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La Moka Hotel, Pinar del Rio Cuba. 4 stars,

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  • Destination: Pinar del Rio
  • Address: Km 51 Autopista a Pinar del Río,Comunidad Las Terrazas, Candelaria, Pinar del Río.
  • Phone: (53-82) 77-8600/03, Fax:(53-82) 77-8126
  • Accept child:Yes
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  • Description: La Moka Hotel Cuba

    Hotel Moka is a paradise hotel of Cuba, just drive forty-nine miles west of Havana take the right into the Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reserve, Set in the middle of the forested hills of Las Terrazas, it's difficult to say where the 4-star hotel stops and the forest starts. The Moka is romantic, intimate, an unthought-of off paradise commendable of your time. Moka's design is based on a contemporary interpretation of Spanish colonial architecture, and features a splendid multi-tiered atrium lobby built around a large lime tree (the branches magically disappear through the skylight The Hotel is the perfect place to rest after long guided journeys on trails and mountains that are offered. Guests can visit the Buenavista coffee farm and take long walks on La Serafina, Las Delicias, El Terracero and El Taburete trails, and take a dive into the crystal-clear waters of the San Juan and the Bayate rivers.

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    110 volt power
    220 volt power
    air conditioning
    balcony or terrace
    handicap facilities
    hot and cold running water
    private bath
    Satellite TV
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    business centre, car parking, conference rooms, disabled facilities, hotel shop, laundry & dry cleaning service 24 hrs., luggage storage, no smoking rooms, room services 24 hrs.,

  • Food Facilities

    With 6 restaurants and bars you will be pleasantly surprised by El Romero, one of the few vegetarian restaurants in Cuba. Or for a fantastic experience “Las Terrazas” right In the middle of the forest, lovely Cuban food and live music from the locals.

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    Review about La Moka Hotel
    Awfull BertBantham

    “One of the worst hotels in the world ”
    The Hotel Moka las Terrazas is one of the worst hotels I have ever stayed in. The bad things include: 1. 1970's "communist" decor - the hotel rooms have never been renovated so you get to relive everything that was bad about communism. 2. The windows don't fit so you get all the bugs from the forest visiting you through the night. 3. There is a government housing project in the jungle outside so you get hard core rap music played all through the night (until around 06:00). 4. The food is inedible - breakfast was the worst I have ever seen. 5. The rooms are not cleaned properly or the damp gives the room a "rotting" smell. 6. The bed is straight from the 1970's - so old it lacks any support. The pillows are around an inch thick and useless. 7. The staff don't know how to act. I asked for an extra pillow and they couldn't understand why I wanted one, so I had justify my request. 8. The TV is an old style 1980's TV with 8 channels, one in French but none in German or English. 9. There were several power cuts (this is Cuba) but you really need the aircon when the humidity and temperature is high. The good things about the hotel are limited but they do host local bands in the evening and they are entertaining. Overall, the hotel caters for Cubans who are used to Cuban standards. If you are from Europe or North America this hotel is not for you!

    Awfull HungryThirstyTravelr

    “Rain in our room, bar was closed, breakfast was awful and parking is not free...”
    Need I say more about our stay at this Hotel. We had read mixed reviews but wanted to see what Las Terrazas was like so we decided to stay. The view from our room was great - over the valley, but when we got there we found out they had shut the bar for the next couple of days as they needed to fix it. We went down into the village which was nice (if not a bit weird). Highlight was the zip lining and swimming in the river. We came back and it had rained, so our room floor was covered in rainwater and the bathroom was soaked. Luckily the roof didn't cave in. After a disjointed sleep, we went to breakfast and found an awful outdated buffet. The food was stale and had flies everywhere. We couldn't bring ourselves to eat anything other than a bread roll. So happy to leave, we then packed the car up. Came back to reception to check out and they had already searched our room to see if we had used the mini bar! We had been gone 3 mins - talk about being watched. After we checked out, we were then asked to pay for parking in the hotel car park which was a final slap around the face. Good to see the back of the place.

    Awfull Sean-Marleen

    “Overpriced and overrated”
    First thoughts of this hotel are: nice. But it must have been nice when i was just built. Badly maintained. Not clean, no water at all. You have to pay extra for using the safety box. We wanted to spent New Year's Eve on a special location, so we booked Hotel Moka. Baddest decision we made during our trip. We rejected the first room (#15), since the room was covered in mold. It not only smelled musty, there was mold everywhere. Very unhealthy! The second room (#36) was hmmmm, a bit better (let's be positive). At least there was no mold on the walls and ceiling. But more was missing. After a while, there was no water anymore! Not even cold water. So we were unable to flush the toilet or take a shower after a hot day. The guy at the reception didn't seem to bother and said that "there were problems with water and i had to be patient". I had to go back to the reception several times to ask what the status was. Same answer every time. Remember: it was NYE. At one point, around 11.30 pm, he said: "There is water in another room, you can shower there". It turned out to be room #15. Ugh. But at least i could use the bathroom, although i wanted to leave it as quickly as possible. The hotel did not organize anything for NYE. No party, no music, nothing. So we spent the night on our room and found out that there were black hairs in the bathtub and we were visited by two cockroaches. Not the NYE we had imagined beforehand. So we decided to leave after one night. This is not where we pay about EUR 116,- for. The woman at the reception was very helpful and understanding. She discussed our situation with her manager and arranged a refund for the second night (we paid both night in advance). Breakfast was horrible and without having a shower, we left...

    Awfull Lintelhunt

    “Never ever again! ”
    This hotel is definately not upto European standards! It may be luxury accommodation by Cuban standards but it would not even reach 1 star anywhere else. It's old and tired and dirty complete with mushrooms growing in the bathroom which I guess you could call being in touch with nature? We hated our 3 night stay here and was only rescued by the dining room and bar waiters who always tried their hardest to serve. Never ever again!

    Awfull ridger r

    “Forget Political Correctness ”
    Let's drop political correctness for a moment for the sake of frankness and honesty: Hotel Moka is an utter dump. This place might have been acceptable for vacationing Cubans in the 1980s, but it is unacceptable in this day and age for anybody. Okay, the surrounding forest is beautiful, but there are other beautiful forests in Cuba. The hotel is dilapidated with no chartm whatsoever, the food absolutely vile, the mojito was so insipid it was left undrunk and the live music was the worst I heard in a fortnight in Cuba. If you are unfortunate enough to be allocated a "community room", then I suggest you just get back in your car and drive to Havana. If I hadn't had 3 Buccaneros at lunch time that's what I would have done. My "community room" involved being billeted in some local's house, suffering her noisy brats and having to negotiate her kitchen to access my room. If I want a casa particulare then I get one, if I want a hotel then I do likewise, here it was a miserable midway without the advantages of either. There is nothing to do other than observe what could have been an enlightened experiment in social engineering, but the reality is alot of drunk locals although they did kindly offer me, in this order: a horse? a chica? a chico? Any of these would have been an improvement on Hotel Moka. The aircon was so dysfunctional that I was awoken at 4am and so I just left without waiting for what would have surely been a dreadful breakfast. Really a waste of a night in Cuba. Totally unacceptable. Don't let your tavel agent try telling you otherwise. Dont'go!

    Poor Hol-Goon

    “Kind of horrendous”
    Despite luxurious, spacious rooms and stunning views, this hotel is kind of horrendous. The staff are woeful. The bar lady turns on her tv to awful Cuban radio station 'Ritmosin' and turns the sound up, completely unaware of the finished plates, glasses and dirty table around her. The term Eco-hotel has been used well to the advantage of the staff, who decide not to clear anything up on the basis nature will do it, so expect a dirty pool and a dirty hotel. The food is genuinely the worst food of all time, people brought their own food to breakfast in order to get away from eating the terror that was presented to them. However, there are lovely walks with beautiful and highly interesting sights on offer, so if you're out all day walking and just sleep at the hotel (and find some food alternatives to local restaurants and the hotel), this may be the place for you. N.B. Wifi costs (like most of cuba) 4.50 CUC for 1 hour. It had a negative effect on my stay.

    Poor GoldsmithEssex

    “Definitely not a 4 star hotel! ”
    We were part of a large group of 14 people and this hotel did not live up to any of our expectations! The cleanliness of the bedrooms was poor, the breakfast room too small with not enough tables available for residing guests. The food on offer was freshly cooked, simple, but acceptable. There were not enough tea spoons, cups, cutlery, you name it. We had to wait for other guests to finish their breakfasts in order for the cups to be washed and come out of the kitchen again. The dinners were ok and the staff did try to please at all times. The whole hotel is tired, dirty and furniture and bathrooms need replacing. This hotel does not have a private investor it is solely state run, hence it gas stood still since the day it was built. What is also worrying they are extending the hotel with another block to the right of the hotel. Where will those guests eat and drink and socialise in the evening? This hotel needs a major refurbish to bring it back to its former glory. The surrounding country side is beautiful, but 3 nights here was far too long! I hope someone takes action and listens to the reviews!

    Poor Phaza

    “Stuck in Ptomekin village ”
    Horrendous example of how to get tourists not to enjoy themselves. Shabby rooms with rats, spiders and insects, a shower next to a window with no blinds, horrible food and the slowest receptionist in the world! Took him 45 seconds to pick up some receipts and put them to a side. Trully amazing in a horrible way. It seemed like we were brought to the hotel to see what an amazing accomplishment the reserve and the tourism development is. It is so far from the truth. Our tour would have been fantastic if we had skipped staying 3 nights at the hotel and just visited the biosphere reserve instead. The natural resources within which the hotel is located is beautiful and the bar man is amazing! He alone rated four stars!

    Average Voorburg_Holland

    “Hotel with good views over the forested hills ”
    The hotel itself is okay, it has nice views at the hills. The rooms are spacious, but a bit dated. There is a big window in the bathroom from where you have good views as well. The hotel is situated in a community with some artist studio's, but there are also not so nice looking appartment buildings. In one of those buildings, close to the hotel, there is a coffee bar with local, and next to it you find a very good vegetarian restaurant. The hotel is situated in the Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reserve, now an area with forested hills but there used to be coffeeplantations. A few ruins are close to the road, others take a (long) walk with a guide to visit. You can have other guided walking tours as well (go up the hills, birdwatching). Besides walking you can go horse back riding, do the canapoy tour (in the village, not in the middle of the forest) or have a swim in Banos de San Juan, about 4 km from the hotel.

    Average essl20

    “Time to rest in an Oasis ”
    Having exhausted ourselves in Havana for four days in 34 degree temperatures, we headed West to Las Terrazas for a rest. A good stop if you don't want to do too much. The Hotel Moka we stayed in wasn't the one Bert Bantham describes as our room was very good (212 as I recall), clean and well presented with an expansive bathroom to die for! The bed was a very comfortable King with very worn bedlinen and the view was just amazing. But it is an Oasis. Just a few steep steps down the hill is a 1965 Budapest housing project, and yes, the background noise from there at times was very NOT Cuba. However, all the people we met in in Budapest were friendly and there are some very interesting craft shops and a cafe that claims to serve the best coffee in Cuba (can't confirm). We spent a lot of time in the elevated, open high treetop bar from which we saw every day the rare Cuba woodpecker. We walked in the heat of the day the 4Km road to the waterfall and natural swimming hole at Los Banos del San Juan (but hitched a ride the last Km). This is outstanding hiking country and a swim in the waterhole was a highlight. But it was so hot and so humid we didn't do half of what we should have here. I think two nights here is probably enough for most travellers. The service was good, the entertainment generous, though we thought not the sort of quality we had experienced in Havana. The snack food we had in the bar was O.K. but breakfasts and dinners were of very poor quality. No card facilities here so get yourself stocked up with cash. They have the communications and the machine but as we experienced nearly everywhere in Cuba "it is broken today" which is Cuban for "we only take hard cash and expect you tip heavily." I think it deserves three stars.

    Average Mudpuppy M

    “Avoid the suite ”
    The 2 nights we spent here were ok but we'd booked the one suite in the hotel (room number 300) and didn't sleep for 2 nights! The room is above the reception so you hear the phone ringing through the evening and night. Worst of all it is close to the bar, and even though the bar is supposed to close at midnight, there were drunken tourists and locals alike hanging around in the lobby till around 2am. The reception staff were really friendly, but if you plan to visit Las Terrazas either get a quiet room as far from the lobby as possible or - if you've got a car - stay in a casa particular near the entrance to the park.

    Average r00m_with_a_view

    “Needs to improve- a lot !!! ”
    Rooms are dated, not clean, the beds are uncomfortable, everything is shabby. It could (and probably was) so much better years ago. The views are excellent, especially when having a shower. The setting is tranquil and the hotel has so much to offer but the food is dreadful, the staff could not care if you were there or not and everything is in desperate need of refurbishment. The vegetarian restaurant in the village is so much better- excellent food, friendly staff and a lovely atmosphere. With all the facilities and the wonderful setting this hotel could offer so much. Las Terrazas is an interesting project sadly let down by the out dated hotel. A new accommodation block is being built ... now the hotel has only to address the other issues .

    Average Travelaround59

    “DAMP ROOMS! ”
    The only thing that spring to kind and to the nose is the smell of damp as soon as you get into the room (at least our room!). Do not make me wrong the location is beautiful and La Communidad has done a great job so the view is lovely (trees and the lake and all the green) and the hotel is in a great spot with nice pool in a very beautiful landscape garden (with the chicken running around!) but next time I will just stop by for a drink...I still have the smell of damp in my noise and the clothes are still humid...sorry!!!!

    Average Portcred

    “Peace and quiet ”
    This hill top 'community hotel' is a great introduction to the ideals of Cuban social reform. It was established as part of a community put in place to nurture and develop a rural village, living in and 'working' the park. The hotel is quite basic - they had heavy rains prior to our arrival and our room provided the added facility of being able to shower, wash and use the lavatory at the same time - the roof was leaking heavily in the bathroom. Food in the restaurant was excellent, although breakfast was quite basic - there are a couple of local eating options, just below the hotel, where the food was of an equal, sound quality. Be sure to explore the local art/craft stalls and take time to just roam the area.

    Average SydneyPaul

    “Worth it for the location ”
    Moka has a long way to go to get up to the five star range and even though my "it's Cuba, expect a bit of the unexpected" mantra kept me going for most of the time, there were moments when I felt that as a non-Cuban visitor my value lay in my perceived economic contribution to the national economy. The positives: great location; the biosphere environment; access to some spectacular sites, especially the Vinales Valley; dining in the best vegetarian restaurant I have ever come across in Las Terazas itself; big rooms and a bath with a view. The not-so-positives: there was a recurring problem with the water and it was off more than it was on; English language skills of key staff - it doesn't make me feel too good when the reception personnel can't understand me and I can't understand them, especially when it has to do with getting clean water; if Moka wants the English-speaking guests they have to invest in training their staff in the language. We stayed over New Year and had asked several times on NYE if there was to be any celebrations. We were told over and again that there would be. We were a little surprised that there was nothing - nada. Another English speaking couple joined us in keeping the bar attendant up until midnight and we sang in 2014. Nonetheless, for the experience of seeing this part of Cuba the stay at Moka was OK.

    Average lewisbish1

    “Not worth the money ”
    This place is okay. The area is amazing. This hotel is very expensive for what it is and it's very rough around the edges. The staff aren't great and the restaurant is pretty poor and expensive. The room is not too bad but again, rough around the edges. The bathroom has an amazing view but we didn't want to use it without shutting the blinds as there was a ladder just outside! I think they were getting it ready for peak season by painting over the problems. I don't think you have much choice in this area unfortunately, but if I was you I would look for a casa or another place to stay where you will get better value for money. By the time you're reading this there might be more choice.

    Average Happy186605

    “Ecological retreat ”
    Had one night here as part of a tour. Our room was at basement level and we felt that the bed was damp and the room was musty, even though the outside temperature was 30'C. There was one cockroach in our room and lots of tiny little ants. Breakfast was only average and again the tiny ants seemed to be everywhere. The hotel looks great from the outside with a feel of trees growing through the building. Pool didn't look very clean. La Terrazas is however well worth seeing and experiencing, great community atmosphere.

    Average ian2020

    “Nice hotel shame about the service”
    Stayed 3 nights as part of an organised tour, great setting, good size rooms and bathroom, clean towels and bedding. Numerous broken fittings. Breakfast was very thin and a scrum when any food was brought out (be there early!!). Jelly served for dinner and breakfast. Restaurant service was quite poor. Drinks not overly expensive compared with other tourist hotels. They are building an extension at the side of the existing building but the noise did not disturb. Marthas coffee shop at the bottom of the hill must be a real goldmine as we had to wait for two tour buses to clear before we could be served.

    Average Asanka W

    “La Moka - Go for the rock pools ”
    Family of four son (20) and daughter (15) stayed one night in La Moka prior to going via Pinar Del Rio back to Havana. Loved the location and there was enough activities and wished we could have spent two days. First is dont expect luxury and the restaurant food is simple fayre but if you want to see some of the rural Cuba then spend time here. The only negative was the check in which could have been better as we were kept waiting for 30 mins due to the receptionist taking calls and dealing with other things! The accommodation is simple but adequate, The barman on the day made the best Mojitos we tasted in Cuba during our two week stay and was a really nice friendly guy. We walked (taxi available) roughly 4Km from hotel to the rock pool to swim (totally free) - a must do experience. We bought ackee and mangoes from the road side sellers for 1 CUC each Advice - avoid the mangoes (very fibrous) and buy the ackee! We all had a great time and walked back (takes around 30 - 40 mins each way). Kids(!) did the zip wire adventure which they loved. If we had had time we would have liked to have rowed on the lake and gone on the bird watching tour. Anybody who likes the outdoors and is not looking for luxury then a must do place to visit if simply to swim in the rock pools.

    Average Miranda C

    “Not a bad stay in Las Terrazas ”
    We stayed at Las Terrazas for 2 nights as part of our tour of Cuba. Staying in Las Terrazas is a good way of getting a feel of how ordinary Cubans live so in that respect I am pleased we stayed here. I would rate this hotel as average as far as standard of accommodation is concerned. My room was big enough and was spotlessley clean. The bed was not the most comfortable of beds though and the room got very chilly at night time. Recommend you make sure you have lots of spare blankets available in the room, as you will need these. The shower in my en-suite was not great. As there was no plug for the bath, it was a shower or nothing. The water pressure was non-existent. On the morning that I did manage to get some water to shower in, it was too cold. The hot water tap was on, but it was colder than luke warm. Their bar on the outdoor terrace is nice enough and the drinks are very cheap. Tough it does get chilly on the terrace though. Dinner in the hotel restaurant on the first night was not bad. There was a limited choice but my dish was nice enough. I opted for a vegatarian pasta dish and you could tell that the sauce for the pasta was made fresh from scratch. Breakfast in the morning was very good. Although there was not as much choice here as there was in other hotels that we stayed at in Cuba, this food was the freshest. They prefer to put small amounts of food out at any one time and top up more regularly. This meant the food was fresh and any hot food (such as scrambled eggs) was hot. (I did also stay in some 5 star hotels elsewhere on this trip that did a buffet breakfast and the supposed hot eggs at the other hotels were stone cold). I was not aware of any lifts there and we did therefore had to carry our luggage up quite a few flights of stairs to get to our room, although you can ask for assistance with this (at a charge). i'd rate this place as better than a youth hostel - with 3 star quality. All in all, I think this hotel was good enough for the area.

    Average Woodster2012

    “Our room was good but food and service was not very average ”
    Due to previous poor reviews we decided to only spend one night at Moka which was the right decision. We had two rooms on the first floor just about reception #36/37 and they were good, clean, two double beds in each, decent bathroom and terrace. I didn't investigate staying in a casa as other reviews said the hotel was special because of the tree house effect but it is just a large tree in reception and nothing more. Talking to other travellers though I think it is difficult to find a casa because the village was built to a set mode and it appears to me that all the casas (apartments) are almost identical. It is worth going to the area to go on a walking tour, swim in the local pools etc and see the project but the main issue is that you can only go on a tour in the morning. If you arrive just after lunch like we did then you are told you have to wait until the next morning and then take a three hour tour starting at 9am. We pushed back on this because we had to leave early the next morning and so the hotel did organise a 1hr tour at 8am. They said we had to be finished by 9am so the guide could start his regular tour but the reality was our guide was free all morning and could have spent longer with us. We avoided the restaurant apart for breakfast which was poor, the eggs and bread are ok. We did go to the fantastic vegetarian restaurant everyone raves about, it is unbelievable that it is state owned and run. Maria's café just next door is also good for coffee. The pool area is not great (Vinales is much better) and was full of local Cubans picnicking even though it was midweek, as always the music was constant and very loud. One final point when we arrive at 2pm we were told our room would not be ready until 4ish and could we come back later! we said absolutely not as we were leaving the next morning and they did then immediately find the two good rooms I have already mentioned.

    Very good Nicolas D

    “An oasis of Costa Rica in Cuba ”
    The hotel is operated by a community of people having responsibility of a large natural park a bit on the same principle of a Soviet Kolkhose. Nothing fancy in there but a lot of charm. The hotel is integrated in the nature very far off the highway, with main trees in the lobby as you often see in Costa Rica. The pool was functional when we stayed in August 14. Restaurant is acceptable but like always in Cuba, do not expect anything fancy. Rooms are large and comfortable. Peole very friendly. A good place for a stop between Vinales and the south to avoid stayinb in La Havana.

    Very good Rachel E

    “Great Rooms, location and day trips. ”
    We stayed here for 3 nights this year in June. The views from our comfy and spacious room were fantastic. We loved the treehouse style of the hotel. The only bad points were the lacklustre buffet breakfasts and the amount of bugs in the dining room during dinner due to a lack of fly screens. We also had a problem organising our departure taxi to meet the viazul, where the lady at the hotel assured us that it would be better to meet the viazul on the highway than go to vinales. She gave us the wrong time information which meant we were sitting on the highway waiting for the coach for an hour and a half, with the poor taxi driver. The dinner is fine, but not as good as El Romero in the village. They had chicken with coffee on the menu, which we avoided.

    Very good travelcat6705

    “One of the nicest most charming hotels ever ”
    The hotel is great. Open, trees are growing through the roof. The rooms have a big terrace with great views and the shower has a view! The service is great, the food is good (for dinner go to the vegetarian restaurant on the bottom of the hill). Why didn't I give 5 stars? The rooms smelled kinda moldy like wet towel (we had 2 rooms both smelled funny). Las Terrazas is a great place to visit by the way and you get discounts if you stay in the hotel. At night there was live music, too.

    Very good andy_scot_uk

    “best stay in Cuba”
    Really enjoyed this hotel. Nicest room in Cuba. We stayed in one of the newly refurbished rooms. Beautiful views over the valley. The bar was really nice although no matter how big a tip we gave we couldn't get the barman to smile. Breakfast was good and better than other places. I enjoyed the shower and bathroom with its views over the valley as I showered. Toilet has as glass door which I didn't like so much. One of the few hotels in Cuba's I would go back to.

    Very good gerardpu

    “Much better than we expected ”
    Like HHunting1260, we had low expectations but Hotel Moka turned out just fine. Our room was in the newer wing, and was perfectly alright, clean and comfortable. Service in the hotel was friendly and with a smile. Before our 2nd night the reception called there was going to be a problem with the water supply due to repair work, asking if we would object to moving to another room... We were shown two alternative rooms, in the older part, also fine but slightly less than our room at the time. As we also didn't really feel like moving our stuff, we asked if they could offer a better solution. A quick phonecall and they told us they would wait till the next morning right after our check-out and so happened. The workmen were patiently waiting when we left the next morning. We thank the hotel staff for their flexibility, it helped making our stay most enjoyable. We found it remarkable that the older room had chairs on the balcony, while ours didn't but that was really the only drawback of being in the newer wing. Breakfast was quite terrible. To our surprise, the bread served at dinner was warm and fresh, and at breakfast it was old and dried out. Probably from last night. Dinner wasn't bad at all. The first night we had decided to have dinner in a local little place in the village, which was eh... different, but definitely worth the experience. The second night in the hotel was also satisfactory. We walked to the Baños de San Juan, a good 4km walk (and 4km back, of course) well worth taking. Best do it in the morning, so afterwards you can take time to cool off at the pool. The pool is okay, but didn't look too clean the first day. The second day was May 1, a national holiday and we were a bit surprised by the presence of a couple of large (and quite loud) locals. On the one hand, we felt these people deserved to be there on one of their scarce days off. But on the other hand, we saw several hotel guests arriving only to leave because there was no more room to sit. All and all, we would have preferred to stay an extra night so we would have had time for a day trip to Viñales. We didn't, but we would have loved another night in this great hotel.

    Very good HHunting1260

    “An interesting project, surrounded by spectacular nature! ”
    Before deciding to stay at the hotel I read several reviews for which I am grateful, maybe my expectations were low or I was very lucky... in fact the experience was fantastic and I therefore recommend it. our stay was for 2 nights My room was ok with all the basic things and the view was great. Of course I stayed out almost all the time. We visited the community, is a nice walk, where you can see exotic birds or talk with the locals like you have known them all your life without feeling a tourist. The experience I enjoyed the most was the Canopy. Concerning meals the ones at the Hotel we nothing extraordinary so my suggestions are to try the coffee at Maria's, the lunch at "Casa del Campesino" this is a most... if you want to taste a meal with real Cuban farmer's flavor ask fro Raquel she is the master cook, or if you fancy a vegetarian food, according to one of my friends, El Romero Restaurant is a surprising alternative you could not imagine to will find it in a place like this. he was really surprised about it and want me to try the second night but I preferred to try Mercedes restaurant to enjoy a typical Cuban soup. The Hotel has a pool but we had no time to enjoy it.

    Very good 10-abr

    “Nice and peaceful hotel ”
    We had a wonderful stay at Hotel Moka. The rooms are simple and neat and have lovely balconies. The surroundings are quiet and beautiful and the pool area is really nice with plenty of late afternoon sun. Unfortunately we had only one day at the hotel and could easily have spent one more day. We spent the time walking to Banos de San Juan, which is only 3 km away and worth a visit. But there are many opportunities for walks in the area. The food at the hotel is okay but not remarkable.

    Very good LizzzR

    “Peaceful and relaxing ”
    Even though it had rained heavily the day before we arrived, we were lucky to have a good room with no smell of damp or mould. Our bathroom was spacious - bathtub with a view - and everything worked as it should. Hotel Moka is interesting and unusual in that it blends completely into the woodland on the side of the hill. The views are lovely and the Communidad is an interesting project. We spent an afternoon just wandering round to explore, though you get the feeling that the whole project has been created almost as a tourist attraction (it hasn't!) We took a taxi to the old coffee station and went for a walk in the woods (no need for a guide). Lovely walk and great view from the top across to the Communidad, and a good cup of coffee at the cafe/restaurant there before walking back to the hotel (about 3 miles). The food at Hotel Moka we thought was very good, especially by Cuban standards, and the staff pleasant and friendly. There is an internet room and you have to buy a card at reception which gives you one hour's use. There are safes in the room but you have to pay. We had dinner at El Romero, the vegetarian restaurant, which was delicious - best vegetarian meal I have ever had and they make a really nice cocktail, 'Candela', with rum, ginger and orange.

    Very good rogclarke36

    “Great location. ”
    Situated in an eco-village this is a lovely hotel with lots to interest you round about. The food was not too bad for a State-run hotel. But the Staff weren't terribly interested in their guests and the service was, in general, indifferent.

    Very good BrightonianMiss

    “Better than 'average' but not quite 'very good' ”
    We spent two night here - the location is stunning and overall the ambience at Hotel Moka is pretty relaxing, but it's getting a little 'tired' looking and could do with a little more attention to detail. We found most of the staff to be very pleasant and helpful, and the restaurant food was actually very decent by Cuban standards (though the breakfast selection is a bit lacklustre)'s worth remembering to bring as much bottled water as you can with you as bizarrely they don't sell it in the shop and you have to buy it at massive mark-up from the bar (this is pretty common in the Cuban state run hotels and is a real irritant!). They'd had some heavy rain and this made the rooms feel cold and damp; also the hot water was only available intermittently which meant cold showers (which we had a lot of in Cuba.). If you're planning on driving from Las Terrzas to Cayo Levisa, think twice before attempting the Seroa road - we left at 7am to get the 10am boat and though we made it in enough time, the road was atrocious and it was a very stressful drive. Also make sure you fill up your car at Seroa, as there is nowhere selling the petrol required by most hire cars until you reach Vinales. We only just made it!

    Very good PhilDohaqatar

    “Delightful and relaxing ”
    By Cuban standards the rooms are clean and comfortable, reasonably maintained though a little old. Staff helpful and residents of the commune were friendly. But the landscape is fantastic and views enchanting. We only had a short stay but went horse riding, visiting the commune, vegetarian restaurant and Maria's cafe, lakeside cafe and local bar and sandwich shop. And we rode the zip wire. Lots to do and all walking distance.

    Very good BradfordBackpacker

    “Good hotel ”
    I only stayed here 1 night. I had a very bad back at the time and couldn't do any walking in the area. The reception staff were very helpful and the restaurant staff were friendly. The food is very good by Cuban hotel standards. My only criticism was the bed which was very soft.

    Very good julie s

    “lovely hotel in the countryside ”
    The setting for the hotel is amazing, in the middle of a forested nature reserve. The receptionist was very good - booking and organising our trips and transport for us. The guided nature hikes we did were great - very knowledgeable guide - I called him the bird whisperer! Better food than we ate in Havana - simple but tasty. The room is perfectly fine with a good bathroom.

    Very good Sonia W

    “Great hotel, avoid the walks if you're female! ”
    Came here on our honeymoon as an overnight trip from Havana. The hotel is beautiful, really feels as though it is in touch with nature, there is a tree that the hotel is built around! Gorgeous views from the bedroom and bathroom although you may want to close the blinds when using the toilet (although if on second floor no-one could see anyway, but still...). Good breakfasts with plenty of choices for vegetarians. Reception staff friendly and helpful. The only slightly odd thing about the bathroom is that there is no door between bathroom and bedroom, only an arch, which might be a bit awkward if you are staying with friends! The bedroom had two beds in rather than one but they were both double so it was easy to share! One tip: we went on a guided walk with a guide. Although I was with my husband, when the guide was pointing out interesting birds, he got very 'handsy' with me. It was very upsetting and when I told my husband he had to stand between me and the guide to stop him touching me inappropriately. It was a horrible experience and really marred my trip. Unfortunately there is no other way to go on walks so I would say to female travellers (particularly solo ones) to not go on a walk and instead just enjoy the wildlife from the hotel and its gardens.

    Very good MissFussyBerkshire

    “Lovely interesting stay ”
    We had a one night stay in 2 rooms (family of 4) neither of which let in rain even though we were on the top floor and had the most torrential rain in the evening. We thought that although a little worn in places, the room was clean, atmospheric and a good experience. We felt we were immersed in a rain forest. The reception lady was very welcoming, although the admin on our Terrazzas tour was a little ragged it all worked out. I think one night is enough as long as you pre plan your tour/time here. The breakfast was good but we decided to eat at the vegetarian place which we did not regret. Cannot comment on value as part of an overall package

    Very good redkaz21

    “Lovely surroundings and very relaxing”
    We stayed at La Moka for 2 nights during our trip touring Cuba. Plus points: lovely surroundings, able to go out walking in the countryside. Fantastic trip around the local community with a lovely local guide called Idalme. Very peaceful and relaxing. Rooms comfortable and the air con worked (was noisy though). Staff friendly and helpful, the lady in the restaurant was lovely if you took the time to speak to her. No so good: food in restaurant could do with a rethink. It was well cooked and hot but could do with a few more dishes. Overall I loved the place and would have liked to spend another day there

    Very good tantefrans

    “Good hotel with indoor rain ”
    Beautiful spacious rooms in a hotel built above the village of Las Terrazas. A 'model' village, we called it concrete village (betondorp). Beautiful surroundings, quiet. Good service, the receptionists speak english. During the thunderstorms it became obvious that the ceiling of one of our rooms was not waterproof ... resulting in a wet television set. Although the staff were informed, they didn't act on it. Two restaurants, one next to the pool with a small but adequate menu, the other one we didn't try but for breakfast (not so good, even for Cuban standards). Laundry service: when requested, the chambermaid will take it home and take care of it. To be paid directly.

    Very good Blowfish1970

    “A different type of hotel in a must see location ”
    This hotel is located in Las Terrazas - a man build/repaired area that attracts a lot of tourists nowadays. The hotel is special as it seems to be build around trees - some trees are sticking out of the roof. It has nice rooms, although the a/c seems not to be able to get the moist out of the rooms. The shower was great - you're standing in front of a window viewing the forest. The restaurant is nothing special - skip it if you can. Unfortunately the hotels around were closed or not available. The pool was a short walk away from the main building. We took a guided tour around the area that was very informative.

    Excellent jules14266

    “Fantastic retreat and excellent value for money ”
    We had a lovely time at the Moka. It was one of the most comfortable rooms we stayed in during our 3 week travels. It's a good experience to have your shower or bath in full view of the trees and birds, unless you're shy of course. Then you'll need to drop the blind. We also found what must be the only bidet in Cuba! The hotel is in the most peaceful setting with great views over the lake and forrest. After some time in the city it's the ideal spot to relax and recharge batteries. We enjoyed spending time in and around the pool. The breakfast was varied and included some delicious cakes and cinnamon buns apart from the usual fruit and bread selection. The only thing that didn't have us raving was dinner at the restaurant, which seemed average: a somwhat dry combination of rice and far too much chicken. We hadn't realised that you'd need to order salad separately if you wanted something juicy. The waiters weren't very helpful or attentive. So next time back to El Romero for dinner!

    Excellent Brian P

    “Fun hotel in an interesting place ”
    This is the type of hotel you can only get in a tropical place, because the are no walls and there is a tree growing through the reception area. The views are amazing, especially the shower rooms which have large picture windows overlooking the valley. Although the bar was small, we had great fun there (probably we disturbed Mudpuppy - sorry). Food was nothing special, but it was worth staying there for the experience

    Excellent BaldieBrit

    “Wish we'd stayed longer ”
    We loved Las Terrazas generally which probably biased our view of the hotel to the positive. Nevertheless, Hotel Moka as one of the better ones we stayed in in Cuba. The room was large and spacious, the bathroom good. We found the service perfectly adequate, breakfast similar. One point to note: eat dinner at El Romero if you have the opportunity. It is a vegetarian restaurant in the community and a five minute walk down the hill from the hotel. If you are on a full board package they will give you a voucher for the value of your dinner. Best dinner we had during our stay (we're not vegetarian). One word of warning - they are currently building an extension and the construction site is noisy - rooms near the builders are probably quite noise. Though they do stop at night the builders start at 7am so ask for a room at the other end of the complex.

    Very good Gabriella

    Nature and pleasure
    Set amid the forested hills of Las Terrazas, it's difficult to say where the 4-star hotel stops and the forest starts. In short, the Moka is romantic, intimate, and fully deserving of your time.

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