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  • Hotel Versalles

    Versalles Hotel Cuba

    • Destination: Santiago de Cuba
    • Address: Alturas de Versalles km 1/2 Santiago de Cuba
    • Phone: 53 22 686039
    • Accept child:Yes
  • Description: Versalles Hotel Cuba

    To the southern part of Santiago de Cuba, just at few minutes from downtown Versalles hotel is located. From its priviliged geographical location, the visitor can enjoy a special view of the city, with its narrow and undulated streets colonial red roofs and surrounded by green and untamed mountains. Is located to 5 minutes from the International Airport Antonio Maceo.

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    • Current reservation summary
    • Reservation hotel: Versalles
    • Total pax: 2 Adults
    • Meal plan: Bed and Breakfast
    • Total rooms by type: 1 Double-Standard
    • Night(s): 1 nts

    TOTAL PRICE: €72

    For dates from 07/21/2019 to 07/22/2019

  • Room facilities
    110 volt power
    220 volt power
    air conditioning
    balcony or terrace
    handicap facilities
    hot and cold running water
    private bath
    safety deposit box
    Satellite TV
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    • Airports: Santiago de Cuba Airport

      Santiago de Cuba Airport

      The airport has a drawing of Che Guevara on one of its outside walls. Pope John Paul II flew to this airport during his last visit to Cuba, flying round-trip between here and José Martí International Airport in Havana. Likewise, Pope Benedict XVI, during the second papal visit to Cuba, flew here for Mass and other activities, from his visit to León and Guanajuato in Mexico, before moving on to Havana. The airport is basically a turbo-prop centre. Nevertheless, Jet aircraft also fly to this airport. Most commercial flights into SCU are domestic, but there are about twenty international flights each week; while these international flights are done mostly by domestic airlines, the international routes have nevertheless awakened the interest of some foreign airlines that might open flights into this airport in the future. Antonio Maceo Airport (IATA: SCU, ICAO: MUCU) is an international airport located in Santiago, Cuba

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      Avenida Eduardo Chivaz, km 2 Santiago de Cuba
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    • Currency Exchange next to Versalles
    • Hotel Versalles Currency Exchange Hotel Versalles Currency Exchange

      Ave. Raúl Pujols , Km 1½
      (5322) 695376 0m

      Hotel Santiago Currency Exchange Hotel Santiago Currency Exchange

      Calle 11 No. 2 e/ E y F, Chivirico
      (5322) 643894 4km 259m

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      Very good 
      • birdsofafeather1
        Review about Versalles Hotel
        Awfull Awfull

        “Did we reserved a bed in a whorehouse? ”
        Our worst experience in a 17 days travel in Cuba. The hotel location is in the sourroundings of Santiago de Cuba, and if you have a car by your own this is a good option, but considering that you don´t mind to be among young girls with old (and not old necessary) white men from (the fist class world) buying their sexual services. Maybe some tourist search this kind of tourisim but our experience was awful and discusting how everyone in life has a price. The Hotel it's oriented to this public and they are permisive with these clients behaviours, please take this in consideration before stay there.

      • birdsofafeather1
        Review about Versalles Hotel
        Poor Poor

        “Twas not for me! ”
        I cannot quite understand why this hotel is priced 40-50% more than the hotels Las Americas and Libertad in Santiago. It is a fairly big city hotel with a pool, restaurant & nightclub but it isn't even really in the city.....and on more than one occasion I found it to be a pain to get to a central spot in Santiago. Walking down to the main road, sticking my thumb out, and hoping someone likes my smile isn't what I call convenience. As far sleep goes, the nightclub goes to the wee hours and then in the morning the pool man cranks up the music so the early birds can tap their feet, I guess. The nightclub is a very popular spot on some nights with mainly Cubans and a few tourists as well. There is a large patio for smokers and people who want to escape the indoor noise. One night the fuzz raided the place to make sure that there was nothing funny going on with the local girls and tourist boys, I guess. I found that to be a bit much seeing people told to go home or being escorted away. The pool area is of a decent size with a shop nearby in case one needs to buy a bathing suit they forgot. There are 3 restaurants on site (one a cafeteria and the other the pool snack bar) and the main one features a nightly buffet. The main restaurant also has an outdoor patio with a nice view of Santiago city. The buffet was too expensive and boring for us though. The rooms were decent and bricked walled but not the quietest as already mentioned. I asked for a quiet one and got one far from the action but had to listen to some hombre do construction on his home starting so early each morning. Everyone I met at the front desk was very helpful and decent even if they couldn't find us a taxi in Santiago. The grounds looked very secure with security cameras and guards. I couldn't quite understand though why a couple of them were asking for a gift/donation or whatever it was from me! I guess that this would be an ideal place for people who have their own transportation or just want to sit by a pool all day but it just did not suit my needs well at all. Wouldn't hesitate to go for a day pass or to the nightclub though.

      • birdsofafeather1
        Review about Versalles Hotel
        Poor Poor

        “Reception couldn't find our reservation!! ”
        We booked this hotel using the hotelescubanacan.com website. This is also the company which manages the hotel. When we arrived, the hotel had no record of our reservation, told us the hotel was fully booked, and could not contact Cubanacan head office in Havana to confirm the booking as it was after 5pm! Having said that, the front desk staff, after initially not believing we had a reservation, were quite helpful in finding alternative accommodation once we showed them the confirmation email. We were subsequently told by a Cuban to never book hotels outside Havana using a website without ringing to confirm the booking had been received by the hotel.

      • birdsofafeather1
        Review about Versalles Hotel
        Average Average

        “Good postion for a base”
        The hotel and rooms were clean and well maintained, if like us need a quiet bedroom, make sure you request rooms away from the road and the disco (which goes on to late into the evening). The food was a little bland but there was plenty and a choice, it is a buffet so go early as it doesnt look so good after a while! We decided not to go into the pool, just sunbathed, the area was kept clean but the pool didnt look so good, there was leaves and other items floating on the top and the childrens little pool was a very odd colour. Locals use the pool and as we were there at the weekend it was quite loud and busy.

      • birdsofafeather1
        Review about Versalles Hotel
        Average Average

        “Stayed two night, good base for trips ”
        We stayed here for two nights in February 2013. We didn't have a reservation and have been to about five or six other hotels which were all fully booked before we finally came here. They were hesitant to give us a room at first but then they still had one available. It was one of the two storied cabins they have. The other rooms are around the reception and pool area. I think (although I have no proof) that the cabins are nicer than the normal rooms, so try to get one! Reception was nice but couldn't answer any of our questions, the same is true for the Cubanacan representative so maybe it's best to not rely on their help. The room was very nice. It seemed to be clean. We only had water during the day though. No running water (same is true for the toilet) at night, not sure if this was just our cabin or a temporary thing though. We had dinner at the restaurant one night and not only was it expensive (~30 CUC for two persons) but it was also pretty bad (as in: it didn't taste good, actually it didn't taste like anything at all). I would definitely recommend eating somewhere else. Same was true for breakfast. The bad food is a common theme in Cuba, the same is true for obnoxiously loud music around the hotel pool even though no one was there or no one seemed to enjoy it. Definitely felt out of place but somehow the Cubans seem to like it. We had our own car and could park right in front of our cabin. You definitely need a car or cab ride into the city. I think we would stay here again. That said there were the usual problems with the hotel feeling run down etc. but it was okay.

      • birdsofafeather1
        Review about Versalles Hotel
        Average Average

        “Have lost what it had ( a 5 star hotel in the 50´s) ”
        I remember it was the most coveted hotel in Santiago. Sorry the hotel chain operator has done so little to keep it in shape. The food was relative OK, but you can see nothing has been done to keep the restaurant on a standard level. The bathroom has been repaired several times, but with tiles they had at hand (diferent colors). The air-conditioner noisy. The swimming pool closes at 5 p.m., so if you go around Parque Cespedes and Balcon de Velazquez and down Enramada, what you want to do when you get back is jump into the pool. No way... In summer time temperature is around 90º F At the bar and at the front desk people were charming to us

      • birdsofafeather1
        Review about Versalles Hotel
        Average Average

        “Cheap family hotel, but 2 miles from center. ”
        When I'm in Santiago de Cuba, I stay in this hotel. I'm allways travelling with a rent-a-car. That is an advantage, if not to say a necessity to enjoy this hotel. It's located at the hillside of the reparto with the same name, 3,5 km (2 miles) from the Plaza Cespedes, the city center and 4,5 km from the castillo del Morro. The reception (and bar) is situated in a building in the middle of the parking lot. That enhances the motel feeling. The rooms are rather simple from design and not that much elaborated. The complex serves also another audience: Cuban people that come during the day for the swiming pool and the musical activities at friday and saterday night. The restaurant is downstairs (hillside) and not that special, but I'm always pleased by the friendly people that work in the restaurant. A short chat, a smile and a coffee. The buffet breakfast is tasty with a lot of variety. The rooms aren't that well insulated against all external noises, due to the design (bricks instead of plaster), gaps around the wooden windows and the shrinking of the used wood. The room service is nevertheless good and the staff is friendly and always willing to help you. If you ask them, they fill the fridge in the room. There is television, airco, a terras/balcony and a clean badroom. The swiming pool is rather big, with an adjacent cafeteria. The only min I experienced is the loudly music playing at the pool. Especially when a lot of Cubans are staying.

      • birdsofafeather1
        Review about Versalles Hotel
        Average Average

        “Sleepless Holidays”
        Very nice hotel, friendly staff, pool great , great views of Santiago city, food was good although of not great variety. BUT if you want to sleep soundly during your holidays, DO NOT come to this hotel. Room walls are like paper ( no soundproofing ) and music plays loud in the bar until 2 a.m. We tried to change our room for some small cabins that seemed more isolated but we were told by hotel staff that it was not possible even when we could see the hotel was not full. Overall an attractive hotel but with hidden downfalls

      • birdsofafeather1
        Review about Versalles Hotel
        Average Average

        “Clean/Safe ”
        Stayed here one night. Pool was great. Food in Restaraunt good. Priced right. Has a nice view from Restaraunt overlooking city centre but is located in a quiet neighboorhood.

      • birdsofafeather1
        Review about Versalles Hotel
        Very good Very good

        “Great hotel to stay if you are in Santiago de Cuba ”
        Hi I`ve just returned from a one week stay at hotel Versalles in Santiago and here is my review. This hotel is perched on a mountain top overlooking the city of Santiago. The property is in excellent shape and very clean. One of the advantages of staying at this resort is that there is light local traffic and far from the busy noisy polluted city center. My room 201 was directly across from the pool close to the reception, a good choice, the room is large with two double beds, desk and a couple of chairs. The beds are not super comfy but better than other 3 stars I`ve stayed in Cuba. The walls are constructed of bricks pretty unusual for Cuban standards so pretty good sounds proofing you can`t really hear your neighbor, at least I didn`t. This hotel celebrated its 50th anniversary in December 2010 and when it was built it was rated as a 5 star. It?s now part of the Cubanacan chain. Every room has a small patio with a couple of chairs and a table. In the room you will find a color TV with twelve channels, fridge and alarm clock and a safe that will cost you an extra 2 pesos per day of use. The bathroom was clean and all tiled, I never ran out of hot water but there was absolutely no pressure, no I mean no pressure, I know what you are thinking I didn`t come to Cuba to take a shower but without exaggerating it took a whole minute to fill an 8 once glass, so you have to be patient to take a shower. I was travelling alone and this place really felt safe, cameras everywhere. The staff was very accommodating and helpful which made my trip most pleasant. Breakfast was included in my package and it was fine by my standards although it was the same buffet every day. I had super there at the restaurant Los Vitrales a few times, first night I had bistec de cerdo (Pork fillet) which was great and it was served with a soup salad bread and desert for a whopping $5.50 Pesos, $ 1.50 more for beer or water. I thought this was a great deal so I returned a couple of nights later but it was an all you can eat buffet for $ 12. I didn`t think that this was so hot of a deal, in any case I returned at the end of the week and I re-ordered that same bistec of cerdo because it was really nice for the price, but to my surprise when I got the bill it was now $12 I asked the waitress why it $12 now instead of $5.50 last week but she couldn?t answer me, and I had asked for a bottle of red wine without checking the price and that was another $12 so total was $24 pesos which is exorbitant for a three star hotel. By the way you can have a full course meal at the restaurant 1900 in the heart of downtown which is in the famed once Bacardi`s residence which is by far the most upscale restaurant in Santiago for $12, your choice! I like to think that someone made a few bucks from a Yuma (tourist). The pool hours are 10:00 to17:00, Nightly entertainment is nonexistent, there is a nightclub Salon Rojo that`s adjacent to the restaurant that is open I believe from Thursday to Sunday. Locals are admitted but need to register prior to entering the club. There is a (Cadeca) to change money on the premises, as well as a cafeteria that`s opens a 15:00 combined with a small shop. There is a snack bar by the pool that makes hamburger, sandwiches, fried chicken which was fine for lunches. Since this hotel is about three kilometers from the city center, reception can call you a metered cab which will cost you between $3 and $4 pesos to get you to Cespedes parques. Raoul who works at the reception can also drive you around, I used him to bring me to the Moron Castle and back at what I think was an honest price. I walked to the city center during the day and back at night and I felt very safe. If you are up to it try a motorcycle ride, I used them most of the week and I recommended you to try it. It`s easy, you will notice that there are many motorcycles around Santiago, when you see one who has a helmet hanging off his arm just wave you hand, hop on and go, one peso will get you across town. So for the final question would I return to Hotel Versalles? Absolutely, actually this is the nicest three star hotels I have ever stayed in Cuba. Enjoy!

      • birdsofafeather1
        Review about Versalles Hotel
        Very good Very good

        “Very clean and great pool! ”
        For a cuban run hotel this one was great.....very clean, huge bedroom with desk and mini bar ( i had to request this). Bathroom had shower and tub (not all did) and appeared recently renovated. The pool was very large and great for swimming. Nice bar area and kids pool. Food was very good too, except when they had tour groups booked then they reverted to buffet which wasn't as good. Cons - had to get a cab to the center of city...about 1.5 mile away...hard to get. Eventually made arrangements with a private taxi about when to come. Hotel tour arranger was useless....in fact she even said in the midst of talking to me that she had to leave now to eat lunch. If you planning to rent a vehicle this would be a great choice