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  • Interesting Places: Los Buchillones

    Los Buchillones, Ciego de Avila. Cuba

    • Destination: Ciego de Avila
    • Open: Daily
    • Address From: Los Buchilloes. Ciego de Avila. Cuba
    • Telephone:
  • Description Interesting Places: Los Buchillones, Ciego de Avila. Cuba

    The archaeological place "The Buchillon, located on the north coast of the province of Ciego de Avila, includes two archaeological sites:" Punta Buchillon "and" Laguna", precisely there, from the archaeological research carried in recent years appeared a collection of pieces of wood (400 to date), made up primarily in guayacan and ebony, presumably made by Arawacan groups, farmers and potters, with the generic term subtaínos, that settled in the archaeological area mentioned above. The variety of pieces is a real novelty in the field of the archeology of arawacan groups, it includes beautiful cemís, dujos, spatulas, offering trays, also tripled the number of pieces of wood (of all cultural groups) so far found in Cuba and beyond those found in all the islands that make up the Greater Antilles, also by their isolation. One of the most spectacular finds of Buchillon are the remains of an ancient Aboriginal huts, something unprecedented in the region and an invaluable scientific and cultural. This site was declared a Protection Zone on December 25th 1979

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  • Car rental offices next to Los Buchillones
  • Moron Ciudad Car rental officeMoron Ciudad Car rental office

    Ciudad de Moron. Ciego de Avila
    033502222 35km 199m

    Avenida Tarafa  Car rental officeAvenida Tarafa Car rental office

    Avenida Tarafa. Ciego de Avila
    033502115 35km 930m

    Hotel Moron  Car rental officeHotel Moron Car rental office

    Hotel Moron. Avenida Tarafa. Moron
    033502028 36km 507m

    Hotel Moron  Car rental officeHotel Moron Car rental office

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    033502010 36km 527m

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  • Hotel Las  Dunas - V. Clara Currency Exchange Hotel Las Dunas - V. Clara Currency Exchange

    Martí No.152 e/ Calixto García y Camilo Cienfuegos
    (5342) 350380 40km 351m

    Hotel Ensenachos Currency Exchange Hotel Ensenachos Currency Exchange

    Cayería Norte
    (5342) 350353 41km 307m

  • Los Buchillones is located in Ciego de Avila
  • It covers an area of 6910 square km (2670 square miles) and has a population of only 500,000, accounting for the lowest population density in the country. Seventy-two percent of its soil is of top quality, and 82 percent of the territory consists of a gently rolling plain. Most of the buildings in its capital city have large porticos, arcades, columns and tiled roofs. The city's main artery is Independencia (Independence) Avenue, on which you will find the Principal Theater, the Raúl Martínez Art Gallery, the José Martí Park, San Eugenio de la Palma (the city's patron saint) Cathedral and a large number of shops, cafeterias and restaurants. The city's traditional arts and crafts fairs are very popular.,

    The province has large reserves of underground water and many mirror-like lakes, among which the best known are the Laguna de la Leche and La Redonda lake. Its two most important cities are Ciego de Avila, the provincial capital, and Morón, where rural traditions are deeply rooted.,

    The pineapple, the queen of fruits, is the symbol of this region.