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La Ermita Hotel, Pinar del Rio Cuba. 3 stars,

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  • Destination: Pinar del Rio
  • Address: Carretera La Ermita 1,5 KM.Pinar del Rio.Cuba.
  • Phone: (538) 796071
  • Accept child:Yes
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  • Description: La Ermita Hotel Cuba

    Located in the breathtaking atmosphere of Vinales Valley, Hotel La Ermita is the continuity of the visual and living experience produce by the magnificent presence of the Valley. The property is located close to the centre of the town of Vinales, famous for growing some of the finest tobacco in the World, and surrounded by other beautiful regions such as Palmarito and Ancón, thus enriching your stay with the direct contact with the villagers and their regional traditions, additionally to all the other amenities available, such as horse riding, trekking, bird watching, and other activities in which Nature plays a leading role.Be sure to visit Indian Cove and other farmer’s communities, and enjoy the experience of their everyday living and culture.

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  • Room facilities
    110 volt power
    220 volt power
    air conditioning
    balcony or terrace
    handicap facilities
    hot and cold running water
    private bath
    safety deposit box
    Satellite TV
  • Food Facilities

    The hotel has a restaurant which offers international and creole food, and a snack bar. A bar and lobby bar offer international drinks and Cuban cocktails. The speciality is the Guayabita of Pinar, a local liqueur made from a tiny guava that grows locally.

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    Review about La Ermita Hotel
    Awfull katy J

    “Beware of eating here!”
    We visited the Hotel as it has a tremendous view point over the Vinales valley. There is a nice cafe and terrace with a number of small stalls to buy souvenirs. The Hotel lobby itself seemed pleasant but I can't speak for the rooms as we didn't stay there. However, we stayed for lunch at the Hotel sitting by the swimming pool, which was a BIG mistake and were taken ill that evening. I would avoid eating there as we got food poisoning. I just read that a large hotel used by a British company in a beach resort has also caused food poisoning, the standards of hygiene are obviously not what they should be. We found the best and safest food to be in the CASAs.

    Awfull Jeneileen

    “Management needs to change ”
    This hotel was very bad and one of our worst experiences in Cuba. There seems to be staff so why can't they fix things that are broken?. The morale seems quite low amongst the staff so I think there needs to be a clean sweep of management. Even though we had paid for our food in our tariff we only ate there on the first night as it was tasteless. Our toilet in our room smelt, the shower didn't work properly and the pool was rather dirty. overall a very unpleasant experience. The manager really needs to get his/her act together!

    Awfull 955Alana1948

    This hotel is awful. The rooms are not clean and the plumbing is shocking so the rooms are very smelly. The stainless steel is rusty, the hand held shower was broken, the door to the toilet didn't close and kept swinging open. The tap over the sink was broken etc. etc. The food was dreadful - not fresh, unappetising presentation and bad service. There was no tonic or gin in the bar and only plastic cups - no glasses. The pool looked dirty so I didn't swim in it. There are many casas in town to try and it's a lot more convenient esp. if you don't have a car. The hotel was also overpriced.

    Awfull Douglas G

    “The la ermita trick, run down. ”
    Every night the last people to arrive are told that the hotel is full. They over book it like a plane. We stayed here three nights and every day it was the same story, people arriving at the end of day and being shipped of to local casa's. Definitely phone this hotel before traveling there. The views are fantastic and the rooms run down but each room dus have a private balcony to enjoy the good view. The key problem here was the breakfast it was low on everything including staff.

    Awfull langvass

    “Come for the view, bring your own food ”
    Stayed 3 Nights in 3 different rooms. Trouble sleeping in all three. The bearings in many of the air conditioners were worn out years ago. Turned off our own, but had to listen to the neighbouring machines. When changing rooms, a bag of cigars were left behind. The reception desk staff seemed surprised at our hope of getting it back. - "Lost and found" routines seems to be be part of the wage systen in Cuba. The hotel builders considered the spectacular sight of the Vinales walley a distraction and centered the buildings at the bar. Two of "Our" rooms faced the interesting bar rest rooms.

    Awfull CaroleC2

    “A great view but poor maintenance (even for Cuba), awful breakfast ”
    We stayed in 5 hotels throughout Cuba and whilst this had the loveliest view (and the potential to be a good hotel) , we checked out after 1 night. We changed rooms as the first room was not clean . Second room had peeling paint (usual for Cuba) but also shutters that didn't fit properly (not good as there are a lot of Mosquitos in Vinales), smoke alarm falling off the ceiling, very poor sound insulation from upstairs neighbours. However the breakfast was truly awful - coffee from an urn and so weak it was undrinkable, food not replenished etc. the staff here just do not care at all. Stay in a nice casa particulares instead in Vinales and give the hotels a miss.

    Awfull 427BeatleBob

    “has not changed a bit; but a little worse ”
    I had a different room this time(I was here last year) but it had the same stinky smell. This time, there was a huge rainfall and my bathroom flooded due to a big leak in the roof. The only saving grace for this hotel is the views- that is it. If you come to Vinales valley, I do not think if you much options(other hotels) out here unless you are brave enough to try staying in someone's guest house.

    Awfull JDuchesne

    “Outstanding views, amazing location, disasterous hotel ”
    We drove through the most amazing scenery to reach this hotel - perched on a hill overlooking the Vinales Valley - something that has to be seen to be appreciated properly. If only someone with some vision could take over this hotel (best knock it down and start again). We were six couples travelling together so I can confirm the experience of our room was not unique - all couples had similar tales of woe. In our bathroom our toilet was no longer correctly fixed, the only lighting was from an old wire and light bulb hung over the mirror and the water in the "shower" was cold. The room was not clean and there were holes in the sheets. The food was even worse - in fact four of our party took over a week to recover from the two night stay in this hotel. Don't even go near the pool - it was so dirty we could not see the bottom. The staff all seemed to be fighting a losing battle with morale which did not help. Unfortunately there is not much choice of places to stay to experience this superb area - if you do have to stay here at least do not eat here - there are some very good family run restaurants in the town minutes away that are worth the trip.

    Awfull Vivien B

    “Terrible, Terrible, Terrible! ”
    After a long trip from Havana, we arrived to find the hotel swimming pool, full of people and loud music being played. (Apparently the local people can come in to use the pool, which we don't mind but it was the amount). It was such a shame, it was so noisy as the views were superb! Worse was yet to come though........the rooms were dreadful, the restaurant less than average and some the staff looking bored. The saving grace was that the sheets and towels were clean.

    Awfull Macplox

    “could be one of the best with such a location”
    B'fast was only ok when a busload of tourists arrived. don't ask for your kind of eggs, you'll only get their choice!service was sloooow, erratic, no coffee. first night no hot water, was fixed the next day. Pool was emptied the day before we arrived. Poolbar: nice service,good coffee, the bartender decides the amount of rum.... ;-) Room smelled every day like like a dog had been in there for days. The view made up for all the issues. don't get to close with the gardener, he uses many tricks to sell you inferior cigars. flea infested dogs follow you around even sleep on the chairs of your terrace.

    Poor Tim W

    “Lovely location but otherwise very poor ”
    Like the earlier review by David H we can here on an Archers/Cosmos tour on a late change when we were down to stay at the Los Jazmines. Our party was, however, much smaller being only 7 of us - there were supposed to have been 12 but 5 never turned up. This was only one of a number of hotel changes, out of the 11 nights in Cuba 8 were in different hotels from what we had been advised. We did see the Los Jazmines hotel which was in a wonderful setting and could not have worst than this one. The rooms are chalets, set around the swimming pool. Some of our party had a lot of problems with their rooms but we were fortunate that everything worked, more or less. We did not have a particularly good view from our chalet but there are good views to be had walking around the grounds. The view from the restaurant was particularly good, unfortunately the food at both breakfast and dinner was terrible and on its own would rate 1*. The drinks were very reasonably priced.

    Poor David H

    “Wasted potential like a lot of Cuba ”
    Literally a last second change from the Jazmines Hotel where our Cosmos/Archers tour was booked and then rebooked after changes to the the dates and venues, (because of the size of our small, 28 person tour). It started off looking promising, with good views from the perimeter, but then not from our rooms. The bedrooms were basic with plastic sheeting over the louvres of the doors and gaps under the doors for the local insect life. Add the fact that the doors were stuck did not endear the room to us. No water, hot or cold, and very noisy air con made things worse. They fixed the water, and as everyone complained, switched off all the air con at the main breaker at the end of the block. The bathroom had a louvre window with no insect net and did not give any privacy from passers by. It was adequate by basic standards. As we arrived fairly late we did not have much time to enjoy the views, and as the best vantage point was from the restaurant, which was closed till dinner. Food and service for dinner and breakfast was limited choice but reasonable. Prices for the drinks were very reasonable by the standards we experienced. A bit of work on the basics and a more friendly management attitude would result in a small jump in the rating. As it stands this was not the worst hotel we stayed in but was near the bottom of the list.

    Poor glbkge

    “Not a comfortable stay! ”
    The room was stark and poorly cleaned. Bathroom sink lacked a stopper. The location is the only draw to this hotel - offers a beautiful view. Didn't use the pool but it looked okay. Breakfast buffet was adequate.

    Poor BaldieBrit

    “Location is the only reason to stay here ”
    The location on the hill above Vinales town and looking across at the mogotes is fantastic. Everything else about the hotel is poor, at best. The room was very tired, half the light bulbs did not work, doors and windows are broken or very stiff, walls are mouldy and the mattress was thin. We did not eat evening meals in the hotel based on bad reviews in Tripadvisor - use a paladar outside the entrance or down in the town. We ate breakfast which is a buffet: it was adequate though unexciting. The mojitos from the bar were weak and unexciting, and I was surprised that they could not give change for a CUC10 note.

    Poor PhilDohaqatar

    “Great view - run down hotel ”
    Fantastic views and immaculate grounds but badly maintained rooms cold drafty and something broken in most rooms. Food was soviet cafeteria style and staff not very customer focused. We has seen good reviews in travel guides. Disappointed but the Views are fantastic and enough rum heals most things. Perhaps some wings are better than others but this hotel has such potential under good management.

    Poor Swenn K

    “Nice view and that's it ”
    This is a hotel you would stay in only if you want to have a nice view on the valley. The service is really bad, rooms aren't in a good shape (holes everywhere on the walls), the pool's water is green and definitely NOT clean, we had no tap water in the room for about more than 24h.

    Poor Holly D

    “Beautiful location, health and safety nightmare ”
    Yes the location is stunning, it really is. Air conditioning - socket hanging from the wall, in one room, fridge again loose wires hanging down in the other room. Pool a lovely shade of algae green, staff indifferent and seem to provide better bar menu to local Cubans. Back home I have been charged twice on Visa. Notch it down to experience, like I said the view was lovely.....

    Poor chiel82

    “nice hotel if the sun shines... ”
    Unfortunately we visited this hotel in two days of rain. The room was very very humid, towels were not drying and after cleaning the floor, it didn't dry the whole day even with the airconditioning turned on. The rooms were the dirtiest we've seen on our trip in Cuba, also the bathroom was full of hair of the last visitor. If the weather is good, you have an amazing view from the restaurant and there is a nice pool with a cocktail bar. The restaurant is used for the breakfast, but the quality is very poor. It is recommended to have dinner in town.

    Poor Limorkiti

    “Great view, not so good hotel and rooms. Go for the great vinales casas ”
    The hotel cost 84 cuc. The view is wonderfull but the rooms are less than ok, water presure very low, the pool was under repair and the resturant breakfast and dinner very poor. Not realy recomended especially taking into account the beautiful casas we have seen all over. When u get there u can find one easily as they are all over. Make sure u go to the newly opened resturant just outside the hotel called VIermita. By far the best one we had all over Cuba, defiantly in vinales. The price slightly higher than the other places but so worth it. The vagitalbles, rice, chicken breast, " potato crisps", baked potatoes.. All come in seperate dishes and very high quality ( trust me u miss it after a while). we ordered 2 of the main dishes, 4 coffees (cuppocino) and one large soup all for for 34 cuc. ( the main dish is 10 cuc). Make sure u take a bike ride, hourse and just walking around. My favorite place in Cuba. Enjoy

    Poor lieuwe17

    “Beautiful spot, with lousy service ”
    We staid there for three nights. Two days without water, half a day no electricity. No excuses, no remarks, nothing. Swimming pool water is green, no water circulation, no desinfection. Food in the restaurant is either cold, or when served as a buffet, hours old. With experienced staff this could be a great place to stay: rooms are ok, the view is stunning. This was hotel #5 during our holiday, and the only bad one. Runned by amateurs.

    Poor TB_80_13

    “Great location but there's a lack of care in some areas. ”
    Amazing location but there was a problem with the pool for the three days that we were there and seemingly little done to try as rectify this. It was green and covered in algae. A real shame given the heat. The toilet seat was also broken. Friendly staff though.

    Average Brendan_and_BeckyJ

    “Stunning views, not matched by facilities ”
    We were initially blown away by the views from this hotel, and our room and balcony were comfortable enough, though a little shabby. The grounds are well-kept and the presence of dogs, cats, chickens and other wildlife (including hummingbirds) all co-existing peacefully in premises is charming. Some of the staff were smiling and pleasant, sadly not so the desk-staff. It was not possible (or convenient, we were left in no doubt) to change money at this hotel - instead we had to take a cab to the town during Cadeca business hours, which was very nearly very difficult in terms of getting dinner. On the evening when it was too late for us to do this, we were allowed to change a limited amount since we agreed to take dinner on site - which we regretted, as it was a buffet where we paid roughly 5 times the a la carte price for my choice that evening, salad. The next day we visited the paladar at the end of the drive where the food was excellent and kindly served - I would recommend any visitors to la Ermita to eat there instead. It is not a quiet hotel, as the rooms, to achieve wonderful views, are all in earshot of each other, and we were serenaded most of our second night by a huge party of european tourists singing together. This was only unfortunate as a result of an early start for us the next day. Overall, meh.

    Average Acdtraveller

    “Wonderful position with great views otherwise very disappointing ”
    Stunning views all aound as Vinales area is wonderful. We were on a trip with Jules Verne and apart from the view this Hotel has little to offer. The room was very basic but ok. The balcony did have a great view. The pool was definitely a funny colour so did not risk it but was pleasant to sit around witth plenty of loungers. The restaurant had spectacular views but unfortunately the food was very basic and of poor quality. Think we were really only there for 2 nights to go to to the Cigar and Rum Factories which were fascinating.

    Average Whithorn

    “A Good Walk ”
    La Ermita is less than a kilometre walk from the centre of town but well worth spending the time to walk there. You pass through the outer neighbourhoods of Viñales and up into the hills. Gives you a chance to see countryside, the gardens people maintain and plenty of goats, chickens and other animals the neighbours keep. You will also pass a number of casa particulares you may want to think about the next time you come here. The hotel itself is several buildings spread around a central swimming pool and you are welcome to buy drinks, food at the snack bar and take in the spectacular view over the valley. Definitely worth the effort.

    Average cellargas

    “Could be so much better! ”
    I stayed for 4 days in May the hotel was less than 1/10 full consequently was very quite, and I quite enjoyed myself.The location is stunning with views over the Vinales valley, large gardens tennis courts and a swimming pool. My room was very nice with modern furnishings air conditioning tv and minibar. The shower area was a bit neglected and often there was no water in the afternoons. Each room had an outside sitting area with a couple of comfortable chairs and a table, some rooms had swing seats. Breakfast was usually ok and seated on the restaurant balcony looking at the mist in the valley below was a nice way to start the day. The food served for lunch and dinner was very hit and miss and mostly quite poor and on one occasion completely inedible. The staff in general were a bit offhand and the waiting staff in particular were bored with the take it leave attitude,common to most hotel staff I met in Cuba. There was a problem with the pool during my stay so it was empty and possibly a hazard to the few children running around as were the 2 or 3 half starved dogs that were allowed to wander around begging for food. This place could be so much better with just a little more effort and a new chef! I think the restaurant facility would be much too small if the hotel was ever close to full occupancy and I imagine the rooms close to the bar area and pool would also be very noisy. Low seaon it was ok the location is hard to beat and you can walk down the hill into town in 15 minutes to get some edible food.

    Average davidmorris_99

    By general standards not a good place but by Cuban standards no real complaints. No hot water for several hours but eventually fixed. Some bare electrical wires in the room. To be fair I asked for some laundry to be done and it was done quickly and for a very reasonable price.

    Average Emily G

    “Beautiful views, shabby hotel ”
    If you're a stickler for smart and modern hotels then give La Ermita a miss. The hotel buildings and furnishings are distinctly shabby and are in desperate need of updating. The level of cleanliness was acceptable, but it really seemed as though the hotel interiors were being neglected. However, if you're after somewhere with fantastic views then you've come to the right place. The hotel grounds have a marvellous aspect over the valley and it's lovely to sit out and soak it all in. It's also quite peaceful away from the (relative) bussle of Vinales. The staff seemed generally unhelpful, with two notable exceptions - the two gentlemen who were camped out in the lobby, spoke excellent English and really helped us with our taxis and tour.

    Average UKWanderers2014

    “Disappointed ”
    This hotel had such a good write up in the newly published Lonely Planet guide I thought previous reviewers must have just been unlucky - but I was wrong. The view is great, but the bathroom was in need of refurbishment with rusting fittings and a bad smell after using the shower. It hasn't been mentioned anywhere but this hotel would be unsuitable for anyone with mobility problems as there are stairs everywhere. The safe is operated by a key (from reception at a charge) but was difficult to turn and I fully expected that it would break before we left (it didn't!) Service was slow, and there was no breakfast buffet one day as the hotel had too few guests to make it worth their while. On the plus side - we had plentiful hot water.

    Average Happy186605

    “Only for the sunset”
    Stayed here for one night. Check in was slow. Had trouble finding our room as receptionist was very unhelpful and just pointed in the general direction. Room needed redecorating and was basic. Lovely balcony once you could wrestle with the patio doors to gain access and watch a fantastic sunset over the valley. Restaurant was in a great location but food was only average. Didn't try the swimming pool as it looked a bit grubby.

    Average Bill1314

    “Beautiful location and friendly people ”
    Beautiful location and magnificent views across the valley. Food and service OK. The hotel rooms let it down a little with broken fridge cupboard, basic shower and burned out light bulbs. Nothing too difficult to fix or too bad to make you complain but just a bit disappointing as it could have been really fabulous. We know that money is tight but these were little things not difficult to fix. Would be great to hear that the managers are looking into these small issues as we would love to go back.

    Average Skeniver

    “Nice hotel, but could be much better with small improvements ”
    We stayed here for two nights and were quite happy with the hotel. It was on par with what to expect from a small town Cuban place. The hotel has an AMAZING view of the Vinales Valley from the pool, restaurant and some of the rooms. The room was comfortable and clean (with two single beds), and the aircon was good (although was either on or off and could only be turned on/off by plugging/unplugging it from the wall; but wouldn't call it unsafe by third world standards). The shower was hot but could do with a new shower head. The pool bar staff were a little unfriendly, but the front desk, tour, restaurant and cleaning staff were all friendly and helpful. Tours and taxis could be arranged from the front desk and there is a nice little shop that wasn't badly priced. The food in the restaurant was decent too; breakfast was good and dinner was OK, but you can eat better in town. Drinks are cheap enough too. We also went horse riding with the hotel. The horses were well kept and had a great time but the guide didn't speak much English. Overall, we enjoyed our stay and would happily stay there again

    Average DRNJ1960

    “Great location/Bad staff”
    There are only two choices for larger hotels in Vinales and this is one of them. Small motel style units around a large pool in a central area, offering views of the mountains and the valley below. Sounds perfect right? Well the rooms are rather basic and the staff are some of the rudest most disinterested we met in over 2 weeks in Cuba. Snack bar - forget it. They run out of beer and lazily take your food order. Main restaurant food is not much better. It's a shame really as this is such a nice location. If I was the manager I would fire most of the staff (the maids are friendly and do a great job). Tip: This hotel allows locals to come and use the pool during the day. They tend to be loud and really enjoy themselves. There is a section of rooms at the back overlooking the valley that would afford a bit more privacy away from the pool. We went horseback riding one day only to return to unmade rooms. We had taken the room key so the maid could not get into our room!

    Average sciat

    “Great location - usual crappy restaurant ”
    View over the valley was superb. Restaurant had this view but usual mediocre breakfast buffet. Evening meal likewise the usual limited cuban hotel fare. Rooms OK- reasonably spacious and with a little balcony outside. Pool OK with a busy snack bar. Very busy activities' organiser (we took the 4 hour horse riding excursion which WOULD have been OK except it poured down for 2&half hours !)

    Average LoonyLou

    “Spectacular Views - worth a day pass (7cuc) to relax & use the pool ”
    Amazing scenery across the valleys from this hotel. We were staying at a casa in town but purchased a day pass to Ermita for 7 cuc which allowed us to use the facilities (including swimming pool) but we had to purchase all food and drink... drinks are reasonably priced but cant comment on food as we didn't eat here. Visiting Ermita for the amazing photo opportunities that it offers is a must, the views are spectacular, sadly the day we visited it was a bit cloudy and overcast but we still managed to get some nice pictures and enjoy relaxing in a tranquil setting with a few obligatory beers and while away a few hours !! The food at the hotel is not rumoured to be good so we ate at a local restaurant "Paladar Ladera del Valle" which we highly recommend, food is cooked on a charcoal barbecue including really tasty pork with crispy skin and chicken... very delicious! also served with bread and dip, white rice, congri, malanga, paella, bean soup, salad, fresh fruit ...too much food to mention, or to eat!! cost was just 8 cuc per person which represented amazing value for money, best visited on an evening or you are too full to do anything in the afternoon... well worth a visit.

    Average atalanta_visitor

    “Typical 3 Cuban 3 star ”
    Outdated, old fashioned but with some charme. Some time ago this was a nice place. Rooms are spacious but outdated allthough some updates are taken place. E.g. New aircos in some rooms. Nice views als from restaurant. Breakfast is of poor quality. 3 course meal included and typical Cuban. If you pick the wright dishes it is Ok

    Average LizzieLou1964

    “Beautiful setting but must try harder! ”
    Loved Vinales and sitting on our balcony with great view (I requested room 64 but we got 61 which still had lovely views). Electrics and water were hit and miss - no water when we arrived but was on again later. Very disappointed that the pool was not fit to use due, as others have said, to the green algae. They need to deal with this urgently. Only had breakfast here which was fairly poor. In the evenings we went to Restaurant Fernan-2 (half way down to Vinales from the hotel) and La Olivo (in Vinales village) - both good, see separate reviews. We went over to Los Jazmines which is the other equivalent hotel in the vicinity and thought on balance we preferred Ermita as it was more peaceful without coach loads of tourists coming to look at the view, although it did at least have a nice looking pool. On this trip we also stayed at the following hotels, which we have reviewed separately if of interest: Hotel Sevilla - Cuba La Ronda -Trinidad Melia Buenavista - Cayo Santa Maria Hotel Nacionale de Cuba - Havana

    Average misterig

    “The view is (almost) everything ”
    If this review were based on the rooms at La Ermita alone it would struggle to make the 'average' category. We had a room facing the pool, and the french windows which looked out on to it - the only source of natural light - could only be opened by brute force. The air-conditioning had to be re-activated daily by a member of the hotel staff standing on a chair. The room was dim; it had a desk lamp and a large standard lamp standing about three feet from one another, but only one worked. There was not a lot of space by the time two beds and a sofa had been accommodated, and the bathroom was basic. But, as other reviewers have remarked, this is Cuba. I'm not going to award an extra star to compensate for the Cuba factor, but it should be borne in mind when reading the first paragraph. The view into the Vinales valley was terrific morning and evening, and the restaurant overlooked it, as did the swimming-pool. The staff were uniformly friendly and helpful, and there was a pleasant, laid-back feel about the whole place. The food was a bit lowest-common-denominator, but see the first sentence of this paragraph.

    Very good Miro P

    “Breathtaking Views, room very basic and barely functional”
    We had some breathtaking views from this hotel particularly at sunrise and sunset looking over the Vinales Valley and the most strange looking mountains, mogotes. The food was high quality particularly the grilled fish. The table lamps did not work, the room was not cleaned, the wash basin and the mirror must have seen better days and looked as if they needed some urgent maintenance.

    Very good WiebkeBerlin

    “Great view ”
    We actually did not stay in the Hotel. But it is worth visiting when you are in Vinales. Because they have an excellent view. We spent an afternoon at the Pool and the Snack Bar enjoying the surroundings.

    Very good Alistair P

    “Fit for purpose and a beautiful view ”
    I've read quite a few recent negative reviews of La Ermita and to an extent I can understand the points people have made however, unless they had a significantly different experience to me, its really not as bad as they make out. I'll start by saying we stopped there for three nights from the 4th April 2014, arriving slightly before the normal check in time. We were greeted on arrival, left our bags at reception and were told we could use the bar/pool and they would come and collect us when the room was ready (so couldn't really complain about the customer service). We went and got a couple of drinks and took in the fantastic view of the valley of Viñales whilst our room was prepared. It took a little longer than we were told but it was still ready before normal check in and the Cuban pace seems to be a little more relaxed. The room itself was basic but comfortable enough. The beds were reasonable, the air conditioning great and the bathroom was functional and clean (although the shower holder was broken and a bit of wire held it in place). The room also had a good fridge and a TV with a decent number of channels (although we only watched a bit of news and the national baseball). There was also a safe in the room for keeping valuables - I think the cost to use it was something like 2cuc a night. We slept fairly well all nights except our first and that was due to still being on UK time... and the dawn chorus of the cockerels which we found more funny than annoying (if you've ever heard the 'They took our jobs' bit from South Park you'll just laugh your way through). Something which may be off-putting for some guests, but which we loved: on a morning Cuban tree frogs, escaping the morning sun, came in through the slats in the doors to the balcony and as we left the windows over these open, some made it into the room. Also we discovered a couple of small anoles which you saw all over the hotel. On the subject of animals, there are a lot of chickens/cockerels wandering about as well as a few dogs (however the dogs are incredibly placid and not nearly as scary as another reviewer has made out). On our first two nights we ate at local paladares which offered so much food for very little money (and it was really tasty). We also had some of the best mojitos of our entire journey at one of these (second on the left as you leave the hotel). Because of this my experience with the restaurant is limited. We had a couple of lunches there which were basic but tasty (we shared a mushroom and a seafood salad one day which was delicious). Whilst lunches were a la carte, breakfast and dinner were buffets. The quality was alright but not amazing - breakfasts were not enjoyed by my wife. Drink prices were reasonable for Cuba (cheap by UK standards) with Cuban beers being about 1.50cuc which is around 90p. Wine, as with the rest of Cuba, was not cheap so unless you have to have some then don't bother. Although I never used the pool my wife did and she found it fine. The shop in the lobby provided essentials, gifts, snacks drinks etc at fair prices and the assistant was friendly. In fact pretty much all of the staff were really friendly and happy to chat to you (helps if you know a bit of Spanish though). Be warned that a lot of locals come to use the hotel on a weekend, or at least they did the Saturday and Sunday we were there. We had fewer power cuts here than any other hotel we stayed in on our journey and the general atmosphere was preferable to some other hotels, notably the Nacional which I'm yet to review. Enjoy your surroundings, don't expect too much and try to remember that you're in a relatively poor country! If you do these things then you should get on alright.

    Very good FalmouthLucy

    “The view from the lovely ”
    We stayed in mid range hotels around Cuba and this was the best one. Vinales can be very warm and humid and we noticed how much cooler it was further up the hill at our hotel. You can walk down to the village in about 15 mins. We took the horse ride as it was part of the tour we booked but I'm not sure how well the horses were cared for. The Vinales valley is amazing we also took a taxi to the Indian cave and took the boat through it. There's a Casa La Musica in the village if you want some more interesting entertainment than the pretty dire houseband. We found the food better in the village. Breakfasts were pretty dire and the coffee served at breakfast was like black ditchwater. However the view from our balcony was lovely and made up for this and we found our room to be clean with air conditioning. Ask for a room with a balcony as some just looked over the swimming pool

    Very good Cari610

    “Wonderfully redone ”
    I stayed at la ermita a few years back and it was a good experience. This time it was fabulous. The staff was friendly and attentive. The bathrooms were clean and fully stock. The sandwiches by the pool were tasty. I would definitely stay there again

    Excellent Michelaine

    landscape very beautiful
    A beautiful building, in complete harmony with the Viñales Valley Landscape, of which it gives a peculiarly panoramic view. From every where in the valley, which fills visitors with tranquility; where your eyes get lost in its green landscapes and blue sky.

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