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    Camaguey. Cuba

    • Camaguey province Cuba
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    Camagüey is the easternmost, largest and flattest province in the center of Cuba. It has a few mountains and is flanked by the two biggest archipelagos in the country: Sabana-Camagüey (also known as the Jardines del Rey) to the north, and Jardines de la Reina to the south. Both of them still keep virgin forests where you can find peace. The weather doesn’t change excessively throughout the year, and the average annual temperature is 24.7 ºC. Historically, it has always been a city that has politically and economically gone against the tide in comparison with the rest of its neighboring cities. The fact comes from colonial times when inhabitants from Camagüey gave preference to cattle over the sugar industry, with the intention of getting rid of a system that only generated poverty. Nowadays, cattle continues as the basis of its economy.

    Most tourists arrive to the Ignacio Agramonte International Airport, or by road if they come from other areas of the country. The main touristic attraction of the province of Camagüey is, without a doubt, Playa Santa Lucía Beach in Cayo Sabinal. The color of its waters and fine sands form an irresistible tropical attraction. The hotels of the area add some incentives to explore the beauty of the beach by offering several activities with which to enjoy your holidays.

    But Camagüey is not just a beach. The most important city of the area, which shares its name with the province, gives us the chance of discovering Cuban history through its small and labyrinthine streets, which many times take us to beautiful hidden corners. It is also a place lovers of Catholic architecture enjoy visiting because of its large buildings.

    Other interesting places you shouldn’t miss out on during your journey to Camagüey are: Florida and its traditions, Sierra del Chorrilla Mountains and its trails, the history of the first Cuban Constitution in Guáimaro, or the industry of Nuevitas.

    Camagüey is the largest of the provinces of Cuba. Its capital is Camagüey. Other towns include Florida and Nuevitas. Camagüey is mostly low lying, with no major hills or mountain ranges passing through the province. Numerous large cays (including what used to be one of Fidel Castro's favourite fishing spots; the Archipiélago Jardines de la Reina) characterize the southern coasts, while the northern coast is lined by Jardines del Rey of the Sabana-Camagüey Archipelago.

    Sandy beaches are found on both coasts also, and despite a large potential for tourism, the province has seen little development in that area with the exception of Santa Lucía beach, on the province's North coast. The economy of the Camagüey province is primarily cattle and sugar (in the north and south) farming, and the province is known for its cowboy culture, with rodeos frequently held. Chickens and rice are also farmed, and a small citrus fruit industry exists. The capital city also has one of the few breweries on the island.

  • Municipality in the province Camaguey.
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  • Dimar Casino

    Carretera Central Este e/ Puente de La Caridad y Puente Caballero Rojo. Camaguey. Cuba
    (53 32) 25 6674 7km 107m

    Campana de Toledo

    Plaza San Juan de Dios No. 18. Camaguey, Cuba
    (5332) 286812 7km 629m

    Bodegon Don Cayetano

    Callejon de la Soledad 256 esq. a Republica. Camaguey Cuba
    (53 32) 29 1961 7km 804m

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