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Sol Sirenas Coral Hotel, Varadero Beach Cuba. 4 stars,

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  • Destination: Varadero Beach
  • Address: Ave. Las Américas y Calle K, Rpto. La Torre, Varadero
  • Phone: (53 45) 66-8070
  • Accept child:Yes
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  • Description: Sol Sirenas Coral Hotel Cuba

    The Sol Sirenas-Coral Hotel, in Cuba's world-famous beach resort of Varadero, is an excellent option to spend your vacations with you family, for couples or groups, cultural trips and individual tourism. The establishment resulted from the merge of the hotels Sol Club Coral and Sol Club Las Sirenas. It is located on the best beach strip in Cuba's main coastal resort. The hotel benefits from its proximity to the Plaza America Commercial and Convention Center and the Varadero Golf Club, which is the best golf course in Cuba.

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    110 volt power
    220 volt power
    air conditioning
    balcony or terrace
    handicap facilities
    hot and cold running water
    private bath
    safety deposit box
    Satellite TV
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    24 hrs. emergency medical service, art Gallery, babysitting, beauty salon, bell boy, bikes, board games, buffet, car parking, car rental, conference rooms, cyber cafe, disabled facilities, discotheque, grill, gym, hotel shop, laundry & dry cleaning service 24 hrs., luggage storage, massage, money exchange, motorized water sports, multi-language staff, no smoking rooms, Piano bar, post office, Reception 24 hrs., room services 24 hrs., safety deposit box in room, satellite tv, sauna, scuba diving center, Solarium, swimming pool, taxis, tennis courts, theme Restaurants, tourism bureau,

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    Review about Sol Sirenas Coral Hotel
    Awfull Christine H

    “Extorted at Sol Sirenas Coral ”
    Our initial impression of this hotel was fine. I travelled to Sol Sirenas Coral with 13 friends and after a lot of research we chose this hotel because we were looking for a bit of a party. When we first checked in we were told that our rooms were not together (even though we were assured that they would be by Sunwing) and this was extremely disappointing for such a large group. When my boyfriend and I were uncomfortable with the room we were originally in (it was on the main floor and the patio door didn't lock) we asked to move and were immediately upgraded to a suite! This was great. The first couple days were fun! I've been to Cuba before so I knew the food wasn't very good but that's not why I travel so it was fine. I was a bit disappointed that the bars weren't open 24 hours but I should've researched that more. Here is my problem with Sol Sirenas Coral: One of the nights there my friend had a lot to drink and threw a cheap, little plastic table off his balcony. Of course, this is inappropriate behaviour so we were not surprised when we received a bill for the table the next day for 30 cuban pesos. Later that day (before my friend had a chance to pay the bill) a staff member pulled my friend into a back room where there were police and hotel security. He was yelled at in Spanish (we don't speak Spanish) and they made no effort to communicate effectively with him. Finally, a staff member who could speak a little English arrived and explained to my friend that he would be arrested or kicked out of the resort if he did not pay the hotel $300 Canadian dollars for the broken table. This was absolutely ridiculous as he was only billed for it that morning and since he couldn't speak the language and didn't want to be arrested in Cuba he spent all of the money he brought on this table. This experience was extremely scarring on our group and made us never want to return. There were so many of us and we were giving this hotel plenty of business and did not deserve to be extorted like that. This unacceptable behaviour to is why I would absolutely never return here and I have warned others of this traumatizing story.

    Awfull Norby23

    “Horror!!! ”
    I just came back from Cuba, I stayed at Sol Sirenas Coral, and I want to mention thay I had some inconvenience there. We had two rooms and they both smelled like mold. We found the bedclothes and drapes moldy. After we reclaimed at the reception, we received another two rooms.One of them was acceptable but the other one was even worse then the first. From the air conditioner was dripping water, and few times we almost fall. The beach towels were spotted and smelly, and at the beach no one helped us with the sunbed.we were served by the bartenders with disgust and they had no glasses on the beach. We received many times dirty glasses or reused.once I saw some guy who gathered used glasses from the beach. My question is, the glasses were washed and reused for other clients? Because it looked like this was happening. One day, we took a plastic glass from where we were served and we noticed that the glass was reused and we took it to the that moment freezed.At the table it happened few times to us to find dirty cups, spoons and plated. On the website and at the agency it was mentioned that we'll have wi-fi on public area.We traveled many other countryes and we stayed at alot of hotels but this is the first time when this happenes to us.CERTENLY we won't choose to stay another time at any hotel from melia hotel chain.We are not exigent clients, but we want good services and our rights to be respected. The only best thing at this hotel is the beach!!!

    Awfull Max274967

    “Do not bother! ”
    We booked in here for 7 nights and after two we talked to the concierge about some issues we had including that my wife was told that if she was to sit out side the restaurant in a certain area then the staff were worried that she may steal the cutlery! The food was bloody awful and the drinks on offer there were not much better either! Our room smelt of stale smoke too after requesting a non smoking room. We were moved to the breezes resort a few doors up and it was perfect, we paid a bit extra $$ but there was no way we could stay at this run down place for a whole seven nights! There were many angry guests ranting at staff but getting no where fast, we spoke patiently and politely and had satisfying results....We legged it down the road!!

    Awfull Skimissy

    “Sol Sirenas Coral, Varadero, Cuba - Dirty! ”
    I booked an all-inclusive for 12 people at this resort through Air Canada Vacations. Let me first indicate that the website is very misleading. This is NOT a 4 star resort. The pictures on the website are not in anyway indicative of what you see when you arrive. I would be generous in saying it was a 2 star. It is is sub-standard to say the least. Dirty! The same cigarette butt, dried up pickles and fries were on the lobby stairs the entire week I was there. Elevators were filthy with broken lighting. We had my 75 year old mother with us who needed the elevator. Inside was splashed with dirt and food. Shower heads didn't work, sprayed in every direction except down. Grout around the tub was peeling and old, shower curtains dirty and old. Bedding was green velour with gold accents that smelled of body odor and smoke. I was served drinks from the bar in dirty glasses. Hotel staff were extremely unaccommodating, not all but most. There is stagnant water in the hotel, very dirty. Attracts many mosquitoes and I came home with at least 10-12 bites on each leg. During rain storms the hallway roof leaked in many areas causing pools of water on the ceramic floors. The hotel was 80% locals on vacation. Not recommended at all!

    Poor 11ladygodiva

    “2nd time around not sooo great. ”
    Hotel and Buffet totally have gone down in our eyes. this was our second time coming as the first time was amazing. however food wasn't. Buffet has changed locations and made quite a significant smaller. once they are out of an item, you wont be getting it again. Like pineapple, and juices. I was really disappointed when I asked for Ketchup and they didn't have any. Pepper wasn't available as well. I asked for a hotdog at the snack bar. the cook guy was so 'involved' in the young girls, he served it to me raw and cold. I even showed him and he shrugged his shoulders. the 2nd last day we had to switch rooms because the toilet started to back up into our bathroom. they put us in a room that the toilet didn't flush and it wobbled. very scary. I will not be returning to this resort unless given an extreme discount. some staff were pleasant some looked very unhappy.

    Poor gecalodu

    “Nice beach, very neglected resort ”
    Positive aspects, nice beach, friendly staff in general. Negatives- Not properly maintained, food quality very poor (even for Cuban standards), public areas are not cleaned properly. Pool water is murky and debris are present in the water at all times. Air conditioning is almost non existent in rooms. Mold on bathroom tile and ceiling. Rusted faucets and drains. Toilet not fixed to the floor. Elevator always stalled had to use stairs 3 out of 5 times. Had to throw refrigerator out on the balcony it was making too much noise. Ceiling falling down from their corroded metal supports leaving large holes in many places. I have traveled to Cuba in the past, this was the worst 4 star hotel I ever have the displeasure of staying in. My wife was sitting in the corner of the room the first night crying , wanting to return home. There are two distinctive smells we remember from this trip, The greasy smell of bad fish in the dining area(ventilation is inadequate) and the musty smell of the bedding. It is sad when once at destination you wish you could return home the same day!! I had taken a bunch of photos of the anomalies we encountered and then decided to delete them all as they were too depressing to look at.

    Poor Vlada101

    “Horrible service ”
    Stayed there for two weeks. Here are my complaints:1. Dirty towels: the towels that were in our rooms were dirty and even when the maid changed them she still gave us stained ones. 2. Lack of bedding:we wanted to change our bedding once and were told by the maid that there are problems with laundry and we will not likely get our sheets changed.3. The door in the bathroom didn't stay closed and the lock on it didn't work.we were using the bathroom with an open door. 4. Safe deposit box was broken, we asked customer service to check it and they never came around despite writing our room number. 5. Permanently stained floor. No comment. I mean it is supposed to be a 4 star hotel. 6. Constant shortage of soft drinks during dinner and in bars. There are many more things to complain about but those were the ones that were the most impressive. The good things 1. Nice beach 2. Nice staff in lobby bar. 2. Nice pools

    Poor Geoff D

    “No service ”
    Just got back from this resort and, like alot of comments I've read, the biggest problem is a complete lack of customer service. This was my seventh time to Cuba and I've always had a great time because the people are so great, but this place was just brutal. I went with my family ( a group of 11) and it was like we didn't exist. Unless you're a local, good luck getting served a drink. We would honestly have wait times of 20 minutes to get a beer at the lobby bar. Another thing - at he snack bars, they consistently had no eggs, cheese or ham for breakfast and they ran out of french fries on the second day. Not a huge deal, but I thought I'd mention it. I'm by no means picky and I hate to complain but it just sucks that we spent so much money to be ignored. With that said, the beach is beautiful, the maids were great and our Air Canada Rep, Angel, was a really great guy. Other than that, not much else to say about this place. If you can go somewhere else, I would certainly recommend it. My girlfriend and I chatted with loads of other couples from other resorts in Veradero and they didn't have the same problem as us. Hope this helps.

    Poor Marianne H

    “A Shame ”
    Just got back from this resort and would agree with most comments. The basic problem with this resort is "lack of customer service". Unless you tip, there is NONE! And if you do tip it's a race as to who out tips you for the level of customer service you do get! For example my family and I [party of 5] had gone to the buffet for breakfast. I arrived first and had secured a table standing by it waiting for my family. Suddenly a lady came up to the table along with a server [I believe her name is Shelby] and in Spanish the lady "slapped" down her room card on the table and said something [I assume she said this table is mine] and with the help of Shelby I was ousted! Not impressed. Shelby just shrugged her shoulders. I have been in the travel industry for many years and travelled extensively, I do not expect 5 star service when not at a 5 star resort. I do expect common good manners, warm & welcoming treatment from the staff who are representatives of their Country from one who has spent money to visit their Country. Beyond anything else, a feeling that your are welcome goes a long way into that person returning to your Country and good for your economy! On a positive note, this hotel is very good, nothing wrong with it. Sure there are things that could be improved, like the changing of the linens/towels, maybe a little revamping in the buffet. My first day there I was waiting in line in the buffet at the grill. Not knowing what to expect I waited politely only to see that after 40 minutes of waiting, 2 young men were piled high on their plates, each had 2, then walked out of the restaurant??? When I approached I was given 3 little pieces of meat. Welcome to the Sol Sirenas!! The property however is good, the pool fabulous, the beach outstanding. We encountered 3 fabulous members of the staff. At the morning buffet there was a lady making omelettes I believe her name is Jacqueline, fabulous, although the grill was very hot, she always had a smile, always welcomed you in the morning knowing your order...that's customer service! Then there was Jean Pierre, the hotel should have him teach the rest what customer service is all about. I was not only the recipient of his welcoming good nature/skills, I observed him and he was the same with everyone. I ask that management please recognize these 2 individuals for their true worth to their hotel and their guests! Rosario was also very professional, hospitable and warm. These 3 individuals would have me return to this hotel in the hopes that they improve their welcome to their guests!

    Average razimor

    “I wouldn't recommend. ”
    The resort is huge. No carts to drive you from one side to another. When it's off season, some restaurants and pool bars are closed which is annoying, because you have to go to the other side of the hotel. The staff are friendly. Rooms are clean. The beach is beautiful. The shows are awesome, especially the magic show. It's a must.

    Average Martine L

    “1st time in Varadero ”
    A nice get away We enjoy our vacation the weather was amazing and the site was great and the beach awesome. BUT I was disappointed with the room there was no drawers to put our clothes not enough hangers in the closet. No iron in the room we have to ask for it. The buffet I know we don't go to Cuba for the food but defenetly need improvement. Not enough choice and not enough food always missing something. I notice there was a lot of Cuban in vacation ( I'm happy for them it's great) unfortunately they have no manners what's so ever and no respect for the people and the environment (the site) They just take everything for granted. They expect to get tips and if you don't give they will ask you. The maid that was cleaning my room knock on my door the day before asking me to give her right away what ever I was going to leave in the room for her. I was in shock not use to that kind of behavior. Thumbs up for the animation crew really great and nice people. The girls at the mini club a big thank u. Overall nice people and the hotel well located Thank you

    Average kaara

    “Wouldnt be my first or second choice. ”
    If youve read my other reviews, i am not a very picky person, i dont expect alot going to cuba, i dont expect fantastic food, but i always expect fantastic service because everywhere ive been to cuba they greet you with a smile and they serve you without hesitation, and the beaches are obviously always amazing. But this hotel had me feeling extremely neglected as a guest. I went with a group of 11 other people, and the second morning we had to go as far as speaking to our representative to let them know how we were being treated. First day we arrived we went straight to the poolbar, we ordered drinks, i went back about ten minutes later to get another one and was told to "slow down" by the bartender. This caught me very off guard as i was not "drunk" nor was i acting "drunk" so this made things very awkward for me. there were several times we went to the snack bar and asked for either a ham and cheese, hot dog, hamburger, or fries, very often we were told "no" or were told they were "all out" we would have to resort to a plain toasted piece of bread off the grill, as we are standing right there, another guest (most of the time a guest who spoke spanish) would walk up and ask for something, we look over to find the chef cooking them either a ham and cheese, hotdog, or hamburger right in front of us after telling us they were "all out". The same thing would happen at the pool bar throughtout the vacation, we would ask for cervesa(beer) and they would tell us no, they are all out, so we would order another drink, next guest would ask for a beer and recieve one without hesitation, there were even a few times we were told they were out of rum (its cuba! how are you out of rum!!). It became such an issue that we were physically upset. after speaking to our representative we told her reviews had said the same thing and it wasnt just us, but we dont like to read reviews and go by them as everyone has thier own opinions and alot of people are very picking when reviewing, but this unfortunatly was 100% correct and something needed to be done, she spoke to the manager, who spoke to us and apologized , but it continued for the rest of the vacation. The rooms were very boring, we were on the ground floor, but other then that they were clean. A few nights a couple people in our group claimed they had heard the furniture on thier patio moving, and one night we actually found that after we had left for the night to go to a disco and came back late in the night there were hand prints on the windows and what looked like a forearm. We were told they had cameras and there was nothing to worry about. still, for a group of girls this is terrifying. there was a million mosquitos, i brought bugspray becasue i know they come out at night but nothing like at this resort, they must be immune to the spray or something, i spoke to a girl who came from winnipeg and she had stated she stayed at another resort for a week them came to this one, didnt have any issues with them at the other resort. She claimed her mosquito bites got so infected before she had to see the doctor and get an antibiotic shot, spent $200 dollars on it. We were always relieved to get back to the room but found that once inside there was as many mosquitos in the room as thier was outside, no matter how many we killed, we always had the doors closed, so we had no idea how they were getting inside. The main pool, i must make a comment about, it was cleaned nightly, and i did witness them putting in chlorine, but it wasnt the cleanest and later in the day going into it, it did smell of urine. The only good reviews i have of this hotel are 1.The beach- very beautiful, tons of canopys and tons of chairs so you never went without one, the beach bar was the only place we felt welcomed, she danced with us and she never turned us down for a drink. and they also had a volleyball net and paddle boats not too far down the beach. 2.The food- The food here was the best ive had compared to any other resort, breafast lunch and dinner, i never had an empty plate or an empty stomach. (in the buffet) snack bar the fires are amazing, the burgers always changed (wsometimes they were beef, sometimes just ham patties) the beef ones were delicious, and ham and cheese is always good. (when they would actually be okay with cooking some for us). 3.Excursions- my group did the catamaran, i have done this before but it wasnt as good as the one i did here, we drove out to wim with dolphins, which was amazing (you can buy a picture for ten pesos) and then went snorkeling, then went to the island to have an amazing chicken/lobster tail lunch (it was amazing!!!) then we got to swim and they had an open bar there too as well. the boat on the way back was a party, they cranked music and the group guide got up and was dancing and have everyone on the boat dancing and singing. we also did the trip to havana, it was a very long drive, we were told and hour and a half, it was two and a half, we made a pit stop at a small rest where they had pina coladas and beer, water, pop. there wasd a band playing and they had washrooms as well. once we got to havana they did a quick tour around the city, gave us a little history of the city and the buildings, we stopped to take pictures, vsited the original cigar house stopped for an amazing lunch in the heart of havana then visited the market (the oly negative thing about the market is people keep bugging you and begging you for moeny, especially children) just keep saying no and they will leave you alone. people say not to listen to the bad reviews, those were the people me and my friends listened to as i am usually one of those people, and it wasnt the right desicion as we did not have a positive experience, of course we had fun at times, but there were alot of very awkward moments (after being told no). we did tip, alot, and it made no difference (some people said it makes a big difference if you tip or not). I just urge you to really do research before booking a trip. good luck!

    Average marrmed

    “Horrendous service, beautiful beach. ”
    So I am not quite sure how to approach this review. I will start with the negative.This is my 3rd time to Cuba, 1st time in Varadero and I think it is safe to say, my last time in that particular city. The egotism of the "city folk" is very evident and my husband and I found that a sold 80% of the workers were very arrogant and dismissive of others around them. This was not the case in Santa Clara or Holguin. SERVICE: The staff was CONSTANTLY on their cellphones and phones and when you had a question they would roll their eyes as if you were inconveniencing them to actually do their JOB. Any time we had a question at reception it was often answered with "I don't know" even though I had solid proof that they did know they just were too lazy to investigate further. The bar staff was very dismissive and it would take forever to get a drink and once again, they seemed very upset to serve people. So i can attest to all of the reviews posted below pertaining service - it is indeed, AWFUL.We went at the end of August which was apparently the time when all of the Cubans go to the resorts. When we first arrived, there were maybe only 5% english speaking tourists, 80% were Cubans, 15% Russians.Which I didnt have a problem with until we learned of the lack of mannerisms they had. They would budge in front of you in lines at the buffet, shove you to get by, it was so frustrating. The political rants were also very irritating. Every time we rode the bus or had a conversation with an excursion specialist or whatnot we would get an ear full of how the Americans and the rest of the world are out to ruin Cuba and all of the hardships they face on a daily basis etc, etc. we grew extremely tired of this because it was always followed with "may i please have a tip." FOOD: Like i said, ive been to Cuba 3 times - and of course you dont go to Cuba for the food. the other two times the food wasn't bad at all, they would change it up - some nights they would have features at the buffet (seafood, lobster, shrimp, etc.) and the lunch and dinner variety was always different. but here, that was NOT the case. for 7 days - every single lunch adn dinner at the buffet was IDENTICAL. the food was very bland which would have been okay a few times but when 14 of your meals are the exact same you tend to grow disgusted by it. it was a carb overload - potatoes, pasta, rice. potatoes, pasta, rice. they did grill meat and fish but even that tasted very bland. The snack bar at coral was terrible. They have a menu but you cant order from the menu, you get what they want to give you. and they constantly run out of food at both snack bars. Luckily my mom was able to organize a VIP dinner for my husband and I at the Cosmo restaurant and the food there was wonderful! it was such a nice way to spend our last evening Ok, so enough of the negative. onto the positive. I want to mention Jose at the Sirenas buffet - he was so lovely, would make me a flower every single time we came for dinner. and always had a smile on his face. Damian (beach bar) and Carlos(Sirenas lobby bar) were also very friendly as well. Ekatarina was very sweet...through correspondence with my mom, she gave us an ocean view room as well as that dinner as I mentioned above. she was a very lovely lady. And the gardener was amazing, incredibly nice. I forget his name but he was a young guy and his name started with M..... yikes! The beach was just breathtaking and we spent 80% of our time there. We walked the shore for hours during the day and the night. very clean and safe. The resort is very well kept, beautiful palm trees and foliage every where. Definitely a beautiful location for a resort. Entertainment was.. entertaining! lots of laughs and lots of talent from the performers! and a sidenote, this is NOT a party resort. at least not in August. all of the bars would close at 12am.

    Average michelle123

    “Cuba is a must visit...”
    We stayed at this hotel for 4 nights and like many of the reviews this is definitely not a 4 star. Upon arriving I feel very unwelcoming, staff I find to be unfriendly, extremely rude and disorganize. Our first day we really wanted to come back home....the second day I said to my friend lets not wait on the workers to smile at us, lets do it first, ask how they are doing, say thanks more often and acknowledge them by their names. I have to say our tactics worked on the people in the restaurants (this might be because we always tip them) but definitely not the receptionist and those we did not tip. There are many beggars but given I live in Toronto I am very used to people begging, and have absolutely no problem with giving if i can but in Cuba the sentence always ends with: can i get money. The restaurants: What I hated was the fact you have to booked a reservation the day of between 9am-11am, therefore if you go on tours you cannot booked a reservation since your pick-up is before 9am. We tried the Italian and Mexican but I highly do not recommend the Mexican restaurant because the food was just horrible. Buffet was the typical Cuban food but i am quite sure you will find something you like (again no-one really goes to Cuba for the food). Tours: We went to Havana paid $69 per person on the tour bus our second day we took a tour with Felix who took us to places tourist do not visit and it was an amazing trip for a great price. If you want to see the real Cuba I would say skip the tour bus and take a private taxi. We got introduce to Felix who I would highly recommend his number is : if interested...very educated man who speaks perfect English. If you decide to get in-touch with him just say the girl from Turkey & Jamaica send you he will give you a great deal. overall the hotel was a great stay for the price we paid; beaches are beautiful, grounds are well kept, rooms are old (were in Cuba so dont expect them to be new) and the location is very central. I would recommend this hotel to people who are able to adapt to changes and those who do NOT expect too much. Minus the rude service I would definitely stay at this hotel again as there were a few people who really made my stay amazing. The ladies at the pancake and egg station make us smile every morning, while the receptionists made us scared to ask questions. I also recommend that if you have clothes your not wearing to take them with you and give to the maids they will be very thankful. We took toothpaste, soaps, clothes and school supplies and they were so grateful. I will definitely be visiting Cuba again...loved my trip...If your into clubs there is a club call LaCuera pirata which is about 10mins from the hotel very nice club if you dont mind smelling cigars all night and smelling like a smoker when you leave.

    Average Desiree_K13

    “Disappointed by the Service - Nice garden and beach area ”
    I stayed at this hotel for 5 nights and I was quite disappointed. Check-in was quick but very unfriendly. I asked about a transfer to Habana on my last day and the woman at the reception was absolutely unhelpful and uninterested. However, she told me the best way is a taxi and told me this would cost me around 120 CUC(!), which is not true because friends of mine paid 50CUC and knowing the prices in Cuba a bit I know that 120 is exaggerated (I asked about a fair price for a cab) . In the end I organised a lift myself with one of the shuttles, which transferred other guests to Habana for the exact same flight as I took and this for 20 CUC! At the beach bar staff was unenthusiastic and I waited ages for a coffee or a drink. All drinks are served in plastic cups, which I found a bit cheap and unclassy. Especially because this plastic cups were lying everywhere afterwards because people seem to be unable to chuck them in the bins which are placed everywhere. Regarding food the buffet is quite big, even though after 2 days I've seen everything. Desert and breakfast were great, the rest not so much. Fruit which is usually amazing in cuba was rather tasteless. Waiters at the restaurant are efficient and quick but not very friendly. The lady cooking pancakes and tortillas in the morning though and the guys working at the buffet were very lovely. The room was nice and spacious though and the hotel garden and beach are amazing. Everything is very clean and well-kept (except of the plastic cups). Convenient is also that the area connects two hotels and infrastructure (pool, restaurants etc) of both can be used. Overall a rather mediocre stay.

    Average Tancovi

    “Great for the price! ”
    Went to this resort in December 2012 with my teenage daughter. Staff were very friendly. We arrived around 11 p.m. and there was only one other person checking in so it was nice and fast! There was a problem with our room but they were quick to get us into another one. The beach was beautiful but we spent most of our time at the pool. Did the dolphin catamaran with lobster lunch and was fantastic! The food was typical Cuba food..ok. Our room was clean and the maid was wonderful. Her and my daughter wrote notes back and forth. If you get a chance go to Kiki's restaurant. Amazing food, great prices and huge portions! Overall its a good resort for the price.

    Average Niinamarie

    “Not what I was looking for. ”
    Just got back from Sol Sirenas Coral. First off when we were checking in the process was sooooooooo slow. it was so weird you had to check in with one lady then wait in another line for another lady to receive your key. Had a room on the 3rd floor ocean view which was really nice. no complaints on the room since it had everything i needed. The ac worked perfect and my room was HUGE (1302). Most of the bellhops were actually really nice and offered to drive me and my friends most of the time from the coral side to the sirenas side. there were ALOT of cubans staying at this resort but from what i hear august is there vacation time so who cares! alot of RUDE french people who demanded things all the time from the nice bartending staff in the main lobby of the coral side. FOOD on the coral side was AWFUL like not one thing i found there i could eat. i strongly recommend eating on the sirenas side for snack bar and buffett its like night and day the club sandwich in the snackbar is actually really good. POOL was disgusting soo soo so dirty like you could not see underneath at all ! nightlife at this resort was non existent but we made the best of it. would i return to this hotel... probs not ive been to other hotels in varadero like the barcelo and Palma real where i was made to feel like family and this one i didnt get that sense. ALSO i did not see any entertainment staff try and engage with people throughout my whole trip (10 days)

    Average what-ever-1971

    “No beach bar or pool bar ! ”
    I have been to this resort 2x now, not truth full on advertising. The Coral side is closed for Convenience not renovations ! Its a shame, I love the staff at this place, they make the place. The Coral side should be open in the low season. My guess is they dont want the beach bar open , its on the Coral side. There is a bar and BBQ on the Sirenas side, but its a short walk from the beach. I dont understand, it would not take long to construct another beach bar, nothing to them. I will never go here in the low season again !

    Average Sandi S

    “Less than hoped for ”
    This resort is a combination of two older resorts. Consequently, some facilities are located on one side while others are located completely across the vast expanse of property. The Sirenas side is old and somewhat run down ... ill fitting and poorly locking room doors, poor beds etc. In need of a serious makeover!

    Very good Cheryl R

    “Good Time Had by All”
    Travelled to this resort Nov 7-13th as a single. At first upon arriving at the resort I thought it was a little run down but after settling in and finding everything I would say that it is a typical Cuba resort and one that I would consider going back to again. I met a group of 23 people and several other individuals travelling on their own which helped to make this a great stay. I found all of the tourists to be incredibly welcoming and by the end of the trip it felt like I had a family. If you don't want to be bored and want to have some fun the Coral side is definitely the side to stay. If you want some quiet time or need some quiet time you can head over to the Sirenas side where they are doing some work. The Sirenas pool is in better shape the but the fun times happen around the Coral pool. The beach is excellent and by far the best section of the beach across all hotels. Hotels farther to the right lost a lot of their beach in a storm. It was very easy to get umbrellas on the beach as it was low season however I think you would be able to find one anytime. The service from all staff was excellent and tips weren't always expected as indicated in other reviews but it was always nice to give to those individuals that went out of their way to have a smile on their face and to ensure you had a great time. Mercedes & Michael at the beach bar and Ylice at the pool bar were so friendly and always up for a good time. Ernesto at the bar was by far the best and always had a smile on his face. When I accidentally spilled my drink, I apologized and was embarrassed but within seconds I had another one in front of me without even asking for it. The front desk was fantastic and always helpful in asking questions about the resort and keeping an eye on my flight. My flight was delayed 2 hours but the hotel was aware so I was able to stay at the hotel rather than spending those two hours at the airport. Thank you Amarylis for flagging me down to tell me! You always offered great service! The buffet did get old as it does in many Cuban resorts and I found myself quite often at the snack bar to get chicken, tuna or ham sandwich or pizza. French fries ran out a couple of days in which I just found incredibly funny. I did go to the Cuban a la cart one night and it was great. This is also open during the day but I didn't make it there but heard it was excellent and a good escape from the buffet. I also went to the Asian, & Mexican restaurant which were both quite good. The lobby bar was always great and closes at 12midnight but the snack bar serves drinks until 2am. At 12midnight the disco opens. Some nights it was good and others it was empty but it was a lot of fun. Something to note is that drinks are not included in the Disco, however it is $1 for a beer, they won't accept cash and they have it charged to your room. It all worked out well in the end and my bill was accurate. My room was average and clean which was fine. The fridge isn't stocked but if you want something in your room you can buy beer for $1 in the gift shop or rum. I didn't spend much time in there other than to sleep so it was fine by me. Water pressure was good and the maid was excellent. I did get quite a bit of bug bites. Mostly the first night by the snack bar on my legs as I had just arrived and I didn't spray with bug spray as I hadn't unpacked. If you are susceptible to bug bites definitely bring bug spray. I always get bit, this time it was just worse. Next time I will be packing Benadryl. All in all a great holiday and a resort that can meet everyone's needs.

    Very good TravellerSaskJG

    “Great Resort ”
    I was there over New Year's in 2013 into 2014. Great resort. My wife and I had a wonderful time. We had a fantastic deal last year and tried to book this year again, but the rates were much higher. Front staff was great, service was excellent. If I had to complain about anything was the lot of young "bros" from the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) snapping their fingers and throwing words like "coño" at the bar tender - newsflash - don't call anyone that word. Then there was another lot from Montreal of really young lads who could not handle their booz very well and made quite the mess in the hallway. SO, other than that, the experience was fantastic. And don't listen to people who complain about the food, it is not what you're used to, but it is completely fine - at least you're not eating artificially enhanced GMO. Beautful beaches and great people! As long as you're respectful and nice, you should have a blast and great service (hint, hint to those dudes giving Canadians a bad name). Enjoy Cuba.

    Very good Angie P

    “No Fries....til the day before we left! LOL ”
    I knew that would get your attention! Really it was true but it?s a Cuba trait and I don't go for the food, I go for the beach, sea food, warm weather, and friendly people. (Cuba is a safe place to travel) We picked this place because we knew it had a great beach, it was rated a 3.5 star and the price was right! Close to downtown Varadero. We were on the Coral side where all the action was.... we were a large group of 23 with family & friends. A special thanks goes out to Yolanda & Norleidys from Guest Services for organizing our la a cartes for such a large group and making our 75th birthday celebration a night to remember! Food: It had your typical Cuban food, I preferred the al a carts over the buffet. I never went hungry! (4 la a carts-Italian, Mexican, Cuban, Asian) Bacon was hard to come by at the breakfast buffet unless you time it right! Oh well! Beach restaurant (Cuban al a cart at night) had a great lunch grill. Pool/Beach: Mercedes & Student helper at the beach bar was very friendly & fun! Two words.... ?Great Beach? lots of huts & lounges..One of the best! Beaches up from our resort have lost a lot of beach due to weather. South of our beach towards Varadero are only 2-3 stars. Water is very shallow around the beach bar, I prefer a little deeper then up to my knees. Service was very good at the bar. Music was playing around the pool every day. Entertainment started around 4PM most days. (Arbie & partner from Animation were great!) We went in low season, but if it was busier you may have a problem getting lounges poolside. Room: We had pool view and I enjoyed the music around the pool when getting ready for our 6:30 reservation. Rooms were well cleaned by staff, we always had water. (Fridge is not stocked) Needs updating / renovated but they are doing this slowly. If you wish to upgrade from pool view it was 15 pesos in a separate building closer to the beach. (Sitting room, unstocked bar & separate Bedroom with on suite. 30 pesos for a preferred room in the white building...excellent as they were all renovated. It has its own sitting area in the building on the 2nd floor. Bar will only serve you if you are staying in this building. They also have a preferred dining area. Lobby/ miscellaneously Open air Lobby bar close, guys at the bar at night are great and make great drinks.... mojitos were the best! At night they had their work cut out for them, they were busy and never stopped! If you are looking for R & R ask to stay on the Sirenis side of the resort. Bank was on the Sirenis side. You could sometimes exchange cash at the reception, not always. Tips for hotel if you read this: -Coffee bar in the lobby should be open in the evenings, ?Canadians drink cappuccinos day and night! -Need to spray around the resort pesticide at dust to control & reduce insects, (lots of people had a lot of bug bites ? not me!) -Map of resort should be provided in welcome package So, to make a long story short LOL, Yes I will go back! All staff were friendly and helpful, even the gardeners were pleasant. We did not feel a tip was expected. We do tip with good service but never felt that it was demanded.

    Very good MomandGirl

    “Great Family all inclusive”
    I stayed here with my daughter 4 years in a row - from when she was 5-8 years of age. It has been a couple of years since we stayed here, but from our experience, I would recommend it. The beach is beautiful, the food is decent, the staff is friendly. The rooms range are fine and adequate, not luxurious by any means - but we did not go to Varadero to hang out in our room. If you are planning on travelling alone with a young child, this resort is a good choice. The only draw back is that on occasion there are groups of young "adults" that over indulge and behave badly. I think that the resort discourages this, but they seem to slip through the cracks.

    Very good fitzcourtice

    “my trip to sol sirenas coral resort ”
    I stayed at this resort from Nov. 7, 2014 to Nov. 14, 2014. I have been to Cuba now many times and I was not disappointed with this hotel. The staff were friendly and always there to assist, the reception excellent, the maid and rooms were good. The beach was fantastic and no short of chairs or assistance. The weather was off and on, some days cloudy or overcast some rainy and some hot and sunny. I didn't watch a lot of the entertainment since I came their for R & R and that is exactly what I got. The food was typical for Cuba and if you go for the food to Cuba and expect gourmet you are not going to get it. You could get any type of eggs in the morning, toast, variety of fruits, smoothies, pancakes, etc. you pretty much could get anything in the buffet whether it be fish, pork, chicken , pasta etc. I enjoyed my stay here and would come back. The only negative thing I would say is the hotel never had any currency to exchange and you were sent to Sol Sirenas which was only a hop skip and jump away. I didn't go on any excursion as I was their solely for R & R but have been on many and I would recomment going at least once to Havana, take a trip to Varadero 5 puc's and just outside the resort a bus would pick you up and sometimes it comes into the resort bonus.

    Very good Pam1111Can

    “It is vacation have fun ”
    I have been going to Sol Sirenas Coral for the last three years traveling in October. I just love this place. It is friendly and large and if you need something or want something changed than all you need to do is asked. I was there from October 19 to 26 with my birthday falling in this time. I went with friends, 2 were new to the resort. We were all greeted by the wonderful Dayly at the front desk. She changed our rooms to what we wanted with speed and a smile. All the rooms were lovely and clean. Off to the pool bar and I was greeted with a big "Hello Pamula" from the nice bartenders, can not remember their names but saw them every day. Next move is to the lobby bar where I got reacquainted with Ayessa?? and met the student Micheal, they are the most amazing people at the resort. Our group seemed to grow and get loud but these two hard working people kept bringing us drinks and even one night Ayessa helped us with dinner plans at a lovey restaurant and reserved a taxi too. She would not even take extra money for this duty when asked. The beach was good as usual and the drinks were delicious. The food was fine and the service at breakfast and lunch was amazing. This resort is two resorts made into one with amenities on both sides. This is the first time that I have been to the Sol Sirenas Coral with the Coral buffet open and the Serina side closed. I do like it better when the Serina side is open because then you get the nice walk over to that side for dinner and a drink at the Serina lobby bar. We went to two reserved dinners , first being Mexican and it was good. The second one: Italian I am sad to say was not as good. We sat for an hour and only received our appetizer and the gave up. The other half of our group had more patience and ended up sitting for 2 and a half hours. I also want to mention the wonderful Richardo, he is very hard working and eager to please. The Resort should be very proud of him. Every time I go to this resort I wonder what the people that write bad reviews want? On this trip I watched how other tourists treated the staff.... TIP to the rude and needy tourists. RELAX you are on vacation. Cubans are people too and human nature even works in Communist countries...IF you treat people rude even bartenders, waitress and maids chances are you will be treated that way back. I for one can not wait to return to Sol Serina Coral hopefully 2 weeks next time. Sorry did not get to see Victor this time, also sorry if I spelt names wrong. Relax, meet people, have fun and you will see the good.

    Very good eezydivr

    “Veradero Oct., 2014 ”
    My wife and I stayed here Oct18-25 and after reading some bad reviews I was wondering if I made the right choice. We were very pleased with the resort. Check-in was quick, the room was clean and the A/C worked great. Beautiful view of the ocean and pool from our 4th floor balcony. Many people complained about the staff not being friendly, but it was the opposite. They were awesome and went out of their way to take care of us. All the Alacarte restaurants were not open because it was still low season. Didn't matter, the buffet was good and always had plenty to eat. The location was good too, about a 20 min walk into town or a short taxi ride. You can also ride the open air bus for 5 CUC's all day and runs every 30 minutes.

    Very good Scott L

    “Perfectly Imperfect Resort”
    This is an outstanding resort and a solid 4 star. We went down between Oct 6-13 2014 for our Honeymoon and had a fantastic time!! The resort staff was very quick at getting us checked in, and upgraded us to the best room in the resort with a panoramic view of the ocean and the surrounding area!! I am not allowed to give you the room number, but ask for a room with a wrap around deck for a fantastic view of Veradero and the ocean. The room was dated, but the bed was comfortable, the shower worked, safe worked and had a decent TV (if you watch TV on your vacation which we did not watch). We had a beautiful deck with a beautiful resort We stayed on the Coral side of the resort and all staff were fluent in English. We went over to the Serenis side, which looks like it had been renovated recently, and the staff there were not as fluent. We did spend some time at Serenis as it was not as busy, and had a great little secuded pool isolated off in the grounds about 200 feet behind the snack bar. The swim up bar was open in Coral, but not Serenis. The language barrier was not a problem if you take your time to ask, and tip a couple of CUC. Pools were so great at this resort that we barely spent any time on the beach (which is also very nice). There are 2 pools that are isolated off, the one in Serenis I mentioned above and a square one on the way to the beach on the Coral side. The main pools on both sides were nice and big, lots of room to move around, even with lots of kids at the resort. When the kids started coming out on the Coral side, it was nice to go over to Serenis where it was quieter. Food was better than expected, but is was what you would expect from Cuba, good, little bland at the buffet, but good overall. The resort allowed us to have as many en la cartes as we wanted, and we went to the Mexican twice, Italian once, Oriental Once and the Cuban once. Cuban is a must go to, the Cuban soup is unbelievably great. All the en la cartes were excellent, great service and great food. There was a snack bar at both Serenis (only opened during the day) and Coral where is was nice to get a sandwich and some fries. All of the bars make outstanding drinks, our drink of choice was the pina colala. Yvon and Enrique at the lobby bar make the best drinks, they add a little splash of something to make the drink just fantastic. They will make the drinks as strong as you want them, and boy do they go down nice :). Maid service was fantastic, room was spotless everyday. The fridge did not work well, and froze everything, which was not bad for day trips to have a frozen bottle of water to start the day (thaws very quickly during the day). The resort also gave us a nice gift of a bottle of 4 year old rum. Very nice indeed. Last part of this review I am going to mention tipping, because it does not get mentioned in many reviews. Tip your maid 1-2 CUCs a day and bring down some gifts for them. We get free samples and collect them up and give them a couple of small things each day, things like shampoo, make-up, toothpaste or anything smelly they really like. You tip your maid, your room will be spotless. Tip each of your bartenders 3-5 CUCs for the week. It is a little something for the people to help you relax and puts you in a higher priority to get your re-fill before the non-tipper beside you. Tip the en la cartes 3-5 CUCs. They usually give you a great meal and sit down service and the better wines are served here. If someone brings your bag to your room, tip them 3-5 CUCs. Tip bus drivers 1-2 CUCs. Tipping is very important in Cuba and is the main source of their income. If you tip, you will get service. At Serenis, the staff was not fluent in English, however when I dropped a couple of CUCs, my drinks came quicker, my sandwich order was completed without issue, it just took a little pointing and using the terms on the menu. CUCs are the convertible Cuban peso, which can be exchanged at any hotel. Always tip in CUCs or Canadian money as American money is hard for them to convert. Outstanding honeymoon, outstanding resort. Few minor things, not even enough to worry about. Most resort in Veredero are 4 Stars and this was the first 4 Star resort we stayed in (always stayed in 5 Stares previously). I was not disappointed and I would recommend this resort to anyone for any occasion!!

    Very good mali1974

    “3 times and still charmed ”
    Third times at this resort and still under it charme ,, I bit of mist communication upton arrival we where supposed to get 2 rooms and got only 1 rooms with three single's beds for 4 peoples , but next norming after breakfast everything got fixed and we gotted a junior family suit for all of our gang and we have 3 rooms all of us together on the caracol building , thank's to Yolaine ( miss you ) And the staff is still wonderfull and friendly and welcoming ( miss you all ) ,, The food was great ,,, And our VIP dinner at the Cosmo was just delicious ,,WOW ,,,great service and very nice view, We are definitly going back next years for our family/friend trip but this time 2 week's ..can't wait to see all of you again .

    Very good cruzlena100

    “Wonderful Honeymoon! ”
    My husband and I spent 2 wonderful weeks at this resort in August. The service was so friendly and we had a fantastic honeymoon here. Daylis who works at the reception desk is wonderful! So friendly with a beautiful smile and willing to help you with whatever you need. Yaima will make you the best gin and tonic or cappuccino to start your day. The grounds are beautiful and the beach even more so. The buffet has a huge selection of great food and you will never go hungry. The Italian a la carte honestly has the best pizza I have ever tasted! Our room was clean, we always had a fresh bottle of water and clean towels. The view from our room was spectacular. The nightly entertainment was so much fun and we had so much fun at the disco every time we went. I honestly have no complaints about this resort. The staff is amazing and the managers are doing a great job at running this resort. Thank you Sol Sirenas Coral and all the staff who work so hard there, we had a wonderful honeymoon and will definitely be back to visit in October!

    Very good Vlad V

    “Don't listen to those bad reviews. They are comical. This IS CUBA! Enjoy ”
    Staying here? Let me help you out to have a great stay. 1. Stay at Sol sirenas coral and not Sol sirenas. Sol sirenas is under maintenance and is basically shut down and you have to walk over to the renovated coral side but even so it's not awful to walk about 1-200 feet each day lol 2. Bring money to tip on the first day. I spent 50 bucks in 50cent pieces and tiped for every drink and lunch. After a couple days we where literally fought over at lunch. 50cent goes a long way in Cuba. 3. Get a room on the second or third floor and request a newly renovated room. We stayed in 1257 and it was almost new. Plus we bought a Lil thing of raid and sprayed in at the entrance and zero bugs all week 4. Lots of Cubans vacation here as well so expect a Lil butting in the food line but it's cool. Lots of food be patient. 5. Finally this is a family beach resort. So don't expect great entertainment. Boom your vacation will be awesome here. And for the price. Wow. I brought dollar store gifts like toys for the cuban kids and school supplies for the kids parents. Also brought my own drinking mug and gave it away before I left. Good thing too cause some nights they run out of glasses. I also bought my own salt and pepper and hot sauce to spice things up a bit. Gave what I had left, away. And most importantly people this is a average resort like 2.5-3/5 not the four seasons. Great bang for your buck though! Thanks for making my daughters first trip awesome. Thanks for the great family vacation.

    Very good Ivan_and_Bara

    “had a good time ”
    We have spent there our honeymoon with my wife. After few days we knew where to go and who to ask and we had great time there. Anyway as I mentioned you need to know how its going there. Most of the staff was ignorating us (at bars, buffets) except I started to shout "hey, please, hey" and if we asked or needed something from them they looked at us as we were bothering them. I have found good waiters there and I spoked just with them and we enjoyed it there. Some things need to be reapired (it seems many of them are broken for long time) - mainly showers in yard, some things can be improoved - buy more ashtrays! , and some things can be better - customer service. Good looking rooms very nice yard and pools perfect beach We enjoyed it, thanks. please send a foto i have upleaded to Jesset from playa bar (Sirenas side), I promised it to her but I lost her email :( with special thanks to Jesset from playa bar who is realy nice lady and care about customers, Carlos from Mediterrano lobby bar for good service and wonderfull smile (alltime), Yolanda from Customer service for helping us with our wedding and the cleaning lady (dont know name:( who cleand our room alltime properly and was smiling everytime I met her

    Very good RaDeana13

    “Great Resort for the Price ”
    The Sol Sirenas is a very large resort, comprised of two resorts. There are three swimming pools, with the largest being on the Coral Side. We spent a fabulous week at this hotel from August 8-15th. First it was very hot, but with beautiful beaches and a great pool there was nothing to complain about except the food, but we all know what the food is like in Cuba BEACH-Amazing, lots of cabanas and chairs, the water is crystal clear, lots of opportunities to see fish, eels and jelly fish (yes really) Awesome temperature. Very clean beach, and amazing sunsets. The staff keep the beach clean of all the used cups. Also you have access to catamaran, kayaks and paddle boats a great way to see the ocean. There are many sand bars which is great because you can walk out and go into shallow areas. This is great at keep the sharks out of the area. You can walk for hours on the beach, and the best part there were no peddlers on the beach. The price is worth the beach. FOOD-You don't go to Cuba for the food. It is so hit and miss. However, the selection allows you to find something. I never went hungry. Most nights I kept is simple with some pasta with oil and garlic. There is also a selection of grilled items. You just have to be creative. I enjoyed mustard on many of my items, and one night I found some Curry paste. There are two buffet areas, one area is nice and open, the other smaller and darker. Breakfast was the best meal as I had an omelet and toast and I was fine. We stayed away from the buffet at lunch and had the snack bar sandwiches which were fine. There were a couple of times I had pizza there and it was awesome. There were only three a la carte restaurants open, Italian, Mexican and Chinese. We had the Italian and Chinese. I really like the antipasto at the Italian and the pizza. The Chinese was okay however, portions were very small. At the end of the day I did not starve and the nice thing was I didn't gain wait. Look for the Cuban Cheese it's amazing. DRINKS: There are so many places to get drinks. It's best to bring one of the bubba cups with you especially when it's so hot, they keep everything cold. We found a big difference with the bars, some drinks were better at specific bars. The best bartenders and drinks we found were at in the main lobby of the Coral. Also don't miss the cappuccino bar, coffee is amazing in Cuba. SHOWS: We only saw a few shows as we were too busy socializing with other guests, the ones we did see were fantastic. Great entertainment. If you get a chance to go to the Cabaret go, it's great, yes they do wear thongs, but the costumes are amazing. I would suggest ages 15 and up it's better suited for. We stayed after for the disco, and that was a lot of fun with the locals, and learning to dance. But it gets hot in there quickly. Just another piece of advice, if you take a taxi just make sure you get the price ahead of time. ROOMS: Rooms were fine typical resort style. Another tip, they only change the main towels every other day, but if you tip the maid or leave her something she will change them every day. And don't loose the beach towel or it will cost you 15 pesos to replace, better to bring your own. Use the safe, however we had no issues when we forgot to, but it's the safest thing to do. Keep your sliding doors closed or you will have fun little lizards running around the room. Try not to get the rooms on the road side, they are very noisy especially at 6 am. The inner rooms are the best. We were on the second floor, there is an elevator, but we did the stairs, 4 flights of them. It's okay if you want exercise. The rooms were okay, the bathroom was okay, but it's an old hotel that needs some updating. But it does the job. RESORT: The two resorts are very nice, with lots of pathways. The only negative is there are many repairs that need to be done, lots of holes in the paths becareful. But they are nicely lit and lots of trees and vegetation. There are many little stores on the two resorts and prices are so cheap you can't help but buy something. My only other comment is the Coral side is by far nicer than the main side, so stay on that side if you can. I found that it appeared they operated the resort like it was two different places and there was some inconsistency on times, and activities. Best advice ask what is happening each day. An example of this was with the restaurants. Was told the buffet was not open on the coral side at night, and then one night it was opened and I asked and they said they decided to open it. So things like that. It seemed that decisions were made on the day not the week. A bit confusing. CUBA: it is very safe to venture out into Cuba. We did the hop and go bus for 5 pesos each into Varedero, it was safe and fun, ride up top for great photos and a breeze. There are lots of little vendors on the street, all the same. Do not buy anything from someone on the street unless they are vendor or you could be in some trouble. Do not buy any cigars unless it's from the store. We also did the Jeep safari and the Catamaran. Awesome trips that will give you a different perspective on life and just sailing the seas. Only comment the jeep safari does include driving the streets of Varedero, so if your not comfortable with that, don't do it. If you would like more insight on these trips let me know. TIPS: Don't forget to keep your 25 Peso's to get out of the country, most important. Be nice to the staff and you will get anything you want, we had no issues with them, we gave them little gifts and tips and they took care of us. BRING BUG SPRAY I can't stress that enough. The one night I forgot to wear it I became a Bug BUFFET. They do spray the area however you need to ensure that you are protected. Keep in mind that you should bring all your medications, there is no where to buy anything like that. Also you HAVE to have travel insurance to go to CUBA, and if you are treated there you have to pay in advance, so make sure your credit card is okay. Don't exchange your money until you get there and only bring Canadian money, they don't accept US money. And make sure to tell your credit card company you are in Cuba, friends of ours had their cards frozen because of this, and finally the credit card company can't be issued from an American Bank. Mastercards and AMEX are an issue. Visa issued on Canadian Bank fine. If you go to the bank in town to exchange money bring your passport. My cell phone did not work in CUBA however, my daughters did, if you use the phones in the hotel they are awful, there is NO WIFI, and internet service is not worth the stress. I hope this helps, it's a great resort, one of the better ones. We saw many people move from other resorts to ours because of all the things it had to offer. ENJOY

    Very good rs08252014f

    “Regular ”
    I'm partial to this resort, my husband I have come here twice and its nice to see familiar faces and warm/welcoming smiles. 1. The beach is BEAUTIFUL. The water is crystal clear and very shallow you can walk for miles and see little fish swim around you and sometimes jellyfish. 2. The food is what is to be expected, but you can make the best of it. The snack bar is good. Their egg sandwiches are pretty tasty, as well as the lemonade. The rooms were ALWAYS clean. (we left little gifts on the bed such as toothpaste, pantyhose etc.) 3. This is not towards the hotel but - It helps to know the language as I do find that if you are downtown you are more likely to be taken advantage of...coconut taxis wanted to charge us TRIPLE the price. Once I started speaking Spanish to the driver she quickly changed her tune and told the others I understood. NOT IMPRESSED. 4. This hotel has the best stretch of beach. We walked up and down and the other resorts have crushed seashells and stones. This resort doesn't have that. 5. Family friendly. I don't have kids so I can't comment more on this from experience but it seemed great. Yes there is quite a walk between hotels but WHO CARES. Are you in a hurry to get somewhere? Gives you time to explore. Love this place and will keep coming back. 3. The elevators worked the second time here.

    Excellent Rob A

    “Ages 25-40, Couples or Singles Read this Review ”
    Travelled to Sol Sirenas resort with a friend. We are two single guys that are 30 years old. We wanted a resort that had alot of fun and drinking involved, but did not want to go to a crazy party resort like ones similar to Cancun. Overall, we got excatly what we wanted. Rooms: If you are travelling single or with friends, I reccommend staying on the Coral side (That is where we stayed) The rooms were clean and nice, but don't expect them to be the best. They were perfect for us to use for the minimal sleep we had and to shower. If you are travelling as a young couple I suggest asking to stay on the Sirenas side. It is very nice and updated and perfect if you would like to stay inside for alittle longer, if you know what I mean. However, the Sirenas side is alittle farther away from all the action like the main pool and buffett. We had no issues with our room on the Coral side. Pool/Beach: The main pool on the Coral side was great. Close to the snack bar and buffett and main lobby bar. Always something going on and lots of people. If thats what you like then its perfect, if not, you have many options to go to other pools around the resort. The beach was absolutely amazing. White sand and clear water and always something entertaining going on. For us, we had amazing weather the entire time and was able to utilize the beach and pool everyday. Food: A common complaint is that Cuba has very poor food quality and taste. Mostly, complaints of the food being bland and just plain old gross. I am not sure if it was just us, but we had no problem at all with the food. In fact, my friend has been to Cuba seven times and stayed at six other resorts and says that this was the best food he has had. Lets be fair, was it the best food of my life....No..... but for the price we paid and the level of expectation, they easily cleared it. Overall, I really enjoyed the buffett and we didn't even go to the A la Cartes because the buffett was enough for us. Staff: We loved the staff and it is a main reason that we are coming back again. I will be honest that we are exceptionally high tippers, we just feel that the Cuban's don't get to have all the benefits that we do in our country and a few big tips here and there go a long way with service. That being said, we met some of the most amazing people and some of them we have even become friends. Our favorite was Jean at the snack bar. She was so amazingly nice to us and she really treated us well. We are coming back again and the main reason is to see her. Resort Overall: Overall, for the price and the purpose of our trip I really felt that this was a great place. My friend has already decided to come back in the next couple weeks and I am planning another trip there in the late winter. The key is to remember that manners and patience goes a long way. We were so nice to the staff and they would bend over backwards for us. I personally seen others that were just ignorant and they received the same service back. Just remember that everyone in Cuba makes the same amount of money, they all get a very very small salary each month no matter if your a doctor, a lawyer or a janitor. Obviously, the bartenders and resort staff make better money because of the tips they make, but you don't need to be a big tipper, just make sure to make the tip count when you do reward the staff for good work. Outside of the Resort Tips: We left the resort every night. Cuba is a very safe place and it should not be compared to other islands that do not offer the same amount of safety. I personally believe that if you go to Cuba and don't leave the resort to see there night life atleast once then you realy haven't seen Cuba. Although, Havana is probably the best place to see real Cuba. it can be dangerous there at night. Veradero, is very safe and as long as you use good judgement and are respectful, you will be okay. Monday nights is busy for the cave bar which is about five minutes away from Sol Sirenas. This place was really cool and the croud was a perfect mix of locals and tourists. Caille 62 was a place that I really enjoyed, in fact I went there almost every night that I was there. It is like a street party and it is always busy after 10 o'clock. Right behind that bar is the Havana club, which is a really busy night club that has a mix of locals and tourists and stays open until 4 am. They play a mix of music and the place was awesome. I suggest trying to get out of the resort atleast once to see experience what they do in the tourist town. One last tip is that if you feel unsafe at the bar for any reason at all, give a bouncer a small tip and they will treat you like gold. Another way a small tip can make a huge difference.

    Excellent MarPelletier

    “Sol Sirenaz Coral Cosmonaut ”
    For the last 4 years - twice a year , usually in Dec & April , my wife and i escape to the cosmonaut - exclusive , quite , relax setting - breakfast on the beach with exquisite rooms - we have travelled excessivly in cuba -- we settled here , its the best serviced staff always willing to please - since its a private bar & restaurant you have time to chat with staff - they know what you want when you want it - Ricardo Nadal our customer service Guru is simple the most polite and nice guy - the food is great - the staff is great - the hotel is great - the beach is great - you need to relax and have a great vacation -- Cosmonaut is the place in Varadero , and a top 10 in Cuba - 100% worth the extra price - I'm going back Nov 29th !!!! again !!! cant wait to see all my friends !!!!!!!

    Excellent Genevieve_G01

    “Great people, great fun! ”
    I have been to Sol Sirenas Coral many times in the past 2 years. I love this place! The rooms are bog enough and clean. Never had any problems with the A-C or showers, kept clean everyday by the maids. The bar staff is always super friendly and always remember what I drink, even if I hadn't seen them in 3 months! The entertainers are super friendly. Especially Otto. He is the entertainer manager. He always has a smile on, always happy to talk to everybody and wants to make sure you are having a great time. He takes care of his people and goes out of his way to help you or make you feel like you are important. I don't know why people say that the staff is not friendly. It's the friendliest place I've been! The dancers at night are really awesome and professional They are lead by Edgar who is the choreographer of the troop. He does fantastic work and he manages to put on a different show every night, even if you are there for 2 weeks! I always enjoy seeing everybody dance, especially Edgar... go see him, you will understand (so gorgeous!!). These guys work really hard to put on a great show every night, even with injured bodies. Go see the dancers and cheer them on. They really are fantastic and beautiful to watch. I always go to Sirenas and really recommend it. The food is also pretty good and beach is beautiful!

    Excellent jeff b

    “First time in cuba ”
    I was just there Oct 19 to the 26 I loved this place the staff were friendly the pool was beautiful. My room was nice. I have no complaints. The only thing that was not open was the Chinese restaurant. My only tip is don't change your money at the airport or hotel go in to the bank in variado and do it there they have a way better rate You can grab the double decker bus out front it says varadio beach tours it costs 5 pesos and it's a hop on hop off all day enjoy your stay and if you like live music check out the beatles bar in town

    Excellent oscar a

    “casa del los cosmonatuas 5 star ... ”
    sol sirenas coral basic 3 star resort very big 2 hotels on resort But upgrade to casa del los cosmonatus on the resort just ask front desk for upgrade 35cuc per night 5 star service from food to rooms amazing house on the beach 10 rooms only built in 1975 for VIP from Russia taking a vacation in cuba i just just got back from 16 night stay @ the CDLC...

    Excellent Rima K

    “The greatest place with the friendliest people!”
    I absolutely loved our two week vacation at the Sol Sirenas Coral. The people were so nice and friendly, it melted my heart. The surroundings were stunning, the beach especially. The coconut man Miguel Sanchez was always there with my favourite treat, the coconut. A special thanks to the entertainment team: Arbey, Otto, Daniel, Adrian, Elsy and DJ Rafael! The morning aqua gym was surely a hit followed by the dance lessons. We had so much fun! The place was very clean, the service was also superb. I traveled there with my husband and my 8 year old boy. My son soon made friends and was running around the property. I was not worried and I felt safe. The property overall has this aura, that makes you feel not only very welcome but very safe and secure... Our maid Marialys Bazal Sanchez was the nicest woman who always made our room to the perfection. There were no bugs whatsoever, no mosquitoes or cockroaches, either. All the bug spray I brought back . The only think I should of packed more was the sun protector spray...but no worries, the local store saved the day. The bartenders at the bar downstairs were also the nicest people. Big thanks to all, especially my girl Adis, the bartender Yanis, Pancho and all others, who were just as nice! I cannot wait to go back there!

    Excellent Sandra W

    “Nice ”
    It was a great experience i went with my family and we had a great time, the people were kind, the food was good, there were a lot of activities and the beach is the best i've ever seen :) I'll come back Sandra

    Excellent Jen B

    “Just perfect!”
    After reading some of the reviews, we were just terrified and braced ourselves with the lowest possible expectations! However, our fears of savage jellyfish, dated decor, BLACK MOLD and inedible food were quickly put to rest. We had absolutely no problems. Check in: Check in is slow and inefficient. However, the front desk girls really took the time to be thorough with each of the guests. Although you're in line sighing over the wait, I was really happy that everything was explained to us properly. Tip: Grab yourself a drink while everyone else rushes to line up, then make your way over once the line has died down. Rooms: It was clean and completely on par with our expectations. Everything was in excellent condition and we had so many towels. The showerhead didn't properly mount to the wall, so shower-time was interesting as you juggle shampooing your hair and wrangling this shower head as it flew off the wall soaking the entire washroom (after a week, I had conquered the shower, my boyfriend had no it may have been user error on my behalf). We had no mold and the air conditioner worked so well. The linens smell musky, but remember that you are staying in 70% humidity and you'll find that at absolutely every resort. There's also ants (inevitable as you are in a hot, humid, jungle climate), close your door, get your luggage away from the wall and off the floor and don't leave food out. If you want linens changed more often, just ask the housekeeping. They were accommodating to all of our requests. Lobby: The resort is open concept so if it rains, water will land on the hallways and in the common area. The housekeeping were all-hands-on-deck racing to contain the monsoon rain and keep the hallways clear and safe. The staff did an incredible job keeping everything safe and clean while dancing with the mops. Food: It's Cuba, bring Sriracha, ketchup and Mrs.Dash. They had great diversity in the menu - everything from shoe-leather-steak to jello! Something for everyone. Beach: This is why we came to Cuba. White sand, 26C warm, turquoise/clear water. There's clear jelly fish, although unnerving for us prairie-raised-folk, they're harmless. There were ample cabanas and chairs. The beach was perfect and we were able to use the paddle boats to snorkel around our bay! Just perfect. If you're coming to Cuba for the beach, you'll have an excellent time! The rooms are pleasant and clean but if you're coming here to sit in your room, you'll probably not enjoy your stay. We recommend taking advantage of the on-site massage therapy - perfect way to spend an afternoon!

    Excellent Paulina G

    “Excellent time...!! ”
    Let me tell you guys about our experience at Sol Sirenas Coral, in Varadero, Cuba. We spend a week there, from Aug 8 to 15, and it was amazing. This is a 2 resorts in one, we stayed in the Coral side, and it awesome. We were in the main building on the 3rd floor and everything was close, 3 mins walk to the beach, 2 mins walk to the pool, buffet, recept and bar. About a 5 mins walk to the Sirenas side of the resort, there you find internet access and some a la carte restaurant, buffet, phone service, club house etc. The Coral, has also a buffet, some a la carte, huge pool with swim up bar, a snack bar, theatre, kids club etc. The buffet restaurants were amazing, it had everything, and the a la carte, also very very good, we went to the Cuban, and Mexican, and we just loved it. We have 2 kids, 15 and 11 and they had no problem with the food or water or nothing. However, our kids are used to traveling and they have experienced many different foods. The rooms I think need a bit updating, however, everything else made up for it, besides the time we spend in the room is so little that we didn?t really care. We went to Havana and downtown Varadero and it?s the safest place in the world, nobody bothers you. Our son got a cold, we took him to the international clinic and no problem at all, Cuba has excellent doctors and everything was easy, he got his medicine right away and off we went to enjoy the rest of our vacation. This was our fifth time in Cuba and we are planning our sixth trip to Varadero and Havana there is so much to see and experience there. The culture and architecture is just unbelievable. People are so friendly, we had an amazing time, and after a few times in Cuba, Dominican and Mexico and we are looking forward to our next trip to Cuba. It makes me upset to hear people say, oh there?s nothing to eat, I?m surviving on bread, really? I don?t know what these people expect to find at the buffet?..or a la carte. The snacks bars had fast food like, pizza, sandwiches, and burgers etc, open 24 hrs, so even if the buffet wasn?t enough you always had other choices. I think there should be a forum to complaint about some tourists that go there, get drunk and behave like idiots, have no respect for the people that work there, go to the buffet restaurants in the bathing suits all wet, after they are told not to, I mean just because you paid your way there it doesn?t give you the right to behave like that. Have some class?..!

    Average Fernand

    I will back again
    The Sol Sirenas-Coral Hotel, in Cuba's world-famous beach resort of Varadero, is an excellent option to spend your vacations with you family, for couples or groups, cultural trips and individual tourism. The establishment resulted from the merge of the hotels Sol Club Coral and Sol Club Las Sirenas. It is located on the best beach strip in Cuba's main coastal resort. The hotel benefits from its proximity to the Plaza America Commercial and Convention Center and the Varadero Golf Club, which is the best golf course in Cuba.

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