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Club Amigo Costasur Hotel, Trinidad Cuba. 3 stars.

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  • Destination: Trinidad
  • Address: Playa María Aguilar, Península Ancón
  • Phone: (53419) 96174, 96175, 96176,
  • Accept child:Yes
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  • Description: Club Amigo Costasur Hotel Cuba

    This hotel is a two floors Beach complex with bungalows and rooms, by the sea shore in one of the must beautiful south coast beaches of Cuba, the Ancon peninsula. Restaurants, snack bars, swimming pool, all kind of nautical sports are among the facilities you would find in there, plus night entertainment shows and several excursions to the 8 miles far away colonial city of Trinidad (World Heritage architectural site ), the keys located in the Caribbean sea or the mountains where nature is exuberant and amazing a few kilometres away. It is a perfect place for a combination of beach, nature and colonial city vacations, with a budget prices and good services.

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    24 hrs. emergency medical service, art Gallery, babysitting, beauty salon, bell boy, board games, buffet, business centre, car parking, car rental, conference rooms, cyber cafe, disabled facilities, discotheque, grill, gym, hotel shop, laundry & dry cleaning service 24 hrs., luggage storage, massage, money exchange, motorized water sports, multi-language staff, no smoking rooms, Piano bar, post office, Reception 24 hrs., room services 24 hrs., safety deposit box in room, satellite tv, sauna, scuba diving center, Solarium, swimming pool, taxis, tennis courts, theme Restaurants, tourism bureau,

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    Review about Club Amigo Costasur Hotel
    Awfull Danielle R

    “Terrible ”
    Everything the resort advertised was completely broken, missing or otherwise not available. The bicycles were all lined up beckoning us, but they were all busted. There were no outdoor games (pieces missing, broken, etc.). The only computer station available to check email was glacially slow and riddled with pop-ups and other spyware. Apart from laying on the beach and getting wasted, there is nothing to do. The bottled water was being refilled with tap water by at least one of the staff members. The food was so horrible I would hesitate to call it "food" and it, the water, or both, made us extremely ill. It took months for our digestive systems to return to normal after two weeks there. Perhaps because of the poverty, several of the servers openly asked for handouts and I'm not referring to tips. One server asked if he could have my sunglasses. Apart from the servers, no one spoke any English so when we had questions or if we had an issue, we had to ask the servers for help. Would not go back if you payed me.

    Poor Mark L

    “Costa-not-so-sure ”
    We visited the Club Amigo Costasur from Dec. 29th to January 3. 3 star Cuban Resort so what can you really expect? Perhaps more than we got this trip. We came to this resort as well-seasoned travellers and one of us having travelled to Cuba many times. We have never written a Trip Advisor review, but always read reviews before travelling. This trip compels us to do one so that you go to this resort well-prepared on what to expect and with an open-mind. We are a pretty easy going couple from Northern Ontario and booked this "budget" vacation knowing full well that Cuba has its issues with food, resources and rationing. We went with what we thought were pretty low and reasonable expectations, as a three-star in Cuba is probably a one-star everywhere else. Can you expect good food, NO, even for Cuba it was poor. (Breakfast items reappeared at lunch, lunch items reappeared at supper, very hit and miss food, mostly miss, stick to the pasta bar). Same food every day. Dirty tablecloths often - sometimes had to search for a plate or cup, etc. The coffee/tea machine seemed to be "broken" at certain meals, but magically worked again at others. A la carte restaurant was better - but not much, but try to go there as much as possible. Very nice view and private away from the loud buffet. Can you expect cold drinks, SORT OF - ice was always available. Good drinks - NO - even for Cuba. Often when you asked for a certain type of drink the ingredients were "no more" - like a lot of other things. (Resort doesn?t have a blender (apparently broken at both bars), drinks come in very small paper-thin disposable plastic cups that collapse on themselves - bring your Bubba Cups - you'll be glad to have a real cup, cold ice and no bugs in your covered cups). Can you expect good service, NO :( ... a FEW nice staff, but overall almost zombie like and no motivation to make an effort for guests ... not the usual Cuban hospitality we have encountered on many past vacations. (3 star resort in Cuba, understaffed and overworked people, service is not their middle name). Most staff have a laisez-faire attitude (the public relations staff were very pleasant) and the "shoulder shrug" is their solution to any problem or request. My fiancée has been to Cuba 9 or 10 times and was extremely surprised and disappointed by the lack of caring by most staff. The happy, friendly and helpful Cubans and nice beaches have always been her favourite thing about Cuba - but not at this resort. Upon our arrival - very late - after midnight - our first announcement was there was NO water at all on the whole resort (it returned the next morning about 9 a.m.). My fiancée was then met by an extremely rude, unfriendly and right out nasty desk clerk. She was even nastier and almost non-responsive when we returned to request another room - as we were given a room with a "single" bed - we mean s-m-a-l-l - and my fiancée explaining that two people can't sleep in a single bed - especially when I'm over six feet! Eventually after a battle of wills and her tactic of ignoring us and checking in everyone else - despite my fiancée getting in line again ahead of others, we were eventually changed to the tropical section (1:45 a.m.!) with an apparent ocean view - which leads to the room ... Can you expect a decent room? Probably not. The other reviews are right. The bungalows offer the best chance and an awesome on the beach location. However, even the comments by guests there are the same as the hotel rooms ... usually clean, sheets often not changed, no wash cloths and stained towels ... nice animals made out of the towels ... but this resort is "tired" and it seems no one seems to care about quality control. Our room was very old. The rooms use a key - with an ancient lock. Only one key. Our room - well a half-key, as we found out that our room wasn't cleaned the first day because we had the only key. We had to find housekeeping every day - give her the key and then pick it up at reception later in the day. As with the rest of the resort .. it seems there is no pride in a lot of the work that is done - for example .. our bathroom had updated tile - but whoever did it slopped grout everywhere, including the walls and shower and on the floor and it was just left to dry splatted all over. Even someone going in after and scarping it off would show some pride. The re-painting of the bungalows and other areas have paint splatted on the floors, sidewalks and other areas. Again - an easy fix - use a drop cloth, piece of plastic an old towel .. something .. but just shows a lack of care and pride in one's work. Ocean view room: depends! Bungalows - awesome! Our friends' room was supposed to be ocean view (main hotel), but they said it was just a peek and they were not impressed with their room at all. Our room: Tropical section ...second floor - trees! trees! trees! (if the wind blew and we stood out on the balcony we could see a sliver of the ocean. AGAIN: an easy fix ... trim the trees!!!! No need to affect the natural environment and guests will be more pleased with their rooms! So .. if you are in the Tropical section request the third floor for an ocean view. You can see the ocean under the trees on the first floor. Can you expect a good beach, NO. (Coarse beach sand, sand fleas, short rocky beach to walk on and not always garbage and cigarette butts cleaned up). Some areas were obviously nice at one time, but have been left to over grow with trees, weeds, etc. and the cute little sea horse outdoor showers have been left broken, one overtaken by grass, shrubs, etc. except one by the beach bar, which worked. Again - so much potential with a little pride and care. Warning: We always left all our stuff at our beach chairs until one couple had their bag stolen by an unassuming "family" visiting the beach. One hates to be suspicious and as Canadians we are quite trusting and friendly ... but look for the resort bracelets on people. This beach is apparently a public beach. The next day our usual peace and tranquility was over run by literally a bus load of locals who parked behind the restaurant (there is also another local beach with road access around the corner from the "restaurant" beach too). We counted one group of 27 people of all ages in one group who arrived with a cooler, rum and a lot of noise. As the day went on more locals arrived and by noon we counted at least 60 people who took over most of the beach, water and resort chairs and palapas. We are pretty easy going, but we were bothered by paying guests going up and down the beach trying to find a chair and palapas and people ignoring the posted sign not to drink in the water. I guess someone finally complained late in the afternoon, as someone came and took a few chairs away from one of the groups. But ... we were still bothered that no one did anything all day. It's one thing to share the beach, but quite another to pay to stay at a resort and not be able to even use the facilities because non-paying people are using resort property. Can you expect good swimming, YES. (Excellent swimming area protected by large reef rocks making it very calm with sandy bottom, fun to bob around). Bring a Giant Tiger air mattress ($2.93) to float on and then give it away when you leave. It is not wavy at all and so relaxing. Can you expect scenic vistas, YES. (Beautiful location, vistas of the mountains cascading down to the ocean). The best thing about this location! Can you expect night life, NOT REALLY. (No dance club, nighttime entertainment was pretty decent but the same each night). The entertainers really made an effort and were the most pleasant Cubans around. Can you expect good weather, HELL YES. (Hot and sunny, little bit of a breeze - amazing!). Culturally significant location, SORT OF. (Friends did a trip to Trinidad which they enjoyed, had a great meal in town ...lots of other tours to take advantage of as well including UNESCO World Heritage Sights). Can you expect a good airport transfer. YES. The bus coach ride to and from the airport was organized and the tour guide and bus driver were some of the most pleasant Cubans we encountered. NOTE: it is a 60-90 minute bus ride one way from the resort to Cienfuegos. Make sure your trip to this resort flies to Cienfuegos, as the one-way THREE hour bus ride from the Santa Clara airport is not worth staying at this resort. Tips: Bug spray and Bubba Cups make your life more enjoyable. Be prepared for shortages and lower your expectations. You are not in Canada. Hot water (actually luke warm water) doesn?t get turned on until after5 pm). Bring lots of stuff to give away to the staff as they don?t have much or some things are very expensive or difficult to find in Cuba, bring t-shirts, toiletries, razors, feminin napkins/tampons, and you will make friends. Can you expect good value for your money. Maybe. We got a great last-minute deal ... but we got what we paid for - warm weather, a beach and no snow. We would have been extremely disappointed if we had paid full price. We brought a whole suitcase of gifts to give away (including the suitcase!) ... some quite expensive items. The most surprising thing for us was trying to find staff who either provided good service to "tip" generously or staff who showed some initiative/motivation to improve the guests' experience at this resort. Our housekeeper was very friendly and our building security staff were nice ... and although not looking for anything in return, it was nice to see how happy the security guy was when we gave him something for his wife and child and he was overjoyed by the suitcase we gave him. We really did our research including asking Cuban friends what was in short supply in Cuba. We were not prepared for the lack of motivation and enthusiasm by staff doing their jobs and interacting with the resort guests (or should we say the lack of). So many things could be improved at this resort that wouldn't cost any significant money. It seems to come down to initiative. Train the staff so that they can cook more favourably to Canadian and European taste (so much food was wasted on plates) Eg: pan fry french toast not put it in the deep fryer - we could go on about simple little cooking things. Train the staff to maximize their tips. Train the staff to trim trees, fix things as they break and for heaven's sake - how to use a paint brush. Train staff to educate guests so that they understand the reason for some issues instead of lying or evading questions. We didn't learn until the third day that there was no hot water until after 5 p.m. Everyone would probably be less stressed out - especially the staff. Clearly this resort is neglected in ways that can be easily solved with a little effort and initiative - realistically maybe there is a larger reason for the neglect and laisez-faire attitiudes???? This area is somewhat isolated and different from the more "touristy" northern coast of Cuba. If you want to be quiet and enjoy the sun and sand a beautiful natural vista, then this is the place for you. If you are used to prompt, reliable, friendly service and modern amenities, this is not the place for you. Travelling anywhere out of Canada requires an adjustment to culture and amenities. Travelling to Cuba requires an understanding of the country's limitations. Travelling to this resort requires an open mind to a place in need of some TLC for not only the physical environment and facilities, but for its clearly tired and overworked staff. Mark and Melanie

    Poor chelms4dian

    “Not fair to Butlins! ”
    We acknowledge that Cuban hotels generally are generally different to other parts of the world but having stayed here as part of a tour we are able to compare it with the 3 other hotels we stayed at and despite it's stunning private beach it was easily the worst hotel. It is a large complex and all inclusive and we suspect that they are not able to cater for the volume of guests. To be honest comparing it to a Butlins in the 70's is being unfair to Butlins. This was the only hotel that had no hot water during our 2 night stay but ultimately there can be no excuse for food in the buffet style restaurant to be uncovered and open to the flies including the loaves of bread which had no covering napkins for people to hold whilst cutting it. As such it is not representative of the other hotels we stayed at which were always clean,had hot water and maintained good hygiene - their only problem being the need for some TLC.

    Poor Wendy L

    “Reminded me of Butlins in the 1970s ”
    This place was like a Cuban holiday camp. We stayed here for 2 nights as part of a 10-day tour of Cuba. We arrived mid-afternoon to pulsating music around the pool and this continued for most of the time we were there, although it did stop around 10pm. Our room was small, scruffy, had some mould and the balcony doors were broken so that it was virtually impossible to lock them securely. We changed rooms with our tour driver because the room safe didn't work in the first room. The shower water was luke-warm at best, although it didn't really matter because it was so hot outside! The canteen (it really wasn't a restaurant!) staff were surly and unhelpful and the food really wasn't appetising, especially after the hoards had filled their plates to overflowing. The chambermaids were lovely and even left us a note (in English!) propped up on the towel sculpture. The beach was lovely and the water warm and clear but I wouldn't stay here again.

    Poor Yorkmusician

    “Very nice staff but poor housekeeping and food ”
    We are writing this review as it was a very mixed experience. Two members of staff were excellent and did their jobs superbly well. These are Regla on reception and Edel a waiter in the dining room. They deserve praise for their excellent service. However the room was very grubby, bedspreads, tiles in the shower, furniture. The food was buffet style, self service and plentiful but poor quality, Luke warm and had been sitting on the servers for too long. The free drinks were very weak and not carefully prepared. As everything in this complex was free it appears that they have gone for quantity not quality .

    Poor sandiegoguy

    “Compared to most of the world ”
    I am surprised by all the four and even five star reviews for this property. I can only guess the reviewers are rating in comparison to other Cuba properties. Compared to similar "all inclusive" beach resorts we have visited in California, Costa Rica, Spain and Croatia --- sorry, folks, the Club Amigo is okay, but below average. We stayed with a tour group for two nights. Only meals were the breakfast buffet. The food never seemed fresh, other than the omelet bar. Our room in the "new" building was very run down, with broken bathroom fixtures, peeling paint, unworkable lights. The floor was grungy. We never had hot water. On a positive note: the location is great in relation to Trinidad, the beach is nice, the staff very friendly, the premium bar well stocked. Since I was with a tour group I don't know what we paid per night. It appears the rack rate for the resort is about US$1000 per week. That seems like a bargain to me, but expect to get what you pay for.

    Average SaleenXTRM

    “Beautiful Beachfront Location, Somewhat Isolated with Poor Beds & Showers. ”
    Summary: Classic 1970's construction, (so I am told) partly (very partly) modernised, a beautiful beachfront location, but a US$9-US$12 taxi ride away from Trinidad. I love the beach (at least a swimming pool) but also love the buzz, music and restaurants in Trinidad. If only we could have found a hotel with a pool in Trinidad. We stayed in of the 22 beachfront bungalow so can't comment on the units. Worst features: Little hot water. OK so Cuba had an average year round temperature of 25 degrees. Very, I stress, very, little water pressure. A shower verges on a painful experience. Not a shower, more a drip. Try to open or close the curtains and the curtain rod falls down. The beds! Help. Two beds, a double and a three quarter. The double was as soft and you could feel the odd spring and the springs groaned as you moved just like my grandmothers that she bought in the 1920's and she thinks it is OK also! The 3/4 bed was on a single base so when you got close to the edge you struggled not to roll out. A shame as this mattress was quite good. There were sand flies. Not sure if seasonal a or all year round. We were there in mid April. Make sure you take some good quality repellent and/or, don't be outdoors in or around the resort at dusk. There are two air conditioning units, one in the bedroom and one in the tiny lounge area; the latter didn't seem to work but one unit was sufficient. Service was acceptable. As we have experienced in Cuba everyone us nice but do bot go put of their wsu. They have a process that they and you, must follow. There seems no room for initiative that may make your stay more comfortable. For example, they will do your laundry at a very good rate, but, you have tract down the house maids, intercept them when cleaning or whatever you can, to make the arrangements. No one will intercede for you. To put it in perspective, the all inclusive rate tends to force you to stay at the resort and miss the energy and culture of Trinidad. We paid about US $171 per night for the two of us, which includes all meals, meals anytime of the day, drink including alcohol. If you were to buy similar food with drinks in Trinidad it be (depending on the number of drinks) at least US$80 pet day. At something like $90 per night for two, you are probably getting what you pay for in accommodation and service and the wonderful location thrown in. So it us understandably hard to go and eat out, but you should. Trinidad at bight is a great experience. Oh, the taxi return trip of say US$21. A note though; they are not shy when it comes to nips of spirits, but the additives are awful and their cocktails without doubt the worse we have ever had. I don't think it is a cost thing, just the way they do it. Oh, the coffee is as bad as the test of Cuba also. They have two restaurants; the main buffet and Linta. Linta is on the coast with magnificent views but the food ranks in the worst I have ever had. Add to this that you have to book at 10am sharp the same day you wish to attend (it took us 3 days/attempts to get in),....please don't bother. Go and stand on the balcony for the sunset then go to the buffett (which by the way is constantly running out of cutlery, glasses, plates and cups. No vanity in the bathroom to put the necessary items on. No iron in the room. Best Features: Location, location, location for beach front, ocean swimming on a glorious beach area surrounded by rocks providing the most beautiful, natural, enormous sea pool. Plenty of coat hangers, an in room safe and a TV with a few English speaking channels, including a couple of movie channels. The swimming pool is large with an huge number of lounges (more than I have ever experienced....well done) and the water was very pleasant, about the same as the sea. 3 bars, one of them open 24 hours, so drinks, including water, us not a problem 24 hours every day. A show each night 9.45pm - 10.45pm. Quite good but not enough reason to stay away from Trinidad. All inclusive rate does give you plenty of food and drink including alcoholic. The bungalows have been partly upgraded and now boast coloured pressed metal ceilings! The white tiles in the bathrooms and hand basin and toilet seem to have been recently added. Would we return? Ideally if you could pay for bed and breakfast only, yes. It is tough to pay for food twice but..... you have to experience Trinidad, don't get sucked onto staying only at the resort.

    Average tourlou_15

    “Well balance! ”
    I styed at this hotel for a week end of jan. 2014. Weather was nice, hotel is nice and clean, well located near many attractions, like Trinidad really nice city take the tour with the guide it's really interesting (12km), Tapas de Collantes I took that excursion and it's real great! I recommand it!!! (12km). The botanical garden of Cienfuegos is about 90min. There is so much to do in that area that 10 to 14 days would have been better to see everything. The beach is beautiful and calm, you can walk for more than an hour. Food was good, good variaty of fruits and vegetables... as for the meat and fish not much variaty. Nice place to go in family. People are real nice!

    Average Ali088

    “Great beach but average hotel ”
    The location was stunning with a nicer beach than the ones in Varadero. Entering the hotel was like stepping back in time. All brightly painted concrete and 70s food. The service wasn't great either, guests would be standing at the bar and the bar staff would just continue chatting to each other. The room was ok though with an amazing view although some hot water would have been nice.

    Average 14NABster

    “All inclusive not exclusive ”
    Part of our group tour brought us to this remote located all inclusive resort. Probably a cheap location for visiting beautiful Trinidad. The all inclusive was certainly not exclusive. The hotel rooms are small and not extremely clean. Feeling of security was not perfect as I was not able to properly lock the sliding door to the balcony. Some of the people in my group had a room close to the pool area and were kept awake with extremely loud music coming from the stage while there were max ten people watching the performance. The use of the volume button would've been magic. Being it all inclusive, you're suppose to get free drinks all day long. Of course, you need to know which bar is open and you need to accept watery beer and drinks in small plastic glasses. If you're on the beach do be aware of people selling coconuts. They are not working for the hotel and as said they are selling coconuts. I guess plenty has been said about the food. It is reheated, tasteless and sometimes not warm enough. Good options are the two locations were food is prepared for you. A working coffee machine is still welcome. Still, I can imagine that people enjoy their stay. Expectations need to be tempered and staying in one of the luxury bungalows will probably bring a much more positive experience. And if you don't mind taking a 10 CUC taxi, you can have an awesome experience in Trinidad.

    Average Paul_&_Sanderella

    “All inclusive beach hotel without a beach ”
    We stayed in this all inclusive hotel for 2 nights. Room with balcony and seaview. The room gets without oxygen at night. We were unlucky to have a guest above us the second night who kept moving his room furniture all night. Food is ok, but the restaurant has limited opening times and is always crowded. There is only a small beach with - as we found out the next day - sandflees. Protected swimming area. We also got many mosquito bites. The bar at the swimming pool serves the best cocktails. One evening we saw a good show there with snake dancing.

    Average lindylou49

    “A tale of woe and wonder”
    Our booking was changed to this hotel,located miles from anywhere. Our room was located in a block that looked like it was stalag 21. The room was dark and dingy. However, the loo didn't work and although it was so say fixed, it wasn't, so we were then moved to another room in the same block. However, this was very smoky and we asked to be moved again. This time we had a bungalow overlooking the sea. What a difference!! It was the most lovely location right on the edge of the beach,clean and with plenty of room. There was a clean white sandy beach a lagoon setting circled by rocks. The water was warm and not too deep. Perfect.. The buffet area was too small for the number of guests and was often noisy and extremely busy. I hate buffets. By the time you have your meal its often cold and one always forgets something or can't fined the butter, jam or something. The coffee came from a machine. In all the time we were in Cuba I only had one decent cup of coffee so its an issue. However, we watched the evening entertainemnt and although I know nothing about singers the dancers were excellent, of really high quality. Perhpas one shouldn't be surprised in Cuba where the arts are valued and state supported. So a mixed review. If you are lucky and get a bongalow (their spelling) you may be happy, if not you will probally not want to stay long. Most hotels in Cuba are in desperate need of some TLC and if the country wants to attract more tourists then they need to update all the accomodation.

    Average mekkmekk

    “Average ”
    I stayed here for a bit over a week in November. The resort has one pool and the beach just right outside your hotel room. There is a small gym and a couple of pool tables, a tennis court etc. In total there are three bars and two restaurants. Positive things; * Large fresh rooms * Closeness to beach * Relaxing atmosphere Negative things; * Non-service minded staff * Boring food selection * Plastic cups for drinks in the bars

    Average Cerris1

    “Stunning location, shame about the hotel!”
    We stayed here all inclusive as part of a Cuba tour and of all the hotels we stayed, this was the worst. The good points - Stunning location, fantastic beach & all inclusive. The bad points - Shabby rooms, noisy, some of the worst food I've ever eaten, plastic cups for all drinks and the hotel is situated in the middle of nowhere. That was fine for us, as we were on a tour, but I pity anyone there for a week or more as I'm not sure what you'd do.

    Average Julia766

    “Great time ”
    Had a great time in a short trip. glad we got to make the trip. our air conditioning was average in our bungalow and the crabs in the room also got annoying. Great beach and sunset is amazing,great place

    Average Amaryllis_007

    “Allegedly the best at Playa Ancón ”
    Better quality for cuban other than Varadero locations. Noisy air conditioning in rather wet hotel rooms and really weared bed. Some rooms our group got had mouldy walls. Fortunatelly, in this low season we were able to get them exchanged. Very nice beach.

    Average Tim P

    “Superb beach location but mixed feelings overall ”
    worth staying if its in the bungalows they are a lovely beachside oasis away from a somewhat tired hotel. The all inclusive food gets dull on the 1st day although for a family might be welcome as kids would probably always help themselves to something! Some lovely staff, in particular very sweet chambermaids who did superb towel art they took a real pride in! ....and some staff who were less enthusiastic... A few helpful locals... Juan Carlos from Cubanacan was really helpful setting up 2 days of activities for us!

    Average Debtrank

    “Hotel needs some upgrading.”
    We stayed at this hotel as part of our tour. I found that our room was very average and the bathroom was so small. The breakfast area was an absolute nightmare with way to many people trying to get seating, I even saw two people sitting on one chair eating their breakfast. maybe have two sittings would help with the madness.Also plastic cups for drinks wasn't t all appealing.

    Average Patricia W

    “Cuban 4 star ”
    All inclusive resort, drinks were strong and rooms adequate. Water lukewarm, but slowly improved after running about five minutes. Our room was located in the back, with no particular view thus quiet. Suggest eating only things than can be peeled, flies everywhere. One member of our group suggested that if you want a full meal, go tho breakfast early - worked but flies remain an issue no matter what the meal. Wait staff talked among themselves more than clearing tables and helping in any manner. When relations with the US returns or the Castro's are no longer in power it might be interesting to return and see what will happen.

    Very good foxylady23

    “On the beach-wondeful ”
    Not sure what to expect when we drove up to this hotel, but were greatly surprised and pleased. WE had a bungalow on the beach with a separate sitting area. What a fantastic view, words can't describe it Pool area good, but we couldn't get towels as it was passed 5.00, so had to drip dry. Wondered back to bungalow and watched the sunset. Buffet was good, fresh pasta and pizza station and varied choice. All inclusive so drinks available. Staff friendly and helpful Walked back to our bungalows looking at the star filled sky and saying how lucky we are to have the opportunity to experience nature at its best Internet available here if required

    Very good cubafriendMontreal

    “How Do I Love Thee Costasur - Let Me Count the Ways! ”
    First of all, let me preface my review by stating that I have been coming to Cuba for over 35 years and for the last 10, about 3 times a year so I am pretty familiar with standards as well as many parts of Cuba. I stay wherever I believe is the best buy at the time and, for my money, as well as standards, I believe that the Club Amigo Costasur was way up there. This is the second time I have stayed in the last two years and this time was even better than the let me "count the ways". First of all, the setting is unbelievable, with the resort perched on the edge of a cove and the mountains off to one side, a scene that is hard to describe! The beach is a caramel colour and the water, shallow, clear as a bell and calm. There were all these little fish which nibbled at my toes and, on the last day, two huge barracudas which dared to venture in until the Cubans from the beach bar threatened them away with a machete! Apparently they don't bite but it was a spectacle all the same on the peaceful beach! You have got to get a bungalow since they are literally at the edge of the beach, very roomy with a separate little living room, and a small fridge. The resort is quite small so it is extremely walkable whether you book the bungalow or the main hotel. I haven't see the rooms in the hotel area which is directly off of the buffet and reception area but it appears that all are ocean view. My bungalow was number 12 which I would recommend since it was one of the bungalows right in front of the beach/swimming cove and in great shape. Food-wise, there was always a lot of selection in the buffet but very limited in the snackbar. I always joked with the young lady serving tuna, no chicken, no pizza BUT lots of hamburgers, hot dogs and wonderful grilled ham and cheese sandwiches (as well as fries). I didn't try the a la carte restaurant but did hear it was great, and what a beautiful location overlooking the ocean! I didn't lack for anything and the staff certainly made certain of this, as they were always attentive, smiling and helpful. Remember that you are situated more in the country so the attitude is more country-like, definitely up my alley. Sometimes there were some small inconveniences, such as some mosquitos and not being able to buy the large bottles of water but big deal, all in all, it is a wonderful resort with lovely people there to serve with a smile and...what a setting - pictures just don't do it justice! Weather was perfect, of course and for a small pittance, 10 pesos for a half hour, you could get a massage...where else I say? Great place, great setting, great people, great beach...let me count the ways!

    Very good AGrosberg

    “Beautiful, quiet beach and decent hotel ”
    Stayed here 2 nights and would recommend this hotel for anyone staying in Trinidad looking for a reasonable all-inclusive. We stayed in one of the bungalows. Guests were mostly an older, international crowd. The beach was wonderful, just a few steps away. Staff were always friendly and drinks were good. Unfortunately our camera was stolen while we were playing ping pong with some locals by the pool-bar at night, but this is not a reflection of the hotel. Food was decent, no complaints. Unfortunately, we had no hot water throughout the stay, and numerous calls and a service visit did not help. Still, the feeling of the hotel was great- airy, unpretentious, located on a truly superb stretch of sand perfect for strolling and safe swimming.

    Very good CatherineRL

    “Friendly tranquil retreat near Trinidad”
    We went for a week for my boyfriend's 60th birthday in January 2014, for a beach getaway near the wonderful city of Trinidad. We have stayed at the other two resorts on the main beautiful Playa Ancon, The Club Amigo Ancon and Brisas Trinidad, and enjoyed each one for very different reasons. Club Amigo Costasur is smaller than the other two, tucked away from the main beach with its own little strip of sand encircled by striking rocks, with cute bungalows lining a path along the shore. The staff were very friendly and the size allowed us to feel that we knew everyone quite quickly, although they were never intrusive. They were very helpful in changing our room after the first night, for one with a king size bed instead of two twins. The new place was just along the hallway but had more space in the room instead of a balcony, which we preferred. Both had a lovely view of the ocean. Unfortunately my boyfriend got the 'flu on arriving and spent the first 3 days sleeping, pretty much. Costasur was an ideal place to spend some time on my own, reading, relaxing, walking along the gorgeous shoreline, and never being bothered by anyone - just friendly greetings from anyone I met. I felt very safe. The food was plentiful and had lots of fresh fruit and greens every day, with good substantial stews and rice. We ate at the a la carte restaurant one night - it is situated right on the tip of the resort overlooking the sea - you can eat outside or in. For fear of being bitten, we stayed inside, but it probably wasn't necessary. Those little sand flies and tiny mosquitoes are the only 'fly' in the ointment of an otherwise perfect holiday. Make sure to bring repellant and stuff to soothe once bitten. Long sleeves and pants for the evening are a good idea at this time of year. When the temp hit 18 degrees C, the Cubans shivered and complained of the cold - but it was 40 below in Toronto so we were laughing. By the end we were both well and energized enough to go into Trinidad for two lovely evenings. The first one we followed local advice and went to a wonderful restaurant with a huge tree growing in the middle, then wandered around the bustling streets as people prepared for the big celebration of Trinidad's 500th birthday the next night. We took a guided trip in for that, and joined crowds of Trinidadians for a song and dance theatre show depicting their history. The tour guides from Costasur were fun, responsible and very helpful. We kept bumping into staff from the hotel in the town who made sure we had taxis etc, but without any pushiness. The one reservation is for younger people seeking nightlife - there really isn't any at Costasur. But Trinidad is a 15 min ride away and taxis are cheap - the Casa de la Trova is a trip in itself.

    Very good ScenicRick

    “Fantastic location with an ocean pond! ”
    My main reason for this hotel was the access to snorkeling. However the whole experience was very good. The beach is west facing so every afternoon you have the sun facing you as you face the ocean, along with the beautiful sunsets. The beach is small but with plenty of palms and palapas for shade and there were always lounges available. The outer ring of coral around the beach creates a perfect ocean pond where you can literally just float! There are a few small stones for the first 10 feet stepping in, but after that it's smooth sailing, no real need for water shoes. The water is also not very deep, probably 5feet at the deepest, so everyone in the afternoon was hanging out in the water, floating about, swimming, chatting and having a great time. The snorkeling itself is only fair on the inside of the reef but a great place for beginners as it is very calm especially in the morning. Definitely bring your mask and snorkel, fins not really necessary. The reef to the right of the main beach about a 15 minute walk is much better for snorkeling but a lot trickier to get to as there are a lot of stones and coral and very shallow water for at least 20 feet. You can see the reef from shore and if you look to the far right, just before the last rock visible in the water, you can see a natural break in the reef. If you swim there you can access the outside of the reef which is very good snorkeling! I stayed in a bungalow and recommend it. The extra space was great as was the access to the beach. The rooms are not classy, but kept clean and have very good air conditioning. The ok. I never went hungry, but if you are picky at all I would go somewhere else. The food is prepared well but it gets dull. I came for the location and glad I did. About a 15 minute cab ride away is the historic town of Trinidad, not to be missed. Plenty of good restaurants and music, even a cave that is a disco for the younger ones. I will definitely return but I will try to get a flight into Cienfuegos, a shorter bus ride would be a bonus!

    Very good vivera073

    “Good place for relaxing ”
    I stayed there 6 night with my husband at the Tropical area. We had room from the first floor with ocean view. The place is old, but much more characteristic than big hotels in fex. Varadero. What I really loved was beautiful and calm beach, which was small, but perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Also the mountains create nice view from the beach. The staff was mostly friendly and I think that in some cases something that can be interpreted rudeness is just a lack of language skills. Learning a bit Spanish helped me a lot. The food is ok, best cookies I ate on our three week trip in Cuba. There were shows every night and also couple of people came to sell there products at night near hotel pool area. The prices were far more reasonable than fex in Varadero. But if you want to go to sleep early, better book your room away from pool area, because the shows can be pretty loud. Usually they ended at 11pm. We also visited the city of Trinidad, and booked from hotel travel agency a very nice trip to mountains. We also got nice foot massages at the hotel. Only negative thing was that we have reserved a bungalow near the sea, but something happened and we got the basic room from Tropical area. But the hotel management tried to solve this problem and we got the refund after all.

    Very good Michael P

    “Best value for money”
    We went on this trip on an impulse, and were on a tight budget. We are both in our 20s, and were looking for a romantic, mid-winter, tropical getaway. The reviews for this resort were mixed, but we decided to give it a go anyway. By the end of the trip, we realized the negative reviews were simply due to people who had gone there expecting 5-star luxury treatment. The food was pretty decent, and the beach was really nice. It is a lagoon situated on an old coral reef, so there was a wonderful variety of wildlife. We walked around on some rocks to the left of the beach where we saw crabs, birds, and some other marine life. The resort also offers snorkeling gear you can rent (its included in the all-inclusive), and the calm water is perfect for spotting the many kinds of fish. Being an old reef, it is not very colourful, but the biodiversity associated with that habitat is still there. If you snorkel in the shallow waters on the edges of the lagoon, you will see lots of fish (we even saw an eel!). We stayed for 5 nights and found that was a good amount of time. There are only a limited number of activities on the resort, so if you are there for a longer time be prepared to spend money on the tours offered. We booked horseback riding from a man in the nearest city, Trinidad, and it was cheaper and probably better. (Look for Julio in the hostel Casa Munoz if you are interested.) Diving is 35 CUC, but only if you already have a license. We booked a 'tropical ocean view' room (their second-tier room) and were pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness and plumbing (no problems) when we arrived. After the first night, we were bumped up to their beachside bungalows (top tier) due to a clerical error, and it took our breath away. Aside from cold water in the shower, the proximity to the beach (a literal stone's throw) and the roominess / amenities (a TV set!) made it a dream house for three days. The beds are pretty much the same in every room-type, and while they aren't uncomfortable, they are nothing special. The consensus among people who have been to Cuba is that the food is horrible. While it isn't actually 'bad' one shouldn't expect fine dining. (Picture the meals at a large family reunion.) If you get an all-inclusive deal it balances out because you can eat and drink all you want. One thing that isn't perhaps very apparent is the need to carry small denominations for tips. You pretty much need to tip everybody to ensure continued good service: servers, chambermaids, tour guides, bartenders, etc. The locals don't make a very high wage, so it's usually greatly appreciated. You don't need to tip the same person every single time they render a service, common sense will dictate. For example, tip the bartender when you order a drink, and feel free to order a few more over the next hour without tipping. And the tips need not be substantial either -- one peso is typical, or 3-5 for more laborous work (horseback riding guides, chambermaids). Gifts as tip are tricky, although clothing seems to be welcomed. Overall, since you could spend a week at this resort for $300-$500 (all-inclusive), there's really nothing to complain about. The location is nothing short of amazing, the staff are very kind, and it's very affordable.

    Very good jstead

    “Second visit even better ”
    Club Amigo Costasur is now my resort of choice. If you are looking for a relaxing holiday - as opposed to non-stop discos and partying - this is great. We had a bungalow right on the beach. Breathtaking views upon wakening. And sunsets to die for. Mediocre food - but who goes to Cuba for the food? The a la carte restaurant is very nice. I recommend the individual pizzas. You can also go to the a la carte restaurant at the resorts next door. Nice secluded beach surrounded by rocks so it's protected from waves but lovely to float in. Terrific friendly staff. I wasn't crazy about the 3-hour drive from the airport when we arrived but I did sleep and the return bus ride was a great chance to see the countryside - so I don't even count that as a minus.

    Very good Tom G

    “Had a Great Time at CLUB AMIGO COSTASUR in CIENFUEGOS Cuba ”
    I stayed at the CLUB AMIGO COSTASUR in CIENFUEGOS Cuba the week of October 11 to 18th, 2013 and had a great time. It's a small 3 star resort with a small but nice beach. The water is always calm due to the natural rocks further out from the shoreline which acts as a break wall. The water was also nice and clear and quite shallow. As I mentioned, it?s a 3 star resort, and as long as you don?t expect 5 star service you should be fine. The food was fine, and plenty of. Some of the items included chicken, beef, turkey, goat, deserts, and many fruits and vegetables. Most of the staff were very friendly and helpful, but there were a few who seemed to be a little disinterested; not a big deal. The best rooms to get are the bungalows which are directly on the beach. These are two room units, plus the bath room. From these you can be on the beach and in the water in about 30 seconds. It was absolutely amazing, and the best location to the beach I ever had, even in comparison to the 4 and 5 star resorts I?ve visited. The rooms and hotel common areas were always kept very clean. The swimming pool was small, and a little too warm for me. Not a problem, I prefer the beach and the nice ocean water. This is a great location in Cuba, since you have the opportunity to go on many cultural excursions in the Trinidad area, or just take it easy on the beach. I took the horseback full day adventure trip to Javira falls which was amazing. From this hotel there is also a huge white sand public beach about a 20 minute walk away. On that beach is the other Club Amigo resort, and the Brisas resort. To summarize, I would definitely recommend CLUB AMIGO COSTASUR for a wonderful week in Cuba. It is important to note though that the bus ride from Santa Clara airport to this hotel is 3 hours with a rest stop half way. However, if you are looking for an area rich in culture, and nice beaches too, it is worth the journey. I will be going back to this resort.

    Very good Dave E

    “Little piece of paradice ”
    As we have travelled extensively,especailly to Cuba,we knew what to expect based on the star rating and past experiences as such.Much to our amazment this resort met and even exceeded our expectations.The scenery was breath-taking,the snokeling in the secluded naturally enclosed swim area was phenominal.The staff was professional and curteous and made you feel like family.The bartending staff we dedicated and knowlegable to their craft and did not skimp on the strength of the drinks.Food was basic but plentiful.The pig roast was amazing as well. This resort is nice and quiant,quiet and one for those that wish to relax.Beach was very nice as well.What made this vacation enjoyable was the company we kept (Bruce,Juan,Ki) and the many other fabulous people that seem to trek to this resort year after year.if i could mention anything that i would consider more of a inconvience than a negative it would be the powerr outages periodically,but we have those back in Canada too eh. I think you know the answer to would we return to club amigo costasur...Definately!

    Very good traveldivaritagoh

    “Met expectations for its price ”
    We pulled in to Trinidad by bus and after struggling for some minutes on cobbled streets with the bags, found ourselves a taxi (a classic blue Chevrolet and we were chuffed with that choice) to Playa Ancon to check in to Costa Sur. Journey cost 8CUCs. At check-in (I prepaid as I had booked the resort prior with Cuba Travel Network) the lady at the reception offered us two keys, to have a look at the room we booked, and a look at a bungalow which we could upgrade to for 10CUCs per night. It was a no-brainer, we took the bungalow, of course. It was located beachfront and consisted of a living area (with a spare bed along with TV and its own air-conditioning unit) and an equally spacious (if not larger) bedroom again with its own TV and air-con unit. Bathroom was ensuite with the bedroom. The choice of interior décor (fabrics, patterns an extensive use of colours and florals) would surely clash with our minimalist tastes, but other than that, there was nothing else to complain about. There was probably a little ant colony near the window that disturbed me, but the staff saw that and took care of that each time. My partner also bravely took the side of bed nearer the ants so I was less perturbed. The patio was nice to have to dry our wet swim gear. With the beach so close, it was great to be able to just run out of the bungalow to enjoy the beach and waters, even though it was cold, then. The sunsets were gorgeous, just golden, and we enjoyed great views of the surrounding sierras too. The resort also had a pool which was perpetually busy but with a beach right in front of our bungalow, there was no inspiration for us to go to the pool, save for a lie down on one of the hammocks there. The resort had a schedule of meal times and events put out by the main restaurant so it would be handy to keep a copy of that (snap a photo of it with your phone) for reference. Main meal times were just busy with so many hungry guests descending upon the restaurant all at the same time, but the staff did well to impose crowd control at the door so as not to overcrowd the outlet. After dinner one evening, we wandered over to the poolside bar which was where they served coffee too (they didn?t seem to serve coffee anywhere else, and especially not at the main restaurant outside of breakfast) and we enjoyed a Tropicana-like type of entertainment / performance called Tiempo. Breakfast was always best enjoyed if we were the first in to the restaurant, to have a go at the buffet before everyone else did. Service wise, it was fine as all the staff we encountered were friendly. Remember to bring small change for tips when you go around the resort and taking part in activities or using their all-inclusive services. Receptionists were also helpful to our requests, and enquiries, helping us to get our driver organised and also giving us personal information about Trinidad town and the festivities that were to take place (it was Good Friday weekend and there was the Procession of the Cross in the night) What did disturb us during our stay however, was a rather foul sewage like smell that would fill the room / bungalow every afternoon and onwards. My partner was particularly disturbed by it and thankfully, I had with me, air-freshener that we would spray generously all the days we were there, just so as to mask the smell. Else, there was really nothing much that we could do except to air the room by leaving the door open, just long enough before the mossies (if any) came in.

    Very good ColinEssex

    “AI Beach hotel ”
    This is a large hotel on a lovely beach on the Ancon peninsula about 13 km. from Trinidad on the caribean coast of Cuba. Beach has shade and free sunbeds. Good pool area with shade and sunbeds with poolside bar. Good sized A/C room with old fashioned TV, phone, safe (2 peso/day) and Fridge. Good evening food and good braekfasts. Good evening entertainment. Massage place and gym.

    Very good NickyA209

    “great place for a family holiday ”
    The beach and pool were really clean. Great snorkeling off the beach. We stayed in a beach bungalow which was amazing. The rooms were clean and spacious. The evening show time was entertaining. Staff friendly. Food OK, but a bit 'samey' after 5 days. Great location, near to Trinidad/ diving school/ mountains etc. We did a day boat trip to the island for snorkeling which was great, and we saw an Iguana. The kids loved it and there was loads for them to do.

    Very good Juanmasanchez

    “Beach bungalows are perfect ”
    There are three beach hotels in Trinidad and Club Amigo Costasur in my modest opinion is probable the best option but you must always try to book the beach bungalows, they are very specious and next to the hotel beach. This hotel operates on All Inclusive basis and cosidering it is a 3 star hotel and the rate is so low, the food is good but can be repetitive. Overall, I strongly recommend to stay here while visiting Trinidad and wish to stay by the sea.

    Excellent rulerof_theuniverse

    “Gorgeous ocean front hotel, extremely affordable, romantic destination”
    Good: - The hotel is right on the water, we had a beautiful sunset view every night - The beach is quiet and romantic. We had almost the entire beach to ourselves every day - The rooms were clean and the cleaning staff was friendly and approachable - They offered accessible excursions from the hotel through the trip planners at an extra cost. We were able to go out on a catamaran to a local island for lunch and snorkelling! - We were allowed to visit local restaurants and other hotels for dinner every night. The dinners were paid for by the hotel and offered variety to the daily buffets. - The hotel offered entertainment every night (dance performances, music performances, theatre) Bad: - No internet service. We had to pay 6 CUC for an hour worth of internet usage and we were unable to use it because there was no connection. - There were sporting equipment available (kayaks, bikes etc.) but when we went to get them, the staff was not able to provide them. They gave a confusing response. - THEY CUT OUT THE WATER IN THE HOTEL AFTER MIDNIGHT! The water is shut off until the morning. This is really bad for hangovers.. Although we had an incredible experience, do not go to this hotel expecting a 5 star room or dinner. It is exceptionally beautiful and the staff was great but it is not for people who want to stay at the hotel all day. Go out, explore and enjoy! Tips: - The people there will gladly accept clothing as tips instead of money so bring lots to give away! - If you're looking to go out clubbing every night, this is not the place to be. It is a quiet area. - Bring extra money (or expensive items to trade) in exchange for the excursions they offer from the hotel. -Look for a good deal through online websites. We paid $550 for all inclusive incl. flight from - Bring a reusable bottle or cup to drink from. It is all inclusive drinks but they give them in tiny plastic cups that break easily and are terrible for the environment. Bringing your own cup/bottle also makes it easier to take your drink onto the beach :) - Tip the bartenders that make the drinks well! They will keep making them the way that you like

    Excellent FamilyTimesOntario

    “Hidden Gem! ”
    My daughter and I stayed in one of the Bungalows at Costasur. We were so surprised by how new and lovely everything was. The staff were so nice to us. Even though we were travelling alone we always felt safe and looked after. The food was simple and delicious homemade. There was always something we liked. The fresh eggs in morning were good. The natural ocean pool was incredible and it's just a short walk down to the sandy public beach or you can use one of the bicycles and ride along the old shoreline road. Trinidad is beautiful. Be sure to take money for linens, the women in town make the most beautiful tablecloths. I meant to write a review sooner but here I am years later remembering how great Costasur is!

    Excellent LoveChichi

    I highly recommend this Hotel. It is perfect not big not small. Rooms are very comfortable and all the rooms are beach view. They have bungalows that are just there in the beach if you go with a bigger crowd or you go with your love one. The beach is perfect size and it is private no vendors. I love the hotel very pleasant staff. They have entertainment every night. A Taxi to the city will cost you 7 or 8 pesos and it is not far at all. You will have an amazing stay trust me !

    Excellent teacup-pofferties

    “Old but gold ”
    What do you want more than this: Three full inclusive meals, starting with a breakfast boosting with fruits, juices, vegetables and the best "pain perdu" ever; lunch where you can choose from salad to everything and dinner with awesome variety? Do not miss the ad hoc omelette in the morning and fish! Ocean view and bungalow right on the shore, Three bar, 24/7 possibility to get a perfect espresso or a perfect mojito; The pool place - lounge bar with two American pool tables where we actually spent hours playing in the sweet sunset breeze with literally not enough hands to handle cocktails, The courtesy of all staff, maids included - making actual sculptures out of the daily fresh towels! Special praise to the wonderful maid Tahimi and the super bartender on the beach, who you cannot miss - he is big!

    Excellent casanova154

    “The moust friendlies staf we ever meet ”
    Me and my wife spent 5 nights there on all inclusive resort. Got am ocean side room in a hotel, not the bungalow, but was great because it was a corner room totally open to the ocean. From there we seen the sunrise an if we were home at the sunset than that would be there for us too. The beech is not the best but we made it to be suitable for us. Food is Ok but nothing special.Cleanles is perfect in rooms and anywhere on the resort. We took a trip to Trinidad for a half day, was a lot more than we expected, you must go for it.We fly with Cuban air, got food and some non alcoholic drinks .They pilots lands the plain like nobody we ewer seen, you wont know the landing at all they are fantastic.Fter all we had a fantastic wacation,can not wait to return. Thanks again for that fantastic people working so hard and give their hart to the guests.

    Excellent Gbearhan

    “Good value for money ”
    My wife and I have visited Club Amigo Costasur many times. It is an older resort, in a fabulous location. Many of the staff members have been there since it opened so they are very knowledgeable of what is good and bad in the area. Remember one line fro the Wizard of Oz when you visit Cuba. "This isn't Kansas Toto" In Cuba the resorts get the best of everything and the better rated resorts get better quality. The food is good Cuban style food, with an international flair. Compared to resorts at Cayo Coco, Havana & Santiago it is definitely good value. At a 5 star+ hotel in Havana, I paid CUC 9.50 for a breakfast buffet that was similar in quality to that offered at Costasur. Perhaps I am biased towards the Trinidad area, but that is a personal quirk. LOL

    Excellent ViVaCuBa16

    “4th time back and planning to go again ”
    Oct 18 - 25. Great improvements in food, ate so much this time. Grounds were beautiful as always. Ocean was wonderful! Room was great. Hotel staff are amazing. Sad that Erych doesn't work here anymore. Went from Santa Clara airport with a 3 hour bus ride to the hotel, no planes going to cienfuegos airport which is an hour away during this week

    Excellent Michele T

    “Excelent !!! ”
    This is a resort to relax, take in the scenery, eat and drink great food and cocktails prepared and served by friendly, hardworking people. Restaurants : the buffet restaurant had plenty of choice and had a pasta area where you had your meal cooked to order. Fresh fish and meats where cooked to order whilst you waited and the chefs where always friendly and chatty - Ulisses, Alex and Jesus were waiters super attentive and always bringing a smile on face. The lunch restaurant had a ocean view and the night restaurant an amazing sunset views over the beach! Entertainment : on average the acts where amazing! Bar : so many different cocktails we didn't even get to try them all. Pool : lovely pool area and at this time of year we had the pick of the sunbeds! Beach: Amazing !!! Room: We stayed in "bungallows" in front of the beach - awesome, clean and comfortable!

    Excellent Haynesfamily5

    “family owned caring hotel ”
    Sorry this review is 2 years too late. went to this hotel in 2011 with our 15 yr old son. Bungalow perfect for a family. Gym and pool tables great for entertaining our son. Beach bar brill for pre dinner coctails (we were all-inclusive around £500 for aweek for us all). Trinidad a taxi ride away or local bus. Busy at w/e's when the the pool and all-inclusive food becomes a free-for-all. Beach with a little lagoon perfect for snorkelling, in front of the hotel was lovely. In trinidad booked an organise day tour/trek in the mountains which was well worth it ending up with a swim in a waterfall and led by a charming local girl. Spent a week here before travelling across to the Barcelo Hotel on the north coast via Trinidad for the other week which was different, more expensive, but not quite as cosy and nice as playa ancon.

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