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Quinta Avenida Hotel, Havana City Cuba. 5 stars,

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  • Destination: Havana City
  • Address: Calle 5ta A e/ 76 y 80 Miramar, Playa, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba.
  • Phone: 2141470
  • Accept child:Yes
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  • Description: Quinta Avenida Hotel Cuba

    Quinta Avenida Havana is a 5 star hotel casually sophisticated and comfortably appointed for business or leisure, it also benefits from the striking colors. Located at the heart of Havana’s financial district and just overlooking the famous 5th Avenue this contemporary hotel offers a selection of dining-bar options including the “El Olivo” international Restaurant, “Don Quijote” Spanish cuisine restaurant, Snack Bar “Las Tapas”, Cafeteria and Lobby Bar “Daiquiri”. All guest rooms have air conditioner, telephone, mini bar, safe deposit box, hair dryer, bathroom with separate bath and shower. The Fitness Center with beauty saloon, sauna, Gym, massage, steam bath and the outdoor garden pool, complete the highlight features of the Hotel. 

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  • Distinguished

    Health Center: The only one of its kind in Havana offers massages service, steam room, sauna and bi-thermal shower. It opens every day from 09:00-18:00 previous reservation, Meeting Facilities: Room seating up to 100 people according to the selected format. Ideal for private receptions, banquets, birthdays, weddings, meetings and special events with additional cost upon request, Pool: The hotel has a freshwater pool surrounded by a natural environment inviting to rest and relaxation. The , It has a built area of 7362 m² and a total siting area of 45,000 m², It is conveniently located just 25 minutes from the Jose Marti International Airport, 20 minutes from the capital’s colonial area and other places of interest to visitors, The Quinta Avenida Habana Hotel (the Fifth Avenue Havana Hotel) is located in the exclusive neighborhood of Miramar, with an excellent view of the elegant 5th Avenue to the north, and the Ecological

  • Facilities

    24 hrs. emergency medical service, beauty salon, bell boy, buffet, business centre, car parking, car rental, conference rooms, disabled facilities, gym, hotel shop, laundry & dry cleaning service 24 hrs., luggage storage, massage, money exchange, multi-language staff, no smoking rooms, Piano bar, post office, room services 24 hrs., safety deposit box in room, satellite tv, Solarium, swimming pool, taxis, theme Restaurants, tourism bureau, wi-fi wireless,

  • Food Facilities

    El Hotel Quinta Avenida Habana ofrece a sus huéspedes confortables y espaciosas habitaciones, una variada oferta culinaria al estilo buffet o a la carta, servicio de desayuno continental en la habitación, servicios de comida rápida, amplia selección de bebidas nacionales e internacionales, así como coctelería tradicional cubana e internacional, área de esparcimiento como piscina, gimnasio, SPA, peluquería, facilidades para eventos, tienda y muchas otras atracciones que hacen de este hotel una opción ideal para su estancia en La Habana.

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    Review about Quinta Avenida Hotel
    Awfull Mark L

    “The worst 5* I have ever stayed in. ”
    This has to be the worst 5 star Hotel I have ever stayed in. When I booked a 5 star break with The Holiday Place, I expected a difference compared to European standards but this was 2/3 star maximum. We were situated on the second floor, where the carpet was on its last days and hadn't been cleaned in some time, plaster was hanging off the walls, the room looked like a pack packers living accommodation. The Hotel pictures on their website and in their reception area was taken when the Hotel was new some time ago, and are not a true reflection today. I spoke to customer relations about the state of the Hotel and accommodation, she replied - "I know, it will be done soon". Air Conditioning worked but again was too old and couldn't keep the room cool. I also asked the business centre to see if the Cigar factory was open, the lady made the call on my behalf and then charged me for making the call. The staff were friendly but not advice on the area was poor. Our welcome meeting was held at another 5 star Hotel across the way called the Melia, what a complete difference.   My biggest complaint has to be the positioning on the Hotel, when I booked a 4 night stay in Habana, I didn't except a 20 min, 12/15 CUC ride into town. Again, why wasn't I made aware of this. We waisted time and extra money trying to get into and out of the city, twice a day. Unfortunately we started to loose the will to live with the state of out accommodation and positioning of the Hotel and couldn't wait for our beach retreat.

    Awfull Fercoxy

    “Rude staff ”
    Thankfully we only stayed here one night on a trip to Havana in May 2013, our check in was chaotic to say the least. We had booked a family room (there were 3 of us), when we finally received our room key we got there to see there where 2 single beds... and it was ridiculously hot in the room the AC was broken, back down stair to only be met with rude reception staff, who gave us two new room keys at different ends of the hotel as they had no family rooms left. Back up to the rooms again, only to find that the AC in our new room didn't work either. Back down to complain only to be laugh at by the reception staff and told we had already swapped our room once they can not swap it again.. and they would try to get someone to fix it. An hour passed, I ended up showering and changing in my sister room, while my husband waited in a room that was around 40 deg for the AC man to arrive. The AC did finally get fix after being at the hotel for 3 hours. On our way back from a night at Tropicana at 1am in the morning, 10 people (5 of our family) got stuck in the lift. There was no intercom in the lift or any means to contact anyone other than an alarm button which was continually pressed for a long time. Only by banging on the doors to attract attention did some eventually say they were there to help. The "rescuer" was rude and said there were too many people in the lift - the sign said 13 people (1000kg's) max - there were 10 people in the lift who probably weighed 800kgs and that's putting that at there max weight. When everyone was finally out of the lift, my sister was hot and distressed and for some water she was told to buy it from the bar! While at the bar we heard the lift engineer say the lift should only take 5 or 6 slim people. Why the signage has not been changed to reflect that god only knows. All and all we were unlucky with rooms and the lift incident, but had the staff been polite or the slightly bit helpful I would have been posting a nicer review.

    Poor Ricardo P

    “Worst Hotel ”
    First of all, there internet costs more than a room, and its the worst internet ever, as it is the waiters and the service. Everything in this hotel, takes time, you have to wait for EVERYTHING. The rooms are ok, so it is the pool. The localization is great, its 15 minutes by taxi to center of Havana. Enjoy.

    Poor CarolineHobart

    “Very poor service, bad location ”
    I have tried very hard to be positive in this review, however over the hotel stay has left such a bad taste in my mouth, I cannot in good faith recommend this hotel. From my perspective, staff were very ?hit and miss,? far more miss than hit. Some were so wonderful, it was almost a relief in the sea of utter rudeness. I am not Cuban, and do not speak the language well (sadly for me), so am well aware of being sure not to confuse potential cultural differences, and just plain rudeness. Unfortunately, this was plain rudeness. There were some wonderful, notable exceptions. Orlando in the Olive restaurant who went out of his way to assist me and cook things for me at breakfast (when I was completely ignored by other staff). The two female front desk staff were super helpful, and spoke excellent English luckily for me. Also, housekeeping staff were very friendly and helpful. Other staff were extremely rude, ignoring, dismissing, yelling at me, all a complete shock and totally out of line. Just one example: I was told the mini bar was to be restocked every three days. After 5 days mine had not been restocked so I went to front desk to enquire. I was told it wouldn?t be possible to restock I would have to wait until the following day, said that was no problem, happy to wait (that reception staff member was lovely and apologised, which wasn?t necessary, clearly just an oversight). I waited until the following day, and thought I had perhaps missed the person when I was in the shower, so around 2pm went to front desk to enquire. I was yelled at because apparently ?THAT HAS BEEN DEALT WITH.? Uh excuse me? I said I wasn?t quite sure what they meant, and asked whether they wanted me to wait there to collect the things or go back to my room, as I was heading out, so not sure the protocol, how long I?d need to wait etc? ?IT?S BEEN DEALT WITH, GO AWAY.? An appalling way in which to treat a guest. I guess a good way to force you to buy more water from their overpriced shop. I had also wanted to ask whether I could just receive soft drink, as I did not want to drink alcohol, but wasn?t able to ask that obviously. Believe it or not, they didn?t bring the items, so I went down again some hours later. Again, I would have to wait until the following day which conveniently was the day I was leaving! Good scam that one. I was at the hotel alone, so ate room service every night. I found this difficult, as you were charged for the room service at the time, so needed to have money on you. Also, a dish that was CUC5 (on the menu) and I was charged CUC5 one night, I would then be charged CUC5.75 another night, or CUC5.25 another night. Or CUC12.50 one night for a CUC9.50 dish another night (including giving me Mexican change, which I did not realise at the time, and they subsequently would not accept back). I don?t know if there is a reason for this and obviously overall it?s only a few CUC, but no one likes to feel they are being taken advantage of because they don?t speak the language. The staff at room service you call, are also clearly frustrated you don?t speak English, so placing an order can be difficult and the phone is usually slammed down before you?ve finished ordering. I live in the most beautiful part of Australia with incredible fresh food (I?m biased), so never really comment on food as nothing can compare! I generally found it fine. I had concerns about where I would eat in Cuba, not realising I could eat every meal at the hotel, so you don?t need to worry about that. The hotel is a bit ?out of the action? so to speak, it?s a very quiet area of Havana with nothing to do, so you are reliant on the shuttle bus which goes at rather inconvenient times. It goes 4 times a day at 9:10, 10:35, 13:25 and 18:25. The afternoon spots are very spread out, and it means you can?t stay out late without getting a taxi back to the hotel. The market at the second stop in the yellow building is great. Be prepared for a LOT of solicitation to look into the shops ?nice lady, good price?, but I bought some really lovely Cuban art. You can probably haggle on prices but it?s not something I did. (there is a LOT of hustling in Havana all round, I found this very frustrating as a single, female foreigner) The room had 7 English channels, mainly news, weather channel, a movie channel and discovery. I had a lovely view of the ocean, just gorgeous. Definitely ask for a room on the ocean side of the hotel, I got lucky and didn?t need to ask! I liked my room too, as it had huge windows and no balcony (I wouldn?t have sat on a balcony, too hot), the balcony rooms had much smaller windows, so it suited me. There was a bath with a shower over it, as well as a separate shower, and a sink outside the bathroom area which was great. You can?t fault the rooms, spacious, have everything you need, lovely bathroom. The in room safe was great and easy to use, I put my passport, other currencies etc in there and had no issues. It?s bolted to the wall so I felt very safe putting my things in there. Wireless internet to the room was CUC8 per hour, but you can break that up I realised. So I would just quickly go on and check my bank/email etc, and was able to spread that time therefore. There are a few shops and eating places if you head out of the hotel and walk towards the sea. Walk around the square between the Avienda and Melia hotels and you will see shops and tour companies. I found the range of shops very limited, so couldn?t really get supplies (though this is completely understandable given the country) but water and other drinks are much cheaper than the hotel, so I advise getting them there. Cuba is a wonderful country, despite the endless hustling. I found the people outside the hotel generally lovely and helpful (as long as there is a buck in it for them), and always felt completely safe, as a woman travelling alone. There are always lots of people around and you regularly see police officers in clearly marked uniforms. It?s not super cheap given the two tiered economy (pesos for locals, CUC?s for tourists), I would say similar costs to the USA for travellers (maybe a bit cheaper), but the experience is well worth it. Don?t forget to bring something like euros to change at the airport, none of my Australian mastercards or maestro cards worked. Overall I would give the Quinta Avienda a big miss. Stay somewhere closer to Havana, with helpful staff who understand hospitality.

    Poor Wendy S

    “Definitely NOT 5-Star ”
    My son and I recently stayed at the Quinta Avenida in Havana. This is supposed to be a 5 Star Hotel, but is much closer to a 3-Star rating. On the positive side, our check-in went smoothly and our room was clean and adequate. On the negative side, our mini-bar did not work and only after two days, numerous complaints and finally speaking to the Hotel Manager, was this problem resolved. On our first evening, we decided to order room service - what a disaster! After trying to phone room service on numerous times, finally we got through and placed our order of 2 Spaghetti bolognaise dishes. The bolognaise had a terrible smell and we were unable to eat any of it - we ended up placing the meal outside our door as the smell was too terrible to keep inside our room! The breakfast was awful, the bacon looked like strips of fat and the scrambled eggs left much to be desired.All we were able to eat was a little bit of toast and juice!!! My advice to anyone thinking of staying at this 5 STAR hotel is ....... don't!!!!!

    Average Hamstersndwally

    “A business hotel, too far out of Havana ”
    We booked this as a motion stay trip in Cuba, so little choice. It's miles out of Havana - more than a 2 hour walk, trust me! There's nothing around it, no shops, bars or anything of interest. Comfortable, ok pool but if you want to explore Havana, choose one closer or waste a lot of time travelling in and out of the city. Oh, and watch out for the tuna mayo sandwiches unless you want a dose of food poisoning on a 4 hour coach transfer to Varadero - an experience I don't want to repeat!!!

    Average AngelaAlaska

    “serviceable hotel... ”
    not too close to downtown Havana. I stayed with a tour and got bussed everywhere, so worked out ok. the rooms are large and clean with average amenities, and the stall shower proved quite handy. but rooms could use an overhaul in general, as cushions on chairs stained; bed spread had burn holes... breakfast had many items to chose from and staff quite accommodating and helpful -- front desk staff pleasant, especially yillian.

    Average Wich456

    “Not great ”
    My wife and I stayed at this hotel for two nights at either end of our stay in Cuba. Over rated hotel, no way a 5 star establishment (based on US/European standards experienced) Food and drink is disgustingly overpriced Positives - comfy bed, big airy room,check in (first time round), shower pressure, Negatives - previous guests hair on the room floor, rude receptionist (2nd time round), shower door leaks shed loads of water, flush broke on toilet first night, tv remote without batteries, rooms do not have an iron, food was below acceptable inedible in fact (1st world problems, but I'm paying for them!!) Best thing about this hotel are the bell boys, attentive polite and up for cracking a joke or two. Make the most of the free shuttle bus from most of the hotels In the area to the old town, saves 12 CUC a time by taxi If you do book this hotel as it's part of a beach / city break... try not to spend much time here - thankfully I didn't and it still really depressed me

    Average RBirdCA

    “Not the Worse, but... ”
    We stayed at this hotel for 4 nights--just returned. A good ways out from old Havana, so shopping or sightseeing was impossible except by getting in a taxi. Just ok would be my review. The sliding glass door to the balcony had a large gap around it so when the wind was blowing there was a very loud noise; rain came in as well. Food at buffet was very marginal. In Don Quiote it was good. Very little traffic so you could go out on balcony in early morning & listen to the chickens & roosters at sunrise. Two showers in the baths.

    Average Louise S

    “Not the worse but not the best ”
    We stayed at this hotel with a travel group from the USA. The outside of the hotel is very nice and it even had an American flag flying. The lobby is also very lovely. The staff was pleasant and helpful However, the room we were in on the 6th floor was a little shabby. It was relatively clean but dated. The floor had many nicks and scratches. The toliet seat was broken and cracked. We told the front desk and were assured that it would be fixed while we were out for the day. It was never fixed and we were there for four days. Since we were on a tour, the location didn't matter because we were bused every where. However, there is not too much to do in this particular area. We had breakfast at the hotel restaurant which was good. We also had sandwiches at the outside bar. This was also very enjoyable.

    Average Vralitigator

    “Adequate lodging for group travel”
    Quinta Avenida Habana was selected by our Citizen Ambassador sponsors as the group lodging for our People to People delegation of 21 to Havana, Cuba. The hotel was adequate for the purposes of a week-long program on Law and Legal Systems, held November 2 to 9, 2013, with reasonably good breakfast buffets each morning, a bar that was average in every sense of the word, a gift shop that maintained only limited hours, a cheerful hotel staff who did a good job making guests feel welcome, chambermaids who did a very good job keeping our room neat and clean, and a helpful front desk that provided relevant information about local dining options. For travel accommodations to serve large groups, this appears to be one of the more recently constructed and adequately furnished properties in the greater Havana area, boasting a five star rating that more accurately should be a two or three star at best. The hotel was located 30 minutes from Old Havana and away from all of the sights, night clubs, museums and treasures in the heart of the city, and that remoteness was the biggest drawback to staying at this place. One particularly nice discovery was a family-run restaurant, Santana, located just a short distance from the hotel. If we were ever to return to Havana, we would most certainly select lodging in one of the several classic hotels in and near to Old Havana rather than hanging out many miles away. I would give this proper a B+ for its positive attitude, a C for convenience and location, and a B for overall quality akin to a well-seasoned Intercontinental Hotel. But remember, this is Cuba, so do not expect anything approaching American standards for first class hotels.

    Average Steve_48098

    “Quite acceptable but several minor niggles. ”
    This hotel has a large lobby and wide corridors and good size room - all giving a spacious feel. The bathroom had separate shower and bath (with additional shower). Staff were generally pleasant throughout. While these were fine, decorations and maintenance seemed a little hit & miss - particularly in the bedroom. For example, the climate control system had controls which didn't appear to make any difference to output temperature, the hand basin was missing the plug and the shower temperature fluctuated wildly. Carpet was almost threadbare in places and general detail of fit and finish was well short of expected 4-star level. The overall, bright ambience in the room was good, however. Breakfast offered a reasonable selection, but as in most Cuban restaurants tried, the hot food was only ever luke-warm, while some other foods including the familiar appearance cereals were very strange taste & texture. Crisps in the separate snack bars were stale on each occasion when served with our orders. The swimming pool was excellent, including garden area surrounding it with sunbeds & hammocks. Hotel location was quiet, but around a 20 minute drive into the city centre. Overall, the hotel served our needs fine, but based on global standards or even the better hotel later used in Varadero, I believe that 'average' is a fair rating.

    Average SweetPeasSouthampton

    “Okay as a base for Havana ”
    We spent three nights at the Quinta prior to the inevitable (and wonderful) week on the beach in Varadero. No complaints about Havana itself. It's an amazing city and we loved it, managing to pack a lot in to our three days. The cigar factory, rum museum, museum of the revolution (where history seems to end in 1991!) and the art gallery, to name a few that are all well worth visiting. The Quinta is a bit out of the city in Miramar which is the diplomatic quarter, so near lots of the embassies incluiding the striking Russian embassy that looks like a watch tower (intentional???). A taxi to the city centre cost upwards of 8-10 Pesos (£5-6) for a 20-30 minute journey, so not expensive although we didn't haggle. It's a big hotel but we didn't see many other guests. The rooms are massive and ours had a view out to sea, although the Melia Habana Hotel rather obscured it! We went on a bed and breakfast basis and while the bedroom was fine, the breakfast was very poor, even allowing for this being Cuba. It didn't help that on our first morning water started coming through the restaurant ceiling, first dripping and not long after cascading out. It's fair to say that the staff didn't exactly swing into action. There was a pool area that looked nice, but we were out all the time so didn't use it. Overall okay as somewhere to rest your head after a busy day's sightseeing, but we would try a more central hotel another time. We visited the Hotel Nacional and were very impressed by it, and especially the history of it so might try there next time.

    Average Rocks_to_travel

    “Average hotel at best ”
    I stayed at the Quinta Avenida Habana in February, 2013. This was my first time at this hotel. It is located in the Miramar area, about a 15 minute/ 10CUC taxi ride from Old Havana. It is located next to one of the main cathedrals in Havana. It is about 3 blocks from the ocean in an area where there are several hotels. The hotel has only been open for about three years. I found the staff to be very friendly and helpful. I would rate this a 3 star hotel. Although only three years old, it appears older due to a lack of attention to detail. The rooms are quite large, and the one I had had both a shower stall and a tub with a shower. There was plenty of hot water. My room had two single beds. The rooms themselves were very clean and the housekeeping staff do a very good job. I had breakfast at the restaurant and I have to say that I was not very impressed. First of all, one doesn't go to Cuba for the food experience, at least not at the hotels. There was plenty of food, but it was variable in quality. The pool area looked good, I didn't go in it. It had a bar in the area. If you want a beach type vacation, with pools and entertainment, then Havana isn't the spot to go. To see lots of culture and history, Havana is great. Overall the rooms were clean, the food marginal. There are better places to stay in Havana at the same price point or even lower.

    Average hazel_campbell

    “No Hot Water - and cold food! ”
    We stayed in this hotel for two nights, on a trip from our holiday in Cayo Coco. We had a pleasant surprise when we saw how lovely the hotel was as we had been told by someone who had done this trip before that it wasn't good. Our room was fresh, bright and very comfortable. It is a beautiful hotel but our stay was spoiled by having no hot water (the whole hotel) on one evening and also the next morning and on the same night, all the hot food was cold. The dining room staff (buffet) weren't particularly helpful and didn't seem to see what was needed - cups, saucers, cutlery etc. at breakfast. Such a shame when this hotel was actually much brighter and more comfortable than our main holiday hotel. Management need to look at the buffet restaurant for a start!

    Very good rogersowerby

    “Better than last year”
    We enjoy the peace and quiet here after a hectic week in Varadero.The hotel is quite quiet during the week. The pool is almost deserted until mid afternoon. On weekends it is busy with day-pass people, but not overwhelmingly so. The biggest difference is the new Breakfast buffet. It is greatly expanded with an omelette station as well as waffles and pancakes. The breakfast staff could be a bit more pleasant though. The pool men are most accomodating as are the charming front desk staff. The doormen are all lovely guys, especially Yanil who has our chauffer "Henrique" at the door as requested.Yes the corridors need new carpet but the Lobby carpet is new so I expect renovations are on their way. We were on the executive floor which had "refreshed" (painted") furniture. The beds and pillows were good as was the AC We are there to visit old friends in Miramar so it is a great choice. In July we are NOT interested in running around Havana, it is too hot. We did enjoy the double-decker bus ride up top though. It was breezy and we went twice.It took over 2 hrs. all around-great tanning! Nothing much in the neighbourhood though. DO TRY the Cafe Amelia in the Commercial Centre. Great meals in super AC for 4-5-CUC. Hope this is informative.

    Very good Pescadorbill

    “clean modern hotel”
    We stayed here for a week on one of our first trips to cuba.We found it to be very clean and nice.The room was bright and spacious to the level we are accustomed to in Canada.The breakfast was OK with a variety of food.We did not eat there for lunch or supper as we spent out time touring.As for the location ,It is a bit far from Havana vieja but there Is a shuttle (free) that departs and returns several times a day and the 5 peso bus as well.the plus is a quiet location perfect for a walk or a moonlight swim in the pool.there is a café in the business mall down the street for coffee al-fresco.We definitely liked returning to this beautiful hotel after a day of hot sightseeing or partying in the clubs.

    Very good Johan275

    “Good hotel but nothing extra ”
    I stayed at Quinta Avenida Habana for about 10 nights in October 2013. I found it being a pleasant and good hotel but nothing extra, the major strengths I would say is the Pool area and the outside terrace for breakfast and lighter food in the evening. The hotel also had a few different options for in-house dining which is good since there is not so much to choose from just outside. Service is very friendly even though slow from time to time. I found my room always properly cleaned and it was a spacious room providing all the necessities. The location is probably both good and bad, personally I found it good since it was close to both the office and the customer premises I visited, it is also not far away from the sea and close by a food store can be found and there is a nice walk way to just walk around or do some running in the afternoon just outside. But it is at least 10 minutes by car outside the historical Habana and for the persons not enjoying their own vehicle they are stuck with either Taxi or the shuttle provided by the Hotel 4 times a day if you want to visit the old city which I say is a must. The breakfast we quite extensive but not really my taste, they served some hot food as well and had a quite okay fruit plate to choose from. What I enjoyed more was to eat on the outside terrace seeing the sun rise so all in all it was a pleasant time every morning. Just a note on the internet connection, you have to be access time in the reception, anyhow I found it always working but often quite slow so for somebody relying on a fast internet connection in the evening and night time it could be frustrating. So all in all not a bad place to stay for a couple of nights or longer if you are working in Habana, it provided most things you will require in a good way but if you?re looking for the old city charm or something a little bit extra you may want to look elsewhere.

    Very good Sandra K

    “Better Than Most ”
    We (my husband and I) stayed at this Havana hotel in Feb 2014 as part of a Cuban tour. The hotel is very impressive in appearance and the public areas are very upscale. Our room (on the fourth floor) was spacious and clean. The bathroom had both a walk-in shower and a tub and the linens were of better quality than most hotels we experienced in Cuba. There was also a small fridge which is not common there. The restaurant buffet was varied and ample both for breakfast and for dinner and the staff was pleasant and helpful. For example, they provided us with free coffee in the libby while we awaited our 4am pickup for the airport. There was a coffee maker in the room but the heating element was not working. This is typical of Cuba that there are always small maintenance problems. There was also one electrical outlet that was separated from the wall. as others have noted, the hotel is a fair distance from Old Havana but there is a free shuttle service which we found quite adequate to our needs. The Quinta Avenida might not be four star by North American standards but is certainly that by Cuban standards.

    Very good FindStayReview

    “Good hotel, but bit far. ”
    Hotel in Havana. Hotel was spacious, rooms and bathrooms were clean and bedroom was comfortable. Check-in was easy, with helpful staff at reception. Swimming pool at hotel seemed nice and quiet. Nice hotel bar near the reception for a quick drink, with friendly staff. Hotel is a bit far out from centre of they city, about a 20min taxi ride into parts of the town that need to be seen as part of your stay, so if you have a short time there, maybe stay in the city to make most of your stay. Hotel has a courtesy bus service that you can make use of. Breakfast at hotel seems to be the same every day. Toast, omelettes made to order, tea/coffee but nothing to majorly complain about at all. All in all a good clean hotel which was more then adequate for a stay in Havana.

    Very good JFK1954

    “Good 4 Star Hotel in Quiet Miramar Area of Havana,Cuba ”
    I have read some reviews which mention that the hotel has been neglected. While this is true to some extent the problems with this hotel are all superficial. The hotel needs a bit of plastering and painting around some areas of the exterior and around the pool. My last day there they were painting the pool area so I think management must be reading these reviews and acting upon them. Some rugs near the elevator areas look like they've been water damaged - a good cleaning would restore them. Quinta Avenida is in the heart of Miramar, the richest suburb of Havana. There are museums and embassies in the area as well as some fine restaurants at good prices like Santana's across the street from the resort. The pool area is magnificent and by now probably looks even better then it did when I was there with my wife in mid-September. I had breakfast included with my all inclusive Sunwing vacation ($551. - a great price for a 4 star) and it was Cuban good. Good variety and friendly, although low key, service. In fact the service wasn't 'in your face' like some places. The staff was laid back but helpful. I did not eat at either of their two restaurants because I know Havana fairly well and know where to get good food at low prices. The room was spotless and the bed, toilet and room were cleaned every day. The mini-fridge was stocked when we arrived with free bottles of water, beer and pop. It was refilled every 3 days meaning that in one week we had 6 free bottles of water, Cuban beer and Cuban soft drinks. The reception area was top notch with alert employees who are helpful and got us quickly to our room upon our check-in. There is a shuttle bus so getting to downtown Havana is not a problem but rather a good sight seeing experience. Highly recommended.

    Very good Mick S

    “Nice Hotel - just a bit outside Havana ”
    Landed in Havana and got a taxi to the hotel. Check In was no problem and the service at the front desk was excellent - they had very good English. The room was very spacious and the only comment that I would make is that the fridge in the room was a bit noisy so it was plugged out at night. Had dinner in the Hotel on the first night and the food was ok - not great but not bad either. The pool was excellent and my experience of the hotel was very good. The taxi ride into Havana was about 10 CUCs. There were a few things in the Hotel that were starting to show some wear but overall it was excellent

    Very good Highlander17

    “Bucket List Trip ”
    My Bucket List is being reduced once again after a fantastic trip to Cuba. The Hotel was very nice as were the staff with plenty of service when ever you needed it. The rooms were very nice,clean and well set out, we had a large room with an enormous private Veranda overlooking the Pool area which we utilised very well. The Hotel Restaurant was very nicely set up, the staff appeared to be run of their feet and would have benefited from additional help. The menu choice appeared very comprehensive, but as we ordered it became apparent not everything on the menu was available. We did have food and drink that night, it was not brilliant but adequate, the price of alcohol being it imported is quite high. The Breakfast however was a much better affair and both my wife and i enjoyed this service. The presentation and availability of breakfast was of a much standard than previous night in Restaurant. The location and cost of the Hotel was good albeit the food was below the standard expected. I would consider using this facility again after reviewing future comments on Trip Advisor.

    Very good O M

    “Hotel Quinta Avenida, Miramar, Havana, Cuba ”
    I stayed in this hotel twice: July 29-Aug. 5 and Aug. 8 - 10, 2013. Both experiences were very good. It is located in what is probably the best residential area of Havana, yet just a few minutes away from the center of night life in Vedado, and Colonial Havana by taxi. Taxi rides to Vedado are usually 5.00 CUC each way and 7.00 to 10.00 to Colonial Havana. There is a taxi stand two blocks away down the street from the hotel (right across the Melia Habana Hotel) that charge less than the taxicabs parked by the hotel, and with a little bargaining (if you speak some Spanish) you can get a good deal. La Quinta Avenida is a beautiful hotel with a nice swimming pool, very good WI-Fi connection, safe in each room, and a number of amenities that make your stay very pleasant. Rooms are huge and towels and linens are changed daily. Also, you can drink whatever you find in the minibar at no extra charge. It is replenished every other day. The hotel staff is very helpful, pleasant, and professional. They will go out of their way to please you. Eugenio, one of the bellboys, Ernesto my server and "amigo" at breakfast, and Berenice, at the reception guest were really great to me. I am thankful to them for everything they did for me. There are also other staff members, like one of the girls at the lobby bar whose names i do not remember who were wonderful. I apologize for that. Anything I asked or needed was taken care of immediately. My maid during both stays kept my room clean and very well stocked with shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, etc. There was always coffee and tea in the room which I could make at any time. Food was the only thing that was not that great. It was simply ok. The morning breakfast could have been better for a four-star hotel, and if you arrive a little late you will find that some things are gone. They should also serve better coffee and milk. However, if you ask for anything that you like and you do not see around, the server will try to find it for you in the kitchen. Ernesto always had my peanut butter ready when I sat at the table!. Tipping is extremely important. Don't forget to leave a tip at breakfast ( 1 or 1.50 CUC) will be acceptable. I suggest that you tip your maid daily, and always express your gratitude with a small tip. Remember that the staff gets paid in Cuban National Pesos (Moneda Nacional), yet most of what they need for themselves and their families they have to pay for in CUC (Convertible pesos). By the way, there is a CADECA (money exchange office) in the lobby which is open every day from morning to evening.

    Very good Dale L

    “Quinta Avenida Habana”
    Although the Hotel Quinta Avenida Habana is far away from the center of Havana, it is in a quiet area. Across the street, there is a small shopping area with some restaurants. The hotel is clean, the staff is friendly the rooms were nice, and the food is good but not outstanding.

    Very good cheshirefred_11

    “Better than expected ”
    Did not expect a lot from hotels in Havana after reading general reviews, this hotel was a pleasant surprise nice room,and clean, ideal if you want to be away from the centre and travel in to the city. Be carefully in the city for scams, we nealy got caught out.

    Very good JennSteele92

    “Great Base for Havana ”
    The hotel is a little bit away from the downtown area of Havana, but that is the only downside. The food was pretty good, rooms clean, and the staff were lovely! I would highly recommend this hotel, and will more than likely return here!

    Very good Kate C

    “First trip to Cuba ”
    We spent our first 4 days in Cuba based here, followed by 7-nights relaxing on the beach in Varadero. We wanted to pack in excursions/trips and make the most of our limited time in Havana. we were advised that the old town centre hotels were extremely noisy. Quinta Avenida is a large, clean, quiet hotel ( somewhat dated) but with friendly, helpful staff....has a spa, great pool and poolside bar and grill...breakfast was the only real low point and was not very impressive, as it was a 5* business-class hotel, we expected better. we understood some foods would be difficult to source but we were both dissappointed. There was a real problem with flies in the restaurant every morning. The room was very large and the bed was enormous but the shower leaked and we were informed that the complimentary minibar would only be stocked once in our 3-night stay ie. 1 small bottle of water, 2 cans of cuban lager and a can of cuban cola (temperatures were around 32-34 degrees), which we felt was a bit misleading. Set a good 15 minutes drive from the main areas of Havana commercial/new town and the hustle and bustle of the Historic Old Town, there is a handy airconditioned shuttle bus from outside the main entrance every 30mins or so and many taxis vying for trade ( a useful tip ... Look out for taxis with blue number plates or blue stripes on white number plates, as these are state registered and a bit safer! ) We took a taxi ride in an old car and we were lucky not to be gassed by the exhaust fumes within the car and the handbrake seemed to be non-existant! We both agreed when we return to Cuba we would maybe try an alternative in centre of town more for convenience than any other reason. Cuban people were all very friendly but obtain lots of C.U.C. s in change as you tend to be tipping all the time!

    Very good Piast_PL

    “A Good Place ”
    Let me start off by saying that I was in this hotel for 4 days with 2 other friends. We are all males in our mid twenties and we realize that we visited this resort during it's off peak season. We really had no clue about any of the hotels when booking in Havana as this was suggested to us by our travel agent when we did a Havana/Varadero trip. Overall we had no complaints about the hotel itself. It was very clean and there were always staff on hand to help you with anything (i.e. purchasing internet, exchanging money etc.). The pool was never really busy but we did ensure to use it at least once every day in the afternoon after coming back from Old Havana. Keep in mind the hotel is located outside of Old Havana in the Miramar District. It would cost you around $12-15 CUC to make a trip to Old Havana for one way. When it came to eating we had continental breakfast included which was amazing! No complaints on our end here. When we saw the prices for snacks, lunch and dinner we knew we were going to over pay at this point. After talking to reception we learned that across the main street of the hotel was a business complex with restaurants and a government store that would be much cheaper. To give you an example, it only costed us $11 CUC to purchase 3 burgers and 3 bucanero's. If we had the choice we probably would have rather stayed at a hotel in either Old Havana to cut the cost on the cab fare or preferably a private casa in the same area as this hotel now that we know how cheap it is to buy food off the resorts in the Miramar District. For the younger crowd reading this there are a lot of clubs and discos located in the area which is good news! You won't have to go far. In regards to this hotel our lobby was also always dead but when we visited to nearby hotels beside us we always found their lobby's to be much more alive (i.e. music and people talking).

    Very good Corey J S

    “Habana Havana delight ”
    My wife and I did a twin centre holiday and Quinta Avenida Habana in Havana was perfect for us. We spent four nights there and had no complaints. The front desk staff was very helpful as was the doorman who always asked me if I needed a taxi every time we walked out of the building. Breakfast was nothing special but the staffs was always happy to help. Room service was good but try to speak some Spanish when ordering (does help). Old Havana is far away but the hotel does put on a FREE shuttle bus which makes two stops three times a day. We only got a taxi a few time and it cost us 10 CUC (one way) but make sure to discuss the price first before getting in the taxi. The gym is small with no air con, so prepare to sweat it out on their limited but adequate equipment. Pool was very nice too. A very good hotel.

    Very good DodgersTravelFun

    “Great Stay”
    We were here in February of 2013. We were greeted with this fantastic sugary drink, that was quite refreshing after a long day of travel from California. The hotel is really quiet, the staff is friendly, and the rooms are large and clean. The pool is great, and the bar next to the pool is really good, we ordered food and drinks, all were brought out quickly and pretty tasty. The location is not ideal for walking to old town, however there are taxis there all day, and can easily get you to and from. We had a car, and they do have an under ground parking garage for your car, really nice to not get into a sunheated car!! Overall it was a great stay here, and would recommend this to anyone looking for a resort style stay in Havana

    Very good SuziB1

    “A positive start to Cuba honeymoon ”
    We arrived at the hotel late and after dropping off other tarvellers at a variety of locations in Havana we were beginning to get concerned how far out we were going to be. We were pleasantly surprised by the welcome, overall apearance and quality of the hotel. The bedrooms are large with a separate shower, closet and wash area. The free shuttle bus gets you into the centre of town and a vintage taxi ride for 10 cucs is good value. The pool area is a good sun trap with attentive staff and good value drinks. The only disappointment was the breakfast despite there being plenty of choice it was all a bit tasteless. Would definately recommend this hotel if you are looking for something quiet and not worried about being out of town. Havana is a city of contrasts with a real Spanish feel. The people are friendly and it felt extremely safe.

    Very good funfamilyholidays

    “Good Base for a Havana Stay ”
    We arrived around 11pm and was greeted warmly by Reception staff who dealt with our check in quite quickly as we were travelling with our 8yr old twin boys who were now getting a little tired. When we arrived in our room we discovered that they had only put 1 pull out bed in the room, after a quick call/pop down to Reception (who apologise and got into dealing with the situation ASAP), housekeeping came and another bed was put in and set up and we were all in bed before midnight! Room was spacious and clean with ample amount of space for the 4 of us. Nice white clean sheets and towels (although a little hard and not huge). Pool towels seemed very new and were lovely and fluffy. Bathroom was a good size with handbasin and wardrobes in one area and bath (shower over the top), separate shower and toilet in another. Separate shower leaked quite a bit as the seal around the bottom part of the glass door seemed to be missing. But apart from that there were no other bathroom issues. Had a problem with the safe not working - to start off with their were no electrics to it, then it would not lock. We had about 3 people come to sort it out! We left some tip money for housekeeping on the bed but when we came back to the room found the maintenance man had taken it and still not fixed the safe (which was a bit cheeky)! We had a lovely view from our balcony, would be lovely to have some seating or a table out there to enjoy a coffee in the morning (as there is a coffee machine in the room)- the Cathedral across the road definitely is worth a visit. It is the 2nd biggest Cathedral in Cuba and has a replica of Lourdes in the back garden. The murals inside are beautiful. The pool area was nice, but the grass around the pool area could be mowed! We were not amused with one of the ladies who worked in the pool bar. We had taken down a couple of drinks from our room (as they were complimentary anyway) and were told we could not drink them down there! Not sure why we should not be allowed to drink something the hotel gave us!! Felt like the pool police were watching us for the rest of our time there then. :-( We did not eat in the restaurant apart from the buffet breakfast. Food was nice, (butter was off the 1st morning but was taken away promptly guessing after another guest told them). We enjoyed sitting on the balcony in the sun every morning. Seat covers were a little dirty but just need to be washed or flipped over. They offered a free shuttle service between the hotel and Old Town. However, we did not use this service. Overall we enjoyed the hotel and would probably use the hotel again if we were visiting Havana. Location wise - yes it is a little way out but for 10 CUC you can get a cab all the way to the Old Town (negotiate as Cab Drivers will try to get you to pay more but stand your ground as Taxis are everywhere). If you walk down 2 blocks you can catch the Hop On/Off Havana Bus, which is only 5 CUC each to ride on and takes you all over the town and back. There are also some other small cafe's just down the road if you are after a light meal we had 3 burgers, 1 lasagne and drinks and ice cream for 22 CUC one evening so good value for money.

    Very good JohnsonEngland

    “Bit out of town ”
    Our room was really large and quite a walk to the lift which was a bit of a problem as my partner had sprained his ankle. Unfortunately the hotel was full and we could not change rooms.The corridors were in need of a bit of TLC but the main areas were well kept and very clean. The outdoor pool was lovely - we had it to ourselves. We also tried the Spa steam and sauna which was great. Treatments were very reasonably priced - I was going to have a massage but the only staff available were male and personally I prefer female staff. Our bed was huge and very comfortable. We had a problem when the lights would not come on - it seemed to be just our room but the maintenance man was swift and quickly fixed it. We only ate breakfast at the hotel - there was a reasonable choice although much of it was not to my taste. Much seemed to run out quickly and was not automatically replaced but staff were happy to bring out additional supplies if asked. There was a free shuttle bus which ran 4 times a day from the hotel to Old Havana unfortunately the last return was at 19.00 - a bit early for us as we liked to enjoy the night life. The hotel is around 15 mins by car from Old Havana - we paid 15 cuc fare. Staff were always helpful and when the money changing desk was closed reception changed some money for us. Overall a reasonable hotel but if I went back to Havana I would stay closer to the Old town.

    Very good Tomapa

    “we loved it! ”
    Yes not a 5 star, but a very very good hotel! The building itself is beautiful as are the rooms. And the rooms are large ( sitting area for 2 with table and floor lamp, desk with chair and lamp, refrig that was refreshed with beer, soda, and water every other day) the king size bed with end tables and lights on both sides. And a full bath. Wonderful colorful room. The food at the breakfast and dinner buffet was very good. Breakfast had vast selections and the coffee was very good. Dinner also good and if you enjoy pork as we do we had roasted pig and if desired served with the skin! A favorite of ours. So not the Fours Season in NYC but very good. We had dinner in the restaurant one night and I would not recommend it. Food was served cold and was just OK. While it is in the Miramar district it is only about 15 minutes from old Havana. The paintings on walls and of the walls are great and alive. We would definetly return.

    Very good PHFL

    “Very good hotel with SUPER nice staff!”
    I stayed here on March 15 for one night. Last year, I stayed at H10 Habana Panorama and I found Quinta Avenida Hotel to be better. It's only about 3 years old but it's starting to show it's age. I hope it doesn't go bad like other chain hotels. Service - SUPER NICE...friendly and cordial....I was very surprise considering what I encountered at other Cuban hotels. The water turned off in the room...I called the front desk...and by the time I hung the phone and went back to the sink...a maintenance person was knocking on my door. AMAZING! PLEASE remember to tip...the staff works very hard. By the way, at checkout the room has to be "checked" before you are officially checkout....first time I have ever encountered this process. Rooms - VERY GOOD - very clean and HUGE! The bathroom is very modern....toilet, tub and separate shower in separate room. Location - EXCELLENT (if you want to be away from Old Havana) - off Avenida Quinta (5a)....between a huge church and Hotel Occidental. This area is considered to be a very prestigous location due to all the emabassies/consulates and's super safe! The hotel is very well lit a night....front parking area. Food - BELOW AVERAGE - my stay included dinner (buffet) and breakfast (buffet)..the food quality for both were below average....the food was tastless and the temperature was almost cold even though the buffet had just opened. It seems like most hotels have same issue regardless what you eat or what time you eat. I highly recommend going to a local palabar (restaurant). In summary, I think that Quinta Avenida Hotel is a very good hotel and I would definitely stay again. Just remember, you are in CUBA....standards are different.

    Very good Jane M

    “Havana accommodations ”
    Large spacious hotel. Rooms very open, some with balconies. Luggage benches at the foot of beds are great for unpacking/packing, TV with some English language channels, coffee maker in-room, separate tub & shower space, also separate sink area, need current adapters for 220. Also meed your own alarm clock. Occasionally experienced power surges with hotel alarms going off. Buffet for breakfast with a varied offering. Warm foods like eggs were cold. Better option is to request a made to order omelet, however this isn't made widely known. Patio restaurant offers great burgers & sandwiches. There are hotel restaurants, others commented that service & food were good. Onsite gift shop & bank. Pool & patio bar. Taxis available. This property is in a quiet area west of Havana with ocean or neighborhood views.

    Very good robbo2804

    “Great rooms, average location ”
    We stayed at a few hotels in Cuba and found this one to be the best. The rooms are great and includes the mini bar but even thou they were supposed to restock every day they did not. The buffet was better than most hotels but you needed to order omettes and eggs as there was no one cooking them in sight. The location is a bit out from the Old City were all the action is and if I was to go back I would stay closer to the old City. Some of the staff were very good and some were very average which seems to be the norm in Cuba. Over all not a bad hotel.

    Very good GregorioToronto

    “Okay for a holiday... ”
    I stayed at this hotel during a business trip from January 27th to February 1st, 2013. My accommodation included breakfast each day. The breakfast buffet was adequate, but nothing special. On three out of four breakfasts, there was no coffee available except from a machine. The hotel is in a very nice part of greater Havana, near many of the embassies. It is clean and the overall appearance is very nice. The staff vary from friendly and helpful to indifferent and useless. The latter group seem to be the night shift. The reception staff were helpful and were able to recommend good private restaurants nearby, which was key, because the food in the hotel was below par. Particularly annoying for business travellers was the lack of WiFi service (and even cable internet) in the rooms. The only place to get internet service was in the business centre, on their stone age computers, for $8.50/hour. The bar has a couple of minefields to avoid as well. The bartenders will try to upsell you on premium scotch whiskies or rums. Beware as they cost much more that the standard bar brands. One of my colleagues ordered a shot of Chivas Regal and ended up paying $25.00 for that drink, compared to $3.00 for bar shots. The housekeeping staff were efficient and did a great job. I always had enough bottled water in my room and it was clean and tidy throughout my stay.

    Very good Karen A

    “Nice, but not the purported 5 star ”
    Upon first arriving, this hotel looks lovely, open, spacious. We were pleasantly suprised that it was a nice as it was. We stayed for five nights--Nov. 28 to Dec. 3. The room was comfortable with a balcony that overlooks the front of the hotel, the cathedral down the street and the waterfront. The bed was comfortable and the housekeeper made it up over the next several days with varying designs using the coverlet and towels--quite imaginative. The bathroom was adequate and nicely supplied (we did not expect that from all that we had read and brought our own TP!) The shower, while it had hot water and good flow was way too high and the water got everywhere in and out of the shower--oh well. the rooms all have mini bars that are supplied with two colas, two waters and two sparkling waters. They are refreshed every 3 days and are included in the price of the room. The only 'complaint' we have of our room was that the sliding glass door did not lock--it was broken. We called the desk twice to arrange to have it fixed, but no one ever came to do so--oh well, we were safe enough. The rooms all have self coding safes, as well, and it is highly suggested that you make use of them. The lobby is very spacious and you can sit and have a cocktail and feel very comfortable. The front desk staff are helpful, but not overly friendly. There is a currency exchange booth in the back of the lobby that is open most days from about 10a to about 6p. I say 'about', as the posted hours were never adhered to for the days we were there. The staff who mans that booth are surly, at best, and hate giving out small bills or coins--we needed them for tips. Every person on our tour said the same thing about this situation.There are three bars and three restaurants within the hotel grounds. We found the outside cafe on the veranda to be the most hospitable. It's comfortable with big cushy chairs and plenty of table space. The staff is very accommodating and friendly and speak English very well, so using my rudementary Spanish was not necessary. The food served in the cafe is good--quite edible--but don't expect too much. There is a bar poolside and they will bring your food down there to dine if you so desire. The staff at the pool bar is very accommodating, as well. There is a very frou frou restaurant in the lobby called 'Don Quixote'--don't bother. The food is HORRENDOUSly bad (if you get the correct dish in the first place), VERY expensive and extremely small portions (compared to any other restaurant in which we'd eaten in Havana). One tip: If you order anything with shrimp, prepare to devein them yourself--they do not do this in any restaurant there. The buffet in the morning was very nice--plenty of selection, including a chsses station! The staff seemed a bit bewildered as to what they should be doing. Tables stayed dirty and/or were missing silverware while the staff stood about laughing and talking low to each other--oh well. All in all, it was a nice place and if we ever get the opportunity to go to Havana again, we would consider staying at Quinta Avenida Habana again. Happy travels!

    Excellent traveladdict7109

    “March 2014- Great Place to Stay ”
    My boyfriend and I came to Havana for 3 days through Nolitours (3 nights in Havana and 4 nights in Varadero). We stayed here for three nights from March 17-March 20th, 2014. The hotel is very nice. Our air conditioning was on the lowest setting but was so cold in the room (refreshing from the heat outside). There are two showers in the room, one with a bathtub. The stand alone shower didn't have great water pressure but it did the job and the other shower had great water pressure. Our maid was great, she did the cute towel animals every night. The mini fridge was only filled once while we were there because they only refill it every three days. We spent a fair bit of time at the 24 hour cigar bar. They had good drink prices and it was nice they had entertainment there. The buffet breakfast was fine. They had decent fruit selection and AMAZING fruit juices. The selection was not huge but you can always find something to eat. Check in and check out service was great. The staff here is very friendly and helpful. If you have any problems they are there to help. The bus service to Old Havana was great! We took it into Old Havana everyday but just took the coco taxi's home for about $8. It should not cost you more than $10 to go from the hotel to Old Havana. I heard soooo many people saying they paid $20 and that is a rip off! Negotiate to around $10 and if they won't take it find another taxi. I would definitely stay here again. The area was very safe to walk around at night although next time we come to Havana we might try out a hostel in Old Havana but we may stay here for a night as well. I highly recommend staying here!

    Excellent rogersowerby

    “A Wonderful Surprise ”
    We have been to Cuba many times and have sampled various hotels in Havana. Of all the hotels this one is by far the best. The public areas are lovely and the pool is fantastic. This is a business class hotel so there are no activities or entertainment and it is VERY quiet. The rooms are gigantic with good AC and TV choice as well as a fridge with beer ,pop and water replenished every 3 days.We were pleasantly surprised with fresh sheets every day. The included breakfast is typical of Cuba BUT if you ask the servers , you can have a custom made omelette .Tip 1 CUC and you'll have it every day. The staff varies from great at the front desk to terrible in the downstairs shop where the workers are either on the phone or gabbing with friends who work there. Special mention to the Bellman Yanei and the Massage guys as well as Carlos at the pool for outstanding service and personable manner. The setting of this hotel is wonderful with great views all around. There is a free shuttle 3X a day into the centre of town. Also a beautiful Catholic Church next door (Mass at 10am) If you want a cab, there are often several vintage cars in front all day.10 CUCs will get you into town. Across the street there is a pretty paladar (private restaurant) Café Santana with good food at good prices. Do not bother with the hotel food, it is mediocre and overpriced. The biggest find is in the Commercial Centre across the street. There is a grocery store and two restaurants. In the Left hand Bldg is Café Amelia where you can have a complete meal for -wait for it-$3.50 including beer and ice cream. Go to the glassed in section on the left, ask for yumalia -she is sweet. Go early because it becomes a disco a 8 0'clock and changes completely. For a GREAT hamburger go to the Melia hotel on 1st ave on the lower level. $8.00 for a great burger. In conclusion, for a quiet holiday in a very good hotel with easy access to Havana City, you can't beat this hotel.We were there to visit old friends in Miramar so it was ideal. Do NOT go to the Montehabana Hotel . It is poor. The Occidental Miramar is good but very busy.The Copacabana has poor rooms,good lobby people, decent food BUT is overrun on weekends with noisy locals who come in droves .

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