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Herradura Hotel, Varadero Beach Cuba. 3 stars.

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  • Destination: Varadero Beach
  • Address: Avenida de la Playa, e/ 35 y 36, Varadero, Matanzas, Cuba.
  • Phone: (53 45)61 37 03
  • Accept child:Yes
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  • Description: Herradura Hotel Cuba

    Built on the white sands of this beach, the closest-to-the-sea hotel in Varadero also stands out for its singular shape. Resembling a horseshoe opening on to thecoastline, this great balcony looks out on the vast extension of the beach, offering a variety of possibilities to practice nautical sports and enjoy recreational options. Spacious and familiar, this hotel begins and ends in the white sands surrounding it, as if it was meant to create the illusion of being on an island. 75 air-conditioned rooms with private bath, security box and satellite TV. Others:restaurant, grill, lobby bar open 24 hours, fax, currency exchange, national andinternational telephone service, shop, tourism bureau and taxis.

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    Review about Herradura Hotel
    Average Antonhy

    Food is terrible
    Built on the white sands of the beach, the closest-to-the-sea hotel in Varadero also stands out for its singular shape. Resembling a horseshoe opening on to the coastline, this great balcony looks out on the vast extension of the beach, offering a variety of possibilities to practice nautical sports and enjoy recreational options. Spacious and familiar, the hotel begins and ends in the white sands surrounding it, as if it was meant to create the illusion of being on an island. Varadero's "Juan Gualberto Gómez" International Airport, 16 miles.

    Awfull Roberto36

    “Horrible! ”
    I was put in a room without balcony. It was a room inside which seems to be an apartment before. I got to "the apartment" with two rooms and a living room. Housekeepers were seating in the sofa of the living room, chatting between them as if they were hotel guest. I have nothing against them but I felt I did not have privacy. I book the hotel for 3 nights but left after the second night. Service was horrible. It is a State run hotel (Islazul chain), not foreign capital involved so condition of the hotel is not good mainly the furniture. Forget about remote control on the TV. My suggestion is to stay away from that chain. It is a budget hotel (I paid around 230 usd for 4 days) including breakfast and dinner. I learned my lesson ?you get what you paid for.? I have nothing good to say about that place, sorry but that it?s my impression. I forgot to mention that I got my room at 4 pm!

    Awfull MarcoSampo

    “is that an hotel????? Keep clear from that place!!”
    Unbelievable bad expereince! The hotel is an OLD rotten bulding. Placed in a perfect good location just rightafter a white sand beach and with a cosy hotel hall, the hotel structure looks like some old russian building. The stairs way to rooms is totally dirty and almost scary. Rooms are big and with air conditioning but not very clean! Toilette are full of muck and ants running everywhere. Breakfast evalueation is negative as well. Crampy waiters and poor food. Probably a good choice for maximum one night for a very low price and without any other alternatives.

    Awfull anj_keenan

    “Have I died and gone to Hell?”
    Booked into the Herradura with realistic expectations however was apalled and left the following morning at sun break. I am by no means fussy and have travelled extensively in 3rd world countries, however, this was far and above the worst hotel I have ever experienced. The rooms are small dingy, SMELLY & damp with plaster falling off the walls. No hot water, toilet broken, FULL of cockroaches, I hardly slept a wink and couldn't wait to get out of there, various other people were at reception complaining when I went down to tell them about the broken toilet...

    Awfull MarcoPoloEngland

    “Villa Horrordura! ”
    I've travelled to Cuba many times but never stayed in a place quite as bad as this. In need of complete reburbishmnet, or better still demolition, it's only good point is that it's right next to the beach and very near the bus station. Customer service was non existent, with the staff completely disinterested in actually doing anything. Breakfast was absolutely dreadful with hardly anything available. The concrete structure is literally crumbling before your eyes and there are blown double glazed windows obscuring any view of the beach. While I was there all the matresses were being changed and the new ones left piled up outside my room making entry almost impossible. Also being on the 4th floor I had to climb a filthy hand painted wooden staircase, and there was no hot water 4 days out of 5. As a final insult, on check out I was followed to the bus station by a porter who announced to the whole waiting room that I had a problem as I hadn't given back the safe key (which I'd never even been issued with or paid for). The only reason I can think of to stay in this hell hole would be the opportunity to see state socialism at it's very worst.

    Poor p0mel

    “Not for a long stay”
    The hotel is in a very bad state, the wind and rain enters through holes in the walls. The only bonuses are low price and decent breakfast. Use it only if you have a night to spend between planes (as I did), but definetely not for a long stay.

    Poor amkewell

    “Wouldn't stay here again ”
    We were shown into a room which, although it had a sea view, also had a very large hole under the air conditioning unit, exposing us to the outside elements. Under normal Cuban weather conditions, this might not have mattered much, but we had the misfortune to arrive in the middle of a gale and a strong wind blew through our room as a result. We rejected this room and were shown to another, quieter room without a sea view which was okay. The hotel overall is in poor condition and over-priced, although its location right on the beach is good. My general comment though is why stay in a hotel at all-we stayed in several during our holiday and the overall standard of accommodation and food was nothing like as good as that found in highly-reviewed casas. Casas also give you the chance to meet some real Cubans, just that being in any resort in any tourist spot.

    Poor MediaBOSS

    “Everything you've read are true... ”
    As the title says, everything you've read (reviews) on this hotel are true. The hotel is horrible and the food even worse. Even if the beds are made, I dont think they've changed the sheets, barely any paper toilet and didn't have any hot water. The only up side is that you're on the beach. My recommendation is to stay at a Casa Particular just down the street. It's 30$/night for a full suite. It's 5 mins walk from the beach. It's really clean, the service is amazing and you have the option of eating a home cooked meal (lobster) for 10$ (where as in the city, you'd pay around ~22$). Note: Caca Particulars have only been legal since last year as hotels in Varadero are often overbooked. The reason why we initially chose Herradura is because of the money but heck, for half the price, stay at a Casa Particular. You'd benefit more from the local cuban experience, stay within budget and more importantly, feel safe.

    Poor HotelCalifornians

    “Oh this makes me laugh ”
    Let's start with the staircase to your room. Wood, with a fire extinguisher on every landing, and a shaky open railing that comes up to about mid-thigh. Once you're up to your floor, you'll pass through a shared living/lounging/partying area with access to the sea-view balcony before going back to your room, which faces the street. Our room was clean and well-chilled by the a/c running full blast. The maid was sweet and professional. The beds were comfortable and CNN stayed on the whole time (even though a message kept coming up on the screen saying that whoever owns the signal hasn't paid their bill and must do so within 48 hours if they want to continue watching). More humor at breakfast. There seemed to be some kind of daytime conference happening when we were staying, and the breakfast room was full of Cubans waiting to be served their juice and ham and cheese sandwiches. The restaurant staff was swamped trying to make this happen, leaving all other aspects of the buffet (for paying guests) at the wayside. The first morning we had to track down glasses and spoons and butter. The second morning there was no silverware whatever and no cheese or butter. On neither day was there any jam to be had, which was a standard at every other Cuban breakfast we'd eaten (at least the guava marmalade). We just kind of laughed, but one older European guest was doing his best to swear angrily in broken Spanish, causing quite a scene. I hope this doesn't come across as a complaint, because we fully understand you get what you pay for, and where you pay for it. But as a warning to others thinking of booking here, don't expect service with a smile, or functioning facilities. Think ghetto by the beach, and you just might be pleasantly surprised.

    Poor EYANUK

    “Perfect for crashing a couple of nights on the cheap ”
    It is rated a 2*and is just that, for 40CUC a night when next door the Hotels are 120CUC a night what can you expect. It is a basic place, and old hotel aged and tired. Don't forget that in this apart hotel, the kitchen and lounge is shared with another room. The hand rails, were rusted and not safe, only one of the outdoor showers worked, the bar way overpriced, the furnishings simple, no swimming pool and the breakfast not great. On the positive side the bathroom, was clean, no mould, the rooms have two single bed which were clean and the air conditioner very effective. A bigger plus is that it is walking distance from the Viazul bus station, and the best part of the beach is a few metres on the right at the front of this hotel. The Hotel provides a shop for your provisions, but it is price twice as much as the shop which is 100m on the main road. The meals in restaurants in Varadero are the cheapest I have found in Cuba. Averaging 3-5CUC for a main meal, this is what happen when the tourists stick to all inclusive packages. So it is not so much a tourist trap. Being in a tourist resort you will also have restricted meats like Lobster and Beef on the menu. This is one of the few places where the national dish ropa vieja was readily available. This hotel is perfect for backpackers, people who just need to drop their bags for a couple of days and soak up the sun and beach, which for me rates as one of the best in the world. In balance there were more positive than negatives, to make Varadero and my stay at this hotel pleasant.

    Average DeaconBrodie276

    “Decent Hotel for the Price ”
    We stayed here for 4 nights and spend the days relaxing on the beach and walking around Varadero. The hotel is old. If you are looking for new, spiffy or immaculate, do not stay here. The rooms were relatively clean and the air conditioning worked. There was a tv but we never turned it on. The hotel was peaceful at night. The staff was friendly and helpful although they did not speak much English. There were a lot of Russians there when we were there and it is kind of funny listening to them speaking in broken English to the Cuban staff who don't speak much English themselves. The breakfast was very good and is included with the room which is very reasonably priced. We ate some lunches and dinners there too and they were good and reasonably priced as well. The hotel is right on the beach and it is spectacular and not at all crowded. It is shallow for a long way out and there is a lifeguard right there as well. If you accept that you are in a third world country and are content with foregoing the luxuries and standards that we take for granted here, you enjoy rubbing shoulders with the locals and you want to get out and learn some Spanish and eat at a variety of local restaraunts in town, then this is a great place to spend a few nights. If you want to sit around a nice sparkly pool and sip fruity drinks before you waddle back over to the all inclusive buffet then you should book yourself into one of those resorts in Varadero - there are plenty of them.

    Average akisg99

    “good location. ”
    i think this hotel is the cheaper in varadero,the rooms are small and old.but the breakfast buffet is good.and the beach very nice.the bus station is only 1 klm.if you don't want something luxury is nice place to stay.

    Average DianaLanctot

    “I recommend this hotel to Canadians who like a small family hotel - feels like home ”
    I was quite impressed how the personel at Herradura was polite, courteous, respectful and how everyone helps one another. Unlike 4 star hotels, Herradura is a small hotel with a small family like personel. The rooms were clean and breakfast was included in the price (which is very reasonable). It is located close to Varadero where you can visit other places to eat at a reasonable cost. Even the hotel provides good prices for lunch and dinner for about 3 to 5 Cuc per meal. The staff is friendly, the beach was breathtaking and the hotel is quiet. This is exactly what I was looking for after visiting 14 times a 4 star hotel, I prefer Herradura to any 4 star hotel.

    Average NyonVancouver

    “Would not recommend ”
    Our experience was mixed. Here is why... We were on the 4th floor and got robbed in the middle of the night. We have no idea how the thief got up to the fourth floor through the window. We suspect it might be an 'inside job', The police came and 'investigated'. We were moved to a different room. When we passed by our 'old' room the next morning, the police was sleeping in our room. I guess the investigation had taken a toll on them... This happened a few hours before we were to catch our plane and put our return home in jeopardy.

    Average bcmegan

    “Location, location! ”
    My husband and I stayed here for three nights. We had foolishly purchased a Cuban flexi pass which gave us a basic model hire car and a choice of a few hotels in each town. The Club Herradura was one of the very few in which we were entitled to stay in the expensive tourist strip of Varadero. This was the end of our Cuban adventure and we were looking for a few days of relaxation and we were well aware that this area is not the real Cuba. Our first impression of our room was not good but we knew how few options we had to stay somewhere else. Our room was one of the tiny bedrooms attached to the apartment style accomodations at each end of the U shaped hotel.We shared a livingroom and balcony with others. The room was very run down and tiny with access along one side of the bed only, and the bathroom fittings were rusty. My husband didn't sleep at all the first night with the upstairs air conditioner dripping every second of every minute of every hour (!) onto the metal casing of our air conditioner less than one metre from his head. The next night he placed an old rag there and the dripping was muffled and that problem became manageable. Once we got over the terrible room, we looked at the upside and there were quite a few. 1.We were right on the beach and the turquoise sea was magical. 2.The meals were inexpensive and delicious - we had fish every time as it was superb. 3.The mojitos were the best I had tasted in Cuba and were cheap and well dosed with rum . 4.The waiting staff were all helpful. ..and ultimately for us, the overiding factor was location, location!

    Average Arbap

    “Perfect low key gem ”
    I rated this hotel so highly because you have to realize everything in this country is relative - relative to the poverty found in Cuba, relative to the standards we're accustomed too, and relative to other hotels (obviously). This place is located in a country where people line up to pick up their weekly food rations...know many places like that? So let's begin: Location -perfect in Varadero, close to the center of town, restaurants, shops, nightlife either walking distance or a few of pesos cab ride away. Appearance - clean lobby, simple yet welcoming. Leads straight out into a patio. The small bar and the restaurant are at either end of the lobby, each with direct patio access. Rooms: The rooms were small but clean, set up apartment style with every three rooms sharing a large "living room". Nothing special but an interesting touch. Washrooms are fine. Note here: The main door can be locked (but nobody does) as well as each individual room door. I don't suggest leaving anything in the living room area unless you don't mind risking it stolen. Anybody can come in from the stairs or one of the other rooms. A friend had his electric shaver stolen -he shouldn't have left it there though, probably not a good idea no matter where you are. Stairs are not well lit and there is no elevator. I don't think this is a problem except for geriatrics. Staff: Great staff, those at reception were helpful but slow-paced as per normal in Cuba, cleaning staff did a good job cleaning every day. Everyone was usually friendly but like many Cubans they look at you with a combination of curiosity and envy. This doesn't reflect the hotel though but what I'm trying to say is, give them a break - most of these people are well educated and doing menial jobs instead of following a successful career path; a snooty tourist is hardly a priority. Restaurant: Really good fried pork and fish. I'd rather pay a couple of pesos here than eat some of the food at the all inclusives, can't complain about food at all. Beach: Great beach, semi-public, but you have to pay for the chair rental. This place really isn't an all inclusive. Overall I really liked this hotel, i think it was about $70 a night and much better than the all inclusive 3-star id been to previously. Not as good as the 5-star Solymar, but you're paying a 3rd of the cost and when you put that into perspective it stacks up really well. The food is so inexpensive it's not a big deal that it's not all inclusive. Same with drinks, it'll add up if you buy them at the bar, but get a couple of 7 peso bottles of Havana Club, some Colas, and you're set for the night. It's an average hotel but not disappointing either. If you're looking for a no-frills inexpensive stay and you're more interested in the beach and exploring outside the hotel, then this is the spot.

    Very good L0quita

    “Better than I thought! ”
    This hotel was amazing!! This was my first trip to Cuba but not to the Carribean. I went with my school for two weeks, April 14-28. This was an amazing experience. Entry: The staff was very friendly and was ready to help. The bartender that was around most of the time took a while to get to helping you, it seemed like he was just taking random breaks, however when he did help, he was very polite and speedy. Upon check-in the staff was very polite and found our reservations quickly. There is no elevator in this hotel, so be sure not to pack lots and lots. You have to carry it yourself. When I went to exchange money or complain the staff was generally friendly, however sometimes they were a little rude or took a while to get to things. For example, my shower head broke as did the toilet. It took about a day for the toilet to be fixed, however it was understandable as it was close to 11 PM when we complained, but it was fixed the next day. The shower head however was NEVER fixed. It basically just hung on the floor. It was annoying, but definitely made showering take less time, and it wasted less water as you would have to turn off the shower to not spray everything. The waiters in the buffet restaurant were very friendly, there was a weird looking beef stew in one of the pans one night for dinner, upon asking the man behind the buffet what it was he pointed to his chest and said "corazon"-which means heart- YUMMY!! haha actually I didn't try it, but others in my group who didnt know what it was said that it was really good...poor saps... Room: The room was a little small and I stayed in three. Basically there were three girls in the first one-couldn't stay like that for two weeks- the second the toilet kept breaking and the shower head was never fixed- the third was pretty good. The toilet I think broke once, possibly not at all. There was a desk in the room and each room had a common area that was shared with the guest in the room beside yours. In your actual room you had a view overlooking the street-which was beautiful- and the common room had a balcony which overlooked the beach, the stage where there was perfomances, and the outer dining area and lounge chairs. My first maid was not that good, however I only stayed with her for one day. My next maid I had for the next two rooms, she was absolutely nice-I don't know her name- she did my laundry for free, but I tipped her 10CUC- and on two occasions she came up to my room to make sure everything was ok and just to chat and learn some english. She was really really nice. When I would see her as I was walking through the hotel we would say hello as the Cuban's do- with a kiss on the cheek and a hug- we became like friends. The other maid I had was also very nice and both of them made the bed everyday right away, and the sheets where cleaned once I believe-which is fine because I was sleeping on it- the one thing I didn't like about my third maid(not the one who was friendly) was that the day before we checked out she asked my roommate if she could have two of the Canada hats we brought for our Cuban counter-parts (it was like an exchange program). The beds were very comfortable, the AC was easy to use, it would have been nice if there was a clock in the room, but I brought one just in case. The pillows however were very thin and I'm used to using one thin one and a large squishy one. But they were more than acceptable. Food: I would have to agree with most and say-if you're picky about your food, don't go to Cuba. They cook their food their own ways and a lot of the meals have rice with them. It is vastly based around sea-food, and chicken. The breakfast was pretty good. Every morning there was hardboiled eggs, pancakes (sometimes no syrup), french toast, frittata (basically like an omlette) sometimes stale bread, meat slices and cheese, fruits, fruit juice, coffee, and hot milk, and around the fruits there was cocoa(perfect with the hot milk for hot chocolate). Lunch I never ate at the hotel, so I am unsure about the food. However as all of my peers call it (including me) there's "The Chicken Place" right around the corner from the hotel. It's a cute little eaterie. They don't ONLY serve chicken, however that's what we ate every single time we ate there. Don't get me wrong it was absolutely great, but eventually one gets sick of chicken. Dinner was interesting. It once again consisted of lots of rice, however dinner had more choices than breakfast. For dinner you could have chicken, beef, pork, heart, stew, it was a wide variety. Patio/Bar: As was stated earlier, there was a bartender who basically did his own thing, but got to you asap. He was friendly when he got you your drinks and could speak pretty good English. The patio overlooked the beach (as did the entire hotel) and was always clean, and was never over-crowded. Entertainment: As I was with a school group we weren't allowed leaving after dark, but on the first night there was a band playing and about half of the girls in my group (8) and about 2 guys got up with the band and vocalist and started dancing. It was a lot of fun and we were pulled up there by one of the hotel personnell. Most nights we would just go up into one of the rooms and listen to music with our Cuban counterparts and have dancing lessons and basically party with them (no booze was allowed for us). Overall: The hotel was amazing and after coming home I realized this was ranked as a 2* hotel. I disagree. To me this was at least a 4* hotel. The service was excellent, the rooms were always cleaned, the beach was gorgeous (never came across any sea creatures), the atmosphere was friendly (smoking was allowed wherever and whenever), and overall impression and cleanliness was amazing. When in Cuba be sure to visit places outside of Varadero. While in Varadero visit the markets (which are within walking distance of the hotel), visit the chicken place-it was really good. Visit Cardenas and go to the museums and just look around. Check out Matanzas City, Matanzas, it is beautiful, I was at the college-so different from what we have here, but still beautiful. You MUST go to Havana. This is where you can see a cannon firing, a wall made completely of stones, just everything is beautiful and it is important to do a little research on the history of Cuba so you know what historical places to go because they are all truely amazing. This was an amazing trip and has made me want to go back less than six months after I left. I am now looking into teaching ESL in Cuba because the people were so friendly. They do not make a lot of money, but I believe they are happier than we are. The truly are a remarkable people. 15/10 Country. Absolutely beautiful. And the hotel was amazing, would definitely go back, the shape was AMAZING!!!

    Very good LondonSu

    “Cheap and cheerful ”
    After staying in the grotty Hotel Lido in Havana, I wasn't expecting much from Hotel Herradura in Varadero, but I was pleasantly surprised. The hotel room was bright, clean and welcoming. There was a lovely lady on reception who was very helpful and our maid was really sweet. The hotel is right ON the beach, which was brilliant. So you can sip mojitos while you stretch out on the sand or the loungers, whichever you prefer. If you're strolling on the beach in the evening, watch out for the washed up jelly fish! Every two hotel rooms share a lounge/kitchen area that overlooks the beach, which is great because it means everyone gets a sea view. It would be a good hotel for a group of people holidaying together. The beaches on the peninsula are stunning and definitely worth seeing, but I was glad I only stayed in Varadero for two nights as it is pretty culturally bereft compared to all the other places I visited in Cuba. So if you are going to Varadero, make sure that's not the only place you visit, or you'll miss out on the real Cuba.

    Excellent Grisha78

    “...just 5 meters from the Atlantic Ocean! Would you like more? ”
    Well, I was staying a night 11.11.2010 at the Herradura hotel. This hotel has a unique location. Hardly can you find another one in Varadero or all over the country which is situated just 5 meters from the Atlantic Ocean! Would you like more? As a member of the cheapest ISLAZUL Cuban chain, the Herradura offers bed and breakfast accommodation during low seasons for 35 CUC per double room per night. 1CUC is approximately equal 1 USD. Low season means that day air temperature is about 30 degrees above zero as well as warm Ocean. You can have a meal there for 5 CUC per person. It?s a reasonably priced hotel with tasty food. Check in after 3 p.m. Especially I?d like to pay your attention to the unique architecture of the Herradura. The word herradua in Spanish means horseshoe. So, if you look at the hotel from above, you will see that it has U-shape. Every room overlooks the street. At the same time, each two rooms have a shared salon with a terrace. The terrace overlooks ?right the Atlantic Ocean. Splendid vistas are fully guaranteed! A bus stop and the bus terminal of Varadero are within easy walking distance from the hotel. I definitely recommend this hotel to you.

    Excellent willynillyAustralia

    “right on the beach but dilapidated ”
    This hotel is about the cheapest on the Varadero beach strip and it's right on the beachfront. But it's very rundown, not too clean and some of the staff not very friendly. What is it about hotel reception staff all over the Cuba? They don't smile much and almost throw the room key at you.

    Excellent nomiebunny

    “Much better than expected ”
    Herradura is right on the beach, right behind the bank, and much much much nicer than i expected it to be. I liked it better than the 3 star resort i stayed at just down the road, 1 month prior to this trip! Reading reviews of this hotel on Trip Advisor, i was expecting terrible food, service and accomodations, but BOY WAS I EVER WROGN!!!! I wasnt planning on spending a great deal of time there anyways (just needed a place to store all of my stuff while out adventuring). The price sure was right, and i was most deffinantly PLEASANTLY surprised!! Just one heads up - there is no swimming pool. Larry, the lead of animation is really nice. All the boys who work the bar are great, Dennis and Oscar are my favorite. The food at the restaurent is ok - try the pescado empanada. It's only $2 and reminds me of my grandmothers home cooking... Breakfast is pretty weak though, but its free, so who cares! The rooms are clean, and smell fresh. The airconditioner is effective, the TV's get Canadian channels as well as channels from across the globe (just incase of a rainy day) The housekeeping staff are really fantastic, and are always willing to help you with things beyond carrying your bags or cleaning your rooms - bring gifts for those hard working ladies, and they go the extra mile. On 1st street at 37th or 38th there is a restaurent called Melaito - AMAZING PORK! Just fantastic. GO there! If you want to get around and see Varadero, you will be fine walking - Varadero is very safe, I never have had any problems while walking with my family, or on my own... or you can take the Varadero Beach Tour bus (you'll see far more, and it's a $5 all-day hop-on-and-off pass). Do the Rio Canimar tour - swimming in freshwater pools in beautiful caves at the Cueva Saturna, fanatsic Snorkeling in the ocean, and free time in down town Matanzas... River boat tour, then horse back riding, and lunch in a nature preserve. B-E-A-UUUUUUUTIFUL!!!! Dennis, your friendly tour guide, is AWESOME! and so is Roberto (the unofficial "Hospitally Manager"). I would go back for sure.

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