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Copacabana Hotel, Havana City Cuba. 4 stars,

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  • Destination: Havana City
  • Address: Ave. 1ra. No. 4404 e/ 44 y 46, Miramar, Playa. Ciudad de La Habana.
  • Phone: (537)204 10 37
  • Accept child:Yes
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  • Description: Copacabana Hotel Cuba

    The hotel is located in the residential neighborhood of Miramar, where it harmonically integrates into the urban environment, giving a touch of class to that Havana area. It is close to the offices of major commercial firms, companies and embassies, so it is an alternative venue for businesspeople who operate in the Cuban market. The hotel, which is 20 kilometers away from Havana's international airport, provides a tropical atmosphere in a Caribbean style in its meeting halls for those interested in holding rounds of negotiations and a wide range of events.

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    air conditioning
    balcony or terrace
    handicap facilities
    hot and cold running water
    private bath
    safety deposit box
    Satellite TV
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    Review about Copacabana Hotel
    Awfull Reina299

    “90 CUC ??? ”
    90 CUC for a crappy and tired room, broken and dirty bathroom, old and acidic food and indifferent staff ???? no way... I would not recommend this Hotel. They need to work on these issues and to care more about the customers.

    Awfull Susan A

    “Poor Hotel”
    We have recently spent two days at this hotel - part of a 14 night stay in Cuba. The hotel is very shabby with paint peeling from the walls - plus the room was dirty. We had to change rooms as none of the windows or balcony doors locked and none of the lighbulbs worked in the room. The only towels left in the bathroom were hand towels. The balcony view was over a derelict swimminging pool and appartment block. Second room was not alot better - view was of the hotel swimming pool which could have done with a clean. On the second morning there was no water in any of the rooms. There was also a squashed dead cockroach left in the middle of the corridor for the whole duration of our stay.

    Awfull Louise F

    “copacabana hotel ”
    The entire hotel is falling to pieces. The rooms are so ugly I wouldn't let me dog sleep there. This hotel hasn't been done up or even painted since the 70's. What a dump!! The pool is falling to pieces, a huge cement wall obstructs the entire view of the ocean, breakfast was completely inedible ( no exaggeration), This hotel is a relic from the 70's that should have been knocked down a long time ago. And the last straw, the hotel is located 10 miles away from the center of town. Add $20 taxi fare to your bill (each way).!! I would certainly not recommend anything about this Hotel except " Don't stay here".

    Poor y236796

    “Let the photos do the talking ”
    They say a picture is worth a thousand words I'll let you be the judge. As for the service, the staff at reception, lobby bar and pizzeria were all very nice and really did try their best given the less than ideal conditions. Unfortunately I can't say the same for the staff at breakfast. I distinctly got the feeling that none of them wanted to be there.

    Poor Sergeant_N

    “Nice view but not a good hotel. ”
    Let's get this straight from the start, this is not a good hotel and not one I would recommend. On the positive side it has a nice view of the sea and the breakfast is acceptible (though the fruit was rubbish). Also the shower, when hot water was available, was quite good. However, that is about your lot. Negatives are plentiful; our room was generally quite dirty, we even had a cockroach in there! This is not acceptible. The room smelt of damp, the pool looked dirty, and there is nothing really in the local area.

    Poor swansilvertone

    “Tolerable for a short stay ”
    We arrived at the Copacabana straight from the airport. The Miramar location is pleasant enough although too far out of town to be useful without transport. The reception/bar area is comfortable with access to the large swimming pool and seawater pool. Our triple room in the main hotel was clean but in need of an update. As with many Cuban hotels you will get some of the following, but not all - a full set of working lights, hot water, working aircon, working safe (they charge $2 per night if you want to use it), working lift. We ended up using the stairs up to the 4th floor quite frequently - not much fun in a sweltering stairwell, especially when you find the door to your floor locked. Out of sheer frustration (not to mention the safety factor) I'd have to mark the hotel down for that. We made the mistake of eating dinner in the restaurant on our first night and it was the worst meal we had during our two week holiday. Breakfast was slightly better but not great. Would I stay there again? No!

    Poor aurexw

    “made for an interesting trip ”
    This hotel was an awe inspiring sight at first. Sitting right beside the ocean, a beautiful pool and a clean looking lobby. check in took longer then expected. We arrived at 4:00 local time, and it took a good half hour for my whole group to be checked in. Once checked in, (only receiving one card key for me and my roommate to share) we climbed in the elevator to go to our floor. the small, cramped, humid elevator jerked it's way up to the second floor. where we were introduced to a shabby looking hotel hallway that smelled like mildew. and upon looking for our room number, we noticed it was not even in the same wing that we were in. "no problem," we said, "we'll just use the balcony walk way we saw!" as we walked towards the balcony, we stared seeing things that no customer should see. bugs. and not just one or two. but hundreds of ants, moths, and other insects crawling across the floor and walls. rushing to our room, the light did not work. and not only did it not work, but the fixture fell out of the ceiling! the water pressure of the small, musty stand up shower was atrocious, I pretty much had to rub the shower head where i wanted water to go. the toilet had a permanent streak mark from who knows what. over all, it was an interesting trip

    Poor capixaba_traveler

    “A disapointment. ”
    I took this hotel just to stay some hours to rest before to take plane very early in the morning. We were required to be at airport 3:00 am. So i have read some reviews here and decided take this hotel. It was very disappointing. It was very far from everything. The room was very old and dark. The food in the restaurant was very poor. It was very expensive for what they offer. I don´t recomend ths hotel for anyone that wants to know Havana. There is a lot of better options. I recomend to look for better options close to old Havana.

    Poor Lars K

    “Not the worse hotel we stayed on at Cuba ”
    We stayed here for five days. As all hotels on Cuba this is heavily overpriced. Room very used but ok. The view from the balcony was destroyed after sunset by a big lamp which probably was supposed to lit up the hotel facade. Food very salty - probly to cover the low quality of raw materials. The name Cobacabana indicate beach, but there is none. Access to swim in the sea in a bassin rounded with beton walls when the sea was calm.

    Average tavia14999

    “A three star hotel but clean and comfortable with an amazing view ”
    Stayed here for one night in May 2014. It is a three star hotel and I think that is accurate for what you get. We stayed in a suite room so it was large clean and comfortable room. The shower was hot and their was a jacuzzi bath, which we didn't try so I can't be 100% it worked. The view from the hotel was amazing and a lovely welcome to Cuba. We ate dinner at the buffet in the evening and it wasn't great. Just adequate and we wished we hadn't gone there. Breakfast was also hit and miss.

    Average Tyrone321

    “Scruffy and a bit smelly ”
    Our first experience of Cuban hospitality was rather a disappointment. Our bags were seized by the porters who made it very clear they wanted at tip even though I had no small change having just arrived in the country. They hovered in the bar area to catch several newly arrived travellers in the same situation. Our room was large with two comfortable beds. The bathroom was dated with the toilet so close to the bath it needed a side on seating posture! The most troublesome problem was the unpleasant "public toilet" smell in the corridors and stairwell.

    Average Stefan J

    “Close to the airport ”
    We chose this hotel for our last stay in Cuba, thinking it would be great to stay at a hotel with pool for a change. The hotel in itself is rather worn down. It is however still possible to see it did have its glory days. the sign by the pool indicate services which are no longer available, such as water sports and gym. That is however the charm with the hotel. The pool area is quite ok though as is the lobby and the breakfast and dinner buffet. The bar makes great drinks, though rather pricey. The hotel is situated in an area where there are nothing much else to do, but sit by the hotel. To get to the airport we had to pay exactly the same amount as to get to Habana Vieja from the airport, and the taxidriver said they have a fixed tax to and from Habana.

    Average BettyLali

    “Replacement Hotel ”
    We were sent to the Copacabana when our original hotel didn't have room. They treated us very well. This is a very moderate priced hotel right on the Ocean with spectacular views and fab pool. Large room with a balcony not directly looking out over the water but close enough. I for one am glad they could accomodate us for the two nights we were displaced. They had entertainment in the little bar which was quite good. The staff that I encountered were pleasant and our room was cleaner than expected. Carpets could use a good clean, walls need to be repainted and hall ways cleaned up. I didn't expect a 4 star so not too upset. Poor bar staff was really attentive. Food was mediocre at best. Buffet was just average. Eat at the pool bar their sandwiches were great.

    Average diver013

    “Don't look for luxury in a three star and you'll be fine ”
    News flash: a three-star hotel in Havana is not a five star in St. Lucia. The Copacabana is, indeed, a bit shabby. So are most things in Havana. I can say, however, that when we moved from the new wing to an old wing because we wanted a balcony, I saw no difference in the two (my husband said the older room was better). There was no smell of mildew, and the bathroom worked fine in the older room (the newer one had problems). I didn't swim in the freshwater pool, but it looked very nice, and we spent hours snorkelling in the salt-water pool, where we even saw an octopus! There again: the ocean pool is crumbling, but that's Havana. The water was warm and lovely. Look out for sea urchins, though -- don't use the western stairs into the pool; they're a sea-urchin nursery. The downside to the hotel is the dining room. The food is unpleasant and the service slow. If you want an omelette in the morning or something off the grill at night, you will wait a long time, as there is usually only one person working the counter, he does one order at a time, and is frequently interrupted by colleagues who seem to have nothing to do but chat. I gave up on what seemed dangerously undercooked meat and fish from the grill and switched to the stuff in hot trays, which was ok. Fortunately, there are options right across the road...the 2do Piso in the pink building just to the west of the main door, which is bare bones but nice food (we had to get our own wine, but I think they had just run out) and Lavastida, a white house kitty corner to the hotel, which was wonderful...a tapas bar and formal restaurant, just opened in mid-December. They're expensive by Cuban standards but cheap by Canadian. It is a bit far from downtown, but we thought it was worth it to be oceanfront.

    Average Robusto89

    “The best Pool in the world ”
    This resort has an ocean pool basically a pool fed with ocean water that rises with the tide and was exceptionally warm. The rest of the resort was clean but not exceptional. Our room for 90 CUC a night was just OK but it had a great view of the ocean. The food was weak but the small lobby bar had good drinks and reasonable prices. The reason to stay here is the location of course and the pool.

    Average tinav3_travels

    “The Place Grew On Me ”
    I stayed at the Copacabana from November 11th - 17th. My impression of the Copacabana hotel improved as the week went on. I knew not to expect too much, after all, things are different here. First impressions were good though. I was happy with the lobby - it was bright, spacious, clean, and looked nice. The huge arrangement of fresh flowers at the reception was a nice touch. I knew there was a renovated side and an older side, and as luck would have it, I was assigned to a room on the older side. Oh well, it was fairly clean and spacious. The water pressure in the shower was fine, and the bed wasn't too bad. The trouble started the next morning when I awoke at 4:30am to find my room was flooded. There was a big thunderstorm during the night so I assumed that the water came in through the hall door and I expected to see the whole floor flooded. Only my room and the room directly across from my room were flooded though. As we later discovered, the flooding came from a bunch of plumbing that was enclosed in a type of closet between the two flooded rooms - and as we saw, the water coming out of these pipes was a light yellow color (which explained the bewildering smell of urine in my room). Although my neighbor and I had complained several times within 4 hours, nothing was done - we had to demand to be changed to a new room. Finally, after 4 hours of complaining, we were told we would be moved to the renovated side, which is across the walkway. I much preferred the newer side - the rooms were brighter (several members of the group I was travelling with had rooms there) and there was more counter space in the bathroom. I can actually say I had no complaints about this room - it was clean, comfortable, and roomy. And the entire week I was at this hotel, I didn't see one cockroach in my room - bonus! The daily maid service was great, I always had clean towels, it was handy to have a fridge to keep bottled water in, and the TV worked fine. There was also a 110V outlet. Oh, and at night I could hear the ocean, which I found very soothing. The downside is that the newer side seemed to be noisier (people coming in late, doors slamming). Although some people might complain about the distance of the hotel from downtown Havana, it was not a problem for my group - it was about a 20 minute ride into Old Havana, at 10CUC per ride (which, of course, can be split several ways if you travel as part of a group). We did go into Old Havana on a daily basis, and I would say that it is probably still more economical to stay at the Copacabana and take a taxi everyday to Old Havana than to stay in a hotel right in Old Havana. I kind of liked being in the quieter area of Havana - there were lots of restaurants around (we ate at the Doctor's Café - highly recommended!), and we got more than our fill of excitement by going to the clubs during the evenings, so a quieter area was a nice change of pace. There is a place to change money at the Panorama hotel, which is about a 10 minute walk away, and it was nice to stroll down 5th avenue - there are lots of restaurants and little stores around. There is also a convenience store across the street from the hotel where you can buy bottled water for about 45 cents (compared to the $1.50CUC the hotel charges). We had our breakfast at the hotel daily and I must commend the omelette cook - he made a great omelette and was very friendly - every day we would have a conversation about the previous day's activities. There was a good selection of fruit, some potatoes, cheese, and that was fine for me. The coffee came from a machine and there was a variety of tasty choices - coffee with milk, espresso, and cappuccino. There was usually a line-up for the coffee but we found the best time to go (least busy) was at 9am (breakfast is served from 7-10am). We had the buffet dinner once (served until 10pm) and it was delicious - grilled chicken, pork, and ground beef patties were offered, there was rice, several salads, and a delicious rice pudding for dessert (they also had rice pudding at breakfast, which I loved!). The bar staff were also very friendly and efficient. And the drinks were delicious! Especially the pina coladas! Prices were very reasonable (e.g., $2CUC for a glass of red wine, $3 for a nice pina colada, I think beer was $2). We also ordered cappuccinos from the bar during the day and they were delicious (and very reasonable at $1.50 CUC). There was evening entertainment several times during the week (most of the time we went out but we would see bands setting up or playing before we left). There is also a restaurant that serves pizza and pasta all day (but being celiac, I could not partake, although my travel companions said the pizza was delicious). The pool area was fine - always enough loungers for everyone, and they played a good mix of music (salsa, bachata, etc). It cost $2 per day to rent a safe and I would highly recommend this. Would I stay here again? Yes. It is reasonably priced, service is great, the rooms (in general) are clean and comfortable, and the location is not much of a hindrance, especially considering the price of the hotel. It is not fancy but it is a good value.

    Average ozbayyusuf

    “you get what you pay for... ”
    The resort was an older one, the rooms what you come to expect in Cuba, worn but clean, and everything working for the most part. The staff were very friendly and helpfull. Breakfast is poor.. If you are coming with your family, I would definitely not recommend it. if you are coming for an adventureits ok.

    Average Susan M

    “Good Location, decent Hotel ”
    I went to Havana for work and as a delegate at a science conference. For these purposes this hotel was a good location. The hotel is staff is very nice and helpful. The band that plays in the bar area is great and the pool isn't too bad. The hotel is disintegrating a bit, but it is clean. The food is OK. There is no beach to be found in the area and the city centre is about a 10 peso cab ride away.

    Average Divejb

    “It's a large hotel with a good pool and access to the sea but difficult to get to the main city attractions unless by taxi ”
    The hotel is out of the main tourist attractions but does have a nice pool and sea pool. The staff are unfriendly and the food not great . The room was small and dark . Maybe if you book one over looking the pool they are better. I

    Average Danielku

    “Acceptable place to stay”
    When reviewing hotels around Havana, one should not expect luxury, or great service. The Copacabana is a perfectly acceptable hotel, as long as you are laid back, and don't mind dealing with the odd quirks that are sure to happen. Breakfast is also average. If anything, I was more upset at not being able to find butter during the whole week. just stick to the fresh omelette. Besides this, the location is perfect. Plenty of good restaurants within walking distance, as well as nightlife. Very safe area, with no hustlers, something you must constantly dodge in Old Havana. The tourist bus stops in front of the hotel, and the taxi to the beach in front of the Tropicoco is $20 CUC (faster than taking two tourist buses). Last but not least is the salt water "tank". It is quite nice to be able to swim in ocean water instead of the pool, and this is only available at the Copacabana.

    Average Angyline M

    “Average and Perfectly Acceptable ”
    If you want a clean and reasonable hotel to see the sights of Havana then the Copacabana in the embassy district of Havana is perfectly acceptable. It has the benefit of a pool next to an enclosure of a Carribean pool so most rooms have a view and sound of the beautiful sea without a sandy beach. After a tiring day seeing the colourful sights of old Havana the pools are refreshing. The staff are generally helpful and the surprising towel creatures designed by Elsa our chambermaid was like coming back to a cruise ship cabin every night. The breakfast selection was superb; fresh breads, fruit and juices. Good coffee from a machine, deli meats and cheese, Fried eggs or omlettes prepared in front of you and variety of cereals and potatoes and Cuban dishes and pasteries that you could choose from to start your busy tourist day. There was alway a musical group playing in the lobby bar so expect to be confronted by a band member to buy a CD for $10CUC which is the going rates for all groups CD's around Havana. The going rate for a taxi to old Havana from the hotel is $10CUC which is fair for a 40km trip one way. Also there is a T1 Tourist double decker bus for $5CUC infront of the hotel which you can jump on and off around Havana while you get the best view of Havana from the top of the bus. Thanks to our Sunwing rep. Gretel we learned these alternatives and prices because otherwise the tourists are fair game to be taken for as much as they are willing to give. It gets tiring and disappointing after awhile always being asking for a tip for something being done for you. The tourist information centre in the hotel services only the government tours and their or friends with taxis which are well organized but not so helpful if you want to see some local musical group or good local restaurant. This hotel has some low water pressure on the 5th floor but I just learned not to shower at the same time as everyone else. When in Cuba don't expect what you have at home and you will meet the nicest people and see the most beautiful diverse culture and scenery in the Caribbean. This vacation package at the Copacabana will give you the most for your buck to see one of the most interesting cities I have visited in all my travels.

    Average 10MC77

    “Ageing, but pleasant enough! I'd give it another half circle for effort. ”
    Like the rest of the Miramar district, the Copacabana is past it's best. It's trying though, and the staff here were the most helpful and happy I came across during my time in Cuba. Reception were very keen to help and go out of their way, and the bar staff were very friendly (and do a cracking mojito). I only ate in the restaurant at breakfast, which was perfectly fine BUT for the crowd control. There were quite sizable queues for omlettes, coffee...anything that needed served. Miramar is on the outskirts of town, and we only used it as a base to get to the west of the island easier, so it's not within walking distance of the old town or Revolution Square. There were some nice bars and restaurants nearby, including one private enterprise that really was lovely, and although it was a reasonably busy district at night with younger people the atmosphere was relaxed and safe. The room was clean and everything worked, there was BBC World Service available and while the shower struggled to get pressure up at times I couldn't complain about the facilities. It does need an update, but it was perfectly acceptable and I had no issues whatsoever.

    Average GuyCarnac

    “Seaside without beach ”
    Miramar is a so called residential area ,unfortunately it is aging ...Spending the christmas eve at Copacabana hotel was an interesting experience with a special buffet dinner .Yet the access of the dining room was a queue of half and hour to get identified ...Dinner was followed by a show with good cuban singers and dancers until midnight . Bedrooms are reasonably comfortable.Relatively far from the historical center the Miramar area is not the most suitable place to stay for the average tourist. The swimming pool is good but don't expect the pleasure of the beach that does not exist.

    Average Lagartita

    “Average hotel ”
    If you are going to Havana to explore the city and not expecting to stay in the hotel all the time then it is a good option. The rooms are Ok, our was with a terrace. The two single beds were enormous and comfortable but we would preffer to have one big double bed. The breakfast buffet offers wide selection of everything so you never start your day hungry. Every day was little bit different. The staff was really nice, if you show them you know some Spanish words they would be really pleased. The weather was windy during our 3 day stay at this hotel so we did not try the so called "outside swimming pool". The is a bus stop just in front of the hotel the bus goes to the centre proximatelly every 30 minutes and in 20 minutes you can get off the Capitol. The way is quite fun if you travel on the upper open floor, just be careful about your head, sometimes you can easily touch the electricity cables or the trees can hurt you. A supermarket and few restaurants are close to this hotel as well.

    Average tomthepro

    “Just fine!”
    This place really exceeded my expectations. The staff were somewhat helpful, although their knowledge of english here was much more limited then on a resort. It would help to know a little spanish. Check in was fairly simple, but a little slow given I was the only one checking in. The room was surprisingly good. Clean, decent view even though I didn't face the ocean I could still see it. There was a great breeze from the ocean and you could see the sunset too. The only real issue with the room was the mouldy ceiling, which probably result from the dampness of the ocean and an poor ventilation system. Im not sure that this problem can be fixed without a major renovation. the elevators went out of service sporadically and the stairs down were rather treacherous and dark as an alternative. But other than this, I had no complaints. There is pizza available 24/7 on site. The location is $10 CUC from central Havana via cab. There are some good restaurants within walking distance, as well as a supermarket. There is no nightlife in the immediate vicinity, but you can take a taxi or ask a local to drive you anywhere pretty cheaply. If you are looking to stay for less than in central Havana, and are not opposed to taking taxis, then I would recommend this place. If you're not used to getting your own way around or want to be in the thick of Havana then don't stay here. The area around the hotel looks run down as does all of Havana, but is very safe given all of the embassies and police around. The streets are empty at night so this is a concern for people travelling alone. All in all this is a decent place for the traveler on a tighter budget, and it has a pretty cool view of the ocean and the waves! Check out the roof top if you get a chance.

    Average soundmachine

    “Good budget resort ”
    The resort was an older one, the rooms what you come to expect in Cuba, worn but clean, and everything working for the most part. Every second room has a balcony, and most rooms have a sea view. Best rooms might be 1518 and 1505, top floor, sea view and private balcony. Chicken from the pool menu was ok, breakfast was edible. One block away is a small Marina ($10), across the street was a large patio style restaurant filled with Cubans, fun and cheap. Supermarket there as well, bigger but no better really than the little market directly across from the hotel. My bed was good, there is a safe in the room ($2 day) and the pool and pool loungers are great. There is also a sea pool, which is a large area in the ocean with a sea wall to keep the waves from dashing you on the rocks ... no beach. ATM and cash advance at Panorama H10, next to the Marina (a short walk). Taxi to Old Havana $10. Or take the double decker bus, on off priveliges For $5, takes you to the Capital building and the Christopher Columbus Cemetary, which you should see. only drawback to this really cheap holiday was the 2.5 hour bus ride from the airport. I would stay at tropicoco to avoid that next time.

    Very good notvindiesel

    “nice hotel & nice staff”
    Stayed here for Christmas & New Years. Miramar is a nice area of Havana with some really good restaurants close by, and some nice areas to walk around. Catch the bus into town, just keep your arms inside the bus. The ocean pool is awesome and huge, diving right in front of the hotel with lots of coral & sea life to see. You can snorkel off the sea wall & see lots of stuff. Room was nice & clean, comfortable and noise wasn't an issue - I left my patio door open. I think all have an ocean view, overlooking the pool you'll get the music they play from 9-5. Staff are all very nice & friendly, always ready to help. In had the included breakfasts, get the omelette & you'll be happy. ATM is about a 15 min walk up the road. Vin Diesel approved.

    Very good Liamo33

    “Nice Hotel and location. ”
    I stayed here for one week in April and really enjoyed my stay. The staff are friendly and helpful. The breakfast buffet is good and the coffee delicious. Many good neighbouring restaurants nearby, you won't go hungry here. The ocean pool is a real bonus. The rooms are clean and spacious, cleaned every day. The tourist bus passes by the hotel every half hour for old Havana. I will return here on my next trip to Havana.

    Very good WorldperksForever

    “Slightly grungy room, but friendly service made up for it! ”
    March 27 - March 30 2014. Partial sea view room, old wing (but I spoke with others who upgraded to rooms in the new wing and they sounded pleased). Rooms are a bit basic, "rough around the edges," property condition (rooms and hallways) a bit dated. But the stellar, incredibly patient, friendly service by absolutely everyone at the front desk and in the restaurant made up for it. Fantastic hospitality! Good location, right on the water, and relatively near Miramar nightlife. Wi-fi fast and fine in the lobby and in the room. The safe in the room worked. The band playing downstairs in the evening of March 27 was superb, some of the best live music I had heard over the entire 9-day Cuba trip.

    Very good cazSheffield

    “Best of both worlds ”
    We wanted somewhere where we could see the main sites of Havana but also chill out and this hotel hit the spot for us. We were able to catch the hop on hop off bus at the bus stop right next to the hotel and spend the day visiting the major sites and then on alternate days we could relax around the pool.(5 CUC for the bus ) The hotel is attractive and reasonably well maintained (for Cuba). The pool area is lovely.There is entertainment by the pool during the day and musical entertainment in the bar most evenings. We enjoyed our breakfast which was buffet and consisted of eggs ( fried, boiled,omelettes), breads,jams,cheese, ham, croquettes, sausage and ( strange) bacon. There was also a large selection of fruit, fruit juices and yoghurt. I think there is something to suit most people. Our room was spotlessly clean with lovely soft towels that were changed everyday. Lots of hot water too. The only down side was that most things were over priced for example drinks were double what they are in the bars in Havana and food was expensive too. However, prices are still cheap and there is a supermarket right across the road and lots of restaurants and bars in town. Top tip; make sure you change your money at the airport. We arrived in the evening and the hotel did not exchange pounds sterling therefore we were unable to get a drink or a meal until the following day when we went to the information desk at the next hotel which is about 800 yards heading right from the hotel Chateau something or other its called. The rate there was slightly less than the bank rate but not bad.

    Very good AsiaAleks

    “Very Good Hotel ”
    The hotel is staff is very nice and helpful. The band that plays in the bar area is great and the pool is nice . The hotel rooms are bright, spacious and clean. The breakfast is very good with many choices of omelets, fruits, drinks and much more.

    Very good brad w

    “Great Hotel to act as "base camp" to see Havana ”
    Feb 2014 - We enjoyed the hotel; it was great and we got to know the staff too. The hotel is along the ocean and located outside of Havana municipality but it is on the route of the $5 CUC (all day 9-6 )2 level daily "geton-getoff" bus tour(40min to Havana downtown). There is also a grocery market across the street where you can get cheap bottled water ($2 5L). They just got wifi ($6 hr). The pool is very nice and there is a natural pool in the ocean where you can hang out. $10 - $15 to get a cab to/fro downtown. There is a 24hr pizza place which is a great value for the $. The breakfast buffet is great, but know you are in another country and there fare is just different but you can "fill up". If you are going to see Havana Cuba as a traveller/explorer this is a great choice, if you are expecting 5 star, then go to one, but I never regretted this choice and would return again. brad EDMONTON, CANADA

    Very good redcabrio

    Ok, we travel a fair bit and use trip central on every outing to get a feel for resorts etc. This resort is totally acceptable if you are not expecting a 5 star (which does not exist in Havana!) There was decent entertainment every night and very cheap drinks! The pool was not crowded and the staff were fine. A open top bus leaves every half hour right out front to Old Havana, great 20 minute ride!!! The buffet looked.. ummm not great, however there is a FABULOUS funky/modern bistro kitty corner which was INCREDIBLE! We mostly ate for peanuts in Old Havana during the day, wonderful inexpensive food! Our room was decent with a nice view of the ocean although we did not like the first room they showed us and asked to be moved to the "right side" of the resort. The internet was sketchy, and very slow.... All in all a great time was had and we would recommend it!

    Very good c00coo

    “Cuban charm ”
    Copacabana has lots going on - breakfast every day at 7; dinner every night at 7; pool; live music each night; lots of activity. My room was great - air conditioning, cable tv (CNN/BBC), hair dryer (110 voltage), soaps & toiletries. I was pleasantly surprised at its charm. The bed, sheets, and bedspread weren't the most comfortable but I slept well each night. I found the staff generally helpful, especially in the restaurant. Very nice people. Taxis readily available - 10 CUC to Old Havana.

    Very good Smotator

    “The dive shop alone is worth it ”
    The Copacabana is a great value for the money. Though it is outside of town and not too close to certain conveniences, it's also a great hotel for the budget traveler. The staff are kind and wonderful people - from the pizza chef to the cleaners. There is a dive shop on-site and Divemaster Octavio will take very, very good care of you, so please tip him accordingly! There are two convenience shops/supermarkets nearby - the larger one is a little bit of a longer walk, but well worth it. I highly recommend utilizing the Habana Bus Tour, the double decker bus that comes right to the hotel and will take you all over Havana for 5 CUC per day. Another very important tip is to bring PERFECT bills - regardless of the currency you bring. They repeatedly refused to take my bills which had millimeter-sized tears in them. The rooms are very clean - especially the bathrooms. The hotel itself has a somewhat dark and dated feel, but the price is still a steal.

    Very good Angela B

    “much better than expected ”
    I chose this hotel as part of a Sunwing package deal. Was not sure if I would like it and booked (and paid) another place to have a choice. Could have saved myself that extra money! All staff were very friendly, spoke well English and chambermaid did her great job without ever being seen, heartshaped folded towels and all. Breakfast buffett was by far more and better than what I had expected and they serve from 7 til 10 which means that you can eat before you go on your tour for the day. The room on the 2nd floor (1207) I received upon arrival did not have a balcony and so I asked if a change was possible. The next day they gave me a beautiful room on the 4th floor (1408) and I enjoyed watching sunrise, sunset and the ocean from there. Also had a wonderful view over the city. They have all the services one needs: internet stations (you need to buy a scratch card, 1 hr 6 CUC), tour desk, very nice pool, pool bar with snack food and great service, money exchange, telephone operator service, even a little curio shop with sunscreen and hygiene articles, luggage storage and all. Nice lobby if you have to wait for a pickup and plenty of taxis readily available. I booked two tours at very short notice at the tour desk and got swift and very uncomplicated service. The hotel does not have a sandy beach but it does have a tidal pool which appeared like a bathtub on the beautiful days and made for stunning pictures during the cold front with rough seas and incredible waves breaking at the barrier. The hotel is about 10 - 15 min taxi ride away from Havana Vieja - I paid 10 CUC and found that totally in order. Later I discovered, that the typical City Tour red Double Decker bus which you find in every major town in the world actually has a stop right by the hotel. This bus has a standard circuit and comes past every 20 mins. If you stand on the opposite side of the street (where is not an official stop) and wave, the driver will stop for you and so you can actually catch this ride every 10 to 15 mins. This costs 5 CUC per day and gives you not only door to door service but also your classical hop on hop off city tour. Another postive point about this hotel: car rental in the same complex and a supermarket right across the street. I found the hotel staff very professional and overall well organised. I stayed for 5 nights and reception knew my name and my room number when I walked in the door. I can absolutely recommend this place. Of course this is Cuba and the hotel is not new. I am sure that staff would love themselves to be able to provide top notch amenities and so on. After all the country is only starting to open up. One day people will look back and reminiscence over the 'old days' before McDonalds and the likes. I have been approached for pens, shampoo and soap and would have brought tons if I would have known. People are very limited for choices. However all smiles at all times. I also found the whole city of Havana exceptionally clean.

    Very good cstocker

    “Enjoyable stay ”
    We were large group from the US and received excellent service. I didn't rate the hotel a excellent because of the just ok food from the state run restaurant, distance from attractions, and limited ability to exchange currency. The restaurant staff were very pleasant and accommodating. Also I have to thank the housekeeping staff for keeping the room clean daily and doing a great job with my laundry. We were so busy every day I didn't get a chance to use that cool pool. I would stay here again but eat more at the nearby paladares. The room had a safe to hold passports and other valuables. I would recommend going to the grocery store a block or two away from the hotel to stock up on water and snacks. I never encountered the lines at this store that I did in other parts of the city.

    Excellent gord_t1

    “Great value from Sunwing for what they call a 3 Star. ”
    I visited this property with my grand-kids for March Break, and it was marvelous. The staff is excellent in all respects. I enjoyed swimming in the salt water pool every day. I got to snorkel and even saw a langosta. I had a one day scuba diving lesson with Octavio. The rooms are quite adequate, not deluxe but fine. The maids do a great job of cleaning. Make sure to leave them a little something. My room had a balcony overlooking the pool and the ocean. Worth talking to the desk staff about this, even if one it not available right away, you could move later on. The breakfast is very good, fresh fruits, coffee, pancakes for the kids, and pastries for desert. Make sure to get an omelette special order from Alberto...yummy. I enjoyed the lobby entertainment and bar. We even got to enjoy a group of Canadian Orchestra students in town for courses, the Halifax High School Band, they gave a great rendition including a piece with bag pipes. We even got a night out to the newly opened disco...better for young people...but I still enjoyed some time there. Great location, the red bus is very handy to hop-on and hop-off anywhere in Havana. I will definitely return to this property, hopefully this summer with my grand-kids.

    Excellent Natalie T

    “Beyond all expectations.”
    We chose this property because of its location, it is central and looks over the water. The sunsets alone are worth every penny. There is a freshwater pool for laps or enjoying a swim under the bridge or sipping a drink at the pool bar. There is also an ocean pool for swimming or snorkelling. You can speak to Octavio about scuba diving. The hotel is clean and the staff is friendly, polite, helpful, most of all: very professional (not always so especially in Cuba). The management will really reach out to help make your stay better: Noel, Vivian, Jorge, Freddy....I want to name them all, because the are so welcoming. Be nice to them, respect them, and they will be more than eager to do anything to make your stay more enjoyable. So many irate tourists need to understand that they are travelling abroad (things change...and are not always perfect), and also just how to have manners and speak to people. (Really...because yelling at the front desk because your eggs were runny....not gonna get you anywhere!!!) The breakfast is surprisingly amazing considering people always complain about the food in Cuba. The omelette chef is the best. He will make you anything...I would add my daily vegetables to make sure they were WELL done!!!! The pool bar and pizzeria also make delicious lunches and dinners....the pizza is good and cheap...the sandwiches are great, the chicken, even the eggs a la cubana. There are also many great locally owned restaurants in the area worth checking out. Every Tuesday is Noche Cubana, excellent entertainment and lots of fun for all ages. Every other night there are musicians in the lobby that are so wonderful. There is tennis, a pool table, and so many other things to discover. You can hop onto the red bus, for 5 CUC and go downtown, Old Havana, or just sit on it...see the whole city and come right back to the hotel for a swim and mojito. The lobby bar will make you on just right. Best of both worlds....City and Sea!!!!! Please TRAVEL with an OPEN mind, you will learn to enjoy!!! Tips help too... We have learned to so love Havana.

    Excellent natyrev

    “Perfect for families!!!!! ”
    We enjoyed our stay. It is perfect for families. The kids can swim in the ocean pool or the hotel pool. The service is incredible. The management is very helpful: Noel, Vivian and Jorge. Ask for them for any help or just to say hi. The rooms are ok, but for the price you can't complain. There is tennis and nightly entertainment. On weekends there is pool side entertainment to keep the kids busy. The breakfast is included and has just about everything. Ask the cook to make you an omelette any way you like. There are many restaurants and local places to eat in the area. There is also a pizzeria in the hotel: very cheap but delicious. A great deal, a great price and worth every penny.

    Excellent JULIO M

    “magnificent experience ”
    My son and I returned to this hotel because of the good experience that my wife and I had last year. This hotel is distinguished by its formidable location a explendida Caribbean sea view and close to all the most interesting and important places in the city of Havana. Dawn with this view, noise and smell of the Caribbean Sea, is a blessing from God. On the other hand its kind staff, good food (included in price) Make this tremendous Hotel, a magnificent deal to stay in Cuba ....

    Excellent LoveChichi

    “Our New Year Stay in Copacabana ”
    Our Junior Suite 1516 had one bedroom, a living room, a large bathroom with two sinks and a beautiful ocean view balcony all very clean and comfortable with all necessary equipment. The buffet breakfast was very Cuban, scramble eggs mix with veggies, bacon, omeletes were great style. lots of fruit my favorite Papaya, guava, mango and pineapple juice, cereal, yogurt and a selection of breads. There is a wonderful large ocean pool, which is a large area in the ocean; and another normal pool very nice too. We had an amazing time, weather was great ! 10 CUC to Old Havana and 5 CUC to one of our favorite Restaurant El Aljibe for CUC all you can eat Chicken, Rice and Cuban Beans. This restaurant has a very nice history and the service is professional. The ladies at the Tours desk very helpful. Vivian was our contact, she was super nice too. On vacation we don't connect in internet. This is my third trip to Havana and every time gets better.

    Average Erik

    If you are looking for a sea front, quiet city location, with the possibility to combine your vacation with the practice of scuba diving, or to enjoy with your family a visit to National Aquarium, then Copacabana is the perfect Hotel in Havana

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