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Beltran de Santa Cruz Hotel, Havana City Cuba. 3 stars.

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  • Destination: Havana City
  • Address: San Ignacio 411 entre Muralla y Sol, Habana Vieja.
  • Phone: 537 8608330
  • Accept child:Yes
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  • Description: Beltran de Santa Cruz Hotel Cuba

    Like other palaces located in the core of Old Havana, this elegant and classic 18th century house has been fully restored and prepared for functioning as an accommodation facility. Very close the Old Square, one of the first public spaces the city founders and settlers had, this hotel combines colonial and modern architectural; elements, but always respecting the original patterns. The house were built for the San Juan de Jaruco Count’s family, and was further trespassed to other distinguish and aristocratic Cuban families. Important personalities visiting Havana during the past centuries used to gather in the mansion, among them Alejandro von Humboldt, the eminent German scientist; and some members of the French Royalty. Also the Orleans Dukes visited the place. This elegant 18th century mansion, located a short distance away from the Old Square, opens its doors to visitors as a comfortable inn. The delicate combination of modern and old arquitectural elements is one of the features that marks the originality of its attractive design. This house of noble lineage was built by the parents of Gabriel Beltrdn de Santa Cruz, first Count of San Juan de Jaruco. The Beltran de Santa Cruz has received the most prominent names visiting Havana, among them, the eminent German scientist Baron Alexander von Humboldt and three French princes: the Count of Beaujolais and the Dukes of Montpensier and of Orleans. The latter would eventually be crowned King Louis Philip I of France.

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    balcony or terrace
    handicap facilities
    hot and cold running water
    private bath
    safety deposit box
    Satellite TV
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    Review about Beltran de Santa Cruz Hotel
    Very good Hedi

    Good Services
    Olny 11 rooms has this wonderfully restored 18s century colonial boutique hotel in Old Havana (Habana Vieja) Located in the middle of all must sees in Havana

    Awfull J7755

    “Hotel Closed!! ”
    Booked this Hotel two Months before trip. Spent 10 hours on a flight and a long cab drive to Hotel only to find that it was closed for repairs! It had been closed for one whole week before, and no one could be bothered to contact me to let me know. Must say, was a little annoyed considering it was my first time in Cuba, was night time and I didn't know the area. The Hotel had arranged alternative accommodation 10 miles out! I refused, and after almost 2 hours of arguing managed to get something in same area. So it could be a good hotel, but I will never know??

    Awfull anarchy130

    “Might have been nice if we'd got to stay ”
    Like many others we turned up (having paid in advance and even confirmed in person a few days previously) but on the night itself they had 'problems' with our rooms so moved us into a hotel in Vedado. They said we could stay our second night but when we phoned through the next morning the problems had only got worse so we never got to stay. They did provide a car to take us to Vedado and gave us a complimentary dinner for 2 in Vieja the next night but overbooking or not honouring bookings does seem to be a real issue at this hotel - so book at your own risk (I did and half expected this to happen).

    Awfull ShelleyBarnes

    “Rude and ready to rip you off!!!”
    My Husband and I arrived at Hostal Beltran De Santa Cruz to check into the suite that we had pre-paid for over the internet. We had opted for the most expensive room...well we all like to treat ourselves! When we arrived, we handed over our voucher.The receptionist looked a bit 'shifty' whilst in conversation with her colleague about our booking, which clearly detailed the room we had booked. She then started gushing about the room being her favourite. We were tired and very much looking forward to being comfortable after a long trip. We were then shown to our room. it was immediately apparent that this was not the room we had booked, but in fact the cheapest room in the house. I had spent alot of time researching before we left so knew the hotel and it's rooms inside out...if only from pictures! I politely said that this was not the room we booked....they insisted yes. The receptionist was rude and even started shouting at me...even though I remained polite. I then exclaimed that I had never been treated with so much disrespect and I did not take kindly to being treated like a dumb tourist. To cut a long story short we were located to a Sister hotel 'Los Frailles'...pleasant enough, if not a little dark and dingy. Do yourself a favour if you go to Cuba, stay with the locals in Casa Particulares...a much cheaper and friendlier option. On the plus side I did complain via the agent we had booked with and they did refund me $250 out of the $420 paid. DO NOT STAY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Awfull Mickeymoos4

    “So disappointed with this hotel ”
    We had spent the first week of our holiday at the all inclusive Blau Costa Verde and had a wonderful time and was looking forward to spending our second week in Cuba at the Beltran "boutique" Hotel. The hotel itself was very pretty and traditional. However, the first day, we had no bath towels, just hand towels. Second day we had to ask for toilet roll, third day we had no bath mat, which made the bathroom floor treacherous, fourth day - no toilet roll again. Safe didn't work and we were told we would have to wait until the next day for the man to come to sort it out, man never appeared, so we resorted to locking our valuables in our suitcase. What can I say about breakfast?? Day 1 - one glass of fruit juice, four slices of grapefruit, four slices of orange (I can't eat grapefruit because of some medication I am on, so hubby had my grapefruit, I had his orange), choice of boiled or scrambled eggs - I chose boiled, hubby had scrambled, both arrived covered in tomato ketchup. Basket of bread, plate of butter, two small pots of jam. No tea or coffee offered. Husband asked for tea, they unpadlocked the fridge to get a teabag and then repadlocked it. Husband then had to ask for milk to go with his tea, then had to ask for sugar to go with tea and milk!. Day 2 - one glass of fruit juice, four slices of grapefruit, four slices of orange (same as before, hubby ate grapefruit, I ate orange), choice of boiled eggs or omelette - I chose boiled, hubby had omelette, asked for no ketchup. Basket of bread, plate of butter, two small pots of jam. No tea or coffee offered. Husband asked for tea, they unpadlocked the fridge to get a teabag and then repadlocked it. Husband then had to ask for milk to go with his tea, then had to ask for sugar to go with tea and milk!. Day 3 - no fruit juice, four slices of grapefruit, four slices of orange (ditto as before), both chose omelette, asked for no ketchup. Basket of bread, plate of butter, two small pots of jam. No tea or coffee offered. Husband asked for tea, they unpadlocked the fridge to get a teabag and then repadlocked it. Husband then had to ask for milk to go with his tea, then had to ask for sugar to go with tea and milk!. Day 4 - no fruit juice, four slices of grapefruit, four slices of orange (ditto as before), both chose omelette - this time we had one omelette cut in half and shared between us, asked for no ketchup. Basket of bread, plate of butter, two small pots of jam. No tea or coffee offered. Husband asked for tea, they unpadlocked the fridge to get a teabag and then repadlocked it. Husband then had to ask for milk to go with his tea, then had to ask for sugar to go with tea and milk!. Day 5 - fruit juice was back - but was diluted with fizzy water, four slices of grapefruit, four slices of orange (ditto as before), both chose boiled eggs, asked for no ketchup. Basket of "toast" which looked as if he had been waved in front of the grill - sent it back and asked if it could be toasted a bit more, plate of butter, two small pots of jam. No tea or coffee offered. Husband asked for tea, they unpadlocked the fridge to get a teabag and then repadlocked it. Husband then had to ask for milk to go with his tea, then had to ask for sugar to go with tea and milk!. Day 6 - icing on the cake - fruit juice was again diluted with fizzy water, four slices of grapefruit, no orange - husband now getting sick of grapefruit - on this occasion he couldn't eat it all as it consisted mainly of rind with very little flesh, managed to eat two slices. Both chose boiled eggs with no ketchup. Waitress asked how long we wanted them cooked for - we said 3 minutes, 20 minutes later they arrived. Basket of "bread" arrived, however this would have failed a trade description - it was crusty bread with no bread - all the middle had fallen out and they just served up the crusts. We sent it back asking for some bread in the crusts. Plate of butter arived - unbelievably drizzled in tomato ketchup, no jam. No tea or coffee offered. Husband asked for tea, they unpadlocked the fridge to get a teabag and then repadlocked it. Husband then had to ask for milk to go with his tea, then had to ask for sugar to go with tea and milk!. Check Out - we had not heard from our rep regarding pick up time for transfer to airport, so I asked reception if he had left a message, she said no, but offered to phone him to get the time, which she did. We paid to keep our room a bit longer as we were not leaving the hotel until 10pm, left our room at 7pm, handed our key to receptionist who handed it straight to the maid who ran upstairs to check the room and make sure we hadn't taken anything from the minibar! Then the receptionist asked us for one peso for the phone call we had made from the room. I said that we hadn't used the hotel pohone at all, we had our mobiles with us and would have used them if we had needed to call anyone. She then proceeded to reel off the number we had rang and the date and time, it materialised that this was the phone call the receptionist had made to the rep! We were so disappointed with out stay here, the staff were unfriendly and unattentive, the chef spent most of the time standing in the doorway of the kitchen smoking and talking to the other staff. The staff were also quite keen on watching television, drinking, smoking and shouting at each other into the early hours of the morning - once until 4.45am - they need to find the mute button on the television remote control as a minimum.

    Awfull Bucaner0

    “Nice hotel - though never got in... ”
    We booked in advance for a dubble room in hotel Betran de Santa Cruz. Paid by creditcard, arrived on time, but never got in... While handing our papers, the man at the receptiondesk told as that due to unforseen circumstances, the room was not avalaible. The airco was broken and they were repairing it. But no problem: they had an alternative room in another hotel of equal standard: hotel Los Frailes, just around the corner. So when you book in advance, by internet, paid, keep in mind that probably you'll hear the same: 'I'm sorry to inform you that due to technical problems..'

    Awfull toomanyholsLondon

    “Don't bother ”
    This hotel has an impressive appearance and a good location. But don't be fooled. The rooms are less than clean, which was no great problem, but the lack of any running water was. We stayed 3 nights and had intermittent water supply throughout. It was pretty hot and sticky in Havana during our stay, so we didn't consider running water a luxury. On the final day, with absolutely no water, we were told, as were the other guests, that we could use the water in the mini-bar to wash and that we would not be charged for the favour! The staff were extremely unhelpful when I complained about it. I understand it's Cuba and expect problems, but a little bit of helpfulness on the part of the management would have gone a long way- but there was none. As for the problem of overbooking and being 'bumped' to other hotels (mentioned in a previous comment), we witnessed this while we were there, and when we finally left the place were asked to take a couple in our taxi who had just flown in from France, were extremely tired and not at all happy that there was no room in the inn. (Which they had booked). Do yourself a favour, avoid this place

    Awfull Riever

    “I'm sure it was lovely - but we didn't get to stay! ”
    When we arrived at the (pre-booked) Beltran the foyer looked lovely, just our sort of place. Unfortunately, that's as far as we got. We were told there was a "problem" (unspecified) but that they had booked us into a similar standard hotel just down the road. The hotel they put us in (The Santander) was a typical hotel you would stay in the world over and overlooked the port, so not a great location. It probably was a similar standard but not similar quality. (The room had no windows for a start! - with no good reason, eg not a former monastery ). On reflection we should have said we wanted to see the hotel we'd been bumped to before agreeing to go there. Good thing we were only doing an over-nighter here or I would have been extremely upset.

    Poor Sally W

    “Booked, paid for but no room at the inn ”
    We booked this hotel for one night in January 2014 as a last stop before flying back to the UK. I did this despite having read reviews on Tripadvisor, thinking that there might have been temporary glitches. Unfortunately it went exactly as described. The receptionist told us sadly there were problems with the room and we would be accommodated in a different hotel. I told them I'd read that this was the way they operated and insisted that I'd paid to stay there not elsewhere. They gave us a mojito and made some calls and told us we were going to stay in a very nice hotel overlooking the harbour and actually we were lucky, because we could have been sent to a hotel on the other side of town! I was livid but had no option but to accept the other room, and my obvious disappointment did get us a very nice room with a terrace and yet another free drink. My advice is book if you like the look of it but do not to expect to actually stay in this hotel.

    Poor mary v

    “Senora Fawlty !!! ”
    Lovely comfy rooms.CHARMING building.Charmless staff. We were subjected to the legendary Cuban overbooking scenario.Senora Fawlty proceeded to ignore three sets of late arrival guests whilst she continued her telephone call(presumably to her amiga Audrey?)dismissively waiving us all off on the pretext that there was some sort of electrical problem in the hotel that night,(whilst still chatting en telefono)which meant we would be taxied and decanted into a mouldy decrepid joint on the wrong side of town (the infamous Riviera) and by way of recompense we would be given dinner free of charge on our return the following night.After our night in a veritable museum-I think we slept on the same sheets as Frank Sinatra -we travelled back the full length of the marvellous Malecon to take our rightful place,in the much more expensive Bel Tran,determined to take full compensation in the form of a slap up feast that night. Rice,black beans,a piece of pork,a creme caramel and one bottle of beer(we were instructed not to ask for wine!)was all we were allowed. We didn't even get to remonstrate with Senora F,as presumably she was golfing or having her hair done.But certainly not attending to her guests needs.Interestingly none of her staff knew anything about the electricity problem of the previous night.Staff insisted on having the TV on full belt till late and then again first thing in the morning.As we were in the courtyard rooms on the ground floor we did ask nicely if this could be limited because of residents proximity to the bar area-but they seemed amazed that we should raise this as a problem.Breakfast was reasonable but served with such bad grace we wondered if it was a set-up and have expected a Cubaun Manuel and Basil to chase eachother round the tropical plants and birds.

    Poor Monserrate

    “gone down over the last couple of years ”
    What a shame! Used to be good. Lovely location. Steps are high to the rooms upstairs so if you have a mobility problem stay on ground floor level. Could be the best small boutique hotel in Havana, but sadly, no one really seems to care.

    Poor Gerry T

    “3 days without warm water ”
    As others have said, its in a very nice location in the old town, close to the tourist sites and within walking distance of just about everything.. The room itself was dark, pretty dingy and the bath looked like someone had been mixing cement in it. For the whole of our 3 night stay we never once had water that was warm. Luckily the heat of Havana made it just about bearable. Breakfast was pretty poor choice..Just fruit and eggs( only choice was take it or leave it). The parrot was great fun but staff should occasionally clean the bird muck off the seats and dining tables. No amount of 'olde worlde charm and experiencing the real Cuba' can justify such poor hygiene standards. We saw several other Hotels while in Cuba and they looked much better maintained and equipped. Our room had a huge side room with a massive colonial style desk..Not sure why anyone would want such a space when the room only slept 2? tried to eat pizza there one evening but the staff suggested that we could get a better pizza elsewhere..clearly not keen on having to cook in the evenings..

    Poor bridgemagoo2

    “Beltran OK but not 4 star ”
    Good location but so newly refurbished paint powder came off on our clothes! The good news is this is close to many bars and restaurants and the Plaza de Armas. The bad news is this was not 4 stars on an international basis. We were told at breakfast (in lovely courtyard) they had "run out of tea" which summed up our night here. The "Junior Suite" was ok with nice brass fittings and comfortable bed, but very dark/dingy inside and we found better around for similar prices. We stayed our last night of seven here as the NH Parque Central (5 stars) was full due to a conference and really there was just no comparison.

    Average FalmouthLucy

    “Great Location,Needs Better Cleaning ”
    Ok you will need slippers in this hotel as the floor was really grimey which you realised if you got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. Some of staff are really nice some are grumpy,The coffee was some of best we had in Cuban hotels but if you ask for a second coffee at breakfast the guy charged 2 cuc.We never got hot water which we got used to Cuba but they did open the door when our plane was horrendously late and we got to the hotel at 5 am so we were grateful for that. The hotel reminded me of a Riad in Morocco .Check out lounge upstairs.It was in a good location. The taxi nearly got to the door .Unesco are apparently funding all the streets to be repaved so work is going on outside the hotel.I think sleeping on the first floor would be quieter

    Average cellargas

    “Great location good value for money ”
    A Colonial building with the rooms situated on two floors around a central plant filled patio. The building is full of character and situated on a pedestrianized road a couple of minutes walk from La Plaza Vieja one of the four main squares in Havana. Because motor traffic to that part of Havan is restricted I found the hotel to be very quiet I was woken up by bird song from the many sparrows that fly around in the central space not by traffic noise. The room was comfortable and very large with space for easy chairs, a table, dressing table, wardrobe etc. At first the room appeared a little gloomy because the shutters are kept closed to keep the room cool as there was no air conditioning to combat the intense heat of a Havana afternoon. The bathroom was ok with a bathtub and a shower but the hot water supply was not reliable. Breakfast is served in the patio and was pretty good with fresh fruit, eggs toast & fruit juice and the service was ok.The room had a television and a mini bar and even without air conditioning was comfortable and considering the great location was good value for money

    Average LeicesterBrusque

    “One night only ”
    Nice to be greeted by the parrot shouting "hola". Great location just off the Plaza Vieja, and an interesting building, but don't expect 5 star western standards in this state-run hotel. The rooms can be gloomy when the shutters are closed, there's mould in at least one room, and the bathrooms don't appear to have been upgraded or repaired since the 1950s. I can put up with that for a night or two just to soak up the atmosphere in Havana, but the hotel lets itself down badly with its service. My daughter, who speaks really fluent Spanish, was furious when one of the staff lied about a WC flush being repaired and denied all knowledge of a further night being booked (we should have gone elsewhere but it was too much trouble to find another hotel for one night). Breakfast arrives in dribs and drabs, with no choices being offered. The staff kept my son and daughter awake until the early hours with noisy conversation in the atrium (which is surrounded by all the rooms). I made the mistake of eating in the attached restaurant (very dull pizzas) and the waiter never returned with the change on the bill. I probably would have left him the extra couple of pesos as a tip anyway but would have been nice to have the choice to do so. If you want an older style hotel then try it for a night, but I believe there may be better ones (the Florida on Obispo?).

    Average superscaryshadowman

    “What a farce! ”
    Checked into the Beltran with a couple of friends to celebrate New Year and one of my friends birthday's on 31 December. We had booked the Junior Suite but were given a standard room with two single beds and an uncomfortable camp bed. The receptionist said he had only worked there for one day so didn't know if it was the suite or not. As we arrived late, we decided to deal with it the next day. A different receptionist was there in the morning. She spoke good English (as my Spanish is a bit rusty) but denied that we had been given the wrong room. She kept up the pretence until later that day when she pretty much accepted that we had been conned and asked what I wanted as compensation. I said the difference in the cost of the standard room and the suite but she said that I would have to contact Cuba Travel Network, which runs the hotel's website, as they had dealt with the booking. She said that the suite would be available for the last of our 4 nights, so we would finally get what we paid for, and offered a free meal at a local restaurant for the next night as some compensation on New Year. Arriving at the hotel about 30 mins before the restaurant reservation for a quick freshen up, we were told that the offer had been rescinded for that night but we could use it the next night, so we had to find another restaurant...and on New Year's Eve. I am still negotiating with Cuba Travel Network which seems to think that a difference of EUR 60 between the standard room and suite is fair, which I don't agree. The hotel itself was quite nice; a pretty courtyard (with resident parrot) and plants. The rooms were OK, a bit tired but we had hot water on each occasion we tried, bar for a couple of hours one day. The breakfast staff were friendly and chatty.

    Average littlekimms

    “Nice, but very noisy ”
    Nice building, but there is so much noise starting with 7AM. Breakfast is poor, very poor and you have towait at least 30 minutes to received it, unless you tip the waiter. Room 5 has a problem with flushing the toilet, while room 3 has a problem with sewage from the tube. The maid makes nice puppets out of towels, but she doesn't clean the room.

    Average HongKongStars

    “Water, water, water.... ”
    The check-in process was smooth. The Bellboy assisted us with our luggage. The room was large and clean. The Director of Housekeeping was waiting for us in the room to welcome us. She gave us two bathrobes and asked if we needed anything. We thanked her and she left the room. Nice amenities were placed in the room along with a welcome card. The bathroom was old and outdated, with very weak maintenance issues. The water in the toilet ran all the time and there was no hot water in the shower. The next day, we woke up to the same issues in the bathroom (running toilets and no hot water). We went for breakfast. The staff was very nice but breakfast was really poor (one coffee, white toast, one mini croissant). Later on our way back to the hotel, we asked the agent if the hotel had been able to fix the water problem. She was very surprised as she had thought that the problem had already been solved. She offered to move us to a different hotel in the city, which we declined as we were leaving the following day

    Average duineeigin

    “lovely building, staff rude ”
    The building was beautiful, location perfect. Water did go off once, but it wasn't a major problem. The room was nice too. The staff were lovely when checking in. For 2 people sharing we were quoted 110 CUC/night, but we very easily got them down to 90 CUC/night. Breakfast, as the other reviews say, was unimpressive - no buffet, you get bread basket with a few spreads, and eggs, and one (just one!) glass of some kind of fruit juice. Water costs 3 CUC for 500ml - a complete rip off (you can buy it for a tenth of the price elsewhere in Havana). The staff got a bit rude. After the breakfast they asked us did we want to have dinner there (15 CUC, again, can eat out in nice places more cheaply including the restaurant in the nearest corner of the Plaza Vieja - 30 seconds' walk), and after that breakfast I didn't even bother to look at the menu. Some stuff got a bit rude, especially Osaina (spelling may be wrong) who was so nice before she got our money off us - when we were leaving, and chatting in lobby, she actually, while waving angrily, told us to be quiet (we were talking at a conversational volume) because she was on the phone - no way to treat your customers, whether or not they let you rip them off. If you don't mind any of the above stay there - no seriously - if rude staff don't bother you, it's not a bad place.

    Average Corto_Turco

    “Good for short stays ”
    I stayed 4 nights in Beltran de Santa Cruz. Building was the mansion of a French marquis and has a very special atmosphere. You can feel the early Colonial period here with columns, window shutters and building ornaments. Even there?s a museum room in the building. The hotel is in the heart of Old Havana, so it?s a good headquarters for walking excursions. The staff was one of the friendliest among the hotels I stayed (others are Santa Isabel and Telegrafo). They didn?t mind my voucher problem much (for details look at Hotel Telegrafo review). Rooms were located around a small courtyard. My room was big enough and decorated according to the theme of the hotel. There were two single beds. Linens were not so clean, but towels were changed everyday. Mini bar was also full. There were even bottles of rum and chocolates. Bathtub was looking in bad condition and shower head was broken, but when I told them to fix they did it, and it was a great surprise for me. And also for hot water, you should tell before and it was always hard to adjust it; it was either too hot or too cold. But weather was too hot anyways. The worst thing in the hotel was breakfast. The poorest breakfasts I?ve ever eaten. Only a few slices of fruits, a kind of egg ? omelet or fried, butter, jam and bread accompanied by fruit juice and coffee or tea? And try not to make international calls from hotels, they cost a lot. To sense the air of colonial era, Beltran is a good choice among boutique hotels in Old Havana.

    Average driver80uk

    “amazing room, shame about the staff ”
    Myself and my girlfriend stayed in this hotel for four nights after a stay in Jibacoa. The room itself was amazing, and the location was right in the middle of old havana. The suite comprised of a massive bedroom and a separate dining room, both clean and well equipped. Problems with the water have already been discussed; I appreciate its Havana but when you pay for a good hotel you expect running water, hot and cold. After a lot of time wasted waiting for hot water at the taps we eventually decided to ask staff what the problem was. Apparently there was no problem, someone had to go and switch it on for us....not a massive issue although they could and should have told us when we had booked in. When they switched it on, they'd give you about fifteen minutes before they'd take it upon themselves to switch it off again which isnt really enough time for two people to take showers. Breakfast was not great, eggs, ham and cheese seems to be all they have, omelettes very poorly cooked. The staff smoke in the kitchen whilst cooking, waiters seem a bit inept at basic customer service just plonking cups of coffee on your table without asking if you actually wanted it or would prefer tea. Just one final word of advice if you do book this hotel; do not take any advice from the staff in terms of restaurant recommendations. We made this mistake on the first night and went to a vastly overpriced restuarant and the food was average at best. It was made blatantly obvious that the hotel staff were in line for a tip from the restaurant. Shop around and you could get a much better meal at the less commercial places for about a third of the price (~£4). To sum up, the room is fanastic, and havana is a really great city. However if we were to visit again we would probably choose the parque central.

    Very good priscilla s

    “Lovely to look at, friendly and intimate”
    Beautiful rooms, a real feeling of old Havana. Plumbing somewhat challenging but the look of the hotel and its ambience and closeness to the centre more than made up for it. Cotti, the parrot was an extra delight

    Very good Douglas G

    “Great location, take an upstairs room. ”
    This hotel has a lovely location and a save feel. It located in an old building and beautifully refurbished. Upstairs there is a fantastic common room. They were child friendly although the bird food on the floor made breakfast with a toddler challenging. Staff is really friendly and can help you with general information about events and happenings. Would recommend and stay here again.

    Very good pinkporsche

    “Lovely place ”
    Just returned from Cuba, stayed 4 nghts here, hotel is very pretty and in the best place to see around the old town and Veija, overall very good, nice breafast, nice and clean, beds comfy, make sure you walk up/down "obispo" street its great and the safest way from old to new town, take a walk along the waterfront, and DEF treat urself to a tour in an old convertible, we went in a pink 1962 chevy was fab.

    Very good Kirsty G

    “Perfect location ”
    A great hotel in a perfect location. A little overpriced but definitely recommended if you're arriving on an evening flight and you want security of knowing where you're going/that a room is available! (not always a given with casa particulars...)

    Very good JOSJE4YOU

    “Great Colonial hotel in the middle of Havana Vieja”
    Perfect location in the middle of Havana Vieja. Plaza Viaja with several restaurants, cafés en bars just around the corner. Great atmosphere and nice and friendly staff. Marvelous rooms in the real colonial style. Room on the innercourt, delicious breakfast served daily on the innercourt.

    Very good neilgt4

    “Charming; Old Original Hotel ”
    The Location is perfect; you walk out of the hotel turn right and after 30 yards you are exactly where you want to be, in Plaza Vieja one of the 4 main squares, and one of the more lively ones. The hotel itself is charming; an old original colonial house turned into a Hotel many years ago, a bit like a national trust hotel back in the UK, no modern amenities here, all authentic rooms with old furniture including the beds. For this reason the plumbing is ancient and the showers are just about usable, don't let this put you off. If you want sparkling showers and bland interior you need to go elsewhere We paid a bit extra and stayed in the junior suite, which is a beautiful room, with high ceiling and separate lounge area, but if you suffer from heights the staircase to the room will be a bit of a task. Breakfast was nice, it is nice when they ask you how you want your eggs, and the parrot kept us company. The patio/ courtyard is delightful was a great place to hang out and enjoy a quiet moment. Your first reaction to the street where the hotel is situated may initially give you some trepidation of where you have landed yourself......don't worry you have arrived smack bang in the thick of Havana, which is one of the safest cities around due to the friendly locals. From this Hotel most of the attractions in Havana are within walking distance, this is worth taking into consideration when making your choice. So to summarise a charming hotel lacking modern amenities in a perfect location......Ideal for 1 or 2 nights sightseeing but as a long term base find a more modern hotel.

    Very good Rob_Greavison

    “Location Location ”
    If you are reading this you are obviously considering staying here, so I will give it to you straight. The Location is perfect, you walk out of the hotel turn right and after 20 metres you are exactly where you want to be, in Plaza Vieja one of the 4 main squares, and one of the more lively ones. Your first reaction to the street where the hotel is situated may initially give you some concern regarding safety......don't worry you have arrived smack bang in the thick of Havana, which is one of the safest cities around due to the friendly locals and a smiling policeman on every block. The hotel itself is charming, an old original colonial house turned into a Hotel many years ago, no retro here ,all authentic rooms and minimal furniture. For this reason the plumbing is ancient and the showers are just about usable, don't let this put you off. If you want sparkling showers and bland interior you need to go elsewhere. The courtyard is delightful and the friendly parrot will charm you during breakfast. The breakfast is samey, fresh fruit, fresh bread and jam and (how do you want your eggs). If you need more there are plenty of places nearby. From this Hotel most of the attractions in Havana are within walking distance, this is worth taking into consideration when making your choice. So to summarise a charming hotel lacking modern amenites in a perfect location......enjoy.

    Very good AmanDK

    “great location and nice hotel ”
    We like our 3 nights at Beltran, first of all we were close to everything and could easily walk around in the nieghbourhood. The rooms are ample with all the things you need, we even ended up buying the bottles of rom and coffee they had exhibited in the rooms - the last souvenirs :) Breakfast was nice, it is nice when they ask you how you want your eggs, and the parrot kept us company. The patio was a great place to hang out and enjoy a quiet moment. Service level was good. only thing - you have to pay to use the safety box!

    Very good Bart_Didy

    “a nice place to start your holiday ”
    Straight from Europe in winter it's great to have breakfast in the patio with the flowers & parrot. Yes, things take time, but it's a holliday, ok. Not all the bread was fresh and some burned but at least they do make the effort to put it in the oven. A choice of eggs, not always what we thought we asked for, but then we had to ask in Spanish; we liked the tortilla - or was it the omelette which had the onions, peppers and pineapple added? No problem getting tea or good coffee or a second serving of it. Staff was friendly, helpfull and efficient with information, arranging taxis, adjusting AC and so on. When we wanted to change money they adviced us to go to the bank or an ATM because the hotel rate was very bad. Isn't that kind? Also the first night we ate the chicken dinner witch was simple and tasty. We had no CUCs and couldn't put it on the room. The waiter/cook said it was no problem to pay him two days later, he would than be in the kitchen again. We paid extra to have the junior suite which has a small balcony overlooking the nice street (only pedestrians, so not much noice but you can hear the music from the old square or people talking Spanish in the street) and a separate livingroom which we didn't use. The furniture is Spanish and old. All the rooms have nice stone floors and low ceilings and some only have small windows in the double doors whitch open towards the patio on one off the inner balcony's. This is an 18th century mansion in the middle off town, still original so no (large) windows. If you are used to Hilton or Holiday Inn don't book this hotel. If you do love authenticity including some minor handicaps, this is the place to go.

    Very good lthompso

    “immediately immersed in the sights and sounds of Havana”
    A group of nine of us travelled to Cuba last January/February 08 and I have to say it was an amazing experience. We travelled from Havana to Las Terrazas, Vinales, Australia, Cienfuegos, Trinidad and back to Havana. The whole experience was easier than I had anticipated, given what I had read on blogs etc., but if you are a traveller that likes luxury, I would say that Cuba is not the place for you. If however, you are a somewhat adventurous traveller with a fairly open mind, go and experience Cuba.. quite a contradiction at times, but fascinating. Now to the Beltran, where we arrived after realising that we had just been ripped off by the taxi driver (one of the liabilities of travelling in Cuba, which is a shame, because not everyone is like this). The Beltran was the perfect start to our trip. There were three of us, so we had the suite with two rooms, a bathroom and a small balcony that we immediately investigated. We were thrilled to open the doors and let the sights and sounds of Havana in. The sound of Cuban music drifted down the narrow, cobbled street from the square, it was warm and humid, and the people opposite were just going about their daily lives. In the morning we watched the schoolchildren in their uniforms go to school. The Beltran is in the heart of Old Havana and a great place from which to explore and get a sense of life in Havana for Cubans too. The courtyard was a great place to have breakfast every morning. Was the breakfast the best I have ever had? No, but not the worst and again, one should not go to Cuba and expect a gourmet experience. Yes, the water was a little sporadic, but we managed. Again this is something to expect in Cuba if you do any research before you go! Most of the staff were friendly and helpful, I think it just depends who is on. Overall I would recommend this hotel, but not to someone who is looking for luxury. Book the suite, with the balcony and watch and hear Havana go by!

    Very good retiredDevon

    “excellent start to the holiday ”
    Lovely old restored colonial house right on the edge of the tourist route in old Habana, a few metres from La Plaza Vieja. Nice big rooms with en suite, with those on the first floor giving onto a balcony overlooking a central courtyard used for breakfast. Good, friendly service. Very handy for visiting old Habana and just a spit away from the Muralla bar/restaurant which boasts some of the best beer in the city. Only one negative as we had to request hot water to be put on from reception and it didn't always last long enough for 2 people to shower. Certainly one of the cheaper hotels in Old Habana but I would recommend booking beforehand through an agency to ensure a place and get a better deal. We struggled to find a night for our return to the capital before flying home and had to use a large amount of our precious cash to go the Frailes hotel nearby which was the same price but not as nice.

    Very good Russ1470

    “Loved it ”
    The hotel was in an excellent position right in the centre of old Havana. The large rooms were well furnished and the beds were comfortable. There was a problem with the hot water but Havana was so hot anyway that a cold shower was a welcome relief. The staff at the hotel were always very friendly, no mean feat considering that some of them worked 24 hour shifts.

    Very good LanaLuuLuu

    “Very Pretty Hotel, Loved it!”
    This hotel was situated right in the middle of old Havana, surrounded by beautiful old architectured buildings and near the 'plaza vieja' (old square). You can really get a feel for the real Cuba here, as there are many locals around, all very friendly. The hotel itself has very grand doors and has a very pretty little courtyard in the middle. The rooms were very traditional, old-styled baths, sinks, beds and furniture, it looked lovely. My parents were given the junior suite (although they only booked a normal one) and it was outstanding, a balcony looking onto Havana's streets. huge double bed and a small room with chairs and a table. Breakfast was pretty good aswell, lovely feeling sitting in the warm air in the courtyard with fresh fruit and juice, with a choice of eggs and toast and freshly baked pain au chocolat, donuts and bread! Only problem was the hot water was a bit dodgy! It would turn on randomly at full blast in the middle of the night, and you wouldnt have hot water all the time - but not much of a problem, and it is a poor country, we were lucky to have running water compared to the locals. I would love to return here, and I would recommend to anybody who wanted to see the real side of Cuba!

    Very good Travelbird0505

    “Lovely place ”
    For being Cuba, this hotel is great. I did stay in one of the junior suites for around 70 US$ pr. night. My very helpful local travel agent Lazaro at the Cuban connection ( was great at finding good rates in Havana and Isle of Youth for me, last minute. I highly reccommend them. Please understand that Cuba is developing and that you can't expect the same comforts there as you can in your own country. There was no hot water in the shower as I arrived, the staff apologised for this. I think there was hot water after a few hours. Anyway, the hotel is good, it's relatively quiet, the location is great in the district of Old Havana even if you have to walk a few minutes. (It'll be well worth it since you won't be bothered with traffic noise.) You are safe on the streets there and in the hotel. The room was large with a comfortable bed and bathroom. There was a fridge and cable tv with some odd channels. I even had a small balcony in my room overlooking the hotel courtyard. The bellboy wanted to help me with my luggage, but I declined. There was no problem with the minibar tab and the staff was helpful in general. I know they have a good relationship with my travel agent, so that might have helped. I didn't try the breakfast as I arrived late, but I can say that you don't come to Cuba for the food, generally speaking!

    Very good elestoban

    “excellent location - happy with our choice ”
    Not much to add to other reviews except to take exception with the writer who complained that the junior suite was " dark & dinghy " Yes it is a little dark but that is because it is a very large space,it is however charming & very different & well worth a visit. The side room has views over the courtyard & the main room gives u direct access to street life & the opprtunity to reflect on how lucky u are to be staying there rather than the rooms across the road that house the friendly locals. However .................. it is above reception & the noise sensitive (like my wife!! ) should avoid it. The normal rooms that we saw all looked very good & it the hotel is in a great location. Since it is the only hotel that we have stayed at in Havana we are unable to compare & many other places that we passed also looked interesting. The flamenco in La Flota - just off the square was fantastic.

    Very good a question

    “Wonderful place! We will return in future! ”
    We really enjoyed our three nights at this hotel. From here we could walk to nearly all interesting places of Havanna. Its a very nicely renovated old building. The hotel and the room were clean, the room was spacious, the shower and the aircon worked well (a little loud - we turned it down at night), the breakfast was OK and the people who worked there were very friendly and helpful. Its only a few steps from the renovated Plaza Vieja. Every evening we went to a bar at the far end of the Plaza for a cocktail and to listen to wonderful, live music. The hotel also lies near the Plaza de San Francisco and many other gorgeous sights. If we ever go to Havanna again, we would surely choose this hotel for our stay

    Very good linda-2111

    “A great little hotel with real character”
    We stayed at the Beltran de Santa Cruz for 4 nights in March 2006 and thoroughly enjoyed it. This hotel has real character. It is a beautiful building centred around an open courtyard which was lovely place to have breakfast as well as a cool drink after a day out sightseeing. Watch out for the friendly parrot,called Cotty, who likes to walk over and climb the chairs to share your breakfast! We had a room at the front of the hotel which meant that we could watch the world go by, but it also meant it could be noisy. It wasn't too much of a problem to us but if you need your sleep... The hotel is also in the heart of the old quarter, some of which has not been renovated yet, but this is the 'real' Cuba and you do get the chance to see the local people and how they live. All the staff are very friendly and always had a smile. Overall if you are looking for a small friendly hotel with character you couldn't do better! I would recommend this hotel and certainly would stay there again.

    Very good lkd2005

    “Lovely hotel ”
    A lovely hotel currently just on the edge of the renovated area of Old Havana. This is a perfect location with loads of restaurants, bars and sights within a short distance but also peaceful. I was very pleased we had decide to stay in Old Havana rather than another area such as Varadero as I felt it was much more atmospheric and also compact. The rooms are tastefully decorated, full of character and very comfortable. The staff couldn't have been more friendly and helpful. The courtyard was a lovely place to sit and read or have a drink and the cocktails are very good. The breakfast was nice with freshly cooked eggs, fresh fruit and very good coffee. There was a problem with the hot water while we were there although this didn't matter to us too much - not sure how temporary it was. The aircon was loud (found this to be the case pretty much everywhere in cuba!) but we turned it off as we didn't need it. Overall: friendly, comfortable and characterful. Highly recommended.

    Very good H D & E

    “One of the friendliest hotels we have ever stayed at ”
    The hotel is wonderful and has a great atmosphere. The staff are so friendly - nothing is too much trouble - even the parrot is friendly!!! The rooms are large and clean. The courtyard is a great place to sit and relax after a busy time wandering around Havana. We would just like to say thanks to all the staff and sorry that our little girl scribbled on the stone stairs.

    Very good FranH

    “a haven for the overwhelmed traveller ”
    We stayed at the Beltran de Santa Cruz in Old Havana for 4 nights. It was a lovely spot. Our spacious room accomodated the three of us easily. Step out the door and we were in the courtyard, an oasis in the midst of the hubbub that is Havana. The hotel was clean and well kept, the staff friendly and helpful. I showed them some winter photos from the NWT and they were speechless!! They just kept shaking their heads! It was fun trying to descibe winter to someone in terms of refrigerators. We spent several hot afternoons in the shade of the courtyard, sipping cold beer. It's location is great........on the edge of Havana Vieja square. It is also just on the edge of the reconstructed part of old Havana, so you can get a real feeling of before and after. It was nice to feel part of the city instead of being removed by several stories of concrete and glass. All in all, a good place to stay.

    Very good a question

    “Hard to find in Old Havana but well worth the effort ”
    The Beltran de Santa Cruz on Calle San Ignacio in old Havana is hard to find because it does not look like a hotel. The entrance is via a huge studded wooden door set in an alleyway wall which leads you directly into the reception area. The ground floor rooms, spacious and airy all face out onto a central courtyard set with wrought iron tables and chairs. The upper rooms have a wide balcony overlooking the courtyard where guests can sit if they are not inclined to decend the wide stone staircase- after all this is Havana and there is no need to do anything but chill out. Each room has little shuttered windows facing the courtyard, tiled floors, bathroom en-suite, wash basin and mirror in the bedroom, air conditioning and tv. The twin beds are large and comfortable and the house maids do a great job and are very friendly. The staff are wonderfull although like people anywhere you get what you deserve! Micheal the 'manager' became like a good friend and could not do enough to help from taking us to get our hired car to escorting us to various places. He knew of course that we were experts at getting lost. The atmosphere in the hotel was a bit like living in a private house, some chinese guests even availed themselves of the kitchen and did their own cooking. The narrow streets in the area are unlit except for the light coming from numerous windows and there are always throngs of people moving about at all times of day and night. Slightly intimidating at first untill you realise that everyone smiles, respond to 'ohla' and go out of their way to be helpfull. We walked about at night and felt perfectly safe, although it would be prudent not to walk about dripping with gold being a mug! The hotel is a great place to start a self drive holiday and the ideal return to point before flying back home. The food is not at all bad and the prices are reasonable. Above aveage in some respects, excellent in others it all depends on what you want and at Beltran de Santa Cruz you are certainly not insulated from ordinary Cubans which is just what we wanted. I nearly forgot the two frienly parrots who if they take a shine to you will walk over to your table at breakfast to say goodmorning. With hurracane Ivan on the way and our friends in Scotland thinking we were mad we were safe, secure and very well cared for. no problemo!

    Excellent Laura3214

    “Beatiful buidling, great location ”
    Really friendly staff, beautiful room, fantastic location. Amazing architechture. We stayed three nights. On our return to Havana at the end of the holiday we were due to stay another night, but the room was unavailable. It wasn't a problem as they has arranged a room in another gem of a hotel which was just one block away.

    Excellent hellij

    “Full of character”
    What a charming hotel and full of character. Very friendly staff and gave good advice on where to eat and sorted our taxi out for us.We stayed here four nights at the start of our holiday ( a good base for touring Old Havana and close to Planza Vieja and good restaurants) Also returned here for one night at the end.. we felt we were going home! For stays of longer than a night ask for upstairs rooms overlooking the courtyard (Room 9 is lovely). Our last night in Rm 7 had lots of windows over the street, so expect some talking but also a window over the lobby where you can hear the phone a lot.. but it was still full of character. Breakfasts are lovely.. standard is plate of fruit, juice, breads,toast, minicakes, tea/coffee, scambled or omelette, but you can vary if you want to. If you are desperate to have a hairdryer, take your own ... neither of ours worked.

    Excellent nikonas1976

    “Splendid! ”
    We stayed there for 1 night,in the junior suite.I think this room with its splendid decoration,the wooden roof,the tiles on the floor,the frescoes on the walls,the elegant furniture is itself a travel experience,a sightseeing full of art and colonial charm.I will not write anything else about how spacious or clean or quiet the room was,although it was indeed,because all these parameters do not really matter when beauty is so intense.This is my opinion about this hotel and I definitely recommend it only to people who understand and appreciate the between the good old and the shiny characterless new.

    Excellent hexakali

    “Splendid group of kind people ”
    In Havana, I had every solo traveller's nightmare. I fell victim to a misplaced cobblestone and sprained an ankle on one leg and fully traumatized the knee on the other leg. The staff at this hotel helped me in every way -- helped me up and down stairs, kept my spirits up by bringing bottomless mojitas, brought me ice in the middle of the night, forwarded frantic family and travel insurance phone calls, and arranged for a wheelchair at the airport. All this kindness was expressed with very little Spanish on my part and very little English on theirs. I am very, very grateful to Felix, Dario, Melina, Dianaya, and all the other caring Cuban angels at Beltran de Santa Cruz.

    Excellent kathtek

    “Great Location”
    This is a great place to stay in Havana. The location can't be beaten, it's just by the Plaza Vieja. The staff were very friendly. Our room was clean and spacious. Will definately be going back.

    Excellent julie132

    “An unexpected gem ”
    We stayed for just 2 nights before going on to Vinales, so the tour operator just chose this hotel for us as it wasn't the main part of our holiday. We were extremely happy with the location, and the cleanliness and the friendliness of the staff. Our room was amazing overlooking the inner courtyard and was so spacious for just the 2 of us, Our room safe didn't work which was a shame, but they immediatley offered us another room, even bigger than the first, but not as much ambience, so we just stuck it out with the first and nothing bad happened thankfully. I would recommend this hotel to anyone.

    Excellent joe79

    “Loved the Beltran! ”
    We arrived in the Beltran late in the evening after a 6 hour transfer from Maria La Gorda. The staff could not have been more helpful and friendly, infact we were offered breakfast even though we were checking out at 4.30 am! We stayed in one of the suites (paying about £60) - it was stunning. The suite was huge and whilst not as well equipped as say the 5* Parque Central (where we also stayed) it had all you could need (TV, mini-bar and a very comfortable bed) and far more character, decorated with antique furniture giving it a real sense of history. On top of this it was well loctated, just of the old square, close to restaurants and museums. I could not recommend this place highly enough. My only regret is that we did not stay longer!

    Excellent emagicmtman

    “A wonderful little botique hotel with a super friendly staff ”
    Arriving after midnight on the ViAzul bus from Santiago de Cuba, due to a mix-up in reservations, I could not stay at the Los Frailes, but the carpeta called over to the nearby Beltran de Santa Cruz, where I was able to stay for the night. The person on duty immediately showed me to my room and said that, due to the lateness of the hour, if I preferred (I did) I could do all the registration formalities in the morning. The room was truly wonderful, even luxurious, and I slept soundly 'til next morning. Breakfast is served in the courtyard below. Instead of the usual buffet, you order breakfast and it is brought to your table. I shared mine with a friendly parrot who hopped over from his nearby perch. There are only 11 rooms, surrounding a courtyard in the restored 18th Century villa of the Count of Jucaro. What an utterly restful and dreamy place. Had I not already made, and paid for, reservations at Los Frailes I would have remained at the Beltran de Santa Cruz. I was surprised by the reasonableness of the price. In fact, at $62/night it was a downright bargain! And, as I've said, the staff was very friendly and accomodating. I will definitely be staying here my next trip to Habana, this time with my wife. It is the perfect place to celebrate a second--or even first--"honeymoon!" Michael Vermont EE.UU.

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