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Florida Hotel, Havana City Cuba. 4 stars.

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  • Destination: Havana City
  • Address: Obispo e/ Cuba.Havana Vieja
  • Phone: +53 7 8624127
  • Accept child:Yes
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  • Description: Florida Hotel Cuba

    The Florida Hotel, in Havana

  • Mapa de Florida Hotel

  • Room facilities
    110 volt power
    220 volt power
    air conditioning
    balcony or terrace
    handicap facilities
    hot and cold running water
    private bath
    safety deposit box
    Satellite TV
  • Food Facilities

    La Floridana Restaurant: This luxurious establishment can accommodate 60 diners and is one of the hotel´s jewels. Its foyer has a café, a fine spot to have drinks before dinner or lunch. The restaurant mainly offers traditional Cuban cuisine, but its international fare will impress even the most exacting clientele. The Pollo Florida (Florida Chicken) is a house special, a delicious serving of boned chicken filled with shrimp and bechamel, bathed in seafood sauce and batter-fried shrimp.


    Florida lobby bar: Guarded by towering columns, it serves domestic, international and special hotel drinks, including the Florida, Maragato and Dora Special cocktails.
    Maragato piano bar: The name honors one of Cuba s most famous barmen from the first decades of the 20th century. Elegant, intimate and welcoming, the locale s enormous stained glass window on the roof sheds a relaxing glow on those partaking below.

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    Review about Florida Hotel
    Average Monica

    Medium Hotel
    The Florida Hotel, in Havana's historic heart, was turned into a hotel in 1885, combining European and US comfort. It is on Obispo St., a pedestrian street lined with art galleries and museum, an additional attraction that highlights the establishment's options, including easy access to such sites as the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi, the Car Museum, the museums of Archeology and Science, and the House of Cigars. The Florida Hotel is characterized by its silent atmosphere and colonial-style decoration consisting of iron lamps, light-colored furniture and a cozy patio.

    Awfull hamilton5551

    “Fantistic architecture, terrible hotel. ”
    If your love of architecture allows you to overlook the fact that this is terrible hotel then this is the hotel for you. The building is magnificent but cannot on its own make up for the worst service and food we experienced in our 4 weeks touring Cuba. The bathroom was dirty, the air conditioning filled the room with a large puddle of water, and the food was inedible. From check in to check out this was an unpleasant experience. The management of this hotel should be ashamed of themselves for allowing basic standards of cleanliness and service to fall so low. It shames the building and the fantastic people of Cuba who strive to welcome tourists to their country.

    Awfull Anna B

    “Garbage ”
    This hotel is the worst hotel we have ever stayed in. The room and bathroom was dirty. I waited in vain for the dust and hair to be swept from the floors. The sheets were damp and the towels grey. Having read the glowing reviews posted we can only conclude we are living in a parallel reality. The noise from the streets as well as from the band in the foyer abated for 15 mins at 4am. A London doss house would be more comfortable

    Awfull PaulRobbo1

    “Pot luck on the nice rooms”
    Our first room was a nightmare. Directly over the disco/bar and no windows. Complaining to reception first got us moved to a too small room for our party of three. More complaining and a scene in the reception area miraculously got a suite at the front of the hotel with balcony which was much better. Breakfasts were ok - mango every morning and croissant. Overall not worth taking a risk on which room you get.

    Awfull GillianMacleod

    “Noisy rooms, indifferent staff, plenty better places to stay ”
    We carefully avoided room 101 but got room 111 which was just as noisy- the thud from the "piano" bar..aka disco with nobody inside, was dreadful every night and I had to go down and complain at 1am one night. The staff just looked at me ruefully and said " we get a lot of complaints about the bar", and did nothing. There are many other beautiful hotels and my choice would be the Raquel which we investigated and had beautiful art Nouveau fittings and delightful friendly staff, and a rooftop terrace bar over looking the city- perfect for an afternoon cocktail. I am pretty tolerant and had read the reviews of hotel florida and thought- cant be that bad- it is. Also we had no toilet paper for 2 days and a cockroach crawled out of the sink. Please avoid.

    Poor Johnty1209

    “Good hotel but money stolen from room ”
    We were talking about what a great review we would give Hotel Florida when we left (lovely characterful lobby, enormous bedroom, incredible location), but unfortunately we had £120 stolen from the 'safe' in the room. The safe was operated by the key card, which is programmed by reception, which is a notoriously unreliable system. Very stupidly, I did not count my money before we checked out of the room (lesson learned) and the staff did nothing to help us when we returned. A real shame as we enjoyed our time there. If you choose Hotel Florida, I would keep your valuables upon your person.

    Average Overlandier

    “Great for the City Walker bad for the Liessure person”
    The Location and Archtiecture is everything in this hotel. Can not get better palce in Old Habana for their rates, comfort, and feel. The Restaurant Service in this hotel is lower than others in the area, the breakfast is of doubtable management but so is everything in many places in this city. The bar makes one of them ebst Daiquiries int he city dont waste time going to el Floridita you get the same type here. for a fraction of the price.. The Room service is to watch for, things gone missing, they become friendly they they play vioctim and ask you for things you own.. as gifts ... however The Hotel Staff tries their best to accomodate. Drinks in the mini-bar and gift baskets are the same price of the street so is good you make use of them.. Cleniness is good as well as the bathrooms and semi-AC systems they have. But its havana!! so it a plus! .. ..At Night the "club" or disco downstairs is really noisey! Loud! is located right inside with Jineteros and Jinetras (Hustlers) trying to make friends get in your pants, charge you for sexual services and then the hotel will charge $40 for each person you get in.. To be careful to those whom dont know the language or lifestile of nightlife Havana. The, internet and phone are the same price everywhere but is good the holtel has these services.. Definately stay but dont think this is a 1A hotel is just looks like one :)

    Average Silvana T

    “Great location, grumpy staff ”
    Hotel is located on one of the main streets in Old Havana so is perfect location wise. It is lovely looking inside- old colonnial hotel. Our room was decorated in the same style and was a nice size, high ceilings and the air con kept the place cool enough. The room wasn't impecable and we didn't expect it to be. What we hadn't expected was for the staff to be quite so unfriendly. Everything we asked for (which wasn't much) seemed too much effort and the staff at breakfast rarely cracked a smile. The breakfast buffet was not particularly good at all with plenty of flies swarming around. Omelettes can be requested but you're made to feel pretty guilty for asking! On our last afternoon we were interrupted by loud banging on our door and a request to move rooms as our shower was leaking (which had been for the full 4 days we were there without anything being done) and water was going into their office below. We were told to pack our stuff and move to a room across the hotel. The other room turned out to be much nicer with a double bed (we had previously had twins which we'd pushed together) and toiletries and looked out over the street rather than the brickwall for a view we had previously had. This hotel has potential to be a really lovely place. We enjoyed our stay overall due to the location and style but the staff and apparent lack of care for guests can badly let this place down.

    Average Richard B

    “Old Havana Hotel ”
    We were bounced on our arrival at the hotel (a Government conference) and moved elsewhere, returning later in the week. Overall the Florida was what you would expect in Old Havana and we were happy to stay there.. The suite was clean, the plumbing was occasional, the food was passable. The location is excellent and the architecture impressive. My main problem was the way the staff handled bouncing us after a very long journey (from the UK). It was not their fault but they are still in the front line. This is a customer service training issue. However, at the end of our trip, on our way back through Havana before our flight home, our booked taxi did not turn up. The doorman moved heaven and earth to find a car to speed us to the airport and we arrived just in time, given the infamous queues. He made up for any other shortfalls in service.

    Average Nigel M

    “Be Warned”
    We were booked into the Hotel Florida for the first two nights of our holiday. We checked in at the Hotel Florida and were then taken through the hotel to another hotel that adjoins at the back. The room there was damp, airless and windowless but when we complained, we were told the rooms were the same price and quality. This was nonsense - the Florida rooms were much better so I guess they use the other hotel (Almeida or similar) as an overflow. As to position, couldn't have been better

    Average solomonp

    “Typical Havana "Boutique" hotel ”
    Stayed recently for four nights at the end of a two week trip to Cuba and the hotel was more or less what I expected. Cuba doesn't do great hotels, so don't expect them. Arriving near midnight I had a friendly welcome from the receptionist and was escorted to my twin room on the first floor by the night security man. Room 6 is at the front and on the corner. Probably one one of the noisiest rooms in the hotel as regards street noise, which really gets going at 8 am with people on their way to work/school. If you want a quieter room, pay more and ask for a room on an upper floor and away from the street. Room 5 is also noisy and smaller. The minibar is a bargain. Half bottles of rum for 3CUC! Watch out for the hangover. Breakfast is heavy on the carbohydrates and cold scrambled eggs and grilled frankfurter. Stick to fruit and toast and get in there early, before 7.30. I didn't bother with the bar or meals. My room was cleaned and bed made, more or less efficiently. When checking out I discovered that they only accept credit cards for large amounts (like room charges or big restaurant bills), Extras must be settled in cash and be aware that if you want to leave your bags for a few hours before heading to the airport, they charge 1CUC per bag. A bit grasping I thought, but then, hey, this IS Cuba! The location is very central, right in the heart of Havana Vieja and surrounded by plenty of bars and restaurants so you could do a lot worse. Give it a try. Advice to the hotel - get Jamie to give your kitchen a makeover.

    Average Pantelis T

    “Great location, but... ”
    We arrived after 22 hours of flight and found dirty sheets, dirty towels and a dirty bathroom. There was always a bad smell in the room, and the same next to the elevator. Breakfast was ok, but this is not important when your room is dirty. Location is great.

    Average CarolineSMelbourne

    “Shame about the noise ”
    Hotel Florida has a very big 'wow' factor. No one can fail to be impressed at the truly spectacular internal courtyard and décor of this very stylish hotel. Furthermore, it could not be in a more convenient location to view the old city, located as it is on pedestrianized road 'Obispo'. There is marble, marble everywhere, the room ceilings are about 6 metres high, the courtyard furniture is colonial-style wicker, and there are plants everywhere - absolutely lovely. BUT - I would never want to stay here again because it is impossible to sleep due to noise. All rooms face the internal courtyard and balconies therefore any conversation can be heard inside the bedrooms. At night we could only get to sleep when the last group left the courtyard, which is the lounge area of the hotel. Furthermore, of our two rooms, number 20 faces a car park which generates even more noise at night, whilst number 23 has no natural light and is so dark it is hard to read in bed. Other unsatisfactory issues were: Food - ate one dinner here and made sure not to do so again. The menu was limited and the meat/fish was tough [a common problem in Cuba]. The waiters were glued to the TV at the bar and showed little interest in serving us, even to the point where we were not offered drinks and had to get up to ask. Breakfast was little short of disgusting - a wide array of cooked and uncooked food [none of which was hot] which was badly presented and tasteless. I am not fussy, as a rule I eat anything, but this was mostly beyond my capabilities. Cleanliness - the room floors were gritty and had long hairs over them. When we asked reception to attend to the matter a chambermaid banged on the door within 5 minutes demanding to see the evidence! One room [20] was peeling paint so badly that pieces were found in open suitcases, over the bed and on the floor each day. Service - not up to the standard expected of a hotel in this price bracket [acknowledging that customer service in Cuba still has a long way to evolve] My recommendation is to go here for a drink and enjoy the beautiful setting and décor, but find somewhere else to have a good night's sleep.

    Average world-traveller8725

    “Nice ambiente - perfect situated - personal desinterested! ”
    We stayed in the ?Hotel Florida? for 4 nights. It?s lovely situated in the middle of Havanna Vieja. Difficult to find it because no cars are allowed to enter into these narrow streets. We were lucky, that the busy (& noisy) Cuba-Street just in front of the hotel is under construction. The reception in that state hotel was as in all other places (hotels, restaurants, museums, institutions,....) we stayed during our 3 week trip along Cuba: extremely cold and unfriendly ? in contrast to the people on the road, in the villages we met during our car trip. The hotel inside is really nice and a worth to stay: big & lovely colonial patio, high rooms with old furniture and beside a spacious bathroom with a separate room with toilet and a shower in the bath. BUT: The breakfast ?buffet? is more than poor: always the same and mostly even the dishes from the day before.... ? the stuff is absolutely according to the meal: desinterested (the programm on the tv on the side-wall is much more interesting than the paying guests) and unfriendly (please don?t ask for some fruit or yogurt)! And don?t expect even a spot where you have WiFi...they send you to another hotel some 100 meters away! - For that price we expected a little more of convenience, even in Cuba in 2013! >>> After we travelled through Cuba for 3 weeks, so we recommend this place with some restrictions! Look around, there are nearby some very lovely other hotels in the same category!

    Average Angela M

    “Better than expected - great location. ”
    Stayed here for our first 3 nights in Cuba. Great location, only disadvantage is that it is on a pedestrianised street so the taxi from the airport dropped us a few blocks away and we had to walk with all our luggage plus one of our party was in a wheelchair. However, when we left the bellboy took all our luggage on a trolley to the hire car. Found all the staff very friendly and helpful and also very accommodating re wheelchair access as rooms were not exactly as wheelchair-friendly as we have come to expect in the U.K. Our room looked out on to the busy Calle Obispo but I really didn't find it too noisy - slept well, beds clean and comfortable. Hot water in the shower although water pressure varied. Lovely large room, air con worked. Breakfasts not fantastic and as laid out buffet-style, lots of flies around. Ate in the restaurant first night, meal was OK, not the best meal of the whole trip but nor was it the worst. Excellent bar staff and excellent mojitos.

    Average StreeterA

    “Three nights was enough ”
    Very nice presentation, however the rooms are basic and were unclean when we arrived. Paint was falling off the ceiling. However, the beds were comfortable and the air conditioning was refreshing. The restaurant was average and more expensive (as expected) than the average restaurant in Havana. No free water provided with the rooms, although it is available from the mini bar. All areas are smoking and the surrounds we're quite noisy, not making for the best nights sleep. However, it is within walking distance of much of Havana which made it easy to get around. We stayed there for three nights and that was enough.

    Average msu2

    “Beautiful Hotel but Extremely Noisy ”
    Hotel Florida is a beautifully restored Colonial hotel in the heart of Havana Vieja. The public spaces are stunning. The hotel offers breakfast which was a continental buffet and quite delicious. The convenience of a hotel bar was appreciated as it seemed to be open most hours for a mojito and a snack. The room was quite comfortable with a beautiful marble lined bath. However, our room was located on the street side and we were rudely awakened by early morning traffic, honking, trucks, etc. The noise was deafening! Lastly, the service from the reception desk was poor. The reception agent was rude and confrontational when there was a misunderstanding regarding our reservation amount. Be sure to confirm all costs prior to your stay as we were charged extra for a 2-person reservation.

    Average Katecali

    “Just okay”
    My husband and I thought we would try one night at the Florida after several nights at Hotel Valencia (see my other review). We were disappointed and finally decided that it would have been better not to have switched. The rooms look nice at first glance but upon further inspection are quite rundown--saggy cushions on the furniture, etc. Also note that there are two different types of rooms--those on the top floor have high ceilings. Those on the middle floor (as ours was) are so low that, as you're walking the corridor you have to duck. We didn't have some of the problems others talked about--for example, our shower was much better than at the Valencia. But the street noise, even from a side street, woke my husband up at 4 am convinced it was 7. And the air conditioning rumbled as though a train were in the room (actually helpful to block out road noise). Truth be told, I also preferred the location of the Valencia--quieter and closer to the main plazas. The lobby of the hotel is beautiful, but the staff do, unfortunately leave much to be desired. For example, while sitting opposite the reservation counter waiting for my husband to check us in, I dropped my sunglasses. Up in the room, I quickly realized this and returned to the front desk. After spending several minutes right in front of the hotel clerk checking the area, I finally asked (in Spanish)if she had seen them. She shrugged her shoulders and said no, although she did ring for the bellboy, who, it turned out, did have them. My husband felt they preferred to keep them and were hoping I wouldn't persist. A little surprising in a hotel that costs close to $200 per night. All in all, the coldness of the staff reminded my husband of a business hotel. The contrast with Valencia, where the staff were generally helpful and friendly, was quite startling. Sure, the Valencia did not have the beautiful lobby, but frankly, I enjoyed coming back to the Valencia and having the staff there seem genuinely interested in how our day had been. It felt more homey, for both better and worse. As a side note, we checked out the Iberostar, Inglaterra, Telegrafo, and Hotel Nacional while were in Centro and Vedado. I would not, under any circumstances, stay at the Nacional--having to take a cab everywhere would be quite a pain. We had a drink there and that was enough. The other three are in a better location in Centro and within walking distance to Old Town. Since they are on a large boulevard, it has quite a different feel from Old Town. Better than Vedado, but I would still opt for Old Town. Still, if I had to choose between the Florida and one of the three in the Centro, I might try the Centro next time. The Santa Isbael is also, of course, a great option; we didn't stay there since, although they quoted us a little over $100 per night online, they insisted on $240 per night when we showed up in person.

    Average quinnsaz

    “Will not be returning...! ”
    The lobby of this hotel is lovely and worth a look but the facilities here are really not up to scratch.Our room was extremely dusty and there was no toilet seat.Hot water was sporadic at best and not what we expected from this hotel. Depending on where your room is situated it can be very noisy. We stayed here for two nights at the beginning of our Cuban holiday as we wanted to be in the heart of old Havana. The location is good but that's about all.The staff seem reluctant to help and the whole experience was a bit frustrating.Next time we will opt for a Casa particular.

    Very good AlbertB02

    “Great location for seeing the city ”
    This was the first hotel we stayed in on our tour around Cuba in May-June 2014. The hotel is in an excellent location in the middle of the old town. The lobby of the hotel is beautiful. Our room was comfortable with a high ceiling in the Colonial style. We had an issue with the condensation from the air conditioning unit wetting the bathroom floor and covering the way to the toilet, but this was quickly resolved. As this is the centre of town, it tends to get quite loud both late at night and early in the morning whilst deliveries are made. If you are a light sleeper, this may not be the hotel for you for this reason. There was a large choice at breakfast, but the quality of what was offered could have been better (e.g. fresh bread for the price paid). Customer service could have been better and the employees a little friendlier. If you ask the hotel to call a taxi, insist on the official cabs - we received other drivers, who charged high prices.

    Very good Tom-Frenchy

    “Authentic Cuba ”
    This hotel as a perfect location in the heart of old Havana, close to the Malecón and with an authentic Havana feel to it The food at breakfast was decent but nothing special and it was a be a bit noisy in the evening as my room was above the street but after visiting this incredible city I was too tired to care or be kept awake Highly recommended for an authentic experience of Havana vieja

    Very good bali4ever_10

    “Grand Old Dame ”
    Like most of Havana (historic area) it's a beautiful, old, crumbling hotel with staff that don't really care (but then, no one does in Cuba), We had a Junior Suite and between the 2 ancient air conditioners, they cooled the room sufficiently enough to sleep. Housekeeping, mmmm, not well trained and I'm not sure they changed our sheets during our 7 night stay. Laundry was outrageous (we're talking upwards of US$100) and not very good (clothes didn't smell clean, and full of creases). Took the entire 7 days to train the bar staff but they got there in the end. Government-owned, so no real motivation to improve. Overall, ok.

    Very good Goat-whisperer

    “Classic Havana”
    Hotel Florida provides a great example of why travellers visit. Havana. With its shabby-chic colonial looks, its ambivalent (very Cuban government) hospitality and even the cigar-reeking bar playing live Cuban music into the night. Short walk to the classic bars and restaurants of old Havana.

    Very good Mops126a

    “Remember it is Old Havana, not Vegas ”
    This hotel was very comfortable. We had no issues with the cleanliness of the place. We found the staff very helpful and eager to please. Breakfast was the same every day, but that is not the fault of the hotel, unfortunately it is the economy of the country and what is readily available. The location is ideal, close to everything. Ideally, try to arrive during the day as the drive to the area in the dark is initially a bit frightening, but be assured, the area is VERY safe. I would definitely return.

    Very good bonne306

    “Marble, High Ceilings, Ambiance, but reeked of former grandeur ”
    I was put here one night due to problems at the Ambos was a grand room, but hairs in sink and bathtub....It seems to be Cuban Standards. The staff was nice but the breakfast room was rather closed and average. What a difference it would make if the rooms were clean. Noise was not a problem as there were double windows and I heard nothing. Location is great.

    Very good Debbie S

    “Traditional hotel in excellent location in old Havana ”
    We enjoyed the ambience and location of this hotel . On Christmas Eve they put on a special show and banquet meal which was great value . The rooms had style and atmosphere and the location is perfect for exploring Old Havana on foot with plenty of bars and cafes nearby. Everything was clean and the staff very eager to help.

    Very good H0llieM

    “Grand hotel in the best part of Havana”
    We stayed at the Hotel Florida and it was a good experience. It is such a grand hotel, with large well appointed rooms oozing with history. It is on one of the best and most vibrant streets in havana and easy to get most places. The service was fairly good with them allowing us an early check in and they made breakfast at 5am for us as we had an early plane. The rooms were very comfortable with a great view outside. The only small gripe would be the front rooms can be a bit noisy. It didn't bother us too much though as not too bad with heavy doors to close most of it out when we needed too.

    Very good Valerie O

    “Great location ”
    We ended up in this hotel by accident as there were problems in the hotel we booked before we arrived. As my strap line said, it was a great location based in the old town. We were right in the heart of the old town surrounded by bars and restaurants. The room was spacious and comfortable. There is a slight smell of damp but we found this was commom place in cuba as a result of the humanity. Breakfast was ok and there was plenty of choice. There are road works outside but didn't find the noise an issue. Was a lovely building with plenty of character and the lovely spanish feel about it. Found the staff ok, did enough but did not go out of their way. Would recommend due to the location and decor. Great salsa club which was great for people watching

    Very good salsaholic

    “It could have been perfect! ”
    We decided to stay at this iconic hotel in the very center of Old Havana because of the splendid,romantic and enchanting entrance and also because there is salsa dancing every night downstairs in the enclosed patio.We were given room 26 and it was as expected grand and reminiscent of the bygone colonial days,pity this place is run down and dark,the shower has a very large rose but with only 3 or 4 drips,with rusty taps and faulty faucets.Fortunately for the management all is forgiven when you open the door of your room into the magnificent patio but your amazement stops the moment you reach the reception where they totally ignore you and continue to chat on the phone with their friends and the breakfast is really sad,there was nobody to greet you or show you where things were,nobody behind the buffet counter and flies crawling over unattended food (I really don't know where the flies came from as the restaurant keeps the doors closed and it has air conditioning) Obviously this is a state run hotel but fortunately things are slowly getting better in Cuba with private owned business making an effort to provide better service. All in all it was nevertheless a good experience,the decor and atmosphere make up for the staff shortcomings and the dancing was fantastic!

    Very good cloclo20

    “A beautiful colonial hotel centrally located ”
    We spent our last night in this hotel as we wanted to try those colonial style buildings and found it good, the bed was comfortable and the rooms were clean, staff was ok, but the main benefit is its location right on the lively calle Obispo. We found it still quite expensive for the type of comfort you get but it's definitely worth spending one night there to feel like you're living in a different era. Photos are very identical to reality. Would still recommend it.

    Very good MarlisW

    “Beautiful place in the heart of old Havana ”
    I read the reviews before we went and I couldn't place the noiciness in the hotel rooms. I knew the hotel from the years before when I went to the Piano bar downstairs to dance salsa. Now, with a small child travelling with you just want quiet and clean rooms... And so they are. During our last stay we were here a couple of nights. We had a large airconditioned room at the back and it was wonderful! A beautiful stained glass window above the door, a separate room to sit and relax. Even breakfast was various and enjoyable. A very nice place with a unique Cuban atmosphere and a friendly staff in the heart of old Havana. I cannot but recommend a stay in this hotel!

    Excellent Jehnarz

    “All that you need to enjoy Habana Vieja! ”
    This hotel was quite excellent. I was not sure exactly what to expect when I stayed, but the large, marble-floored, beautiful Hotel Florida certainly took my by surprise! I went with a large group, and I know that some others had rooms on the lower level which weren't quite as nice as the room that I stayed in. My room was on the upper level. It had deep green marble floors, a WONDERFUL air conditioner (it was mid-May in Havana, and the AC kept the room pleasantly cool), a nice shower, perfectly functioning toilet, and two simple but perfectly serviceable beds. I also had a very small balcony that opened up over the main street. Our maid was very good about keeping the room clean. Older buildings tend to be a bit dusty, but I felt better staying there than I did in a LOT of hotels in the US. And (hint) if you leave a small tip for the maid when you leave each day, she will go a long way towards making you feel much better there. My roommate and I realized this our second day there when a friend mentioned that he had left 1 CUC for the maid and had returned to find towel animals and other cute touches in his room. We started leaving notes for the maid every day with her tip (we alternated who left the one CUC every morning), and she always wrote back! She was very pleasant and was always willing to do anything we needed to make us feel better. The location is amazing. Yes, there are other hotels that are probably nicer, but they are farther away from Plaza Vieja and Plaza de Armas. You seriously cannot beat the location, and if you want to experience Old Havana, this is the best way to do it. The only food I had there was the breakfast, and to be honest, the quality varied some. It was always at least good, if not fantastic. The fruit was one of the best options, and there was always two different fruit juices that varied - Papaya, Guava, Watermelon, and so on. There are also various small breakfast foods, and, OF COURSE, coffee, milk, and sugar. I know that some visitors to Hotel Florida might be disappointed, but the breakfast served there is free and much better than the continental cardboard that you would get at any US hotel. Breakfast was the only meal I had there so I can't really recommend anything else, and the only drink I had there was the welcome mojito that they served us when we arrived. Other things of note are that you can make calls from either your room (and pay at any time before you leave or at check-out) or from the lobby - even calls to the US (which many of us took advantage of). It's expensive, but still nice to have available. Calls around Cuba were much less expensive. Also, there was a piano bar and music downstairs at night. The noise did not penetrate to the rooms, but it was a fantastic option to have so close by. Oh, and there is a currency exchange place RIGHT across the street (diagonal to the right). I'm sure I'm forgetting other things so feel free to ask any questions you may have!

    Excellent helen s

    “Havana heaven ”
    We travelled independently from Holguin to Havana in March 2014 and we were not disappointed. We chose this hotel for location and previous reviews. The hotel location is excellent; facing onto on a pedestrianised street through the centre of Havana( Obispo) - the hotel had all the character and charm imaginable of a quality cuban establishment. The food was varied and high quality the staff very helpful and attentive. The rooms were clean, comfortable and spacious with high ceilings and many original features. Complimentary toiletries together with cheap but highly desirable mini bar selections added to this desirable hotel. We unfortunately arrived late for our booking after a much delayed internal Cubana airways flight ( never again) this meant our stay was shorter than planned but still this hotel ticked every box for us - would definitely stay again

    Excellent Sandra A

    “Old Havana at its best! ”
    On a recent trip to Havana we stayed in the Hotel Florida, perfectly positioned in glorious Old Havana. The staff, the room, the breakfasts were all better than many of the reviews I had read. This is Cuba! I was more than satisfied with my Hotel Florida experience.

    Excellent gujianing

    “Happy with the experience.... ”
    The rooms were clean and comfortable. Breakfast was nice, and, having been in Cuba for a couple weeks already before visiting the hotel, I thought the service was actually much better than what I'd received many other places.

    Excellent 67varieties

    “Great stay ”
    Lovely, well-restored, historic hotel. In the centre of the old city and all the main sights are only a few minutes walk. Big suite on the 1st floor facing the front and side of the hotel of the hotel. The furnishings and decoration suited the building. Didn't really notice noise from downstairs, though there's building work all over old Havana and the noise from outside was intrusive during the day (we weren't in the room much during the day anyway and it was quieter at night and the morning). Breakfast was good quality, with plenty of choice. Reception staff were friendly and took time to make recommendations for local sights and nightlife.

    Excellent Tara H H

    “Beautiful Wedding ”
    My husband and I had our wedding at Hotel Florida last year and it was wonderful! Our ceremony was beautiful and the patio where we had our reception was magical. The hotel staff treated my family very well and they were really great with all of little details that made our wedding special. Enrique the hotel manager was great, he really worked hard to make our wedding perfect. I'd definitely recommend the hotel for a nice little getaway in Old Havana or for a dream wedding as well. We loved our stay. Even if you decide not to stay there stop in and have lunch in their patio, it's really beautiful and they make wonderful pina coladas.

    Excellent Pulidora310

    “My favorite hotel in Old Havana ”
    My husband and I spent a week in this beautiful hotel in November and we just loved it. We felt like if we were on the past century Havana with its beautiful colonial style. The room was very nice and clean and the staff made us feel like at home with family.

    Excellent Marianely

    “Best hotel in the heart of Havana ”
    I highly recommend this hotel, is located in the heart of Old Havana. Very classy Hotel. Service is beyond amazing, food is incredible , rooms are very neat. It was a great experience for me and my family. I ll come back for sure.

    Excellent MaryAnnDorset

    “A piece of history ”
    We stayed here for 2 nights after 12 days at cayo largo. A fine piece of history. We were put in the suite........remember this is Cuba. It was lovely and sweet, with a beautiful little garden terrace. A great base in Havana, such a wonderful city that you can walk for miles and miles. Loved Havana, loved Hotel Florida, Cafe Paris is many places to choose from to eat. Such smiley people, they love music and dancing. Hotel Florida has late night dancing in the Piano Bar. We were told this when we booked in. We came back to the hotel at around 2.30 in the morning, thought the dancing would be over, but went to have a look. It was well and truly buzzing, so we had to stop for another drink or two. The locals go there to practice there moves, it was great to watch, a great experience, if you stay, do not miss the Piano Bar.

    Excellent richard s

    “Hasta Luego ”
    This , for us , was the best way to start our first visit to Havan and Cuba.It is a lovely classic building - the perfect location and ambience for us to have our first explore around this great city.We had a few days there but loved Havana so much we went back after several more days on the beach at Jibacoa.We love history , music , art, culture , people....and there is so much of this waiting for you right outside the door.We found the staff courteous and helpful and the breakfast most adequate.We loved the decour ,the character and ambiance of the hotel for us was entrancing but the outstanding factor above all was the location.Will definitely go back, we have just got home and are missing Havana already.

    Excellent filmex

    “A Good choice ....if you do!!! ”
    This is a smallish hotel sitiuated right in the heart of old Havana..It is on the main street called Obispo... Walk out and you are in the centre of activity of bars ,restaurants and turn left to the main squares and book market ,cafes and squares ...Turn right to begin your walk to the main square housing The Inglaterra and on through the small streets to view the real Havana of noise and music.. The rooms are good..The service is excellent.They have an internet cafe which can be infuriatingly slow but that is not why one visits Havana... Up Obispo having turned right out of the hotel you will come accross a small craft market on the left..Do pay it a visit.. If you are lucky in the far corner you will come accross an artist names 'Nur'...She paints and also makes sculptures and small exotic boxes..It closes on one day a week I cannot remember which . The stall holders are there for two a I hope 'Nur' is there on your visit.. Enjoy the Florida ...It has a relaxing lounge area and a perfect location for a stay however brief..

    Excellent Sirenita123

    “The best place to stay in old Havana ”
    What a wonderful hotel and a great location on Obispo (the main street in old Havana). The staff are the friendliest and most helpful I have encountered at all the hotels I have stayed at in Havana. The dining area is beautifully decorated and the food is excellent, great quality and variety and excellent service. The staff really cannot do enough to ensure you have a great holiday and return to them, which I will do - only the Hotel Florida for me in future.

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