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  • Colonial Fortress: Seboruco Castle

    Seboruco Castle, Baracoa. Cuba

    • Destination: Baracoa
    • Open: Daily
    • Address From: Loma del Paraiso, Baracoa, Guantanamo, Cuba
    • Telephone: (53 21)45 195 , 45 164
  • Description Colonial Fortress: Seboruco Castle, Baracoa. Cuba

    Stop by to see the great view of El Yunque, or spend the night at this Spanish fort that has been converted into the Hotel El Castillo.

    Built on the high plateau of the Seboruco Hill, in the south east part of the cape, it was endowed with heavy modern artillery for the better defense of the area up to 1800. Between 1854 and 1868 various alterations were made to it and in 1898, during the North American occupation, it was used for the accommodation of those troops. By order of the interventionist governor of the island, Leonard Wood, some enlargements were made to it, completed in 1900.

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  • Car rental offices next to Seboruco Castle
  • Baraco  Car rental officeBaraco Car rental office

    Los Maceos, esq Jesus del Sol

    Aeropuerto Baracoa Car rental officeAeropuerto Baracoa Car rental office

    Aeropuerto Baracoa
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  • Seboruco Castle is located in Baracoa
  • Baracoa, located in the easternmost part of Cuba, has become one of the top tourist attractions in Guantanamo Province. Baracoa's verdant mountains and the many rivers and streams which come rushing down to the sea here form an enticing natural setting to which historic and cultural elements contribute their own attractions.

    Coconut and cacao plantations are plentiful near Baracoa, but it has some unique attractions, too. For example, there's the Parra Cross, which Christopher Columbus brought to shore here in 1492-one of the 29 he left in Spanish America.

    Alejandro de Humboldt National Park (in the Cuchillas del Toa Preserve of the Biosphere); Alemanes Pass, the Yumuri River Valley, Boma and Mata Bays and the view from the natural terraces in La Maquina Municipality offer you scenery that will make your vacation truly memorable.

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    El Castillo de Seboruco Stop by to see the great view of El Yunque, or spend the night at this Spanish fort that has been converted into the Hotel El Castillo.