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  • Areas of Natural Interest: Cristobal Colon Park

    Cristobal Colon Park, Holguin. Cuba

    • Destination: Holguin
    • Open: Daily
    • Address From: Holguin, Cuba
    • Telephone:
  • Description Areas of Natural Interest: Cristobal Colon Park, Holguin. Cuba

    It is a wonderful choice to experience a close contact with nature. It stretches along the West of the Naranjo Bay and includes Biopark Rocazul and Cayo Bariay, the exact spot where Christopher Columbus first landed in Cuba, in 1492, and made him say "this is the most beautiful land ever seen by human eyes".
    Several trails take you deeper mountains which treasure a unique world of biodiversity. Experienced ecoguides lead rides, walks and hikes that also have a strong cultural and historic component.

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  • Car rental offices next to Cristobal Colon Park
  • AUSA  Car rental officeAUSA Car rental office

    Prolongacion de Frexes Holguin

    Banes Car rental officeBanes Car rental office

    Banes, Holguin

    Banes  Car rental officeBanes Car rental office

    Avenidad Cardenas, entre Carlos M Cespedez, Banes

    Cine Marti  Car rental officeCine Marti Car rental office

    Calle Frexes nro. 20 entre Libertad y Maceo Holguin

    Don Lino  Car rental officeDon Lino Car rental office

    Villa Don Lino, Holguin

  • Cristobal Colon Park is located in Holguin
  • In over 25 miles (40 kilometers), the northern coastline of Holguín has 41 beaches. Guardalavaca and Esmeralda are the most popular beaches among foreign tourists. Pesquero Beach has scores of fascinating natural sites, both under and above water; Don Lino Beach combines open areas, architecture and the natural surroundings; and Blanca Beach is very close to Cayo Bariay, where Admiral Christopher Columbus first set foot on Cuban soil, during his first voyage to the New World. Cayo Saetía is northeast of Holguín. This natural spot has 12 virgin beaches.