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  • Parks: Baconao Park

    Baconao Park, Santiago de Cuba. Cuba

    • Destination: Santiago de Cuba
    • Open: Daily
    • Address From: Santiago de Cuba
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  • Description Parks: Baconao Park, Santiago de Cuba. Cuba

    Baconao Park has many attributes that identify it. By its untamable nature as well as for its archaeological values, it’s owner of a great caudal of legends and vital information for the study about marine and terrestrial species.

    It was inhabited since the times of the aboriginals and its hills served like refuge to immigrants coming from the near island of Haiti, those that built in the place comfortable ranches for the establishment of colonists who were big producing of coffee.

    The name Baconao comes from a local legend of an indigenous little boy that he lived in the south of Cuba during the pre-Columbian stage. The legend counts about a magic tree called Bacona, that taught the boy to play music using the snails of the lagoon, because he has the costume to go and sit himself down to the shade of the Bacona tree to play music with his snails.

    The inhabitants of this area were fascinated and they thought that the abilities to play music of a snail were given by the tree, fact by which they started to call the boy by the nickname “Baconao”.

    One day, the boy went to take a walk around, and he never came back. With the time the music that boy played with his snails was listened among trees and the residents thought that this magic had stayed in the trees, and with course of time, they began to call the area “Baconao”.

    The big areas offer different geographical contrasts such as marine terraces and mountainous elevations with a exuberant vegetation that endow this site like an unforgettable place to be in contact with an almost virgin nature.

    The development of the Baconao Park has been based on the natural potential of the region and in the creativity and imagination of the human being to become this place in a charming place that not for pleasure it was denominated like "La Riviera del Caribe".

    The park is full of attractions, as well as refuges of wild life and coffee plantations. Among them we can mention:

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  • Baconao Park is located in Santiago de Cuba
  • It limits to the north with the province of Holguín; to the west with Granma; to the south with the Caribbean Sea, and to the east with the province of Guantánamo. The province covers a total area of 6 343 21 , Km². You can get here through Antonio Maceo International Airport, also by road from any other part of Cuba, or by sea ─in this last case, requesting the services from Punta Gorda Marina.

    Two particular features characterizes Santiago de Cuba that make it exceptional: its hospitality, with people of happy and relaxed temperament and its rich historical-cultural wealth. Its Caribbean identity is evident in its popular music and in folklore manifestations. It depicts the title of Heroine City of the Republic of Cuba for the role carried out by its inhabitants in the revolutionary struggle during the decade of 1950. Privileged by its historical past, in Santiago de Cuba there are two of the Cuban places distinguished by UNESCO with the title of World Heritage: the San Pedro de la Roca Castle and the ruins of the first French coffee plantations in La Gran Piedra. The Santa Ifigenia cemetery , the 26 of July Historical Museum and the Siboney Farm, are places indissolubly linked to the history of Cuba.

    Cayo Granma and Baconao Park (Biosphere Reserve) also part of the attractiveness of this region. As a tourist destination, Santiago de Cuba, combines excellent possibilities for the enjoyment of beaches, city and nature tourism for to the places of interest in those three scenarios.

    For those who arrive in Santiago de Cuba, there are diverse lodging options in the city and in its surroundings, linked as much to the sea as to nature. With a variety of categories and levels of comfort, it will always be a guarantee for the visitors looking for harmony and soothing rest. There are other things, among so many, that make people from Santiago proud: to be the birthplace, par excellence, of almost all the musical genres of Cuba, a country where the music is soul and root; also, the carnivals that every month of July take place here, are the most spectacular in the country; as well as their rum, the well-known Fiestas del Fuego and the already traditional Festival of the Caribbean.

    The region of Santiago de Cuba has the necessary infrastructure to encourage tourism of events and congresses; it also has in its mountainous and seafaring environment the conditions to develop nature and adventure tourism, trekking, nautical activities, and health tourism. But there is nothing better than walk its undulating and narrow streets loaded with history and music at the same time.

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  • birdsofafeather1
    Review about Parks: Baconao Park
    Awfull Very good

    The Parque Baconao covers a vast area comprising approximately 800 square kilometres / 310 square miles, and lies between the Rio Baconao and Santiago de Cuba. This reserve is an enormous natural park listed as a UNESCO site, with hiking trails through pristine rainforest and cultural exhibits. Eco-tourists, birders and wildlife enthusiasts will enjoy the remoter areas, where the indigenous Cuban flora and fauna is a major draw. More commercial tourist attractions come in the form of an open-air Land Transportation Museum (Museo Nacional de Transporte Terrestre), an aquarium and the extremely family friendly Prehistoric Valley (Valle de la Prehistoria). Cuba's answer to a dinosaur park is set in 27 acres / 11 hectares and features almost 250 prehistoric beasties, which have been recreated in concrete and scattered across a stark landscape. Also within the Valle de la Prehistoria is the Museum of Natural History (Museo de Historia Natural).

  • birdsofafeather1
    Review about Parks: Baconao Park
    Awfull Average

    “Not much to see here....just a hot park of old dinoseaur statues ”
    you might like, just not my thing! All of the parks in this area are not exciting in my opinion but you can see for yourself.

  • birdsofafeather1
    Review about Parks: Baconao Park
    Awfull Average

    “Automobile Museum ”
    We took my son and his girlfriend there as he has a big interest in old vehicles. The park is only a few minutes by scooter from our hotel (Baconero) and it has quite a few vehicles on display-- ie Fidel's mother's car, 1st prototype of a Cuban car and many others. The person providing us with the tour was... More 

  • birdsofafeather1
    Review about Parks: Baconao Park
    Awfull Very good
    Brittany E

    “Beautiful ”
    Its large, big and hot, but its beautiful too you stay there all day.

  • birdsofafeather1
    Review about Parks: Baconao Park
    Awfull Excellent

    “An outstanding place for birds ”
    Take an early morning walk around the lagoon as far as the mirador. There are an amazing variety of birds to be seen. I'm sure you won't be disappointed

  • birdsofafeather1
    Review about Parks: Baconao Park
    Awfull Excellent

    “One of the Must See/Do's ”
    Lovely drive out of Santiago thru the park to visit the Granjita Siboney - where the Revolution was "born". We were amazed at how many trees were blown down by Hurricane "Sandy". All along the roadside are the graves of the revloutionaries who were killed after the revolution went wrong and the rebels headed back from Santiago. It is very... More 

  • birdsofafeather1
    Review about Parks: Baconao Park
    Awfull Excellent

    “Great Park with Excellent local Cuban restaurant ”
    We visited the very cool Valle de la Prehistoria Park the other day, with some friends from nearby Baconao and it was a wonderful experience. We were amazed by the size of the park, as well as the size of the model dinosaur replicas that are scattered throughout. To top the day off, we had dinner with our friends at... More 

  • birdsofafeather1
    Review about Parks: Baconao Park
    Awfull Excellent

    “Nature! ”
    Great place to explore in the morning before it gets too hot. The locals really know some spots to see

  • birdsofafeather1
    Review about Parks: Baconao Park
    Awfull Excellent

    “Valle de la Prehistoria & Museo Nacional del Transporte. ”
    The Valle de la Prehistoria park is a fun place to bring children. The park is well maintained by friendly staff. There is a cafe on site. The nearby Museo Nacional del Transporte is not very interesting. You will see more old cars while standing on any Cuban street corner for 10 minutes. The one exception to this being the... More 

  • birdsofafeather1
    Review about Parks: Baconao Park
    Awfull Excellent

    “Car museum ”
    Absolutely wotrh seeng! A lot of old cars, in which you can seat and make a foto, and as a bonus a museum with tons of car models.

  • birdsofafeather1
    Review about Parks: Baconao Park
    Awfull Excellent
    Bernard H

    “Beautiful ”
    For families with children will love them.It has large stone animals such as dinosaurs and others, is also the small car museum and aquarium.