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Antonio Maceo Square Squares, Santiago de Cuba. Cuba

The Major General Antonio Maceo Grajales Plaza was created to give the city a place for different socials, politicals and cultural activities given along the urban and demographic growth. This space identifies itself by a series of great monuments to perpetuate the memory of our heros, represented by the well known figure of the Bronze Titan, as well as in
one transcendental historic feat, known as the most glorious of our History: the Baraguá Protest.

The work is formed by the equestrian statue of Antonio Maceo and other 23 metal elements which symbolizes the mambí (Cuban independence fighters) machete. In its interior it keeps the first holographic exhition shown in our country on a permanent basis, in a hall that gathers the holograms of Maceo´s personal belongings, drawings and parts of his correspondence

Mapa de Antonio Maceo Square

Antonio Maceo Square is located in Santiago de Cuba

It limits to the north with the province of Holguín; to the west with Granma; to the south with the Caribbean Sea, and to the east with the province of Guantánamo. The province covers a total area of 6 343 21 , Km². You can get here through Antonio Maceo International Airport, also by road from any other part of Cuba, or by sea ─in this last case, requesting the services from Punta Gorda Marina.

Two particular features characterizes Santiago de Cuba that make it exceptional: its hospitality, with people of happy and relaxed temperament and its rich historical-cultural wealth. Its Caribbean identity is evident in its popular music and in folklore manifestations. It depicts the title of Heroine City of the Republic of Cuba for the role carried out by its inhabitants in the revolutionary struggle during the decade of 1950. Privileged by its historical past, in Santiago de Cuba there are two of the Cuban places distinguished by UNESCO with the title of World Heritage: the San Pedro de la Roca Castle and the ruins of the first French coffee plantations in La Gran Piedra. The Santa Ifigenia cemetery , the 26 of July Historical Museum and the Siboney Farm, are places indissolubly linked to the history of Cuba.

Cayo Granma and Baconao Park (Biosphere Reserve) also part of the attractiveness of this region. As a tourist destination, Santiago de Cuba, combines excellent possibilities for the enjoyment of beaches, city and nature tourism for to the places of interest in those three scenarios.

For those who arrive in Santiago de Cuba, there are diverse lodging options in the city and in its surroundings, linked as much to the sea as to nature. With a variety of categories and levels of comfort, it will always be a guarantee for the visitors looking for harmony and soothing rest. There are other things, among so many, that make people from Santiago proud: to be the birthplace, par excellence, of almost all the musical genres of Cuba, a country where the music is soul and root; also, the carnivals that every month of July take place here, are the most spectacular in the country; as well as their rum, the well-known Fiestas del Fuego and the already traditional Festival of the Caribbean.

The region of Santiago de Cuba has the necessary infrastructure to encourage tourism of events and congresses; it also has in its mountainous and seafaring environment the conditions to develop nature and adventure tourism, trekking, nautical activities, and health tourism. But there is nothing better than walk its undulating and narrow streets loaded with history and music at the same time.

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Review about Squares: Antonio Maceo Square
Excellent Enrique

Revolutions Square
This imposing square resides in the very heart of the city and contains the massive equestrian statue of the much-loved 19th-century patriot Antonio Maceo (Antonio de la Caridad Maceo y Grajales - 1845 to 1896). The steel spikes which surround the statue symbolise the determination of the Cubans to gain independence

Average Whitters80

“An over blown but symbolic square ”
It's huge... It's impressive on that scale. The money used to make it could have fed a thousand Cubans , but for what it is and what it represents is important for the older generations. See it at sunrise to see it in glorious colors.

Average Melania_Ann

“Big metal structure and concrete block ”
This is a good meeting place because it seems to be central. Lots of traffic going all around and there is not much shade or any place to sit. I remember sitting on the side of the curb because I was tired of being in the heat all day.

Average Lostyeti73

“Ok picture stop. ”
Stopped here for half hour during a visit to the city to take a few pictures 10 minutes would have been plenty as there is very little to keep you.

Average TamT30

“Ok for photos ”
Good opportunity for photos. I personally am not a huge fan of statues though. The landscape layout of the space is nothing special.

Very good 683denisd

“Photo opportunity ”
A 'must do' I suppose and certainly photogenic. But you will be hassled by every kid of tout so don't linger long if you value your sanity.

Very good Alexandre G

“Cuban History ”
Our taxi driver brought us there when we visited Santiago. It`s a huge site for gatherings. It`s a nice place to see but you don`t spend half a day there

Very good Jimtraj

“Something different ”
A quite large square with an imposing statue of patriot Antonio Maceo surrounded by huge "machetes" showing the determination of Cuban people to seek independence as our guide said. Near our Hotel Melia. Worth to visit.

Very good meagsme

“Typical Revolution Square ”
Santiago de Cuba?s Revolution Square is well worth a photo stop. As with all of Cuba?s Revolution Squares, it is an expansive space with an impressive monument. The statue is Antonio Maceo on his horse and the spikes represent machetes. The space was tidy and well-maintained. There's a museum underneath, but we didn?t visit this so cannot comment.

Very good binrat69

“Interesting Area ”
I enjoy this however best to visit early in the day, with so much going on, and much to see, best in cooler temps.

Excellent Mary38677

“Another Revoluntionary square ”
Build to remember Cuban history .Having seen many on our Revoluntionary tour around Cuba I did find this one of the best .You can imagine Castro addressing the people on mass .The amazing sculpture is a reminder of the struggle the Cubans had ,both in the past and the recent past .

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