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Deauville Hotel, Havana City Cuba. 3 stars.

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  • Destination: Havana City
  • Address: Galiano esq/ Malecon.Ciudad Habana.
  • Phone: 537 8668148
  • Accept child:Yes
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  • Description: Deauville Hotel Cuba

    The Deauville Hotel, located in the heart of Havana and across from the famous Malecón Avenue (seaside promenade). It is 15 kilometers away from José Martí International Airport. The establishment is considered the best option for vacationers interested in learning about the peculiarities of the city, founded more than 500 years ago. Located between the neighborhoods of Old Havana and El Vedado, that privileged location allows guests to be just a few minutes away from major tourist, social and cultural centers in the Cuban capital, in addition to providing tranquility and peace amid the city

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    110 volt power
    220 volt power
    air conditioning
    balcony or terrace
    handicap facilities
    hot and cold running water
    private bath
    safety deposit box
    Satellite TV
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    beauty salon, bell boy, board games, buffet, car rental, cyber cafe, grill, gym, massage, money exchange, motorized water sports, multi-language staff, Piano bar, post office, Reception 24 hrs., safety deposit box in room, satellite tv, sauna, Solarium, swimming pool, taxis, tennis courts, theme Restaurants, tourism bureau,

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    Review about Deauville Hotel
    Average Gilbert

    no, it is no good
    The Deauville Hotel, located in the heart of Havana and across from the famous Malecón Avenue (seaside promenade). It is 15 kilometers away from José Martí International Airport. The establishment is considered the best option for vacationers interested in learning about the peculiarities of the city, founded more than 500 years ago. Located between the neighborhoods of Old Havana and El Vedado, that privileged location allows guests to be just a few minutes away from major tourist, social and cultural centers in the Cuban capital, in addition to providing tranquility and peace amid the city's noise.

    Awfull Stat2

    “Truly awful hotel with great guests and staff ”
    Quite honestly one of the worst places I've ever stayed and I'm pretty easy going and laid back when it comes to hotels. Lift doesn't work, check in takes ages, air con is erratic at best ( this is Cuba so that's par for the course) curtains hanging off the rails and wouldn't close, no hot water for the entire week, food poor and sporadic (pickled unrefrigerated chicken for breakfast) and cockroaches in the bathroom, shower and toilet filthy etc etc. However location is great right on the Malecon and the bar is full of the type of crazies that make Cuba about the most fun place in the world. As soon as I moved out of the hotel and into the casa particular next door and got hot water, great food and an intro from my charming Cuban host Havana became a fave place to be! Save your cash for the Casa particulars.

    Awfull Hugh C

    “Hotel Bellevue Deauville Havana ”
    Hotel Bellevue Deauville Havana, unless you wish for a vile room in which your valuables will be stolen by the staff themselves and then when making a complaint about being robbed getting surrounded by armed guards and kicked out for having no money cause they robbed it I suggest you never stay here!!! There are many Casas in the area with excellent people who will look after you and your stuff , feed you and provide a much higher quality room than this hotel at a much cheaper price!

    Awfull Deri_12

    “Spectacularly bad ”
    We spent two nights at this place, bookending a tour of Cuba. To be fair it is spectacularly positioned right on the Malecon, but to get the best views, and avoid the noise, you need a room on an upper floor, which makes you dependent upon the lift from hell. The Bellevue Deauville gives you the typical Cuban experience- blocked toilets, mostly cold showers, crumbling building, indifferent food, chaotic service. You can learn to live with this in many hotels that have redeeming features, but this hotel is seedy, dangerous and largely indifferent to it's 'guests'. If you do find yourself booked there: get a mid floor room, away from the basement disco (until 3 a.m.) and all night street party. Make sure it is sea view as the alternative is a view of a concrete wall. Watch out for that lift. Not only does the floor feel insecure but the door has no sensors to prevent it closing on you and/or your luggage. Also allow extra time as it is often full. Avoid the hotel bar unless you want to be propositioned, and don't expect a glass with your drink. Otherwise, enjoy Havana. We did.

    Awfull Joseph B

    “I have been to Cuba more than 40 times. It is not so tuff to rate this place ”
    You would need the skills of Charles Dickens to properly describe this place however. I read the negative reviews and thought well, it is Cuba, what do people expect at $30 a night all inclusive in a communist economy. Up front? The staff were kind and tried their best but this place shoudl have been refurbished 30 years ago But ahhhhhh, I paid closer to $80 for a Bed and Breakfast booking. I booked the Deauville because there was no other hotel room free in Havana. I had booked my preferred Hotel through an online reservation service called Cubaism and my airline tickets direct with the airline. I received word 48 hours later that the hotel I had booked was no longer available. Then I went to Travel Republic to save the day and find me ?any? hotel in Havana. What good can I say good BREAKFAST Breakfast foods were adequate. Each morning there was fresh orange juice; at least three fruits to choose from; sliced salami type meats; sliced cheeses; choice of boiled or prepared eggs and omelets; good quality breads; butter; jams; and somewhat poor coffee. The downside The breakfast tables were pretty much filthy. The three waiters appeared more engaged in chatting with each other or networking with the steady stream of hotel staff in for their morning snacks than in having any contact with either the hotel guests or doing any actual work. Then at $20 a\ month who can blame them. The gentleman preparing the omelets and the older lady bring out the foods appeared both to be very conscientious and I made sure to tip both What I found really off-putting Hotel staff coughing and hacking their way through the buffet layout. BEDROOMS The cleaning ladies were considerate and did their very best. I left without tipping them which was one of the few times in my life I have never tipped hotel chamber maids. It certainly was not meant to reflect on their services. It was a 4:00 a.m. departure and I was rattled. I left my iPod charger which is not much of a consolation prize. It is pretty hard to do much with mattress pads that lost any hint of elasticity 20 years ago or with flat sheets that barely covered the mattress. Roll over a couple of times and the bedding is wrapped around you. CLOSET There was a closet which was lit and had lots of hangers and a few drawers, certainly adequate for one person for a short stay FLOORING Terrazzo meaning that while it was dated and not comfortable to walk on could and certainly appeared to be properly cleaned. I took great care not to spill anything on it. ROOM SIZE The room was one of the largest in the hotel as per floor plans so it was certainly quite spacious TELEVISION The televisions were very small and very old. Picture quality was decent and there was a fine selection of TV channels. It would have been nice to have a listing of available channels and language listings ELEVATORS There was one elevator working (at times) for fourteen floors. This was a combination service elevator, freight elevator, and guest elevator for 144 rooms. My room had three beds but I have no idea what its occupancy limits of the hotel might be. Certainly the hotel needed at least three working elevators to even be mildly functional. I watched one morning as guests lugged their luggage down thirteen flights of stairs when the electricity went. I can't imagine that they would have had the energy to go back to their rooms for a shower to freshen up. They would have been quite ?ripe? from their efforts when they got to wherever they were going. The floor of the elevator itself was anything but level. It was badly damaged but you really would not want to look too carefully as the tattered linoleum covering might have been all that was between you and and a 100 foot drop. FIRE ESCAPE The staircase It appeared open to the lobby with perhaps a 36? safety rail. If there were to be a significant fire death would be pretty fast. VIEWS They could be spectacular except the windows appear not to have been washed in quite some time. Imagine looking through the bottom of a glass ashtray that had not be cleaned in a very long time. CURRENCY EXCHANGE They can't / don't even make change in Cuban currency let alone provide currency exchange. NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL PHONE There was no phone service at reception and certainly none in the rooms. They had a sign up in the reception area apologizing for the lack of telephone service. WAKE UP SERVICE There was no wake up service. I had an early morning flight at 7:00 a.m. meaning that I had to leave for the airport at 4:30. I asked and was promised a wake up but luckily my alarm clock worked as there was certainly no wake up. TAXIS DESK I had asked for and been promised a taxi at 4:30 a.m. Right. They called a cab (friend I assume) after I checked out and I wasn't sure whether either the car or I could survive the 20 minute drive. COMPLETE BATHROOM There was a shower and at one time during a 6 day stay the water was borderline warm. The hose dangled off a wall bracket that hand one screw meaning that you had to hold it in your hand. They took dexterity. There were clean towels and there was soap and the maid showed me how to turn on the bathroom light. ROOM LIGHTING There were ceiling lights, neither of which produced much light. No lights on the night stands. Getting up in the middle of the night to use a bathroom was a challenge. DISABLED FACILITIES They don't even have a ramp up from the street. You need to be fairly agile to navigate from a taxi to the lobby. DRAPES They didn't quite cover the windows so if the sun was shining you were certainly aware that it was shining DESK There was one but it faced a wall and with no lighting was not much use except for storage. SWIMMING POOL It looked quite lovely but I saw nobody doing any water testing so thought it was better to err on the side of caution and I never put a toe into it. I did see one person swim a little in it one day during my six day stay. LOUNGE CHAIRS in pool area They looked to be quite nice. I decided to check them out but the fabric had stretched so much from wear / sun / whatever that if you actually tried to lie down on one, your body would be on the three two inch support beams which would create grievous pain in a very short time. I saw people do it however. How? I truly have no idea. They did not appear comatose. INTERNET I got it to work the first day and managed to get out three short email in perhaps 30 minutes. The next day GMAIL; YAHOO; and Facebook froze my accounts because they detected system compromise. How to work around? I have no idea. I managed to get it restored in Canada NOISE I was on the 12th Floor. The street nosie was simply unbelieveable and I am a very sound sleeper I would avoid Havana if this hotel were my only option.

    Awfull Catejones

    “Avoid this hotel ”
    Luckily we were only in this hotel for one night. It was lacking in the basic comforts including bedside lamps but the worst part was when one of the people we were travelling with was stuck in the elevator for an extended period.

    Awfull rsw331

    “they had no record of my reservation and was booked full ”
    this also happened to people arriving shortly after me, not a funny situation when you have just got off a long flight. they were unhelpful. i reserved my booking with cuba travel network. do not use this website

    Awfull gingerSanFrancisco

    “BAD - Creepy”
    To say that this hotel is run down is a real understatement. I slept in fear that the large piece of hanging plaster would fall on my head during the night. In the morning the material used instead of a pillow was falling out of the case. It was a kind of yellow gauze. I didn't explore further. One elevator working but noisy. This is probably the worst hotel I've stayed in. Would give it a Zero.

    Awfull bill a

    “5 star rudeness ”
    The staff are indifferent ,rude ,especially the French manager . The internet is 6 dollars to use ,my card was faulty and did not work the staff agreed . The manger refused to replace it said I had to pay for another card if i wanted to use the internet or take it up with the manufacturer.!! The disco down stair is full of very persistant hookers'. The surrounding streets are a bit of a dive be very carefull at night. Avoid !!

    Awfull Rodzim

    “Avoid! ”
    Lived in this hotel for two nights. The room are shabby and the personal are very ignorant. When I was about to check out they fixed so that one old lamp in the room was brooken and made my pay 38 dollars for it. It was an obious trick to make me pay more money and they even claimed that the shabby old lamp was a new one. Nice view and close to the tourist areas but it's not worth staying here. The hotel-crew are lying, ignorant and rude. Avoid!

    Poor Hussein J

    “Bed and Breakfast - Overnights Only!! ”
    I stayed at this hotel in Feb 2014 for an overnight stay in Havana as part of a tour. This hotel was described as a four-star hotel, although Gran Caribe (hotel operator) rates it as three. At best I'd say its a two-star hotel. Its in old Havana, which makes everything old. I liked the location of the hotel, which is walking distance to the hospital and Case de la Musica. The hotel has a nice pool on the 6th floor. There is also a disco in the hotel, which allows locals in to party- so it was busy on a Tuesday night. The neighbourhood was quiet and safe. The hotel restaurant offers basic meals at reasonable prices. They did not have ketchup or tabasco my meal was fairly bland. The hotel did not have a working elevator and my room was on the 8th floor, so I climbed it many times during my stay. Most hallways do not have lights either, so it was quiet dark to walk at night. My group had older adults with mobility problems, so the stairs was hard for them. The staff were friendly, although they didn't go above and beyond. Nor did they assist in any of the challenges we had as a group. There was limited air conditioning in the hotel. I wouldn't personally stay at this hotel again, although if I needed a cheap place to stay for the night in Havana - this would be a decent place.

    Poor IvarNora

    “Worn down ”
    Once probabaly a wonderful place, facing the sea near Old Havana. But now it is overpriced and worn down. First we were offered rooms facing huge walls - you could probably have touched when opening the window. The pool area had very load music vibrating through several floors, but ended at 7 pm. Dinner included in the price was spartan.

    Poor b o

    “Location is all that is going for this hotel ”
    This hotel is fine if you are not planning on being anywhere near it or the staff for your stay This hotel is very basic all round. The rooms are a little depressing. The breakfast seems to be recycled so the only thing safe is the bread and fried eggs. The staff are not very helpful and are borderline rude. Also we were scammed by one of their employees (Leo) when we met them on the street, He recognised us from when we arrived the night before, invited us for a drink which we ended up footing the bill. Reception didn't seem to care when we made a complaint.

    Poor Ilse D

    “Good location, big rooms, no charm whatsoever”
    Located at the Malecon, it has huge rooms. Breakfast is quite varied for Cuba. However, the hotel has no charm whatsoever and is totally decrepit. Warm water is a surprise. Sometimes you get lucky, mostly you don't... There is a swimming pool but you're not allowed after 6 o'clock, witch is a bit early.

    Poor rvalen

    “Don't expect much”
    The usual for Cuba, overbooked the first night and taken to another in the hotel chain that was almost less than basic. Deauville was only slightly better. Smoke from other rooms coming in from air condiioner opening on inside wall. No hot water, warm occasionally. Very smokey lobby and bar. (Can you tell I'm asthmatic?) Crazy busy desk clerks, food only passable. Only one elevator working with the most abysmal flooring I've seen since a seedy hotel in the seventies. Look for something better. Housekeeping was good...view of the malecon...

    Poor mimiMexico_df

    “Tough to rate, it's Cuba! ”
    Good points: you see the Malecon, if you have a room with ocean view... Amazing! Breakfast is included Good maid service Clean room Has a pool area Bad points: only two elevators for 13 floor hotel, and one is out of order. The one that gives service, is about to collapse! The floor is falling, the walls are separating! I'm not joking!! Hot water to take a shower? Why?? Forget it! (I guess you don't need it in the Caribe) but you should have a sense of humor when you read that the water is 50 degrees! Terrible coffee... Bring your napkins, it's an achievement to obtain one. Very low maintenance, or none whatsoever. Forget about Internet, it's better for you to understand that you won't be able to communicate that way.

    Poor Kellie L

    “Pool and view the only reason to stay at Hotel Deauville.”
    I traveled to Cuba with my 14 year old daughter. Our first nights in Cuba were spent here. We were given a terrible room, dark and facing the window of another room. We left a cockroach (splattered by my shoe) on the wall for the cleaning staff. We were told there were no other rooms. After tipping the desk clerk we got a room facing the ocean on the 12th floor. This room was made better by the view only. We had more cockroaches here. There were prostitutes in the lobby, seen going up the elevator to rooms, daytime and night. Breakfasts were the only meals we ate here. We did find food we could eat, but nothing we ever want to eat again. Our toilet over flowed and it took 3 calls to get someone in to fix it and clean up. (About 8 hours time.) The best thing about the hotel was the swimming pool. There were many reasons why I was unhappy with having my daughter stay here. I'm not an overly critical person, and I can generally cope with any situation. The Deauville, while I think over priced for what you get, isn't a total write off, because of the pool and the view/location. I can handle the broken furniture, broken lamps, holes in the shower tiles and patio doors that don't lock. Its the Caribbean, there are going to be cockroaches. Compiled with everything about this hotel, it lessened our first hotel experience in Cuba. We stayed in a few other hotels after here and nothing felt as yucky as this. I am returning to Cuba soon, but I won't be staying here.

    Poor Karina U

    “Location the only advantage ”
    I have stayed in deauville for 1 night only in June. We were catching flight next day so decided to go back to Havana for one more night. We were overcharged as the management has ignore email from our agent assuring of a discount. Instead of 22 pesos pp we paid 44 pesos pp. However, we made sure to get it back by leaving luggage at out friends room after we checked out ( they stayed for 2 nights), having shower in their room and chilling a bit before the flight. The rooms weren't clean and my friend who was with 9mth old baby was concerned. The biggest astonishment came when I went to the 1st floor to book Tropicana cabaret at the travel agent. One of the workers, overweight, long black hair, wearing scruffy uniform was keeping her fatty legs ON THE TABLE and eating dinner at the same time. She had the "I dont give a f" attitude and didn't took her legs off even when more guest arrived. Now there must be people in Havana who could do her job better. Avoid breakfast if poss, it was truly disgusting. Good points?: nice view and convenient for old Havana.

    Poor Igor Z

    “Fatality ”
    If you like the worst impressions get out of communism age, try it. Natural problem are lack of toilet paper, clean towels, tolerable food. Towels are similar to mop. Swimming pool looks like not cleaned for years. Rooms with fallen beds. Only advantage are: 1/ drink bar at hall (good coffee espresso and coctails: Cuba Libre, Pinacolada, Mojito (with white sugar, huh) and so on. 2/ additionally served food near swimming pool (European prices)

    Average Eoinduncan

    “Could do better”
    Stayed at the Deauville for 5 nights early June. Having read some grim reviews I wasn't expecting much. Lifts no problem although still only one working. Breakfast perfectly adequate. Room cleaned daily but no hot water for duration of stay fortunately given the climate this wasn't a great discomfort but my partner would have liked hot water to wash her hair. Reception area furniture needs replacing but for the price everything was just about OK. Couldn't get near the pool in the afternoon as it was hired out for kiddies birthday parties and other events for locals. Given my experience of Casa's in other areas I'd certainly recommend this option rather than stay at the Deauville, should you be on a limited budget. I booked casa's in Varadero and Vinales through Cubahoster for the rest of our holiday and this is definately the way to go.

    Average kittyluvs2travel

    “Used the pool and took the bus to Varadero ”
    This review is based on the pool and lobby bar only. I was in Cuba last May (I know a little late) for two weeks. We were a group of four girls staying at a resort in Varadero when one of my friend and I decided to break up the all-inclusive beach routine and head out to Havana for what was suppose to be for one day, fortunately, we brought a change of clothing including our beach stuff just in case we did decided on spending the night. We ended up paying $25CUC for the bus to go to Havana (approx. 2hrs away). We asked the bus driver, which hotel he recommends that has a pool, central and is affordable. He mentioned a few, but said to us to check out Hotel Deauville. He even dropped us off in front of the Hotel which was much appreciated since we are not familiar with the city. After speaking to one of the front desk personnel to see if there was any rooms available for the night, she recommended us to one of her friends who runs a casa particular just around the corner. So we decided to take a look and within 10minutes, a great girl name Natalia showed us her apt. and offer the place to us for $20 CUC. We were so impressed with the her place, clean, modern, full kitchen, living room, very private, and since it was just going for the night, we grad $20 spent. The next day we decided to go back to Hotel Deauville to arrange a bus back to Varadero and was told that is leaves every that point it was too late to leave on the same day, so we waited at the lobby bar deciding what to do next. So we sat at the lobby bar and the bartender made some of the best mojitos. As we continued to drink, we ran into the same women from last night and she came up to us to see how we liked her friends' place. We so happy to see her, that we asked her if it was possible to have Natalia's place for one other night since we missed the bus that goes to Varadero. I forgot her name, but she was amazing, she called and tracked down her friend so we were able to get her place for one other night, and she was nice enough to let us up to the pool on the 6th floor (amazing views) which we spent the afternoon, and had lunch there (I had a yummy tuna sandwich with a salad and of course, those amazing mojitos). She even arrange the bus back to Varadero for the next day. While at the pool, we asked some guest how they like the hotel and all seemed very happy with it. We noticed that there was a lot of locals using the pool for the day which may it more interesting. We would have definitely stay at the hotel, it was $40cuc a night with breakfast and of course, the use of the pool which is not very common at most Havanas' hotels. I can't comment on the room, but the staff were all very friendly, the lobby was nicely decorated, the pool and pool bar which also serves food is a definite worth a visit. All-in-all, my friend and I had an amazing time. It cost us the same as if we would have gone on one of those boring group excursions for the day. This way we were able to explore the city at our own pace and got to see the city by night. There's a great club just up the street called "Casa de Musica" which has great live authentic Cuban music and not to mention all the great cafes, restaurants, and shops that are reasonably priced close by to the Hotel.

    Average Maria H

    “Good compared to price! ”
    A good hotel compared to price (and Cuba in general). Close to the sea, where all the young, tourist and couples sit and listen to music in the evening. The breakfast was good ? again to Cuba standard! The rooms are clean and the staff is nice. Walking distance to Havana Central.

    Average Barbara7024

    “good location ”
    This hotel is really in a good location, directly on Malecon and close to Habana vieja. The rooms are really basic, it would be good to ask for rooms in upper floors, in order to avoid noises in the night. Breakfast quite good, beautiful bread!

    Average tinusfaasen

    “nice location ”
    This hotel has a very nice location, directly on the Malecon, old Havana within walking distance. The rooms are a bit outdated, worn-out. Breakfast was very basic. Quite annoying was the fact that one of the elevators wasn't working.

    Average Jbro90

    “Love it or hate it ”
    It's a nice place to stay a few nights. Location is gorgeous, just near the Malecon, accomodation is simple but OK and clean.. We have been there four times now, and will certainly return on our next trip. View from the 12th floor is fantastic.

    Average EtiennE111

    “Wonderful view... that's it. ”
    If you are lucky enough to get a room in the higher levels and with sea view, you should like your stay in this hotel. Just stay for max 3 nights... Bathrooms are real basic. The dancing club of the hotel is a place full of hookers, and the staff of the hotel gets his money of this buisness... But once you know it, nothing bad will happen to you if you don't look for it. Elevators can be a problem. Swimming pool is a gamble: once it's clean, once it's really dirty... to avoid when so. And obviously, in your room, always put all your belongings in the safe! And as in all cuban hotels, don't expect the front desk people to be nice or helpful...

    Average juanmsanchez

    “Pros and cons ”
    I chose this hotel for my last week trip to Havana with my wife and one more couple. I was trying to get something above the average (but not excessively expensive) but without a reasonable explanation everything was booked at least for one of the 5 days I stayed in Havana. So I found full availability on this one. The first impression was that it was located in a perfect spot: in front of the Malecon (we even received a room with a wonderful view to it) and very close to downtown. The second one was even better: it was absolutely cheap for what I expected to pay. So I realized that something should not go so good. When we arrived to the hotel, we found an absolute cold treatment from the front desk ladies (later, I would see that the two mid-30s-girls would rather see the movie on the bar tv instead of rushing to help a guest). Then we saw that only one of the two elevators was working (and immediately realized that the heavy door closes really fast and hits people in the arm when more than one person is walking into the elevator). The room was alright, clean but not fancy at all (not even "nice") but I could live with that for the price. The view was amazing, it's true. The location was great too, a few block away from "Paseo Marti" avenue and many attractions. The bar was ok but what I found really annoying is all the hookers (mostly females but also a couple of men and gays) walking freely around the lobby and bar as it was part of the hotel amenities. Whatever, I always tried to have my drinks somewhere else so my wife and friends couldn't help to drink at least one beer at the hotel bar before going to bed. If I fly to Cuba again, I would look for other options.

    Average Niki_Hun

    “Great Location ”
    I spent two nights at the hotel. The location is perfect just overlooking the Malecon. I managed to walk most places I wanted. Rooms are very basic, yeah water for shower is lukewarm. I am quiet fussy with food for me breakfast didn't appeal at all. But you can get an omlett as the rest is pretty basic. When you walk on the Malecon towards the fort on the right handside, at the end you will find a nice restaurant called Prado 12. Great coffee and food. Good prices, english menu, prices are in CUC and they speak English. As for Havana it is an amazing city but I traveled alone as a woman and it takes time to ignore men following you and telling you all sort of stuff they would never go further than talking to you but they are constantly. I didn't have a single calm moment. Be aware of people offering you cigars on the street or the scams for I will show you this and that..then all of them just say the same stuff they used to be teacher/guide...then they tell you they know a good restaurant La Familia...and they ask you to buy some milk ( I fell for the scam) and I did but probably they have a scam together with shop owner and I paid for milk far too much. When I told the story to Cubans..they were oh my God...that's too much. I suggest to visit Trinidad. Lovely town.

    Average Mollyhouse

    “All part of the holiday experience... ”
    It's as most people describe, pretty basic rooms but ours had a good view of the storm and high waves that coincided with our arrival. The second lift is still out of order and the floor in the working one is so springy you get the feeling that you might reach ground floor quicker than you expect. I got propositioned by a prostitute in the bar (either I've still got it or I look like a rich tourist. Hmm...). However, the staff were friendly and helpful and the breakfast was good. I've had worse in Europe.

    Average KeriBuenosAires

    “Great location, and ok for Havana ”
    As many other reviewers have pointed out, the Hotel Deauville is NOT the Ritz-Carlton. It's run down, and when I was there there was only one elevator working, which always sounded like it was about to die (it didn't). However, it does have an excellent location, both in terms of views and proximity to Old Havana. All rooms basically have ocean views, but only one side and the front rooms have balconies. I had a room on the 9th floor facing the ocean, and the view was great, but it was a bit noisy at night due to the people from the hotel's disco, who tend to hang out across the street. On the positive side, some of the 'noise' was actually live music, singing and playing. The higher the room, the better the view. There didn't seem to be much hot water, so brief showers are a must. The pool is on the 6th floor, and was pretty basic (and the water was cold). But it was a nice place to hang out if you wanted to get away from the city for a bit (and the bartenders were very nice). The breakfast was pretty average, but you could get an omelette made to order, and in general, there are lots of food options in the area. A real find was a restaurant called 'Castropol', which was a couple of blocks further long the Malecon (towards the old city). There was also a bar/lounge on the main level which had free entertainment in the evenings, including two fantastic flamenco dancers who did flamenco to rock music (awesome fusion).

    Average anibalza

    “Good Location ”
    This hotel is ideal for people who want to stay close to tourist attractions such as Old Havana and house music .. I stood there and I have recently seen that their quality has deteriorated, with broken elevators, rooms with some negative details. It is also a good place to be in relation to its location and price.

    Average manuch

    “Good, fair ”
    Good, cheap, not fancy, perfect location for old Havana and amazing views. Don?t expect luxury, but a good place to sleep, a fair breakfast and a breathtaking view of malecón. You?ll be fine in a place that?s like the Havana: not new, not flawless but enjoyable. I would stay here again.

    Average eastlondoners

    “Great staff, good price, could do with some renovation! ”
    I spent two nights here at the end of June 2012 on my own. Its very well located for the Malecon, which is great for a pleasant walk. The staff at the reception were very helpful indeed. When I found that I couldn't charge up my phone from my room, they did it on reception for me. I found the computers easy to use - you pay 6CUKs for a card that gives you an hour's use. It was fast and easy on the two occassions I used it, this may have been luck! The staff gave good advice about local cafes and places to go, too. If you turn left from the hotel there is a nice cafe on the Malecon called Neruda - after the poet- and I found it a good place to hang out. The pool is ok, too - good place to meet some local Cubans who sometimes come for the day. I managed to get a really good sandwich- not ham & cheese- but tuna salad!! Breakfast is quite good - the usual help yourself with a bee line for the chef cooking eggs in different ways. The views are good and room was ok. They could all do with some renovation, but the staff team and their helpful attitude compensated. The disco was fun - had been there twice on prvious stay in Habana with my partner

    Average andifis972

    “Drinks at The Bar give bad headaches for more 24hrs ”
    My room whenever I came back was very clean,with this purpose you should leave some tip 1CUC. Breakfast decent acording with Cubans standards,also leave tips.If you do not want be treated with rudeness you have to have in mind that wages are deplorables.Be nice and they will answer the same way... Warning: Do not take any drink made with rum in the Lobby Bar, since Ron is fake giving terrible headaches for more than 24Hrs.Its safer to have beers. Mi habitación siempre estaba muy limpia, con este propósito se debe dejar algo de propina 1CUC. Desayuno decente , también dejar tips.Si usted no quiere ser tratado con rudeza lo que tienes que tener en cuenta que los salarios son deplorables.Sea agradable y ellos responderán de la misma manera ... Advertencia: No tome ninguna bebida hecha con ron en el bar del vestíbulo, ya que Ron es falso dando terribles dolores de cabeza durante más de 24Hrs.Its más seguros para tener cervezas.

    Average GoOSUCowboys

    “Close, but no Cuban cigar ”
    If you want to stay in or near old Havana this is the only moderately priced choice. There are better hotels, but you will pay for it thanks to the monopoly one company has on downtown hotels. The Deauville is right on the Malecon, which is good, and it is about a 15 minute walk from Obispo where the tourist action is. The rooms would be "cheap motel" quality in the States, but in Cuba it's not bad. Expect slow and indifferent treatment at the desk and so-so meals if you eat in. But the location is good and the price is reasonable. Be aware that often only one of the elevators works. So, if you can get a room on the 6th floor or lower that is a plus. Sometimes it is just quicker to walk. Also be aware that the locals will hang out on the Malecon and both shout and sing literally all hours of the night. Blackout mask and ear plugs are both a good idea.

    Very good Derek000

    “Havana Hotel Deauville on the Malecon ”
    Very enjoyable experience,saw show Buena Vista Social Club, Also use hop on/off tour bus to tour Havana but especially Old Havana. Very interesting times there at this moment,well worth a visit. Really good visit,friendly people,no negatives on this trip.

    Very good Kristen S

    “Great, well priced hotel in Havana”
    The Deauville is really well located on the Malceon, close enough to the sights but far enough away that you can get away to relax. Roof top pool and bar = great after a long sweaty day in Havana!This hotel was really well priced and one of seemingly few mid price options. Havana has lots of expensive fancy hotels and some questionable looking hostels, so this was a great in the middle option. Not fancy, but that wasn't what we were expecting for this price! Would definitely stay here again.

    Very good Melliemou

    “Used teh hotel pool only, great place to catch the sun! ”
    We stay in a casa when in Havana so use some hotel pools. This one is 10cuc for the day with 7 of this going towards food and drink. The food is good, pizza very nice, good measures on drinks. The pool has the sun all day and without shade there is the risk of getting burned. Pleasant pool, music all day and busy with Cubans on a weekend. Very convenient for us and we will return next time.

    Very good Kim S

    “amazing view from the pool ”
    I stayed her for two nights with a groups of friends. The accommodation was basic and yes there were certain issues like the air conditioning plug and the window not closing properly. However, the rooms was spotlessly clean. The pool was nice and the view from the pool awesome. Breakfast was nice enough. We paid roughly £10 a night each here. You can't even camp for that most places in UK. For what I paid I got far more than I expected.

    Very good dizurik

    “Waking up every morning and being able to admire the sunrise over the Malecon is priceless. ”
    You can't rate a hotel in Cuba the sane way you would rate a hotel in Europe. The context is just not the same. The coffee machine never worked, one of the two lifts never worked, sometimes the phones didn't work, or there was no hot water... That said, the staff was always extremely kind and helpful, wether it was the cleaning lady or the receptionists. The room was always clean and breakfast was fine. Get a room on one of the upper floors looking east and you'll see why I spent 10 days there.

    Very good J L

    “Pirate ship in disguise ”
    Seriously if you get past the unusually high number of guests dressed as pirates and the slow internet you're onto a winner here. i arrived there on a Saturday night and was greeted by Cruella - she'll make you smile within the first 10 minutes of your stay - she's a diamond. But you do have to remember this is Cuba. So don't expect the service you get when you walk into the Savoy. It's brilliantly located right on the Malecon. I got a room on the 6th floor with a balcony overlooking it! You should know that the locals like to party all night so you either need to get so toasted that you sleep through it or wear ear plugs. I had 1 hot shower in 6 nights but didn't mind because of the heat in the room - had to sleep with the balcony door open. The breakfast buffet was abundant. The pool was a great place to jam in the day - they served up cold beer and pizza - what more can you want. The restaurant in the evening was like a funeral procession. I preferred to hang at the bar in the evening and eat some of the snack food they had there - or go out into the Obisbo. If you're really feeling brave head into the disco in the basement - you'll make the friends of your life there... I completely agree with Michael C. I think he stayed there same time as me. I think he was one of those pirate blokes I saw in the lift. Anyway get on board the ship and savour the atmosphere as it set sail into the sea!

    Very good Micheal C

    “Suited me ”
    I was there at the end of april, I read reviews about this place after the agent booked it and thought about changing..... I am so glad I did not. The Deauville is just fantastic, yes the shower fitting fell off the wall and hot water is rare, but the beer, staff and atmosphere was "Cuba". anyone that winges is just spoilt. I had internet card problems too, but it's just part of Cuba.....Yes there maybe the odd available girl in the disco , so do not go there...! They will not bother you if you do not wish, and they are not the drug ridden criminals we have at home. The views from the rooms are fantastic in a superior room and the food is great. the pool is clean and the pool side kitchen has the best burgers for a few dollars (cuc) And yes , give them a tip ! not much just the odd dollar as the wages are about $10 a week.... what would you do for that ? Also the streets are safe but if you wish, get a peddle bike or cab home for $2. They had spanish dancers and a good bunch of musicians in the bar area every afternoon for a few hours who just performed for a tip you may or may not give them........ for about $52 with a massive breakfast a night the Deauville is the best value, position and atmosphere. Or, stay in one of those up-market "Ritz" type places and you may as well have gone to Las Vegas. Regards, Mick. Australia.

    Very good kasian27

    “not so bad ”
    I was in this hotel in April. I arrived around midnight. Taxi from airport to hotel was 20 CUC and it's ordinary price. Of course I had to wait on reception, but I was prepared for it.After less then half of hour I got room on 10th flour. Room was quite spacious and clean,only with smell of the place which wasn't use for a longer time. Bathroom was enough clean with clean towels. In room there were electricity of 110 w and near AC with 220 w , of course, the plugs was Americans.But with adapter it's useful for people who come from Europa. Room was cleaned each day with new towels in bathroom. Self serves breakfast was abundant and enough good. Bar near lobby area is quite god, with cheaper drinks then in aether bars or restaurants near by. For three stars hotel in Cuba it's worth...don't forget it's Cuba....different minds...

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