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    SPA Club Plaza America, Varadero Beach. Cuba

    Clinics: SPA Club Plaza America
      • Destination: Varadero Beach
      • Open: Daily
      • Address From: Centro de Convenciones, Carretera Las Americas. Varadero. Cuba
      • Telephone: (5345) 667881
    • Description Clinics: SPA Club Plaza America, Varadero Beach. Cuba

      Evaluation Consultation. Natural medicine. Body treatments, infrared heat, electrotherapy, acupuncture and different types of massages. Cosmetology. Mud Therapy. Hydrotherapy. Steam baths. Litotherapy. Hairdressing. Podology. Reflexoloxy. Pedicure. Relax area. Depilation. Gymnasium. reception with ECOBAR. Use of arome, color and music therapy.

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    • SPA Club Plaza America is located in Varadero Beach
    • Varadero is the famoust beach in Cuba and one of the most important destinations in the Caribbean. Varadero is the main tourist destination of the country. Its total area is 14.4 km square and its most important natural potential is the beach that is 20 375 m long with a sand strip of around 22 km wide and an average dune height of 1 m.

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    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Clinics: SPA Club Plaza America
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      Osmin Rivera

      Don't go to this Spa!!
      First of all, I am not much to write reviews, but my girlfriend & I just cameback from Varadero and we went to this Plaza, I had to write this as soon as I could!!! My girlfriend decided to get a massage while we were visiting this plaza, everything looked nice and professional. She went in just for a neck & back massage, the person that did the massage was AN OLDER BALD GUY WITH GLASSES, he told me was going to do her feet too, he seem nice so she went in, when she came out of the massage, I asked her "how was it?" and she told me "it was weird"... Little did I know what she meant by that!!? Later on, at night she told what happened!!??... and to prevent me from getting in trouble in a foreign country she didn't let me go back to this place and confront this PERVERT old man. This guy asked her to remove all her clothing even though she was just going in just for a back and neck massage,this asshole touched her breast, butt and kept groping her all over inappropriately (by the way I do know what massages are supposed to be, I go regularly here in Canada) Needless to say, I wanted to go back to this Plaza and have my way with this man, but let's face it, who wants to get in trouble as a Tourist in a foreign country!? All I can do is write this review, and warn all of you ladies so that this doesn't happen again!! So Ladies... please be aware... and guys... keep an eye for this guy and protect your love ones!!