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Villa Cojimar Hotel, Cayo Guillermo Cuba. 5 stars,

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  • Destination: Cayo Guillermo
  • Address: Cayo Guillermo, Jardines del Rey, Ciego de Avila,
  • Phone: 53 33 301712
  • Accept child:Yes
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  • Description: Villa Cojimar Hotel Cuba

    The Club Cojimar Hotel, in Jardines del Rey (King

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  • Room facilities
    110 volt power
    220 volt power
    air conditioning
    balcony or terrace
    handicap facilities
    hot and cold running water
    private bath
    safety deposit box
    Satellite TV
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    Review about Villa Cojimar Hotel
    Awfull Martyn B

    “Bad ”
    This hotel or if thats what you call it is bad.Im not fussy (council house kid)Firstly go to an other hotel if you must go to cayo coco,The place is boring 10 hour flight when i could have gone to greece and enjoyed it more.Food is sub standard and repeditive,Sea and location is nice but stalag luft cojimar is not.It acually feels like your in a prison camp with nowhere to escape,Dirty pool rude staff that are only interested in tips.We upgraded to beach villa to escape the dirt and grime of the huts,We encountered bed bugs crawling on us which is discusting.All in all if you want the sun go to golden beach THASSOS GREECE amazing.I have tried to be honest if you dont believe me try it at your peril.

    Awfull Courtney C

    “Would not recommed this resort to anyone... ”
    I want to start by saying I have been to another 3 star resort in the Cayo Coco area, Iberostar Mojito, in March 2012 and had the time of my life, so I at least have something to compare this resort to. Also, I am by no means a picky stuck up person nor am I a complainer. I am a 26 year old girl going with friends to have a good time. First off, this resort is FULL of locals, and they are not friendly. I?m pretty sure we were the only tourists in the resort. The staff seemed to only care about the locals (which is pretty stupid considering they don?t tip, and they seem oh so desperate for money). Every time we went to the pool bar to get a drink they wouldn?t even look at us until all the Cubans were served first. I have been to 4 all inclusive resorts and all of them had a 24 hour snack bar, this place does not. They seem to serve cheese and ham (and only cheese and ham) sandwiches when ever they feel like it. So you pretty much have to starve until they?d like to feed you. There is a line up every time they opened the buffet, and you almost get trampled over by the locals just to get in the doors. The food was pretty much the same as the other resort I went to, Cuban food just sucks so I expected that (bring pepto). They did not clean the pool once. There was sand and garbage in it, it was just gross. The rooms are okay, typical of a 3 star and since it?s the oldest resort in the area, its not a surprise. We had an attached bungalow, the concrete ones and it had one of the best views of the ocean, I?ve never had anything like it. The room was tidy, but not clean. I don?t think they changed our bed sheets once, or even after the previous guests. We also found a cockroach in our room, and I know people have said that on previous reviews and didn?t think it was true, but I?m telling you it is. The maid was friendly. There?s no water in the room, you have to buy it at the resort store for 2 CUC. And the grounds had no up keeping, all overgrown grass and weeds. The one and only compliment about this resort is the beach, absolutely gorgeous! Overall this resort is for the locals to go on vacation. They should not have it opened to tourists. I have never felt so out of place and unwelcome in my entire life. The only good part of this trip was having a good time with my friends, and that is the honest truth.

    Awfull Justin S

    “Don't waste your money. ”
    I'm not sure if it was the timing of this vacation or what. The biggest problem was that the resort was full of locals and they do not care one bit about the tourists. We waited for up to 20 minutes for drinks because they would serve the locals first, before you. The snack bar is not a snack bar at all. They do not offer water in your rooms, you have to pay 2 CUC at the gift shop for it.The first 2 days we were there, we were told that we could not enter the buffet until the locals ate first and got on the bus to leave. They did not clean the pool once for the entire week we were there. Save your money and spend extra on a different resort. This place was freaking pathetic. Watch out for cockroaches in your room if you decide to stay here :)

    Poor Casper10154913

    “A 2 Star resort at best! ”
    We upgraded to a bungalow. Mistake! It was dark, some what dirty and very small. The food was mediocre at best and not presented well. If you like fish, french fries and a salad less salad bar you will be fine. The resort has just changed hands and is in constant repairs. The staff are from the first group and are not happy people and in general it shows . The pool was great and the beach was good but a bit dirty. Many biting insects - bring your fly spray. The rooms have the same problems with insects and there are so many cracks and openings that it is almost impossible to keep them out. If you bring any off your concerns to the front desk they laugh and say that is what you pay for! The flight down and back with Sunningdale was great but their representative at the hotel could care less about you unless you are purchasing an excursion. I rated this trip at 2 stars and that was stretching it. This is the first time we were looking forward to going home and we have traveled a lot.

    Poor mikeprusak

    “Mixed feelings, unbiased review. ”
    Where to start. We had an amazing time, but we do anywhere we go. There are things to love, and little hidden places to find wherever you go. Seek them out, don't be confined to the resort. We stayed from December 18th until January 1st. We were given a wooden bungalow, without paying the upgrade. So that was nice. First impression of the wood cabin was amazing. Vaulted ceilings, full wood interior. The good about the room. Amazing, unobstructed ocean view. Small shared front patio, and a larger private back patio. The AC was adequate. Before I mention the bad, I must warn you about watching the recently posted you tube video of all the new upgrades that the hotel has supposedly done. I found them all to be false, or are not completed yet. except for some new paint. Ok the bad about the wooden bungalows. Of six drawers in our room, 2 were broken. Not only is the furniture in the rooms not new, but was broken. The mattress was terrible. I got a maximum of six hours of sleep a night, and often contemplated sleeping on the floor. The water pressure was not more than a trickle, at all times during the day. Thank goodness the shower head was on a flex hose. Practice soaping and shampooing with one hand so you can hold the shower head with the other, directly over yourself. There is a window directly in the shower with privacy glass. Try not to shower after five pm if you value your privacy. When its dark outside and the light is on in your shower, your silhouette is clearly visible to those walking down the pathway. Being six foot 2 myself, the window came down easily past my waistline, and directly faces the pathway. And also shower quietly, even a standard inside voice can be heard from not only the neighboring suite, but the pathway as well. I wish I was exaggerating. Unless you embrace voyeurism, shower in the dark or middle of the day, and whisper. Personally I wasn't to concerned, but what a terrible design flaw. The toilet continually ran, and made it hard to sleep. Forget about privacy from your neighbors. They may as well be in the room with you, the walls are so thin. No joke. The sink stopper was jammed in the drain and I had to pry it out with my pocket knife to get the sink to drain. And even then it kept backing up. Bring a roll of duct tape, and tape up the overflow hole on the sink and any other holes you may find in the room. It will keep the large cockroaches, lizards, and frogs out. The wood bungalow is constructed with gaps and cracks everywhere. So make your peace with being eaten alive, by mosquitoes and noseeums (sand fleas) in your own room. It was hot so I couldn't sleep under the covers at night but my wife did. I did a quick count of the bites all over my body and I stopped counting at five hundred. Bring cortozone cream, after bite, reactine, anything you can to ease the itching, and sleep under the covers with all limbs covered no matter how hot you are. I have never written a bad review before, and I am by no means exaggerating. I will mention that the bugs seemed to like me more than most people. They do fog with insecticide on the days when the wind is mild. A man with a leaf blower like machine walks the resort paths at seven am. Its really loud so I hope your an early riser. And don't be caught on the path if you value your lungs. My wife and I are avid snorkelers. Its very windy here and snorkeling was nearly impossible at the resort. At least not during our stay. But we did find an amazing place to snorkel. There is a hop on hop off bus that you can take to get the Pilar beach. Its 5 dollars per person round trip. But if your gonna go there take a taxi. It goes directly to the beach without stopping at all the other hotels on the way, and it has air conditioning. Its the same price just tell them what time to come get you and they will be there. We did this ten times with no problems. If you look on google earth before you go, you will find pilar beach stretching along one side of the tip of the island. This is the windy side. There is a small side road that takes you from pilar beach to the back side of the island, which is where we snorkeled. Its never windy. We took a taxi to snorkel there ten days out of 14. We commonly saw pipe-fish, crabs, file-fish, tripod-fish, cuttle-fish, queen conch, king and pricess helmet, murex, hawks wing, cow fish, starfish bigger than your head, sting rays, sea biscuits, sand dollars, sea cucumbers, and sea slugs, and several sunken ship wrecks. What a spectacular area and most days we were the only ones out there. A small virgin beach nestled between dogs teeth and mangroves. Absolute paradise. Way better than pilar beach. And amazing snorkeling for just the price of the taxi. We also did a tour to Moron. We payed one of the chefs at the resort to take us in his car for fifty bucks less than the sunwing price. We saw the main square and did some shopping, and then he took us for lunch at a small restaraunt, fabulous food but the price way to high. Not just for Cuba but for Canada too. Then we went to see the lagoon. In my opinion the tour was a bit underwhelming but we mainly went for shopping so we did get that. The gift stores there sell the same items as the gifts shops at the hotels, but they are a decent amount cheaper. But factor in the price to get there is over a hundred dollars for two people. We would have been better off shopping next door at the Iberostar, they have many shops and vendors and they let other hotel guests walk right on the resort. The security is poor but that's not why, its actually allowed. People from all the other resorts come to the Iberostar to exchange money and do shopping. The front desk there does exchange money, but 100 Can = 86 Cuc. They do have an actual bank in a separate building in their front parking lot. I'm sure the rates are better there but they aren't always open and then you will need your passport. Now let me talk about fishing. I brought my rod and a few hooks. I fished from the causeway and did alright. Lots of fish but nothing to big. If you want to catch fish, bring a couple lead weights, hook one on your swivel and then tie a two foot piece of line to your swivel as well. on the end of the two foot piece of line tie on a small to medium size single barbed hook. There is always local fisherman on the bridge ask one of them for a small fish. They have coolers full of small, white, 5 inch, fish that they net off the beach to use for bait. They will give you one gladly, with a smile. Slice up the fish filet into small chunks and hook one on your hook. Walk about a third of the way across the bridge and cast out about 15 feet on the sunset side of the bridge. Let the weight hit the bottom, reel up and slack line a wait for the bites. You should be getting bites within 5 seconds. If your hook keeps getting picked clean switch to a smaller hook. Ignore the nibbles and wait for a decent pull to set the hook. Bring a glove and small pliers to unhook the fish. If you follow this method you will catch fish. But if you want to catch the giants you will have to copy the locals and drift out a large baited hook attached to a piece of styro-foam. I never tried this method but you may be there all day before you hook one. I saw only two 8 pound snappers caught by the locals the whole time i was there. But if you just want to catch fish try the first method. Catch and release or use them as bait or give them to the locals. The locals on the bridge are so friendly because they want your rod. I had a group of 6 locals helping me fish. They were cutting up my bait for me and unhooking my fish. I gave them my rod and gear before leaving. I caught surgeon fish, squirrel fish, parrot fish, striped grunts, and a few I don't know the names of. Surgeon fish have tail and dorsal fin spines to watch out for, and the squirrel fish also have dorsal spines. I hear the charter fishing boats do quite well, but they're five hundred for the day, four people max. I saw a few people try fishing from the beach unsuccessfully, but who knows. Back to the resort. The bartenders are quite nice and make excellent cappuccinos. The lobby bar is open 24 hour. There is only one a la cart restaurant, the menu just alternates nightly between Cuban and Italian. You can book 2 a la carts per week, and I suggest you do. The food is excellent but mainly just to avoid the buffet. The buffet has decent food, we always found something to our liking. The food is good at the buffet but the system, organization and management is awful. If the resort is more than half full, its a complete mad house in the buffet. There are rarely plates, and they are not located at the beginning of the line. They are more towards the middle. So you have huge line ups people cutting in and out to get plates and running back to the beginning to get in line. And you also have people stuck in line who don't have a plate waiting and holding up the line. You also have many Cuban and south american families who just flat out push their way in. A cuban man slipped in front me in line, its a bit annoying but no big deal so I didn't say anything. Then he proceeded to scoop up eleven plates full of food passing them off to his buddies. As a Whole I find Canadians to be quite polite but when this occurs over and over Canadians tend to lose their good will. You can only take so much blatant rudeness. I was even cut off in line by the restaurant manager frantically scraping the nearly empty trays. You think the resort staff could at least eat before or after the buffet opens. Just a thought. Take all of these scenarios and lump them together with the poor air conditioning and times it by five. Then you may have an idea about what a typical buffet meal is like at the Villa Cojimar during mid to peak season. Not to mention Christmas or New years. It was like a pack of wild dogs during a drought. I saw many altercations between normally kind Canadians and Rude, half starved, Cubans and south americans. Some almost became physically violent. Food was literally flying. I am by no means racist, I'm simply conveying my experience. I've never seen anything like it, the sad part is this could easily be fixed by simple changes to placement of food and traffic flow. Management seemed to be non-existant and quite obviously guided by the (lord of the flies) mentality. Try the snack bar and book a la carts as much as possible. Even kind-hearted, relaxed, vacationing Canadians can only take much. I would only ask one thing. Please don't assume I'm exaggerating because I most certainly am not. And please disregard the misleading allegro video on you tube regarding the new renovations. Its windy there so if that's what you want, you will love it. I give the area a (4 out of 5), but I give the hotel a (2 out of 5), despite a few amazing staff. One tip. Try the restaurant right on the beach just past the sol hotel, its amazing. Please excuse my many grammatical errors, hopefully you find this review helpful.

    Poor lady155019

    Went to Cojimar first time , for a week from June 20 to June 27. I am sorry that I have to write this bad review about them , but you get less that you pay. The services is bad, the rooms not so good , food no taste and just a few thinks , never seen so bad food so far and I went in many resort in Cuba , 3 stars too , but here , the restuarant is so dirty and the food is not safe ! The beach is nice and the water beautiful ,the pool is nice too , but nothing else !!!!! Pay 100 $ extra and find something else !

    Poor u2chrispy

    “go for a 5 star resort ”
    This was my first trip to Cuba and I decided to go solo just to recharge. My stay was 4 days and I was warned prior to going that the food was not the greatest. But that is really an understatement even for a non picky eater. My advice is to bring snacks from home. Crackers, chips- just to hold you over in case you miss the dining hours. I almost starved the night I arrived! The maids, gardeners and waiters were nice & friendly. The bartenders and other hotel staff were not as nice and tend to help out the locals before the tourists. So what if I was standing there for 5 mins first? A local comes along and I have to wait another 5 mins. To top it off, the a la carte restaurant had "electrical issues" the whole time I was there. I purchased a lobster meal for $15 which gave me food poisoning the last night I was there. In conclusion, pay a little more and get a 5 star hotel.

    Average Elie F

    “A diamond in the rough ”
    Just got back last night from Cuba...Club Cojimar....aka Alegro? Was confusing cuz all the signs in resort showed Alegro except our wrist bands.I wont nit pick and go to any lengths to tell you something most already know about Cuba....the food is not great but we managed to make some tasty combinations from the buffet....even though we ended up eating the almost the same thing every day for a week....but then again it's much more than the locals gets in terms of variety. Real problems with food were proper refrigeration and food handling. I observed the "chef" using the same tongs for cooked and raw chicken. fish and other meat at the grill so I avoided the grill. Then noticed things like cold cuts and butter were not being refrigerated between meal times (the butter was sour and cold cuts were always warm) I saw them just cover the cold cuts and cheese and butter with a cloth and leave it on the serving table until the next meal time The other food problem was that there was only one restaurant to choose from as there is renovations going on so half the resort was closed. The meal times were not ideal for our three year old as lunch is at 12:45 and dinner not until 7pm....they do have some sandwiches in between. We have a three year old and really enjoyed the small resort and the style of the resort is like being nestled in a jungle like setting with your own cabin and path ways leading everywhere. We usually encountered some local critters which made going to the beach or lunch very entertaining. The site describes the accommodation as bungalows but don't be prepared for a wood cabin. It does have nice bathroom of its own but there are small gaps in the wood to the outside which means you will need bug spray......we learned that the hard way but nothing serious. The bed linens and mattress were not good..something you could expect at camp or a hostel. We did enjoy waking up every morning to a wood interior with high celling and opening the back patio door to a nice view of the ocean. It would be fabulous if you have a larger group and can book a few cabins together. I think once all the renos are done this will be a nice destination for someone looking for a relaxed, nature experience. the beach is small but clean and the water is shallow for about a 100m. We saw several crabs, lots of different star fish, hermit crabs and small fish. Look for these when the tide is out, it's also a good time for little ones to swim as the water gets even warmer and they can walk around without being knocked over by waves. Walk just outside the resort and you can see wild flamingos and other birds.. Overall, I would go more prepared......Bring some ketchup, food seasoning, snacks, bug spray and possibly our camping sleeping matts.

    Average chuckrcm

    “In The Heat of the Night ”
    With proper management this could be a real gem. This has been a tough one to do as there is a lot to like about this location, but some of the staff do whatever they can to piss you off. That said there is a lot of good people working there and we had a good time. The food is average for 3? star in Cuba, bland and repetitive but plenty of it. We always bring spices and peanut butter so always something available. The evening shows are pretty good but the few kids shows we saw looked even better. The rooms are very nice and were kept very clean. All are bungalows that we saw and would take any of them. The beach here is not deep but goes a long way and good for walks and great for swimming. This resort seems to very kid friendly. As for what i saw as the problems... some of the staff were down right rude, there main shop should be called the Inconvenience store since we always seem to bother them when buying anything. I assume they have a job for life there, at least that is the way they treat it. The grounds staff were working all the time and in that heat they deserve many accolades. I know we were there off the peak season but i would assume with all the staff they would be able to keep the place spotless, but it seems with low numbers come low productivity. They really need to clean up around the pool once in a while, there was a dead crab under one of the lounges by the pool for 3 days, and i think it was taken away by a seagull we never once saw anyone clean the pool or around the pool area however the pool was generally pretty clean. It might have been nice to have some poolside service as there was plenty of staff doing nothing. Now for the good, I have never been to Cuba and spent so much time in the disco. The service was excellent do to some of the best staff at the resort. Every night they offered karaoke and they were busy every night until closing. We also took the jeep tour and it is a MUST DO. The guys running it are super, looked after us and took us everywhere, great fun. One hot night my wife and I walked out to the end of the dock and sat in the lounges and watched a tropical storm hit south Florida, the light show was amazing. In short, if you make your own fun and can make do with the food you will have a good time here.

    Average kimmyrockon9910

    “ahhhhh the beach ”
    what can i say go go go ..... beach is absolutely beautiful,,, breathtaking,,, food,,, cuba what do you expect,,, resort... simple but no regrets,,, rooms... not luxury, but no problem ... drinks ,,, well all you can consume,,, so dont be so picky,book this resort,, for the money you cant go wrong,,, for heaven sake,,, you cant get away for a long week-end for that price ,, let alone all inclusive with nothing to worry about , exept where to get your next drink ,, and what to eat/////

    Average Martin B

    “fab hol ”
    relaxing place by the beach,needed a refurb,but nonetheless very much enjoyed the daytime activities,to take me away from lounging around(of which i did plenty of).Food was basic,but never went hungry.All inclusive drinks went down a treat.Would go back to one of the hotels down the beach,one day,as loved the relaxation of the area.Actually went in 2004,and hve read similar reports since my visit.It was a relatively cheap stay for two,and did not expect 5 star service from this country,but would say,service given was friendly,and that meant alot,considering other reviews.

    Average claireish1989

    “Good value ”
    Is a delayed review as my boyfriend and I were here February 2012. The hotel is basic, but the rooms were clean, and cleaned every day by the maid, who done a great job. Also the pool and all other areas looked perfectly clean to me. The location is beautiful, perfect for a nice chilled out holiday. Easy enough to book excursions aswell, we found the day trip on a catamaran was a lot of fun. The rep there (believe his name was George) was really helpful, couldn't help us enough. To be honest we found most staff really helpful and friendly, there as a problem with our door when we got there and they moved us to a different room immediately without any hassle. Even the waiters (without us giving any tips at this point) were very friendly and always saved seats for us where we liked. However my only negative unfortunately would be the food. It was repetitive, which I can get past, but both of us and many other people got very bad upset stomachs. Everyone found a need for milk of magnesia/Imodium to settle their stomachs! The food did let it down so I think I would probably return to the area but go to a different hotel just because of the food.

    Average ewelina36

    “Not bad, but not excellent! ”
    We travelled with our 3 kids to this resort in Feb/2013. All I can say is resort is not bad for the money... The beach was the most beautiful I've ever seen...Our kids had a blast finding shells, starfishes, crabs, little colourful fish etc... The food was ok,but we are not the picky eaters... The drinks were very good, specially spanish and white coffees :) Entertainment? Not bad either...The only thing we haven't enjoyed was the staff... specially restaurant staff...rude and disrespectful...but on the other hand, some of the tourists weren't better at all... All in all I wouldn't like to be back to this place again...

    Average sunnysidesideways

    “Nice Beach, Poor Food ”
    We just returned from 10 days all-inclusive at this resort. Accommodation (3/5) When we booked we chose to upgrade to a bungalow room rather than the standard rooms. My wife had looked at a map and pre-requested a specific room through Sunwing, as it was closer to the beach and away from the noise of the resort at night. We were pleased to find that check-in was smooth and quick and that Sunwing had arranged that specific room. The room itself was okay, but turned out to be right behind the water sports storage area so in the morning it was not very private as the guys working there would hang around early at the back of the building having a chat. Since the resort did not appear to be busy we had a scout around for a better spot and decided to request a specific different room that didn't appear to be occupied. The staff were very accommodating and immediately gave us a key to that room. It turned out to be a slightly nicer room in a better location. It was reasonably clean, if quite basic. There is a fridge, but they do not stock it for you. Our main complaint is that the mattress was not very comfortable. There were a couple of springs that would attack you if you moved to the wrong position. There was plenty of hot water during our stay, and the air-conditioning worked fine throughout. General Resort and Beach (4/5) The place is nicely kept, with 2 decent pools, and well maintained gardens. We didn't use the pool area much as we prefer the beach. The beach was nice and clean, with a fairly long pier under which you can find schools of small fish. The beach is narrow, especially at high tide. I suspect that if the resort was busy then it might be tough to find a lounger, but we never had a problem with that. The water is very shallow for a long distance. At low tide you can walk out a long way just ankle deep in water. We would have preferred deeper water, but I guess if you have kids you can feel a bit safer there. One day we took a moped up to Playa Pilar, and that's a better spot for deeper swimming. Food (2/5) A big drawback of the resort being quiet was that they did not open the Cuban restaurant. The choices therefore were to book a reservation in the beach restaurant first thing the morning (not always possible), or just take all meals in the buffet restaurant. We are not fussy eaters, and we were always able to find something to eat, but the food is quite bland and basic. We were glad we had taken a bottle of our own hot sauce, although we accidentally broke it halfway through our stay so that was a bit sad. For the first few days they had no white wine at all in the resort, but normally you can get a house wine with your meal. It's not too bad. Bars (3/5) Make sure to take thermos mugs and/or water bottles. You can't get bottled water so you need to bring your own containers for them to fill with the treated water at the bars. Mojitos and margaritas were disappointing. Pina-coladas okay. Beer okay. If you like straight whisky or brandy then you're taking your chances. Staff (4/5) The staff was generally helpful and friendly. They accommodated our couple of requests as mentioned above. One of the gardeners was particularly friendly, and was kind enough to prepare fresh coconuts for us to drink from, and brought mango and star fruit from his home for us. Summary Apart from the restaurant situation I think we were lucky that the place wasn't busy. It might be a different experience with a lot more people there. But for us we were reasonably satisfied that the trip was fair value for the money. I would only choose to go here based upon price rather than anything else. I've decided since this trip that choice of food and wine will be a bit higher up my priority list in future.

    Very good josee l

    “Super holiday”
    This is my second time at this resort. I only have good things to say about it. I went in 2013 and again this February 2014, 2 weeks each time. Renovations were made this year and the place really looks attractive. All the employees are friendly, always smiling and ready to help if there anything. Considering that that it's not a 5 * hotel I find that for the price you can't ask for better. The only thing I could mention : it's suggested that you always carry some Kleenex with you, the toilet paper is not always available. But, it's not a big thing, just buy them at dollar store before leaving !!! I love this place and many people dooooooo !!!!! I will return next year !

    Very good Ewa K

    “Great place to be :) ”
    Nice and clean hotel. Beautiful shallow ocean and white sand beach. Very friendly staff. Food and drinks good for the value. Pools clean and not overcrowded. Overall good place to visit for the price. Be prepare for Mosquitos and beach fly bites. That's the only annoying thing there.

    Very good WayneGosselin

    “A great time in Cuba! ”
    We flew with Sunwing and spent Feb. 20 to 27, 2014 at Allegro/Cojimar. We were packed in the B737-800 like sardines, but it was great to fly directly from Regina. The hotel was very good value. The accommodation, food, pool, beach, drinks etc. were great. It was very easy to overeat at the dining room. The staff did all they could to serve us. The entertainers - singers, dancers were excellent. There was no internet or money exchange at Cojimar. The bank near the neighbouring hotel gave very poor service. Our side trip into Moron was expensive and not very exciting. Tourism is so very important to Cuba. The people know this and are very kind to us sometimes demanding, and generally overweight, visitors.

    Very good Irma S

    “Wonderful time,nice hospitality, ”
    My friend and I spent a wonderful time in Allegro Club Cayo Guillermo.Jan.28.-Febr.11, 2014, I was last year here and I was surprise ,how we get so much hospitality back,all the stuff in the resort make us like a family member,honestly,thank you Lolita and all from the reception,all stuff from bar,service,gardener,musician and dancer ,great people,to give us happiness,.Good luck for the new management .Next time I hope I can stay longer to enjoy the Cuban and their music and friendship....Some my friends live now in Cuba. If you like a small resort it is great be not lost ,if you travel as a single is a 3 star ,but wonderful,who like cottages,and beaches,our room was right at the beach area . Allegro would be upgrade this year,good luck. Bring some clothes,toothpaste,lipsticks,creams.. .a big smile...with you and give as a gift to this beautiful people

    Very good butch2851

    “Good return for your dollar. ”
    We are a family of 13 who went to the resort now called ALLEGRO CLUB COJIMAR. We had 4 children go with us. The good parts: Resort was laid out so you were never far from food ,bar, the beach or pool.Hotel rooms are actually smaller 4 plexes spread out around the whole complex. One of our group got a room almost on the beach , another got the ground floor room of an 8 plex about in the middle. 3 other got villas ( duplex wooden cabins on the east side of the resort). All rooms had showers (lots of hot water). The pools (2) were great with lots of loungers. The buffet was good with lots of choice of foods and drinks.The beach was good for the kids (could walk out 1000 feet before it got waist deep), had loungers there also. The staff were very friendly and helpful(most times) The bad parts: One room had a toilet that would not flush. We asked to have it repaired with no result, then asked for a different room with no result. (as ways told to come back tomorrow) Because we had rooms close together we shared another toilet. About 6 of us got bitten a lot by bugs. 7 got bitten a little. Bugs seemed to be around the furniture in the lobby area and outside the main complex. Not by pool or beach. Since I'm an electrician I always look for Cuban type wiring. Everything looked proper except a couple of broken receptacles. If you like swimming in the salt water ,the beach being so shallow would not be good for that. Could not get money exchanged at this resort. We had to walk down the beach to the next resort. Not really a problem for us but to get enough small bills for tips was hard on a daily bases. They would not even change larger bills for smaller ones unless you bought something. This means that you did not have change for tips after a day or so. The pool did not have much shade around it. (I always look for shady areas)

    Very good sippypal

    “Great Vacation - will definitely return and recommend to others”
    We stayed here Jan. 8th - 22nd. A retired sisters vacation (but young at heart). Let me start by saying the best thing about this resort is that it is a small resort, you are treated like a guest, they take the time to know your name. By the end of your stay you feel like you belong and you hate to leave. **From Jan. 28th - Feb. 4th I was at a larger, new resort and was so wishing I was back a Cojimar/Allergo** The check in was great. Many thanks to Yeuri (?) We were in one of the older concrete building - Room 177 - perfect for anyone who wants to be close to everything - main lobby, shops, pool and even the ocean. We had a tour of the newer dark wooden cottages - as everyone says they are dark, too much furniture in a small space, not a lot of walking around the bed space. A friend that we met came to see our room and then immediately went to the front desk and asked to be moved (downgraded so to speak) to the older buildings. The older ones are roomy, large patio doors, nice big bathrooms. This resort is older - with that comes a few hiccups - but very small hiccups. Yes, the odd room has problems with the flushers - but they would respond to these problems. The food - while there is not a huge selection compared to some resorts - all the food was delicious. I'd rather have quality than quantity. A big shout out to Julia, Danny and Jose in the dining room who made meal times wonderful. Great service! We also enjoyed the Cuban a la carte. Entertainment: Missy, Sunny (?) kept us busy with morning streatch classes, a few aqua aerobic classes, daily bocce games, and other fun games. Mornings flew by if you chose to participate in these events. It was also fun winning a bottle of rum if you were lucky enough to win. Thanks to Yaima at the Towel Hut for always having a smile. Pool Chairs and Beach Loungers - Loved that the towel bandits didn't visit this resort - we could go out at anytime and get a chair. Loved, loved, loved this! The pools were very clean. :) Beach - the beach is wonderful - walk for a few kms on nice sandy beaches and the best part - enjoying the sights of the kite boarders. Pilar Beach - OMG - spend $5. Pesos and enjoy a return trip to Pilar Beach by taxi. They are totally trustworthy and never let you down. We went there 3 different afternoons - you are about 10 minutes away. The Hop On Hop Off bus is the same price but it takes longer as they stop at the other 3 resorts to pickup people. The Guests - Part of what made our trip were the other guests - just say hello / hola /bonjour and you know what - people will speak to you. We ended up spending some awesome days with some amazing people! We went for daily walks, out the driveway you will see lots of flamingos and other birds, walk to the left and go to the bridge - you will pass the "Swim with the Dolphins" Building; and the Marina. There are wonderful sights to see - venture out. You will be very safe here. All the other reviews fill in the blanks. My advice would be to "just go" and you will be glad you did.

    Very good baileydogKingston

    “nervous for no reason ”
    went here on jan 21 to 28th. flew out of ottawa gate13. the plane had a part go wrong, so a new plane was flown in from montreal. after 4 hours we were on our way. sunwing did give us each a $5 voucher to use for snacks only.arrived very late? or early that morning and was in love from the start. just a few others got off here and check-in was good. ashley drove us to our room and has good english and good hearing as i cracked a joke to my girlfriend that i thought only she could hear he chimed in with a great a nitecap and awoke next am to the warmth of cayo coco. this was our 1st time at this part of cuba and its really sweet. the flowers, the birds, the water and the people are awesome. the staff are 99% happy. the beach sand is like powder. a few bug bites and we were warned. ocean view is really nice. the water is not deep so swimming is not the best. when the tide goes out you can walk for miles. this was something i have never seen before.our room #59 was kept clean and the room temp was always the same. the air conditioner was quiet and never a issue until i messed with the remote but after a few words it worked.found ' hermes' at the lobby bar to be awesome. but they were all very good , best i have ever dealt with in the 7 times i have been to the island. the food was very good especially the pizza and breads. the baker is very nice guy. we had great service in the dining room with a special nod to 'yulia'. only one el-carte open and the food was awesome. the service from all and the now famous bartender orlandos wife. thank you. also had lobster at the 'cubanito'. its beside the 'daquiri' hotel. you get money at this hotel. we made reservations for the next nite as the lobster and shrimp are fresh caught. they then cook over a wood fire , where you can watch over your meal. i brought garlic powder from home and some butter from the resort. o my. i gave the owner and chef the garlic and 2 or 3 spices that i had brought as giveaways.. they were very happy.. wanted to eat there again but time ran out. we walked the beach to and from there and it was awesome. we even had a escort . the other el-carte was closed and full of mattresses so it became 'sleep country cuba' as we joked. we were told it was going to re-open when we were there but that was not happening anytime soon. took the speedboat trip. it was well worth it to see the landscape and check out the 'hutia' which the guide are the cuban ' beaver' but its really a tree rat. cute. also got to play bocche with the girlfriend winning a bottle of rum. also tried archery , darts, pool and spinning a 'pea' in a wine glass and trying to place on nearby table... you try it.. the grounds crew are great and even got a nice carved coconut from jose. i could go on forever but.. they could use a bank or exchange. walked alot and whole place was ..missing the resort now. thanks to the staff for a great time. note to the shop staff.. smile.. be happy

    Very good SueHaweyCarpenter

    “Great Vacation! ”
    We stayed here from January 14-28 2014. The flight was long as we hit head winds but we made it there safe and sound. Arrival at the airport was quick and easy. Beer was served on the bus to the resort. The ride from the airport was approximately 40 mins. We were the second resort stop on the route. We arrived at the resort at approximately 12pm This resort was called Gran Caribe Club Villa Cojimar, it has since changed management and is now called Allegro Club Cayo Guillermo effective January 27th. CHECK IN Check in was very easy. We contacted the reservations manager before arriving and requested an upgrade to a Junior Suite which costs $20CUC extra per day. Included in that is a bottle of rum, 4 a la carte reservations instead of 2 as well as a "romantico" lobster dinner. Eddwin greeted us, told us to go have a drink at the bar and the room would be ready was ready within 20 minutes. Ashley drove us to our room with our bags and gave us the tour of the resort. His English is fantastic! ROOM: JUNIOR SUITE 307 I had requested room 309 but it was not available, this room was right next door and the walkway lead directly to the pier, pictures below. We walked into a very nice sized living room, with bathroom to the left, when you walk past the sofa you turn right thru the door to the bedroom which has a bathroom off of it to the right. The suite was a nice size although a tad too dark because of the wood. Better lighting would certainly make it brighter. As you may have read in other reviews there are cracks between the joints and they let bugs in :( Hubby to be got eaten alive. I put farmers insecticide on morning and night and didn't get bit as badly, "to-be" only put on in the evening. The bed was very firm, with 2 large king size pillows which we folded in 2 to each have a normal size pillow. We were told the bed was a king size when we checked in but it ended up being a double, that was ok though we cuddled up :) Sheets are a little too small and crumpled up leaving us sleeping on the bare mattress at times. Walls are not soundproof, we could hear everyone walk by. The views from the room were absolutely wonderful! Walking out to the pier directly from our patio was a treat until we got to the ocean. The walkway stopped abruptly leading us to an unkempt part of the beach that we couldn't even walk on due to seaweed and coral and the pier going out into the water didn't have stairs to climb someone had piled rocks up to make a couple of stairs, I didn't bother going out. FOOD: Buffet: Breakfast, lunch and supper at the buffet were all good. They had pancakes, French toast and fresh cooked eggs either omelet, scrambled or fried. The cooks were all very nice! The egg cook, Dianelly was sooo sweet and remembered exactly what we wanted every time we went to her. The breakfast waitresses were fantastic, Yulia always had a seat ready for us :) Lunch buffet was a variety of pastas, pizza, stirfry and hamburgers as well as fresh veggies and fruits all the time. Desserts were yummy! Supper buffet one night we had turkey another night roast pork with gravy! There was also a choice of pastas and sauces as well as veggies and other choices of sides and meals. A la carte restaurants: Italian: Pasta was cooked perfectly al dente! The sauces were delicious. The garlic shrimp is recommended! I heard that the pizza was delicious as well, we didn't try it though. Cuban: We only went there once during our stay, it was good as well, but we preferred the Italian. Romantico dinner was served in the a la carte restaurant. We were disappointed in this meal, it was lobster which we usually love but when we ordered the waiter told us it may take a little longer to cook as they were still frozen :( we were expecting fresh lobster. part of mine was still raw. Snack Bar: This is served at the pool bar, they serve from 11am to 5pm, pannini style sandwiches, hamburgers and hot dogs. BARS: Lobby Bar has a great variety of drinks, they will prepare the virgin drinks with alcohol as well ;) Limonada Frappe con Vodka por favor! The barmen were super up here! Pool Bar: Orlando is a hit with everyone! He remembers what you want to drink every time and if you don't know what you want to drink he'll prepare something special for you! His partner (can't remember his name) was also just as great! POOLS: There are 2 pools the upper and lower pools. The upper pool is smaller, close to the pool bar and quiet. The lower pool is bigger with a lot of chairs around. This pool doesn't have the slow walk in anymore, there are 4 or 5 ladders to enter and the shallow end is not even 3 feet deep. They play games and do water aerobics in this pool. I won the cannonball contest ;) There is also a separate kiddie pool at the mini club. RESORT: This resort is set up perfectly. They have hotel style rooms, semi-detached bungalows and detached bungalow suites. Everything is close by. This resort is great for people who have a hard time walking, they have wheelchair ramps/access to most areas including the top pool. The resort if fumigated morning and night when the winds are low as there are a lot of bugs. BEACH: We were disappointed with this beach so we stayed by the pool. When the tide is in there really isn't much of a beach to walk but the water isn't high enough to play in it. When the tide is out you can walk for hundreds of feet with water reaching at its highest mid calf. We went off the resort over to the Lobster shack on the beach at the Iberostar...oh my what a treat that was!!! Fresh lobster tails with fresh veggies!!!! The Lobster tails were huge!!! You can walk along a path from the resort to the restaurant or from the beach but we took a taxi there and walked the beach back. All in all we thoroughly enjoyed our vacation. The staff is so friendly!!! We would definitely go back but not for 2 weeks this time, it would only be a 1 week vacation next time. Only because it is too remote and there isn't anything close by to do if the weather isn't cooperative ;).

    Very good JEF123

    “Great holiday!! ”
    I just got back from my one week get-away by myself at Club Cojimar and have to say it was a great resort. At first glance it might seem a little basic compared to some of the other resorts near by but keep in mind that it is only 3 star and the price is right. I chose this resort as I was looking for sun, good beach, good food and good atmoshere. It got good reviews so I booked. I got most of what I wanted but without a few hic ups first. The weather: The weather was so so but being January and their coldest month of the year, I wasn't overly surprised but still not complaining as it sure beat Toronto's frigid temperatures. I still managed to get a pretty decent tan despite all the clouds. My room: Upon arrival I was not happy with my room. There was no hairdryer, the fridge didn't work and the AC was a little dodgy. After complaining to the front desk (whom are all very friendly), I was moved the next day into a nicer room with a hairdryer and great view of the beach. I would recommend trying to get any room from 111-124. These are the concrete bungalow buildings right on the beach. Don't bother with the wooden bungalows. They are dark, away from the beach and main area and full of bugs. I spoke with a few other guests and they too had complaints about their room and things not working. So keep that in mind. The beach: The beach is quite pretty with fine white sand. The water is very shallow and clear so you can walk out very far. I didn't actually sit on the beach that much because I found I was getting bitten alot from all the little bugs there. I stayed at the pool which was usually pretty quiet and close to the bar. There was always lots of chairs to chose from. The staff: The staff were all amazing! They were so helpful and will go out of their way to make sure your stay is enjoyable. The food: The food was pretty good. I stuck to fresh fruit and veggies and only food they cooked in front of you such as fish or chicken. Drinks were always plentiful and always enough to go around. The gym: Very basic. Treadmill worked fine and a good selection of weights. It was never busy when I went and pretty much had the place to myself. Internet: I used it everyday and it was painfully slow. A half hour card costs 2.25 pesos. Just be prepared to be patient. Exchanging money: You cannot exchange money at Cojimar. I had to walk along the beach to the next resort to do this. I didn't really mind as it was a nice walk and I visited their shops while there. Recommendations: Bring bugspray, after bite lotion, kleenex (none in the room), your own hair dryer if you rely on one like I do, peanut butter, jams, ketchup as there is none of that in the buffet area and the best thing I brought from reading other reviews was my own travel mug. This was great for coffee in the morning and then beer for the rest of the day. General impression: Great value! Go with an open mind and if you're not overly fussy and don't need fancy, then you will love this resort.

    Very good JENNIFER B

    “Amazing Week! ”
    First off I would like to say this Resort has been redone and now goes by Allegro. I went with my boyfriend ( we are in our 20's) at the start of January for a week. The employees at the hotel were very nice! We found the bartenders the friendliest. The servers at the buffet were good, but we found the bigger groups got much more attention at the buffet. Sometimes we would have to go get our own drinks or find our own cutlery. The buffet had good food for the most part, you could always get an omelette at breakfast and pasta and meats at lunch and dinner cooked fresh. They had lots of breads and rice, then different things each night. The A la Carte Restaurant was AMAZING! Great food and great service. They normally have 2 A la Carte restaurants but one closed because it is in the area they are still working on redoing, so they had the two different styles of meals at the one place but switched every other day. We stayed in one of the little cabins and although the beds werent the best we had no issues with it. It was cleaned very well every day. One down side was the bolt lock didn't work on the door, but you did need a key to get in the door so it didn't bother us. The pools were very nice and the pool chairs were comfy. They had a bar at the pool but it did not have a blender; if you wanted a blended drink you had to go to the lobby but that was a less then a minute walk so it was no big deal. They always had activities at the pool for all ages and music was always playing. They employees at the pool were great! They were always working hard and they did their best to make sure everyone was having a good time. Night time entertainment was okay. We watched one full show the week we were there, we went to a few others but weren't that interested. They do switch the shows every night so it just depends what you are into. One day of our trip was really windy and rainy so they moved all the pool side activities into the lobby so people would still have stuff to do. We went on the catamaran it was AMAZING i suggest it to anyone, you get to have a chicken and lobster lunch on the boat. It takes you to two different places to snorkel and also takes you to pillar beach; which is a beach with no resorts just a restaurant and bar. Another day with swam with the dolphins which was also a great experience and I would totally do it again. You swim with them for about an hour and then you go to pillar beach for lunch and then to swim for a few hours. Both great experiences and great for the price! The beach was probably the most amazing part of the trip! it was an amazing beach. I do suggest that you make sure you bring bug spray and dont just wear it to the beach, they are all over. Small bugs you cant really see them. Also all the staff is very grateful when you leave them gifts. We brought soap, hand cream, kids toys, hair stuff, toothpaste and they are very happy when getting these things. Overall I highly suggest this resort!

    Very good heartsinthecayos

    “I love this place... ”
    This was our second visit at the end of March 2013, our first was a year and a day before. Yes, this hotels facilities are fairly basic, but the location is extraordinarily beautiful. To be so close to nature lifts my heart, and the simple low level bungalows really make you feel you are experiencing a tropical paradise. This was by far the cheapest hotel on the Cayos and it was that fact that made our trip a possibility. We had to come back because I never got to see a Cuban Tree Rat (Hutia) on our last visit ;O) The food at this resort was passable, but definitely not anything special. The poor arrangements of the dining room meant big queues if you wanted to have your food cooked for you, so we generally just had the chicken or the pork from the buffet. The Italian a la carte restaurant was a bit dark and dingy for my tastes, but a pizza made a nice change. The Cuban restaurant we found a bit hit and miss, we had a great meal in our first week, so the second was a bit of a disappointment. We visited Pilar beach again this time, but only really used it as an opportunity to take some photos with the giant starfish before striking out to explore what was round the corners. We have walked the length and breadth of the island and seen Cuban Rock Iguanas, Blue Knight Anoles, Hutias, Flamingos, Spoonbills and too many other beautiful and amazing bird species to count. Most nights we would have tree frogs in the bathroom, the largest of which lived behind the bathroom mirror. To some that might be a horror, but to me, that is a little bit of magic. We took the speedboat trip out near the bridge, primarily so I would be guaranteed to see a Hutia, and I not only saw, but hand fed fruit to six of them. The snorkelling out in the mangroves at the end of the speedboat trip was quite exceptional in my experience of Caribbean resorts. The speedboat driving itself was so terrifyingly exciting that I screamed all the way there, and all the way back, and it was me doing the driving. We had our usual life threatening experience when we went on a snorkelling trip from the hotels own sports shack out to 'the reef', which really isn't very special. Six of us went out on a Hobbycat and we were hit by a tropical storm and lost at sea for about an hour. We were battered by wind and rain, lost the sail and couldn't see our hands in front of our faces for the stinging rain. This was handled extremely poorly by the hotel who were very quick to declare that the sports shack was rented to the marina and not their responsibility, but a warm drink and a blanket when we finally reached dry land really wouldn't have gone amiss. We got back to the hotel to find all our belongings in the pool as they had taken down the umbrellas to save them from the wind, but no one had thought to move our things. I hope the French Canadian lady that joined us on that trip has also got over the trauma. It seems this was a really unusual phenomenon as they never have storms like that in April, we are just particularly unlucky holiday makers...... This year, we are going to Egypt as there are no affordable trips to the Cayos, but I love this place, I really do, and if I could go back, I would do so in a heartbeat,

    Very good CADaCosta

    Having read an earlier review about Orlando, I had to respond. We were there for two weeks over the holidays and he immediately took my heart. What a wonderful soul! All of the staff are so welcoming and friendly, but that's part of their job. There was something different about Orlando, something special, so I was glad that my instincts were not off. To recognize travellers after a few years is amazing. I'll not go into a huge review of the hotel other than 2 cortisone shots for bug bites was a bit of a buzz killer, no pun intended. We had paid extra for a cabin but moved on the day of our arrival because it was dank, musty, rundown, and generally unappealing. We were moved immediately to a room closer to the centre of the action. The room was bigger, cleaner, nicer, the washroom was massive, the water pressure was excellent, the air conditioning was excellent. So if you pay for a cabin, you aren't getting your money's worth. We had some of our best times on the beach when the tide was out. I played with an octopus, found hundreds of conches, starfish, giant snails, a ton of stuff. Frog hunting at night was really neat. Overall, if they can improve on the flow of the buffet as well as adding some menu variety including leaf salads and fresh veg, add a non-stop, kid-friendly pool snack bar, notch the maid service up a couple, turn their attention to insect control (I know it's nature but there are methods), have money exchange onsite, and learn the definition of "wake-up call", then I have no doubt they will be able to accomplish their goal of adding a star or two to their status.

    Very good sa2can

    “Caring Staff Member ”
    We were were guests at this hotel Dec 2010, for which I wrote a review. This year we stayed at another hotel on Cayo Guillermo. However, we walked along the beach back to the Cojimar to look at all the improvements and updates, as the hotel now falls under the Allegro group. Upon us coming up from beach on the walkway towards the pool bar, Orlando (one of the pool barmen) saw us and immediately recognized us and came over and was so happy to see us, even remembering our names - this after 3 years and possibly thousands of guests in the intervening years!! We could not believe this. We had such an emotional reunion with him. This stands as testament to what kind of a person Orlando is and will always be. We visited him again 2 days later, taking gifts to him that we had brought with us in the event that he was still at the Cojimar. This time he took the time to sit with us and chat (the bar was very quiet - it was early). Thank you for the time you spent with us, Orlando, your friendliness and your incredible memory not only remembing our faces, but our names, where we lived and numerous things that we had imparted to him all those years ago. You are a gentleman, such an asset to the hotel, and someone we will hold very dear in our hearts. It was very sad to say 'goodbye for now, until the next time'. We will be back, no matter which hotel we are staying at we will take the time to visit with you again, our dear friend. The group of friends who had walked with us on our first walk (some from the UK and other Canadians) were suitable impressed with the hotel, we explained to them all the updates that were visible to us from our visit since 2010 and they were happy that they had accompanied us on our walk. Improvements and updates that were visible seemed for the good, though hotel was by no means busy!! But it did feel like home, even though we were wearing different coloured armbands!!!

    Very good Karen C

    “Wonderful Place! ”
    We went to this resort at an excellent price, knowing it was a 3 star but not knowing what to expect from Cuba in general. Our family is parents and a 17 & 22 year old. The staff was beyond friendly. I didn't know to expect their greetings ALL the time. The kids had plenty of fun making new friends and a small night club 2 nights in the week. The resort was making daily improvements, painting, cleaning the grounds, etc. The pool and beach are wonderful. The bar service is really good. With small regular tips, you may get table service as well. The entertainment each night varied, and the dancers are very good! We loved the cabin style rooms but would get beach front next time. I did not know what to expect from food, and found it VERY acceptable. I know I can't cook like that every day so took advantage of that aspect. There is salt and pepper and ketchup and mustard and hot sauce, yes it's not the same as home but it's not home either. Big thing....bring your bug repellent! !! we did not notice until the second day and my daughter's legs look (and feel) absolutely TERRIBLE from bites. Playa Pillar was worth taking in. It's breath taking. Over all it was a wonderful experience and I'll be practicing my Spanish for our next trip to Club Cojimar! Karen and Mike, from Saskatchewan, Canada

    Very good mdacody

    “Amazing ”
    We have just returned from visiting this resort a second time. It is now under new management and being called the Allegro. It had just opened a day prior to us arriving and they are working day and night to continue all the improvements. This is going to be a 5 star in a matter of months. It was always our favorite as it is not a high rise atmosphere, many small units with amazing views of the ocean. As always the staff went over and above making it feel more like family then being in a strange resort. Many reviews had said it needed a face lift and it sure is getting one. They have many things they are still working on getting up and running more smoothly but every day you saw progress. We are booked to return in Jan and again in Feb and can't wait to see all the changes again, except for the fact that we loved it the way it is. If you are looking for a relaxing vacation and beautiful beaches this is it. We don't go for the night life so can't comment on that part of the hotel. It does seem to be a middle aged crowd or families with small children. Lots of kite surfers which is very entertaining to watch.

    Very good sarakimo

    “Awesome ”
    Me and my boyfriend went from August 15 to August 22 we are in our 20s and we had a really good trip, the staff is very friendly and very helpful. The place is very clean. The food, just like everywhere in Cuba was simple and repetitive but not so bad! I will definitely go back. It is a very nice place to relax for a whole week!

    Very good LissyAnn_77

    “Beautiful Beach, Calm Waters”
    This place is stunning. Like most Cuban resorts it could use some paint and a little maintenance but nothing that will affect your trip. The ground staff seemed a little more forward in requesting gifts than other resorts I have been too, but all in all staff was very nice, The food is above par for Cuba but the line ups for the buffet are quite large and they do run out of the "favourites" quite often. Our room was perfect, right on the beach. My suggestion is to upgrade rooms, the standard rooms are fairly far from the main buildings. There really isn't too many places to go around Cayo Coco/Guillermo, so if you like to stay on the resort this is the place for you. Excursions are offered of course at additional fees. Be sure to take in Playa Pillar, just a few stops on the local bus. It is worth the trip. Also, take water shoes, with the tide goes out there are many treasures to be found in the shallow water but you don't want to be stepping on the coral, starfish and crabs in bare feet.

    Very good sunriseandsunsets

    “go with an open mind and do not fuss over the small stuff ”
    We went to Cojimar in Cayo Coco to celebrate our mother's birthday and had a great time there. Staff there at Cojimar went out of their way to wish her a happy birthday and to make our mother's 75th birthday very special for her. We were all treated well and enjoyed a happy vacation week. The sunrises there were pretty and worth getting up early for. When the tide went out this resort was the best I've ever been to for walking on the sand for a very long distance on what was the bottom of the ocean. Enjoyed walking down the road about ten minutes and seeing the pink flamingos having been directed there by the helpful staff. I left my purchase bought in another gift store in one of the stores there and the next day it was still there having been put away by the staff for me to return and claim (honest staff was a huge bonus). This resort is nothing fancy and yes it has little problems but it was clean and if you go with an open mind and do not fuss over the small stuff you too can enjoy a great vacation...we did!!

    Very good luc s

    “cuba is wonderful”
    first of all , it's cuba not(mexico americanized) a latin country not yet destroyed buy americains.i have nothing against americains i love myrtle beach and florida but when i go to cuba i want what they have to offer, there own food ,way of life and there beaches . i have been to cojimar 2 times with my wife and 2 kids and we all love it and we are returning in 2 weeks. i do agree the service is slow and sometime you feel like if you were not even there but if you start talking to them they will stop and they will remember you the next time you need service.

    Very good Scuba_dude72

    “Great CHEAP beach resort ”
    You get what you pay for and in the case of Cuba and especially a 3 star in Cuba you need to heavily adjust your expectations. When you take into account what you pay (dirt cheap) and the cut the airline takes, it is ridiculous what the resort actually gets from your stay. We just got back from 14 days - May 11 - 25th. I can tell you the first Sat and Sun were TERRIBLE in terms of waiting for food. I can not stress that enough. There was a Mother's Day special on for the Cuban people and the resort was almost full (95% Cubans) even though they did not have any extra staff on hand to deal with the extra people. The result? We waiting 45 minutes just to get INTO to Buffet! Over an HOUR for food once inside because the Cubans would stand at the front on the line and literally order 20+ items and there would be a steady stream of Cubans cutting the line and taking the items. My wife counted a man at the ice cream station hand out over 30 bowls of ice cream. She got so fed up she went behind the counter to get ice cream. The grill was the same. You would wait over an HOUR in line for burgers and sandwiches. If it stayed like this we would have left the resort with 13 days left. Thankfully the bell man - Ashley explained why it was so ridiculously busy and that it would clear out by Monday, and it did. From Monday the 13th to the 25th we pretty much had the resort to ourselves. It then became amazing. The food improved (still just ok) and the biggest thing was the wait times became completely normal and the line cutting stopped. The star of this place is the beach, IMO it is nicer than Punta Cana, Cancun, Mayan, La Romana, Varadero and Cayo Coco. The pictures you see on here do not do it justice, the shades of emerald green can't be described you have to see it with your own eyes. The service (after the first 2 days) was very good to excellent, very friendly people, very genuine. Julio the gardener is truly fantastic. He checked on out baby everyday with a huge smile and laugh and well wishes. The bartenders were all great as well. Tips: pay for the cheapest standard room through your tour operator. When you get here pay for the upgrade to the beach front bungalows. We were charged $12cuc a day for 2 beach front bungalows. IMO Bungalows 111 - 118 were the best combation of view plus beach. 119 - 124 are the closest to the beach but the beach in front is very small, plus it bottlenecks there so you will get a lot of people walking right through your area. 111 - 118 also have a decent little reef 10 yards out that actually has some nice snorkeling (small but fun). Bring bug spray. We're from Manitoba and are used to major mosquitoes and couldn't believe the number of mosquitoes and little flies here. This was our biggest issue we wish we brought bug spray. I've literally never been bit so many times in my life even here in Manitoba. BRING bug spray!! Another thing to consider is this is a very basic place. If you expect any kind of luxury and or pampering you will be disappointed. The first 2 days aside this was the best place we've ever been to in terms of value for $$ paid all because of the beach and friendly service. Lastly, do some research and make sure you do NOT go here during any type of Cuban Holiday/special as I can't begin to tell you how bad the first 2 days were, thankfully the last 12 days more than made up for it. If we just had 5 more days I'm not sure I'd feel the same way.

    Very good Hawberry_Geo

    “Great stay, nice people, but a little dated ”
    Came here Feb of 2013 with two friends. This was my third trip to Cuba so I knew what to expect and this place was no different. Two of us stayed in the private bungalow which was worth the extra few dollars and our friend stayed in one of the regular rooms. Both were clean with working air conditioning. Our bungalow had a broken window, which we told the front desk about, but they never moved us or came to fix it. The beach was much different than any other of the beaches I have seen so far; when the tide would come in there was almost no beach, but when it would go out the beach would stretch several 100 metres out to the ocean. Lots of interesting little sea creatures would get stuck in the tidal pools left behind and it was really neat to see them. There were lots of sun bathing chairs by the pool, but there really weren't enough on the beach and if you were out there after 9 am good luck. The whole resort was dated and looked old, but it had charm and the majority of the staff was really awesome and very cool; especially the lobby bar tenders. The a la carte restaurants were very good, and the main cafeteria food was good, but the line-ups were long and it took a while to get back to your table. The table service in the main cafeteria was not very good and the wait staff was generally not very friendly. Some meals we would not even have a server approach our table for water, cutlery, or drinks. That aside it was well worth the price and everything else was very good. Our one friend thought one of his contacts was stuck in his eye so he had a trip to the on site doctor. The doctor couldn't see anything, and after being assured by our friend that it was in there, he needled his eyes to try and peel it off. Well he could not pull anything off so my friend and the doctor went on a trip to the hospital in the nearest community. He said the doctors were great like in Canada, but they tried to get the lens out to no avail. He eventually had a team of doctors and they decided he actually did not have anything on his eye! Fittingly the name of the town were the hospital was is call Moron. The rest of the trip he had to wear an eye patch because he had given himself lesions from putting his finger in his eye so much, and he had some pretty funny tan lines. Our friend had his eye checked back in Canada and sure enough no lens on his eye just like they said in Moron. All in all it was a good trip, we all had fun, ate too much food, drank way too much, had some laughs, and went on some really fun excursions (catamaran, cave party, and Playa Pilar an amazing beach). I always try to go to different resorts, but would have no problem returning here. If you are a picky eater and want something very North American go to Mexico, Cuba has different food, some people don't speak english/french, and things are just older and a little different. I really like Cuba for a relaxing, all inclusive, time on the beach.

    Very good j t

    “Awesome! ”
    My friend and I stayed here from May 3-10th 2013 and we had a great time! I would recommend this resort for people wanting to getaway with a budget.The resort is a little outdated (the rooms more so), but very clean. Plus, you're only in your room to sleep so what does it even matter? We were pleasantly surprised with the daily cleaning of our room. The maids did a phenomenal job each day. The beach is absolutely beautiful! The view is breathtaking. The water is very shallow, which is good for families with children or people who aren't strong swimmers. It's a good depth to be able to sit down or swim around comfortably. I'm not sure if it was the timing of our vacation, but the resort was only 20% full during our week there which made it easy to find spots near the pool (we actually were the only ones swimming sometimes) and on the beach. The people who work at the resort are amazing - especially the bartenders. Tip them once and they've got you covered! Amazing memories of what you drink and how you like it made. Like I read everywhere online prior to our trip, the food wasn't the greatest - very bland. We aren't picky eaters but, we found meals repetitive. We tried out one of the a la cartes which was adequate. If you're looking to go to a resort for the food, go somewhere like Mexico. If you want a great beach, go to Gran Caribe! However, the day we were leaving the guests increased by at least 75 people and they opened up more of the buffet with better food. TIPS & TRICKS - If you give tips, tip the bartenders right away. It is the same 6-7 people all week. Take the fresh fruit (i.e. pineapple, melon etc) from the buffet and ask the bartenders at Bar Hemingway to blend it into a smoothie (add banana liquer etc). They were delicious! Just make sure you tip the bartenders for the extra work/clean-up. The hotel has a "snack bar" that serves sandwiches starting at 10 a.m. by the pool - we lived off of these for the whole week pretty much, they are delicious! They also open up a sandwich station in the bar hemingway at 11p.m. which is a great snack when you've been drinking. Bring spices for fish (if you are a seafood eater), cajun spice etc. Alot of reviews said they didn't have ketchup - which they did so don't bother bringing any. Also reviews said that they didn't make mojitos? They did make many of them! I usually bring my bubba mug for drinks on vacation but this time I figured they usually give larger cups so its fine to skip it. Wrong - the plastic cups are very small, however the glasses they give you if you're drinking in the bar are larger. Bring your bubba - don't forget it! BOTTOM LINE - This shouldn't even be considered a 3 star resort. The staff will treat you like gold (if you are nice) and everything is so clean. This is a great resort for couples and families with a budget. I had my most relaxing vacation ever here and would love to go back! Keep in mind, everyone has there own opinion... if you are picky and find a way to complain about anything and everything - don't go. This resort has it's flaws, and if you're looking for "perfect", go to higher rated resort! Remember that you are fortunate enough to be able to take a vacation, so don't nitpick everything! (there is a comment about pillows being lumpy.. get real, its Cuba not Hilton Hotel) Enjoy your stay!!

    Very good Dysy

    “Great stay! ”
    Most serene beach, great bungalows - very spacious and clean, happy pool-side atmosphere( with many activities or just for cocktails...).The staff was helpful and attentive. Had an amazing weekend , even though it was low season!

    Very good Jo S

    “stunning beachside location ”
    this really was a paradise view of turquoise and azure shallow seas. cabins were modest but comfortable. food wasn't great but even though I am a very picky eater I could find something to my liking every day.

    Excellent Roriie

    “Wonderful time!! A++ ”
    We enjoyed our stay. Nice weather, nice people, nice place. How can we possibly not be happy after a nice week! We stayed here Feb 2 to Feb 9, 2014. This is now called Allegro Club Cayo Guillermo. They changed the name. It is important to say. Some people were lost cause sometimes people were saying Gran Villa Cojimar and sometimes Allegro. Staff of this resort are really nice, helping, caring, smiling. Thumps up for Jose in the dining room. He made of trip even nicer with his warm welcome and care for us. This hotel don't change the money on site. You will need to go to another hotel. If you have cash, you can change it at the lobby 24/24 and If you want to use your credit card, you will need to go to the bank. Open 9am to 3pm, monday to friday. So plan it before it is too late! And don't change your money at the bank of the airport, or change only like $20. They take a really, really big cut. We traveled by night so the check in was a little bit messy. By chance, we asked for a room upstairs and we got it. No help really to find it, but I guess it was because it was late at night and no one to help around because of the reduced staff. Minor minus, because the room was beautiful. Nice bathroom and it was clean. Room 180. Near everything you need and far enough to not hear the disco or the night entertainment. The pools were nice, a lot of space for every one and clean. You can see the ocean from the pools. First time I see that and I really liked it. The beach was just fine. Depending of the hour, you will have more space to walk on or more water. People were complaining about bugs (i.e. mosquitoes, sand bugs) but my boyfriend and I didn't see any of it or had bites. The whole week. I guess these people were wearing perfume or something that bugs were liking. Activities are great. We did the catamaran all day ($80 per person) and we did a small ride of catamaran ($15 per person). Both times we did snorkeling. Bring bread! For the small ride at least. I'm sad I didn't bring a camera that can go under water. At one point, my boyfriend had like 60 fish around him! Really nice! Only bad point of this resort: the food. In the buffet and in the restaurants. We did not starve ourselves but we didn't enjoyed it either. For me, I'm allergic to cheese, eggs, mayo, all the white sauce, yogurt... so I didn't have much to eat. I ate pasta and bread pretty much all week. It is not my first time in Cuba. This was my fourth time. But, as the week was passing by, less and less choice was offered to me for my meals. It was pretty basic. We did eat at the 2 restaurants, not really good. We saw a couple leave in the middle of the supper because it was not good enough for them. It is not THAT important, you pay for the sun, the beach, the tranquility, but still... In the end, we had a wonderful time, it was a good price/quality resort. I would recommend it to everyone that need vacation but don't necessary wants to pay for a 4 stars. It cost us less than $1500 for both. Let's say that at this price, you forgot the food easily and enjoy the sun even more!

    Excellent Darcyridersforever

    “Well worth the long flight from Saskatoon. ”
    The people were amazing to deal with. It felt like I was at home on the farm. I will go back again as long as the harvest is a sweet as this year. My cousins were very negative about this resort cuz of the price. But they were sure wrong. It was like the riders won the gray cup all over again.

    Excellent Wendy W

    “Paradise at its best!! ”
    Spent 2 weeks with my family at the Gran Caribe Club Cojimar over christmas. This is paradise island. Beautiful place, people will do anything for you, they are lovely. Holiday was perfect. Little problem there with sand flies and mosquitoes, but your room is sprayed regularly and as long as you take your repellent you'll be fine. Local enertainment was great. Food was excellent with snack available in between meals. I wouldnt say it was a resort for little ones as its more of a relaxing getaway. Most definitely recommended.

    Excellent cbr60rracer

    “Give them a break!!!!”
    My wife and I travel here twice a year mainly because its a great place to totally unwind the cubans are lovely people and the weather is always fantastic. I read the reviews and find it frustrating that people expect high standards of food ,accommodation etc. Everyone should know that certain food and items we take for granted are in very short supply or not even possible to obtain in cuba due to all the constraints. The queues are an easy fix ,eat early when the buffet opens there are never queues at 7pm large enough to wind you up and that's when the food is at its freshest and there's more choice. The staff in the main cant do enough for you and value their jobs highly so where the comments on rudeness etc are coming from ???? I am fussy and can only say that we have never experienced issues on cleanliness when we have been there they are always cleaning keeping it looking nice. If you want 5 star service and a la carte fine dining put up your money and stay in Barbados or somewhere. This resort may be the oldest but we see improvements each time and having visited the other hotels this one beats them hands down for the beach and overall relaxed atmosphere. For around £50 a day each all you can drink your accommodation your food the beautiful hot weather and beach what can you moan about really??? I'll be going back again as do many people I have met time and time again Seriously this is a great place, ok no wifi no nightclub no shopping malls but this is a place to just chill and relax and completely unwind

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