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  • Colonial Fortress: San Severino Castle

    San Severino Castle

    • Destination: Matanzas
    • Open: Daily
    • Address: Matanzas, Cuba
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  • Description

    The Military Construction of the Renaissance prototype, typical of the Spanish fortifications system developed in the Americas during the 18th century, is the oldest building in the city of Matanzas. Located in the west of the bay, this particular fortification of a square based and of marked symmetry is very similar to the Castle of Royal Force of Havana, though it exceeds its mobility and defensive capabilities.

    Together with the acts of the founding of the city the works on the Castle began; On October 13th 1693 the first stone was laid with the assistance of the Governor and the Bishop, highest authorities of the colony. The Official Records that testified the act are preserved in the Provincial Historical Archives, as well as all the documentation that attests the life of the fortress.

    The castle was erected in the place known as Punta Gorda, and its construction concluded shortly before the mid - 19th century, under the direction of the engineer Ignacio Rodriguez. Preserved in its original form presented in the main entrance to a covered  road, with a fence and an iron gate which defended the entrance, next to a drawbridge and moat surrounding the building. The plant consisted of a battery of defenses and four barbette: Our Lady of Rosario, Santa Ana, San Agustin and San Ignacio.

    One of the most unique values of this property is that there still visible marks made by Africans on the rocks, to enable their counting and  to justify before the masters the task of each day.

    For over three centuries of existence exhibits a rich historical guarantee, besides fulfilling the mission of safeguarding the Matanzas area of the pirates and hackers attacks, has become one of the most important construction in the city. In 1762, when the taking of Havana by the English, the commander San Severino ordered its blasting, to prevent that it fall into the invaders hands. It was carefully reconstructed in the 19th century, it served as a prison for Cuban patriots who fighting for independence, both in the 1868 was and in the 1895 war. In 1978, the Commission of National Monument declared it National Monument of Cuba.

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  • San Severino Castle is located in Matanzas
  • For over two centuries, in recognition of its rich cultural life, Matanzas has been known as "Cuba's Athens." For obvious reasons, it is also called "the city of bridges.",

    The city was founded on the shores of a beautiful bay in 1693. At that time, it was called San Carlos y San Severino de Matanzas. Its splendid buildings are eclectic in style.,

    The area surrounding the city has some singularly beautiful features. The Pan de Matanzas (Matanzas Bread Loaf) Hill and the Yumurí Valley are particularly entrancing. Places to visit in the city include the Sauto Theater, the Triolet Drug Store and the San Carlos Church.,

    Immortalized by painters, poets and musicians, Matanzas is just a few minutes' drive from Varadero Beach and near the Zapata Peninsula.,

    The city of Matanzas, capital of the province of the same name, is in northwestern Cuba, 100 km. (62 miles) east of Havana and around 18 minutes from Varadero Beach. An excellent highway links Matanzas with the nation's capital.