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  • Scuba Diving  Site and Center: Cayo Blanco Scuba Diving Center

    Cayo Blanco Scuba Diving Center, Trinidad. Cuba

    • Destination: Trinidad
    • Open: Daily
    • Address From: Cayo Blanco, Trinidad. Cuba
    • Telephone:
  • Description Scuba Diving Site and Center: Cayo Blanco Scuba Diving Center, Trinidad. Cuba

    Description of the Scuba-Diving Area
    The Ancón Península is just a few miles from the city of Trinidad. It is a narrow strip of land bordered by a sandy seabed containing patches of coral, ridges that reach heights of 16 feet (5 meters), tunnels, channels and other features, with concentrations of Black Coral (Antipathes salix), a wide range of sponges, gorgonians, Common Sea Fans (Gorgonia spp.) and tropical fish.

    Vessels Description: one 41 -f oot ship Capacity per day: 20 pax Number of departures per day: 2

    Services Types of dives: reef, wall and night Scuba-diving courses: resort and all other level, including specialties Equipment rental
    Useful Information Number of diving sites: 21 International certif ication: ACUC
    Accommodations: : Ancón and Trinidad del Mar Hotels
    Other information: You must present your passport before scuba diving.
    Recommended Diving Sites Los Cabezos de María AguiIar. Los Túneles de Leonid. El Pesquero Barcos Hundidos

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  • Cayo Blanco Scuba Diving Center is located in Trinidad
  • As if it were stagnant in time, Trinidad gives the visitor the extraordinary charms of a vivacious museum-city embedded between the sea and the mountain. Trinidad comprises an area of 1 165Km2 and it is located to the center-south of Cuba, facing the Caribbean Sea, in the mountainous skirts of Guamuahaya or Escambray Mountains, belonging to the province of Sancti Spíritus. You can get there by roads that connect it with the rest of the country, and it has an airport for small and medium size airplanes.

    Proclaimed World Heritage by UNESCO in 1988, the old Villa de la Santísima Trinidad founded in the 16th century shows togeher with its multiple architectural values, a wealth of traditions and cultures where Hispanic and African traits are combined. A culture of craftsmanship and ceramics has been transmitted notably from generation to generation. In this area the gentle atmosphere of small cities reigns, where the creative capacity and their residents' wisdom have contributed to preserve from the past their most important values.

    Together with historical and cultural values of the territory, the attractiveness of the mountainous Escambray area, its beaches and the beauties of its sea bottoms, as well as its people's hospitality, are the particular features of this city. Trinidad is one of those cities that invites you to travel all around them. Its museums, squares and stone-paved streets make it possible to go back in time. Once in the territory you are invited to know the symbolic Manaca- Iznaga Tower, from where you can see the Valley of the Sugar Mills; Ancón and María Aguilar beaches, Caburní Waterfall, the Cave of the Skulls and Zaza Lake, host of periodic trout fishing tournaments. To visit its nearby keys among which Key Blanco of Casilda stands out are of great interest for those who are keen in the art of deep diving.

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    There is a scuba-diving centre on the Ancón Peninsula, just outside the city of Trinidad. Throughout the area, as far as Blanco Cay, the narrow insular shelf has a sandy bottom with patches of coral and ridges up to 16 feet (five meters) high, tunnels, channels and other features. There are around 40 species of coral, plus sponges of a wide variety of colors and shapes.