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  • Cuban Keys: Cayo Largo del Sur

    Cayo Largo del Sur, Cayo Largo. Cuba

    • Destination: Cayo Largo
    • Open: Daily
    • Address From: Cayo Largo del Sur. Isla de la Juventud, Cuba
    • Telephone:
  • Description Cuban Keys: Cayo Largo del Sur, Cayo Largo. Cuba

    Cayo Largo del Sur is located in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, in the eastern end of Los Canarreos Archipelago, covering an area of 37 square kilometers. The islet is 135 kilometers from Nueva Gerona (Isla de la Juventud), 125 kilometers from Cienfuegos, 177 kilometers from the City of Havana and 177 kilometers from Varadero.

    The closest islets are Cayo Rico, Cayo Cantiles and Cayo Iguana, all of which stand out for their breathtaking natural beauty and make up, along with Isla de la Juventud (Isle of Youth), Los Canarreos Archipelago.The name of this destination comes from its long shape, and its history dates from the aboriginal period, since remains and artifacts from the Siboney culture have been found on the islet. Admiral Christopher Columbus landed on Cayo Largo del Sur in 1494, and many corsairs and pirates turned the islet into their base of operations in the Caribbean Sea.

    Travelers can reach Cayo Largo del Sur by plane, landing at Vilo Acuña International Airport, which can receive big planes. The airport, which can receive 300 passengers per hour, meets all security measures established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), including radio-navigation assistance.

    The terminal receives planes from Frankfurt, Milan, Montreal and Toronto, in addition to daily flights from and to Havana.

    In addition, excursions to other Cuban destinations, including Varadero, Trinidad, Pinar del Río, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba, depart from Cayo Largo del Sur every week.

    Conditions exist to travel to Cayo Largo del Sur by boat, since the marina on the islet offers a wide range of services, including migration and customs procedures and life on board.

    Vacationers can enjoy a refreshing swim and a tropical tan at such beaches as Sirena, which is two kilometers long; Lindamar, which looks like a shell, Paraíso and Los Cocos (the latter takes its name due to the existence of many coconut trees).

    Nature on the islet shows a high preservation level, with large coral reefs that are complemented by the beauty of neighboring keys, inhabited by many plant and animal species, including iguanas, pelicans and turtles.

    A special program for the protection of sea turtles has been implemented on Cayo Largo del Sur, since caguamas, green turtles and Careys lay their eggs along the islet's coast from April to September.Cayo Largo del Sur is considered one of the best diving spots, characterized by beautiful coral reefs in shallow waters inhabited by exuberant marine flora and fauna.

    The development of the islet's hotel infrastructure offers several options to meet the needs of the most demanding travelers. One of them is the Sol Club Cayo Largo Hotel, which has 296 air-conditioned rooms and facilities to practice water sports.

    Other lodging facilities are the 300-room Sol Pelícano and the 58-room Isla del Sur, being the latter the first hotel built on the islet.

    Three villas -Lindamar, Soledad and Coral- add 160 rooms to Cayo Largo del Sur's lodging infrastructure, which is complemented by the services of marinas and diving centers, where vacationers can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the sea bottoms surrounding this heavenly destination.

    Another hotel is the Barceló Cayo Largo Beach Resort, which was designed in consonance with the environment and offers 306 rooms distributed between a main building and several bungalows. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning and international telephone services.The gastronomic offers of the Barceló Cayo Largo Beach Resort are provided by three restaurants, with a la carte, smorgasbord and grill services, where guests can taste delicacies from Cuban and international cuisine.

    Cayo Largo del Sur provides travelers the necessary equipment to dive and enjoy the beautiful sea bottoms surrounding the islet. They can also take excursions to nearby sights. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy many other options, including nautical activities and ground sports such as tennis and volleyball.

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  • Cayo Largo del Sur is located in Cayo Largo
  • The Canarreos Archipelago is in the South Central region of the Cuban Archipelago. The gem of this group, which consists of around 300 cays, is Cayo Largo del Sur, one of the last virgin spots left on the planet. Here Nature was prodigal in beaches in its 17 miles (27 Km) of length.

    Prestigious specialized publications such as the National Geographic have said that the seabed near Cayo Largo del Sur is one of the best-preserved on earth-the truth of which can be confirmed by diving at any of the 33 scuba-diving sites near the cay. Bird watching in its large mangrove swamps is also very rewarding. Also offers facilities for fishing; living on board; and sailing around the islet


    Cayo Largo del Sur has 27 km (nearly 17 miles) of fine white sandy beaches. Some of the seven beaches on this islet-such as Paradise and Pretty Sea are very intimate; White Beach is protected by crags, and turtles come ashore to lay their eggs on Turtle Beach. The sand on Siren Beach never gets uncomfortably hot, no matter how strong the sun may be, and colonies of coral are easy to find near it at a depth of 35 m (115 feet).

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    Cayo Largo
    Off Cuba’s southern shore is the tiny island of Cayo Largo beach which is one of the finest places to go if you like scuba diving. The coral reefs are truly magnificent and the beaches are unspoilt, white sand. To get to Cayo Largo it is necessary to take a plane flight or a six-hour boat trip from Havana, but the remoteness of Cayo Lago means that for a holiday, it is anarea that is totally unspoilt, save for a few hotels and restaurants. The island is a wonderful place for fauna and flora and with species including chelonian and exotic parrots, as well as enjoying some of the worlds best Diving holidays in Cayo Largobeaches on this island of Cayo Largo, you can enjoy really enjoy the nature and ecological beauty.