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Plaza Hotel, Havana City Cuba. 4 stars,

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  • Destination: Havana City
  • Address: Ignacio Agramonte No. 267, Habana Vieja, La Habana
  • Phone: (537) 8608583/89
  • Accept child:Yes
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  • Description: Plaza Hotel Cuba

    The Plaza Hotel, located in Old Havana and 20 kilometers away from Jose Marti International Airport, is housed in the former mansion of the counts of Casa Pedroso. It has the shape of a triangle and an impressive facade. One of the main attractions of the hotel is its location across from Parque Central (Central Park) and near the Grand Theater of Havana, where major ballets and operas are staged. The hotel is also close to the Capitol, which today houses the Ministry of Sciences, Technology and the Environment; the former Presidential Palace, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Angel Church, which has an eye-catching architectural style.

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    110 volt power
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    balcony or terrace
    handicap facilities
    hot and cold running water
    private bath
    safety deposit box
    Satellite TV
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    Review about Plaza Hotel
    Awfull Stevearmstead

    “don't stay there.”
    hotel lobby has a certain faded elegance and location is excellent, but very poor otherwise. we had to change room 3 times, first of all because of a dingy dirty room, then air con not working and street noise/ building noise v bad, but all rooms seemed very dated and dirty. then water conked out completely and we cut our losses and moved across the square to another hotel. sadly the staff themselves seemed aware that the hotel was not up to scratch with the receptionist admitting that our room was 'not very nice' and the chambermaid rather touchingly apologizing to us as we finally left. can't imagine why the tour companies are using this hotel.needs complete renovation.

    Awfull SteeeeeveLondon

    “Awful and hilariously overpriced ”
    Don't let the swanky lobby fool you: this place is falling apart. Stayed here twice as part of a tour group. Dirty, unloved rooms, surly staff and horrendous food. All this for the bargain price of 130CUC a double. Save your money and stay in a Casa instead. Bigger, cleaner rooms, better food and less than a quarter of the price.

    Awfull 10-abr

    “Never again ”
    Normally I'm not very critical and can usually find positive things to say about the faded old hotels where we have stayed but not on The Plaza apart from the central location and at first glance beautiful lobby and building. Our room smelled musty, all doors stuck and everything needed maintenance. There was a lot of noise from the street and the door to the balcony did not close properly. The food was not good except for the bread and the breakfast buffet was a mess. There were two coffee machines which constantly were out of service. The elevator too was out of service so you had to use the almost unlit back stairs to get to the restaurant and nobody cared to turn on the light properly. At the reception the staff was not helpful at all. Havana is a wonderful city and I would very much like to return to but never Plaza again. By the way be careful if you hire the drivers of the old American cars offering city tours next to the hotel. We had a very bad experience with one of them who at end of our tour suddenly demanded twice the price of what we had agreed upon and when we refused he was really nasty. .

    Awfull Mikkel Vad B

    “Bad quality”
    Stayed here for 3 and 1 night(s). This hotel seriously needs a renovating job. This hotel was the worst place we stayed in for our 3 week trip in Cuba (both among hotels and Casa Particulars). The room was dirty, there was green mold on the wall and on the windows. The shower had very little pressure and almost none hot water. Staff was not friendly and were not at all service minded. The breakfast buffet was somewhat alright, but also lacked refilling.

    Awfull gonezen

    “Seen much better days... ”
    First impression entering Hotel Plaza after arriving exhausted at 10 pm from the calamity/crush/delay/disorganization/scrum at HAV: wow! Beautiful lobby, gorgeous ceilings and mosaic floors. Dripping with history and the glamor that was once Havana. Then we got to our room: wow! Broken down furniture, mysterious stains on the beds, bathroom light that didn't work, shower head that sprayed water everywhere but the direction it was pointed in, mold and stains on the ceiling, marginal housekeeping. But there was some good news: a very clever and decorative towel elephant, two in fact, on the beds! I understand Cuba is in many ways not up to international travel standards but based on two weeks there I would date their status to pre-1985 Mainland China. Worse than that really since the food in China has always been good, Cuban food, not so much. Fish, chicken or beef, rice and beans, pretty bland too, the Hotel Plaza restaurant is no exception. In fairness, Cuban soups were uniformly good everywhere. Sharpen your elbows for the breakfast buffet and you might want to bring your own napkin and utensils since there was a constant shortage. The ubiquitous Cuban instant coffee machine was on the fritz half the time. Nice bread and roll selection although Cuban butter always tasted a bit "off" to me. Service was, with a few exceptions, indifferent. Can't fault the location though. Right on Parque Central but tantalizingly close to better hotel choices such as the Iberostar or Ingleterra. My tour members had a Hotel Plaza game, "I'll bet my room is worse than yours." Then each would enumerate the many shortcomings of our individual digs. The winner was the guy whose drinking glasses were wrapped in sanitary napkin bags! Runner up, the lady who bribed her housekeeper with a blouse to get a decent cleaning job done!

    Awfull Retiredtraveller0071

    “Avoid at all costs ”
    The Plaza Hotel is past getting tired; it's well down the path to decrepit. This 19th century edifice which once welcomed Caruso and Isadora Duncan should now be seen as an embarrassment to the Gran Caribe hotel group. We experienced three rooms here across two stays. The first, on the night of our arrival in Cuba, smelt of damp, had a lavatory with a broken flush and only one working lamp. Wire extruded from a hole only partially covered by a table. The minibar was stocked with warm canned drinks since the fridge wasn't working. The TV displayed a yellow haze and little else. Both the bathroom and the sleeping area had large black damp marks on the ceiling. A willing odd-job man came and mended the flush but when we tried to go to bed we found the linen damp. An hour's airing later we settled in for an uncomfortable, sleepless night wondering if all Cuban hotels were like this. Breakfast was a nightmare scrum with too many people being serviced by too few staff. Fruit juice machines seemed constantly out of concentrate. A solitary orange press was much in demand but kept jamming. A solitary chef was preparing egg dishes for a lengthening queue of guests. The coffee machines failed to keep up, too. At various times there were no glasses, no plates or no cups. Cutlery was hard to find. The scrum for seats left individuals guarding tables from clearers. The view from the rooftop restaurant however was splendid. Ten days of touring later we returned for a two night stay to allow us to explore the capital. Our Plaza room outdid our earlier experience for dreadfulness. In fairness the lavatory, fridge and the TV were working but the smell in the room was overpowering. The air conditioner did nothing other than emit a disconcerting death rattle. A mechanic called and made it work which gave false hope since it ground to a rowdy halt within 15 minutes. A second visit from a different member of staff gave the machine only another 10 minutes of life. Then we tried to have a shower beneath the damp black marks of the bathroom. The hot water tap in the shower produced a series of gurgles and a momentary chilly trickle but little else. On day two we complained and were moved to another room. Although the furniture here had seen better days it did have working air-con and lacked the stench of damp. The shower worked, too. But there were no curtains in the room so we had to sleep with the room illuminated by the street lights outside. Breakfasts were as war torn as during our first visit with the added facet of there being still more folks trying to feed at the same time. But the real coup de grace came on our final morning as we rushed to be ready for our transport out of Havana. The lift taking us up to breakfast with six others of various nationalities broke down. An oil can icon appeared in the lift display and then, alarmingly, a cross. There we stayed for 15 minutes yelling and banging on the doors. Eventually we were hand cranked down a floor and released but not before a bad case of claustrophobia left me drained and shaking. The staff seemed to take all this in their stride and I gained the impression that they had heard all the complaints before. What was really galling was that we had seen adverse reports about the hotel before our departure and contacted our trip organiser, Journey Latin America, offering to pay extra to be accommodated elsewhere. Our request was refused on the grounds that it would "spoil the group dynamic". So it is JLA that I blame in many ways for failing to check adequately that the place was up to standard. The rest of our "Parakeet" trip was a tremendous experience with a really fine tour leader. There were problems but nothing with which we could not cope. There was nothing else as worrying as the Plaza. If you can avoid it do not stay at the Hotel Plaza. It will spoil your experience of vibrant Havana which would be a great shame.

    Awfull begumiko

    “terrible xxxx ”
    Dont spend your money for this hotel streets are better for stay. Its very dirty . Breakfast was terrible . We stayed this hotel only for one day then we changed the hotel . Nobody can speak English at the reception.

    Poor Bill J

    “The Full Havana Experience ”
    I stayed at the Plaza on the 4th floor for one week in June, 2014. The lobby and common areas are beautiful, the room, not so much. When I entered my room I laughed out loud. The room was taller than it was wide and contained a rickety rocking chair, table and bed that had been painted black. the bed was barely 6 inches off the floor and contained a well used, concave mattress. The bathroom was dreadful, although there was a toilet seat (friends had warned I might not get one). The toilet paper could have been used in an adding machine and the soap was a circular blob of gray matter. The shower head flew off when I turned the shower on. The tile was cracked and several ominous holes led through the lathe behind the wall. There was a safe that operates via the room key. The housekeeper has the same key, and helped herself to $60 from my cash envelope the day after I checked in. On the second night I was greeted by the largest bug I had ever seen on the sink in the bathroom. On the third night I met his brother in the same location. I figured they were coming from the drain of the sink and used the gray soap to block it. No more bugs after that. On the first night there the waiter in the bar charged me for 15 beers (I had 3), saying "your friends left without paying." He dutifully showed me 15 tick marks on a piece of scrap paper. I said we would call my friends who had just gone to their rooms, but another friend suggested we just pay the bill (15 beers = $30) rather than make a scene. The day bartender admitted that this was a common rouse, and suggested we pay as we go when drinking at the Plaza bar. The WiFi did not work during the week I was there. The breakfast buffet was good, although you had to suspend belief that the same bugs that had access to the rooms could also access the kitchen. Although the hotel was pretty dreadful by US standards, it was well located right off the Prado with easy access to the rest of the city. I had a memorable time in Havana, and I have chalked up my experience at the Plaza as pat of the overall cultural immersion. The people were friendly, the city was safe and I imagine that the people at the Plaza are doing the best that they can, given the circumstances. I imagine that my $60 went a long way in Cuba's economy for the family of the housekeeper (or manager, valet or whoever else had access to my safe).

    Poor andy_scot_uk

    “over priced and dingy ”
    Better staying across the road. Its okay here as water runs in shower mostly hot, good location. But no working internet, no receipt with money exchange, only one working lift for guests, breakfast ran out of plates and cutlery. Nice views from dining area. We had an evening meal but the band was so noisy we had to pay them to stop for an hour. Many groups of young Canadians. Some nice reception staff. Avoid is my recommendation.

    Poor Colm104

    “central but that is about it ”
    The hotel is well located and seconds from the streets that take you onto old havana and el prado. with so many good casas to stay in around the area there is no need to stay here. it has a cool bar, and nice drinks, the worst hotel restaurant I came across in Cuba and apart from a great shower, the rooms were uncomfortable. the cheapest and most basic casa i stayed in was superior to this place which we had to stay in for a night as it was part of a tour. I could not wait to get out and this place is so over priced for what you get that you would be mad to stay here.

    Poor 141RichardM

    “Basic Hotel ”
    Good location as it is across rd from where sight seeing bus stops, near Paseo del Prado leading to Malecon and the lighthouse, near art museum and museum of revolution, near old town and around corner from Hemmingway bar Floridita . My room was clean but furniture basic which didn't bother me as I was only here for 2 nights, shower was big and worked fine. However Air Con was noisy, and I could hear traffic from street in the morning despite windows/shutters closed. Reception service was not great, it seemed like they didn't have enough staff serving at busy times despite other staff being in the office nearby. When i needed to call my rep as I couldn't find her as we'd agreed, I expected that the reception would know who the rep is as hotel has regular dealings with the company. Therefore I expected that they could telephone on my behalf as it was a local call, but instead I was told I had to go use their telephone office and call her myself where of course I was charged, I was silly to expect this basic service from a 3*. When I checked out, I was just left standing at the reception for a long time, whilst they started to serve others although they had not acknowledged to me that my check out was complete. During this time, I had to ask 3 times what to do with my bag as I wanted to leave it with them for a few hrs before my transfer. I was told I needed to wait for bellboy who was no where to be seen, and eventually I just left the bag on the trolley in the lobby. I went out for about 4 hrs and when i returned my bag was still on the trolley in the lobby, it had not be secured in a storage room as I had assumed would happen once the bellboy arrived. I removed the bag myself unchallenged. Breakfast was poor, coffee from the machine was undrinkable. Also the other machine always ran out of freshly squeezed juice. I never got to have bacon as it would run out and never be refilled. I would arrrive at breakfast usually 30 min to an hr after it opened so would expect food not to have run out already. However breakfast area had nice outdoor seating area.

    Poor azogal

    “You get what you pay for”
    We did not choose this hotel but stayed here as part of a Cuba Explorer tour. It seemed that most of the guests were part of tour groups. We were a group of 17 and most people had traveled to places such as Africa, Cambodia, South America, etc. and for all of us this hotel was at the bottom of the list (to be fair, my 2 worst hotels were in the US). Everyone in the group had something wrong with their room and many switched rooms. Positives: 1. Good location. All major sights in Old Havana were in walking distance. And it is next to the Iberostar Parque Central which has wifi, a pool, $25 massages, and a money exchange which they let you use some times and other times they say it is only for hotel guests. 2. The room and terrace where the breakfast is served was pleasant and the workers in the breakfast room worked very hard. Some of the food was a little unusual for breakfast (e.g., pasta, pumpkin, etc. ) and the meat and cheese slices weren't of the quality of European hotels. 3. The lobby was lovely and had lots of seating. 4. There was a table for booking tours and The Tropicana 5. Julio, the guy with the mojito cart in the lobby is very nice. His nephew Pedro is also a taxi driver so we arranged through Julio for Pedro to take us to the airport at 5 am. Both were reliable. 6. The elevator only broke once when we were there. 7. Our room was clean-ish. We got clean towels every day, the maid replenished soap (their soap was very harsh so we didn't use it) and toilet paper, and mopped the floor every day. The safe worked, we could get English news on the tv (picture was green though), the air conditioner was a noisy window unit but it cooled the room, the toilet ran constantly but it worked, and I only saw a couple small bugs in the room which was bad considering the balcony doors didn't shut. 8. Beds were comfortable though too small for two people. I think all the couples in our group were in rooms with two beds. Negatives: 1. The water pressure in the shower was so weak I would have gotten wetter if someone had spit on me. The shower floor was also very slippery. 2. The advertised services rarely or never existed. They had computers in a room near the lobby, but never had internet cards. They had money for exchange the first day but when they ran out they never got more until the day that I had tried 6 times to change money and told them that. 3. All the rooms were musty (not surprising given the humidity) and our door only opened halfway because the door was so swollen. 4. Some rooms were tiny, some larger. Our room was on the Iberostar side of the building so we heard a band every night until about midnight. And then the help arrives very early and they yell at each other. FYI: Bring your own bathroom sink stopper and toiletries (not surprising).

    Poor Chuck1072

    “Looks great from the outside and reception but needs investment ”
    I was worried as couldnt find this hotel on any map or guidebook and we had 3 nights booked as part of a group tour so had to stay here. First impression from the reception were good - furniture a bit tired but not as bad as i was expecting -- we stayed on the 2nd floor the first time and 4th floor the second time - the rooms are a decent size but definitely needs some re-investment its nearly £87 a night so not cheap. The rooms are all noisy from what I can tell - you feel like you are in picadilly circus buses honking all night traffic street noise all ensures your sleep is disturbed - stick the aircon on and it drowns the noise out. Hot water and the breakfast is nothing special but great roof terrace over looking the main calle where all the old cars parade down and the Bacardi building towers over you so not a bad spot but We preferred being in Vieja Havana in the pedestrian areas.

    Poor b_5London_UK

    “staying in a Casa is better ”
    We stayed here for a total of 3 nights as part of our tour of Cuba. We stayed 1 night at the start of the tour & then the last 2 nights of the tour. We had actually arrived in Havana 2 days prior to starting our tour & stayed in a nearby Casa. We decided to stay at a Casa beforehand due to the reviews we had read on TA about Hotel Plaza before travelling. We arrived around 12pm for check in but found out that check in is at 4pm, so luggage was put in to storage & we went out for a few hours until 4pm. When we returned to check in, the lady at reception told us to sit down as they were 'busy' & that they would call us over soon. We then went back to reception around 4.20pm as we had noticed people coming in afterwards & being served/checking in. We waited another 15-20 mins at the desk before being asked our names. She then just handed over the key cards & said something about the Bell boy which I couldn't understand. We waited a further 10 mins before approaching the reception desk to ask again about our luggage. Thats when the lady at reception almost raised her voice & basically said to ask the bell boy at the elevator. We felt the reception service was not only slow but very rude & the checking in process was absolutely awful. The bell boy took us up to get our luggage & then left us to find the elevator to get to our room. Awful. We wanted to leave & we had barely checked in. The rooms are spacious, with a tv (which we never used), a phone & a safe (which we also didn't use). There is AC. There is no proper window hence rooms are very dark. There was a constant musty damp smell combined with a smokey smell. The bathroom needs a bit of work. The first night we stayed, the shower wouldn't stay up & kept falling to the floor. The 2nd time round the shower did stay up but wasn't a pretty sight to look at. I agree with the other reviews in that there are stains on the bedding. There is internet at this hotel which is a little slow at times but does the job. You can buy a card from reception which cost 6 CUC for 1 hour. Breakfast was ok. The location is fantastic, its centrally located & walking distance to Havana Vieja. Its funny because when we took a taxi from the casa we were staying at to Hotel Plaza at the start of the tour, the taxi driver questioned why we were going from such a lovely casa to stay at this hotel - we now understand why he asked. We wouldn't have chosen to stay here out of choice after reading the previous TA reviews, however we had to as it was part of our tour. The casas are so much more cleaner, welcoming & generally a much more comfortable stay & I would recommend staying in a casa if possible.

    Poor josehmcallister

    “4 star in cuba 1 star here ”
    I just spent 2 weeks in cuba. the people are wonderful, the culture is rich, the music lively and if you want to experience the 50's its here not just the cars. The state owned restaurants vary from very good to terrible. we were on a guided tour from We had to eat where they took us on the days meals included. We did have free nights and found some wonderful places with live entertainment every night. I was shocked at how poor cuba is presently. Many buildings in disrepair many professionals (yes doctors and attorneys) making less than $30 per month. Unskilled labor 16 to 19 dollars per month. I have seen this type poverty in my three trips to Africa and much like the people over there they smile at the day and do not seem to be so affected by the presence of severe lack. We also went to veradero beach where the argentines love and many other south americans and that was a nice beach vacation like most carribean spots. The hotel you get in Havana is very important!! The plaza was somewhat dirty, little to no hot water, poor water pressure, mold on walls and stained linens; i think you get it. Food at hotel breakfast comes with flies:-) The iberostar is across the street and very very nice is is the Saratoga these are downtown central locations and great for walking tour. Of cours the national of mya lansky fame is a five sar excellent place to call home in cuba.

    Poor Herbiesmom55

    “Good location Disappointing rooms ”
    The hotel is well located within easy walking distance to most areas of old Havana. The lobby has been renovated and is well done. The rooms have not been renovated, at least not on the 2nd floor. There is a bit of a smell, the shower dribbles water though it was hot. The staff were not particularly friendly. Restaurant on 5th floor Ok. Food was standard and best place to sit was outside on the terrace.

    Poor Karoose

    “Very expensive for a poorly maintained hotel ”
    You can see that the hotel has a history and that it must have know some great times, but right now it is just very poorly maintained and way too expensive. The shower is sometimes completely cold and the water goes in all directions, the doors are stuck, windows cannot open, the floor is dirty, lamps and television are not functioning... We were staying there with a group and each one of us had some (or more) complaints about the room. The staff is very unfriendly as well, service is definitely not included in the price. Don't ask for any help on maps, internet, problems in the room, etc. At night there are loud concerts on the roof of the hotel until +/- 23h, so don't try to get some sleep before that hour. Positive: the location (centre of Havana) and the extensive breakfast.

    Poor WALKMANSmyrna_Ga_

    “"Decline" is a good name for this hotel”
    Think on the last room of your gandmother's large old house, where she sends the old forniture and the worn out decoration. That's the room you'll find in this beautifull hotel, that still lives with its memories of a shiny past. Two things that make Hotel Plaza a really cheap hotel: 1. Telephones in the room are not conectet to make calls, and 2. The hotel does not supply any shampoo. Make your conclusions...

    Poor ChrisMJ69

    “If you can afford not to....... ”
    Whilst the hotel is centrally situated for the tourist trails of Havana, it has plenty of competition. The lobby and 5th floor terrace are the highlights and access to the nextdoor Iberostar's wonderful open air top floor pool is a huge plus. However i stayed here for 1 night on 2 occasions and the rooms were terrible. Broken bathroom fittings, non existant or non functioning lighting and serious damp issues. I have stayed in worse in Asia and Africa, but not for more than £15 a night! So i recommend sampling the nightlife of Havana to the early hours before retiring for a short nap.

    Average ArjaOrvokki

    “A blast from the past ”
    I stayed here for two nights in July. Having just arrived to Havana and Cuba for the first time, I was a bit disconcerted by the not too good condition of the room. Clean it seemed, but otherwise very worn-out and tired. I decided to stay there as little as possible. Now I am aware that better and quieter rooms are available also, so next time wiser then! However, there were plenty to thank for. The breakfast was served on the top of the hotel, outdoors if you so wish, with a view over Havana. Same top floor changed to a lively ?salsa-club? in the evenings. Lobby was almost glamorous, cafeteria open for 24 hours and served a decent café cortado. Personnel were happy and ready to please you. Finally, the best thing about this hotel is the location. You are stone throw away from the old town, which is so beautiful and full of exciting things to explore. If you are person, who wants to spend time in the room, do not book this hotel. But if you want to experience the old glamour of Havana and be out and about most of the time, you might consider this hotel.

    Average Charlotte A

    “Excellent location ”
    Stayed here at the beginning and end of an organised tour with Explore!. The hotel was relatively nice, but apparently the rooms were variable. The two different rooms we stayed in were clean and tidy but were basic (that?s OK, we didn?t pay for 5-star). In one room the shower curtain was not attached to the wall, merely balanced on the tile edges, which wasn?t noticed until my friend opened it a bit too vigorously to a tremendous crash. The hot tap in the shower also conducted heat so you had to be careful turning it off, but on the plus side, there was always plenty of hot water at a decent pressure. Both rooms had a fridge, a safe and an aircon unit (albeit a very loud one). Breakfast was a good buffet, plenty of choice and on the roof terrace providing a lovely view of Havana in the morning. Don?t expect good coffee. The bell boy works on Cuban time, being difficult to locate at short notice. The left luggage facility was very secure and useful as out flight out wasn?t until 9pm and we didn?t want to drag the cases around all day. The main positive about this hotel is its location. It is ideally located near Parc Central, so a lot of the main things to see are in easy walking distance.

    Average maplegreen

    “Better than expected ”
    Stayed here as part of a tour group at the start and end of our tour. This hotel seems to be used a lot by tour groups so is very busy on weekends (start and end days of tours). I had low expectations because of the other reviews and was pleasantly surprised. The lobby is beautifuly decorated and is always busy - it is a nice place to sit and people watch for a little while. After 4pm, a mojito cart is set up in the lobby, or you can also enjoy drinks on the rooftop terrace. Breakfast is also on the rooftop. The hotel has an arrangement with the nearby Parque Central hotel to use their swimming pool, but we didn't have time to take advantage of that. Both times, we had hotel rooms on the inside of the building, so noise was not a problem. The rooms were large and clean. They appear to be doing some renovations - our room on the 3rd floor at the beginning of the stay, was much nicer than our room on the 2nd floor at the end of our stay. The room at the end of our stay also had a missing doorknob on the bathroom door, so you couldn't fully close it. The breakfast buffet was fine - a variety of foods (including pasta), and made-to-order omelets were available.

    Average Dennis P

    “Better than expected after reading other reviews. ”
    Stayed in the hotel for four nights, two spells of two nights at the beginning and end of a group tour. First spell was in a single room on the 4th floor and second spell was in a twin room on the third floor. The furnishings and décor in both rooms were a bit tired but they were clean. Found the air conditioning worked well, the rooms were quiet and I slept well all four nights. There were small "mini bar" fridges in the rooms which were handy if you wanted to ensure your bottled water stayed cool. As someone has already stated the room doors can be a bit "sticky", two of our group couldn't get back into their room and had to wait an hour before they could get in. You have to have some patience especially dealing with the reception staff and the bar staff can be slow as well. The public areas are quite impressive to look at and the hotel is in an excellent location for exploring Havana on foot. The best part of the hotel is the rooftop restaurant, you can sit inside or outside. This is where you have breakfast in the morning. It starts at 7am and if you go up then you will avoid the crowds. There is a reasonable selection of food, liked the fact that they had fresh fruit. Best part was that omelettes and fried eggs were cooked to order. Juice machine a bit temperamental and coffee not great but they do have tea and other infusions. During the rest of the day and evening it is possible to go up onto the rooftop and take in the views. If the rooftop bar is closed they will let you take your drinks up from the main bar onto the rooftop. Great place to relax and take in the views over the city

    Average johnfred4

    “Better than expected ”
    Stayed here at the beginning and end of a tour. Big room, comfortable beds, good towels, plenty of hot water in the big bathroom. Good breakfast buffet on the top (5th) floor, lots of food & drink options. Good views from the adjoining roof terrace. Short walk to shops, museums and main sights.

    Average RegD1945

    “Tired hotel ”
    This hotel was not what we had originally booked, but Havana Tours moved us 48 hours before our departure to this one a block away. It is indeed a tired hotel! Our first impression because of the beautiful lobby was that this would be a very good place. Our impression quickly changed when we were told that they did not accept ANY charge cards and because of the hour of our arrival (630 PM), the exchange desk was closed so we could not exchange any money. We had no CUC and they don't allow charges to the room!!! Our room on the fourth floor was adequate. The elevators were very unreliable during our 4 night stay! My friends got locked in one for 15 minutes one night. The breakfast terrible has great potential. Arrive early, as they run out of silverware (I am not kidding). The buffet was extensive but not very tempting....with too many breads. Well at least breakfast was included in the price we paid...the coffee was drinkable. Dinner on the upper terrace was buffet style and only OK....we chose to eat out three nights and skipped the inclusive dinner as well. It does have a great location ifyou can overlook the dining area, reception and elevators.

    Average Tetiana

    “Hotel Plaza - average government hotel ”
    We had a reasonably good time at this hotel. We stayed here for 3 days, and then went to our all inclusive resort in Varadero. We decided to stay in Havana to get a feel for the "real Havana", hence we chose the government hotel. The food was terrible and extremely expensive here. Do not eat at the hotel, breakfast on the terrace 5th floor was ok. The lobby is gorgeous and one can see how it was a beautiful hotel many years ago. It still has its charm. We liked the central location in Old Havana, and its proximity to the Iberostar Park Central was crucial to our stay. This hotel is across the street from the Hotel Plaza and is at least a 5 star. Guests at the Plaza can use the Iberostar rooftop pool for free. DO THIS! It was very hot and after 5 or 6 hours of sightseeing, hanging out at this luxurious rooftop pool, floating above Havana, was really relaxing, fun, and great for a refreshing swim. The Park Central mojito was out of this world. Anyways, another aspect of our stay at the Plaza included a horse and buggy ride from Rhondys who is an independent tour guide who can be found at the Agramonte street near the Hotel Sevilla. Very close to the Plaza. He was great and gave us a wonderful tour of the old city, showed where to get bottled water (and not pay $5) and also arranged for our taxi transport (in a 1957 was great!) to Varadero. For a fair price, he can advise you on what to avoid, and where to go to have a good experience.. if you haven't done your research and need some direction, we found him to be reliable and friendly. If Rhondys isn't there, just wait around. He speaks English and French.

    Average misty075

    “Faded Glory ”
    This once grand hotel is worn around the edges. I was with a group and we stayed there for 3 different legs of our journey. The A/C worked in all 3 of my rooms and I had hot water in 2 of the 3 rooms. Others were not so lucky. Some of the lights worked in each room. The furniture was minimal and old. Service is a concept that is not yet embraced at Hotel Plaza. On the plus side, the lobby is still grand and the outdoor dining patio is nice. The rooms appeared clean, but with the dim lighting, who knows. The best feature is the location, across from the Parque Central and the Esquina Caliente and very near Habana Vieja. Location, location, location. If I were to go to Havana again I would try another hotel in the same neighborhood.

    Average ItsSuuS

    “Good location, rough around the edges ”
    Yes this is a historical place but it seems it's kind of overpriced. I stayed here as part of a trip and my first night my room was perfect. The last night of the trip we returned to Havana and I got a different room. It was lots smaller and you had to hold the shower as there was no hook for it.. Not a big deal though. It's a beautiful place just a little rough around the edges. But isn't that what Havana is about, really? Breakfast is really good (too many options!!) and staff in the bar super friendly. I also liked the piano player in the lobby. Check in was a bit stressfull and seem to take ages (you cannot check in until 4! You really cannot. No discussions possible. Be warned :) )

    Average Joanna M

    “Faded hotel that could try harder ”
    Just over 100 year old the hotel has its quaintness but really could try harder - two seperate nights and two pretty tired rooms - damp patches from the shower to the bedroom and broken light fitting - dangerous. But bed was clean and comfy

    Average Mutludem

    “Right in the center but managing problems ”
    Hotel is old but big and have minimum comfort. But the first breakfast was a complete mess. We couldn't find a fork or a plate, when we did we couldn't find anywhere to sit. Staff don't seem really care about the problem. They also charged us for a towel accusing us to take it with us we actually never seen that extra towel but didn't care. So count your towels carefully everyday otherwise you may be in trouble or have to pay 25 CUC for a blody towel. Good live music at the roof. and if you find a table outside for breakfast it's better.

    Average rubyfitz43

    “Improvements required ”
    We stayed here for 5 nights in October 2013. Positives - location, clean, bar was acceptable and breakfast was included. We also had access to the rooftop pool in the Central Park hotel across the road however we only found this out on our last night as hotel staff did not tell us this on check in. The location is perfect for exploring Havanas old town. Hotel feels safe with a strong staff presence. The rooms although clean are very basic and furniture is very old. Our bed fell apart when sitting on it. On checkout there was a lot of confusion as staff were charging us for items from mini bar that we did not have. Breakfast was good some days and poor other days. Overall not a bad hotel as a base for a few days if your expectations are not too high...

    Average Elle A

    “Great location, average hotel”
    There are good things and bad things about hotel Plaza. You can't beat the central location of this hotel right next to Parque Central, el Capitolio, Paseo de Martí leading to Malecón avenue, busy Calle Obispo and the heart of old Habana! The reception is very beautiful and the building has a history of over 100 years which adds to its charm. The roof terrace where the restaurant is goes all around the building and gives some really nice views over the edificio Bacardi, Museo de la Revolución, the park and the sunset over the sea. We had the luck to catch some unforgettable sunsets with a huge orange sun setting in the sea. The staff is polite, friendly and chatty. However, the rooms are not that great. The furniture is old but instead of charming it looks a bit worn out. The cleanliness standards were not very high either. We had dinner at the hotel the first night we arrived. The choices were limited and the food was mediocre. Breakfast was better and you get the opportunity to have breakfast on the terrace which is very nice. I can't really decide whether I liked it or not. I loved the good parts of it and didn't like the bad parts. But maybe I would go again because of its location.

    Average ziasunbird

    “Historic Hotel near Old Havana ”
    The location of this hotel, just steps from Old Havana, can't be beat. And the lobby has been renovated and is the best feature of the hotel - large, spacious, with an equally large bar adjoining it. Musicians in the lobby or bar most afternoons/evenings. The breakfast room has just been renovated as well; it re-opened on Friday, Oct. 18, 2013 and is on the 5th floor with a wonderful open patio from which you can see the city. The guest rooms, however, are in terrible shape and desperately need major upgrades; I am sure the management is aware of this and that money is the problem. If you stay there, be sure to check out the working condition of everything in the room as soon as you arrive, so that if things are not working, you can request a new room. Check the wall safe (don't put anything in it until you know it works! some do not); the air conditioning (window units), flush the toilet, turn on the shower, check the lights in the bathroom, and turn on the TV if this is important to you (they get BBC and CNN and ESPN plus of course many local channels in Spanish), One or another of these items is likely not to work. The staff is pleasant, and the servicing of the rooms each day is impeccable.

    Average Daphne A

    “Good vs Bad overview ”
    Stayed @ the 3rd floor Good: Location - Old Havana, very close to capitol Omelet in the morning&fresh fruit if you are early, thus lucky. Airco worked Safe in the room Baggage storage Clean room, sheets & towels Bad: very, very old rooms Toilet kept running. Breakfast was terrible. The coffee&tea machine seemed to be dirty. cups&plates had to be asked for every day because they had not enough available. They wanted to charge me for the minibar which I had not used. After a discussion she said it was ok. Not sure if it's worth the money. Parque Central across the street is more expensive, but certainly worth the extra money. TRUST me. I went there regularly for lunch,dinner & drinks. And it has a pool. Wanted to go to Terral (very new and modern), Telegrafo, National, Inglaterra or Saratoga. All seem to be better or San Felipe.

    Average Axis34

    “Great location in Havana ”
    We stayed here twice - one night in arrival in Havana and 2 nights at the end of our cycle tour. The rooms we had were quite different, with first being very dated and in need of some serious TLC, and second being much more looked after. A tip is to ask for rooms on the upper floors as we were told that they had been redecorated most recently. Rooms are basic but always clean and totally comfortable. The location is excellent to see Havana, easy walking distance to all attractions. One big perk was having access to the rooftop pool in a hotel down the street. Great views over Havana and lunch here was a treat from the usual Cuban food. The breakfast in the hotel was basic, and omelettes weren't always available, which left very limited choice. Also cups and cutlery were scarce - but you always got one when you asked. Bar area and lobby are lovely to sit in, and staff were always courteous and helpful. A big hotel that could do with some work on the rooms but for Cuban standards it is a good hotel.

    Very good bay-back

    “A Pleasant Surprise ”
    Reading some of the reviews we were fearing the worst but in fact the Plaza was great. It's not the best hotel in Cuba but neither were we paying for the best - it's in fact one of the oldest and is nicely situated. Our room was large and more than adequately furnished - the lobby area is welcoming and relatively plush, the roof top terrace is a great place for breakfast and a drink. Breakfast is buffet style and should accommodate most people's taste - we found the pastries amazing. The hotel is not without it's faults - some had intermittent water problems, although we didn't, and our suitcases went missing for a short time but overall we were positively surprised and would happily stay there again.

    Very good gozzi

    “Great view and great people ”
    I was put into this hotel not by choice but because my choices of hotels were full. When I read the reviews on Tripadvisor I was quite leary and worried that it would be dreadful. The hotel is old and shows some wear like most things in Cuba but the people and the view make up for any of its shortcomings. It could be cleaner. As far as the noise that other reviews complained about it really was no worse than any other hotel located in a big city. For the most part the people were wonderful and extremely helpful. I would definitely stay there again. The view was awesome. I didn't ever eat there except for breakfast which is like most breakfast in Cuba.

    Very good Leonardo449

    “great location”
    have stayed there several times, great location, decent breakfast , restaurant in lobby is open 24 hr. I have stayed in the room right above the main entrance .which was the room the legendary "Babe Ruth" stayed in, when in Havana. Great pictures of him on the wall

    Very good FionaS366

    “old and fading like Havana ”
    Stayed for 2 separate visits in 2 different rooms. The hotel reception area and bar are lovely, over 100 years old, much marble etc and the ceiling looks like an iced cake! Good bar, piano player, doormen ,excellent cocktails. Then you go to the rooms. Would also have been lovely but now tired. But, comfy clean bed. Clean bathroom, shower good. Air con that works - all a bonus in Cuba. Breakfast seldom good in Cuba hotels, but this was above average, and on 5th floor terrace will fabulous views. Found all staff friendly and helpful. All in keeping with Cuba ! Excellent location on edge of old town and central area.

    Very good Dibber62

    “Central hotel, clean, a bit faded but still lovely ”
    As with ALL hotels in Cuba, the rooms have old furniture, the bathrooms will have sinks that don't quite fit to the wall, you may or may not get hot water but the rooms are clean and more than adequate. There's nowt wrong with this hotel.

    Very good Ihove

    “Great location ”
    Great location for old Havana, rooms basic but comfortable, aircon worked like a dream, and hot water was amazing, breakfast on the 5th floor again basic but enjoyable. would use again and was great value for money.

    Excellent Rainer H

    “A romantic place in the middle of Havana ”
    We liked the hotel with the breakfast buffet very much, although the room to the street was quite loud during the nights. The view from the top is great, the hotel is charming and the location in the middle of Havana is perfect.

    Average Antonhy

    It is a little deteriore
    The Plaza Hotel, located in Old Havana and 20 kilometers away from José Martí International Airport, is housed in the former mansion of the counts of Casa Pedroso. It has the shape of a triangle and an impressive façade. One of the main attractions of the hotel is its location across from Parque Central (Central Park) and near the Grand Theater of Havana, where major ballets and operas are staged. The hotel is also close to the Capitol, which today houses the Ministry of Sciences, Technology and the Environment; the former Presidential Palace, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Angel Church, which has an eye-catching architectural style.

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