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Horizontes Cayo Levisa Hotel, Pinar del Rio Cuba. 3 stars,

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  • Destination: Pinar del Rio
  • Address: Palma Rubia ,La Palma,Pinar del Rio
  • Phone: (53 48)756501
  • Accept child:Yes
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  • Description: Horizontes Cayo Levisa Hotel Cuba

    In the province of Pinar del Rio, on the north coast of Cuba, you will find a marvellous and isolated group of cabins surrounded by the clearest Caribbean waters and coral reefs: Cayo Levisa hotel. The spectacular environment around the installation is very well preserved since access is very limited ( only by boat you can reach the key ) and it is one of the preferred diving areas for scuba diving lovers visiting Cuba. The cabins are well equipped with air conditioners and cold/hot water showers, and a snack bar or a restaurant will serve you good meals after your dive or snorkelling expeditions.

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    24 hrs. emergency medical service, babysitting, beauty salon, bell boy, board games, buffet, business centre, car parking, car rental, conference rooms, cyber cafe, disabled facilities, discotheque, grill, hotel shop, laundry & dry cleaning service 24 hrs., luggage storage, massage, money exchange, motorized water sports, multi-language staff, no smoking rooms, Piano bar, post office, Reception 24 hrs., room services 24 hrs., safety deposit box in room, satellite tv, sauna, scuba diving center, Solarium, swimming pool, taxis, tennis courts, theme Restaurants, tourism bureau,

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    Review about Horizontes Cayo Levisa Hotel
    Awfull Suzannah M

    “Horrendous - more DIY-SOS than beach resort ”
    Cayo Leviso We were looking forward to the beach resort of Cayo Leviso a tremendous amount, as a final, relaxing chapter to our holiday in Cuba. What we encountered was certainly not that! I would like to state that this resort would be more the standard of a backpacker?s hostel than a resort, and I would strongly recommend that you take it off your itinerary, and offer it only as a day trip, to save anyone else going through what we did. It left a bad taste in our mouths, casting a shadow over the rest of the trip. Firstly, the underlying concern/complaint/issue with this resort is the lack of water. The water apparently only arrives to the island once a day, and is heated by solar power. What this meant to us in practical terms is that, on our three days on the island, we would go about 6 hours per day with no water, and when we did have it, it was cold. When the water was turned on, it flowed brown, rendering it unacceptable to brush our teeth in or wash ourselves. At least three times a day we were forced to fill a champagne bucket with sea water, remove the lid of the cistern of the toilet and fill it with sea water, just to flush the toilet. I find that unbelievable, as I?ve paid to be on holiday, not to be stuck in the middle of a DIY-SOS episode. Water is a basic requirement for human habitation, and I find it totally unacceptable that tourists are sent to this island while this is the system. Surely there should be a surplus water tank to prevent it running out. In addition to this, the water was never hot all the time we were on the island. There were also frequent random power cuts. If I had paid for a miserable camping weekend, I would have been better prepared than I was on Cayo Leviso. Secondly, we arrived on the island at c.11.30, and were told we were not allowed to check into our cabins straight away, and must wait for check in at 2pm. We were told to have lunch and enjoy the beach. We went into the restaurant, and were told ? despite the fact that the resort was sold to us as all inclusive ? that we had to pay for lunch because we were not yet checked in. Thirdly, the standard of accommodation in the cabin we were given initially was appalling. I have attached some photos (and a video) as evidence. The curtains and nets were mouldy, it stank of damp, there was a gap in the door when it was shut (so air con flooded out and mosquitos flooded in), the water flowed brown and the floor tiles (very important in a beach resort where one is mostly barefoot!) was cracked and had sheared off. It takes very little to wash the mould off some curtains. The site is undergoing construction, so there are tools and construction staff dotted about working. This would be fine, except that the construction workers work until 9/10pm at night. This obviously does not fit with a holiday resort where people pay money to come and relax. Fourthly, the attitude of the staff was awful. I complained to the receptionist on the second day (after my boyfriend?s complaints on the previous day had fallen on deaf ears) and had to demand that we were moved from our mouldy cabin straight away. I unfortunately had to get angry and raise my voice for him to take us seriously, as his response to my boyfriend?s previous complaints was ?come back later at 9?, ?I?ll do it tomorrow?; ?I?ll sort it out later?. I would have understood if he was busy, but he sat in the office chatting to the other staff. In this instance, he gave us keys to three new cabins to look at and choose from, which we did. This is in contrast to our conversation with him on the first day when we initially asked to move, and we were told there were no other rooms! I asked to speak to the manager, and was told he was not here, and that everyone complains. In the same vein, every meal time we would eat in the restaurant. We shared the restaurant with the other tourists, and the rest of the staff. The staff eating received far better service than paying guests, and we were treated as an inconvenience when we asked for anything. They would lay the staff table before even asking us if we?d like anything to drink, and talk back and forth over everyone else?s dining tables, loudly dominating the room and creating an unwelcome atmosphere. The staff attitude to everything is a shoulder shrug and an ?oh well? facial expression. If they want the tourist dollar, they have to do something for it. Overall, the place is run by amateurs, and it shows. I wasn?t expecting a European standard of hotel, and I understand Cuba (and its hotels) suffers shortages for various reasons, but basic customer service and cleanliness should be the absolute minimum. I?m furious I?ve paid money for this, it was honestly appalling.

    Awfull londongirl05

    “Go for a day trip - do not stay over”
    Apologies in advance for the long review, but I think anyone considering booking this hotel should have all the facts in front of them, before making a decision. Last week, my boyfriend and I were booked in for a 2-night, full-board stay at the Cayo Levisa hotel. We are both experienced travellers, used to all sorts of different accommodation experiences and had lowered our expectations of what to expect at the Cayo Levisa Hotel, based on the reviews below. I will start by explaining the positives. - The location This really is a piece of paradise on earth. The beach is beautiful, the island virtually uninhabited and the sea is crystal clear. The snorkeling is impressive and you get to see some huge shoals of beautiful tropical fish. - Transport It is very easy to get from Vinales to Cayo Levisa. A scheduled Transtur coach runs from the main square in Vinales twice a day to the ferry port and a boat then takes you on a 40 minute journey to the island. It is straightforward. There are two ferries each day, so you can choose to go in the morning, or evening. - Staff The staff who work at the hotel and friendly, helpful and make awesome cocktails! - The hotel design The hotel is tastefully designed and is built in keeping with the natural environment. If you have a choice of rooms, opt for one of the newer rooms - these are called 'tropical' on the booking sites and have newer furniture, aircon and a fridge. - Activities Depending on whether you want to have your time planned or not, you will find this point good or bad. There are a range of activities on site that would put Kellermans in Dirty Dancing to shame! They are optional though, so dont feel you have to take Salsa classes, Spanish lessons, or play beach volleyball. And now for the negatives.... - Hygiene I appreciate that this is an island and that water needs to be shipped over from the mainland, but I have huge misgivings about how and when this happens. In theory, water is brought over each day, with the first boat of tourists. This means water arrives on the island around 10.30am. The water then gets pumped around to each hotel room, meaning you should have running water by 11am. The water lasts as long as possible, but no more water will be delivered to the island until the following morning, when the boat arrives again. This means breakfast is prepared and served without water. I do not want to know how the chefs manage to serve a hygienic breakfast without water..... - water When you do have water, it comes out of the taps a murky brown colour. Even after running the water for a few minutes, the brown colour doesn't go. There is no warning about this- had we known, we would have been prepared and had more bottled water on hand to brush our teeth etc. The key concern here is that the shower water is brown too. If you want to shower, you will be doing so in murky water, so you never truly feel clean. After showering, you will dye the towels brown as you dry yourself off from the murky water. Not pleasant. We arrived on the 10.30am boat and were told that it would take a few hours for our room to be ready. The housekeeping staff turn up for work on the same boat and need a few hours to prepare the rooms. This doesn't bother me, but is worth keeping in mind that you will not be able to check into your room straight away if you take the morning boat. It took about two hours for us to check into our room (which was a new, tropical room). We were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the room, having braced ourselves, based on the reviews below. Despite checking in after midday, we still didn't have any water- this means those guests staying the night before would have gone more than 12 hours without being able to flush the toilet. We asked the staff to turn the water on, this was done and within 20 minutes we had (murky brown) water in the room. At no point were we told that the water would be switched off later that day.... We spent the day on the beach, had a murky brown shower, had a (basic) but edible meal in the restaurant and went back to our room in the evening. Unfortunately, both my boyfriend and I were ill in the night (I am trying not to think about the reasons why...) and we were unable to flush the toilet. At 7am in the morning, we struggled back to the reception to ask for our water to be switched back on, only to be told that the island had run out of water at 10pm the previous night and wouldn't have anymore until the boat arrived at 10.30am later than morning. We asked for a bucket to get seawater out of the sea to attempt to clean the toilet, only to be told that the island didn't have a bucket. You can imagine the thoughts running through our head.... we then bought bottles and bottles of water to flush our toilet with - we were literally pouring money down the toilet. To calm ourselves down, we went to the beach for the morning, returning at 2pm, only to find the water still wasnt on!! This meant the guests staying that night had been without water from 10pm to 2pm, not being able to shower or flush the toilet, yet somehow, breakfast and lunch had been served.... I am lost for words. We decided we couldnt stay there any longer and left a night early, taking the evening boat back to the mainland. It was a real shame, as this was meant to be our last two nights of our holiday in Cuba, which until this point had been beyond amazing. A few reviews mention the rat-like creatures that live near the hotel. There are a lot of these, but they are cute to watch and quite shy. In terms of size, they are like rabbits. I didn't mind them being there and it was quite interesting to watch them. If anyone was thinking about going to Cayo Levisa, I would definitely encourage them to go. BUT, I would strongly urge people to visit for a day trip and not stay over. You simply cannot operate a hotel without running water and at the moment, for whatever reason, the hotel isnt able to store enough water to service its needs. This is worrying, as when we stayed, it was low season and I would estimate that the hotel was operating on only 20% capacity. How long people would have water for during high season is questionable. The hotel is also expanding - workmen were building new rooms when we were there. I can only hope that they prioritise a large water tank during this construction, or they are only going to make a severe problem even worse. I hope this review is useful. If you are going to stay there, you should go into the hotel knowing all of the facts. In summary, the location could not be more stunning. The hotel could not be less hygienic.

    Awfull Bjørn L

    “Cancelled stay! ”
    Be carefull to plan a stay at this location. We booked 5 nights here, and pre-paid two weeks before we got there. The day before we were to arrive we heard rumours from our Casa owner in Vinales that the hotel might be closed because of lack of water. Early next morning I called the number given to me upon booking, and were told that there were no problems. As instructed we got to the docks (45 min taxi from Vinales) and were told that the Hotel was closed. Not contacting your guests, and not having correct information when called, when something like this happens is unacceptable.

    Awfull lewisbish1

    “Worst hotel in Cuba ”
    The beach is great. The water is clear and the sand is white. But this hotel is shocking. Yes the idea of hut-like accommodation right on the beach is great and they're not that bad. But the staff were useless, uninterested and more occupied with the TV than the customers. The food was disgusting and the same thing pretty much every night so it got boring very quickly. The whole place just felt dirty. We couldn't wait to leave and when we did it felt like a breath of fresh air. This place is way too expensive to feel that way. The location is beautiful but the hotel and staff are ruining it. There needs to be a competitor or a standards authority to save this place. AVOID IT. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

    Awfull world-traveller8725

    “Nice place - all in a neglected condition - personal disinterested ”
    We stayed in Cayo Levisa just 2 nights, unfortunately there was a strong cold wind and most of our time it was raining ? therefore there was no thought of swimming or snorkeling... The reception was pretty cold & plain and quite desinterested all the time. Our junior-suite was spacious with king-size bed, place to sit, separate bath-room and outdoor-shower. Unfortunately all is in a neglected condition (the wooden planks are broken, the hammock as well and in the shower, if there is any water, the water looks as a deep brown morning coffee...and the water covers the floor in the bathroom). We asked at the reception to repair, nothing has happened! The dining-hall looks pretty cold, there is a small buffet (morning and evening with a little variety of fish or meet). On one side of the small island there are mangroves, on the other side (where the bungalows are located) there is a fine white sand beach with some deckchairs. Maybe the water could be nice for snorkeling (depending on the weather). >>> After we travelled through Cuba for 3 weeks, so we recommend this place with restrictions! Your demands must not be high ? even if the prices are to high you have to accept the trouble and enjoy the nature!

    Poor louiselock

    “Frustrating to say the least... ”
    My friend and I arrive in Cayo Levisa and were immediately wowed by the white sand, crystal clear water and picturesque palm trees though this initial reaction was to swiftly change. We were told from the day of booking that ALL meals were included. Not true. We were expected to pay for the first lunch as check-in opened at 3pm and we arrived before that time and therefore were not 'officially guests' yet. Our cabin was something a you could put together from a DIY flat pack as the walls were paper thin and very basic. It is also important to know that not all cabins are on the beach. Ours was next to a building site so instead of viewing a warm golden sunset we were instead presented with a bright orange cement mixer. The icing on the cake was then to discover the water and electricity went off around 9am until around 7pm. In my opinion this is totally unacceptable for any form of accommodation. When we politely asked if we could possible have a couple of bottles of water off our bill as we bought them purely to wash with the manager told us to speak to the bar man and walked off. The bar man said speak to the manager and so on. We did not get any free water for compensation. The manager then ignored us for the rest of our trip. Finally, the place is infested with large rat like mammals. The waiters were feeding them which of course did not help when they later begged for food whilst we were dining. Will not be going back.

    Poor BrightonianMiss

    “Funny, looking back on it... ”
    We set out with high hopes from the jetty, having parked our car and been smilingly ripped-off by the car-park attendant (9 CUCs to leave the car for three nights, and oh dear, he doesn't have any change from a 10 CUC note!)...but the weather was closing in, and though we managed a couple of hours in the sun it began to rain by late afternoon, and by dinner time a full howling gale was in progress. The chalet leaked like a sieve and we had to use every towel, bin and even ashtray at our disposal to try and stem the flow. To add to the fun our loo refused to flush, and after a couple of calls the maintenance man turned out to fix it, but was then too intimidated by the flying coconuts and torrential rain outside to leave, so we got to know him for a while. Hubby ventured out to try and get some more towels but was told with a shrug that the laundry hadn't turned up that morning. The TV didn't work so we knocked ourselves out with rum and shivered under the damp blankets for most of the night. In the morning we refreshed ourselves with cold showers (not by choice) and an ongoing battle with the loo. Our clothes were all damp by then and smelled for the rest of our trip. We felt like tramps. The weather didn't improve much, which of course the staff have no control over, but boy there are some surly miserable people working there. A couple of the chefs and one of the bar staff were contrastingly cheerful and pleasant, but in the main the staff at Cayo Levisa seem to hate their customers. The food was pretty bland (unless you order the lobster, which was very good but make sure you get your order in early and don't expect any extra cutlery like crackers or fine forks to enable you to eat it all) and on our last morning we had to discreetly spit our cornflakes back into the bowl as they had obviously been left out for days and turned to cardboard. Even by Cuban standards, this was a pretty shonky establishment. Such a shame as with that stunning location it could be great...anyway, we can look back on it and laugh now. More or less. Oh and watch out for the huge rats - people have been stupidly feeding them, and they've got rather over-confident. Always look behind you...

    Poor MarliesCharlot

    “Basic stay ”
    We didn?t like this hotel. Many of the employees were not that friendly, eg the man at the reception who didn?t even look in the eyes or welcomed you in a positive way. No passion in their eyes, you feel as unwished but your money is wished. You want to feel like a welcome guest but it doesn?t feel like that at all. On the other hand some of the cooks and cleaners were very friendly. The rooms are really good, spacious. The food was not good, very basic. We had bad luck with the weather but we are convinced that the beach is great in the sun. It is a real little paradise.

    Poor Max S

    “Not so good hotel on close to perfect beach ”
    For a very proud price of around $70 per person I was disappointed with the hotel. I would not mind the mediocre food too much, but our (one of the older ones) bungalow was not well in shape and had quite a healthy population of cockroaches. Talking to other guests, there seem to be huts without this annoyance, so you might want to check with the (somewhat disinterested) management. However, the beach, water and sunsets are among the best I've seen so far. Particularly nice was that the hotel was not fully booked and so you had a superb beach almost on your own.

    Poor Cleverclogs150800

    “Disappointing ”
    Our experience at Cayo Levisa was very different to the review I read on this site! The ferry left a little late with a mass of Dutch day trippers which was no problem. We were met with a welcome drink but had to wait until 4p.m for or room. We did not have one of the newer rooms but were 'sea front'. The room had supposedly been cleaned but the little terrace was filthy, the door to our room was almost impossible to open and close and the bathroom filled with cockroaches as soon as the light was turned off. The resort regularly ran out of water to have showers, wash hands etc. We thought we had an all inclusive deal but found we had to pay for our lunch on the first day despite the fact we were leaving after breakfast on our last day. We had to pay for every drink, including water, which also surprised us as we had believed it was 'all inclusive'. The food was virtually the same at lunch and dinner everyday and the buffet was pretty unappetising. Having said that the chef freshly cooked fish and chicken at every meal which was great and meant there was always something OK to eat all be it a bit boring. We felt we had to hand out money constantly settling up every drink bill daily, paying to 'rent' beach towels etc. The beds were comfortable and the aircon worked well which made a change from other accommodation in Cuba! The beach was nice, white soft sand but the sea was a bed of seaweed a few meters off shore, so no snorkelling as nothing to be seen which was disappointing. We found the manager to be extremely unfriendly and unhelpful ~ perhaps he was just fed up with complaints from customers over no water etc. Certainly wouldn't go back & would need to try out a different coast line to be convinced Cuba was a good destination for a beach holiday!

    Average Weizbauer

    “The hotel rooms were nice but the food was bad ”
    We stayed one night on Cayo Levisa and we had a good time. The rooms were tidy and we had a tv, unfortunately it rained through the roof but we were able to change the rooms and in the second everything was fine. We had direct access to the beach and the waiter went around to take orders which was really convenient. The activity program was plenty full. One could choose between snorkeling, diving, salsa dances and Spanish dances. Unfortunately the food was really really bad but there were no alternatives. In general, I would recommend going to Cayo Levisa because the beach is just amazing.

    Average ElCubanito1

    “So much potiential ”
    I stayed at this Cubanacan hotel with a Swiss/Cuban couple who lives in Cuba. First of all I would like to point out that a Cuban citizen needs a terrible lot of paperwork to be done before being allowed to take the boat to this island - be prepared if you want to go there with Cuban friends living in Cuba! I had already seen a lot of wonderful pictures of this lovely island on the internet and was looking forward to our stay. Well: the beach will not disappoint you: it is clean, the water clear and there were enough sunshades for everybody. As for the hotel: there are roughly three categories of cabanas and the oldest ones (standard) are right on the beach so you can almost drop our of bed into the sand. But be aware: these cabanas are OLD and badly maintained: mattresses are used, the bathrooms (including the sewer system) in dreadful conditions - not to be recommended. My friends though had a very comfortable Junior Suite which can really be recommended (I cannot judge the "Tropical" cabanas of the third class which look nice from the outside though). As for the rest of the hotel: it seems that a new reception and a new restaurant are being built - which is absolutely necessary: the present facilities are in sad shape and I truly hope that the variety and quality of the food will improve with this investment: as for the present, there is the same tiny buffet with tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, rice, beans and maybe some meat for lunch and dinner and the additional meat and fish from the grill are not a big variety. The best (strangely enough) was the pasta made to order. Beverages are not included in the prices and are very high for Cuban standards at a hotel of this middle class. What really disturbed us during our stay though were the frequent power shortages: every now and then the generators would be turned off and there was no power or water available throughout the entire hotel. A worker told us that the hotel had only a certain amount of fuel allotted - more during high season, less during off season) and that the generators were so old that they used about the double amount that a new generator would they were forced to shut off the machines during the day for longer or shorter periods.... Staff was OK, not really interested (Cubanacan has no management contracts with foreign hotel chains and is sort of an all Cuban, State run chain). As I write in my title: SO MUCH POTENTIAL! It is a shame that this hotel is lacking maintenance, loving attention to details, people interested in the service of the hotel - and yes: a certain amount of investment is needed to bring it up to a level which would enthuse its guest an bring them back. But if..... it would be a little paradise. As for now, sadly enough I would not recommend it for more than two or three nights - at a Junior Suite!

    Average NAOMI Y

    “dream island ”
    The island is beautiful and nice boatride. Rooms are ok but they dont tellyou that they shut the water off at night. slow check in. avarage food. beautiful beach. STAFF PARTIALLY HELPFUL.AYOU CAN GET BETTER VALUE

    Average MA K

    “Amazing day at the beach - average food and staff, and cockroaches and huge rats at night ”
    The location is amazing. You have an exotic island almost to yourself, throughout the day we had the most amazing time (we were lucky with the weather). In the evening however things changed. The tree rats, Jutias/Hutias species, appeared in the dozens living under the "suites" of the Hotel. I mean, the rats are so big they are almost a cute animal.. and they are indigenious in the Caribbean so I guess you can find them anywhere. But you can hear them squeaking in the night. Ok that wasnt the problem. The unstoppable cockroaches that entered the room from a hole behind the sink during the night were the problem. One of them was in the toilet water chilling, so we couldnt use the toilet during the night.. because we couldnt flush it down, bc there was no running water in the room at night. It was pretty intense. Anws the place was super nice and had a nice time, just we didnt sleep at all at night. I recommend to go there for a one day trip.

    Average limpyimpy

    “Unbelievable location, nice staff, average food”
    We stayed in a 'standard' hut which could have done with some repairs and a general update, but the location 15 steps from the turquoise sea was unrivalled. I suspect the newer cabanas are far far better, but we weren't keen on the newer 'section' further along the beach away from reception, very luxy, air con, brand new, but a bit soul-less and the one we saw wasn't laid out too well. NO rooms have double beds, all twins. As seems usual with island places, drink were over priced (3CUC for water) and the full board menu would be boring after more than 3-4 days. Standard huts are overpriced but almost worth it for the location. Snorkelling trips are expensive (18CUC) but good. Beach volleyball/games are there to be used, but there's not much else to do than swim & sun. Good sunsets if you walk all the way to the far left end of the beach.

    Average Erwin H

    “Bounty beach, weak service ”
    The beach island has it all. Great beach, nice cabins, no dogs cars pollution and so on, a real getaway. Unfortunately, the hotel is state owned, meaning weak services. Buffet food is quite dull, except for the fresh meat and fish from the stove. Most waiters are uninspired guys without the urge to be proactive in any way. If you can look through this, the island is fascinatingly remote and beautiful. Wouldn't have changed this place for one in tourist-laden overrated Varadero.

    Average langvass

    “Visit to paradise? ”
    On arrival we were told that our prepaid voucher was not valid. Some "number" was not in place. On our return to Havana the "Vijajes San Christobal" refunded the money. They came up with confirmation number and seemed to have done proper work. We belive this was a case of double booking and general malfunction in the Cuban travel cartel. To be fair the "turn away" was done in a civil way with a free lunch and a day-stay. But this played an exspensive havoc with our total travel plan. A party of 12, including our children and grandchildren, had booked from Norway and were admittet. We will pool our experiences with theirs and give a review: In good weather bungalows, beach and diving was paradise. With wind and rain You are cooped up under leaking roofs. The giant rats were fun, but bites. My daughter and grandchildren were scared when returning on the ferry in windy weather. My observation was old wessel, loaded to the plimsoll mark. Unprofessional crew, and on our arrival, only one life-west aboard. Conclusion: Visit a real paradise, but bring good weather and an iron cast reservation! -And mind the rats!

    Average AzucenaLondon

    “peaceful location but watch out for full board con”
    Enjoyable for a short beach stay, we had 2 nights which was right for us .On arrival we were told we had to pay for our lunch that day - although the company who booked it for us assured us it was included.They insisted that as check in was not officially till 4pm we were not hotel guests until then and therefore not entitled to lunch - we could have lunch on our last day [ as check out was 12pm we would not officially be guests then either], when I pointed out we were leaving at 9am so would not be there this was considered irrelevant. We had a very unpleasant argument over this and the restaurant manager became quite aggressive, as if he was going to throw us out, but we refused to back down and tried to ring our agents [ but no phone signal] ,shortly after, having seen us on the phone, the manager came and told us it was all OK and we could have our lunch. Previous reports have mentioned this problem and I think unless one stands up to them it provides a nice money spinner. The manager sat at a desk with a little box labelled tips, needless to say he did not get one from us - he was extremely rude . Apart from this we enjoyed our stay , liked the simple beach cabin accommodation and the food if one chose the freshly cooked to order option was good - the chefs very friendly and good, they did get a tip.

    Average madyMontreal

    “Fabulous beach, great room and the worst food ever! ”
    What a pity! We stayed there for 2 nights thinking of extending if we liked it... Being aware of some of the bad reviews in TA, we preferred to wait and see. Excellent decision, we left after the third day because the food was really bad. Really lovely beach with lots of lounging chairs available. Perfect. We stayed in a junior suite, very large room, clean, well appointed with a/c, cable TVs., a separate toilet and a double shower, a sitting area with sofa, a balcony with chairs and hammock...Excellent. The downside to this hotel is the very poor quality and the very limited choice of foods on the buffet. We were offered the same choices day after day, the food being recycled from one meal to the other; not very appetising to say the least. Breakfast is served in the main buffet restaurant only , lunch and dinner is a bit better at the other outside restaurant at the far end of the property, eat there instead of the main buffet.

    Average Megal1th

    “Great beach, ok hotel”
    The island is definitely worth the visit for the beach and the nice huts (we stayed in the newer huts furthest away from the main area). I would not stay here for more than a few days thought. The lobby and restaurant area is simple and the food varies from decent to bad. There is a buffet at every meal, but they also cook better food for you on order. A let down on this beautiful island was the very noisy generator behind the restaurant area, but it wont distract you to much, that is if your not staying in one of the huts closes to it.

    Very good Voorburg_Holland

    “Cabanas on the beach ”
    The only hotel (full board) at the little island. The beach is nice, with enough chairs and places to sit in the shadow. There are different cabanas, some right on the beach, others (the newer ones) just behind it. The restaurant serves a buffet. The quality of the food is okay. You will hutillas, walking around the hotelgrounds, not afraid of people. You can also go the island on a day trip. Sandwiches and drinks are available there.

    Very good sonia E

    “A lovely place. ”
    OK.....we read the reviews and were ready for the worst! We had one of the older cabins frontline to the beach and we loved it, to fling open the curtains and look at the view was one of the highlights of our holiday. It is an island they don't switch the water off at night, but they do run out and have to wait for the boat to bring more across. We fetched sea water in the bin liner to flush the loo! We didn't mind this is made us laugh when we saw other people doing the same! Jutia (the large rodent animals) are harmless and great to watch, they are only around in the evenings and at night, and if for heavens sake they poo on your terrace over night, chuck a bucket of water over it or wait for the cleaning staff to come!! The food is fairly plain, but there is plenty, and with a chef to cook things for you there and then there is enough choice. The staff... we found them to be pleasant and helpful. They also run fitness sessions, Salsa dancing, Spanish lesson and lots more. If you want top quality then don't stay here and moan, there are enough reviews to tell you what to expect. If you want a beautiful beach, and have a sense of humour then you will love this wonderful place. Enjoy.

    Very good Steph_Mika

    “Great stay here ”
    Despite many negative comments about this place we decided to go anyway because we really wanted to visit a beach that was close to Vinales. We stayed 2 nights in Cayo Levisa and had a really good time. We stayed in one of the newer cabins. The rooms were spacious and clean. The only problem we had was that there was not enough pressure coming from the shower head. The couple next door to us however did not have any prolems with this so it was probably just bad luck. We found the food to be not as bad as a lot of people mentioned in their reviews. We have quite high standards and aren't really fond of buffets but this really was not as bad as we expected it to be. Of course there is room for improvement but I think that is always the case with buffets. Breakfast was nice, especially the omelet the cook prepared for us. We had dinner once in the open air restaurant where the quality was indeed somewhat better. In general we expected the food in Cuba to be bland but we really did not have one single bad experience food wise during our trip. All the was good, fresh and tasty. Maybe we just had luck but we think that if we did not encounter bad food in 2 weeks that it couldn't have just been a coincidence. We also found the service to be very very good. Not once did we experience a rude host. The people were very friendly, attended us with a smile, made jokes, were all so humble and all wished us a good trip home when we left. I think that if you treat the staff with respect and with a smile that you will get a lot in return. I think it also helps if you try and make an effort in speaking some Spanish. The beach was beautiful. Snorkeling was also a very nice experience - highly recommended for just 18CUCS.

    Very good Schreuder

    “Wonderful small island ”
    Cayo Levisa is a great island to visit for 2 or 3 days. Many people combine it with a visit to Viñales and/or Las Terrazas. The new cabins are spacious. The food in the main restaurant is indeed bland, but there is a second, open-air restaurant now where the chef grills fish or meat as you wish. I had the best lobster there of my whole stay in Cuba. Diving and snorkling are organized daily. Staffwas friendly. For me a better option than Varadero with its sterile " all-inclusive" hotel chains.

    Very good wmd6

    “2 restaurants, one has better atmosphere, the other has better food ”
    There are 2 restaurants, one at reception and one further down the beach. It is an all inclusive beach resort except for drinks and lobsters and prawns. There is a buffet for all meals but there is a chef who cooks your eggs depending on how you like it for breakfast and cooks pork, fish and pasta for lunch and dinner. Lobsters and prawns are available at an extra cost of 17.50 CUC and 15 CUC, respectively, for lunch and dinner. Wine choice is very limited to the extent that there could be only one white and one red. The restaurant down the beach : It is opened Mon-Fri for lunch and dinner. It is smaller, a better location, quieter and feels more exclusive. The chef spoke good English and was very pleasant. The lobster he cooked was not fresh, most probably frozen so the texture was not good but he did use garlic and white wine. The fish was good. The main restaurant by reception : It is noisy with a TV constantly on as well as music blasting and has very bright lights in the main outdoor area but round the corner, is a quieter outside area which can be reserved for dinner if you order lobsters or prawns. This area is closed off in the evenings to give it a more exclusive feel and the tables are set up much nicer. There is also indoors dining which is canteen style. In the evenings, you can also request to dine on the beach which is more romantic but again requires ordering lobsters or prawns. The lobsters were plain grilled on the BBQ but perfectly cooked and fresh. If you choose not to pay up for the extras, the fish is a good option. It is not a very flavoursome fish. It is simply fried but fresh. You can request for onions (there is no garlic) and chilli flakes to be added to improve it and if you are lucky, lemon which is not always available.

    Very good sham i

    “great get away from havana ”
    just got back from cayo levisa. We loved it. we were there just one night, but the kids wanted to stay longer. Don't expect anything from cayo levisa hotel :). Just go for the beach and relaxation. Food was dull as everyone said. Grill fish, some green salad. Grill lobster too for 17 cuc. 2 night is way enough! When they say all inclusive it means food, no drinks. Beach towels, we had to rent for 2cuc a day. Bush rats everywhere. kids were happy. husband and kids went on snorkeling tour. they liked it. the people were nice but don't expect service. welcome to Cuba! we stayed room # 16 and 17. The rooms were nice and clean (Basic). The Ac didn't work in room 17 so they gave us #18 to sleep in. we were lucky cos it wasn't crowded. i can't imagine if there wasn't other room! My husband will die ! So in all we love it! bring a good book :)

    Very good Ruth K

    “Beautiful and well recommended! ”
    I came here with my family in July 2013 as part of our trip around Cuba and this is one of the stand out experiences for me; it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. The beach was pristine, the sea was clear and warm and the sunsets were amazing. The day-trippers were not a problem at all as the beach never felt full or crowded, you felt like you had your own space. We found the staff to be very helpful and friendly and the food was lovely. We particularly liked how they would cook eggs/meat to your taste. We did try the snorkelling which we really enjoyed, just the right amount of time with good equipment. The ferry to the island was difficult to find as we went quite early on in our holiday and were not quite used to the roads or 'directions' available in Cuba but that is all part of the fun and adventure of the country! Overall, a great stay and one that I would thoroughly recommend!

    Very good PaulRobbo1

    “Very very peaceful with fantastic sunsets, but dull food as ever ”
    Really nice chalets with good aircon and good bathrooms. Water can be an issue - they ran dry one morning and showers aren't hot (but who needs a hot shower in this heat!). 20 metre walk to the beach is ideal and its never crowded even when the day trippers come. Food is edible but as with all Cuban food dull, although the fresh cooked meats are fine - bring your own chilli sauce to spice it up. The mojitos are good here but they will only use Havana Club if you insist. The snorkelling excursion is a must do as you won't see anything good from the beach - 30 minute boat ride to the reef and 45 mins snorkelling is enough to see lots of colourful fish. Walk to the north end of the resort beach and battle through some undergrowth to get round the corner to deserted beach for real peace.

    Very good jdstumble

    “Beautiful beach, interesting resort ”
    I stayed here for one night. The beach is absolutely beautiful! I was in a newer bungalow, so it was far from the restaurant/main area. Everything here is elevated ie walkways above ground for the preservation of the foliage, etc. My bungalow was really clean and pretty! However I could not get the A/C to work for quite some time, and after some staff came to help and got it working, it took forever to cool. Not such a big deal as I wasn't in my room much! After the day trips left, there were only about 20 of us left, so I felt like I had much of the beach to myself, which was fantastic! This resort has really nice rooms and a great outdoor bar in the far end of the resort. However, the main bar and restaurant really aren't that good. The food was not good at all, very basic and dinner seemed to be recycled from lunch. Vegetarians won't have much option here. I found out, though, that eating dinner at the outdoor bar at the far end of the resort is much better, fresh fish and chicken option! Not much happening when I was there at night, just a DJ playing really loud music and few people having drinks. It might be different during high season. I really did like this place, but the food....that's where the stars are taken off. It really should be better based on price. Oh, and the fact that you need to actually rent extra towels if you need them! Otherwise it's beautiful and peaceful and worth a visit. Also--note that the bus does NOT meet the morning ferry so if you are going back to Havana/Vinales/etc, you need to make taxi arrangement ahead of time to meet the morning ferry. The bus does meet the evening ferry, however.

    Very good Amy C

    “Brilliant for a couple of days of relaxation after Havana ”
    We arrived at the port 4 hours before our boat to Cayo leVisa was scheduled due to misguided information from our travel agent. However, a boat was going to the island carrying cargo just after we arrived and they offered us a lift- the crew even made us mojitos during the journey! This meant we arrived before the majority of people to check in that day and were given cabana 25 which is in a perfect location- right in front of the beach and away from any noise. The cabana isn't luxurious but it was more than adequate, and clean. The beach is just absolutely beautiful and very very quiet. The food, as other people have mentioned isn't great but to be honest, after a couple of days in Havana I was used to this and the shop sells snacks and ice creams fairly cheaply so if you get sick of same food for every meal you can mix it up . Cayo Levisa is the perfect place to relax- other than go on the snorkelling trip, we did nothing but swim in the sea and read books on the beach and we left feeling brilliant- I would definitely recommend it. The drive from Havana took us 2- 2.5 miles in a taxi which isn't too long but it was also really interesting along the way.

    Very good Simon_Spike_Parker

    “Cayo Levisa - Cuba - The perfect way to relax ”
    We went at the end of May, beginning of June and had a wonderful time. The beach is very clean, it's raked every morning. The resort was generally quiet with mainly adults on site. We did have a large party of Diplomats and their children arrive on the Friday before we left but they were generally well behaved and quiet, as were the children :) We went sea fishing and caught Barracuda and Tuna, the chef cooked the Tune perfectly for us. The fishing should be advertised more as the deep water is less then an hour out and there are Dorado and Marlin being caught regularly. The restaurant is of a reasonable standard, about on par for most we tried throughout Cuba. It's basic, honest food without many frills and the short order chef prepares fish, stakes, chicken and lobster etc to order. We'd go again in the future.

    Very good Alana W

    “Good Beach Destination ”
    This was a great way to end my vacation in Cuba. The beach was beautiful and the staff offered many off shore excursions. The newer rooms located further into the island were great with modern amenities. The restaurant onsite was not great. Only served basic food that was definitely not up to the standard of food I experienced in other parts of Cuba. Overall a great stay on a relaxing and completely secluded beach.

    Excellent Dee B

    “Amazing beach !!!”
    So before we arrived at Cayo Levisa, we expected the worse after reading previous reviews - even to the point we brang bottles of water as the review mentioned lack of water. But when we arrived it was a completely different story - as soon as we arrived we were amazed by the beautiful beach. We were given a place right on the beach and they explained we would have running water 24 hours a day as I asked and that lunch wasn't included on the first day, but was included on the last day. We quickly went to explore our cabin and was very happy - it was basic but has everything you need, TV, mini fridge, air con. The shower pressure wasn't great and it was cold but we were happy to settle with that! We went straight to the beach and to our surprise one of the staff members popped over and took an order for some cocktails and then went back to the bar to get them for us - amazing service here! Cocktails on the beach! He's name was Orlando and he was great, he told us all about the island and Cuban life along with checking in on us regularly to make sure we had everything we needed. The food is very basic, eggs for breakfast, buffet fof lunch and dinner but the chef is great and will grill a selection of meat and fish for you. Overall the staff were great, the rooms were comfortable and the beach is amazing and we would definitely recommend this to friends, which we have done already.

    Excellent Thomas G. A

    “Wonderful place! ”
    If you want all inclusive with no charm - head for Cayo Jibacoa, you won't have to lift a finger. If - on the other hand - you want the real deal with all the charm, including lack of water at times, but a wonderful staff, from the chef that served us the best of meals (what he does to the fish is fantastic!) to the bartenders, butlers and the rest - this is the place you want to visit! The beach is fantastic! You can sneak away and have a beautiful part of the Mexican Gulf all for yourself whenever you want. There are sunbeds and shades enough for everyone, and if you're lucky you'll stay there at Horlando's shift which is one of the best guys you can meet at Cuba! He gave us a lot of recommendations for further traveling to Vinales and booked everything for us (see my recommendation for Casa Basita in Vinales). To the staff at Cayo Levisa - thank you so much for the excellent stay!

    Excellent Cobbler F

    “Needs pest control ”
    We have been to the island five times and it is wonderful. However, the cuddly mammals/large rodent population has exploded from around 10 last year to maybe 100 this year. They are breeding, large and not shy of humans. While last year, their exotic charm still existed, the animal poo on our balcony and deck chairs in the morning was not a plus point. I am mainly writing this review as I would like to return next year and without pest control (there are no natural predators) there may be a 1000 Jutias (as I believe they are called) roaming around after dusk. As I stated, the island is wonderful.

    Excellent johainsworth

    “Beautiful Island Getaway ”
    The location is brilliant- once you find it. We had a hire car and a less that satisfactory Cuba road map. The road to the ferry is in really bad condition and there are only 2 road signs the whole way there from Vinales. Luckily we kept stopping people who were out and about and checking we were going in the right direction. We nearly turned back numerous times. Anywa, we found it we were rewarded with a beautiful island and relaxing 2 night stay. We stayed in one of the older standard huts which was quite basic and shabby but that added to the experience. It is literally on the beach about 10 meters from the sea. The sand is like powder and the sea is shallow and turquoise blue. The restaurant seemed quite basic as we hadn't been in Cuba for long when we went to Cayo Levisa however we soon realised that for Cuba it was actually quite good. We mainly chose food from the grill which was freshly cooked by the lovely chef. There was a quite a lot of nocturnal activity from the big hamster looking creatures- both nights we had them scratching at the hut, trying to get in! We didn't see any cockroaches though as some reviews report. The water in the hut is turned off in the night, this may be something to do with the noisy generator which is on all day and part of night. For that reason you would be better off with a hut further along the beach. It is a fab location and once the day trippers have returned at 6pm there are only about 100 people left on the island. In the evening there is entertainment with Cuban singers or Cuban dancing lessons. The accommodation is currently being expanded with lots more huts being built too.

    Excellent Milksnatcher

    “A backpackers paradise! ”
    Forget the bad reviews - in a nutshell this place is paradise for anyone that can deal with roughing it a bit. Do not expect 5 star treatment. For a short break away from the busier towns it is nothing but beautiful. The beach and especially the sunset are stunning. There are quite a few daytrippers but once they are gone there are few people left on the island. As long as you can deal with the odd bug and but if dirt then its amazing. Remember you're in Cuba! The food is basic and what you would expect from a cheap all inclusive. Again it's edible but not 5 star. There is some work going on and every now and again a digger drives along the beach. But did I not say you should be able to deal with things here? Because of the expansion I would recommend going sooner rather than later as the island will become only more crowded. The diving was good and a normal charge of 40cuc per immersion. I will always remember this as my paradise island.

    Excellent Laura3214

    “Beach out of this world, nice tiny resort”
    Little beach huts have great views of the beach. Huts are little basic, but perfectly workable. Beach is amazing, so much space not many people. Find a free hammock, order a rum cocktail and enjoy a good book. Next time we'll book long enough a stay for some snorkelling too! If you enjoy large glossy resorts this is not a place for you, but if you like bit of peace and quiet in laid back environment, Cayo Levisa is great. Special thanks to Spanish teacher Inti for verb conjugation lesson - plenty of homework for the long flight home...

    Excellent Skeniver

    “Incredible ”
    This island is beautiful (especially during the low season when it's not crowded). There are loads of little crabs scurrying about and in the late afternoon some big, cute rat creatures (possibly Hutia) come out (they keep to themselves and aren't horrible). The beach is beautiful and they offer plenty to do if you need more than lying on the beach; kayaks, pedal boats, snorkelling, massages, scuba diving, boats trips and daily organised activities. Our room was really big and quite modern and had a great patio (it wasn't one of the sea front rooms). We were very impressed when we walked in! Bar one or two serious chaps, the staff are very friendly (especially the chef on shift when we were there). The food was also very good but could be limited if you stayed there long enough (we did two nights) and the bar was well stocked and fairly priced. We would have no qualms visiting this hotel again (and again).

    Excellent 459SA2013

    “Paradise! ”
    As this is the only hotel on the island you may think you are having to compromise due to lack of choice but this place is amazing! The cabin layout allows for privacy and you are literally staying on the beach! The rooms are kitted out with brand spanking new fittings and amenities and there is nothing you will want for staying here! Idyllic location and atmosphere, clean finely kitted out bedrooms, good food- forget Varidero and go here instead!!

    Excellent TheMupsies

    “Simply wonderful ”
    We arrived at Palma Rubia to catch the ferry to the Cayo just before the recommended time and found that there was only one other couple there. The ferry receptionist told us that when it was ready we would be told. Around 10:00, bus loads of day trippers arrived and boarded the ferry leaving the rest of the people behind. I wanted an explaination why we had been left behind but the receptionist just said there would be another ferry soon. We then had to wait another 45 minutes for the ferry to return. This got us off on the wrong foot to start our relaxing stay on the island. When you arrive you will have to get your own cases to the hotel through the mangrove along a poorly maintained boardwalk. At the hotel reception we were told our room wouldn't be ready until 14:00 and we weren't entitled to lunch that day as we would have lunch on the last day (even though they knew we had to get the early ferry 09:00 to continue our tour on the last day) First impressions weren't good and we were beginning to wish we had taken out tour operators advise and only booked here for 3 days. Anyway we retrieved our swimming costumes from our cases and went to the beach which is wonderful, clean white sand, clear blue sea and considering how many day trippers arrived before us very quite. When we were shown our room, just before 14:00 it was perfect for our 6 night stay. It was the second row, newer bungalows. Large, spacious, well appointed. The seperate shower area was excellent, it had 2 showers, even if used together they were powerful and there was plenty of hot water throughout our stay. The beds were very comfortable and aircon worked efficiently. The veranda was ideal for sitting out in the early evening to enjoy the wine that was supplied whilst watching the Jutias play as the sunset. There was plenty of seating and it had its own hammock, We weren't bothered by mossies at all whilst there in May. Though the sand flys did bite on the beach in the afternoons. If you walk fifty yards in either direction from the restuarant / bar area it turns back to nature and there are paths to deserted beaches where you can be totally on your own. The main beach however when the hotel is full is very quiet and even when the hordes of day trippers (normally turn right) arrive about 10:25 it still seems empty. They have started to build new accommodation past the 20 or so bungalows that are currently there. The restaurant (club house) was simple and all that we needed and the food was excellent every night, There was plenty of choice, cooked buffet was hot and the cooks would prepare freshly cooked meats and sea food day and night (there was an extra charge for lobster). All staff were attentive, helpful and polite and seemed to enjoy their work. My wife would like to recommend the pina colada she believes its the best she has ever tasted if you get the right bar man that is. Over all this was a peaceful retreat, wonderful beach, good food exactly what we were looking for and hope the new development doesn't spoil this place. We hope to return one day to see, but will stay longer next time.

    Excellent sofia1971

    “relaxing place, wonderful sea and landscape. great atmosphere! ”
    I went on this Island at the end of may 2013 for 5 nights and I found this place great! If you are looking for a relaxing place this is the place to go! A wonderful beach, with great sea and sand and nice paths all around the small Island! The colors of thisd palce are unforgettable! and the sunset is an incredible experience! My bungalos was fantastic: directly on the sand and so at 15 metres from the sea!! The hotel was ok and the food as well: not too much and so ok for me! I don't like resort in which they waste and through away food because there is too much to eat!!! The chefs are very good and available if you have particular needs! I can say the same thing for the person at the reception: a nice man, very professional, always available and very open minded! The assistant as well of my tour operator was always very kind and very helpful in some tecnical problem he sorted them out! The peace and silence are sensations that I appreciated a lot!! I need exactly all of this and so I foudn the right place for me! If you are looking for a quiet and relaxing place don't miss it!!!!

    Very good Julia

    wonderful Key
    If you land one of the oceanfront bungalows here, you may never want to leave this idyllic little resort. All the accommodations are individual bungalows, built in two rows parallel to the shore and staggered so they all get an ocean view.

    Excellent Rachel

    Scuba diving Good!!!!!
    Scuba diving and snorkeling are the prime activities here, although you might be able to organize a game of beach volleyball, or get an open-air massage under the shade of palm trees at the water's edge from the resident massage therapist. Dining here is a la carte and the little restaurant serves good fresh seafood and criolla cuisine at reasonable prices.

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