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  • Soroa - Mil Cumbres

    Private transfer / 1-2 Persons

    Direct transfer Soroa - Mil Cumbres in a Private Taxi with Transtur Company. The estimate distance is 55 KM.

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  • Distance from Soroa to Mil Cumbres, 55 KM
    How much a taxi cost from Soroato Mil Cumbres, 59 €
  • Soroa

    Soroa is a beautiful site some 70 km (43 miles) west of Havana. It has a rich flora, with many species of trees, shrubs, wild orchids and ferns. Its fauna includes one of the smallest frogs in the world, and around 70 kinds of birds have been reported, many of which are endemic.

    Mil Cumbres

    The highest mountain in western Cuba—Pan de Guajaibón, 2300 feet (701 meters) above sea level—and the oldest rocks in the country are in the Mil Cumbres area in Pinar del Río Province. You’ll enjoy exploring this area, going bird-watching and swimming in rivers and medicinal springs.

    The topography is varied, with contrasting features—which has created a special microclimate in this region. The mountains contain several caves, among which Los Portales, in which Che Guevara established his headquarters during the 1962 October Missile Crisis, is the most famous.

    The Bermejales River has several springs of water with medicinal properties. The vegetation on the pincushion hills, pine woods and forests of other kinds of trees are well preserved. The palma corchos (Microcycas calocoma) are the most interesting, for they are veritable living plant fossils.

    There are many birds, including Cuban Grassquits (Tiaris canora), Cuban Bullfinches (Melopyrrha nigra nigra), Quails (Colinus virginianus), Sabaneros (Sturnella magna hippocrepis), Mourning Doves (Zenaida macroura), Emerald Hummingbirds (Chlorostilbon recordii ricordii), Cuban Trogons (Priotelus temnurus), Cuban Solitaires (Myadestes elisabeth elisabeth), Green Woodpeckers (Xiphidiopicus percussus) and Cuban Todys (Todus multicolor).

  • Restaurants next to Mil Cumbres
  • Bom Apetite

    calle 11 Nro. 7210 entre 72 y 74, Playa. Havana City. Cuba
    2033634 32km 734m

    Cueva del Indio

    Km 38, Carretera a Puerto Esperanza. Pinar del Rio, Cuba
    (5348) 796280 32km 734m

    Casa Don Tomas

    Salvador Cisneros No. 140. Pinar del Rio, Cuba
    (5348) 796300 35km 066m

    Mural de la Prehistoria

    Km 4, Carretera a Pons, Valle de Dos Hermanas. Pinar del Rio, Cuba
    (5348) 796260 38km 057m

    El Salto

    Soroa. Pinar del Rio, Cuba
    (5348) 523556 40km 055m


    Carretera a Vinales, Km 1. Pinar del Rio, Cuba
    (5348) 63051/63007 46km 103m

    Fonda de Mercedes

    Comunidad Las Terrazas. Pinar del Rio, Cuba
    48km 051m

    Rancho Curujey

    Comunidad Las Terrazas. Pinar del Rio, Cuba
    48km 051m

    Cafetal Buenavista

    Comunidad Las Terrazas. Pinar del Rio, Cuba
    (5348) 578555 48km 051m