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Inglaterra Hotel, Havana City Cuba. 4 stars,

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  • Destination: Havana City
  • Address: Paseo del Prado, No. 416 esq. San Rafael, La Habana.
  • Phone: (537) 8608596-97
  • Accept child:Yes
  • $ No pricePer person
  • Description: Inglaterra Hotel Cuba

    The Inglaterra has witnessed more of Havana

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  • Room facilities
    110 volt power
    220 volt power
    air conditioning
    balcony or terrace
    handicap facilities
    hot and cold running water
    private bath
    safety deposit box
    Satellite TV
  • Food Facilities

    The Inglaterra's restaurants will enchant you. The food is well-prepared, and the decor is a feast for the eye.

    Colonial Restaurant: Spanish-Moorish mosaic covers the walls and ceiling. Stained glass and detailed ironwork give the place a relaxingly airy feel. Each season a new menu is created, and the cover is designed by a local artist.

    El Louvre café/restaurant: An intimate space just inside the building, this spot is brimming with history. The meeting place for the so-called Louvre Youth at the turn of last century, young artists and intellectuals gathered here to talk politics and cause trouble for the Spanish authorities.


    La Sevillana cafe: Light foods and drinks make this a superb place to chat with friends. The tables are a feast for the eyes, each decorated by the work of a different Cuban artist. Enjoy simple sandwiches, strong coffee, cocktails and ice cream treats day or night; this outdoor bar is open 24 hours.

    La Terrazas bar and grill: Magnificent views are afforded by this roof top restaurant. Open 6 pm to 2 am. Monday, Thursday, and Saturday nights there is live Afro-Cuban music. Friday and Sunday's offering is a fashion show, accompanied by Cuban music. Try the Inglaterra Cocktail!

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    Review about Inglaterra Hotel
    Awfull 2Mosafer

    “Dirty rooms, dirty beds, old, dirty bathrooms ”
    Hotel Inglaterra was the worst hotel we have ever seen. We traveled to Cuba with an open mind (expecting shortcomings), arrived late at night and were shocked by the state of the rooms in this hotel. The lobby is magnificent, staff are nice and very helpful however the rooms are small, dirty (cockroaches, mould, dust and stains) and mostly without a window. There is dust absolutely every where! in the rooms, decorations and the corridors. The first room we were given was absolutely terrible, the bathroom was old, The toilet looked as though it was not cleaned for years! tilings were dirty, shower curtain mouldy and the sheets covered with dust and stains. There are no windows in most of the rooms, well there are but either boarded up or very high up without any view or function. We were shown 3 different rooms all of which were in no better condition. Finally a balcony room became available and we spent the night there with the sounds of the air conditioner keeping us up all night. The bathrooms door handles are terribly placed and turn in the wrong direction! I got my fingers trapped between the handle and the door frame several times. The rooms are crowded with furniture, the paint is peeling on the walls and the bathrooms are ancient! I couldn't understand why the hotel manager thinks filling the rooms up with furniture would make the rooms appealing! Each and every room that we were shown had different tilings and fittings in the bathrooms (not with a decorative purpose)! I have nothing against old fashion hotels but the rooms in this hotel are simply dirty, unhygienic, poorly managed and tastelessly decorated. The state of this hotel is not at all any reflection of the country's circumstances, modern facilities do exist in Cuba and there are various other hotels with clean rooms and proper facilities for guests.

    Awfull JetSet-Q

    “Worst staff, ok hotel ”
    I would have to say there was 2 staff that were quite good at this hotel, one was a security staff member, the other was front desk. Over 4 nights I only saw her once, the rest of the front desk staff could not be more rude and could not care less. The hotel is next to a museum and that itself is next to the capitol building - which is nice. Across the road is Central Park, and unless you really have your wits about you is a place to avoid when you are alone - day or night. The first night I was there I was having dinner at the rooftop bar and grill when a lady came and sat with me, as it turned out she was a prostitute. A couple of days later while I was in my room the phone rang and it was some lady trying to get me to come down to the lobby - apparently we had drinks the day before and I was her friend. Only thing was that I went to Santiago for the day and sat with no one in Havana. During the phone call she said I was a New Zealander - a very strange and accurate guess of my nationality. now long after I had a phonecall from a man claiming almost the same thing, but mainly wanting me down in the lobby - also said I was a New Zealander. Eventually I just went down and asked at the front desk about it, and the lady said did they know your name and I said no so she said dont worry about it. I asked how often this was going to happen and she just shrugged and that was it as far as she was concerned. I could never buy internet there - the answer everytime I tried was 'its not possible' so in the end I went to a different hotel on the corner of Central Park and bought it there. There is a restaurant, a rooftop bar and grill and a bar in the hotel. The restaurant runs until 10pm - no problems. The rooftop bar says 2am but couldnt get food there at 12am, so went to the bar which says 24 hours with sandwiches and snacks. No luck - they stop serving any food at 10pm. Very frustrating trying to get food in this hotel, and its certainly not of any quality worth going there for! I ended up eating at the same place I got the internet and I was blown away by how amazing the staff were and how immaculate the hotel was presented. I would suggest avoiding this hotel at all costs. There is not enough character for that to influence your stay.

    Awfull Odessasteppe

    “Shabby,dark and dark rooms with no windows for 200 American? ”
    Now to be fair, we arrived without a reservation at Christmas so we knew Havana would be a mess. And to the credit of the staff, when i blanched at the 200 fee - he went through a pile of casa cards to find me a place for 30 bucks. And he found a place for the next two nights - but we were forced to stay one night - and could have stayed six nights at the place i ended up staying, which was a self contained apartment with a balcony not far away (for 35 dollars) It looks beautiful from the outside and the foyer is great but is awful. AND LOUD. Good points: The breakfast buffet is pretty great, esp. in a country where eating heathy is a challenge. So, go for a drink, enjoy the gorgeous lobby but don't stay the night.

    Awfull Simner

    “One to avoid ”
    This is supposedly a 4 star hotel, but not sure what criteria were used. Yes it is well placed to tour Old Havana & has a street Cafe. But thats where its description ends. The majority of Cubans are friendly and welcoming, but not the reception and staff at this hotel. In fact your made to feel unwelcome & are intruding. To every request the answer is NO, not allowed, not in the rules. The rooms are tiny, ill equipped except for a good TV reception!! No hot water to the basin in the bathroom, no plug so you have to keep the tap running. No hot water gentlemen for a shave!! Two tiny pillows and a fuss to get more or even more than one towel in the bathroom. Rooms are nosy as windows do not fit. Breakfast is a case of be there early otherwise nothing remaining. Service on the lauded street Cafe is awful, takes for ever & then they get it wrong. Best avoided. The only saving grace was a charming publiv relations girl who tried to help. Its internet cafe never has the lo on cards, so guess what NO internet.

    Poor 99Little99

    “Average to poor ”
    I just spent 3 nights here with my parents and overall I was somewhat disappointed. When you walk in the hotel lobby, bar and restaurant are just gorgeous and the front desk staff were very accommodating when I asked for a room near my parents but it went downhill from there. The room is quite basic the size of a box with inadjustable AC that either meant you froze with it on or melted if it was off. The one window was so high you couldn't see out of it and It had a very modern flat screen tv but with only 2 channels that were so fuzzy you couldn't even watch them. Might be better just to lose the TV altogether rather than tease the guests with it? The breakfast had a good variety but the eggs were poor and for me inedible (why not have a chef out front making them fresh for the guests at breakfast time?). Coffee was pretty good though! The worst bit overall had to be the noise though. They have a roof top terrace with live music seemingly every night until 2am and it's so loud that it carries down through the hotel. Great if you like to go out a party up there until the wee hours but not if you like to be in bed before midnight. Luckily I travel with earplugs! Finally service was very so so. On the last night I asked front desk if they would call a restaurant for me to confirm a reservation but the lady refused and said I had to call from my room. However, the phone in the room just beeped at me every time and wouldn't even connect to front desk when I dialed 55 which is what it said to dial. In the end I had to trawl back down to reception and ask them again which she did in the end but could have saved me a lot of frustration by just doing it in the first place. Overall I would give it a 2.5 out of 5. So many little things/improvements could make a world of difference to a stay here.

    Poor Parbeen T

    “Poor service, poor food, poor room, good location ”
    We booked this hotel on the recommendation of Cuba Direct. We explicitly said that we wanted a better hotel because it was our wedding anniversary and we wanted it to be special (and the reviews on here weren't great). Cuba Direct convinced us that it had been recently renovated and that they'd request one of the newer rooms, so naively we took their advice as the location was so good. We arrived late in the evening for a 2 night stay only to find that we'd been designated two single beds. When we asked to be moved we were rudely told that it was full (similar to other comments on here), there was no room service and the restaurant and bar had closed, so no dinner for us! The breakfast buffet was basic, whereby the fruit and pastries looking very questionable due to the flies within the dining room. Again, a lack of service and general rudeness when asking for cutlery as we ended up clearing a table and setting one for ourselves. Long story short, it's a great location, but not don't expect reasonable service, food or rooms, and don't be fooled by the beautiful lobby! P.s. The rooftop bar was awful, I asked for a soft drink and the only option was juice, which was served in a small carton with a straw.....

    Average radarharp

    “A Nice Location ”
    It's been awhile since my last visit, but I enjoyed the old colonial architecture and central location. I'll check it out again next month. Near the Prado, taxi stand, Opera House, Central Park with shade and the huge statue of Jose Marti, and easy walking distance to the Prado. The rooftop bar/restaurant is not to be missed at night.

    Average tiagolopespt

    “Great looking building in the centre of Havana”
    I'll never give it a 5 star because it is really far from it. 4 stars i considered, but the lack of water in the breakfast, the unfriendliness of the reception people, and the general perception that the main focus is to extract every CUC from the tourist as they can, leaves me with a 3. Ignoring those issues, the building is very beautiful although decadent and in need of renovation. The rooms are large and clean and the one I got had AC (noisy). Mine had the window to the side street, and fortunately because it was noisy enough. Although not my first choice in Havana, I hour recommend it.

    Average Luke T

    “Great lobby, rooms average ”
    The lobby of the Inglaterra is amazing in proper European Colonial style luxury (think leather armchairs and ornate wrought ironwork. The room was ok. It was quite small and had no external window which made it a bit dark. It was decorated to a decent standard but clearly some things had seen better days (ie the air conditioning unit). Altogether it was decent enough but I'd stay at the Sevilla instead given the choice.

    Average Tom B

    “Brilliant location, Great hotel, Good room, average to low service ”
    The title says it all really. It was in the center of town and was really easy to find with out hire car and were able to park right outside. Everything worth seeing is within walking distance of the hotel. It has a lovely colonial feel as you walk into the place. The room itself was good, it was large and we were lucky to have a balcony overlooking the square outside. Food as other reviews say was average esp breakfast. Breakfast had variety but wasn't great at all. The biggest downside to this hotel was as other reviews have hinted at, was its staff. The room maid was lovely, but the front desk certainly had some lessons to learn. We only really relied on them when we were awaiting a pick up for our flight. My mobile phone wasn't working and I wanted them to make a call for me to see if our transfer was near. They refused to call and just fobbed me off saying it was normal for them to be late. They said if they were over an hour late they said they would call which I didn't appreciate when I was worried I'd miss my flight. My transfer did arrive 55 minutes late (Solways transfer), eventually we were very relieved to get to the airport but not to worry the flight was cancelled an hour after it was supposed to leave (aerocaribean)

    Average HSYAN

    “Great location, so so hotel. ”
    This old hotel is located at edge of old Havana, the best location to anywhere in Havana. Old town just cross street and plenty of of taxi waiting outside hotel rid you wherever you want to go at fair/ reasonable price.Overall service is average and the front desk is helpless except rooftop bar. The room is terrible, many rooms are viewless that window is above 6' which you have to stand at chair to open to look out of the window.You must ask for "normal window room" at check in, otherwise they always give you those rooms without view and "window".

    Average croato_8

    “Nice located,charming ”
    As I spent almost each day in the center of Havana this was one of my favourite points where I used to spent some time.Good coffe anda sandwiches in caffeteria,About acommodationj inside hotel I can not say anything as I dont sleep there .Hotel is 50 meters from Theather National ,200 meters from Capitolio,300 meters from famous Partagas cigar factory and 10 minutes walking to Havan Vieja.Location is absolutly amazing for walking distances to best points in Havana.

    Average Mallow106

    “Noisy but adequate for a short stay ”
    We stayed at this hotel for 3 nights at the beginning of March 2014. It is in a great location, very easy for walking on foot around the Old Town of Havana. We asked for a 3rd floor room with balcony as we were advised that these were the quietist. The room looked very tired and shabby but it was clean. When we opened the window we were in a side street and there was a very small balcony which you could stand on if you were brave!! The iron railing was rusting away and I wouldn't have trusted the masonary. There is a nice rooftop bar with great views over Havana. The band gets going around 9:30pm which is great if you are on the roof, however the noise of the band on the roof, coupled with street noise, general noise in the hotel including banging doors leads to a sleepless night. Lifts are very slow so its much quicker to use the stairs. We had breakfast which was fine. There was a range of fruits, juices and cereals, continental breakfast and scrambled eggs on offer. All in all it was a adequate place to stay for a couple of nights but I wouldn't stay for longer.

    Average john_northbay

    “Great location, ok hotel ”
    I was here twice over the same week on a recent tour of Cuba. The rooms vary widely. On my first stay I was on a lower floor, had a very basic, small room with only a tiny window. I could barely move around in the room. On the second stay I had a higher floor, nice queen bed, everything seemed to fit better, quite satisfactory. Some in our party complained of street noise, but that was not an issue for me. Hotel staff, especially front desk, not particularly attentive. The restaurant was passable for included breakfast, but for dinner, much better options at nearby paladars. Internet via lobby computers suitable. If you want wi-fi you'll have to head across the square to the Parque Central, which, from the lobby anyway, looks like a much more upper scale hotel. The location of the Inglaterra is great, however, situated between the Calle Obispo trendy restaurant bar zone on one side, and great old rustic neighborhoods on the other. The famous Malecon boardwalk is several blocks but a doable walk away. Havana is a treasure and Hotel Inglaterra is right in the middle of it.

    Average Sally W

    “Hotel in need of a holiday ”
    The Inglatera has some great features but could really do with freshening up. The public spaces are overused by non-residents because they provide live music on the terrace and the roof. We'd booked and paid for an expensive room but were given a truly horrible little one that reeked of air fresher and had no window. I complained and we were moved to a large front facing room. It was comfortable but noisy and really needed a coat of paint. The bathroom was quite shabby and the air conditioner was falling apart. The big redeeming feature for us was the most fantastic breakfast selection and helpful reception staff.

    Average dress6996

    “Magestic but sadly tired ”
    Stayed 3 nights 6-9 January 2014. Good central position for sightseeing. The Hotel is sadly tired now but still interesting décor inside. Rooms on the front of the hotel are noisy as taxis, cycles and traffic is passing continually and parking outside is taking place day and night. Room 205 is on the front and a good view of the square and passing traffic. Room 302 is just below the roof terrace and was unacceptably noisy as the roof doors directly above this room wouldn't shut as the locks were jammed, and they crashed with the wind all night, hence why we moved room to 205 - traffic noise preferable to doors crashing in the wind! Lots of beggars around, and one scam was to get tourists to go to a 'special' cigar sale. We were accosted several times for this and to be taken to their 'families' run restaurant. We soon got wise to this!! Many of the beautiful buildings are covered in builders barracades and scaffolding for eventual repair but it is sad to see how many of these iconic buildings are crumbling and decaying. Walking by foot can be hazardous as there are many pot holes and traffic is fast and furious. You will be expected to tip musicians when you eat out or sit outside for a drink. It was very crowded in the narrow streets and there is a throbbing and vibrant atmosphere where ever you go. The old American cars are a special feature and a treat to be taken around in. We found 3 days was more than enough time to see Havana on foot. The 'Cuc' money you will get the best rate at Banks but you can only get it once you are in the country.

    Average Steph_Mika

    “Great location, old hotel ”
    This 1875 hotel is actually the oldest in Havana which appealed to us. Because the hotel is being refurbished rooms really differ. We stayed here 3 nights first, then came back for one last night before going back home. The first room was old, dark (even though we had a window) and the bathroom had a lot of mold. The second room was a lot better, was more spacious, lighter and had a newer bathroom. At night the rooms can be noisy but that is to be expected at this location. Just use some earplugs and you'll be fine. Staff was friendly in general, there were a couple of staff members who could not cope with the pressure of a queue. Breakfast was mediocre at best. If you would go at 7am you would have everything. if you go at 9am there's hardly anything left. We did file a complaint with the manager about this. The rooftop terrace at night was a very pleasant surprise. After a long day in Havana going here for a couple of mojitos and beers with great music and very friendly bar staff was a good way of ending the day. We do think that for the same price or cheaper you can get a better hotel and you can visit the rooftop terrace without being a guest at the hotel anyway.

    Average Greymalkin_10

    “Good lunch stop in Cuban/Moorish style”
    I didn't stay at the hotel so cannot comment on the rooms. However, if you are sightseeing in Havana this is a great place for a lunch stop. The building itself is amazing and is like many of the moor inspired buildings in the old part of the city. We had a sandwich and Buccaneero beer in the cafe area. The only downside was the Spanish football channels that were on. The waiter was also keen to settle our bill so he could finish, and of course, a tip. This is the oldest hotel in Cuba and is stacked in history. There are many photos in the internet cafe of some of the famous guests including Ana Pavlova for example. This hotel in very near the Teatro, which is also worth a look as is the statue of Jose Marti opposite. The pavement cafe is full of 'people-watching' possibilities but can be noisy, so the choice is yours, inside or out. The toilets are also good, so another good reason to visit.

    Average TravellingEastMarlow

    “Colonial and Noisy ”
    This historic hotel has a great Spanish feel to it - and an amazing pavement side cafe. The rooms have seen better days and can be unbelievably noisy (its the central square in Havana so be prepared to be awake to late unless you get one of the refurbished rooms on the 3rd (top) floor - and beware of the rooms on the inside - some of which dont have windows! Fair breakfasts and that location is superb - try the rooftop bar at the Parque Central hotel oppsite for a lunchtime snack.

    Average phantomfrog

    “Outdated but charasmatic ”
    Hotel was overall alright, the room was dismal, outdated and dark but as I spent most of the unconscious in the room it didn't matter a great deal. We had one working light in our room and the shower was a drizzle at best and not always hot. The breakfast spread was not always consistent on quality and took forever to restock. It is supposed to be 4 stars, I'd say 3 and that is at a push.

    Average HistorianResearcher

    “Lovely architecture but rooms in need of an overhaul ”
    This is a splendid hotel building with some great architectural features dating from the 1870s. Location in the centre of Old Havana is excellent and right next door to the old theatre and other impressive buildings across the park. Our room was very basic with old furniture some of which was falling to pieces. The air conditioning unit was very noisy and disturbed my sleep during most nights. A light switch in the bathroom was very loose and coming away from the wall - very dangerous. Breakfast was chaotic with me having to ask for a bowl for the cereals each morning - the staff never learned or improved - and then having to ask for a spoon became rather tiring, morning after morning (we were there for 5 nights). Some mornings there were no free tables to eat the breakfast at. Staff were slow to clear away the used plates and cutlery from previous guests. Flies were common and landed on your food quite often. We had one evening meal in the hotel which was very expensive at 45 CUC for two people. The food was ok though. My overall impression was that the hotel rooms need some urgent modernisation and updating. I have given this hotel a '3' rating only because of its good location and architecture, otherwise I would have only given it a '2' rating.

    Average DalesRanger

    “Stunning views from roof, beautiful historic decor, lousey breakfast, esp coffee. ”
    Go to the roof (take the lift to 4th floor) see the views and havea beer/rum with Richard the bar manager who is very friendly, provides excellent service and often has some good local misic. (We did not eat there so cannot comment om food but does anyone go to Cuba for the food?) First room we had was awful (WC leaked) but then we had an outstanding room at front of hotel but it is noisy but that did not bother us. The hotel is old (it is an historic site after all) and it has some lovely tiles and it its worth taking the stairs from the lobby at some point. Most staff were very friendly and helpful particularly those on reception, despite some guests being rather brusque with them.

    Very good Clinton C

    “Highly recommended but watch out around check out time...”
    Beautiful old hotel. I stayed here Aug/Sept 2014 and found it met all my needs. The staff were very friendly and helpful. My room was 105, ideal for solo travellers, on the first floor overlooking the square, with a small balcony. I had no problems with noise from the street and daily view of the comings and goings and ongoing baseball debate in the square were interesting and often amusing. Cubans take their baseball very, very seriously! The continental breakfast was basic but ok. I made sure to take plastic baggies with me so I could squirrel food away in my room for later. There is a fridge/mini bar, which I promptly emptied upon arrival and used to store food from the breakfast buffet. Cheeses and breads, boiled eggs, donuts and pastries, orange juice and the like. There are some terrific restaurants nearby where you can eat 3 courses for $10. Noticeably on the Obispo and especially restaurant Los Nardos, all within 5 minutes walk from the hotel. Two house bands play in the hotel galleria and rooftop bar and both are terrific.The music in the city, on every street corner and in every restaurant, is awesome! The street adjacent to the hotel, San Rafael, has many supermarkets within a couple of minutes walk, where you can buy cheap bottled water and beer. Rum costs pennies and is available everywhere. The only downside to this city is that every time a cuban befriends you and says "Where you from?" it ends up with them asking for money. If they accompany you even a little ways payment is expected. A gentle no, gracias seems to suffice in most cases. There is a lot of begging and pleading for money, so if at a restaurant or galleria, make sure you are not seated close to the street or else you will endure an endless tugging at your sleeve and prolonged disengagement. Often the hotel doormen do little or nothing, they are very gentle with the beggers who are often desperate and pitiful and pull at the heart strings. Its hard not to get your wallet out but of course if you start there is soon a lineup... Within walking distance of the hotel are a few big niteclubs if you like to salsa. I highly recommend the hotel florida on the Obispo (lots of smokers in a small space unfortunately but the dancing was excellent) and within 10 minutes walk is the Galiano Casa De Musica. One minute away from the Casa de Musica is a little salsa school called casa de tango, on Neptuno street where the instructors very good for $10 per hour. I found wifi just across the street at the Parque Central. Cards are purchased for $8 for one hour. I had no problems with access. Transportation - it takes 2.25 hrs to access Havana once you've flown into Veradero. Taxi's are readily available but make sure you barter to get the best price. Often it costs half what they ask and once you know the local scene you'll know prices to get here and there in taxi's. One of the things I liked most about the hotel was the location. You're right in the center of things and can walk most places. That being said, the streets and sidewalks are a mess, often rutted with open holes here and there so wear very comfortable shoes and look where you are walking at all times, lest you twist an ankle or worse. I am a week here with a week to go and couldn't be happier. It's a beautiful city with fading grandeur and lots of interesting museums and places to visit. I've had some very good meals for under $10. The food is definitely improving in Cuba but still if you lower your expectations in all areas you won't be disappointed and more able to enjoy the city and culture. It sure ain't Toronto, but then you probably didn't come for the food or service in the first place... I enjoyed the dancing especially. Not a big fan of cuban style dancing but I know enough to connect and enjoy the moment. Some of the tourists are here to dance and I found some excellent LA style dancers in the clubs but mostly of course everyone dances cuban. A delight nonetheless I had some terrific dances and local ladies very gracious and friendly and forgiving. As a solo traveller it's easy to make friends here but beware. Last night a guy sat beside me and was very friendly and of course has a brother and sister living in Toronto. He soon was asking could I buy him a beer. Then when I danced with the cuban ladies he was asking could I buy them a beer. Then when I went to another club to dance he asked could he come along. I said sure but I wouldn't be paying his way in ($10 each). Sure enough when we arrived at the club he said he had no money and stood at the door expectantly. Apart from the beggers, who in desperation can be pests, the city and cuba in general is always very safe. When you are firm people will accept no is no, unlike Jamaica or some other islands where ppl will even try to take what they feel they are owed or spit at you if you don't give them money. That being said I still left all my jewelry at home and didn't carry much money on me - no point being stupid. If you approach this city sober and fit there is much fun to be had and many interesting things to do and see. But the city is hot and humid and sometimes difficult to get around. If you're out of shape you can still have fun but you're more at risk. Even crossing the street can be an adventure... you always need to be watchful and prepared to move fast if you have to! The day I left the staff pulled a couple of fast ones. Yet one of the many scams I endured in Havana. It was a planned hold up, actually. The night before I left I paid my room bill; laundry and bar bill. The next morning I went to check out and was required to pay the same bill again. I showed them the receipt but, in a well orchestrated scam, about 6 staff members surrounded me and demanding payment. Seemed well rehersed. Time was a wasting and I was worried about leaving on time so I paid the bill again. A second time. Then the last scam, again pulled by the front desk. I asked about the transfer and they told me I had to take a taxi. I asked about the transfer and front desk staff english skills disappeared and I was told to take a taxi. Luckily as I was negotiating the fare THE BUS TAKING ME TO THE AIRPORT ARRIVED, otherwise it would have been another $30 bill. In a way the scamming was constant and as I result I will probably not return to Havana. Everyone was on the make and their hand in my pocket, one way or another and it took a lot of the enjoyment out of it for me. The city is lovely, the music is amazing. But I spent much more than I wanted to. Every time I listened to live music the band at some point would approach my table and offer the hat. I loved the music so I would tip a peso. But this would happen all day long. If someone helped in any way their hand was out. Next time I'll stick to the all inclusives.

    Very good deetine

    “Excellent Location ”
    Visited with my daughter in August 2014. Oldest hotel in Cuba built in 1875 - my description beautiful if fadded gradeur but then it is Cuba - fantastic interior - reception area etc and well worth a visit for that alone. Very central to everything - Hemingways Bar, art gallery, theatre - all within walking distance. Taxi to old town 5CUC (approx £3.50). Use Yellow cabs as they have fixed price. Room 312 with balcony overlooking Central Park - bit on the small size but very clean and airconditioned (a must). Staff friendly and helpful. We did B&B - adequate breakfast but not a great choice. Music on roof garden each evening - very atmospheric. Music in cafe at front of hotel almost all day. Drinks reasonably priced - cocktails CUC3 (£2). Would use this hotel again.

    Very good STUMG69

    “A little bit of Cuba ”
    What can I say, very interesting accommodation. It's kind of nice to see that nothing much has changed in the hotel for many years, it's an old building but still has a very strange appeal to it. If you are looking for luxury you won't find it hear. All that said I would be more than happy to go back for a night or two. It's also very centrally located so another plus point. Rooms are quite small and the 3 we saw were all completely different. All rooms had a tv and air con, the later of which was a necessity, from recollection tv was not great but the air con unit worked very well. Food in the hotel was not the best, we were B&B which was okay. Plenty of good places for food just outside the front doors. This hotel also has a roof bar which is kind of where we spent a lot of time, views are pretty good and there is live musicians most evenings I believe.

    Very good AMCUK

    “Ideal choice for immersing yourself in Old Havana ”
    Of course its an old hotel but one ideally placed for visiting and absorbing yourself in the old part of the city and that doesn't mean you have to make any significant compromises. The elegance and charm of this place just adds to your experience of visiting this wonderful old city. Well air-conditioned rooms with lots of charm and great views from the balcony. Lovely roof-top bar and hot-tub. Placed right on Park Central it is in a great location right in the hub of activity with everything you need within walking distance and right across from the hop-on-hop-off tour buses, taxis, coco-taxis, bici-taxis and of course the old American taxi cars. Great service and an extensive breakfast spread, continental but with a good few hot choices included too. Plenty to set you up for the day and a lovely place to return to in the late evening with plenty going on outside. Highly recommended.

    Very good Alena B

    “Stunning Architecture with an Old World Feel ”
    We stayed here on our short visit to Havana and had a great time! The hotel is gorgeous on the inside - high ceilings and classy stone work. The rooms had a very vintage feel, but were well equipped with all the bathroom necessities! The hotel does get very loud at night, so do bring ear plugs! The breakfast quality was very good and many choices were available. Location is very central as the Hop On Hop Off bus is right across the street! Overall, we were really impressed with the place and felt like we were living like celebrities!

    Very good RugbyGuy1087

    “A Havana classic worth a stay ”
    One of the original grander Havana hotels, the Inglaterra provided my wife and I an enjoyable 4 day stay. Location next to old Havana is outstanding - walking distance to everything. Lots of restaurants, bars and sights within a few minutes walk. Main floor lobby etc. is pretty much original. Lots of live music both on the sidewalk patio and at the roof top lounge. Rooms are fine but nothing special. Everything worked well although the air conditioner constantly dripped considerable water in the very hot humid Cuba summer. Food including the free breakfast was above average for Cuba. This hotel is worth consideration if you are looking for a 3 star place next to old Havana that is reasonable and safe. If you want 5 star, look elsewhere.

    Very good GrandBeat

    “Great hotel, great location! ”
    Arrived on Saturday evening, check in was very prompt and staff friendly and helpful. The lobby area is gorgeous. Our room was on the 3rd floor. It was nicely decorated and very clean. It was a little on the small side, but this didn't matter to us as we didn't plan on spending too much time there! Air con worked fine, some toiletries were provided and there was a very reasonable mini bar service. Breakfast was great with lots of choice; eggs, sausage, cereal, fruits, pastries etc. I'd also recommend the sandwiches in the lobby bar, very tasty! Had drinks on the roof bar, every afternoon after a long hot day site seeing. The view is amazing and they also play good music during the day. We even made use of the jacuzzi one afternoon which was refreshing! We came back to the roof bar one night after dinner and there was live music, the terrace was full and there was a great atmosphere. All staff we encountered were helpful and smiling. This hotel was a bargain and I would definitely stay here again or recommend to friends.

    Very good AidaPus

    “Excellent location, nice hotel”
    The Inglaterra (witch had an offer when I visited in May of 59 cuc's pr night) is a perfectly all right hotel in a great location. My room was a bit noizy, -bring earplugs. Nice staff, very nice interior and ok rooms. Be sure to check out the terrace, witch have a tub of some sorts that I did not try, sun beds, bar and evening live entertainment of varying quality. Do not expect the internet to be working every day, and they soon run out of cards (and get more the next day), strangely enough. You cannot use your usb stick, or at least I could not. For the best internet connection (but also a bit more expencive) go to Grand Park Hotel very near by. Connection almost like home, and usb-stick-friendly ;-) The "buissness-room" is up the stairs. Smile to the guard, and convince him to sell you a card.

    Very good Dayel1956

    “Great place to stay when visiting Havana ”
    The Cubans have done well keeping this piece of history alive in the middle of old Havana! The rooms are small but comfy and offer all you need for a night or two. The shower stall in our room was very small and was really the only issue I had during our stay. The restaurant at the bottom was good and offered a free breakfast with the stay. Good value. Watch out for the pickpockets and beggars on the streets, they are very aggressive!

    Very good John H

    “Grand old hotel in great location ”
    We stayed here as part of a one week Sunwing package. The hotel overlooks Parque Central and is only a short walk to Old Havana; it really couldn't be a better location. Our room was a renovated one overlooking Parque Centra. It was large and clean with a huge bathroom. The fact it had 2 comfortable chairs was a plus as well as a good reading light by each bed. Because the roof bar was right above us, we could hear music from the band there most nights but it didn't bother us as we don't go to sleep early. Usually we went up to hear the band, a different one every night. The roof bar/terrace is a beautiful place during the days with great views of the city. Most afternoons there was a band playing in the arcade in front of the hotel, as well as a different band in the evening. We enjoyed coming back from being out to be greeted with live music. Often we'd stop for a drink and listen. The trumpet player in the evening band was fantastic and we would stay just to listen to him. Breakfast was included in our package and that is the only criticism I would have of the hotel. It is a buffet and while there is a big selection, it wasn't particularly appealing and often the staff was scrambling to keep serving dishes replenished. I would chose this hotel again for it's charm over a new hotel with less character like the Iberostar Parque Central.

    Very good Zosiek

    “Historical ambient ”
    Great location, beautiful historical facade and lobby. Rooms according to European standards, but in Europe they come cheaper :-) Good breakfast and a nice snack options at the roof cafe. The best part is the street cafe under the front arcades - with the busy street and live music all over the day.

    Very good Janja J

    “Back in time”
    We stayed in this hotel one night while visiting Havana. This hotel was great surprise. It was absolutely amazing, and I felt like I traveled back in time. Rooms are small, but big enough, with big comfortable bed, but bathroom is clozet size :D We had room with balcony facing the park in front of the hotel and the view was perfect. Loved everythig about this hotel! Interior is beautiful, breakfast and dinner were tasty (with man playing the violine). Location is just perfect. There is capitol only few metres away, Floridita across the street and almost everything worth seeing is a few minutes walk away. Would stay there again! Maybe not everybody will love it as much as I did, but I was charmed by it :D

    Very good Pati O

    “Lovely hotel ”
    We stayed in this hotel for Easter Break for 3 nights. It is a lovely place with the best location in Havana! The staff working there is very friendly and very helpful - including a lovely door man. Our room was good- the only thing I would ask when visiting to have a window in a room, as it can be a bit dark...Overall it was a great stay with real Cuban atmosphere. The music never slips in this city and the people are always happy. Floridita is literally 5 min away - go and try their lovely cocktails!

    Very good Turkophileabz

    “Better Than Expected”
    Stayed for two nights at the start of our two week stay in Cuba and have to say the hotel exceeded our expectations. Bedroom and bathroom were perfectly adequate and clean. Beds were comfy and, importantly, a well stocked mini bar was available for a night cap at very cheap prices. The public areas are a delight to look at. Only had breakfasts in the hotel but there was just about something for everyone so no need to be hungry. The high point as far as we were concerned was the terrace bar at street level were we enjoyed our mojitos watching the world go by and being entertained by a very good Cuban band. We had a room overlooking the main street which wasn't as noisy as we had been led to believe. Staff were friendly. The hotel is in a great location for sightseeing and the open top bus tour departs from a bus stop immediately opposite the hotel's front door and is good value at 5 CUC's each. All in all a pleasant experience and we would stay again. Like all of Cuba, go with an open mind and you will be pleasantly surprised. Certainly the case with the Inglaterra.

    Very good Danyl1967

    “Charming, characterful and well placed ”
    We really liked this hotel. One of the oldest hotels in the city and a refreshing contrast to the usual city chains. The reception area and bar are glorious in style. The room was more than comfortable, and we liked the roof to ceiling plant features in communal spaces. Fantastic roof terrace for snacks and cocktails, or you can catch the lively local band on the front porch and 'people watch'. Very central for the old town and sights. Incidentally service was exemplary- needed a tablet one night and a doctor arrived within 15 minutes! Good base for a city break.

    Very good Putneydrifter

    “Very atmospheric. Great location. ”
    I had read reviews prior to going to Havana advising that it was better to simply visit the Inglaterra for a mojito or three rather than actually stay there. So I was very pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed out 4 night stay. Unless you plan to never go to bed before midnight ask for a room at the back, because the band in the front verandah keeps going until then. This means you give up a balcony with a view. Your choice. The value at the Inglaterra is excellent; you don't feel that you've been mugged if you have a drink or a snack, although presentation is basic. Very good breakfast. We liked this place so much that when we returned to Havanna, later on the trip, and stayed at the more international Iberostar over the road, we returned to the Inglaterra for our sundowner.

    Very good Jacvangeel

    “Get familiar with the cuban people ”
    If you stay in the Inglaterra hotel your not only located near to all the important places one has to visit in Havana, but you will also get familiar with the cuban people. You will experience an excellent service in a lovely renovated hotel. From the door keeper, the receptionist, the waiter and not to forget the room maid. The last one made our stay very special. You also can get good contact with the cuban music during the daytime on the ground floor and in the evening on a beautiful roof terrasse. And after a long walk og dancing night you can take a good shower or rest on the beautiful bed. The rooms and the breakfast meets the european level very well. And I also must mention the beautiful plants in the hotel which are taken very good care off and gives the interior an extra dimension.

    Very good rogclarke36

    “Loved it!”
    This is a beautiful hotel on the edge of Old Havana - old world decor but very comfortable Very well placed to explore central and Old Havana. Good breakfast. A nice bar. Friendly and attentive Staff.

    Very good GerryF81

    “A Vintage hotel in Colonial Havana ”
    Reading many reviews and hearing stories form various people you just don't know what to expect from Hotels in Havana. The best way I can describe this hotel is like watching an old classic movie, like Casablanca or Gone with the wind, you don't care that is not in HD, you just Love it. Same applies to this hotel (and most of Havana!). It is very clean, very comfortable, no problem with hot water and very friendly and helpful staff. The location is amazing, in the best area of Old Havana, you can feel the heart beat of the city, with music from the side streets or the hotels fantastic roof garden. The busy main street leading to the Capitol and the National theatre. Yes it is noisy but you have to embrace it... otherwise you're just in the wrong city...

    Very good Sarah K

    “Historic and quirky- lovely place to stay ”
    We stayed here for 3 nights as part of a package for a first time visit to Cuba. People had previously given us all sorts of advice regarding no water or hot water at times. This was not the case here. Yes, the hotel is old, yes it has beautiful decor dating back to when it was built. When you go to Cuba, don't expect European star ratings in any area. This is a third world country and I loved the hotel and every where else for that. The service was good. The room was clean and spacious. The bathroom was large with a bit of a leaky toilet but this probably would cause more problems for the room below than us. Lots of hot water at all time of the day and we had a few early starts and this was not problematic. There was music every night on the terrace at the front of the hotel. We enjoyed it but I imagine that if one is a light sleeper then it may cause problems. The aircon was powerful- we had to turn it off in the end as it was too cold. A safe was included in the price of the room and I adore the sweet towel origami that is the norm in every Cuban hotel we stayed in. Breakfast was a buffet with a range of of foods to cater for all tastes and good coffee. I would stay in this hotel again as it is in a great location and met all our needs.

    Very good Truptie

    “Centrally located hotel with lots of character”
    I personally loved this hotel, we had a very spacious room on the 3rd floor with 2 balconies overlooking the main square (although it was a little noisy with music from the live Cuban band blaring through to midnight as well as general traffic noise). Everything was within a short walking distance. Hotel has lots of character and history. Choice and quality of food not great but plenty of places to eat within the vicinity. Great little bakery a couple of doors away and a fab (if a little expensive) Italian restaurant on the corner a short walk away. If like me you are a vegetarian however, you will struggle as choice is very limited. It was mostly cheese sandwiches (baguette with cheese) which was very dry, chips, fried root vegetables and salad. There was a lovely roof top bar serving snacks and drinks along with a café style bar outside which was a great place to people watch and listen to the live band. The waiting staff in the main restaurant and the doormen were particularly friendly without being intrusive. No Wi-Fi but when you're on holiday, that's no bad thing. A great way to get around is the open top bus tour just outside the hotel which lasts approximately 2 hours and 45 mins. The only thing I did find was that this included a tour of various hotels in Havana which did not particularly interest me (apart from the famous Nacional De Cuba hotel featured in The Godfather 2). It was just fascinating watching Cuban street life though and a great way to spend a morning. There is also another bus which takes you around old Havana. In summary, this is a great hotel full of character. Its worth keeping in mind that you go to Cuba to experience Cuba so no point in expecting western style comforts / standards. Keep an open mind and a positive attitude, kick back and enjoy the fantastic culture and its people.

    Very good Tony W

    “Truly Cuban !! ”
    Just back from 2 weeks in Cuba,the first 4days were spent at this classic hotel.Granted it is not the 4 star of the UK but what a beautiful interior.We had a room on the first floor overlooking the square,we thought it would be noisey but we had no problem.The bathroom was new,very spacious with hot shower & towels changed daily.The breakfast buffet adequate as you are not going to get the full English.we had an evening meal,snacks & sandwiches all served by cheerful & helpful staff.The front terrace was great for people watching while listening to some great live Cuban music.The position was ideal for walkingto all the popular sights.across from the hotel you could catch the open top bus,a hop on & off taking out for over 2hrs,just get off take your photos & get on the next one,superb value 5 cuc pesos[£3.30].Reception staff were eager to help.All to soon we moved on to Veradero.I would stay there again.

    Very good Glenn M

    “Superb Location to discover Havana ”
    If you would like to discover Havana and be amongst the real Cuban people, this is the place to stay. The facilities in the hotel are great. The food is OK and you should take into account you're in Cuba and not in Europe or US.

    Very good voyski

    “havana april 2012 ”
    spend thee 6night's hade great time staff ,good locationand food atmosphere brillliant!! viva la cuba!! :D

    Very good LArmstrongBahamas

    “Gran Caribe Hotel Inglaterra ”
    I have stayed at this hotel twice. Once on my own in 2004 and with my husband in 2009. I had an inside room on my first trip, i.e., no windows. It really didn't bother me as I spent very little time in the room and there was a window in the bathroom. I left the bathroom door open and it wasn't too dark then. On my second trip I was a little wiser and wanted it to be better for my husband. I specifically asked for a room with a balcony. We got one on the side of the Theatre and it was just fine. Not too noisy and at least somewhere to step outside and smoke. The room was adequate and clean but of course like the rest of the hotel old-fashioned and in need of refurbishment. Breakfast was always good and if you are not too fussy you can find something to stave off the hunger pangs. Dinner and wine expensive but overall quality was good. I just loved the atmosphere and history of this hotel when I first entered it. Don't expect 5 or even 4 star but just sit back, have a drink and enjoy the oldest hotel in Cuba. After all this is Cuba. You cannot beat the sidewalk bar. Just sit there and watch the world go by with your favourite tipple. And, I felt very safe as a lone female on my first trip.

    Very good JamieM_71

    “A wonderful Hotel and Team ”
    My wife and I stayed at the Inglaterra between Jan.27 - Feb.3 and loved the hotel, the location and the staff. It is a landmark of Old Havana and i'll be suggesting this hotel to all who intend on a visit to Habana. Even upon our leaving for the East Beaches we returned four of the next seven days to visit and have drinks. Incredible staff and we hope life long friends were made there. On the top floor(4 to Piso), there's a bar/resturant with great, GREAT service, food, views and entertainment. Few seem to be aware of the 4 to Piso, but go even if your just roaming through Vieja. Best regards to Richard, David and Carlos. I'll be back soon and we'll take it where we left off. Cheers my amigos!

    Very good Leonie001

    “Stunning foyer and excellent location”
    This is a good-value, very historic hotel based right on the edge of old and central Havana in a perfect spot for sightseeing. It's not perfect, the rooms are slightly down at heel and ours was very dark and narrow, though had characterful features. The bathroom was cleaned daily but had a mould problem. However, for what we were paying the room was fine, had a safe, drawers, TV and working air conditioner. The balcony was lovely and had a fab view towards the splendid and ornate Grand Theatre. The best things about this hotel: 1. History. It's the oldest in Cuba, steeped in history and interesting stories. 2. Location - it's walkable to most places you will want to go in old and central Havana including restaurants etc. 3. The rooftop bar - reasonable, friendly, unpretentious and a view to die for. 4. It has a friendly lady who can change money for you, which is not always easy to find in Havana. And best of all, 5. The foyer, bar and breakfast room - are jaw-droppingly lovely, decorated with moorish tiles and columns. Rather like sitting in a Spanish palace at times. Highly recommended - but try to get a room without a mouldy bathroom!

    Excellent Lighthousekeeper_621

    “In the heart of Havana - a photographer's paradise ”
    Hotel Inglaterra is a great place to stay while exploring Havana. The location is perfect - on the Prado where Central Havana meets Old Havana, walking distance from a number of ?must see? places ? the Malecon, The Cathedral, Chinatown, the Capitolio, the National Theatre, etc. You only have to walk across the street to board either one of the Havana Tourbus lines that will take you all over the city and you can get on and off all day for a 5CUC ticket (the Necropolis, Revolution Square to name just 2 of several stops). The other bus will take you across the bay to the Castille de Morro fortress and lighthouse as well as to some beaches east of the city. I do a lot of photography and it was amazing to walk down the Prado immersed in the history of Havana. On the weekends, the Prado is home to several artists/street vendors, musicians, performers. The hotel itself is a beautiful building with a fantastic interior. I had a room overlooking the Prado ? wonderful view. The room was clean and comfortable and the staff were friendly. I had a room on the 2nd floor and was not disturbed by the nightlife either below or above. They serve a great hot breakfast buffet every morning (included) with 3 options for dining later in the day ? an elegant dining room, a bar style restaurant and a roof top restaurant with a killer view. There is internet access limited to the hotel?s computers in the lobby but you can also walk across the street to access computers (and wifi if you need it) at the Parque Central (Iberostar). You can make arrangements to tour other areas of Cuba ? I took a 2 day tour down to Cienfuegos, the city of Trinidad and the rainforest in the mountains. I will return to the Hotel Inglaterra and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to explore Havana. As a solo female traveler, I was perfectly safe in the heart of Havana.

    Excellent peterej

    “Great hotel in Havana. ”
    After reading a lot of the reviews for this hotel prior to arrival, I didn't know what to expect. Nevertheless, I thought the hotel was excellent. It's a beautiful old building (apparently the oldest hotel in Havana), the rooms are decently sized and clean, the service is "so so", but you come to expect that in Cuba, but the view from the rooftop is outstanding!

    Excellent Georgous

    “Excellent in all respects ”
    2 great weeks in downtown Havana at a historical landmark Hotel Inglaterra. Staff excellent the most intelligent sweet kind informative Roxanna! She took such good care of me she was exceptional. The hotel has fresco ceilings, atrium, roof top patio and most everything you need. Location is the best in downtown Havana overlooking the Centro Park and steps away from everything. You sense and feel the aged ambience of Old Havana through the eyes of this hotel. Also the largest group of patios in the downtown for enjoying a good meal or cocktails. Don't expect the "Four Seasons Hotel" feel from this hotel yet a clean efficient and historic vibe in all respects. So impressed I was I will again be returning for another great 2 weeks the upcoming March 2015. I look forward to once again enjoying the comforts of the Inglaterra its staff and waking up every morning seeing, chatting with and being artfully advised by the lovely Roxanna. Great value, excellent hotel and best location in Havana!!

    Excellent mjam69

    “culture and charm in abundance! ”
    Oldest hotel in havana, so much character and charm. We loved it and will go back next time we visit cuba. Who wants brand new when you visit somewhere like cuba, you need to see the real cuba and this is it. Food good, service good and rooms good.

    Excellent Devlin_Hands

    “A lovely Colonial hotel ”
    Hotel Inglaterra is a fabulous Old Colonial Hotel, that still has the magic and decor of days gone by. The decor is of its "period" and is well maintained. The hotel is in a prime location overlooking the Parque Central, which is the hub for the historical district. The hotel is clean and well serviced, with ground terrace, Restaurant and great views from the roof terrace. The staff were first class and really friendly. The food was of a high standard and reasonably priced considering the prestige of the hotel. If you get an outside room, beware of the street noise, as it can go on till 2/3 am. I had already researched this and used earplugs. I'd rather have a room with a view. I would definitely stay here again if I visit Havana :0D

    Excellent Sahrae C

    “Loved loved loved ”
    Wow just got home today 24/3/14 and been on line to book for next year, the photos don't show how spectacular this hotel is, it is the oldest hotel in Havana but is truly wonderful and well up to date with an Internet cafe in the lobby area. It is right in the hub of the city so very well situated within walking distance of most of the city's best places to visit, there is nightly entertainment on the rooftop bar which has the best view of the city, it doesn't have a pool but the jacuzzi was all we needed for a quick dip while sunbathing. Our room was large and the most comfortable hotel bed we have ever slept in, and was cleaned and all linen changed daily. All the staff are very welcoming friendly and helpful we really could not fault this hotel!

    Excellent TGTP

    “Great Central Hotel in Havana ”
    This is a great hotel in Havana, right in the centre of Parque Central Square. Every traditional Cuban hotel with modern facilities, including hot water! Great breakfast choice. We booked in on arrival during our travels so could not get a room with a balcony, if you can book in advance it would be worth requesting this, very comfortable bed and large bathroom. This hotel is right in the middle of the main square in Havana and is a great place to sit and have a drink and watch the buzz of the city, we would definitely return here.

    Excellent Lando C

    “Great Location ”
    This is a wonderful hotel with a great location in Habana Centro. It is literally within walking distance of Habana Viejo. It is also two blocks away from El Floridita, Los Nardos and across the street from the Paseo del Prado. I recommend asking for Augustine - he is very helpful and friendly. I have to admit that the buffet breakfast is a bit lackluster. The windows / balcony door have no insulation so you hear the traffic on the street. No internet was available and I gathered from the posting that this was not going to be available during my stay. The room was cozy however I didn't go to Cuba to stay in my hotel room. I've read other complaints about the hot water; I had hot water but didn't use it - I have to say, "It's Cuba, who cares?" I stayed here for 3 days and had a wonderful time walking to everything. Depending on the day, the reception staff was friendly or icy. It was a good place to shower mid-day when I needed it. I highly recommend this hotel and bear in mind that it is not a hotel in the US or Europe.

    Average Joe

    not bad
    The Inglaterra Hotel, founded in 1875 and considered one of the oldest tourist establishments in Cuba, used to be a favorite place for gatherings. The building, located in Old Havana, features a neoclassical style with elements such tiles and railings which were especially brought from Seville, Spain and which give the hotel a touch of originality. Declared a National Monument due to its historic values, the hotel's location - near Paseo del Prado (Prado Promenade) and the Grand Theater of Havana, the venue of the National Ballet of Cuba - turns the establishment into a cultural center par excellence. It is 20 kilometers away from José Martí International Airport.

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