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Colina Hotel, Havana City Cuba. 2 stars,

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  • Destination: Havana City
  • Address: Calle L No. 23 e/ 27 y Jovellar
  • Phone: 53 7 8364071
  • Accept child:Yes
  • $ No pricePer person
  • Description: Colina Hotel Cuba

    Strategically located, this hotel adds a solicitous and family treatment, ideal for rest and relaxation, turning your tours of the Cuban capital into unforgettable experiences. Located across from the University of Havana and a few steps away from the center of the city’s social and cultural life--the corner of 23rd and L Streets in the Vedado neighborhood--it has the advantage of being situated only a few minutes away from important museums, such as the Napoleonic Museum, and outstanding cultural institutions like the Don Fernando Ortiz House and the Foundation for Higher Studies. Likewise, it is close to galleries, shops, craft markets, party halls and clubs, where you can dance and enjoy good music. La Rampa, with its characteristic variety of nightclubs and cultural offers, is another of the enchanting attractions of this densely populated city. This is a downtown hotel, but with an intimate atmosphere. Here, every detail is taken care of with the attention of those who have the gift of creativity. Facilities: 80 rooms with air conditioning, private bath, telephone, and satellite TV. Other offers: restaurant, video bar, lobby bar, cafeteria, foreign currency exchange, central safety-deposit box, tourism bureau, national and international telephone service, Internet, rent-a-car and taxis.

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  • Room facilities
    110 volt power
    220 volt power
    air conditioning
    balcony or terrace
    handicap facilities
    hot and cold running water
    private bath
    safety deposit box
    Satellite TV
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    Review about Colina Hotel
    Awfull h a

    “avoid staying at this hotel; there are many others in the same area that offer better service ”
    My experience at this hotel was horrible in terms of customer service, amenities, cleanliness and general help with information and directions in the area. The attitude at the receptionists are also very interesting. I had a couple of mishaps. First, I had lost my voucher for the first night's reservation. I had no problem paying extra or resolving the situation in some other way so I would have a place to stay in Habana. Mariella, the receptionist, was extremely rude and treated us as if we are trying to cheat her or something. She was angry at something but we couldn't figure out what. I got a room next day. The lights were not working, the sheets were very dirty and the water wasn't running. The next day, I wanted to switch rooms. A friend of mine who was staying at the hotel had already paid for his room for the next three days and was traveling elsewhere. So, we went down to the reception to see if I could either take over that room, pay for an extra person or even pay the whole rate. The first reaction we got (before we were told about some possible options) was: "This is not anybody's house. It's a hotel." The lady acted like she's talking to her teenage daughter. We were insulted and although we were paying customers looking for our best options, we were given the worst options and an attitude on top of it. The breakfast was good and the location is alright but there are many other options for the same price that are much more welcoming, friendly, clean and professional.

    Awfull EBoultbee

    “Stay well away ”
    Unfortunately I only read the Hotel Colina reviews on Trip Advisor after I had booked additional days at the beginning and end of a 3 week Intrepid tour as it is their start and end hotel. So I arrive at the hotel about midnight and get checked in and given a key. I manage to find the room and finally get the door by opening the shutters on the window as there was no electricity in the corridor. It went downhill from there...... Over the three week period I ended up staying in 4 different rooms and counted it lucky if I had a shower that worked and no bedbugs. On the positive side breakfast was pretty good with freshly made eggs how you like them.

    Awfull jerrysz

    “Not recomended ”
    November, 2010 I've recently stayed 2 nights at Hotel Colina. The hotel is basic and run down but comfortable enough for sleep only. I had room on the second and fourth floor. On the second floor room was terrible. Water bugs, hair in the shower and leaking sink in the bathroom. On the fourth floor i had room 404 which was better but run down. You can feel safe in Havana. No problem at all. there is a lot of security in the hotel. They are very very polite. There is a restaurant on site. Always order drinks at the bar. There is a lot of cheating in Cuba on alcohol. Mojito without alcohol with only water added tastes terrible. Taxi to the airtport cost 20 CUD. To old Havana 8 CUD. Always bargain with the taxi driver. Breakfast was OK. Bread was fresh and there was peanty of coffee. I enjoyed CUBA particulary Havana. People are friendly but don['t speak English.

    Awfull Cuba88

    “Worse than basic! ”
    The Colina has probably seen better days, in fact, it makes backpackers look like 5-star accommdation. We also stayed at Colina as part of our Intrepid tour, I think most tour groups star there as Cuba Star Adventures had a folder in the lobby also. It is about a ten minute taxi ride to Havana central ie Old Havana etc. On the other hand, the university, the malecon, wall of flags and Hotel National are very close by. We stayed there twice, at the begining and end of our tour. The elevator was broken and they told us it was going to be fixed in a couple of days, however upon returning there 14 days later, that was not the case. Yes, carrying your bag up four flights of stairs is not fun, you can tip one of the guys downstairs to carry it up for you, but I felt on principle it wasn't worth it. We didn't have the pleasure of eating breakfast as we overslept, so can't comment on that, but my fellow tour group members said it was pretty average. You can hear the room next door, so soundproofing is very lacking. There was a door with a latch, so I opened it thinking it was a cupboard, only to find that it was for the adjoining room, and they people in there weren't even part of our tour group. So not great security either. Air conditioning was working, our room was very warm. Again, given the elevator we didn't bother complaining about the air conditioning. I would definitely recommend casas in Vedado over staying in the Colina. I think someone summed it up earlier, worse than basic!

    Awfull hotelreviewerIreland

    “Avoid at all costs ”
    Hotel is extremely dirty and run down.Rooms had dirt all around the edges of the floor and lots of hairs rolling about! Staff were very rude and unhelpful. They were only interested in helping you if it meant they could make some extra money through side effects. Its location is about the only things its got going for it!

    Awfull jooleye

    “Its a struggle to mention anything positive .... ”
    the rooms are very tired and this contributes to the feeling of uncleaniless. breakfast is full supply but the shabbiness puts you off eating there. The food in the bar is good unfortuntely only discovered at lunch time the day we were leaving.

    Awfull JimmyD73

    “If you don't have to stay here, don't. ”
    We stayed two nights here as part of a tour. The staff are bored and simply don't care, the A/C didn't work, the lights worked sometimes, the shower head was like a hose and the room's safe was broken. If it hadn't been part of the tour we wouldn't have stayed a second night. On a positive side, the bar/cafe patio on the street is a great place to soak up the atmosphere of this part of Havana and the coffee is good.

    Awfull a question

    “Well-located but dismal ”
    I stayed here for two weeks while studying Spanish at the University of Havana (across the street from the hotel). Having been to Cuba many times before, I realized not to expect anything from a two-star hotel -- and my expectations were realized. The hotel, while well-located (near the university and close to La Rampa), was dismal. The staff tried valiantly to make things work, but the hotel was simply too run-down to be revived through their personal efforts. The room was like a prison cell -- tiny, narrow and dim. The window had no glass, but simple wooden shutters -- so in order to have the air-conditioning on (at least there was some), you had to sit in total darkness even at mid-day or turn the lights on. The food was deplorable, but at least the outdoor sidewalk cafe was decent for people-watching and meeting friends for beers. After many beers, the hotel didn't seem quite so bad ("seem" is the operative word). Money was stolen from my luggage (unwisely, I had kept my Canadian money buried inside my luggage and only put my American money in the lobby safe). I recognized my own stupidity and wrote it off. Needless to say, the maid didn't get a tip that day. After Spanish class, I would skip my own hotel and lounge around the pool at the nearby Havana Libre Hotel (the old Havana Hilton) -- none of the staff seemed to care that I wasn't a guest. Poverty or the desire for a third-world experience should be the only things dictating a stay at the Hotel Colima.

    Awfull a question

    “Try it once ”
    Colina is drab dirty and not a place to saty for more than a night the rooms are dirty the plae is not properly lept and it has a smell

    Poor Brother12

    “Twilight zone”
    More of a flophouse than a real hotel, this place will horrify some and delight others. From the cheerful hookers hanging out in the cafe to the marx brothers antics of the front desk staff theres never a dull moment here.forget about sleeping as the other " guests " will be partying non stop in the hallways while the sound of jackhammers fills the day . On one occasion we went out for a few hours only to find our room rented to someone else and our belongings stuffed into a broom closet !

    Poor Joshua E

    “Not Comfortable.”
    First off, let me say that Havana is a very beautiful city. The way of life in cuba overall i guess is just much more laid back and relaxing as opposed to the way we just rush through life here in the west with a million and one things to do a day. The people are very friendly and shun the very idea of violence.So yes Cuba is probally one of the most safest places to travel. none the less, because you are in a communist country were the people are poor you will get people who will try to sell all types of things juat to make a buck, but think about it , if you were in there posistion wouldnt you do the same? the Average Working cuban (40 - 50 hours a week) makes 12 dollars a month. so u understand why they have to beg and suck up to tourist so much. also, because of the high poverty rate there is alot of prostition in this area, many girls at night about a 5 minute walk from the hotel wait around hoping to get picked up by a tourist so that they can make some money. anyhow, the disocs at night are fun and the people love to dance. now in regards to the hotel. when i first arrived they gave me a key to room 516. i went up and opened the door, the first words that came out of my mouth was " WTF" hell naw im not staying in this room, the room wash old and dirty and moldy and full of rush, and the shower was old and dirty and right beside a nast dirty toliet. you would feel better if u didnt shower at all to be honest. anyhow, i moved to another room ( 506) which was a bit bigger and cleaner, but still nothing newly developed.everyday i showerd with my shoes on thats how i felt as far as being comfortable. anyhow i decided to go visit another hotel about a 10 minute cab fair away ( 5 pecos) the name of the hotel was copacobanna, wow what a difference, in comparasin to hotel colina, this place was heaven, it was soooo clean and very developed and its only a few minutes from the alive part of the city. my advice to anyone thinking about travelling to hotel Colina i would suggest that you go another hotel. ppl go to hotel colina for the price and for the location but to be honest if ur gonna feel unfortable its not worth it , ur on vacation and you deserve to feel comfortable instead of just settling for less, theres another hotel about 5 minutes from hotel colina called " Habana libre" whch is very developed you think ur in canada, but the price is about 150.00 a night, so if money is not an issue for you then i suggest u stay there, if not, beleieve me go to copacobanna so u can feel comfortable , hotel colina is not a bad hotel its just very old and not very well kept, the staff can be nice but they dont care to renovate the building at all , no new paint, furniture, or anything at all. but if ur a student looking for a cheap place to crash for cheap then go here.

    Poor Paul B

    “Noisy, poor ”
    very noisy at night, thanks to a discotheque close by. old building, poor maintenance, service average. Room in a poor state.

    Poor Lazzel

    “Not for me.... ”
    This Hotel is recommended and used as part of Intrepid Travel. I wouldn't recommend! The lift kept breaking down, which is fine but hard carrying heavy cases/packs up and down 6 fights of stairs. My entire room flooded when it rained (it was rainy season). I kept having to move, my swipe card kept not working. I could hear everything in the next door rooms. It was old, mouldy, damp and smelly. It had massive cockroaches in the rooms and it was no where near the old city. I didn't expect much being a communist country but after looking around I found far better and cheaper places I should have stayed at. Lucky I listened to another reviews because someone rang my room pretending to be staff and asked me to pay again by credit card for the room!!!! I have travelled extensively and this is up there with the worst!

    Poor krnworld

    I've recently stayed 3 nights at Hotel Colina. The hotel is basic and run down but comfortable enough for sleep only. Our twin room on level 4 facing the university was adequately spaced. Beds were comfortable. The music from the ground floor cafe/bar was quite loud. I was fine with the ear plugs though. Bathroom was run down but we were grateful for hot water and the flushing toilet. Others in our group complained of cold water, toilet that doesn't flush, no blankets in the rooms. The hotel is located in Vedado near University of Havana, Hotel Nacional and El Malecon. Felt like the hotel was in a safe area. However, Old Havana or Centro Havana would be the better place to be based as there are more things to do there. On foot, it took 20 minutes to Centro Havana & 40 minutes to Old Havana from the hotel. Taxi to Centro Havana & Old Havana was 3-5 CUCs. Taxi from airport to Vedado or Central is 25 CUCs. Breakfast included in the rate was okay. Omlette grumpy staff cook to your order and pancakes were nice. Other hot food like pasta and fried chicken were also offered. Out dated looking cereals, stale bread, dry cakes didn't look appealing with flies flying around them. Hotel staff were generally grumpy and lazy. I don't have particular complaints about this basic hotel in Cuba but I wouldn't recomment Hotel Colina to my friends as there's nothing much to do around this hotel. Nevertheless, Cuba is an amazing country to visit and I very much enjoyed Havana.

    Average trip215

    “Security??? ”
    Yes I went again to this place but this time I got a problem with the hotel security. There was this party in the cafeteria at night on saturday and I decided to go. The music was good,the people young gay community very nice and respectful I love the drinks etc but I decided to go to my room up for a something and when in there I heard a nock at my door and ther was this girl wanted to be there in my room. I did not invite her or something like that but that is not the point the thing in here is that how she got the elevator so easy to go upstairs?If she did anyone can do it and that is dangerous. I have been in here beore and never had that problem.I called the front desk to claim and they advised her not to do that again and that was good. Service was good,very clean but if you go with children you need to be careful of who gets into the hotel.The next day I was going up after 2 days there and they stopped me and I needed to laugh .They stopped the wrong person and followed me to the elevator like an intruder and with an attitude of who you are?and what are you doing in the wrong place?

    Average SCOTTYHalifax

    “Good Hotel, Great location ”
    This is an older hotel in Vedado. Location is fantastic very central. Bathroom a good size and I had no problem with hot water at any time during my stay (March 19th-26th), Breakfast was good and 24 hour snack bar also useful after a full day walking. My room was small but I was solo so not a big deal. The staff are really friendly (including front desk !!! ) and cannot do enough to make your stay enjoyable. The room was always clean (no bugs) and towels changed every day and they are nice fluffy towels not the thin ones I have had. I had an inside room with no only a small window with curtains I could not open as I was on the floor with the space outside but light was no problem as there was a large roof light and two bedside lamps. TV worked fine. 112 Volt so Canadian appliances worked. The room did have a musty smell though but HEY its Cuba and I had a spray with me. My A/C worked great however the one upstairs was dripping on to the top of mine and kept me awake for two night before a resolution was found.The staff did listen to me though and they tried a few solutions. It became a joke though, for the first three days I had problems, running toilet, broken bed.The front desk, housemaid and the maintenance men were great and all the problems were looked after the same day. All in all I would use this hotel again and would recommend it to anyone needing a cheap hotel in a good area.

    Average Justliving

    “Sure will be better when reno's are done ! ”
    Got stuck on the fourth floor ( old floor ) ! Room was small and old ! Pretty much had to live out of suitcase, since no storage place. Bathroom was old and not laid out good ! Had too sit sideways on toilet and not make any fast moves in small shower ( L shaped ) ! But besides this and the renovations going on ! ( side note on the this : Thursday morning as they were jack hammering on the floor above us, a piece of the ceiling fell into the shower.. luckly we already finished showering... But the management , never said a word to us or showed any concern ) . Everything else was good ! Great location to explore La Habana from ! Nice patio to sit and watch the busy life of the city ! Friendly staff !

    Average Ramin Z

    “A good experience in an average hotel. ”
    So, I spent 7 nights at Hotel Colina for holiday and that worked perfectly. First you need to keep in mind that it is a very average and economical choice so don't expect luxurious amenities and super shiny environment. I got there around 11-12 of the morning. The room was not ready till 4 pm but they suggest me to leave my stuff at the reception and enjoy the hotel cafeteria. The hotel cafeteria that consists of an indoor and an balcony section is a good choice for yellow situation like when you want to just take a food or snack and go to bed, for a coffee after dinner, a break in afternoon or when you need to stay close to your room (Like me that had a digestive sickness for a day and need to stay close to my room). The food and drinks are pretty good and affordable. Since I had a Spanish companion, I instruct her to leave a tip for the receptionist and instead ask for a renovated room, finally we got a good room (212). The room was toward the patio and the bed was not as our desire but the rest was perfect and the room was clean and fresh. The maid was cleaning the room and change the bedsheets every morning and the water was pretty always hot (sometimes it needed 3-4 min to warm up). The staff are really helpful and willing to help but generally it is much more appreciated to tip like anywhere else in Cuba. The breakfast is kind of perfect - at least for my apatite - and can be consist of ham and cheese, at least two kinds of juice, fresh fruits, hot and cold milk and flavoured milk, at least two types of sweets, tea and Cuban Coffee (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED), toasts and butter and sausage, and a variety of eggs, plus lots of other things. The elevator is pretty slow but still working efficiently and always you have the option of stairs that is convenient. In overall I'm so satisfied with the hotel and it really worth the value, specially now that it is going under serious renovation and becomes better and better. But if you till have the option to choose another destination I recommend to go for somewhere else than Havana since you can get cheaper deal with higher level of service and the city does not worth the amount of higher difficulty in comparison with other points in Cuba like Cayo Coco, Varadero, Camaguey and Santa Clara. If you are staying at the hotel Colina I recommend to go for eat to the following places: 1- The restaurant in north side of calle 21 between calle M and calle L. (I think it is La Roca) 2- The coffee shop beside Havana Libre at the intersection of Calle L and Avenida 23. 3- Heladería Coppelia at the intersection of Calle L and Avenida 23. (For ice cream) Also you can use Havana Libre (a famous hotel near Coline) tourism facility and tour desks since they are more active than one in the Colina.

    Average Doug M

    “Good value and location ”
    Hotel was part of a package, good price for total package and hotel met my expectations, shower, air conditioner ( working fine ), tv with international channels, breakfast was fine with chef making eggs/omelettes etc. plus standard latin american buffet fare, ham, cheese, bread, hot items on buffet ( pancakes ) and fruit. Location Location Location, near university, 23rd avenue, Melia runs the Havana Libre close by with good 25th floor restaurant and other big hotel amenities, bar, cafeteria and top floor entertainment club. During my stay a large number of United States university students were staying in the hotel, apparently breaking the government embargo by taking courses at the University. There were some late nights with noise generated ( assumption students on cheap rum ) but in general hotel met my expectations. One note the Cadeca to change money on 23rd avenue is better choice then changing with hotel, I was directed to another hotel Cadeca for money exchange rather then the one on 23rd which is open to eight p.m. the others close on a capricious standard, time. lunch break etc.

    Average RoxanaPecete

    “Just like bitter medication. You take it, don't enjoy it. ”
    It's a 2* Hotel in Cuba. I can expect something from a 4 or 5 one and still get disappointed, but not from this. Yes, hair in the bathroom, stained towels and half broken furniture. Was too afraid to look under the bed or try the air conditioned, but...Great location. 5 min walking from the Zorra y el Cuervo Jazz Club and the Buena Vista Social Club, 7 min from the seaside promenade and across the rod from the University of Havana. You can find Internet and good restaurants next door at the Habana Libre Hotel, where at the 25th floor there's a club with a great view as well. The National Hotel is close as well. You can use their pool. All in all, for it's value and just as a place to crash, it's doable. Good breakfast and great positioned cafeteria. Just on the street, great spot to have a coffee and look at people passing by. They have cheap sandwiches too. The staff wasn't bad either. Wouldn't do it to myself again, though.

    Average petersdrivein

    “Average hotel - uninspired, but not bad as part of a package ”
    Stop me if this sounds familiar... We had a room there in January 2012 for one week. We got the package from Sunwing. This included flying to Varadero, the shuttle van back and forth to Havana and the room which includes breakfast. To start with the little good ... 1) Currency exchange in the hotel 2) Decent location in Vedado. We went to Vinales for 3 days & left our things in the Havana hotel as it was a good base 3) Breakfast eggs are good. There's fruit, juice, yogurty & tea if you're there before 9am or if you ask. 4) Cafe has a great full meal for 3.50 CUC & reasonably priced food and drinks which is hard to find in the area 5) Tour operators located in the lobby most times. Staff were fairly friendly & helpful with good english from the main desk 6) a Fair amount of younger male travellers at the hotel, so if you need, the hotel appears to be accomodating to alternative lifestyles... I didn't ask though Other not so good ... 1) Floors not so bad... the maids did a good job with this old hotel. 2) Lights in hallway out late at night 3) Soundproofing is limited- the doors are the old doors with wooden slats at the top so you could see out into the hallway, etc. 4) Shower weak, but there was always hot water 5) Sometimes elevator not working or very busy, but only 5-6 floors so not end of the world 6) sheets are old & a bit scratchy... OK after first night. None of the pillows I used this trip were comfortable. Thin & unforgiving here. Too big elsewhere 7) Other food at breakfast: old cereal, tired spaghetti 8) Asked for late checkout & were quoted the usual 50% of regular price which was certainly too high at this hotel Generally uninspired & there were casa particulair to stay in nearby. But in the end, it's the price that makes the difference here. The hotel & the Havana transfer were a convenience at little added cost. It might be difficult to find other people at the Varadero airport looking for a transfer at night, so

    Average ivan025

    “location ”
    Located across from the steps of the university and centre of old Havana makes easy walk past the old structures of Spanish times. Easy to walk to Capital. Hotel National, museums 30 minutes. Lots of eating places, if you like Cuban. Hotel is like all Cuba needs repair. Busy area. Breakfast good, Lobby bar Restraunt good and cheap. Small rooms but clean comfortable bed and hot water. Many international guests.Not fancy nearby Melia is classy.Location good but not a very great hotel.

    Average sugarnspice67ca

    “Definitely budget but not sure I would stay again”
    I stayed there in March 2011 for one week. I got the package from the east cost of Canada as a single for about $650. This included flying to Varadero, the shuttle van back and forth to Havana and the room which includes breakfast. So I'm the queen of budget travel and have stayed in some pretty swarmy places but have paid way less for the privilege and normally don't complain much. A few years back I went to Varadero with a friend for $585 in a 1.5 star and had a much better experience room wise. To start with the little good ... 1) Currency exchange in the hotel 2) Decent location in Vedado 3) Breakfast with eggs is good 4) Cafe TV much further down has a great full meal for 3.50 CUC and other cafe's have reasonably priced food and drinks 5) Tour operators located in the lobby most times. Other not so good ... 1) Floors never cleaned the whole time I was there, I had to wear shoes or slippers (but then I didn't complain either). 2) Lights in hallway out late at night 3) Soundproofing is nonexistant - the doors are the old doors with wooden slats at the top so you could see out into the hallway, etc. 4) Shower would sometimes come in cold or not at all and are mostly hand held so used a bungie cord to tie it up somewhat (but a regular patron suggested bringing a wire coathanger); bathroom had missing tiles and depending on the room water could seep out into your room if you didn't have the shower curtain just right 5) Internet was down the whole week I was there 6) Sometimes elevator not working, but only 5-6 floors so not end of the world 7) Other food at breakfast not so appetizing which we all know is not surprising but with the limited selection it makes it more a challenge to find some happy food to eat; the wonderful bread I used to have in Cuba must have been on strike that week so it was only hard dry little slices or rolls, and coffee was the worst I ever had in Cuba :( (but there was a great espresso bar a few blocks away that made up for it). 8) Front desk didn't speak hardly any English and my Spanish is still very limited (although I work on it every year). And they never got friendly even with the friendly east coaster ... I know many people say service isn't the best but I've found that I'm usually able to win them over by just being myself! They weren't mean, just didn't warm up to me or anyone else for that matter cause I was watching! You had to know what to ask them because they didn't offer up any information. (But the tour operators were quite lovely of course even though I didn't end up going on one of their tours). 9) Not sure how often the sheets were changed but again I didn't ask. The beds as are most in Cuba, hard, and pillows like thin pancakes (but then again the same as it was in the 1.5 star in Varadero). So to stay there again, it would be more like under $500 - which it can be for those from Toronto or Montreal. Likely I'll wait last minute and try to find a discounted charter flight and then stay in a casa particular for a week. I visited some while I was there (and had stayed in one about 4 years ago when we went to Havana for the night) so will likely be my next trip. Unless of course I can find a package that is less than buying the flight on my own as sometimes happens, especially to the beach area outside of Havana. At one point Terrazul was only $465 return taxes in per person based on 2 people for 1 week! I'd stay there the first night and the last night but then zoom over to Havana for a casa stay if I felt the need or travel back and forth if I had too. But in the end, for me it's the price that makes the difference. It seems that Havana has higher prices compared to Varadero (but there you get all inclusive at least) so if that's where I like to go I'll just have to bite it. Or there's always the option to get a cheap package to Varadero and then leave for about a week going elsewhere. So if you wonder about my validity for this type of trip, then know that I'm strictly a budget/non-resorty type of person. I've lived in China for a number of months and when I did travel there, we had our moments. I've never stayed a resort/hotel higher than 2 star when travelling (except for once this June when I went to D.R. to a 3.5 star which is another story). In North America I either hostel or couchsurf (look it up!). So I've had my fair share of 'experiences' :) Cheers.

    Average werdna00

    “budget accomodation ”
    budget accomodation - but i guess you get what you pay for. doesnt pretend to be anything its not, staff were helpful esp considering i spk limited spanish. can change currency at front desk 24hrs which is handy. room was quiet (however seemed to depend on where you were in the building) - try and get a room higher off the street if possible. cold shower but clean bathroom. internet access also available (albiet slow)

    Average cmm740

    “Could be Worse. ”
    I stayed at the hotel while studying with a group of students from my home university. I didn't think it was that bad at the time, but now that I look back, I probably wouldn't recommend this hotel to anyone. The staff was relatively friendly, and the rooms were pretty clean (you must remember that you're in Cuba, and there are much worse places to stay). Luckily, my roommate and I were in good spirits the entire trip, so many of the things that went wrong were more funny than maddening. For example, our toilet would take an entire day to refill, so we could only flush our toilet once a day (we had to use the lobby toilet for the rest of the day). We would get strange phone calls from the lobby, presumably someone checking if we were in our room and, if not, would break in. I suggest leaving your television on while you are out as some kind of deterrent. There were shady characters always hanging around the hotel, once offering my friend a prostitute (beware of the violin player). There are locks on the doors, but they aren't the best, so I would actually carry any valuables with you, as I felt the streets were very, very safe (as long as you're smart about it). My roommate and I only had access to one key to our room, so make sure you are staying with someone that you will always be travelling with. We also left tips for our maid daily, which may be the reason why we didn't experience and theft, and our rooms were always kept clean. All in all, if you've stayed in some pretty dumpy places in the past, then this is a step up, for sure, and probably wont bother you that much.

    Average helensuz

    “Basic with a big B ”
    We stayed here for a couple of nights before starting a trip and it can only be described as basic... came back again for a night and it was quite nice second time round. If the staff smiled and made some effort it would be OK but in general staff are extremely unfriendly even when you try your Spanish out... a shame as a smile would make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable!!

    Average cubuff1453

    “Don't expect much, but not as terrible as other reviews ”
    Stayed here for two nights after booking a stay with Havantours with a travel agent in Mexico. The Raquel, Los Frailes, and Ambos Mundos were all booked, and this was all that was left in town anywhere near our price range. The rooms were very basic and run down. We actually had to switch rooms because the water did not work in our original room. They did switch us without a problem. The staff was OK, not overly friendly, but not rude in any way, just kind of bored. The AC worked, and the location in the Vedado part of Havana was fine. A large business hotel is right next door with a club on the top floor that is fun, and the Nacional is only a few blocks away, as is the malecon. Don't expect much, it is basic and budget. Included breakfast is not great, but you can find something to eat. Rooms are kind of run down, but we did not spend much time at all in the rooms and it was fine just for a few hours sleep and to wash up and change. Next time we will stay in Havana vieja, but this wasn't terrible.

    Average parislights

    “Good value for money”
    Hotel Colina is a budget hotel with all the simple basics you need for a stay in Havana. The rooms are clean and bright, with air conditioning, and the bathrooms simple but sufficient. Cuban bathrooms (except in luxury hotels) are rarely anything to write home about, with little water pressure and varying amounts of hot water, and the Colina is no exception. It has what you need, and for 30?/night for a double room it's great value. The breakfast is a buffet now, (I stayed here in Jan 2007) and copious enough to last you until dinner!

    Very good JFK1954

    “Hotel Colina - great price, great hotel. ”
    I stayed at Hotel Colina in Vedado (Havana) Cuba from February 2nd through February 16th, 2012. When I checked in I gave the hotel clerk $3.00 CUC (about 3 dollars) and asked her to get me a good room. I got a room on the second floor which was completely refurbished. The room was new, spotless. The washroom had a new toilet, sink, shower and was smartly finished with ceramic. There was a safe in the room. The bed, mattress, pillows looked new and were cleaned. The room was cleaned on a daily basis. The price included daily breakfast which was okay by Cuban standards : bread, eggs, some fruit, cereal, juice, tea and coffee.On the down side, the hotel is located in a busy area and the sound of traffic (trucks, old cars without mufflers) would wake me up at around 6:00AM. Aside from that, my stay was top notch and I highly recommend Hotel Colina.

    Very good captainbooboo

    “Great last minute, cheap place to crash ”
    Staying in Varadero, Decided to rent a car and drive to Havana. Had no hotel reservations and didn't want to pay the $160-$200 a night to stay near the capitole. Ended up finding Hotel Colina. Paid $72 for a room with 3 single beds and includes breakfast! Parking on the street outside and could see our car from the room. Great views of the city. Just down the street from 3 clubs. Friendly, Helpful hotel staff. Keep in mind that this is a hotel for people on a budget not a resort. yes I wore my flip flops in the shower but the water was hot, and the beds were clean.

    Very good Pickyman

    “Stayed twice here ”
    I went to Havana two years ago (last February) for a month and again last February for three weeks to study Spanish at the University. Both times I stayed at the Colina, although I have usually stayed at much grander properties. Although the first time I was quite nervous at a 2 star in Havana, I went with the mindset of a student and not as though I was on vacation. The staff are really friendly, especially the front desk fellow, Henry. He actually came out to my cab when I left to shake my hand and wish me a safe trip. This is what I like about this hotel. The staff know it is basic for the typical 'tourist' standard. But they are so polite and courteous, they make you feel like you're part of 'the family'. On the negative side, I too, like one of the other reviews, had money stolen from my luggage. Lock everything up in the safety deposit. The rooms are old and tired. But the sheets are clean and I didn't see any bugs. Other than that, for location, the Colina is excellent. Basic, but worth the price. For sure.

    Very good WilliamRead

    “Tremendous value budget hotel in Havana ”
    Due to the unavailability of the nearby Hotel Vedado I tried the Colina, now part of the Islazul chain, for a one night stay in the Cuban capital.. It is a basic 2* hotel in the Vedado area of the city, not far from the Hotel Nacional de Cuba, the Havana Libre and Calle 23 shopping district. Check in was swift and efficient,took less than 5 minutes, and no problems were encountered with the voucher I had printed off the Cuban internet hotel booking site I used. My single room was small, but clean and tidy, with an adequate bathroom. The room had a superb view over Havana towards Havana Vieja. Only soap was provided, and there was a working colour TV in the room. Water was hot, in due course, and the shower supplied adequate pressure. I enjoyed a good night's sleep. Breakfast was waitress service in the dimly lit restaurant. It consisted of a plate of fresh fruit,a plate of cheese and cold meats, two fried eggs and bacon, fried bread, two rolls with butter, some cake and unlimited fruit juice, either apple, orange or mango.I do not drink tea or coffee, but I am sure it was available. The cost of this bed and breakfast accommodation was a mere £14.50 or US$25.20. For sheer value for money accommodation I think it is hard to beat in a city such as Havana; it is less expensive than a "casa particular" in many cases.

    Excellent trip215

    “First stop ”
    I stayed there for 3 nights last june 30 and the service was very good. Clean hotel only that I got a room on 4th floor and water did not come up so I couldn't take a shower but they changed my room to 1st and the room was better and i had a great time there. Very near everything in Vedado.

    Poor Julia

    In El Vedado area, across from the bicentennial University of Havana; its excellent location makes it a favorite of those who look for an intimate and family atmosphere. Havana's "José Martí" International Airport, 9.3 miles.

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