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Club Amigo Rancho Luna Hotel, Cienfuegos Ciudad Cuba. 3 stars,

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  • Destination: Cienfuegos Ciudad
  • Address: Carretera Rancho Luna Km.18 Cienfuegos.Cuba
  • Phone: (53-43) 54-8012
  • Accept child:Yes
  • $ No pricePer person
  • Description: Club Amigo Rancho Luna Hotel Cuba

    The All-Inclusive Club Amigo Rancho Luna Hotel is perfect for scuba-divers, for it is at Rancho Luna Beach, on Cuba’s southern coast, where the seabed is beautiful, rich in fascinating coral formations in both shallow and medium-deep water. The hotel has 222 rooms: 211 standard doubles, 3 suites, 6 junior suites and 2 rooms with facilities for guests with disabilities. General services: Lunches and dinners in natural settings with traditional Cuban cuisine, massages, mud therapy and invigorating mud masks, dance classes and visits to historic places.

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  • Room facilities
    110 volt power
    220 volt power
    air conditioning
    balcony or terrace
    handicap facilities
    hot and cold running water
    private bath
    safety deposit box
    Satellite TV
  • Facilities

    24 hrs. emergency medical service, babysitting, beauty salon, bell boy, board games, buffet, business centre, car parking, car rental, conference rooms, cyber cafe, disabled facilities, discotheque, grill, gym, hotel shop, laundry & dry cleaning service 24 hrs., luggage storage, massage, money exchange, motorized water sports, multi-language staff, no smoking rooms, Piano bar, post office, Reception 24 hrs., room services 24 hrs., safety deposit box in room, satellite tv, sauna, scuba diving center, Solarium, swimming pool, taxis, tennis courts, theme Restaurants, tourism bureau,

  • Food Facilities

    The hotel provides its guests with its own bar and restaurant.

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    Review about Club Amigo Rancho Luna Hotel
    Awfull Janet V

    “Really terrible ”
    The People I met the few minutes I was in the reception area scared me. Drunken guys with girls and children around them, even the receptionist looked scared. Could have been one of those days, but if this is the clientell they usually have I wouldn't be able to sleep.

    Awfull Yanet2014

    “Cuban from Cienfuegos city. ”
    I'm Cuban-Canadian From Cienfuegos City. and I just can tell you that i love my City and iam proud to be a "Cienfueguera" . But im so sad, Tired to deal with a such a Hotel so nasty, disgusting. I feel full of sadness go there with my friends I should be proud for the only and one hotel at beach in The all city , But and Im so disappoint. This Hotel Never change for years been same cheap and poor quality staff and management.Dirty, Unsafe!, poor beach full of dirt and rocks, Poor Food , everythig is So wrong And Iam not happy to wright all this but is the Truth. I implore to all people that haves visiting Hotel Rancho Luna And love Cienfuegos to raise the voices May some organization can do something with this Hotel! and help to do something for that beautiful City. May can improve the tourism business in The near future That place need A Big Help soon! I wish no travel agency sales Rancho luna Hotel until is ready to receive Tourism.

    Awfull Balmoral99

    “Avoid Avoid Avoid ”
    Avoid this "hotel" at any price! It is actually a former base of Russian army. Beds are crappy, sleeping condition horrible! Staff - corrupted, food - terrible, beach - small and rocky. Find a better place in Varadero, pay a little bit more and enjoy.

    Awfull 965zwf

    “to avoid at any cost ”
    just one overnight in a lousy room .The terrasdoor could not be opened because they didn't find the is not attractive at all,wine is disgusting and sparkling water not available.some of our friends did not take the breakfast and byed some food outdoors.

    Awfull Liza j

    “Worst place I've ever been in Cuba! ”
    The rooms have roaches and a lot of humidity I had to get it change, twice. Service is terrible and the food is just horrible. Ok, I went during low season in Cuba, but this doesn't justify the poor elaboration of the scarce options at the buffet and the low quality of the service, just looking for tips. The beach is ok, let's say, but no beach bar was working although I saw the security staff drinking beer behind the bar that said "closed" what???1?!!? I really do not recommend this hotel, maybe during high season is a bit better but is just horrible. Alongside the coast there some particular houses, I went there next day first thing in the morning.

    Awfull TorCru

    “Avoid at all costs! ”
    No running water, uncomfortable beds, air conditioning was poor, I wouldn't touch the food as there were flies everywhere. We had an agency book our accommodation, and if I had on done it myself I would have not stayed here, but didn't think an agency would put us in a horrible place.

    Awfull BMW620

    “Getting worse ”
    I have been to "The Ranch" over a dozen times and have found it in June/2013 to have deteriorated to unacceptable levels. Every day no water at the hotel. Sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes 4 hours and on the last day for 12hours (read no shower for the flight) Not a 3 star hotel by any stretch. Unplanned water outages happen in Cuba but it was the fact that they did not tell us that the water was going off on a planned outage. Other pet pives included them switching beer availability from the poolbar to the lobby bar and vise versa . Not that they ran out, just stopped serving on a whim. No food at the pool bar until 3pm and no food at the beach bar. I counted 32 flies (and stopped counting) at the lunch table on a rather bad and hot day. The only consolation is with this 'service',,,, that even the Cubans are staying away

    Awfull Frank G

    “Stay away.........”
    Came back 16th June, stayed 1 week, this hotel gets worse every year, if you like 2 day old food and the same every day..OK The only good thing is breakfast. The beach bar was closed, the pool bar closed at 7 pm only the looby bar was open. If you like a beer in a plastic cup you had to walk from the beach to the hotel and wait. Only half the tables were se in the dining roomt and you had to wait outside to get seated. When you were seated you were lucky to find a clean glass or serviette it seems the Cuba guests were served before the tourists. If you like your personal belongins stolen.....stay there. The hotel will not do anything about it not even warn other tourists that this happens. I stayed there many years and saw this hotel deteriate more every year. I will not go back to this hotel.

    Awfull allan59

    “caution !!! ”
    Avoid Rancho Luna at all costs !!! This past week 7 rooms were broken into and 5 cell phones , 4 cameras and clothes taken . Security and the Hola Sun rep. blamed the tourists for allowing it to happen . I personally heard them say it to my friend who lost both his cell phone and camera . The cafeteria had no a/c and all the windows closed , it was hotter in there then outside . The Hola sun rep. gave no help or assistance to any of the tourists violated by the other Cubans on the resort . Before this I never would believe the Cuban people were such thieves . The Hola Sun rep. was rude and so anti-tourist , no rep. would have been just as good . If it were free I would not return to Rancho Luna after 10 + years of going there .

    Poor Cubavisitor4532

    “Gross, filled with bugs ”
    There were bugs everywhere. Our room was disgusting and full of mosquitos. I came with a group of people, and thank god the drinks were free because we had to be drunk to go back into those rooms. They charge extra for use of the safe (??). The pool is gross b/c it has no filters so you can see floating spit, etc. This hotel would be acceptable for $20-30 per night. Not more than that. The food is disgusting and almost certainly recycled day after day. Would not return.

    Poor Elina B

    “A base to explore the region, not a proper all-inclusive resort ”
    It was our second trip to Cuba and we decided to go to Rancho Luna because it was only 500 CAD per person. The first negative experience we encountered was at the reception: the guy wouldn't change our room even so there were plenty of rooms available. Only with the help of our agency representative, who was really friendly (from Caribe Sol) we finally got a decent room with a pool view and close enough to the main building to feel safe. However, our window had a broken latch (as seems to be a custom at this hotel). Another points I disliked were the absence of sparkling mineral water at ALL bars during the whole week, dreadful pina coladas, and poor entertainment activities. Basically, there is nothing to do at this resort except for the beach or the swimming pool. The only activity I found was an aerobic class (amazingly good by the way, the coach is really professional), but otherwise the management really cuts on the entertainment budget. Now about some positive moments: the maids do an excellent job cleaning rooms, the food and coffee at the resort are quite good, but you need to arrive among the first to the restaurant because the best choices dissapear quickly; also there are excellent excursions available from Juanita (she is at the réservations desk in the lobby). We did Delphinarium, city of Trinidad, El Nicho and Cienfuegos. All these excursions cost only 35% of Varadero's prices, for example less then 40 peso to swim with dolphins (in other places you pay at least 100). The best transportation option in the area is by taxi, just don't hesitate to negotiate with drivers. By the way, you can go to El Nicho waterfalls by taxi as well (30-35 peso), and pay a small entrance fee (9 peso) directly over there. More economical than an organized excursion and you have more liberty to explore the park on your own. In conclusion, I would qualify this place as a good base to discover the region and to get a great photos, but not really an all-inclusive Cubain resort as we are accustomed.

    Poor k_wfrost

    “Hotel Nada”
    I've been to this hotel 6-7 times; enough to be able to evaluate it properly. This is a bad hotel. The fact that it is categorized as a 2.5 star hotel does not justify the poor service, the dirty conditions around the pool, the very loud music at all hours of the day, the disinterested staff. There are some good people working there but the "mood" of the hotel comes from management. If you want a cheap "vacation" (and I use that term loosely) go there; but only during the off-season. Stay away during peak season. They may get the message; but I doubt it. There are better places in Cuba.

    Poor Nestuapuguei

    “Think "roadside motel" ”
    Think of all the roadside motels you've stayed at. A flop that serves a purpose, but nothing you would consider a destination. Rancho Luna is a good base camp for exploring the region. The excursions are reasonably priced... El Nicho is a "must see", and Cienfuegos as a French-designed city is a good day. The buffet will give you a chance to sample food not normally encountered at AI's... rabbit, stewed goat, beef tongue. Service is geared towards an increasingly Cuban clientèle and their lowered expectations. Bureaucratic, not "unfriendly", but not customer oriented. It starts at the front desk... The word "Passport" must be Cuban for "Welcome". Just joking,.. sort of. That was the extent of my conversation when I arrived, and I can speak passable Spanish. Alerted to increased risk of theft (see earlier reviews), I checked my windows in both rooms I was given ( I refused the first one due to isolated location)... as was mentioned in earlier reviews all windows were unlatched. Curious. I encountered no theft issues (I have a nanny cam for travel), and the maid would not even take the tips I was leaving. In a conversation with her she stated she would not touch anything that she was unsure of. So perhaps they're trying to respond to the theft reports. Passing through for a few days, I had no particular issues with this "motel" as I'm quite experienced with "life on the road". But if you're looking for a standard tourist AI, make sure you do a careful cost-benefit analysis to ensure this place matches your own expectations.

    Poor St3030

    “Disappointed ”
    I wrote before about Rancho Luna. That time was very good review. This time, however, it isn't so. This resort is deteriorating rapidly. The waiting staff in cafeteria is complaisant, and some outright rude. (Luis and Vladimiro). The food was worse that I ever remember. The Ranchon restaurant on the beach was closed for the first week of my-stay. One of the problems that I could identify is: The staff is stealing big time. I have never in no place seen the magnitude of this problem, like here at this resort. It really is a shame. The new Hola Sun rep is rude beyond any possible explanation. I have never encounter any rep that rude. I have been going to this place many times in last 35 years. Wont be going there again in the near future. I have to praise some of the staff, namely: Juanita that does excursion booking, Veronica from PR and GM, for their effort to keep place together.

    Poor Source_code

    “too much prostitution ”
    We spent 5 days in this hotel. Our experience was not that amazing. The hotel was full of old canadian men with prostitutes. It seems like a cheap motel. The prostitutes was there 24/7 with the old men, for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the time in the swimming pool. The beach of the hotel is really bad. There is another beach at 10 min walk that is great. However, you need to share with everyone since it is a public beach and everyone can go there. We went there twice and twice people can to talk with us. And between the two beaches there is always prostitutes trying to make business. The stuff is ok if you tip or give them gifts. In the bar close to the swimming pool, there are panini with cheese and ham (they call sandwiches) and also pizzas (flat bread with cheese and veggies on the top). It is very disgusting because they make it without washing their hands or gloves. They are not clean at all. During the 5 days, I never saw them clean the pool or the ground around the pool. The ground is very dirty and attract mosquitos and flies. The water is full of plastic cups. I would not recommend this hotel for families, couples or seniors looking for a relaxing place. It looks more like a bordello or a motel than a hotel.

    Average Snare1974

    “Charity Cycling Challenge ”
    I stayed here on day 3 of a charity cycling challenge around Cuba, our room was small and pokey and very tired which was over the other side of the complex with lots of stairs to get to with two heavy bags! food average, bar slow one person on the bar! pool looked ok didnt get a chance to use it as only there one night, cant say I would choose it for a holiday one night was enough for me.....

    Average pauladoody

    “Nice hotel, basic but good! ”
    Stayed here for one night on part of charity bike ride across Cuba. It wouldn't be my choice for a family holiday but it was nice. The pool was empty when we were there so it didn't look to attractive but the food was ok! The beach is beautiful, no dispute there. The rooms are very basic and old but did the job for the night!

    Average Ron R

    “Best bang for your buck ”
    Went with my wife for the fourth time, this time for 2 weeks and really had fun. I have read a lot of negative stuff about this hotel, but some people are really ignorant. They don't realize that this is Cuba(no spices in the food), its a 2.5 star hotel(complaining about service,no hot water,beds,pool dirty, watered down drinks and so on) then go and stay in a 5 star hotel, or better just go to Florida and stay at the Sheraton. For those who also complain about prostitution at the hotel, they will be happy to know that now to bring a local girl, she has to be 25 yrs and above. I wonder if these whiners know that prostitution is in your hometown and the strippers are with your dads and grandads too!!! Rancho Luna has started a shuttle bus going to downtown at 9am and back at 12pm and also at 2pm and brings you back at 5pm, for FREE.Also new I found out that passports are required to enter all discos. The staff is extremely friendly,except the front desk(don't know why). Alex(games man) bar staff, maids(very honest) and especially Veronica(PR manager) are doing a fantastic job to make your stay a good one. Will definitely go back again.

    Average HasithP

    “Worth it if you get a good deal ”
    I have stayed at the Hotel three times within the last few years and the most recent being in April of 2013. Cienfuegos is a beautiful city and a more modern city compared to other cities I have visited in Cuba. If you look for a beautiful beach, you should probably stay away from this resort and from Cienfuegos. Trinidad which is an hour away from here has very beautiful beaches. The hotel is very basic, the rooms and food are average. The people and the staff are very friendly. It is about 15 minutes taxi ride to the city which cost around 10-15 CUC. The night life in the city is vibrant. Several clubs (Arthex, Benny More) are always full of locals and tourist. There is also an outdoor club with live groups playing. Then an hour away is a waterfall called el Nicho and it is a must see place. It has a very beautiful, natural, breathtaking view of the mountains and waterfalls. Word of advise, if you go with your family and kids, stay away from this resort. If not it will give you value for your money.

    Average Flyingdutchman951

    “Typical ”
    To say "you get what you pay for" is the correct term to describe this hotel. Old Russian build hotel (same layout as Mayanabo and others)small rooms(request ground floor), small beach, 20 min. out of town (take the local bus), mediocre food (as anywhere in Cuba) lovely staff, excellent entertainment.Suggestions: bring your own mug (better then their small glasses), facecloth (not avail), beachtowel (prevent any hassle), soap, bugspray (esp. in summer month) pillow, and any toiletries and meds you could possibly need If you are there esp. on a Sat. visit this beautiful city in the afternoon and enjoy the nightlife If you are there in low and shoulder season expect many local Cuban (Not always the most polite and gracious) think of it more like a "kid in a candy store" Enjoy and always look on the bright side

    Average Megan T

    “If you get a deal- take it!”
    I can't rave about this resort but my friend and I got a really great last minute deal, so we were very happy for the most part. Balconies don't really exist unless you are on the ground levels. The room we were in was very small but didn't bother us, we weren't there for the room. The beach in front of the resort wasn't the greatest but a little walk to the public beach and it was much better. Though- either beach, you will be asked to give away your clothes, towels, etc. Just the way it is there. The food wasn't great but most places in Cuba for good food- you need to go to a restaurant. Entertainment was hit or miss but when it was good, it was fun. There is a bit of prostitution going on at the resort- I personally found it sad women and young girls need to resort to that but they all kept to themselves, it would never affect you or your stay. Make time to take a trip into the city of Cienfuegos- you really get a great taste of Cuban culture and get to see some really great sites. I would love to go back again and see more.

    Average Leo h

    “Great and very relaxing getaway ”
    The resort itself is clean even with some dogs around the area. My ac worked great, the rooms aren't huge but still comfortable enough for a beach getaway. My maid "candida" kept my room spotless and was very friendly. There was a lot of prostitution near the resort beach but if you said "no" they would leave u alone. It's a short walk to the public beach and some beach bars and restaurants. I did not eat there but have heard the public restaurants aren't that good at the beach. There is a free bus twice daily to Cienfuegos city and some nice historic buildings and shops to check out. I spent most of my time at the resort beach which compared to the public beach isn't that great Rancho luna definitely has a lot of seniors and 40 plus people so if u looking to go hardcore partying this would not be the place, but if u like it relaxed, it's the place to go No issues with all the staff, all treated me great !!! I did tip with hygiene stuff and gifts for the ladies

    Average fredpipes

    “All-in with entertainment ”
    This is an all-in place, the drinks being free, with accommodation in blocks the other side of the pool from the reception and restaurant. However, the beer 'glasses' are small and the mojitos a little weaker than we were used to. The restaurant was self service buffet style, and we had a table next to a pianist who possibly once accompanied Frank Sinatra! Afterwards we were treated to a loud operatic/ dance show with lasers and light show. The sea is the other side of a golf course. Seemed popular with Canadians.

    Average Kit K

    “Only if you can't stay in town ”
    About 10 to 15 minutes from the center of town, the Rancho Luna is a typical low-end all-inclusive. It is run by Cubans rather than as a joint venture and this usually signals a lower quality amenities and services. The hotel is filled with Canadians, many who come year after year to enjoy a discount week in the sun. The food is poor and the drinks worse, but the staff and guests are agreeable. The rooms are clean but basic and the TV worked some of the time. I have stayed here twice only because the Jagua and Union in town were full.

    Average Hazel Y

    “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!! not fancy stuff. ”
    I spent 12 days at Rancho Luna. It was pretty basic but I still had a good time. Disappointed with the beach. The best part of the resort are the great people who work there. (except front desk) those guys could crack a smile once in awhile. I think they hope you will go away and stop bothering them! My maid, Tania was a sweetie. So nice and patient with my sub-basic Spanish. The entertainers, Eduardo and Dennis are such nice people. I took Spanish class from Eduardo and he was so good! No fluff classes I'll say. Dennis is a great dancer and will whirl you through your paces! Great fun. These two young gentlemen really put a lot into their work. I even took a Zumba class and stretching class from Eduardo. He knows what he is doing for sure. Very professional.Relax and enjoy the people FOOD: You will always find something good to eat. It's just different from home. The rice pudding is delicious. No cheesecake etc. but we eat to much fancy stuff at home.

    Average allan59

    “changes made for the better”
    after a few nasty emails to the right people rancho luna management got the message . Every complaint was addressed to one degree or another . I spent a week there the beginning of November and was impressed . I believe the credit for the changes can be given to the lady manager . Unfortunately the Cubans who visit there on the weekends have no respect for the resort and leave a huge mess behind and stealing everything not nailed down . We watched a Cuban woman grab a cell phone from a table as the owner was talking with another tourist and ran out of the resort but was caught on video and the phone was returned . This sort of thing only happens on the weekends but sadly , happens with regularity . Once again Rancho Luna is the biggest bang for your dollar in Cuba .

    Average arangemas

    “Average in every way ”
    There were a lot of maintenance work going on during our stay at the hotel. Our rooms were newly painted and looked clean. Bath rooms were clean with hot and cold water. Air-con was noisy but cooling effectively. We enjoyed the beach at the back of the hotel but watch out for sand flies. The bites were nasty and the itch lasted for over 2 weeks. Food was sufficient and nothing fancy. Service at the restaurant was good with friendly and helpful staff.

    Average nadma

    “Better than the last time on some points ”
    This was my second stay at Rancho Luna but a very short one of 2 nights. It was supposed to be for 3 nights but when I was told the price per night at reception (55CUC) I decided to stay only 2 nights. Way too expensive for what you get at that price!! A casa would be better imho at 25CUC per night. I really liked my room this time around. I specifically asked for a first floor room facing the ocean in building 2. I was happy to get one and it was much more comfortable and nicer than the original 2nd floor room I had last fall. Great water pressure and lots of hot water. Again better than most 4 and 4.5* I've been to on that front. Room was large, A/C worked great and loved the patio door to the small terrace overlooking the horses and ocean. The pool was functioning this time around but I would not go in it. It was dirty in the bottom and not well taken care of. The beach in front of the Rancho Luna is not for swimming but it is a nice wide beach with some shade by some beautiful trees. The beach is well maintained. If you walk 10 minutes to the right towards Faro Luna, there is a nicer public beach there but it is quite busy with locals on the weekends. Yes, this hotel is known for older foreign men bringing much younger Cuban girls in for prostitution. I don't let that bother me as it is none of my business and I knew ahead of time by doing my research so I was prepared. This time, I must say that I was surprised to see a few much younger men there for the same. The food seem a bit better than before but that is not saying much. Maybe it is because I was there only for 2 nights/3 days! That, in my opinion is the major pitfall of this hotel. Even the pizzas at the pool snack were very blah, not appetizing at all. Drinks were ok and service was great as always at the lobby bar by both Nestor and the nice lady who's name I can't recall. Reception ladies were nice and helpful as well. Internet is very affordable here at $6 per hour and it works quite well to check your mail. I got a Taxi from Rancho Luna to Santa Clara through the Havanatur counter and paid more than if I had just gotten the taxi myseld as she took a nice 10CUC cut on top of the regular fare just for calling the taxi. I won't do that again! Live and learn.

    Very good Jeremy J

    Went August 15th to 22nd with 5 friends. To make the long story short , its not where you go is who your with. In this case 5 close buddies. The best part in the resort is the horse back riding. FREE.... we would take the horses to a nearby public beach park the horses and run to the beach... PRICELESS

    Very good valerieBattenMacchio

    “Loved Rancho Luna & going back ”
    I understand that a lot of people who vacation Cuba expect a gold star ! For the price of Cuba ,how can you ask for anything more??I loved Rancho Luna.The best part for me was the entertainment.It was excellent & so close to town.They have bars & restaurants free shuttles to town.Salt water pool!!How can you beat that & to die for pizzas!!The staff was awesome.Rooms okay ,but I didn't go to stay in the room!I'm returning with my husband in Oct for my Birthday & I can't wait.I even made friends from Cuba so I also get updates if anything changes or just to say hi :) Cuba is an inexpensive holiday ,so don't expect to have a royal suite.Get with reality!!Food & Staff & Hotel I'll always give the thumb up!!

    Very good Stephen H

    I suggest to bring your spouse down if your married,I made new friends,most couples.If you keep to that and the men who want to meet Chicas every night you will be okay.I went into downtown one day on the free bus they offer,I had to leave right of way,I took a cab back with a guy named Ricardo,it was the best time i have spent.We stopped for a beer,and he was happy,we stopped at the fruit market so he could get some banana,after he got what he wanted the lady brought me 2 bananas I tried to give her 10 dollars and she said no, Me and Ricardo continued on our way,I pulled out another 10 and asked him to show me the value of hi money,he showed me 50,I gave the 10 and he kissed me(not gay).but with appreciation.I took the 50 and went to my empire learning it was only worth 2 dollars........Did I learn anything? Yes it's better to give than receive.I knew that 50 was worth nothing,but that 10 meant alot to him. The cleaners also meant alot,don't be afraid to tip them,not your room but the ladies doing the lobby.You may hear bad stuff,but I WILL GO THERE AGAIN,AND I AM GOING TO BRING MY WIFE. Too all the people who read this,thank you

    Very good Anna N

    “Very peaceful vacation ”
    I have been to Cuba 11 times. This is the first time I have spent my vacation very close to nature. Swallows woke me up and bullfrogs helpes me fall asleep. It's a nicely spread out hotel, the buildings aren't more than two storeys. The staff are very friendly and accomodate all kinds of needs. They served the best cappucino I have drunk in Cuba at the 24-hour bar. The hotel is wheelchair accesible and I would recommend it for the older or very stressed-out traveller, as it's very quiet and peaceful. There was a large variety of food, I was surprised by the amount of meat served in many different ways. The proximity of Cienfuegos and Trinidad means you can't get bored. You can rent a car or take the bus provided by the hotel. It's a paradise for scuba divers, the coral reef is very close and the school is excellent. I liked the instructor very much, he was very professional. There are also horses for those who like to ride, and I saw an Arab -like horse (very rare in Cuba). The horses were well-fed and taken care of. There are also tennis courts, well used. Overall all you need is sunshine, it's rating should be more than three stars.

    Very good 1966Rachel1966

    “I would stay here again ”
    I was here with a group of 20 people Clean resort, few dogs walking or lying around but they were no bother. AC in room worked good. the room was not that big but it was comfortable with a fridge, TV, 2 double beds. the electric was all 220, it melted a curling iron and made a hair dryer run faster. I was on the bottom floor with an outside patio to sit on. short walk to the beach I ate breakfast twice and evening meal twice, all were very good with lots of choices. lots of seniors at that hotel, not a party hotel, only a couple of kids in the pool (which was very nice) could be the time of year and in the middle of the week due to not many kids. It is a good place to rest and relax. there was dance class going on when I arrived but I didn't have time to join in. Cleaning ladies were very nice and helpful. all in all, would stay her again.

    Very good Dobrosky

    “Grass, Ocean, Horses & Sunshine! ”
    Only a certain type of person can appreciate Rancho Luna. At Rancho Luna, there was sunshine every day. I looked out the window & saw 4 horses, grass, oxen & the beautiful ocean. Every morning the rooster crowed & the birds sang a lovely song. Lunches at the beach bar are the best! Rancho Luna is the basecamp for dolphins, city & country life, baseball games, horses, mojitoes, history, massage, flowers, spanish and meeting interesting people wherever you go. Only drink bottled water. Watch what you eat. People did get sick. Buy a shell from Michael on the beach. At the end of the trip, leave it to decorate the hotel bar or lobby.

    Very good raf c

    “Rancho Luna ”
    We had a wonderful week here. The food is ok with lots of choices, including many Cuban foods. There is a local bus, taken by Cubans, just in front of the hotel. We took this bus into Cienfuegos four times during our one week stay. The cost of the bus ride is two pesos( not convertible peso, but moneda nacional, so it work out to be less than ten cents US). Horse back riding costs three convertible pesos if you want to ride outside of the resort. Within the resort, it is free. The horse ride is worth it. The trip lasts about one hour.

    Very good max010145

    “Layed back resort ”
    I have travelled to this area of uba many times. Went in the end of May. Yes it is very quiet at this time of the year. It the off season. Still had a great time. This the best all in hotle in the area. Night life is only a 10 min. $10.00 cab ride. No girls of the night staying at this hotel. Still many older men looking for younger women but where in the world does is not happen. If you see cuban at the hotle they pay just like the rest of us and indeed it is there country. No drugs, no guns and only great cubans. I have been robbed at gun point in the DR in the mid afternoon. You should always take the locked up safe in your room at $10.00 a week. Lock up your passport and money and cell phones and cams. I take a bike lock and chain up the closet also. I high season there are many trips to go on but in June you are on your own. But locals cuban drivers will take you any place you want to go. The pool bar has always closed at 700pm since the last year. The main food buffet was closed druing the lunch time but the beach bar was open. Also if you are worried about been robbed in your room just take an 2nd smaller room upstarirs. If you want to go out there is a different dico eachnight in town just ask your cuban tacie driver what place is best that night. The right desk is very helpful but they are always short of cuban cash and the best if to change your money first at the airport and then just go to main bank in the centre of town to change more money about 1 cent better. There is a Russian Hotel nearby and across the bay is a Spanish Fort. And also Vladimiro at the main cafeteria is a long term friend and you can ask him and the pool guy Luis for anything or any questions of Cuban. Went to a ball game with Luis. There is samll store next to games room and you can buy imported Beer for $2.00éeach and if you do like the same plastic cups for the hotel beer then you must not know that it is like that at all the other places and resorts in Cuba. Most guys bring a large trael mug with them for the beer and large rum and coke drinks. There are hotel cameras set up and watched for your safety. So if you do not lock up your cell phones and cameras in our safe in your room you are on your own. The Hola Sun is the best rep. that I have ever met and most times your are lucky to see the rep. at the hotel durng the trip. The only time I saw some men get mad at him when he told them at they has to pay for 3 day min. to bring someone back t the hotel and then they wanted him to find him some women and he explainded to thme that they were on there own and he got give them directions to the local bars in town. here is local Cuban Pizze place across from the Union Hotle but no sing out side but mid-point in the sreet ofr just ask a cuban where the Pizza Nova is great food and great prices. Heading back on the long week-end in September Going back on the long weekend in September.

    Very good Trippy667

    “Couple days at Rancho Luna ”
    I had the opportunity to spend a couple nights at el Rancho Luna in the middle of may. This is, I believe, a three star resort just to the south of Cienfuegos. Having stayed at a few different three star resorts, I kind of had an idea of what to expect. The hotel is a bit dated, with a single pool, smallish beach (compared to other playas), two restaurants (I only ate at the buffet so not sure about the other one) and lots of rooms. It had two computers with internet, that is slow and creaky. Too be expected here. The room was very clean, which isn't always the case. The bed wasn't the most uncomfortable one I've been on and the tv selection was ok. I had lots of hot water, so that worked well too. Food was basic but good. I was always able to find something good to eat, and on the night they had fresh pork that just jumped off the bone. Was really good. Another one of the people I had traveled with ended up getting a mild case of food poisoning, which he believes came from some fruit he had there. Service was good, drinks came quick and the staff enjoyed chatting when they weren't too busy. Granted this was May, so it wasn't anywhere near full capacity. Overall, not a bad place to stay if you want to see Cienfuegos or the area for a couple days (warning that this resort is well outside of town though) this is ok.

    Very good Vittorio1_11

    “Nice resort, nice services, nice people ”
    We returned from rancho luna april 26. Overall the impressions of this resort are very good. Arrival from the airport and check-in was quick, the room was an oceanfront 252, clean and nice, the washroom is ok, the a/c worked. The restaurant and the food were good, although there was a shortage of cutlery and plates on certain days. People are coming from all over the world: the netherlands, the czechs, french/english canadians, few russians, the cubans, etc. We took several trips: to the mountains el nichos- very nice, to the towns of cienfuegos and trinidad, the botanical garden and flamengo sanctuary. There is a very good trip organizer , her name is Juanita, an amiable lady who would offer you good prices and your itinerary , the botanical garden guide Hilda impressed me with her professionalism. The shows were good especially the one with Juan Carlos, the tenor singer, and his band, just inquire at the audio room when he is singing. The service at the bars was good. On the early morning of our departure they provided us with sandwiches and coffee. A la carte restaurant was not great but the food cooked was good, we ordered shrimps. The cubana rep. Raymond or Ray is a very helpful guy and answers all your questions. Ms. Veronica is one of the managers also is very resourceful and helpful, the recent university graduate. The room service is good. We used all three beaches, we liked the wild one, a five-minute walk from the hotel to your right. We talked to the people from the village. There is a nice guy on the hotel beach, he is a fisherman from cienfuegos, his name is Leonardo, he is a war veteran, comes every day to catch some fish for dinner. The spanish language teacher is great, he does the classes at 2 pm in the main lounge every day. Overall the personnel is very helpful and polite. But there are certain drawback that we did not like: people drink and smoke, and drop their cigarette butts wherever they want: in the main lounge, the pool area, the beach. Then the breeze blows and scatters all this litter everywhere, even to the ocean. The bottom of the ocean is full of plastic cups. I have mentioned this to Ms. Veronika, she promised me to get it cleaned. If you want to go to cienfuegos with the taxi at any time there is a taxi cab for you, the fare is 8-10 cuc. There were a lot of people with children of different ages, no troubles at all with this. You can rent a snorkelling gears at the boathouse on the beach or go sailing. The weather was very good within all 12 days, mosquitos are not a problem, only on humid or stale period of the day: in the early morning till 10am, or after 7pm, just have your repellent handy. We want to say thank you to all the personnel of the rancho luna resort, we'll definitely get back to this place.

    Very good mistymay

    “A place I would go back too :0) ”
    My husband and I spent a week at Rancho Luna and thoroughly enjoyed it. While the property is old and the rooms are crappy. We had one of the most relaxing weeks ever! The staff was amazing and very friendly and always ready to help, you are able to get massages for quite cheap. All of the trips you can go on are very reasonably priced. We did Trinidad and found the buildings and people fascinating. Ok enough rambling.. A few tips Bring your own pillow. If you get a lower level room most of them face the beach and you have a patio with two chairs and a table. When you arrive ask for an extra key card to keep the electricity on in your room, if not it will shut off everytime you leave. No baths only showers and let it run as it takes about five minutes to warm up. Bring a few rolls of toilet paper as its not always available when you go on outings. Things to do.. There are horses at the hotel that are free to ride on the grounds but if you pay him $3 he will take through the beach to a Cuban house and down to the river. He will also take you on a carriage ride if you prefer that, we did both. He is a wonderful man and has no horse supplies what so ever so anything you can bring him he appreciates. There are also many stray dogs on the property and around the towns next time I will bring dog treats. The beach while not the best I've ever seen has a lot to offer, there's a corral nit far out that we took a row boat out and tied to with a rope it was a fun day and completely included. There is also a little sail boat thing (sorry I don't know the exact name) that the guy at the boat shop will take you out on, he drives extremely fast so I didn't go but my husband said it was amazing. We gave him a tip but this was free as well. The pool is huge and there is always many chairs to sit and relax, I think I would bring them a few CDs next time as they played Adele all week. The night shows are not that great but we were normally too tired to do anything but watch them and go to bed. It is an older crowd at the hotel which I actually enjoyed as everyone was friendly and willing to share advice etc. We met a wonderful gentleman who shared a can with us to Cienfuegos for $10 and took us to all the beautiful places. Get the taxi to drop you off at the Union hotel and take a walk inside we if you take the elevator to the top floor you can see the whole city from the roof absolutely beautiful. Ok the food.. The Buffett breakfast was awful. I pretty much survived on cut up hot dogs and ketchup I had brought. My husband are quail eggs and twenty different kinds of cheese everyday. So it's all in what you're used too. Lunch was the best meal at the Buffett they normally have some kind of beef stew. The pool bar serves pizza and it's good. We ate this a lot, the a la carte was good too. The best food was at the beach bar but it's not advertised that they make it there so you have to ask. Give them $1 when you eat and the next time it will be twice as big and even more delicious. The drinks are very plain but you can get red wine which is included at all the bars so I was good to go, overall we had a great time and for the price you can't go wrong! Ps.. In some if the other reviews it talks of prostitutes... My husband and I were both approached for this but an easy no thanks and they left you alone. There are many older men with Cuban women. So if this bothers you be aware.

    Excellent glaiza l

    “Best trip ”
    The trip was short and sweet. The hotel was amazing for its location. It's near the beach and there's not a lot of tourist. It's a quiet hotel if your looking to relax and enjoy the sun. Make sure to bring money to exprience the el nicho and the city. Diego at the club and Hector are one of the best staff at the hotel. Hector makes the best pina colada. Also, we went star gazing at the beach and danced all night on 80s music at the hut near the beach. We had a great time and it was well spent money. The food was a hit and miss but you have two options buffet and la carte.

    Excellent vacationguy2014

    “What's not to like? ”
    I really wish the chronic complainers would either just stay home or just shut up. We visited Rancho Luna thirteen years ago and thought then that it was quite basic but were very impressed with the improvements since then. We were there in January and March this year (2014) and really enjoyed ourselves. We're back again next year. The beach is great, the rum is good, the pool is good and the food is also quite good. I think the people who complain about the food must be meat and potato types with little culinary adventure. There was a large variety of cusine that could accomodate the vegan right through to the carnivore. If you're missing your regular Big Mac and fries then what can I say? And listening to a group of Brit tourists complaining about food - LOL!! What else can I say. :-) A lot of Canuks there but also Euros and a few from South America. I lke the beach because you can meet local Cubans and even the handful of hawkers will leave you alone if you ask them to. We were there over Ontario March break and while there were kids and teenagers there, the resort wasn't over run with them which was very nice. The resort seems to attract a more mature type. lots of boomers and even seniors although there are also younger people present. I like the fact that the beach doesn't have jet skis or other motorized vehicles on the beach and is very peaceful. If you want a Disneyland in the Caribbean then this is not the resort for you. This is a quiet relaxing place. Let me comment on the scuba diving. We're experienced divers with over 1000 logged dives. We've dived in the worst great lake conditions, all over the islands and the great barrier reef and say this is one of the best kept dive secrets anywhere. No cattle boats and the dive shop does a great job of seperating the experienced divers from the newbies. The best dives are around 85-130 ft which includes swimming through tight labaryinth and coral cave formations which requires good bouyancy skills. These are not dives for the inexperienced casual diver. There is fantastic diving here, but mostly at depth, so this is a great dive location for the more savy divers.. I find this to be the most unpretentious Caribbean resort I've ever been to. The staff is great and the returners are also. A lot of Canuks come here time after time. Its great to see horses and goats on the property and to make friends with the local resident dogs and cats on the resort. I've stayed in higher end five star joints and liked them a lot less than Rancho Luna. It depends on the type of person you are and what you really want on a holiday, but this resort gets five stars and two thumbs up from me.

    Excellent ewelina36

    “Great time at Rancho! ”
    I feel like I need to defend this hotel. I really don't get why people leave all this negative comments... We ( family of 5- 3 young children <9) had a wonderful time there! It was our second time going to Cuba, and we enjoyed this area much more than Cayo Coco! I think people forget how much they are paying for a week there! Really, for the price we paid- there was nothing to complain about! Weather in December was fantastic! Food was good. ( yes, there were the same meals served tree times a day, but there was always something fresh and new, like the special of the day- we had pork, beef, chicken and fish- 5 different kinds in a week, also some octopus. Fresh juices and fruits everyday.Great coffee and deserts (all natural) Pool was nice and clean, grounds beautiful, rooms (2 connected ) were always kept clean. Beach at the hotel not the best, but short walk ( around 7 min) would take you to the better section. Excursions very cheap at this hotel. We did delfinario ( amazing) El Nincho and Cienfuegos, and had a wonderful time. People and staff were very friendly, always smiling and happy to help. We would be back one day!

    Average Jae

    Special beach and persons there
    Located 18 kilometers distance from Cienfuegos city center, Club Amigo Rancho Luna Hotel offers the ideal spot for a sun and sand vacation, a place for scuba diving and ecotourism that combines the charms of the city’s history and architecture with the cultural appeal of its inhabitants.

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