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  • Parks: Calixto Garcia Park

    Calixto Garcia Park

    • Destination: Holguin
    • Open: Daily
    • Address: Calles Frexes, Manduley, Martí y Maceo. Holguín City
    • Telephone:
  • Description

    Centre of the city life. It was originally used for military purposes as Parade Grounds for the Spanish garrison in the city of Holguín, also famous for its parks.

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  • Airports next to Calixto Garcia Park
  • Holguin Airport

    Frank País Airport (IATA: HOG, ICAO: MUHG) is an international airport that serves the city of Holguín in Cuba. It bears the name of Cuban revolutionary Frank País. The airport resides at an elevation of 4 m (13 ft) above mean sea level.[2] It has one runway designated 09/27 with an asphalt surface measuring 1,803 m × 44 m (5,915 ft × 144 ft)

  • Car Rental offices next to Calixto Garcia Park Parks
  • Car Rental office Pico Cristal

    024468559 94m

    Car Rental office Hotel Pernik

    Ave Jorge Dimitrov, Holguin
    024468196 1km 971m

    Car Rental office Hotel el Bosque

    Ave Jorge Dimtrov Holguin
    024481017 2km 606m

    Car Rental office Ave J Menedez esq Ave Inter

    Ave J Menendez esq Avenida Internacionalista
    024482510 2km 706m

    Car Rental office La Avenida

    La Avenida, Holguin
    024421141 2km 793m

  • Restaurants next to Calixto Garcia Park Parks
  • Mirador de Mayabe

    Villa Mirador de Mayabe. Holguin, Cuba
    8km 316m

    El Ancla

    Playa Guardalavaca. Holguin, Cuba
    (5324) 430381 32km 451m

  • Currency Exchange next to Calixto Garcia Park Parks
  • Hotel Villa El Bosque

    Ave. Jorge Dimitrov
    (5324) 481012 2km 606m

    Hotel Playa Costa Verde

    Playa Pesquero
    (5324) 433845 41km 873m

    Hotel Playa Turquesa

    Playa Pesquero
    (5324) 433880 45km 102m

    Hotel Río de Luna

    Playa Esmeralda
    47km 199m

    Hotel Río de Mares

    Playa Esmeralda
    (5324) 430089 47km 199m

    Hotel Ríos de Oro

    Playa Esmeralda
    (5324) 430079 47km 889m

  • Clinics next to Calixto Garcia Park Parks
  • El Cocal Clinic

    Carretera Central, Km 781 Via Bayamo. Holguin. Cuba
    (5324) 468506 7km 866m

  • Calixto Garcia Park is located in Holguin
  • In over 25 miles (40 kilometers), the northern coastline of Holguín has 41 beaches. Guardalavaca and Esmeralda are the most popular beaches among foreign tourists. Pesquero Beach has scores of fascinating natural sites, both under and above water; Don Lino Beach combines open areas, architecture and the natural surroundings; and Blanca Beach is very close to Cayo Bariay, where Admiral Christopher Columbus first set foot on Cuban soil, during his first voyage to the New World. Cayo Saetía is northeast of Holguín. This natural spot has 12 virgin beaches.

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    • birdsofafeather1
      Clare J
      Review about Calixto Garcia Park Parks
      Awfull Average

      “Parque Calixto Garcia ”
      We visited this park in March 2012 during our trip to Cuba. Worth a visit if you're in Holguin. We spent a few hours here chilling in the sun with a nice cold cerveza. It's a lovely place.

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Calixto Garcia Park Parks
      Awfull Average

      “pretty much the center of action in holguin ”
      if you are staying in town this is where the clubs, restaurants & bars are. you can people watch & get a good idea of everyday cuban life. nothing out of the ordinary as everything is still old. been to holguin twice. my next trip here i will go to more restaurants & i will check out all the clubs.... More 

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Calixto Garcia Park Parks
      Awfull Very good

      “Very interesting hub. ”
      This is a great place to meet locals in the park like setting with concrete benches everywhere throughout the park. Many businesses and restaurants surrounding the park.

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Calixto Garcia Park Parks
      Awfull Very good

      “Beautiful park in Holguin ”
      We visited this park while in Holguin last week. You will find a nice place for locals and their kids and tourists to relax and enjoy the ambiance of the area. It's a safe place to hang around and have fun. There's food and drinks nearby too if you're looking for that as well.

    • birdsofafeather1
      Mrs D D
      Review about Calixto Garcia Park Parks
      Awfull Very good

      “I like it ”
      I will say that this is the best park of the Holguin City...The city is known as the Park's city...because there is a park ever two blocks.. But this one is kind of all white and is the only one that has the boulevard in one side.. you must visit...

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Calixto Garcia Park Parks
      Awfull Very good

      “Holguin ”
      Calixto Garcia Park, the central park of Holguin province, is one of the largest in Cuba, you can sit there and enjoy the gentle breeze and also see a whole city passing in front of you. From that point you can decide if you go to the "House of Trova" or "House of Music"

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Calixto Garcia Park Parks
      Awfull Very good

      “The Heart of Holguin. ”
      Parque Calixto Garcia is the busiest park in Holguin. It is surrounded by half a dozen bars and restaurants, the Casa de la Musica, a disco, a jazz club, and Casa de la Trova, the newly renovated Teatro Eddy Suñol, a couple of national peso department stores and 2 or 3 CUC stores, the Museo Provincial de Historia, the library,... More 

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Calixto Garcia Park Parks
      Awfull Excellent

      “the center of downtown Holguin ”
      the park is the exact center of downtown Holguin. Tons of locals who hang out every night, drinking dancing, having fun. Can't wait to go back

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Calixto Garcia Park Parks
      Awfull Excellent

      “A Carnival Day in April ”
      All of Holguin Central have a Fiesta Carnival in pril. I am going to return in late August . Festival

    • birdsofafeather1
      Miss X
      Review about Calixto Garcia Park Parks
      Awfull Excellent

      “Cool ”
      This is the heart of the city A place to find all you could need, like or dislike :-) it is really awsome.