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Rancho San Vicente Hotel, Pinar del Rio Cuba. 3 stars.

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  • $36.oo Per person
  • Destination: Pinar del Rio
  • Address: Km. 33, Carr. P. Esperanza, Vinales Pinar del Rio
  • Phone: 538) 79-6201
  • Accept child:Yes
  • Description: Rancho San Vicente Hotel Cuba

    This friendly and intimate resort, located among the mountains of the westernmost province of Cuba, will let you enjoy Nature at its best and improve your quality of life. The waters of the nearby River Saint Vincent are hypothermal and their mineral content is highly valued for therapeutic purposes. Several treatments are available, such as massage, mud therapy, sulphurous baths and others, designed especially to preserve and improve your health. The natural surroundings offer different activities for the ecologically minded, such as bird watching and photography and for the more audacious, trekking, canoeing in underground rivers and exploring caves. The resort is close to several rural communities dedicated to grow some of the best tobacco in the World; be sure to drop by and learn all about it.

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  • Room facilities
    110 volt power
    220 volt power
    air conditioning
    balcony or terrace
    handicap facilities
    hot and cold running water
    private bath
    safety deposit box
    Satellite TV
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    Review about Rancho San Vicente Hotel
    Average Omar

    viñale is unique
    Hotel Rancho San Vicente is located in the most typical environment of the San Vicente Valley, 5 kilometers from Vinales, on the banks of the river of the selfsame name (with mineral, medicinal and hypothermal properties).

    Awfull George W

    “I expected to bump into Grizzly Adams! ”
    What can one say? Well, nothing much! A long trek from the coach to my wooden cabin. It was dark, smelt musty and wholly uninviting. Could it get worse? Well, yes.There was no plug for my sink (I think no one had a plug!). The bracket holding the shower head was broken and a shower was rather difficult. It was also a leap of faith as the water was never more than tepid. There was a TV in the room which received only Spanish speaking programmes. The bed, in common with the other two hotels in which I had stayed, was old and uncomfortable and the pillows dreadfully lifeless and flat. After a restless night, I ventured for breakfast. I was there as it opened which was just as well as they actually ran out of standard items as the morning went on. I had a slightly uncooked omelette and toast and some fruit. Very frugal and not satisfying. The guests shared the open sided restaurant with a variety of wildlife: dogs with mange and fleas. Cats with fleas, chickens pecking at one's feet, oh and fleas with fleas. Even my bites had bites! The evening entertainment was made by a group of stoic Brits singing (badly) and playing charades. The cocktails consisting of rum, rum, some bitter lemon and rum were enjoyable though! I had three nights there when one was too many. Leaving gave me a thrill as if my early release had been negotiated. If you want a smelly room and like convening with nature, not too fussy about food, then it will suit your purpose. I didn't meet Grizzly. I expect the look on my face may have scared him away!

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