the wind and the surf, for what here the sea is very calmed. Also, it has a well equipped open air restaurant.
Sirena Beach, is a narrow tongue of white sand, sand that has the property that in spite of the intense sun of CARIBBEAN, it is not hot, but rather it has a magnificent temperature so that to walk on it; it is owes to the thick mantel karst that surround the whole underground of the Cayo, impeding the sunbeams so can pass over the chemical composition of the sand.

Mapa de Sirena Beach

Sirena Beach is located in Cayo Largo

The Canarreos Archipelago is in the South Central region of the Cuban Archipelago. The gem of this group, which consists of around 300 cays, is Cayo Largo del Sur, one of the last virgin spots left on the planet. Here Nature was prodigal in beaches in its 17 miles (27 Km) of length.

Prestigious specialized publications such as the National Geographic have said that the seabed near Cayo Largo del Sur is one of the best-preserved on earth-the truth of which can be confirmed by diving at any of the 33 scuba-diving sites near the cay. Bird watching in its large mangrove swamps is also very rewarding. Also offers facilities for fishing; living on board; and sailing around the islet


Cayo Largo del Sur has 27 km (nearly 17 miles) of fine white sandy beaches. Some of the seven beaches on this islet-such as Paradise and Pretty Sea are very intimate; White Beach is protected by crags, and turtles come ashore to lay their eggs on Turtle Beach. The sand on Siren Beach never gets uncomfortably hot, no matter how strong the sun may be, and colonies of coral are easy to find near it at a depth of 35 m (115 feet).

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Review about Beaches: Sirena Beach
Awfull rick712014

“really ”
what happened to this beach... was beautiful a year and half ago.... beach not cleaned.... all the chairs were broken... stayed 5 minutes

Average Laurie D

“~~~ Nov 03-10th 2014 - :) ”
~~~ Over rated. Do not waste your time going. Just go to Paraiso beach and you will not be disappointed.

Average WhitbySue

“Not worth it ”
Our beach at the Sol was just as nice. Loungers are in bad shape and there aren't many of them. Pedal boat was a nice little change from the saggy loungers and the sand..

Average whywaitdoitnow

“Needs work ”
The beach itself is beautiful, however the chairs are a disgrace. You are hard pressed to find one that is not broken. The washroom facilities are quite a distance from the beach itself.

Very good cdavies000

“Beach beautiful waves awesome however will knock you over repeatedly. Check for toilet paper in beach bathrooms.. ”
The hike from dock to beach was huge and hard to walk thru the sand which was nice and cool. Too many upsellers on beach trying to sell stuff..Had lunch at buffet lobster a little overcooked and chicken was still bleeding sent back but meal overall very enjoyable..Swimming with dolphins was a must and a huge highlight for our children..

Excellent Drummond89

“Fabulous Beach ”
LOng, wide, and with great fine, cool, white sand. There are beach lounge chairs for free and beach volleyball courts all marked out. Right there is the dolphin aquarium and there is no cost to see them sport with swimmers or by themselves. The restaurants and beach bars are just off of the beach. Waiters are available to bring drinks... More 

Excellent CanadianBlondie

“White sand as far as the eye can see ”
The water is the most aqua marine colour I have very seen in all my travels. You can take the boat from the marina to get there or drive the beaten sand path to get to this beach.

Excellent Agi F

“Absolutely beautiful ”
Playa Sirena is an absolutely gorgeous beach where vacationers can partake in water activities not available at their resorts. White Sand as deep as you can ever imagine. Please note that the "taxi or bus drop off" is not adjacent to the beach. You'll have to walk through sand that my only analogy is like walking through SNOW and a... More 

Excellent larrynavery

“Best beach ”
Everyone staying on Cayo Largo should make the trip to Sirena Beach. The water is calm and the sand is clean. You are unlikely to ever encounter a whiter and finer sand beach anywhere else in the world.

Excellent TravelbuggSarah

“Heaven On Earth ”
A beautiful beach. Clean and there wasn't many people there. It was our own little slice of paradise. You can swim with the dolphins and they bar service on the beach.

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