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Terral Hotel, Havana City Cuba. 3 stars,

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    Review about Terral Hotel
    Awfull Nancy A

    “Bad service, bad hotel! ”
    Please do not go there, the service is horrible! It is like they don't even know you're there!!! The maid does not clean well, the sheets and towels are stained and worn...i let myself dry after the shower not to use them! The hotel is really small so we really thought we would get the personalized service of a hotel boutique but to the contrary. Also, it is very far by foot to get to old Havana and does not feel very safe from the hotel until the center. Taxis charge extra because they know we are foreigners. If I come back to Cuba, I will reserve in a real hotel, like the Melia Cohiba or Saratoga. Never again!

    Poor Takatroch

    “Nr 4 in Havana? You must be joking! ”
    How can this be the 4th best hotel in Havana?! We stayed there last week for 2 nights ; We arrived and were assigned to a room on the 1st floor. Wanted to do an afternoon siësta, which was impossible because of the noise pollution. This hotel is located right next to the busiest street in Cuba, which has 6 traffic lanes and the ever ongoing traffic causes an incredible amount of noise. Lying in your bed it was as if the cars were riding trough your room. As we mentioned this, the man at the reception got us a room on the 2nd floor. The noise pollution was slightly better, but now the airconditioning didn`t work... :-/ It made a lot of noise but didn`t cool the room. On the first morning we wanted to take a shower, there was no water avalaible. We went to have breakfast first, asked for a tea, were said there was no water so no tea. Said them to make a tea with bottle water, waiter told us that then we would have to pay for the bottle. Can you believe this?? Water a breakfast has to be paid!! However some positive points; The cleaning lady was very helpful, as was most of the staff. The rooms are spacious. The food in the restaurant is really good. We had a fantastice Seafood paella and Salmon pasta. Would never go back to this hotel again, because of the remarks above. Oh, did I mention that we paid 150 CUC for a standard room?!

    Poor Lance A

    “Disgusting, not a four star hotel ”
    The ceiling fixture holding the curtain completely collapsed , the roof leaked from several places and the bathroom towel holder snapped off and fell to the floor. Even if those issues were fixed, the hotel is not four star. The management are fighting not to give me a discount for their shoddy building and provide no explanation or apology. The view is really good, but other hotels offer a lot more for a lot less, otherwise pay a bit more to stay at melia or nacional, don't waste your money on this hotel. The receptionist kindly let us keep our bag there two days.

    Average Marilyn C

    “Not what I had in mind ”
    The hotel staff where very friendly. The food was not good. When I booked the hotel it said it had a jacuzzi. Well to my surprise it didn't. It was just a bathtub. The cleaning staff were very good. As soon as we left the room they would start cleaning. Overall it was a OK. I'm not sure if I would stay there again. Everything at the hotel was very expensive. And to make any calls was just extremely over priced.

    Average Berks-nomad

    “Friendly hotel but needs some maintenance ”
    We found staying at the Terral a pleasant experience and the large air-conditioned room was a plus. However, we couldn't get access to the balcony because the doors were locked tight, and some of the fixtures and fittings, such as door handles and light switches, were badly in need of repair. Typical was the toilet in the small restaurant and bar area near the reception desk. The loo was spotlessly clean, but lacking a seat ! The Terral gets top marks for the friendliness of the staff and the quality of the food, and the location on the Malecon is great for people-watching while you dine and drink. Be warned, though, that if you decide to walk 30 minutes to the old town, instead of taking a taxi, you will see in the streets close to the hotel that Castro's Socialism is not serving his people well. Properties which look derelict are actually family homes and clearly lack some basic facilities. Most guides will recommend you take a taxi. The old town is well worth seeing (a UNESCO world heritage site) so don't be put off. And if you fancy dining out, we took up two separate recommendations to visit La Moneda near the Plaza Cathedral. Great view of the city from this rooftop restaurant and the food is excellent.

    Average Sam H

    “Manage your expectations and this will be fine ”
    I think the main draw of this hotel is the undeniably gorgeous views of the Malecon. However, the interior is shoddier than the pictures on the website (smashed window on the entrance/ peeling skirting boards) but is generally decorated and maintained to a reasonable standard. My main gripe with this place was the blatantly dishonest staff member who told me that certain places were closed when they weren't and sorted out an crook of a taxi driver who took me for a ride(!) which really put a damper on things. Dinner was tasty and breakfast was good too (the pancakes are worthy of note) service was patchy in the restaurant however.

    Average Richnkirst1

    “Great location, disappointing service ”
    This hotel has all the right ingredients to be really good, a great location which is only just outside of the very busy central area of old Havana (this makes a welcome haven), wonderful views over the Gulf and it has a modern and stylish feel that starts as you view it from the outside. The rooms are clean, large and well presented, although there are signs of damp and excessive wear and tear owing to poor/cheap build quality. However it drastically lets itself with cheap tourist tricks designed to extract extra Pesos at every available opportunity. This is prevalent in Old Havana but your hotel should be a haven from this. If you offer a welcome drink, then serve it or present a menu of welcome drinks, do not supply a Mojito and then charge your newly arrived guests for it, claiming that this is not the welcome drink! Whilst this may seem trivial, we stayed here at the start and the end of our trip and on both occasions, the same trick was tried, to which we were wise the second time, much to the disappointment of the waiter. Also, every time we sat in the bar area we were offered a menu and recommended their favourite dish, which on the three occasions we did this always happened to be the same dish which was the most expensive on the menu. On the two occasions we ate in Terral, the food was good and the breakfasts were okay, not comparable to other places we stayed in but a good range and well presented. Apart from the final day we stayed when the waiter suddenly decided to crudely write a service charge on our bill, whilst stood next to us, in a different colour pen to the rest of the bill, and then was extremely rude when my wife questioned what this service charge that had never been on any other bill was. These little tricks put a bad slant on what was a good stay in Terral and we are really not sure why they are trying to extract extra money from their guests. All this does is annoy people like us and, when we return to Cuba, we will not be returning to Terral which is sad. The exchange rate is much better at the airport or in one of the Cadecas in Old Havana for reference. When in Old Havana, be aware that despite many people telling you to come to a cigar or salsa festival, there probably is no such thing!

    Average Strandy54

    “Nice setting but average hotel ”
    We decided to give ourselves a treat at the end of our holiday in Cuba, which had involved staying everywhere in Casas. This hotel has a great setting on the Malecon and the rooms are spacious with very comfortable beds (compared to some of the ones we had elsewhere in Cuba!). However, we were very disappointed with the standard of breakfast and the service at breakfast, which was poor (especially compared to the Casas). The coffee was unrecognisable compared to coffee we had elsewhere in Cuba as it was so watery and weak. Our breakfast waiter was brusque. Butter was rancid and fruit salad not good. One person was left to wait a long time whilst the rest of us ate. We had lunch there and the waiting service then was good so I think it was just one individual who was less than enthusiastic. The hotel is looking ropey re: wear and tear and damp patches on the ceilings of bedrooms and bathrooms but everything is very clean. If you want an hotel with a good location and view, I would recommend, but for value for money get a casa in Havana.

    Average ossimandus

    “Great location - bad vibes ”
    It has been said before, but this hotel is but a 20 minute walk from Havan old town. It has a decent restaurant BUT all rooms suffer from traffic noise. By that I mean 6 lanes directly in front of the hotel whose 14 rooms all face that way and only have single glazing. Bring earplugs or drink that bottles of rum (3CUC for a litre for avana Club)

    Average Ruth G

    “Ideas above it's station! ”
    From the outside you expect (and get) a modern, boutique hotel...however, the execution doesn't match. For a new hotel, the degree of wear and tear is excessive! Nevertheless, the service from the front desk (especially organising a classic american car tour and helping us when our airport transfer failed to arrive) was superb and the snack we had in the bar was great. It made a nice change to have a choice for breakfast, without it being a buffet. To be fair, having unlimited hot water and functioning air conditioning was a pleasure! Once the surrounding area is not a building site, the overall experience will be better but it is not a short walk to old Havana and should not be advertised as so.

    Average ldhf

    “Deteriorating structure, poor service ”
    This is one of the more modern hotels in Havana and has a good situation on the Malecon overlooking the sea. It is 10 - 15 minutes walk from the old town. The hotel has large rooms, all with sea view, in a depressing Soviet colour scheme of greys and dark browns. We were on the third floor but it was noisy: traffic noise continues until the earlt hours of the morning, so the idea of escaping the noise of hotels in the Old Town was a bad idea! Our room had a major problem in that the ceiling lights did not work, and with only two low-wattage bedside lights and a hessian-clad standard lamp with an energy-saving bulb to light the room, we really needed a torch to help us see the contents of our suitcase. We asked for the problem to be fixed the next morning but it wan not done. Nor was the hotel able to provide more free-standing lamps. This continued for the whole of our stay, and w e had the clear impression that the lights had been broken for some time and were never going to be fixed. Hotel staff were courteous and friendly, though it was a bit off-putting that their uniforms were tight, badly-fitting and clearly in need of cleaning. Breakfast was good, plenty of choice and copious, though service was a little slow. Tables in the restaurant were a little dirty (not wiped thoroughly between clients.

    Average Brent K

    “Bait and switch Hotel Terral ”
    Great location...beautiful rooms and nice location. Here's the Problem they over book...and they do it on purpose...they send you to another hotel and they make a profit on it. Otherwise it was very nice...

    Average Sue S

    “Cuban hotel staff make up for other deficiencies ”
    Our tour operator booked us into the Terral and as it overlooked the seafront and was apparently close to both Old and New Havana we were perfectly satisfied with the choice. It's a small new hotel but a taxi ride or long walk from either of the main districts of Havana and surrounded by decrepit buildings undergoing reconstruction or just abandoned, as so much property currently is in Havana. My tall, strong, brave husband was deterred from walking in the area as have been other reviewers. The room was spacious with a large dressing area, separate bathroom and loo and two large twin beds (we requested one double/king). The finish of the workmanship though was, again as so much in Havana, very shoddy with many defects. Much of this, though, was retrieved by the charming staff and the excellent chef. We ate two suppers and two breakfasts in the small lobby cafe/bar of the hotel and were amazed at the quality of the food and service, and if all you want is a room with a view and some good meals before you explore the city, this place might well be the answer.

    Average Neats1966

    This hotel in situated on the Malecon, the coastal road in Havana, and is literally on the cusp of what we learnt to be during our stay as 'the no go area'. You can walk along the Malecon to the centre, which takes approx 15 minutes, but we were advised not to walk down the streets behind the hotel, a taxi journey through these when the Malecon was closed due to bad weather demonstrated why!. I am not sure how this hotel has been ranked #2 in Havana by trip advisor. Whilst it is very clean and the rooms are very spacious and the staff are very helpful it is a very small hotel as is the bar and lobby area. Having visited the #1 hotel in Havana; Park Central, for a rep meeting, there is no comparison, the Park Central is very grand and in hindsight a much nicer place to stay, that said staying at the Terral really gave us insight into the real Havana. The food was always well presented and the Terral offered various options for breakfast and dinner if you wanted to dine there. The hotel was apparently built 2 years ago and is already in a state of disrepair. The windows leak, (the hotel placed towels on the floor in the lift area to soak up the water) and our 'veranda doors' would not open, however even if they did, the balcony was so small (in width), and the noise and fumes were so bad from the traffic I would not have wanted to sit out. Our bathroom ceiling leaked. The hotel, even though we were told all hotels had the same exchange rate, gave us far less cucs for our money than the telegraph (an equally nice hotel to the park central in the centre of Havana. NB. Park central will only do currency exchange if you are staying there). If you are staying at the Terral I recommend you always ask the exchange rate and check this out with your rep, to ensure you do not get ripped off! I personally would not stay at the Terral again or recommend the hotel. I think there are far better hotels in the centre of Havana.

    Average bellaonline79

    “Slightly mixed bag - good in parts ”
    We had a slightly mixed experience of this hotel and I'm not sure I agree with what some of the other reviewers have said. Yes I do think it is a good location for the price - it would be much better to stay actually in the old town but the hotels there are much more expensive and suffer from noise (though we also had traffic noise from the Malecon). So for the price/location factor I would say it's a good bet. Although it is new and they have tried to go for a 'boutique' style I would say some of the execution is a bit hit and miss - our room was massive and had some nice features but the finish in the bathroom was poor... if that had been my builder I would definitely have been phoning him up to complain! Not sure what everyone else was offered for breakfast but ours was pretty terrible. Not a buffet like we got in other hotels but a menu of simple items (bread, cereal, fruit, yoghurt, eggs etc), and whatever we ordered came in teeny tiny amounts so we had to keep asking for more and more different things until we got fed up and gave up! We were booked in for a 2nd night here on our return to Havana but when we arrived at the hotel at 4 am after a massively delayed flight we had to bash on the door to get anyone to let us in, and we were then informed that there was a problem with our room and they were shipping us off to another hotel. Not ideal at 4am! But I guess at least they had sorted us out somewhere else to stay... So in all I would say this place is fine - clean, reasonable service (apart from breakfast) and cheaper than the Old Town hotels while being not too far away from the Old Town. However I think if you can afford a little more to stay actually in the Old Town I would do that.

    Very good Stacker63

    “Great Views and Service ”
    Wonderful staff who organised a fabulous tour in 1955 Pontiac with an english speaking guide for us. Nothing was too much bother for them from dinner and show reservations to whistling up a taxi. Hotel was comfortable with a few little rough edges, nothing major. Good shower, comfy bed and nice food. Great views along the Malecon and across the bay, front row seats to watch the huge electrical storms.

    Very good JackHoShanghai_China

    “fabulous stay, perfect view and polite staff...but ”
    Stayed in the suite, and my wife and me were just "wow" when we entered into the room and opened the window. Perfect view of Mexican Gulf, and it's soooo nice to have a glass of wine and some cigars on the roof top. Everything is perfect, the food was great, the service was great, yet one thing did irritate us about the supply of hot water. Can you imagine to have cold water bath for most of the time in your stay? Guess it's some temporary problem. Anyway, other than that, it's a highly-recommended one for the visitors

    Very good wendy4650

    “Very nice ”
    Booked for 3 nights, booked in day one and stayed in for dinner the first night, well worth it i had the beef and it was spot on my husband had the paella which was massive, the cocktails were the best we had in cuba real cocktails made properly, Rooms do need attention but they are massive and you never stay in them,they are clean and have the best staff so that is important, breakfast was good and different, But be careful as i was mugged in the street not far from the hotel, so please either walk the malecon on the sea side of the road or get a little yellow taxi from hotel they will order you one and you can get one back from the square in town 5 cuc worth it wish i had, But we did venture down some of the side streets and now i know i would not of done this the one i had my necklace taken from was the busy one not even a quiet one PLEASE ENJOY BUT BE SAFE

    Very good buffalox8

    “Amazing view ”
    The room we stayed in on the third floor was spacious and well fitted out, although slightly worn. The view out onto the ocean is fantastic and it's great being able to step right out onto the Malecon. The a la carte breakfast menu is extensive and the food was decent. We also ate in the restaurant one evening and the quality of ingredients was good.

    Very good verity1

    “Nice staff, very good food ”
    Our room was spacious and comfortable. It overlooked the sea. There was international TV. No problem with the plumbing. The hotel food was extremely good. The staff were pleasant and the waiter hugged us when we left. A small problem with the rooms - the lights switches have a tendency to fall off the walls. On the main road, there was some street noise, but no real problem. It is far enough out of the old town to make a rather tedious walk after the first few times. The hotel is small and has limited common parts.

    Very good Rob099

    “Great View of the Sea”
    We stayed at the Terral for three nights to explore Havana before moving on to Varadero. Our second floor room was very spacious and well appointed with a view over the sea. Even though we arrived quite late in the evening there was a good selection of food available at the bar. Old Havana is an interesting and easy walk taking about 15 minutes. The staff were very friendly and went seemed to be genuinely interested in helping us make the best of our time in Havana. For what we wanted it was ideal.

    Very good JohnRWhite

    “A pleasure to stay ”
    Comfortable modern hotel, large rooms facing sea, great breakfasts and only 12 minute stroll to old town. Best of all were the staff. Helpful and friendly without being over familiar. Although I didn't mention it, on my birthday I was taken into the bar and offered any bottle I wanted to take and on that day I think that every member of staff made it a point to wish me a happy birthday. What else can I say?

    Very good MickyT200

    “Friendly, Attentive and Helpful Staff ”
    Hotel is on the Malecon about a 20 minute stroll from Havana Vieja with views of the seafront. The 6 lane carriageway outside the hotel is a bit of a challenge to cross and the rooms' double glazed sliding doors aren't the most efficient at keeping out the inevitable road noise. The doors couldn't be opened for the smell of traffic fumes, all those large, old gas guzzling cars.That said we're in the city and we soon got used to the noises. Our room on the second floor was huge and it appeared they were struggling for ideas of what furniture to try and fill the expanse with. Separate dressing area and good size bathroom with WC and bath with shower over. Closet safe for a small charge. Food choice was limited, as might be expected in Havana, but what was served was generally very good. Better to ask what they actually have available rather than choosing from the extensive menu to be told it's not available. We would stay there again however, maybe for convenience, we might choose a hotel central to old Havana as that was where we went each day.

    Very good tsura1

    “Not quite 4*, but a stunning location! ”
    As we drove further past the Nacional Hotel on the day we arrived, I thought at first the hotel would be further out than we expected. Thankfully I was wrong! The hotel is located on the beautiful Malecon, where you can watch the sun go down from your balcony as the area comes to life at night. Someone mentioned below it wasn't a safe area but we couldn't disagree more, it couldn't be safer with 1000s of people gathering there of an evening. It is a approximately 20 minute walk into Habana Nueva (new Havana) and a further 5 into Habana Vieja (old Havana), if you're walking REALLY slowly - so for price and views you couldn't get better! The rooms are well appointed - minibar, hair drying facilities, tea/coffee machine however the wear and tear is excessive for a "new hotel" - perhaps less than 2 years old. The breakfast is good, cocktails and dinner is not bad too although we ate out every night. The staff are friendly and helpful, although there is no official concierge service. On the down side; there is no pool/fitness centre, limited internet access, and if I am being really picky, the beds are a little uncomfortable - but all in all, a fantastic place! Would definitely recommend it!

    Very good Nesligul D

    “Hotel Terral by the lovely Malecon”
    Hotel Terral is a small hotel with only 14 rooms and a small bar-restaurant but is really fascinating compared to many hotels in Havana. It has character, is modern and has all the necessary facilities. All rooms face the Malecon, a great advantage as it is lovely view and also a wonderful way to watch the people and cars passing by or enjoying themselves by the Malecon. The rooms are spacious and have a special section for the closet. The restaurant is small and the breakfast is a la carte so it may take some time. But the staff is wonderful and very helpful and try to serve you as best as they can. The hotel is not in Old Havana but is very close, a taxi will take only a few minutes to go to any one of the main plazas in Old Havana.

    Very good Scandilove

    “Comfortable, modern hotel on the Malecon boulevard. ”
    This is a modern hotel on the Waterfront boulevard, Malecon. The receptionist ensured us it was the only one of its kind in all of Cuba, and after traveling around I am sure he is right. The people in reception were extremely friendly and helpful. The rooms are large and all have ocean view and minibar. I was impressed. The on site restaurant offers good food en they very kindly made us some rolls with ham and cheese to take with us as lunch while we traveled to Viñales, at no extra cost. On the minus side; there is no pool, the street below can be quite noisy, there are virtually no restaurants or bars within walking distance. The hotel is about 3km fromdown town havana.

    Very good Traveller-in-joy

    “Cuban Modernism ”
    I totally agree with Sue S. We had a beautiful room as described, overlooking the sea and overall we liked it. The Lobby bar and restaurant were reasonable both in price and what they served. However it is in a weird place, neither old or new Havana and very little nearby, so expect a longish not very scenic walk to anywhere .

    Very good AsadKhan48

    “Awesome hotel ”
    Stayed at this hotel during my trip to Cuba late Aug and booked the Junior Suite which had everything we could want in a room with some amazing views, if your budget suits I would recommend! Breakfast was included and despite the limited fruit choice was quite decent. The hotel is situated on a prime spot along the malecon and is approx a 10/15 minute walk to the centre of Havana. Hotel is about average for a hotel of its caliber. Booked the Parisian Cabaret show through the hotel which was at the National Hotel, good show and would recommend! Had a few issues with the shower which seemed very temperamental which is why I could not rate the hotel as a 5*! Would recommend for those looking for a bit of luxury in Cuba

    Very good CJ_Zanahoria

    “Hardly knew I was in Cuba! ”
    Arriving at the Terral after a week travelling around the east of the island, I did feel I had done more than move several hundred miles west, the change in comfort and decor was so great! The greeting at reception was basic but the room more than made up for it, huge, nicely decorated in restful greys and blues with a view out onto the Malecon and sea beyond. The bed was extremely comfortable and the bathroom spacious and fully functioning. Lots of storage space in the separate wash basin/dressing area. Service at breakfast was a bit slow and on the first day they completely failed to write down my husband's order so he had an even longer wait, but the selection of items available to order was extensive and quality generally good. Can't comment on the noise as on the 2 nights we stayed the Malecon was closed to traffic because of extremely high waves. Made for some great views!

    Very good Cloudy J

    “Good hotel for price ”
    Good hotel in Havana. The location is a little far form the old part of Havana but it is a lot cheaper. We didn't find the distance too much of an issue, you can take the hop off hop on bus for $5 or $6 CUC (can't remember) the ticket lasts the whole day. You can the bus on either side of the Malecon and on your way back just tell the bus host that you wish to get off near Hotel Terral. Room size is very large, bathroom is a decent size but was an awkward design with the sink outside of the bathroom. The traffic is extremely loud outside, so make sure to request a higher room, we did manage to fall asleep but you can be awoken at random times of night/morning. The breakfast is good for included in the price, you just select items out of the menu. The portions are smaller but they let you order as much as you want. Make sure to try the seafood platter in the restaurant downstairs for dinner, very large for 2 persons for $25 CUC. Please note there is no wifi in the hotel, you can purchase a card to use in the computer by the stairs downstairs. But being Cuba it is very slow.

    Excellent GeorginaMegan

    “A great start to a holiday”
    I visited Havana, Vinales and Cayo Largo for a long holiday last year and Hotel Terral was the perfect welcome to Havana. Firstly the Malecon, despite its noise (I disagree with anyone who criticises the hotel based on this concept - surely everybody knows the hotel is near to a busy city road so what do you expect?!) is the most beautiful road that is lovely just to walk across, staring out into the sea, provides stunning views from the hotel rooms, and also an opportunity to see some amazing classic cars! We found that the noise barely filtered into our hotel rooms (we stayed in 2 different rooms, one being the penthouse suite). The service was excellent and the staff could not be more polite or helpful, showing us how to make the best out of our stay in Havana. The hotel itself is very clean, modern and minimalist which is a far cry from many other Havana hotels. We met other couples that stayed in the Hotel Nacional who told us the hotel was average and its only selling point was its fame. We also visited many other hotels in Havana that did not have the warmth of welcome that Terral did. On top of this, the hotel is extremely good value, the food in the hotel is extremely good quality, and the bar is very warm and welcoming with a fantastic English- speaking bartender. Not to be missed!

    Excellent Michèle D

    “An excellent hotel very near the old town ”
    To come straight to the point, the Hotel Terral is one of the best hotels my husband and I have stayed at for a long time and I am including European hotels here, plus so called luxury hotels in Guadeloupe where we live. The room was huge and exactly as depicted on their website. A large bathroom with tub and a dressing room and there were complimentary soap bars, shower gel and shampoo (unexpected). There is a small fridge, adequately filled with a variety of drinks you would find in minibars all over the world, but Cuban rum and a packet of local, ground coffee were also on sale, (the latter presumably to take home as there were no facilities in the room). The rooms must be very well insulated as we were never disturbed by any noise outside of our room from within the hotel itself ? and we were next to the lift. Again, a rarity in many European hotels. We did, however, have to ask for the sheets to be changed after 3 nights. Yes, there were other drawbacks : light switches to turn the bulbs in the wardrobe and over the bathroom sink unit on or off looked rather dangerous without plastic covers , so when we pointed this out to reception, a few minutes after settling into our room, an electrician, together with the very helpful and friendly housemaid in charge that day, arrived within minutes and after fiddling around with a screwdriver told us there were two solutions to the problem: we could leave the lights on or off - we opted for the ?on? version and kept the wardrobe closed at night! The first night our room was on the second floor but this proved noisy (traffic on the Malecon); the next day we were moved to the 3rd floor and this proved quieter, apart from the pneumatic drill and hammering on the building site next door ? just an unfortunate coincidence, especially during the World Cup matches on television! Breakfast is served until noon which was a surprise so, should you wish to skip lunch (and breakfast is included in the room rate) eating brunch is an option, especially as there is a good choice on the menu. We ate several times in the restaurant as the food is very good indeed. It is also very pleasant to sit in the air-conditioned bar or restaurant and gaze out, sipping a mojito (the best in Havana in our opinion) at the many vintage cars driving past on the Malecon. This very long road runs along the seafront and is a safe place to walk even at night, but there was always a policeman/policewoman on duty right outside our hotel. Most of the staff in the hotel speak English, one speaks quite good French and apart from one gentleman who was on duty a couple of times at the reception desk, (he never even said goodbye to us as we left for the airport after our week?s stay?.) they were all extremely professional, polite and friendly. However, we were advised by one of the receptionists to be at the airport 3 hours before our flight. This is unnecessary as we had to wait an hour before the check-in desk opened. All in all, we highly recommend this modern, clean and well appointed hotel as it is very close to the old town of Havana (15 minutes? walk or 5 minutes by taxi) and also gives you a chance to breathe in some sea air!

    Excellent ElCubanito1

    The Terral is still a stunning hotel: great design, great location, great staff and - if you like to eat there - great food. I stayed there 6 times before and it almost feels like coming home when the super polite staffs welcomes me back. All the rooms are very comfortable, bathrooms spacious and you won't lack a thing during your stay. Book well ahead as there are only 14 rooms!

    Excellent YingL9690

    “Fabulous hotel with great view of Malecon ”
    Hotel was clean and comfortable with nice and friendly staff and great breakfast. The only disappointment was the water heater broke down on our last night of stay, we were told that other guest were being upgraded to a five star hotel in town, but since it was our last day so we choose to stay. Thank god it was a summer and weather is hot so it does not really affect us much.

    Excellent Lee G

    “Fantastic Hotel in Havana ”
    We stayed here for 3 nights while visiting Havana. The hotel is located on the Malceon, its about a 15-20 minute walk from Old Havana. The rooms are massive all with a sea views and really comfortable. The staff are so friendly and helpful, they helped us organise Taxis, advised us on the best places to go in havana. We had breakfast a the hotel every morning, there is a really good choice and its all delicious, we even ate in the small restaurant on our fist night as we were too tired to go explore. The food was beautiful and the Cocktails the best I've tasted in a long time. I couldn't recommend this Hotel enough, if your staying in Havana its great place to stay, we will be back for sure. Big thank you to all the staff.

    Excellent GlutenFreeWife

    “Excellent boutique hotel ”
    Stayed here with my husband for 4 nights during the first week in may 2014 and we loved our stay! Its a small boutique hotel with only 15 rooms that all have sea view rooms. The hotel is along the Malecon and have amazing views of thr ocean. The room was really big, with a lovely balcony that you could sit out on and enjoy a drink. The bed was massive and extremely comfortable. The bathroom was also really big and nice and clean. The staff at the hotel are all really friendly and helpful, and gave us recommendations for restaurants and rang ahead to make bookings. We had breakfast included which was amazing! There was so much choice, which lots of fresh fruit and smoothies, eggs anyway you liked, pancakes, warm crusty rolls and meats. You can order as much breakfast as you like and it's all cooked fresh, made to order. The breakfast was served in the hotels restaurant, which is quite small but the menu is great, again a lot of choice and the portion sizes were really big. The location of the hotel is on the Malecon, and you can walk quite easily to the old town within about 15/20 minutes. The taxi's are really cheap, about 5 CUC which is about £3, to the old town and there is also a hop on hop off open top tour bus that goes all around Havana for 5 CUC, which stops further up from the hotel, it is well worth getting this tour bus. We did an excursion to Vinales, which is well worth it and I would recommend doing this. It's a whole day trip to the west part of Cuba, to the valley and caves. Lunch is also included on this trip. We also went to Club Tropicana, which is worth going to. It's quite pricey but you can't go to Havana and not go to Club Tropicana - the show is amazing! I'd recommend exchanging some money at the airport in Havana, as you'll get a much better rate compared to your hotel. Other places to exchange money would be at the Cadeca (bank). Gluten friendly restaurants in Havana include: Los Nardos ? Traditional home cooked Cuban food Casa Migles ? Cuban Swedish restaurant Havana Queens ? Cuban food plus live music and dancing Hotel Terral Restaurant ? small restaurant within the hotel, but the food is great Parque Central Hotel ? rooftop restaurant, food is ok but the views are amazing I would definitely recommend this hotel and would stay here again.

    Excellent Kath-x-Steve

    “Fabulous stay ”
    We stayed here for 4 nights, and I can't fault it, the staff were so lovely and helpful, we up graded to a suite which was fabulous and a lovely treat at the start of our holiday in Cuba, we had a full day of heavy rain on arrival but no trouble getting a taxi outside, just wave one down it was 5- 6 CUC to the edge of the old town. It's a lovely walk down the Malecon if the weather is good, we visited the flea markets and we also walked the other direction and visited a general market. There are two cafe bars and a local bar within a 5 min walk, personally I'd go right and visit the first one, the local one right liked to over charge so we left that one alone. Back to the hotel, the food was fab and a good selection, try the banana chips they are delish, we had the Terral breakfast most days, but the chef is happy to knock up whatever you fancy, all the staff were lovely and chatty we did have a good laugh at dinner with them. Just go and enjoy yourself, if you like a quieter night after a busy day it's perfect, I'm a very light sleeper but the traffic didn't bother me, and some other reviews are quite negative but we thoroughly enjoyed it..... It's what you make it really :)

    Excellent simplycuba

    “Ok Hotel, Excellent View”
    I had the opportunity through work to stay at Terral, The hotel is fairly new but is already starting to show signs of aging. Rooms are large, Beds are fairly comfortable, Water pressure is good. The hotel has a lobby bar in it's lobby which also is its restaurant. It's fairly nice and cozy but dies off quite early in the evenings. I felt the hotel really had no "Life" . The included breakfast was fantastic. Service was also stellar! A recommendable option for 1 or 2 nights. I wouldn't recommend for stays beyond 2 nights as it will get quite boring.

    Excellent trupsster

    “Excellent room, excellent view, and very helpful staff ”
    We arrived at the hotel after a 10 hour flight and all we wanted to do was check-in and flop on the bed. We were given the suite because they were full, and said they will move our luggage to another double room whilst we would be out sightseeing the following morning, in case they have another booking for the suite. On seeing the room, we opted to pay a little extra and stay in the suite for the complete duration, as the views were stunning! Being a vegetarian, I face difficulty finding good veg food when I travel, but the hotel staff went out of the way to prepare veg food for me. The fruit juices were freshly made, as was the bread. The staff also gave us tips on where to go, and suggested we visit 'Buena Vista Social Club', which was an unforgettable experience! All in all, one of the best I've stayed at (and I have travelled a lot!). I will definitely recommend it, and look forward to going back to Cuba!

    Excellent Ruth M

    “Good hotel, bit off the beaten track. ”
    Lovely boutique hotel in Havana, right on the shore, towards the end of the Malecon. Bit of a walk to get into the old centre of Havana, but if you don't mind the trek or are a fan of taxis, horse and cart or other transport you can get about easily enough. The staff were very helpful and the room was huge. The map we were given by the hotel wasn't really much use as it wasn't marked on it and if you want to eat out in the evenings don't expect much choice in the area. Local beers are good and cheaper than imports obviously. Mossies not a problem here either and artisans market on Obispo very good value.

    Excellent aveirad

    “Best hotels in Havana so far! ”
    I stayed here for 7 nights last month with my wife. This is the most modern hotels I've stayed in Havana. The service is great and location can't be better. Walkable distance to all the main havana's attractions.. All rooms are super clean and have ocean view to the coast of Havana. (Malecon). Very private .. I would recommend this place to anyone and for any occasion. Great food, awesome drinks at the bar and excellent service .. I'll give a five .. Great experience !!

    Excellent CornwallPip

    “Cute hotel on the Malecon, Havana ”
    Small boutique hotel on the Malecon, with seaviews from every room. Despite being on a busy road, the room was quiet at night & our sleep wasn't disturbed by traffic noise. There are a couple of steps up into the hotel, which might prove difficult for anyone with a mobility problem. The rooms are as on the website; well designed, a good size, comfy bed, clean, good shower, air conditioning that is quiet & works perfectly. Reception staff are friendly and welcoming, as are the waiters/bar staff. Breakfasts are much better than we expected, with a wide choice, well prepared and beautifully presented. We also ate in the hotel for a couple of lunches/dinners; there's a limited choice, but certainly enough, & again well presented & very well priced. The location is good, with a walk of perhaps a mile in one direction to Havana Vieja & a mile in the other to the National Hotel, which is well worth a visit for its history. Our stay there was part of a package, so I can't comment on the price, but it certainly proved a good choice for us - especially as I gather that some of the city's hotels leave a lot to be desired.

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