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Neptuno - Triton Hotel, Havana City Cuba. 3 stars,

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  • Destination: Havana City
  • Address: Ave 3ra y 74 Miramar. Playa. Ciudad Havana
  • Phone: 2041606
  • Accept child:Yes
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  • Description: Neptuno - Triton Hotel Cuba

    The Neptuno-Tritón Hotel, a part of the Gran Caribe Hotel Group, is near the coast in Miramar, the western part of Havana. The Rooms -most of which have a view of the sea-combine functional efficiency with comfort, and works by outstanding Cuban painters deccorate the halls. From the hotel, it is easy to reach the center of the city, the Intemational Conference Center and Havana´s international airport.

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    Review about Neptuno - Triton Hotel
    Awfull timmyYorkshire

    “The Hotel That Time Forgot ”
    My friends and I recently visited this hotel on a Thompson Excusion to Havana from Varadero. It is truly awful i would advise any against staying here. When we went up to the room on the 17th floor in the cranky lift the room was more like 200 years old not 20. I looked up out of the window and saw the balcony above crumbling needless to say i didnt step out. Back in the lobby on the old dated chairs, and there was a stary dog attempting to come into the hotel. At this point the 'Flash Gordon' them tune came on the music system at which point i couldnt hep but burst out laughing and find the whole thing amusing. On the plus side 1 Peso for a beer softened the experience. I pitty the poor staff who have to work in this hotel.

    Awfull EDGAR S

    “i will never come back to cuba ”
    this is the most horrible hotel than i was in my life and we pay very good monet for go there and the holliday was overaatei will dont say nothing just look the pictures is a little pice of bat things than you will get there also the staff very unhelpfull no no very bad soo bad is a shime...

    Awfull AFGALEANO

    “dont think about it ”
    there was nothing good, service, location. the old hotel regardless if you play in a top floor had to wait 15 minutes for the elevator, the pool closed horrible !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Awfull olegunnaro

    “Don't ever consider this hotel.”
    We had to stay two nights at this horrible place, since our flight to Amsterdam was delayed by two days. The staff was truly horrible. The first morning the cleaning lady burst into our room and wanted to start cleaning while we were still sleeping. We asked for another bath towel, since we only had one - she wouldn't give us one. So I had to use a small hand towel after showering. The next morning she did the same thing, only this time she accused us of stealing a towel - she didn't even bother to check the whole room first. She obviously knew we were missing a towel, and wanted us to pay her 1CUC for the towel. We told her that we would not pay for it, since we hadn't left the room with our towels. We asked for two new bath towels, since we both wanted to shower before our 15 hour flight home - she wouldn't give us new ones. Only after having a long discussion with senior staff, we got two new ones. Upon checking out we had to pay 5CUC for the "missing" towel - i.e. five times more than the cleaning lady wanted. This confirms our suspicion that she hid the towel and hoped for some quick cash. At that point we were pretty fed up, so we told the receptionist what was on our mind, gave her the money and left - hopefully never to return. I can honestly say that this has to be the worst hotel I've ever been to. Not going to describe the physical condition of the hotel since that's been covered by other reviewers already.

    Awfull DianaFreire

    “Nightmare... ”
    This hotel looks like it had been a good hotel like 20 years ago.... The most funny thing, in my opinion, are the lobbies and corridors, with lots of "lost" furniture.... a table here, a chair there...a lost sculpture over there... The only nice thing about the Hotel is staff....all of them are very kind and give attention to all the problems you have in the facilities (and there are a LOT of problems!). But at least, the AC was working....not everything is bad in the Hotel!!!

    Awfull a question

    “Don't be cheap, stay somewhere else ”
    I absolutly regret not paying more to stay in a better hotel. Neptuno Triton are actually two hotels, they both require a lot of remodeling. We stayed at Neptuno at the 14th. floor and it was absolutly creepy. Many lights of the hall way were out. The floors are old and look dirty. Many times, when we turned on the shower water came out brown, really I'm not over reacting. The pool is sort of dirty. Food tastes like crap. The hotel is far from downtown. There's absolutly nothing good I could say about this hotel. One thing you have to remember when you go to Cuba, they aren't customer oriented, they don't care for what you need, they only want to charge you for anything.

    Awfull a question

    “Do not stay at this hotel under any conditions, it is a 2* prison”
    This hotel is most definitely not the 4* hotel it proclaims to be, among a hundred other things there is only one lift serving a 24 storey building! Which means you get plenty of exercise climbing stairs in Cubas heat. Rooms dirty, decrepit, and air conditioning noisy. Avoid like the plague!!!!! Melia Habana, is the best hotel in this district, which is where we went the day after arriving at this -----------

    Poor Susan S

    “Not the Best Experience of a Lifetime...”
    I book what I hoped would be the 'Holiday of a Lifetime.' Friends were living in Cuba and encouraged me to come and visit. (I booked a hotel as part of the flight package as they did not have room in their own home to put me up.) I spent as LITTLE TIME AS POSSIBLE in this out dated and run down hotel. I was shocked that the HOTEL SECURITY - (who are on the front door 24x7) would not allow my Cuban friends over the threshold??? The hotel experience itself - I reported to Reception that the fridge in my room was not working (I at least wanted some cool water to drink in this very humid climate.) It took at least 3 days and I was only there for 10. On arrival (in the middle of the night, and something which the hotel should be used to being a partner of 'Iberostar Holidays'), did not provide adequate food options. The pool looked OK, but as I was there out of season, no one was using it. I cannot remember about the lifts particularly, and even though I had a 'sea view', I did not like the over all ambience of the hotel to stay long enough on the balcony to comment (I think I remember it was very windy so infact did not open the doors much!) The cleaning standards were OK. But I did not really need them as I only used this place to sleep. (That was sort of OK - as I used ear plugs to keep out the whilsting noise from the ill fitting balcony doors.) I am sad to say that much of the area I stayed in (and Havana centro itself), were very run down and IMO you have to have a very strong mind to over look the fact that you are in a virtually a 3rd world country. (I won't talk about the contstant begging, only to say it reminded me of the desperation of Morocco.) PS - I am not a 5 star gal, and don't mind roughing it. But for all the hype, Cuba does not live up to the mark. :(

    Poor tobiasbeetz

    “If you stay here, make sure you don't spend too much time in the hotel ”
    I just got back from a trip to Havana. We got a very cheap package including flight and hotel for 690 EUR/week. The Triton and Neptuno are more or less one hotel with two towers. The hotel was built in 1991 and it seems like since then nothing has ever been repaired again. 1 of the three lifts worked (22 floors!), no water in the swimming pool, horrible food, pretty nice people though. It's pretty far from the centre of Havana - 5 EUR/10 minutes by cab.


    “Rooms are much better in the left building ”
    I did stay in Neptun-Triton for two weeks. I can't remember was the left building called Neptun or Triton. But how ever. The rooms are much never and better quality in the left buildins. So try to get a room from there. Building on the right side seems like older and the elevators were pretty crappy in there also. I did stay my first week on the right side building and second on the left side. Buffet is on the left side building and thats why left side is much better option also. I had 3 meals for two weeks. Breakfest was good. I like the pancakes, syrup and coffee. Also they have a guy making omelets sometimes too :) At lunch or supper. I recommend choosing steak instead of chicken or pork. I liked their steak. Pork was also good at the hotels buffet. Only thing that I didn't like was that food was pretty much same every day. Rooms had ac, fridge, balcony, phone (free incoming calls), internet downstairs 3 cup 30min. At the hotel nearby (marimer) has a wifi for 8 cuk hour. Hotel pool was nice too and you can buy some tasty pizza (3-5 cuk) or beer (1,5cuk) from the pool. Not much to do near the hotel. There is a supermarket nearby (400meters) and the beach is not so clean near the hotel. Also tour busses go to the centum near the hotel 5 cuk. Taxi to centrum should be under 5 cuk always! They ask 10 cuk. I usually paid 3-5 cuk. My Cuban friend got us to centrum paying 1 cuk each. Also they had a party at the hotel pool usually once a week. Staff was ok. Some were friendly and some were not so. But overall OK :)

    Average LisaLashesLondon

    “You Get What You Paid For ”
    The reviews regarding this hotel are a bit harsh. I went there for 4 days for my 40th birthday after the original hotel that was booked was closed. Yes it does need modernising and on some days there was only one lift to access over 20 floors, but it's the people that make a holiday. We had some great times talking to people in the lift as we were trying to close the doors. The bell boy "Max" couldn't do enough to help us and he was very friendly. The receptionist went out of her way for us. Jump on the local bus to get around, especially down to Havana. The Cubans love when you do that and it is fun. Remember 10 cents in CUC (tourist money) is worth more than 10 cents CUP (Cuban currency). Yes there is two currencies. So pay around 5 cents in CUC on the bus. So if it is cheap and cheerful you are after, this hotel is fine for that purpose

    Average barragan

    “Enough ”
    This is not the best hotel in Havana, but as they say, "you get what you pay". THE GOOD: Surrounded by most of Cuba's embassies, nice residential area, neat rooms, pool, AWESOME craft. THE BAD: TERRIBLE BREAKFAST (don't even try it), far away from Havana Vieja and Vedado (and therefore from most attractions). The beach is something like the worst in Cuba.

    Average joanna7

    “Definitely budget quality, so if you can get a budget price, it's great! ”
    A group of ten of us stayed at the Triton for 7 nights in late April 2007. Because we went to Cuba on a mission trip, we were looking for clean, safe and inexpensive accomodations. Everyone in the group was quite happy at the Triton for what we paid (around $50/room, double occupancy, booked at the HAV airport through a Cubanacan agent). This includes a breakfast buffet in the mornings, which is quite expansive and of good quality. Our rooms were on the 21st floor with a beautiful view of the ocean, and thankfully, at least two of the three elevators were in operation every day. ***Important elevator information - in Cuba and the rest of the Caribbean, if you are headed down to the lobby, you must press the DOWN button, not the up button, as we in the US are accustomed to do*** Negative points: The sheets were very poor quality, and occasionally we had little sugar ants in our bed. The pool is only open from 10am-6pm because that is when the staff is on duty. Occasional hot water outages. Positive points: Friendly and helpful staff, location next to the ocean and close to el centro but not right in it. Good 24 hour restaurant. Great deal if you're looking for budget lodging with a few perks!

    Very good Eric K

    “The best view that budget conscious traveller can buy....if you need just basics ! ”
    I just came back from Cuba, having stayed in Hotel Triton (the one next to Melia Habana). I stayed there on 3 separate occasions between 7th April and 23rd April. IF you are one budget traveller who simply need the basics, at EURO 25 per night which I booked, This is a first class bargain ! I got all I need: a cleanish functioning room with air-con, hot water, cable tv, plus a simple no frills breakfast. Who cares about worn out cupboards, slightly torn curtains (so long as you are she'd from the morning sun !). But the sea view is TO DIE FOR : a full spectacular view overlooking the Gulf of Florida ! I missed the countless occasions I watched the setting sun from my room's balcony. No need to go to the Malecon ! Within the vicinity of this hotel in Miramer, you have a shopping arcade with a bank, several car rental companies to choose from, cafeterias. If you relish good food, just head to Melia Habana next door. One big plus; this is a super safe area since it is nested within the embassy district. I went jogging the very morning I arrived and immediately felt at home ! The police and security are at every corner of the roads. While it cost CUC$10 to cab down to Central Havana, this cheap hotel is for those who like a quieter area. I'd also spent a night in a casa in old Havana during my 9 day drive tour around the country. I'm just so glad I picked Triton out of the blue before I came to Cuba. So please read the other previous review in perspective: if you simply desire bed and breakfast place which is compensated by it being in an amenities friendly area, coupled finally with very friendly staff, the Triton is one worth considering..... The Triton staff are very friendly and accommodating. No bad experience really !

    Very good elmertje

    “our stay was great ”
    We stayed at the Hotel Neptuno in Havana Cuba for a couple of days, loved the view from our balcony on the 17th floor where we could see the city of Havana lying at our feet and we enjoyed the sunset over the pool from the restaurant. The staf was very friendly , breakfast very good, the elevators ( 2 of 3 ) were working, we always had warm water in the shower, the beds were perfect and clean. The building could do with some renovation but that didn't bother us. If you want to go to Havana Vieja, a taxi which will take you there in 10 minutes is always in the neighbourhood . Recommended!

    Poor Caloe

    Built on the coralline coast, the Neptuno Hotel benefits from its location in a commercial, financial and residential area of the city known as Miramar, in the west of the Cuban capital. The hotel is seven kilometers away from Havana's historic heart and 20 kilometers from José Martí International Airport. Guests can enjoy its big pools and tennis courts. In addition, it is relatively near to places of interests like the International Conference Center, PABEXPO exhibition hall, commercial centers and restaurants serving a wide range of gastronomic offers.

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