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Tuxpan Hotel, Varadero Beach Cuba. 4 stars,

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  • Destination: Varadero Beach
  • Address: Ave. Las Americas.Varadero.Mtzas
  • Phone: (5345)667560
  • Accept child:Yes
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  • Description: Tuxpan Hotel Cuba

    In the north coast of Cuba, on Varadero's fine sandy beach, stands the Tuxpan Resort hotel, surrounded by tropical gardens and the Caribbean's crystal-clear blue environment. It is located on Las Américas Avenue, 19 miles away from Varadero's international airport and 3 miles away from downtown.

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    110 volt power
    220 volt power
    air conditioning
    balcony or terrace
    handicap facilities
    hot and cold running water
    private bath
    safety deposit box
    Satellite TV
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    24 hrs. emergency medical service, babysitting, beauty salon, bell boy, board games, buffet, business centre, car parking, car rental, conference rooms, cyber cafe, disabled facilities, discotheque, grill, gym, hotel shop, laundry & dry cleaning service 24 hrs., luggage storage, massage, money exchange, motorized water sports, multi-language staff, no smoking rooms, Piano bar, post office, Reception 24 hrs., room services 24 hrs., safety deposit box in room, satellite tv, sauna, scuba diving center, Solarium, swimming pool, taxis, tennis courts, theme Restaurants, tourism bureau,

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    Review about Tuxpan Hotel
    Poor Vero_novembre2012

    “This is not a good review ”
    Okay, let me start by saying this is my 3rd time in Varadero and I've also been to Cayo Santa Maria. Food : I know what food at the hotel in Cuba can be. I am usually okay with it. The food wasn't that bad but, there was not a lot of choice. A few items were missing. First of; no fries almost all week (we had fries once). No bananas :( The seafood was good. There is a good bar juice when it is open... Drinks : We were told that no white wine was available then, the day after, there was some. Some days, no soda to get a vodka soda. Maybe we took all of their supplies. No glass, no this, no that. Very disappointing. Pool : the pool was good but, the water cold. I know that this information is pointless. The pool bar is situated at a very odd place. The chairs at the pool are also pretty new and confortable. Beach : as you know, Varadero's beach is the best. The chairs at the beach are old and broken. Animation : almost none. The animation is not close to the pool. It starts at 5pm which it too late to make people dance or play. At that time, you think about getting ready for the night. Hotel : in general, the hotel is clean but, it is old and needs some repairs. Staff : Ale (cook), Ami (waitress), Myleidy (server), Rolando (waiter) are the few that impress me. Their smile, happy vibe and good spirit is what I was glad to see. Otherwise, they were colder toward us and this is not because I am mean (I know that I'm writing a bad review). The receptionist, the banker, the door older at the buffet, etc. were not very friendly. Dinning out : if you'd like to go out for lunch try; la rampa (on calle 43), kiki's club (calle 7), la bodeguita del media. Going out : to start the evening; beatles or calle 62. Later; la casa de la musica, la comparsita, la bamba. Distance : it is approximately 2.5-3km from the center of Varadero. A taxi should cost no more than 3cuc. Runners : Running from the hotel toward 1st avenida is easy, a few hills but nothing serious. If you go up to calle 7, it is 7-8km. Have a nice run and do not forget to hydrate because it is very hot! Hope you will enjoy your stay in Varadero. I will go back for sure as this is my favourite destination with the girls. I will not return at this hotel.

    Poor unionkill2

    “Nice hotel if you paid around $1,600 ”
    As you might have gone through countless number of reviews with the description of food, hotel, beaches and such - let me give your pure facts that you might find useful in your preparation to visit TUXPAN hotel. So as an introduction - we went there in October which is not a high season, therefore there were not many overseas tourists vacationing there. As a result there were more than usual number of local Cuban tourists, mainly friends and relatives of the hotel's employees. Please also note that this hotel does NOT provide Wi-Fi (see a list of the services attached) Money matters first... - EXCHANGE RATES: Hotel lobby - $100 CAD -> 82 CUC, Bank in Varadero - $100 CAD -> 85 CUC (bank is located on 36th street, hours of operation - see the pictures attached) NOTE: Better to change it at the hotel, as it might take up to 1.5 hrs waiting time in the bank.You need to present a passport @ bank to do a transaction and tell the operator your hotel name. {Hotel lobby's cashier do not accept CAD coins, so don't bother tipping in coins} - ATM: 2 ATMs are located next the bank entrance on 36th street. - TAXI (to Varadero city downtown): TUXPAN hotel is literally 3-5 km away from the city "downtown", so to cover the same distance... - placing an order through reception - 7 CUC - taking a taxi in front of the hotel - 5 CUC - doing the same while bargaining - 3 CUC There are plenty of taxi cabs everywhere, so if you like certainty - better to set the price upfront. {Note: Taking a hose cart from Varadero to hotel will cost you somewhere around 5-10 CUC} - EXCURSIONS: You will be offered excursions right on SUNWING flight. You may also make reservations/ buy them in the lobby of the hotel. Prices are attached - see pictures. Rule of thumb - make the selection and reserve the excursions at the first opportunity/ meeting with the rep. SCOOTER / CAR RENTALS: - The closest rental place is about 1/2 walking distance to the next hotel, but I guess they will deliver. Daily rental car rates - are around 150 CUC (call the numbers - see attached) - DINNIG OUT: We went to TUXPAN to celebrate a birthday, but unfortunately BOTH of the a-la-carte restaurants were not functioning that week...So after getting an advise from a Cubanacan rep in the lobby we went to an Italian restaurant called NONNA TINA (on 38 str (?)) It is a small place, with tables outside. Dinner for two - 2 main courses, salads and bottle of wine (plus a salad and ice cream for a small one) - cost us 50 CUC + 5 CUC in tips - FOOD: This was my 4th visit to Cuba, and the worth one in terms of food supply. The list of bars and their open hours is attached. I would recommend Dolphin bar (on the beach) - burgers are awesome! Some remarks: - the cookies and cakes were in huge supply, but tea and coffee had to be ordered from the lobby bar outside of the buffet...:-( - don't be surprised if you could not find plate(s) readily available - they are either in the far corner of the hall, or not there at all (especially for soups and cereals) - don't hesitate to ask - the waiter to bring you one; - same applies to tablespoons - there are just few of them in the special box next to waiters; - IF YOU HAVE a BABY: We took evaporated milk with us to feed our small one at night, thinking that we'll find daytime food for her without problems... Not really. Regretted few times - should have taken her favorite non-perishable snacks for all 4 days we were there as she did not like the food, except for fruits, vegetables and cookies. - HOTEL ROOMS: - Electricity jacks: 110 V - TV channels: CBC (Canada), Deutsche Welle, One channel in French, Italian, 3 channels in Chinese, 1 Russian (TVZ), Numerous in Spanish, 3 channels on Soccer, 2-3 channels commercials-free movies, 2 channels with cartoons - wardrobe doors are of solid wood, bulky and very hard to slide (wish hotel management would threw them away) - had no problem with hot or cold water - temperature and pressure were all right - A/C: I wish I could have brought a NOMA programmable thermostat from Canadian Tire with me... :-) A/C was working alright - quietly but non- stop, as the temperature control handle of the thermostat was taken away. We had to turn the blades of the grille so the air flow went to the far corner of the room. - don't expect to find anything in the fridge as it falls under "Not included services" section (see attached) NOISE: - As we had 3 y.o. child we chose 1st floor. Unfortunately our request to give us a quiet room was not taken into consideration and were placed at room 115. As it appeared later, rooms with odd numbers are facing the pool, ocean and ... entertainment stage, whose "restless" DJ won't stop playing music VERY LOUD. No matter what music - it had to be played loud, no matter whether you want to have an after-lunch nap in the room or next to pool nap under the sun - it will catch you EVERYWHERE. Needless to say that having the 1-hr evening entertainment show beginning at 9.30 pm would make our small- kid- 9 o'clock- bed time schedule a torture. We finally gave up and relocated to the opposite room across the hallway facing front garden and a road. But noise coming from the road was nothing compare to the noise from the show stage. Also it appears that the noise insulation of the doors is 50% - so it is very noticeable when someone opens or closes the door. POOLS & BEACH: - Pool are open from 9 am till 7 pm (9-19), so no evening swimming ...;-) Water clarity was alright, temperature perfect, so we had a lot of fun! - Beach sand was as always the best! Water adorable! Beach surface was clean and plenty of seats available. AMENITIES/ ACTIVITIES: - One can take a catamaran/ canoe at any time (when sup is there). Snorkeling is being offered at the beach at 20 CUC/person - lasts about 1 hr -1.20 min There was a table tennis in the kids house - No other activities whatsoever (except eating burgers @ Dolphin bar) on the beach but if you walk down the beach to your right - a bigger resort has way more tourists with a live entertainer. - we did not notice any activities for the kids - there were 4-5 of the them in the pool at the same time, but nobody offered us anything. OTHER: - cigarettes in the lobby: 3 EUR/ pack, - wide selection of wines, - EXTENDED room stay (late check out) - 35 CUC (from 12 pm to 7 pm) - no wall watches in anywhere, - customer satisfaction survey at the reception are in Spanish and Deutch only. Things that might be helpful: - paper towel, - flash light, - sink stopper, - small swiss army knife - alarm/ table watch, - wide scotch tape, - black marker, - extra phone charger (to leave at the reception - :-)) - inflatable toys for kids - boats, mattress. etc. AND FINALLY... What me and my family admire best of Cuba - their most valuable treasure - people of Cuba - of big hearts and wide smiles, unspoiled, educated and intelligent, well mannered and ready to help - whether it is a concierge, porter, driver, security guard, gardener, waiter, cook or pool cleaner ! This visit was no difference - thank you people of Cuba! Not a big deal if the service sometimes has some room for improvement - beach, sun, ocean and interaction with you outshines all the flaws!

    Average IDKaren

    “tux pan hotel...The GOOD the BAD and the UGLY ”
    Arrived at airport to be greeted by nurses taking temps in an effort to detect Ebola...slowed up the line a lot....then with five planes at one time arriving they stopped...craziness. Arrived at hotel..not too far from airport...easy check in...the UGLY started here..bellman took our luggage and delivered it to room...even being ALL inclusive we gave him a Peso...he looked at it and shook his head and laughed and sneered and said..ohkkkkkkk. Nice start! The rooms were Of the motel 6 variety....not fancy at all but workable...twin beds...not too hard or too soft.had requested a balcony facing the pool area that we THOUGHT would be nice....NOPE..more on that in the UGLY, The GOOD...the people were amazing....very friendly and welcoming. the pool area ws very nice with newer chairs, the ocean was beautiful The was SO bland..not much variety and mediocre most of the time. desserts were very boring! The ala carte restaurants were better. NO milk to be had anywhere! The glasses they give u for drinks are tiny little plastic things so be sure and bring a larger insulated mug. The lounges at the beach were filthy and it did not look like anyone tended to the beach area to pick up garbage, sweep up seaweed or straighten lounges. THe UGLY... The front desk girls were NOT friendly and on the haughty side. this is the first and last Impression one gets of a hotel....they can do better! Ok......Carlos is the pool DJ and not only does he like to hear himself talk..he likes to do it loudly! During the day there is no quiet to be had as the music is night at 9 he jacks the music up deafening loud and if u just want to relax by the pool or in your room...don't plan to till at least 11 or1130 cuz he does NOT shut up nor does the LOUD music! It got VERY annoying! If you want ANY peace or NOT ask for a room by the pool...ask for a roadside room. the hotel is shaped like a U so it echoes and bounces off the hotel. Not about hotel but the TSA type people at the airport were WORSE than US TSA if that is possible. rude...rolling their eyes if someone does not understan do what they want. IF I went back to Cuba..I MIGHt go back to Tuxpan..IF the music was quieter and I WOULD take some hot sauce for my food

    Very good Marlijn27

    “Friendly and helpful staff, good hotel ”
    We stayed at Tuxpan for a whole week in June. It was off-season so there weren't a lot of tourists, lucky for us! Our room was clean and very spaceous and big enough for 2 persons. The food is simple but well prepared and the variety is good. During our stay it was a clean hotel and the staff is really friendly and kind. The beach is nearby (2 min walk from the lobby) and you can enjoy a nice mojito while watching the sea from the hotel beachbed! Thank you Tuxpan for a great stay!

    Excellent cwoodward2014

    “wonderful vacation”
    I decided to do a last minute trip to the Tuxpan hotel.I had never been there in November. It is a great time to go as the pools are still quite warm and the ocean is also warmer than it is in January and February. Plus, the sun shone 6 days out of 7. Every time I visit the Tuxpan I am pleasantly surprised by the caliber of the entertainment. The musicians playing in the lobby bar and the restaurants are excellent. The nightly shows are also of high caliber. As a seafood lover, I find the food very good too. There was red snapper, shrimp, flounder, calimari, etc. Breakfast often features not only great omlets, but also pancakes, french toast, an array of cereals, yougurt, fresh fruits, etc. But, my very favorite thing was the caramel ice cream (homemade!). All the ice creams are wonderful but the caramel is superb. As usual, the staff were friendly and helpful. They work together well and seem to really like each other, something I have found lacking at some resorts.

    Excellent hartlen-boudreau

    “Great vacation ”
    If you're looking for a fun trip where your needs will be met, pick this resort. The resort presents an intimate context where the kindness of the staff will make your stay a pleasant one. It's one of those places where the hotel general manager and her sector managers are walk about the grounds and pay attention to their guests. The resort is central to Varadero City and local attractions. The beach and the pools are amazing and close to the resort which again is a great bonus. The buffet restaurant had variety for all and the A-la-Carte restaurants bring an extra touch of sophistication. We hope that you'll consider this spot when searching for a Cuban getaway...P & D

    Excellent Gus A

    Yes, it's impossible to satisfy every one, of course, each one has different tastes, and what they expect differ from others. I understand. This is not my first review and won't be the last one of this Hotel.Since we went to Varadero, and decided to spent few days there, we tried the Hotel Tuxpan, and since the first time, we loved it. Now, we are going, more or less around every three or four months, and won't be another place for us. We won;t expect what we know, we won't find, But, what we found was a nice Hotel, quite, clean, close to the beach, for us the most clean and wonderful water, the pool, the biggest in Varadero, and the staff, always ready to satisfy your desires. For us, it's the most valuable asset. We found in our last visit, two weeks ago, that finally they reopen the La Bamba, we can go dancing without leaving the hotel, and every wednesday they have an special event , special for the people like us, they called "Disco Temba", with music of the 60's,up to the 80", this is an special night to remember, so go with your girl/boyfriend or spouse, All week it's open. In our last visit. we met, and spent good moments with, Juan Manuel, Pablo, who is the Chef, Yadaisma who takes care of the commercial accounts, Tahini, who takes care of the Animations. and also with Ramon, Rayci, Lillian and others,this people are responsible to make your stay the most enjoyable possible. We always spend a good time there, and as I call it, Our Second Home.Our vacations are and will be at the Tuxpan Hotel ( of course, when I can go to Cuba). Just give it a try, don't risk your vacation, and find out with other people and compare the reviews. This is our point of view, and wont risk anything, always will be sure that my vacations will be a pleasant one, thanks to the people who works there,. .

    Average Amed

    Good, Nice
    In the north coast of Cuba, on Varadero's fine sandy beach, stands the Tuxpan Resort hotel, surrounded by tropical gardens and the Caribbean's crystal-clear blue environment. It is located on Las Américas Avenue, 19 miles away from Varadero's international airport and 3 miles away from downtown.

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