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Ancon Beach Beaches, Trinidad. Cuba

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  • Trinidad. Cuba
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Sancti Spiritus province is located near the center of the Isle of Cuba, about 350 km. from Havana City. It has one of the most promising areas for tourist development in the island: its southern region, which comprises the municipality of Trinidad. There can be found Ancón Peninsula: a stretch of dry land bordering Casilda’s Inlet. The peninsula begins in a place to the southeast of the town of Trinidad.

12 km. south of Trinidad, got its name from a black rock on Punta María Aguilar that once served as a landmark for sailors. Because it seemed to resemble the leg of a horse, it was nicknamed Ancón (hind leg). Ancón is deemed the largest beach on the south coast of Cuba, with its 4 km. of medium-grain cream-colored sand that slopes gently into a beach of clear blue-green waters.

Ancón beachThe seabed has a rugged surface dropping steeply at a depth of 18 to 20 mt. Ancón has a warm, little changing weather throughout the year, with an average annual temperature of 26,3 ºC and a relative humidity of 74 %, the water mean temperature ranges from 24 ºC to 28 ºC. Being located on the South Coast it isn’t affected by the heavy waves that hit the beaches on the North Coast.

There is a wide variety of invertebrates, standing out among them the various species of coral beds and sponges that reach high values due as much to their diversity as to their profusion. There are also numerous kinds of fish dwelling in the coral reefs that along with other species represent a compelling complement to deep-sea diving and submarine photography

Mapa de Ancon Beach

Ancon Beach is located in Trinidad

As if it were stagnant in time, Trinidad gives the visitor the extraordinary charms of a vivacious museum-city embedded between the sea and the mountain. Trinidad comprises an area of 1 165Km2 and it is located to the center-south of Cuba, facing the Caribbean Sea, in the mountainous skirts of Guamuahaya or Escambray Mountains, belonging to the province of Sancti Spíritus. You can get there by roads that connect it with the rest of the country, and it has an airport for small and medium size airplanes.

Proclaimed World Heritage by UNESCO in 1988, the old Villa de la Santísima Trinidad founded in the 16th century shows togeher with its multiple architectural values, a wealth of traditions and cultures where Hispanic and African traits are combined. A culture of craftsmanship and ceramics has been transmitted notably from generation to generation. In this area the gentle atmosphere of small cities reigns, where the creative capacity and their residents' wisdom have contributed to preserve from the past their most important values.

Together with historical and cultural values of the territory, the attractiveness of the mountainous Escambray area, its beaches and the beauties of its sea bottoms, as well as its people's hospitality, are the particular features of this city. Trinidad is one of those cities that invites you to travel all around them. Its museums, squares and stone-paved streets make it possible to go back in time. Once in the territory you are invited to know the symbolic Manaca- Iznaga Tower, from where you can see the Valley of the Sugar Mills; Ancón and María Aguilar beaches, Caburní Waterfall, the Cave of the Skulls and Zaza Lake, host of periodic trout fishing tournaments. To visit its nearby keys among which Key Blanco of Casilda stands out are of great interest for those who are keen in the art of deep diving.

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Review about Beaches: Ancon Beach
Excellent Lilie

Ancon Beach
Playa Ancon is one of the contenders for best beach in Cuba, and its powdery white sand beaches and pristine aquamarine waters make it a very popular tourist destination. Playa Ancon has plenty of isolated stretches of beach area as most of the locals and tourists go to Varadero and Cayo Largo. This beach resort is also popular because it is very close to Trinidad, which makes it possible to explore Trinidad while staying at a beautiful beach resort. Playa Ancon is especially popular among divers, and boasts a large number of dive operators and diving schools set up in the region. Most hotels in Playa Ancon will be able to arrange a diving or snorkelling expedition to one of the thirty dive sites located offshore of Playa Ancon. The best dive spot is reputed to be the Cayo Blanco, which is considered to be one of the best dive locations in the world. It is also possible to go on a seafari exhibition, where visitors can get Playa Ancon culturea glimpse of the underwater life with a boat trip that includes lunch and snorkelling. Getting to Playa Ancon is relatively simple as the area is accessible by road and by sea. Interested visitors can choose to drive down in their own automobile or take a taxi into town. Some people choose to cycle to Playa Ancon, if they are staying in one of the nearby beach resorts

Excellent Evin

Playa Ancon
The beautiful white-sand beaches along the Ancon Peninsula are one of Trinidad's major tourist draws, with Ancon Beach (the Playa Ancon) probably the best known, boasting newly built resorts and water sports facilities. Beaches near the less touristy and more traditional La Boca fishing village are just a short trip from town and much quieter.

Very good Bruce

Snorkelling trip
From the beach, you can get on a yacht and go snorkelling in the middle of the sea. It is a wonderful feeling, although I was worried about the reef looking a little unvivid! Our guides dived and dived in the water before we got to our station, and boy did we have fresh lobster for lunch.

Very good Hillary

Day at the beach
About 12km awy from Trinidad you will find Playa Ancon, a beautiful, white sanded beach surronded by tall palmtrees. The clear blue water is warm and has good snorkeling facilities. However, you might not see alot of marinal action because of alga, which occationally float around in large numbers. From Trinidad you can take a coco taxi to the beach. Make sure you bring your own picknick as there is only one foodstand on the beach and they often don’t have anything else than bread. The hotels located on the beach, do have a wide variety of snacks and beverages unfortunatley they are reserved for hotel guests.

Excellent Beth

Beach Paradise
Playa Ancon, located on Peninsula de Ancon, is a beautiful clean beach located approximately 20 minutes by car from Trinidad. You can take a taxi; we paid 6.00 CUC total fare each way and were able to split the cost by sharing a cab with two other travellers we met. You can use the entire beach for free. The beach is absolutely gorgeous, and was my favorite of all the beaches we visited while in Cuba. It was quiet, and there weren't many tourists so we found privacy easily. The water was crystal clear, ultra-warm and very calm, expansive and sea-green, and the beach was dotted with trees and bushes. We set up a blanket in the shade, swam all afternoon and watched the ocean sunset into the evening. Read more:

Very good Hanna

The beach
If the city centre, the great seafood, the incredible colonial atmosphear, the music on the street is note enough, trinidad has one more caracteristic that makes it great. Just 15 kilometers from the city centre there is a very nice beach: playa Ancon. The sand is white and the water is incredibly warm, a great place where to spend the day sunbathing.If you can, try to go on week end, the seaside will be more crowded but you will have the chance to have some contact with locals as it's not a beach just for tourists.It's an experience to see them singing and dancing after drinking some rum and coke on the beach and if you are male this will be one of the few chances you will have to have a chat with local girls as in the cities they are scared of police that may threat them if caught to walk or have a drink with a male tourist.

Very good AfromN

“So relaxing ”
There are better beaches in Cuba, but this is a good one and perfect when youre in need of some hours of relaxation. Its a 15 minutes ride in a taxi. There are bars at the beach and you can rent umbrella and some sunbeds. We went on a Tuesday, and the beach was far from crowded. A good day... More 

Very good krloscolon

“Great beach but get away before sun goes ”
We enjoy the beach, nice semi white sand and services. You can park the car close and for 1 cuc. Try to go before 6 as is a lot of jejenes ( some kind of blood suckers) and you will die itching. But is a nice beach.

Very good johnandpat88Montalla

“Great beach, 15 minutes from town! ”
The beach is clean, and the sand is lovely. All of the umbrellas and beach chairs are owned by the hotel so you have to pay $2 for the day. The snorkeling was good, but they are nearby reef has suffered in the recent past from hurricanes.

Excellent Carlina R

Since the weather was so amazing, so was the beach, there was security on site the keep an eye on the tourist. The Sunsets are golden, so, so beautiful. The beach was awesome, the water was clear and tranquil, I shall return!!!

Excellent Anna S

“romantic beach ”
Thea calm and clean sea. The service from the bars. A problem to become a toilet. The sunbeds and umbrellas-

Excellent Hailsk2411

“Beautiful beach ”
Beach was stunning, water was warm and no-one bothered us. Cafe with endless drinks was right next to us and the hotel ancon the other side for toilets and restaurant. Sunset was stunning - the perfect end to the day.

Excellent PeterR495EH

“Clean white sands ”
Just a short ride on the special bus or by taxi brings you to this beautiful beach with its white sand and clear waters. all the facilities you would expect but still very quiet. not to be missed when visiting Trinidad.

Excellent Ge0rdieJamie

“Felt like a big warm lake ”
Very beautiful, peaceful and less biting insects than the north coast! Sea is just stunning here.....

Excellent nathalie n

“The best beach in Cuba! ”
The best beach in Cuba! Even better than Varadero. Also the beach at La Boca is great (because of the cuban people there)

Excellent Gbearhan

“Great Beaches ”
Whether you want sun tanning, swimming, snorkeling or diving, Peninsula Ancon is a great place. The three hotels are reasonable enough for Cuba. If you want to experience local Cuban life, stay in one of the many Casa Particular or Hostals in Trinidad or Play La Boca. From the beaches at the hotel you can see the dive boat going... More 

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