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  • Churches and Convents: Cobre Santuary

    Cobre Santuary

    • Destination: Santiago de Cuba
    • Open: Daily
    • Address: Santiago de Cuba
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  • Description

    The history of El Santuario del Cobre, begins when La Virgen de la Caridad was found in the bay of Nipe in 1608 for the siblings Juan and Rodrigo de Hoyos and the black man Juan Moreno, all them natural of the district El Cobre. The image was placed firstly in a small altar in the Herd of Barajagua, since the main altar of the church of El Cobre belonged to ferocious Santiago and the other ones two they were occupied by Santa Bárbara and Nuestra Señora del Rosario.

    Sanctuary El CobreVirgen de la Caridad del CobreInside Sanctuary El Cobre Then, next to tha church was built a hermitage and soon after, at the end of the XVIII century, it began to be born the miraculous fame and with her the legendary history of La Virgen del Cobre, giving rise to the gradual decrease of the adoration to the image of Santiago (War Apostle).

    In 1915 the Veterans of Independence Guerra, request Pope Benedicto XV proclaim L Virgen del Cobre like Patron Saint from Cuba, and she’s it’s done May 10 1916. El Cobre Sanctuary is destination forced for the devote ones of the Patron Saint from Cuba, that they goes to this temple many times to pay promises.

    The offerings are accumulated and deposited in "Capilla de os Milagros": jewels of gold and precious stones, crutches, other wealth of diverse values and until the medal of gold won in 1954 by the North American writer Ernest Hemingway with Nobel Prize.  The pilgrims takes with them tiny stones of the mine and keep it in houses within liturgical vessel, pockets or handbags, as protection against the bad ones or maybe as good light for the personal and family future.

    The Virgin has placed in the last three Churches, a followed by the other one, built in The Copper. The current church is the third that has had the Virgin whose party is September 8 and the current Church was built being the Basque Spanish Friar Valentín Zubizarreta (Archbishop of Santiago de Cuba ) September 8 1927.

    December 20 1936 for orders of Pope Pío XI the virgin's image is crowned in solemn ceremony made in the Boulevard of Santiago de Cuba. In December of 1977, Pope Pablo VI granted the title of Basilica to the church, responsibility carried out by the African Cardinal Bernardino Cantín.

    January 24 1998, during Pope Juan Pablo II visit, crowned the Virgin during the mass that took place in the Plaza de la Revolución Antonio Maceo of Santiago de Cuba and he placed among her hands a rosary of gold. In the church the Virgin's image is found it inside a glass urn within of which there are special climatic conditions. It is placed in the called "Camerín de la Virgen" where her faithful ones attends to pray and to put flowers. When the mass starts the Virgin's image it rotates toward the temple, on the biggest altar putting on her face toward the people. Once the mass end up, she rotates again.

    It’s did before manually and now electronically with the urn that was acquired in Montreal, Canada, where the candlestick that lolls in the Virgin's room also comes. The mantel that she dressed was embroidered in gold by some closing nuns in Spain.

    Through the time the image of La Virgen de la Caridad (Cachita, as many people calls her) has been useful to make multiple petitions on the part of the believers that request comfort in the face of the pains, mercy and peace in the moments of more tension, freedom and relief in the battles, etc.

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    The airport has a drawing of Che Guevara on one of its outside walls. Pope John Paul II flew to this airport during his last visit to Cuba, flying round-trip between here and José Martí International Airport in Havana. Likewise, Pope Benedict XVI, during the second papal visit to Cuba, flew here for Mass and other activities, from his visit to León and Guanajuato in Mexico, before moving on to Havana. The airport is basically a turbo-prop centre. Nevertheless, Jet aircraft also fly to this airport. Most commercial flights into SCU are domestic, but there are about twenty international flights each week; while these international flights are done mostly by domestic airlines, the international routes have nevertheless awakened the interest of some foreign airlines that might open flights into this airport in the future. Antonio Maceo Airport (IATA: SCU, ICAO: MUCU) is an international airport located in Santiago, Cuba

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  • Cobre Santuary is located in Santiago de Cuba
  • It limits to the north with the province of Holguín; to the west with Granma; to the south with the Caribbean Sea, and to the east with the province of Guantánamo. The province covers a total area of 6 343 21 , Km². You can get here through Antonio Maceo International Airport, also by road from any other part of Cuba, or by sea ─in this last case, requesting the services from Punta Gorda Marina.

    Two particular features characterizes Santiago de Cuba that make it exceptional: its hospitality, with people of happy and relaxed temperament and its rich historical-cultural wealth. Its Caribbean identity is evident in its popular music and in folklore manifestations. It depicts the title of Heroine City of the Republic of Cuba for the role carried out by its inhabitants in the revolutionary struggle during the decade of 1950. Privileged by its historical past, in Santiago de Cuba there are two of the Cuban places distinguished by UNESCO with the title of World Heritage: the San Pedro de la Roca Castle and the ruins of the first French coffee plantations in La Gran Piedra. The Santa Ifigenia cemetery , the 26 of July Historical Museum and the Siboney Farm, are places indissolubly linked to the history of Cuba.

    Cayo Granma and Baconao Park (Biosphere Reserve) also part of the attractiveness of this region. As a tourist destination, Santiago de Cuba, combines excellent possibilities for the enjoyment of beaches, city and nature tourism for to the places of interest in those three scenarios.

    For those who arrive in Santiago de Cuba, there are diverse lodging options in the city and in its surroundings, linked as much to the sea as to nature. With a variety of categories and levels of comfort, it will always be a guarantee for the visitors looking for harmony and soothing rest. There are other things, among so many, that make people from Santiago proud: to be the birthplace, par excellence, of almost all the musical genres of Cuba, a country where the music is soul and root; also, the carnivals that every month of July take place here, are the most spectacular in the country; as well as their rum, the well-known Fiestas del Fuego and the already traditional Festival of the Caribbean.

    The region of Santiago de Cuba has the necessary infrastructure to encourage tourism of events and congresses; it also has in its mountainous and seafaring environment the conditions to develop nature and adventure tourism, trekking, nautical activities, and health tourism. But there is nothing better than walk its undulating and narrow streets loaded with history and music at the same time.

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    • birdsofafeather1
      Natividad Salomee Ramos
      Review about Cobre Santuary Churches and Convents
      Awfull Excellent

      Beautiful place to be
      Our Lady of Charity of El Cobre looks like she is the Mother of All of Us and Heaven

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Cobre Santuary Churches and Convents
      Awfull Excellent

      cobre Santuary
      Located just 19 km / 12 miles from Santiago de Cuba is the highly venerated shrine of the Virgin Mary, patron saint of Roman Catholics in Cuba. Set above the Chapel of Miracles, the image of the Virgin Mary was crowned by Pope John Paul II during his visit here in 1998, and Ernest Hemingway donated his Nobel Prize medal to the shrine in 1956.

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Cobre Santuary Churches and Convents
      Awfull Excellent

      Cobre Santuary
      An extremely alluring outlying tourist destination, El Cobre comes with a small selection of attractions to choose between, all of which are highly suitable for a day trip. Located roughly 20 km / 12 miles to the north-west of Santiago de Cuba is the village's famed Basilica de Nuestra Senora del Cobre, which is regarded as the leading pilgrimage site on the entire island and stands out against the lush hillsides behind. This is what most visitors come to see, although the Monumento al Cimarron may also be of interest and commemorates the former 16th-century copper mine and its famous slave revolt.

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Cobre Santuary Churches and Convents
      Awfull Excellent

      cobre Santuary
      When you approach to this site from Palma Soriano, you'll be amazed of its beauty in middle of rich landscape. Pope was there, you should too if you're around Santiago

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Cobre Santuary Churches and Convents
      Awfull Average

      “Legendary founding, but undistinguished architecture ”
      This church was supposedly built to commemorate the 17th Century fishermen who believed they were saved from a storm by preying to La Virgen de la Cardidad del Cobre, the patroness of Cuba. A supposed fragment of the Virgin Mary statute that saved them is memorialized in the church. The Basicila (built in 1926) is located near the now mostly... More 

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Cobre Santuary Churches and Convents
      Awfull Average

      “Too long and hot a trip ”
      Well, location is great, and the church is really beautiful. On the other hand, if you`re not into religious tourism, there is nothing to be seen here. Even in winter the weather is hot and after the last hurricane, trees are not helpful when trying to reach a shade.

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Cobre Santuary Churches and Convents
      Awfull Very good

      “Pretty Church just outside Santiago de Cuba . ”
      El Cobre Basilica is a very pretty church just outside Santiago in the small village of El Cobre which is set up on a hill in the village next to the Sierra Maestra mountains which they mine copper from . Along the road to the church are vendors that sell sunflowers to place at the front on the church( yellow... More 

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Cobre Santuary Churches and Convents
      Awfull Very good

      “Wear yellow when you visit ”
      To honor both Nuestra Senora de la Caridad, and Ochun, a Santeria goddess, wear yellow when you visit this lovely basilica surrounded by beautiful rolling hills and trees.

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Cobre Santuary Churches and Convents
      Awfull Excellent

      “Well worth a visit ”
      On our way to the Sierra Maestra mountains we stopped at this wonderful Basilica. It is one of Cubas most important churches.We went on the Feast of the Immaculate conception and mass was being said ,the church was full,so didn't really get time to see the church .Lots of pilgrames were bringing offerings to The Virgin de la Cobre.many carrying... More 

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Cobre Santuary Churches and Convents
      Awfull Excellent

      “A must see! ”
      We visited the Basilica on our first day in Santiago de Cuba. The drive was about 30 minutes but there was a lot to see along the way. It is the home of the icon of Nuestra Señora de la Caridad, Cuba?s patron saint, and is one of the holiest sanctuaries in the country. Along the way there were many... More 

    • birdsofafeather1
      Mi P
      Review about Cobre Santuary Churches and Convents
      Awfull Excellent

      “Far but if you beleive in saints, you will like it. ”
      Very very nice cathedral in an isolated area a little distant from Santiago. The main reason for visiting this cathedral is that Cubans have such a big devotion for the black Virgin. Also because the great Pope John XXIII visited this church a few years ago and crowned the said Virgin with a golden crown. Cubans are vey proud of... More 

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Cobre Santuary Churches and Convents
      Awfull Excellent

      “Very pretty- go a walk there too! ”
      Very nice church, interesting to see mementos left by people. I'm not religious, but I liked it. Went with Cubans who also took me to the slave memorial statue (on the hill that you can see from the church). The walk up to the statue was hot with no shade, but fairly easy because of steps and good trail, only... More 

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Cobre Santuary Churches and Convents
      Awfull Excellent

      “christmas mass at cobre ”
      I visited the caridad del cobre church on chrismtas day 2012. the church seems to attract a number of visitors, both religious and non religious, as it really is quite interesting. just 20 km outside santiago de cuba, this church is home to the patron of cuba.

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Cobre Santuary Churches and Convents
      Awfull Excellent

      “A Place in the Cuban Heart. Santiago de Cuba Province. ”
      La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre is revered by an enormous number of Cubans...even those who are not particularly religious will have a statue or image of her in their homes. If they can make the pilgrimage to Cobre, so much the better. Cobre is a couple of miles off the main highway west of Santiago de Cuba on... More